Why Manny Pacquiao is better than Donald Trump


Why do Filipino Catholics live in sin? That’s a serious question. We all do, right? Most people I know go to mass every Sunday, say grace before meals, make the sign of the cross when they feel fearful or thankful, and, generally, regard themselves as Catholics. But here is what benign0 said in a recent comment of his:

Catholic dogma is clear on a lot of things. You cannot have sex outside of marriage, cannot have sex with a person of the same gender, cannot marry a person of the same gender, and cannot harbour “impure” thoughts. Yet, people who profess to be Catholics engage in those activities attend mass every Sunday, go to Simbang Gabi during the Christmas season, and do not confess before receiving Holy Communion. What’s up with those people? Are they Catholics? If they are, they are in violation of Catholic dogma and should opt to leave the Church so that they are not considered to be “living in sin” and do not come across as hypocrites to us observers.

Unlike sir benign0, I must have been asleep during my catechism class in high school and grade school. So I’ll just take his word for it that all of the above is, in fact, Catholic dogma enforced all the way up to Rome.

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On that, I therefore wonder why everyone is up in arms against Manny Pacquiao’s anti-gay marriage statements. What he says is pretty much in line with that Catholic dogma. In fact, it is dead-on consistent. Firstly, Catholics cannot have sex outside of marriage. Second, same sex marriage is illegal in the Philippines and disallowed by Catholic dogma. Therefore, as a good Catholic, you cannot have gay sex — because you cannot do gay marriage.

What’s so complicated about that?

I suppose it’s complicated because Filipino Catholics think that they can have their cake and eat it. They wanna remain Catholic, but refuse to comply with (or deliberately keep themselves ignorant of) Catholic dogma. So Filipino Catholics go about their merry ways making sosyal sosyal with their barkada under the pretense of going to Simbang Gabi during the Holiday Season and make sulyap sulyap their crushes on the other pew during Sunday mass while singing the Ama Namin.

And then, here’s the really amusing thing, they line up to receive Holy Communion without first going to Confession — despite, say, capping the previous Saturday night’s hot date with an even hotter “short-time” romp at a Victoria Court room! 😉

So ano nga ba talaga?? I know the Pope is Catholic. The question is: Are Filipinos Catholic?

Better yet, let’s make the question a bit more specific:

Does going to mass every Sunday make you a Catholic?

If it were just me, I’d say No Way! based on my earlier anecdote about my pals Mr and Ms Victoria-Court-on-a-Saturday-Night. You sin big when you receive communion while guilty of a mortal sin that hasn’t been absolved by the sacrament of confession. Yeah, I googled that one. Ha ha!

In that sense, Manny Pacquiao is better than Donald Trump. At least he is saying something that draws validity from his chosen faith and a body of coherent written dogma. Trump, on the other hand, lets loose total bullshit pulled out of nowhere with impunity and remains unapologetic for all the misleading stuff he says to his fellow Americans. On the other hand there’s that lack of apology that likely endears Trump to his constituents. Trump actually stands by his BS without apology.

That’s the disappointing thing about Manny Pacquiao. Why apologize? One can conclude on that basis that either he (1) did not mean (or fully understand) what he said to begin with or (2) really meant what he said deep inside but apologized under the weight of the severity of the consequences of what he said. Either way, that just crushes all semblance of credibility surrounding Pacquiao’s brand — which is probably why Nike ditched him. He’s not real. A shell of a man. A cartoon character. That’s really too bad. Given how popular and revered Pacquiao is, he probably would have maintained a loyal following if he stuck to his guns on this one.

Sayang. What a wasted PR opportunity. Tough luck, champ! You should have stood by your personal convictions. 😀

58 Replies to “Why Manny Pacquiao is better than Donald Trump”

  1. Yup! That’s the problem who spew their religious dogmas and get om their high horses as if they have the moral authority or worse, they think they fully understsmd what the bible says. These bible thumping self-righteous hypocrites are quick to judge without looking themselves at the mirror.

    There is abosolutely nothing wrong in announcing your religious beliefs in public but doing so by degrading others because they chose to live differently than yours in the name of God is so un-Christian like. Even the pope himself said he is he to judge others yet these bible thumping self-righteous hypocrites are so judgemental.

