Homosexuality is normal just like Manny Pacquiao’s homophobia is normal

If you were a straight person, meaning not gay or a lesbian, can you imagine yourself choosing a homosexual lifestyle? The answer is no, you can’t. I know it for a fact because I am straight and I have no choice but to live a heterosexual lifestyle.  I’m lucky to be a heterosexual because homosexuals are still considered “abnormal” and shunned in a lot of societies around the world. I feel sorry for them because some of them get bullied or even murdered for something they can’t change.

Alan Turing, father of digital computing and World War II hero, was persecuted for being a homosexual.

Alan Turing, father of digital computing and World War II hero, was persecuted for being a homosexual.

Here’s what people should know: heterosexuals are naturally hard-wired to be repulsed by the idea of having sexual relations with people of the same sex. That yuck factor is actually what is causing some people to feel homophobic. I personally can’t even watch a film with two men or women kissing each other. I have not seen the film Brokeback Mountain because of this reason. No, I’m not trying to insult or be mean to homosexuals. I am just trying to make a point. The point is, since the idea of leading a homosexual lifestyle is repulsive to some, then that is enough proof that homosexually is not simply a lifestyle choice.

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While I may not be comfortable with the idea of a homosexual lifestyle, I can accept homosexuals because that is how they are. It’s in their genetic make-up. Nature works in mysterious ways. Sometimes wires get crossed.

I find it odd that even with the vast trove of readily-accessible information available around, there are still people who choose to ignore evidence supporting homosexuality as part of nature. What’s unfortunate is that some people’s only defense against homosexuality is the Bible – a book written thousands of years ago, way, way before breakthroughs in science shed light on the true nature of sexuality.

Some people are even questioning how the homosexuality gene is passed around. It’s simple. Some homosexuals, especially the ones hiding their sexuality from other people for fear of being vilified, still have children. And so whatever genetic pattern they carry is passed on to subsequent generations and persists in the gene pool.

Now I can’t entirely blame people who remain gripped by a fear of homosexuals. Like I said earlier, theirs is also a natural reaction. However, they need to keep an open mind. As long as one’s lifestyle is not causing harm to others, then we should all be more accepting.

Having said that, homosexuals are said to be susceptible to infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). On that basis, some could argue that their lifestyle is causing harm to society. In that sense, they have a point. For their part, homosexuals should practice safe and responsible sex if they want to avoid further condemnation from those who hate them already.

Homosexuals have contributed significantly to the world. One such homosexual who helped saved countless lives was the late Alan Turing. Sadly, he was imprisoned for his lifestyle instead of being celebrated for his work in cracking what was dubbed The Enigma Code. He helped decipher the German encryption system and contributed to shortening World War II. Yet he died a broken man because of the persecution his sexual orientation attracted.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao's views on homosexuals do not promote unity and tolerance.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao’s views on homosexuals do not promote unity and tolerance.

You would think that in this day and age, societies would be more welcoming of homosexuals. Unfortunately, some countries like Russia which should have become more progressive after they had opened up to the world, have even banned homosexuals. There is also a fear that in the Philippines, the same thing could happen particularly since boxing champ and Congressman Manny Pacquiao has spoken out against homosexuality. He even went as far as saying homosexuals are worse than animals.

We can’t let Pacquiao’s kind of hate talk prosper because it is harmful to society. It doesn’t promote unity and tolerance. We can only hope that if he ever wins a Senate seat this coming election, he won’t be using his influence to ban homosexuality in the Philippines. Left to his devices, Pacquiao holds a potential to lead Philippine society back into the Dark Ages.


43 Replies to “Homosexuality is normal just like Manny Pacquiao’s homophobia is normal”

  1. “Imagine there’s no heaven (Holy) It’s easy if you try. No hell (Evil) below us Above us only sky.”- John Lenon

    How can you judge people based on your own interpretation of Bible, definition and standard of what is bad/wrong (Evil) or good/right (holy)? People have different genetic blueprint, upbringing, environment, belief, experiences in life.

