The Local Media And Bobotantes Are ‘Worse Than Animals’ For Dooming Our Nation

Well, there goes the neighborhood ladies and gentlemen. It seems that everyone is having a heyday over Manny Pacquiao’s recent comments about his stance on same-sex marriage and his apparent insult towards the LGBT community by comparing them to animals and implying that they may well be worse. The LGBT community reacted accordingly and as one can easily deduce, few of them were pleased with the boxing champion and senatorial candidate’s statements. Indeed, there are even those who are asking me and quite a few others who would I side with, Manny Pacquiao or Vice Ganda?


To be honest, ladies and gentlemen, answering that question feels almost unfair as I am clearly displeased with both. I will go as far as to say that Manny Pacquiao has a right to his beliefs but did not have to resort to such a derogatory choice of words. Also, despite not being gay, I kind of understand how Vice Ganda must feel but do note that he too resorts to a derogatory form of comedy from time to time and, if I remember correctly, also made fun of Manny Pacquiao and his family in the past, specifically targeting their appearances and their accents. If there’s anyone in this hullabaloo I do respect, it’s probably Boy Abunda even if I hate his co-host to unbelievable levels.

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Anyway, before this firestorm of hysteria finally goes out of hand (and I think it actually has), if you’re looking for someone to blame for all of this, the answer is that it is the local media and the people who happily eat up the garbage that it churns out on a regular basis. Look, like I said, I neither like Manny Pacquiao and his fellow celebrity politicians like Tito Sotto and, quite possibly, Alma Moreno nor am I particularly fond of Vice Ganda and those who support his sometimes cruel sense of humor. However, the only reason we’re going nuts about Manny Pacquiao and his homophobic statements now is because we voted him into a position of power and influence. We placed him in a vaunted position and placed upon him the title and duties of being a lawmaker which, considering his frequent absences, he cares little for if not at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, even now this same form of madness continues as Tito Sotto seems to have gotten into the lead thanks to the popularity of AlDub. And no, don’t deny it, I’m betting that if Vice Ganda runs for a given political position, some of you bozos out there will surely vote for him. We keep putting popular people into powerful positions because of our erroneous belief in the idea that popularity translates to competency. Many of us think that just because a person is famous, he or she can be trusted with the complex and critical duty of making laws and running our country.

So if anyone here is worse than animals it’s you people who worship celebrities and hand them everything, including perhaps your virginity, on a silver platter. It’s you people who keep thinking that the heroes in our local films are heroes in real life and can be trusted with handling the intricacies of governing a nation even though they often have no idea what they’re talking about such as seeming to think that keeping the lights on when having sex is an effective way of preventing pregnancy and the spread of STDs. It’s you guys who are all too willing to sell out your countrymen for a measly amount of money or cheap freebies they probably bought with your tax money.

Please ladies and gentlemen, start thinking of your children and the kind of country they’re going to be born into. In all honesty, would we even be having the kind of hysteria we’re having now if no one voted for Manny Pacquiao into congress? Well, perhaps he’d still be bigoted but at least he’d be better able to focus on his boxing career and philanthropy rather than being a nuisance in congress. Still, as some of the authors here state, he’ll still probably make it into the senate thanks to the stupidity of our foolish countrymen. Indeed, if a total loser like Noynoy Aquino made it into the exalted position of being president of the Philippines, why can’t a brain-damaged boxer become our 17th president.

But hey, who am I even talking about after all?

We’re talking about the people who, as long as they got stuff like AlDub, they don’t care about the Lumads who are being brutally slaughtered simply because they’re not as popular or good-looking as their favorite couple on TV. We’re talking about the people who love Manny Pacquiao fighting for the country’s honor even as the Chinese military continue to occupy more and more of our western islands and are allegedly bringing over powerful weapons to secure their hold on what once rightfully belonged to our people. We’re talking about the people who care more about Kris Aquino’s sordid sex life even though terrorists maintain a strong foothold in Mindanao and continue to terrorize the local populace and slaughter authorities with utter and total impunity. We’re talking about the people who go as far as to say “We’re happy being stupid!” but cry bloody murder when selfish and indifferent politicians deny them their rights.