    You hit the nail in the head when you brought up many of the self-professed christians engage in pre-marital sex which is clearly forbidden by the church doctrine yet they single out gay people for being sinful because they have sex with the same gender. As far as the bible is concerned, I do not see any verse that encourage pre-marital sex, let alone sodomy (blow jobs and anal sex) which I bet none of these numbskuls know that those are sins.

    I was born and raised as a Christian but I am ashamed to call myself a christian for the simple fact that I do un-christian things over and over again while these bible thumping self-righteous hypocrites have the audacity to refer to themselves as christians despite the fact that they constantly have sex before marriage.

    Being a christian is one of the hardest thing a person can do. Just because you go to church or read the bible does not make you a Christian. Being a Christian means showing compassion to others, being tolerant of others, loving your neighbors especially those who are different from you, helping the needy, and other good deeds. I can never be a christian but at least I am being true to myself, and I do not judge people because of their sexuality albeit I do judge and despise bible thumping self-righteous hypocrites. Most of all, I do not proclaim to be a Christian for people to view me as a good person, or that I am religious and all that proverbial bullfuckingshit.

    it is sad to say that many , not all, filipinos are religious hypocrites who refuse to get off their high horses and hypocrisy is rampant in politics and the entertainment industry. Ever notice Celebrities who are morally bankrupt but they invoke God whenever they can? It literally makes me puke.

    1. Exactly. I’d probably be a bit more private (or less showy) in the way I practice my faith (or better yet, leave the Church) if I cannot outwardly demonstrate that I am compliant with its dogma. Kung baga, those Sunday mass goers should at least respect the sanctity of Holy Communion and refrain from partaking of it if they are unworthy of it. Otherwise, they diminish its meaning.

      1. Agreed!I believe that religion is a personal matter. I hate preaching morality to other people because I am immoral myself. I do, however, don’t shy away from bashing self-righteous bible thumping hypocrites especially those who cherry pick bible verses and spew their ignorance which can be construed as hate.

        As far as I know, Jesus never preached hate. Just was all about love, acceptance compassion, and forgiveness. Then again, what do I know? I am not a bible scholar nor I profess to be morally superior to others 🙂

    2. Thanks Ren Car for this comment and Kate for your article. 🙂 I don’t know about Catholic doctrine especially when it comes to the aspect of “salvation”, because you guys have “sacraments”. But basically in Christianity we are all sinners and in need of redeeming grace, so it makes no sense to even sort of be on your own high horse judging those “hypocritical” Catholics, that’s exactly the same self-righteous attitude we disagree with. We are all imperfect and inconsistent in the values we profess after all, as many say they are a work in progress under God’s grace. Now, be that as it may, the impression you get with Pacquiao’s initial words is that homosexual behavior is a worse sin than all of them, which is immaterial since all sins can be forgiven according to Christianity, you can’t just single it out and disregard the rest, we’re all in the same boat. When he quit his womanizing and all his vices, that’s positve progress for Pacquiao and it may show his regenerate Christianity for now. Being a Christian is indeed difficult but God has provided a way to empower us to progress, it’s not by your own bootstraps lang naman eh. What bothers me is that we may tend to prioritise authenticity over actual goodness and all the positive characteristics we aim for, a la Duterte and Donald Trump. That’s deeply concerning that just because we can’t seem to reach moral perfection (or even simply goodness), we will quit aiming for it for the sake of being perceived as unpretentious. You see, the charge of hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue. Again, failing to reach certain moral standards does not mean we are fakes and hypocrites, it simply underlines our need for humility and grace of God and others. The worse thing that you can do is to “leave church”, stop striving to be good that would be to lie as if dead when you can continue to struggle to live despite your faults and inconsistencies with God’s grace progressively making you better not just relying on yourself.

      1. Pepe, I don’t rely on religion, or God, to strive for the better good. I rely on being humanistic. The Buddha did not worship any GOD but we was a moral person. You don’t need religion to be a good person.

        Manny used offensive words and people reacted to it. If I say that Christians are brain dead people who cannot think for themselves and who believe in Fairy tales or a talking and burning bush, I would expect people to bash me, and rightly so.

        I don’t know what I am. I do believe in God but I do not buy everything what the bible says. I just go by the mantra, “treat people the way you like to be treated.” If I have done you wrong, you have every right to do me wrong, as simple as that.

        In fact, it is Manny who is singling out LBGT’s, and he is guilty of cherry picking bible verses which suits him. Last time I read, Tattoo is forbidden according to the book of Deuteronomy.