    judge not lest ye be judged


  2. Hi Ilda, thank you for your piece. Right out of the bat, I respect Manny’s views. He is entitled to it. I do not agree that it is “hate talk”/speech. There are a myriad other factors why I won’t vote for him to be senator and some along the lines of what you have said. Anyway let’s see your arguments: (1) you only “know it for a fact” because of personal experience, to some extent that is effective but will only take you so far. So I was expecting some footnotes, not just your experience and a punt to (2) the “vast trove of readily accessible information (and misinformation) around”. Having some notes will help clarify your proposition that (3) homosexuality is “part of nature”, I mean, what does “nature”/”normal” mean, right? Just because animals (or plants and protoplasms) are doing it doesn’t mean we humans have to and just because a behavior or set of behaviors are biologically determined does not make it moral. (4) I have no comment on the HIV part, I have yet to check the stats but if what you are saying is true, it does not help the LGBT cause especially their fight for their right to entitlements. (5) Let’s move beyond thinking in groups, significant contributions to the world should be seen regardless of race, gender, or religion or what group one belongs to, that sounds strangely familiar: Pinoy Pride ~ Gay Pride. It’s sad. That exact kind of thinking led to Turing’s persecution, let’s not perpetuate that. Now, before I get misinterpreted, I would like to state my positions and we can discuss further. I am for liberty. I would protect the free speech rights of Pacquiao just as much as his detractors. The best way to counter “hate speech” is to have more free speech to correct perceived misinformed views. Also, I do not agree with same sex “marriage” as a state-sanctioned right, and in the case of the Philippines, it goes against the constitutional principle to protect marriage and the family as the basic unit of Philippine society. It isn’t the liberty issue advocates paint it out to be. Then, I also do not think the bible condemns homosexuality (orientation) but only homosexual behavior (sodomy) there is a subtle difference there (and I’d understand if some Christians disagree, we can discuss that too). Manny should’ve been more careful with his words, and he said sorry already for his terrible language. The problem is that of course the media will always play the “worse than animals” part, which is wrong for Pacquiao to say because even in his book, we are all sinners in need of grace, all our sins are the same “falling short of God’s glory” we all have our struggles and yet we are equally made capable of transcending our “fallen nature” through “salvation”. Finally, I will reiterate my earlier comment on another article here, homosexual behavior is a mix of genetics (tendencies, hormonal activity), environment (circumstances affecting sexual development) and volition (lifestyle choices). Volition is a very important factor in brain development, something like “neurons that fire together, wire together”, that’s how amazing our brains really are; our choices and actions sort of shape our wirings too (neuroplasticity). This makes sexuality a very fluid trait quite unlike race, in terms of genetics. A socio-cultural approach like ethnicity may be more appropriately analogous. Thanks for hearing me out and for the chance to post my ideas.

    1. @Pepe Rep

      Pacquaio is an int’l sports celebrity. A lot of people idolise him. What he said is potentially harmful to the existence of homosexuals. In the past, homosexuals have been forced to hide their sexual orientation for fear of violence inflicted on them. Pacquiao’s words can easily bring back anti-gay sentiments that can harm individuals.

      Homosexuals exist and saying that my assertions are not backed up science will not make them go away. It would be good if you can prove my assertions are wrong. But how can you do that?

      Like I said before, if homosexuality is simply a lifestyle choice, why would anyone choose it?

      My article is not about same sex-marriage. I don’t necessarily support it just because I wrote about homosexuality and homophobia.

      What do you mean by “let’s move beyond thinking in groups”? I only highlighted the fact that homosexuals have contributed significantly to the world so people will realise that homosexuals do function as normal people too.

      I’m sorry but I don’t have time to address every point in your comment.

      1. Hi again, Ilda. Thanks for responding but I think you got me wrong on at least two points here. One, I do agree that homosexuals exist, our discussion was about its origins and propagation, and I just argued that genetically the evidence is lacking for an argument to hard-wiring that you assert. But granted it has some biological component to it, as I do believe that possibly there are other physical factors such as hormones and tendencies as with any other behavior and temperament, so the second misrepresentation of my argument would be that I think that homosexuality is based on lifestyle choices exclusively. No, I did not say that. Anyway, I understand your scope does not include same-sex marriage, I just wanted others to know my view from the outset, I may have thought too far ahead in thinking that this is going to be all about same-sex marriage anyway that this article can lend support to the idea, not only that, but also to infringe free speech rights in supporting anti-discrimination laws which elevates particular groups of people as special classes above others just because they are a “minority” that’s also what I am concerned about in “thinking in groups”, maybe I anticipated too much and already assumed we are already beyond the discussion that gays like Alan Turing are just like everyone else (“normal”) maybe you just had to spell it out for others, so sorry if you feel like I misrepresented your views on the other hand. Also, the guy has already apologized for his careless words but only that, his wrong use of words but if he believes homosexual behavior (not homosexual orientation) is morally wrong, then he is entitled to that view regardless of his being a celebrity or not just as much as Nike, Lea Salonga and the others who do not agree with him. Finally, violence towards another person is against the law regardless of motivations, so I don’t agree with the idea of “hate crimes” just as much as “hate speech”, again, these stem from group rights kind of thinking which implies protected classes with special privileges.

