3 Things In The Philippines That Are Worse Than Homosexuality

Well, there it goes ladies and gentlemen, my recent article about my approval regarding same-sex relationships and my scathing criticism against Manny Pacquiao are being read and critiqued both fairly and unfairly by our readers here at GRP. Of course, I’m quite sure that the detractors of my articles will once again cite the Bible and its contents as sources on how truly “abominable” the LGBTQ community is and how they are the scourge of the Earth and need to be annihilated. They’ll probably even insist that homosexuality in the Philippines is the reason why so many terrible disasters have come our way in the past few years.

But let me tell you something: Homosexuality is the least of our worries here in the Philippines. Homosexuality, if it is indeed a “sin” like some of you insist, is probably tiny compared to the bigger issues we face as a people. I don’t know if other religious people in our country are aware of this but there are things that are being done in our country that are more alarming than homosexuality, if homosexuality is something to be alarmed about at all. As is often the case, we tend to focus too much on tiny and, more likely than not, insignificant details and overlook the much more pressing problems in our nation and culture.


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The sad reality is that while a lot of us may target homosexuals and other members of the LGBTQ community and accuse them of being sinful or evil, those same people probably practice things that are far worse. Again, you are welcome to contradict what I’m saying and what I have to say in this article. But please, before you do so, hear me out to the end and consider the bigger picture that I’m presenting to all of you.


So what does it mean to be cruel?

Cruel can be best defined as being “mean-spirited”. That means doing things that are deliberately harmful or painful to others. Now cruelty can actually take many forms and isn’t simply about hurting a person physically. Being “cruel” can also encompass things like hurtful words or off-hand actions that can be offensive to others.

There are a great many ways that we are cruel. Take for instance that our brand of comedy all too often amounts to offensive jokes and mean-spirited slapstick that involves clobbering people whom we find unattractive. What’s worse is that when we finally call these people out on their bullying, they’ll just say: “We were just joking!” Followed shortly by: “Can’t you take a joke!”

Another form of cruelty that often flies over the heads of some of our less-educated fellows is the unethical flaunting of wealth as discussed by ChinoF in his own article. While it may seem largely innocuous for a lot of us, take note that boasting with your wealth to your less fortunate fellows is an act of cruelty in its own right. By flaunting one’s wealth unethically, it’s like telling other people: “I’m cooler than you because I have more money than you!” It might not seem offensive but, in a sense, it’s still hurtful to others because you’re shoving something in their faces that they don’t have. It’s similar to grinning and laughing maniacally at a funeral or eating delicious food in front of starving people.


Apathy can be simply defined as “not caring” but it actually goes deeper than that and it’s certainly very deep in the Philippines.

See, the problem with many Pinoys is that they simply don’t care. They don’t care about the environment as you can tell from the way that they litter like there’s no tomorrow and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Pamana and that poor dolphin who was recently butchered by dumb locals. They don’t care about their fellowman as you can tell from the way they often ignore people who are in need like those who are being victims of a crime like theft, rape or murder and refuse to even contact the police for fearing of “getting involved”. They don’t care about the children or next generation of Filipinos as you can tell from the way they keep electing the wrong people into the government and how they further worsen the country through pollution and overpopulation.

For a lot of Filipinos, the idea of caring about others or even believing that other Filipinos are every bit as human as they are and deserve as much love and respect as they do is anathema to them. For your basic dumb Pinoy, everyone else who isn’t a friend or a member of family is either a tool to be used or an obstacle to be cast aside.

Now, a lot of us like to talk about how “Christian” we are and how evil homosexuality is in the eyes of God but we all too often forget the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible.


Again, I find myself agreeing with Vice Ganda. Better worry dear readers, I think this a sign of the Apocalypse…

Anyway, Vice Ganda reacted to Manny Pacquiao’s by using the statement: “Mas nakakahawa ang kamangmangan kesa sa kabaklaan.” (Stupidity is much more contagious than homosexuality.)

Stupidity can be best defined as doing something wrong even when it is quite clear that it is wrong. The Bible sets examples such as the blind leading the blind as well as the story about the dumb guy who built his house on sand and got his home swept away for all his troubles. Unfortunately, again, this is something that is clearly lost on many Filipinos who identify themselves as “Christians” and I can bet a good number of them even know King Solomon’s stance on wisdom and how important it is for the leader of any nation.