        Manny judge the acts of gay people based on this twisted interpretation of the bible yet his Tattoos are forbidden according to the holy book. Doesn’t that make him a hypocrite? How can I be a hypocrite when I am not preaching morality? The worse you can do is to denounce one sin yet you commit other sins, and you do not acknowledge your own sins. Even the pope said who is he to judge gay people?

        And yes, I have been relying on myself since I can remember, and I think I have done a pretty good job albeit I sometimes pray but I do not ask for anything. I just pray to give thanks, and I don’t ask God to help me out, or tell people to pray for me. I believe in my capabilities and abilities. I only need God for his forgiveness and giving him thanks and the rest is up to me.

        I have left church a long time ago but I never lose my faith in God. You don’t have to go to church to have a sense of morality. In fact, many Christians commit the same sins over and over again, and they feel their sins will be forgiven if they go to confession and communion, or go to church, and commit the same sins they asked for forgiveness.

        You can fool yourself. You can fool others by saying you are a regular church goer and a Christian but you ain’t fooling God. That is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

        To preach and not practice what you preach is a form of hypocrisy, especially if you degrade people who don’t share your religious views. I just call spade a spade

        1. P.S. To Pepe:

          Do you know that the most peaceful countries in the world are all secular societies aka non-religious like Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Austria. Well, Austria is kinda religious. Isn’t it ironic that the Philippines, who ranks as one of the largest Christian countries in the world, ranks 141? What does it say about our religious culture? Why would Manny single out the sexually preference of Gays, who, by the way, do not affect anybody, instead of addressing crime, corruption, abduction, adultery, fornication, which are immoral and affects our society? There are far more important issues than meddling with sexual activities of gay people. It just does not make sense to me at all. Perhaps you can shed some light as to why our country is ridden with all kinds of crimes given it is a Christian nation and those bible thumpers are so proud to claim? Don’t you think there is something wrong with this picture?

          If a majority of Filipinos are Christians, or self-professed Christians, then why is crime so rampant?

          Do you really believe that a Christian will be saved by going to church and praying even if they WILLFULLY and KNOWINGLY commit the same sin over and over again? Is their excuse is, “we are humans and are fallible” yet they are quick to judge those who do not follow the teachings of the bible when they do the same exact thing? Isn’t that a blatant display of hypocrisy or ignorance?

          Would you listen or take an advice from a priest who is also a pedophile? Better yet, would you listen to a speaker who preach about abstinence when she herself had been knocked up twice and she is not even married? Doesn’t this kind of hypocrisy makes you ill?

          I know many Christians who do not preach – they just keep to themselves because they are cognizant of the fact that they sin, and feel that they do not have the moral authority to preach. I thought being a Christian is to spread love, not a bunch of bullfuckingshit?