  3. There are homosexual priests in the Roman Catholic Church, who abused children. There have been cases, so far of these priests.

    I cannot judge a person, because of his/her sexual orientation. I had talked to some homosexuals…and they told me: ” You know, I don’t like to be like this; but I cannot help it…” So, somewhere in the bodily function, there is something, not working properly on these homosexuals. Maybe, the: hormones, brain, genes, genomes, nuerotransmitter, etc…I tell it again”: “It is an aberration of nature”…however, homosexuals are not freaks.

      1. @Eds:

        It is my opinion that human beings are made to reproduce. If we don’t reproduce, our population will dwindle, and we become extinct.

        So, something is not working properly, if we do not fulfill this human reproduction function.

        What would you call me; if I have an “uncommon preference” for animals…or “uncommon preference” to children…or just cross dress to excite myself?

  4. should homosexuals be banned on tv shows? ‘cuz they’re pure rumor mongerers. and homosexuality is not normal. it’s a abnormal genetic traits of the human race.

    1. Martin – your ignorance is shining through. It is a fact that rumor mongers are not mostly, or all – as you implied, gays. Rumor mongers knows no sexual orientation. I have seen many straight men and women who are rumor mongers, and gay, too. You could say it’s an abnormal genetic trait but my question is, so fucking what? What is it to you anyway?

      Should ignorant people like you be banned on discussion boards? Oh, that is a rhetorical question 🙂

  5. 1 Peter 4:16 Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.
    John 15:18 If the world hate you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.
    Jeremiah 20:11 But the LORD is with me as a mighty terrible one: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.
    Manny, let them hate you for what you believe in. We are living in the last days. Again, don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

    1. That’s the problem with people today. They read the book called bible, call it holy then after one chapter they become instant truth defenders! Preachers and religious mr. know it all like you are pathetic, you think you’re better than everybody just because you read the ‘truth’ (which is the word often used to camouflage ‘faith.)

      If all nozy religion fanboys are speaking the realities of life, then how come you can’t even reconcile with each other? All of you tell the ‘truth’ but all of you can’t decide which is the real truth? You can’t even decide which bible to follow, you scramble the old and new testament. You fucking adore Jesus but then you still follow the laws of Moses which if you read the old testament without any religion attached, is intended for the Israelites because they’re too fucked up wandering in the middle east looking for the promise land. No doubt pacquiao is exhibiting the same traits of hitler. And it’s sad that people let him get out of his assholism just because he bring heroism, pride, and honor to the Philippines, or whatever those press idiots want to call it. I prefer to call them “individual’s boxing winnings answerable to Henares and the BIR community”.

  6. We can’t let Pacquiao’s kind of hate talk prosper because it is harmful to society. It doesn’t promote unity and tolerance.

    Lets ban churches from preaching their doctrines as well, since, according to the logic of the above statement, it is harmful to society and doesn’t promote unity and tolerance.

      1. You do understand that churches also preach negativity towards cheating, corruption, adultery, stealing, sexual immorality, and dishonesty.

        All of which is hurtfulto those who do them.

        But, hey, don’t let that stop you from going against opinions that you find hurtful.

      2. Actually, it is only “hurtful” if the Church’s opinion about these lifestyle choices (or the opinions of people like Pacquiao) are important to you. If those opinions do not matter to you, then they can cause you no hurt.

        The important thing is that your lifestyle choices are legal. Engaging in illegal activities can literally be hurtful — because the state has a legal right to exact hurt of you (say, by depriving you of freedom) if you are found to be guilty of an illegal lifestyle choice.

        Now, if you opt to engage in a legal lifestyle that runs counter to the Church’s teachings but, at the same time, choose to remain a member of said Church, that is where you become inconsistent at best and hypocritical at worst.