So there ladies and gentlemen, you can say anything and everything you want about the evils of homosexuality and the LGBT community but there are worse things amid the aspects of Pinoy society that we can’t even bring ourselves to address. These are the traits that ultimately keep us a backward society and constantly mired in corruption and poverty if one takes the time to regard our decadent and altogether ungodly society.

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27 Replies to “3 Things In The Philippines That Are Worse Than Homosexuality”

  1. Cruelty
    “… the unethical flaunting of wealth … ”

    Before I visited the Philippines for the very first time, I was adviced not to wear flashy jewelry (expensive watch, golden ring(s)) because I could be robbed of those by youngsters in a jeepney or on the streets. So I took that advice by heart.

    On the other hand, I acknowledge the fact that there are people who earn much money and like to spend that money on quality things. For me its not unethical to see them wear Rolex watches. They are used to buy quality stuff. If I cant handle that, then my view on the world is mixed/messed up. I cant force them not to wear quality stuff.

  2. “Homosexuality, if it is indeed a “sin” like some of you insist, is probably tiny … ”

    But when that tiny problem your trying to make it “legal”(same sex marriage) it changes its status to much more alarming and bigger issue …

    1. I know what you’re saying and that sooner or later we may need to address the issue of same-sex marriage. Although to be honest, as I’ve said in some of my previous articles on the subject, some LGBTQ people tend to be abusive as well and try to force their unions on religious institutions. All I will say on the matter is that they not force themselves on anyone who is not willing to agree with them.

      However, at the moment, with the way the country is, I think we’ve got more important things to attend to. For instance, keeping idiots out of political positions.

  3. You should have tackled poverty, lack of education, corruption, drug abuse, and etc. which can be “worse” for Philippines.

    1. Worse than some people like to assume, that kinda thing. What I’m saying is that Manny should have had more to say about the other problems of the Philippines rather than homosexuality.

      1. Shouldn’t that be the Philippine people and politicians’ job? Make a list of things that they need to work on as a nation, to better the lives of their people?

  4. I have to stick to my three (3) favorites: Arrogance, Selfishness, and Ignorance; they complement one another like a perfect triangle.

  5. After the dust settles, and the debate on homosexuality is over – what’s next?
    A debate on whether having sex with animals is acceptable or not? So if it’s not harming anyone – it should be fine???? Really? Even without a Bible, each of you have a moral compass called a conscience. Please use it.

    I agree, let’s go back to the basics. Are Filipinos caring and trustworthy? Do they have common sense? If not, what’s the cure? A Bible study with Manny your future president? Yeah let’s try that for a change – considering nothing has so far been effective in fixing Pinoy dysfunction. Change the experiment to get a different result. Someday we’ll get the correct formula.

    1. Yeah. I think I’mma gonna give this topic a rest for now. Write about something else.

      People are getting too emotional to think rationally about this, including me…

      1. Hi Mr. Grimwald, do you have something about the Media being the catalyst to the change we all want? Like something these big networks can do to those 3 things you mentioned. Thank you GRP.

    2. zoox, only right wing idiots will fall fot thid slippery slope fallacy – beastiality. If someone use this faulty logic, you know right off the bat that they are mental midgets. For starters, it is not humanly possible (pun intended) for animals to give sexual consent, unless you are Dr. Dolittle.

      Morality has been in existence long before Christianity came into existence and I bet that many sel-righteous bible thumping christians are not aware of it.

      Manny Pacquao for future president? There are far more qualified people than Manny but they are not celebrities nor they have a lot of money. Manny is a good guy and I believe he did not mean any harm when he spewed his ignorance but being good is not enough to be a president. Can you imagine how he can make an intelligent decision when he is lacking intelligence or economic policy? He is surrounded by Hyaenas whose main goal is to use him for their own interest or ideology.
      Yes, there are many filipinos who are caring and trustworthy – I have faith in the Filipino people and I refuse to succumb do defeatism mindset. The problem is people elect the wrong public officials.

      If we do not believe in the filipino people then we are doomed, and do not expect other countries to believe in us.

    3. “What is the meaning of the Parable of the Leaven?”

      Jesus’ Parable of the Leaven is found in two of the Gospels. It is a very simple story—a snapshot of life, really: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all through the dough” (Matthew 13:33; cf. Luke 13:20-21).