        2. Thanks for responding Ren Car! I always enjoy a good engagement of ideas. I am thankful that you still believe in God irrespective of your other views, because I think that is the only way for anyone to make sense of objective morality (among other things), which is what we are discussing. So at least that is clear between the two of us. I agree that you do not need religion to be good, but you need God to be good, as “He” represents the standard of morality which I hope you realize we all cannot reach by our own merits alone no matter how much you think you’ve “done a pretty good job”. I know that The Buddha is an atheist and that Buddhism is largely non-theistic but even in Christianity we are all created in the image of God and thus even atheists have a moral compass. Manny indeed used offensive words and I make no excuses for it, I even said this is terrible language and that is exactly what he asked forgiveness for. Just that. You have all the right in the world to say that “Christians are brain dead people who cannot think for themselves and who believe in Fairy tales or a talking and burning bush…” and that has already been said over and over again mostly by the misinformed, because it is also within the rights of the Christians to defend their views and prove you wrong just as much as LGBTs can prove Manny wrong. All free speech is fine, we ought to be mature and understanding that people can make mistakes, get misrepresented. The guy already apologized, so it takes really mature people to accept that he used wrong words but his convictions that homosexual behavior is immoral remain which is the point of Kate’s article here, the Catholic church, or Christians do think that homosexual behavior is sinful. Now with regards to morality, we all, in fact, have some form of moral code we profess and persuade others into you have just discussed yours (in your mantra “treat people the way you like to be treated”) the very same paragraph where you claim you are not preaching morality. The very fact of morally criticizing Manny is exactly a form of preaching your own moral code: “Manny is wrong, and this is right”. We can’t really seem to escape it. That is why I said the charge of hypocrisy is actually a tribute that vice pays to virtue, objective moral standards do exist exactly why we think Manny was wrong in his assertion that LGBT are “worse than animals” and that is what he exactly apologized for. The worse thing is not that just because others fail at certain moral standards but to think we no longer can “call a spade a spade” or discuss what is right and what is wrong. What happens to our justice system then if are all barred from evaluating (judging) immoral behavior? The pope is right I think, only God can ultimately judge people, but in an orderly society moral standards still has to exist and they do inform public policy whether we like or not. All laws have moral dimensions, the only question is which or whose moral code will we agree to accept to influence the laws of the land. Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have bad consequences and so we must continue to discuss civilly. I am also delighted to hear that you ask for God’s forgiveness and thank Him, and you know he can forgive us all, no sin is so worse that He cannot reach out to us. I hope that you will forgive Manny too. The idea of going to church may not be compulsory but it helps in relationship training, can you imagine humble sinners like ourselves recognizing our need for God’s grace get to meet and live in a like-minded community, an environment where we can live out our faith and strive to become better although we may fail at times. This also includes training all of us to actually love our neighbors exactly those who do bot share our views and not to degrade them. That is the purpose of the church among other things. It does help us become better people at least in my experience and maybe in Manny’s when he turned away from his old ways. God indeed cannot be fooled, and He knows we are all fallen and imperfect humans and can never reach His perfection, exactly why reached out and sent Christ. By striving we will become more and more Christ-like, that is the goal even if we fall over and over and over again. The worse thing as I said is to stop. It would be very presumptuous to say that peaceful countries are only those non-religious ones, I would ask you for correlation studies. We have so many problems that has nothing to do with our religiosity. Peace and prosperity are functions of economics and a myriad of other factors and so is criminality. Indeed there is something wrong with the picture as you say. I would judge the pedophile priests as well, they are immoral but does that mean all priests are? Just because of a few rotten apples (which we can expect) why would I give up on the church community? So as I have said earlier, all sins are equally forgiveable and we are all in the same boat, so I agree with you that we cannot say one sin is worse than others but these are all sins, immoral behavior just the same. Being a Christian is more than just spreading the love of God it is also exhorting and encouraging each other in varying ways to become more and more like Christ among other things such us helping the needy, upholding the law and justice, so many, yet very specific, things and above all loving God and I disagree that all these are just “a bunch of bullfuckingshit.” Anyway, thanks for your thoughts! 🙂

      2. I love you reply. We are work in progress. Even failing, we don’t stop trying to follow God. Let us not lose hope and ask the grace of God often.

        1. Thanks man! Some may think it is an excuse to continue sinning, but if we are in earnest in pleasing God and loving Him we would want to be better people even if it seems impossible. It is impossible but there are many who at the end of their earthly lives have trusted Christ and have lived righteously. With man it is impossible but with God it isn’t. I want that for myself. I’m sure many people do too. So we live one day at a time and do our best. If we fail, we take a few steps backwards but what is important is to press on moving forward. It is ultimately a personal journey, so Pacquiao may fail, our LGBT brothers and sisters may fail but that has no bearing on my journey and relationship with God. What I will choose to focus on is to be blessed and encouraged by their sincere faith in striving to please God, their rising up each time they fall. 🙂

  2. P.S.

    I do not think people are pissed off at Manny for being against same-sex marriage. That is his personal religious belief and People did not bash him for it. It is when he said that animals are better than gay people that ticked people off, and rightly so.

    1. And that is what I thought precisely what he apologised for (he kept sayinh that: “…ang mali ko lang ay ang pagkumpara ng tao sa hayop”. Just that. But of course, not his Christian convictions that homosexual behavior is sinful and immoral. With that you can also say “that is his personal religious belief.” Anyway, thanks for your thoughts! 🙂

    2. I thought that was precisely what he apologised for. He kept saying “…ang mali ko lang ay ang ikumpara ang tao sa hayop.” But just that. Not his Christian convictions which includes homosexual behavior as sinful or immoral to that we can say its “his personal religious belief”.

  3. “Why apologize?”


    I think you misunderstand what Manny was apologising for. His Facebook post reads:

    “I’m sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals. Please forgive me for those I’ve hurt. I still stand on my belief that I’m against same-sex marriage because of what the Bible says, but I’m not condemning LGBT. I love you all with the love of the Lord. God bess you all and I’m praying for you.”