I’m sure some or many of you feel insulted now and I really don’t care anymore because you have no one else to blame but yourselves for the miserable state that the Philippines is in. When the Philippines finally descends into a state of brutal dystopia, you know who to thank ladies and gentlemen. It’s you and that miserable collection of immoral and self-entitled idiots you call your media idols that you worship as living gods.

So a round of applause for you Bobotantes for willingly swallowing every scrap of the manure spoonfed to you by our wonderful media and dooming our nation for generations to come!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


22 Replies to “The Local Media And Bobotantes Are ‘Worse Than Animals’ For Dooming Our Nation”

  1. You too are just as capable to called a copy cat of vice ganda’s toilet and disgusting jokes about the pacquiao’s accent. What’s your accent anyway taglish, hiligayish, ilocanish? Speaking abot accent cno ba ang tama? Metro manilans? I find weird too when people in this megapolis accent ……

    1. Where in the article did I make fun of Manny Pacquiao’s accent?

      If you’re just commenting because of the title and what you think the article is about then you, my good sir, are a good example of what I’m talking about here…

  2. Free publicity for Manny and Nike. Both are now getting mileage on CNN and major international media outfits. Wonder what is Walden Bello going to do about that?

    At this rate, difficult to see how he is going to lose. Fortunately, he did not run for president. LGBTs happy with Nike. Nike probably happy with that, too. Lost me as a customer though.

    Buying Adidas and Under Armour tomorrow. Would not be caught dead wearing Nike at times like these.

    My friends have always had a mean streak of humor. Nowadays, they poke fun at everyone they see wearing Nike – calling them gay.

    Some of their one-liners:

    Vice Ganda now has a shot at becoming Nike’s next celebrity endorser.

    Upcoming Nike ad – Wear Nike and bring out the animal in you.

    They used to come of the closet. Now, they come out of the zoo.

    DEPED orders recall of textbooks: “animal kingdom” to be rewritten as “animal queendom”


    Yes. My friends have a mean sense of humor and they are now itching to vote for Pacquiao.

    All because government and politics are more fun in the Philippines.

    Sad, eh?

    1. If you hate lgbt because of your belief as a catholic, then hypocrisy is at extreme here because God hates meanness and arrogance of the heart, where did i read it, the reason why the world is at its lowest right now, “pleasure without conscience” without thinking if it will hurt your fellow human, yeah continue enjoying your self righteousness and we might really see each other burning down there.

    1. The point is to stop glorifying unqualified political candidates and believing that they are divine intervention made flesh.

      But hey, if you believe otherwise, you’re welcome to your own opinion.

  3. kaya nga tama ang sinabi ni Heneral Luna, na ang tunay na kalaban ng mga Pilipino ay sarili natin at hindi sa mga ibang dayuhan katulad ng mga Kastila, Amerikano, Hapones, Intisk, etc., etc. And it shows on how our people are becoming too dumb, too ignorant, too perverse & too arrogant!!! Well, its time to change our culture & behaviors by someone who could invent a brainwashing device that could control the Filipino’s brains and become a new Filipino, aka an Aryan-like or a Spartan-like behavior. Well speaking of Spartan, maybe this historical facts that could shock Manny Pacquiao on his conservative belief & his machoness attitude:

  4. I wrote something very similar to this yesterday on my fb account, although mine was a very pissed off and shortened version of yours. I loved your article as it had all the things I wanted to say. All my frustrations and fears were summed up very eloquently by you. Thank you and keep it coming.

  5. The Philippines is a basket case country of Asia. we continue to degenerate as a true basket case of Asia. “Star struck ignoramuses” will continue to vote celebrities, because of their popularity. Not what they know, or what they can do for the country.

    Fill up the Senate and Congress with celebrities. We, then have true celebrity players in our “political Zarzuelas”, that has been going on for so long.

  6. The dumbing of a nation through the local media, that is fueled by monopolizing Chinese businesses and corrupt Failipino politicians.

  7. National identity, based upon the Failipinos in the Failippines, is frequently formed in deliberate opposition to other groups and therefore serves to perpetuate conflict.

  8. Thanks Grimwald. you took the words right out of my mouth. My wife sometimes gets tired of my comments coz I talk too much even at the dinner table. but with my incessant speeches I even convinced her to dislike Kris Aquino, she used to be a fan. Anyway, my point is we should never get tired of trying to educate people. We can in our little way make a change. So kudos to you and keep the posts coming.

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