        Catholic dogma is clear on a lot of things. You cannot have sex outside of marriage, cannot have sex with a person of the same gender, cannot marry a person of the same gender, and cannot harbour “impure” thoughts. Yet, people who profess to be Catholics engage in those activities attend mass every Sunday, go to Simbang Gabi during the Christmas season, and do not confess before receiving Holy Communion. What’s up with those people? Are they Catholics? If they are, they are in violation of Catholic dogma and should opt to leave the Church so that they are not considered to be “living in sin” and do not come across as hypocrites to us observers.

        1. Inconsistency and hypocrisy are on the individual, not the Church. An inconsistent Catholic does not go rallying to compel the RCC to change its doctrine through the force of legislation. Homosexuals do. So your point is moot.

        2. “Inconsistency and hypocrisy are on the individual, not the Church.”—Toby.

          That’s funny. I thought it was the people–with their ‘inconsistency and hypocrisy’–that makes up the church.

    1. Pacquiao could have stopped at saying he is not for same sex marriage and people would have respected it. The problem is his justification. He was stupid enough to say homosexuals are worse than animals.

      1. For lack of a better term, Manny Pacquiao’s illiteracy, lack of empathy and humility; and over-abundance of status, money, and ego, caused him to make a social blunder.

      2. i strongly agree on pacquiao’s view re animals are better than some people; animals are incorruptible, they don’t judge, they dont kill each other in boxing rings just for entertainment, they dont have ego, theyre incapable of giving insults, they have no gift of logic yet they consistently show compassion, pacquiao’s statement is true- animals are better than some if not most of us.

        1. Animals are better than people eh? Then tell me why the female Black Widow kills a male of the same kind after having sex?

        2. domo- its an act of sacrifice, the male spider offers his life to feed his newly found family, another act of nature that awes me

    2. Religion will always make humans miserable and have conflicting ideas to their own. You don’t need religion to inflict goodness and humanity, all you need is empathy, compassion and proper education, not brain-washing dogmas of ancient fantasy books.

      1. Imagine how chaotic philippines could be if they do not fear hell, that is why good ahteist are better, they do good thing just because they wanted to, not out of fear to be thrown in hell forever, religion really sucks.

  7. Toby,

    Whatever floats one’s boat. I personally don’t have a problem with same-sex marriage. As long as two people love and care for each other, and do not harm themselves or others in the process, then more power to them. A person can marry a dog or cat for all I care if it will make both of them happy. Time and norms change, and there is nothing you and I can do about it except go with the flow or bitch about it all day long.


    1. Aeta,

      That is one ridiculously short sighted position to make. History is replete with examples on how such changes lead to the degradation of a society.

      1. Toby,

        I don’t know which planet you came from that you’re immune from all the changes taking place inside and outside of yourself. There is one thing that is constant in life: change. If you’re not changing, you’re dead. Hell, even a dead body changes form as it decays. Tell me what keeps you from changing. I’m very curious.


        1. You’re too naive, Aeta. Despite all that changes, there is really nothing new under the sun.

          That change that you are saying was never a change at all. Just part of human nature that remained THE SAME for thousands of years. A cycle of “moral climate” observed throughout history.

        2. Toby,

          So now you’re going to “nickel and dime” me on what change is. Give me a break, man. You either want to accept or reject change. That’s the bottom line.

          From the looks of things from your angle, you will readily embrace change if it will improve the modernity of your life, but will reject it if it goes against the grain of your imagination of how life should be.

          I may appear very naive in your eyes, but you are definitely suffering from a serious case of delusion in mine.


    1. As the phrase itself says — an opposition to marriage involving persons of the same gender/sex.

      What don’t you understand?

        1. martin,

          Because there is still a strong stigma against homosexuality and the reason why they won’t “come out of the closet.”


        2. And there lies the crux of the matter.

          That stigma is often considered bad/undesirable by most of people. Its expected, since most people are idiots.

          One should ask this question: Why the stigma stayed up to now despite claiming that “change” is the only constant thing in this world?

          That way, the individual begins to think.

        3. Toby,

          No the crux, or should I say the gist, of the matter is you’re an idiot for thinking too much into what I mean with being stigmatized.

          The reason why homosexuality is stigmatized is because it goes against the fictionalized teachings of the Bible and the Koran, but has no bearing on what is actuall taking place in real life.

          And why would anybody in their right mind listen to the followers of the Bible and Koran, when these fanatics haven’t gotten their shit together to try to get along with one another for thousands of years?


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