    Not much of an apology, really, if you can even call it that. But he clearly emphasises he isn’t sorry for his ‘religiosity,’ such as it is. Rather, he is sorry that what he said, in the interview posted online by TV5, ‘hurt’ members of the LGBT community. He still maintains his stance against homosexuality.

    Nike, on the other hand, severed its relationship with Manny Pacquiao not because he is “not real.” They cut ties with him because of his appalling, derogatory comments and the unapologetic manner in which he said them. They come off as having nothing to do with religious belief; rather they reflect an attitude of bigotry and intolerance.

    This isn’t even the first time Manny has made headlines over anti-gay remarks. Back in 2012, media outlets in the US ran articles saying that Manny suggested gays should be executed. He was misquoted at the time, however he was adamant about his opposition to same-sex marriage. He said at the time to entertainment website TMZ “I’m not against gay people. I have a relative who is also gay. We can’t help it if they were born that way.” And “What I’m critical off are actions that violate the word of God. I only gave out my opinion that same-sex marriage is against the law of God.”

    So Manny again states isn’t against gays per se, he just opposes gay marriage. That, at least, shows he is somewhat consistent in his beliefs.

    Still, it is hard to reconcile to reconcile Manny Pacquiao’s claim that he has nothing against gay people with his comment that they’re “worse than animals.” Would someone who doesn’t have a problem with homosexuals make those horrific comments in the first place? And then backtrack by citing the Bible to — if not justify — attempt to find a way to excuse his beliefs? Manny’s problem isn’t one of ‘consistency’ or not being ‘real.’ It’s that his newest comments go much further than his headline-grabbing interview in 2012 that it’s hard to take his apology seriously. To Manny, it may seem like he is defending his faith. To the LGBT community it sounds like a denial of a deep seated hatred borne out of ignorance and homophobia.

    Just to clarify, Manny Pacquiao is not a Catholic, he is a born-again Christian.

    1. Makes sense that he’s a Born Again. Only such Protestant fundamentalists make such remarks. On my university campus here in the US, it’s always the loudmouthed Evangelists, Born Agains, and other Protestant fanatics demonstrating in public and make hate-filled comments against non-believers, gays, and Catholics. Not saying all of them are like that, but in my experience it’s only been them. I’ve personally never seen Catholics, or even Orthodox Christians, do this.

    2. Yeah @Johnny, you made a more thorough analysis of Pacquiao’s statement. You’re right, it wasn’t much of an apology and he did not actually take back anything he said. So it was more of a sidestepping move on his part than an actual act of standing squarely behind his word.

      And, yes, I am aware that Pacquiao is born again. It’s just that in this case, the teachings/dogma he was invoking are largely common between born again Christians and Catholics.

  4. I don’t think this case has anything to do with measuring how Catholic you are, it’s just about being a smart person. Manny could have said he is against recognizing SSM and ended it there, without throwing in that childish comment. If he were smart, he’d know his brand, moniker, sponsors, fandom, and endorsements are on the line and PR management would need to step in. And now this website is just pumping out one Manny article after another. Ugh. Thanks a lot, Manny. You made one website go completely apeshit over your boneheaded move.

      1. Why would expect Pacquiao to start talking about the Chinese intrusion on Philippine territory when the News5 interviewer asked him about his stand on same sex marriage?

        1. The comment doesn’t make sense.

          Manny was asked about his stance on same sex marriage. NOT the Chinese or the Spratlys.

          Did you watch the interview segment?

          It was not passionate. His delivery was made in an offhand, dismissive manner. More than the ugliness of his words, it’s that attitude which incensed viewers. It suggests he did not give any previous thought or consideration to what he was actually saying when he insinuated homosexuals were sub-human.

        2. Figures though. And yeah, thank you for pointing out my errors. I suppose I misplaced “passionate outburst” with “conviction”. Oh god, I think it’s maybe because I’m getting too emotional over this issue.

          Maybe I’ll stay away from it for a while…

    1. Ha ha! @staser, not really apeshit as there are as many different writers as articles on this subject pumped out in the last couple of days. So it’s not really one guy or gal fixated on the topic.