      Jesus uses this story as an object lesson to illustrate the kingdom of heaven. A woman takes yeast (leaven) and mixes it into dough. Eventually, the whole of the dough is leavened. What does it mean?

      First, it’s important to define “kingdom of heaven.” By this, Jesus is referring to His domain as the Messiah. In the current age, the kingdom of heaven is spiritual, existing within the hearts of believers (Luke 17:21). Later, the kingdom will be manifest physically, when the Lord Jesus establishes His throne on this earth (Revelation 11:15).

      In the Parable of the Leaven, we learn several things about the working of the kingdom in our present age. Each of these lessons stems from the nature of yeast.

      First, the kingdom of God may have small beginnings, but it will increase. Yeast is microscopic in size, and only a little is kneaded into the dough. Yet, given time, the yeast will spread through all the dough. In the same way, Jesus’ domain started with twelve men in an obscure corner of Galilee, but it has spread throughout the world. The gospel makes progress.

      Second, the kingdom of God exerts its influence from within, not from without. Yeast makes dough rise from within. God first changes the heart of a person, and that internal change has external manifestations. The gospel influence in a culture works the same way: Christians within a culture act as agents of change, slowly transforming that culture from within.

      Third, the effect of the kingdom of God will be comprehensive. Just as yeast works until the dough has completely risen, the ultimate benefit of the kingdom of God will be worldwide (Psalm 72:19; Daniel 2:35). “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

      Fourth, although the kingdom of God works invisibly, its effect is evident to all. Yeast does its job slowly, secretly and silently, but no one can deny its effect on bread. The same is true of the work of grace in our hearts.

      The nature of yeast is to grow and to change whatever it contacts. When we accept Christ, His grace grows in our hearts and changes us from the inside out. As the gospel transforms lives, it exerts a pervasive influence in the world at large. As we “reflect the Lord’s glory, [we] are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18).

  6. It is no use discussing about homosexuality. Who is right and who is wrong. We cannot understand the causes of homosexuality.

    Okay, we have: cruelty, apathy and stupidity in our country. These traits are mainly the traits of our political leaders.

    They are cruel, because , they steal taxpayers’ money from a nearly bankrupt nation.

    They don’t care about other people. Look at the rise of family political dynasties. Me first, mentality.

    Stupidities, I have never seen stupid people, than our political leaders…they are so stupid: they cannot differentiate between a massacre and a misencounter.

    So much for homosexuality…other topics are more important to discuss.

  7. It’s hard to argue against the three traits the author describes. Indeed, as Toby up there, points out, (“only three things?), there must be a lot more. ‘Ignorance’ comes to mind, although I’m guessing that this could be ‘Stupidity’s’ sister. I realize that I sound like a doddering old fart who’s repeating himself, but; doesn’t ignorance give one an illusion of knowledge? Armed with this foolish notion of intelligence, one feels compelled to open his mouth..out of which cascades a diarrhea of ‘self-righteousness’ and ‘bigotry’. This, I am certain, is what we have just witnessed from a future Senator. (Will Heaven please fortify us).
    I am reminded of what’s been said in relation to this gem of stupidity, which runs like this… “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder about your intelligence; rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  8. Cruelty, apathy, stupidity, and homosexuality are everywhere, not just in the Philippines. Add to that basket other traits like greed, materialism, dishonesty, envy, false sense of entitlement. Human nature sucks but then every now and then you get a glimpse of patience, kindness, joy, charity, empathy, mercy, and compassion and it sort of rekindles hope and faith in humanity.

  9. The funny thing is people call all those who disagrees with them “STUPID”, “INTOLERANT”, “BIGOT”, “CLOSE-MINDED” etc, even when in reality they are the ones who are all of those things…

    talk about the heights of hypocrisy..

    All those who do not agree with my non-sense are STUPID, BIGOTS, IDIOTS… go get some enlightenment.

    1. Well, what I’m saying here is that same-sex marriage issues are the least of our problems.

      For instance, shouldn’t we worry more about the Chinese allegedly establishing a missile system in one of our captured islands in the West Philippine Sea.

  10. I wonder if ever again Failipinos in the Failippines can have that experience of returning to a home place so intimately known, profoundly felt, deeply loved, and absolutely submitted to? It is not quite true that you can’t go home again. I have done it, coming back here. But it gets less likely. We have had too many problems, we have consumed too much transportation, we have lived too shallowly in too many places.

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