      So, yeah, behold the power of Manny Pacquiao! He can single-handedly create a media firestorm. 😛

        1. If members of the LGBT community decide not to vote for Manny Pacquiao, it shouldn’t be because they’re outraged over his remarks or because he comes off as an ignorant ‘moron.’ They shouldn’t vote for Many because he doesn’t support their interests, such as same sex marriage, and by extension, equal protection/treatment under the law. Considering Manny’s behaviour throughout this fiasco, it’s reasonable to expect that he would not vote in favour of a bill that seeks to legalise same sex marriage.

        2. Hell, his “credentials” alone should be red flags as to why he shouldn’t hold political clout in the first place.

        3. Indeed he wouldn’t. However, what makes me sad is how stupid some people can be. They already have reason to believe that their candidate might not help them or might not even care about their situation, yet still they vote them into power. Why? Because their “popular”…

        4. ‘Popularity’ is overrated. And I firmly believe pundits underestimate the Filipino electorate.

          If our politicians acted out of clearly articulated and heartfelt beliefs, even ones that the majority might not share, they would easily earn the people’s respect. But they don’t. Every Filipino is at least nominally aware that our leaders have contributed greatly to the toxic state of our country. Anyone here will tell you that they realise government and the people in it can always get worse, more incompetent, and more harmful.

          Ironically, the perverse response is to demand for more government in every aspect of life as a reaction to this reduced confidence in our leaders. It’s counter-intuitive but there it is.

          I submit that the proliferation of political dynasties and the emergence of a plethora of political parties, advocacy groups/party lists and coalitions is the natural outcome of the declining trust in older, more established political organisations considering how poorly they have governed. It’s a canny response by an electorate that realises the old ways of doing business aren’t working; they’re switching to something — anything — new that might reallocate more resources their way. Politics is, after all, supposed to be a means to an end.

          That’s why Filipinos seemingly fall for the latest rhetoric that purports to represent the large plurality of voters who are just looking for a leader who will keep them afloat. Popularity and name recall might get you there part of the way but ultimately, success is determined by whether you can provide for the survival of your constituents. That’s how a politician keeps getting elected. Paying for funerals goes a long way toward keeping one’s family in power.

        5. “Pundits underestimate the Filipino electorate”

          I beg to differ when a scumbag like Erap isn’t in the gallows, but rather is the mayor of the country’s capital. I can’t out of good conscience say anything good about the Philippines’ “constituents.”

  5. Who cares about Roman Catholic dogmas…if the Catholics, in our political leaders, would follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. There would be no graft and corruption. There would be no mistresses, “kabits”, concubines of our political leaders. There would be no cheating in elections. There would be no thieves, stealing the National Treasury.

    Anyway, Manny Pacquiao, who is an absentee Congressman. And, has not even finished Elementary Grade…wants to become a Senator, to represent you? Who is he kidding?

    1. “…if the Catholics, in our political leaders, would follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. There would be no graft and corruption.”

      I’m sorry, but this sounds vaguely familiar.

      It’s a very much like…”Kung walang ‘corrupt,’ walang mahirap.” Are you a paid Aquino troll?!

      By the way, automatically assuming someone is incapable of doing a good job as a public official simply because they didn’t have a formal education is bigoted and discriminatory.

      1. Let’s back up a bit and consider Pacquiao’s background and realize he is totally unfit to even have a seat in Congress.

        -Street urchin who picked fights all his life instead of reading books (you gotta know basic civics to actually see how gubmint works)
        -Religious to the point of fanaticism with his unapologetic and provocations of people he disapproves.
        -His career getting in the way of his duties. Don’t expect a guy who treats being a politician to be a hobby and do a good job.
        -His fans. No matter how much of an ass he makes himself, he will always have his drones to defend him every step of the way.

        True, a person need not have to go through the orthodox path of education, but that person need to be of exceptional caliber to prove his worth. Unfortunately, the only thing Pacquiao exhibits such skill is through his fists.

  6. @Johnny Saint:

    I have been attacking the Aquinos for a long time. You even wrote: “it is my career to attack the Aquinos”…now, you are writing: “Are you a troll of Aquino?”.

    Is your IQ too low, to differentiate, between , who is trolling for whom? Or you are just biased about me.

    Anyway, thank you for your interest in reading my blogs. I told you not to read my blogs; if it hurts your feelings. However, you are still reading them…Maybe you enjoy being hurt: a diehard Masochist…

      1. @Johnny Saint:

        Really?…you deserve it, if the message does not penetrate your thick skull.

        You love to be hurt…you are a real Masochist…you love my blogs…I’m very honored to have fans in this website. Even if, they are as dull as you…I’m just a common blogger, and I have fans…

  7. I think Manny is confused. He sure can be a civil servant, literally, but not a legislator. Obviously he needed to study law or political/social science to balance his judgment about same-sex marriage and not argue using Bible verses. As a government official it is his duty to attend to the needs of the general populace, regardless of religion and gender. He should be arguing based on the premise that the proposed law will be good for the state of the country and well-being of its citizenry.

    1. @Johnny Saint:

      This guy is really a masochist. He continues to read my blogs; loves to get hurt by them; and twist what I’ve written, to his liking…sad for a dumb guy..

  8. Sick_Amore,

    Manny is not confused; he knows what he wants (to become a boxer, an actor, a singer, a congressman, a military officer, a businesssman, a pastor…and a president of his country someday). The problem is he is chocking in his own vomit because he wants them all now; he is trying to swallow more than he can chew.


    1. I’m sorry. By confused I mean being subjected to his own understanding of the Bible or maybe as what was taught to him over his role as a congressman. He may not even weigh the arguments regarding the passing or not of same-sex marriage. He said he is opposed to same-sex marriage because according to the Bible… that’s about personal belief and not anymore about the good of your constituents which include gay people. It is not something like if same-sex marriage is approved it will be imposed in the church where same-sex relationship is not accepted. It can be under non-sacramental marriage.

      1. Sick_Amore,

        Unfortunately for Manny Pacquaio, he takes his cues from the religious and political sytems that are gravely strickened by the hypocrisy of what they’re supposed to do–according to the morals and ethics of their church and office–and what they’re actually doing to further their own self-interests. And gathering from whom Manny associates himself with (Chavit Singson and other dubious characters of Philippines politics), you can only speculate the sincerity of his stance on any issues.


        1. Yeah, if Manny is surrounded with corrupt people and he’s not that intelligent and educated enough to counter the corruption, he’ll also end up being corrupt. Yeah, they have their own selfish interest otherwise Manny will be advised and himself quit politics instead of pursuing senatorial position. The thing here is, there’s no specific requirements regarding education (except can read and write), communication and leadership skills and we have ignorant voters so Manny may have thought or was advised by his kapartido riding in his popularity that “according to the required age, citizenship and place you live in, you’re qualified. But what’s important is you should run because you have a big chance of winning. You’ve many supporters who’ll vote for you because their focus is really on the honesty and generosity you portrayed and the Pinoy pride you bestowed on them not if you could perform your duties.” Voters should really match the qualities of the candidates to the job description of the desired position, aside from the candidates integrity.

          Bdw, I do sound like I’m pro-same sex marriage but I’m not. I only said non-sacramental marriage as negation to marriage not happening/being allowed in any religion. There’s still the more important question of how will the state benefit from same-sex marriage, how will the same-sex coupled family fair as the foundation of the society .

    2. Precisely. Over-achieving schmuck! I’m not bashing for the sake of bashing, but that’s what he is. I still have respect for him though, for his achievements in boxing. Can’t blame him for wanting to try, but one should know one’s place. He does more damage than good everytime he wanders in a new field. Instead of raising bars, he lowers them back down. And all because people are stupid enough to support his dillusional aspirations. I say “Get real Philippines!”.

  9. I don’t see the logic of the Catholics.

    Nuns leads the campaign against abortion and other reproductive health options when they do not have reproduction/sexual activities or do they? search it up, how many babies are buried under the Vatican?

    Why do the catholic priesthood have difficulty in dealing with homosexuality related child abuses? because they themselves practice it. maybe not all of them.

    Their battlecry? God is merciful.. Merciful my ass… You will all burn in hell for blinding the people with your fake righteousness.

  10. “If a majority of Filipinos are Christians, or self-professed Christians, then why is crime so rampant?”

    It’s because they’re Filipinos, genetically inferior tribal laid back brown islander people with not enough European blood and influence in the population to make them more peaceful and industrious while improving their overall gene pool. Countries like Costa Rica, Chile, and Uruguay are predominantly Catholic and they are the most peaceful, stable, and progressive in all of Latin America (most of which in comparison is like the Philippines, full of backward brown folk). It’s also not a coincidence that those countries are also of majority white European descent. Heck, the Catholic side of Germany is even richer and wealthier than the Protestant side. Catholicism couldn’t save other genetically inferior islander nations like Haiti or East Timor no matter what because you can’t change genes overnight, and most likely it won’t for the Philippines unless there is a huge shift in the population’s genetic makeup.

  11. I wouldn’t compare him to Trump. That is too week of a comperrison. Why not compare him to Obama the race baiter anti-white bigot. Compare to him Manny is a saint.

    1. Question, why is Trump winning in America? Everyone here is quick to criticise him, but the truth is that he says the same thing people all over the world that are not in third world countries. Example; Britain almost left the Euro, because of immigration issues. When did Obama become anti-white bigot. White people voted him into office twice. That’s right, do your research first before making comments. At least Trump stands by what he says and does not come back and say sorry for his beliefs. That is what is wrong with the Philippines. Political correctness and caring about things like this issue is not as important as to why does Pacman not show up and perform his job.

      1. White people voted Obama in to office because he was black and wanted to prove that world that whites are not racist. They did not care much about his past and believes. Only after the second term his true color started to come out. His effort to divide the races and inflict racial hostility against whites and the police woke up the Trump supporters of today. There is a terrific movie about Obama by Dinesh D’souza if you are interested and that will explain better then I could ever do. https://youtu.be/-G1OT5gzb48

        1. I am pretty sure that you have never worked in the law enforcement field. Here lately many of us our shaking our heads at what some of our fellow brothers and sisters are doing especially since we know that everyone has a video camera on their phone. So why do we have police departments covering up shootings and rapes. This is not new, IA used to do their job. Now IA and the unions make us all look bad by protecting this idiots. Examples are everywhere. here are some for you. Covering up shootings caught on video. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/01/14/us/chicago-police-shooting-cedrick-chatman-video/
          Letting police officers continue to rape people so we can get more witnesses and proof after having DNA proff. You know that would not have happened in a well to do middle class neighborhood. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/01/21/us/oklahoma-city-officer-daniel-holtzclaw-rape-sentencing/index.html. I hate the black lives matter movement and think it is a bunch of BS. I hate to say this, but sometimes I can understand some of their complaints.

        2. If you really want to dig in to this subject than why not look at the black on white crime statistics. Why not start watching the many videos about how blacks are victimizing whites and how the media is covering it up. Colin Flaherty has a YouTube Chanel that has the latest crime videos showing black on white murders, assaults and racial hostility all recorded on videos. It’s updated daily. Sometimes he covers black on Asian crimes as well. There is a staggering amount of evidence to support the statistics. https://www.youtube.com/user/ColinFlaherty712/featured
          You can also read books like “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” and ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It. Enjoy!

    2. LOL, here are your official stastics. You are arguing with a retired police officer. I know my old job. Here are your criminals 69.4% white. Here is the difference that most people do not know crime is really a poverty problem not a race problem. The poor neighborhoods is where the crime is always at. Fix the poverty problem and you will get rid of half the crime no matter where you are in the world. Here is a second fact that most people do not know, most of those protestors are unemployed criminals that are just waiting for a excuse to riot. The USA and the Philippines are the same as the rest of the world. Fix the poverty problem and you will fix the crime problem. It is really that easy.

      1. I’m not American I’m Eastern Europen. We were poorer than blacks during communist regime but we had a very low crime rate. Black crime is not a poverty problem. Disfunctional black culture is the cause of it.

        1. Attila, Do you know the cause of crime mainly in the USA? It is poverty and drugs. When you look at the top drugs destroying the USA right now it is meth, heroin, and cocaine. Guess what the first two drugs two drugs are normally used exclusively by white people. You never addressed the fact that more whites than and have the highest numbers in prison than hispanics or blacks. You never looked at any official government statistics about jails or prisons. Also you should also look at the statistics of white cops shooting whites it is a way larger number than cops shooting blacks. There are more whites on welfare than blacks. It has nothing to do with a dysfunctional race. That is the illusion that media, black lives matter groups, and white supremacy groups want to show. The bottom line is there will always be good and bad in any race. There is no one responsible for another’s action’s. I grew up poor and I decided to take a positive approach to change my life. I have a brother who choose jail. So tell me my mom and dad has one kid in jail and two who are successful college graduations. Was this the result of my culture?

  12. What kind of BS is this?

    Do you even know Trump’s policies or just attacking him based on his character? Because you think it offends people?

    Grow up, FFS…

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