Rodgrigo Duterte is wrong: There is a lot of room to be ‘iron fisted’ legally!

I make no secret of my own preference for iron-fisted rule. In the Philippines, there is a lot of room to implement that within the framework of the law simply by consistently applying said law.

Take that quintessential Filipino icon, the jeepney. By itself the jeepney single-handedly epitomises the Philippines’ culture of criminality. The state applies the law to them with a limp dick. Do we want “iron-fisted” rule? It’s easy in this instance. Being “iron fisted” with jeepneys is a simple matter of arresting jeepney drivers who stop where they are not supposed to stop and swerve onto lanes without indicating their intent using their indicator lights.


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If they need to be rounded up by the hundreds, by all means, round them up. If the police find themselves undermanned for the task, call in the armed forces to assist. Resisting arrest attracts severe prison terms and steep fines. Sick that law on anyone who refuses to cooperate with this roundup. Impound all these erring jeepneys until such time that their drivers and operators could cough up the cash or serve their prison terms. Send their clunkers to the junkyard if they choose to forfeit.

See what I mean?

All of that is being “iron fisted”. But it is all within the framework of the law. There is no need for extrajudicial killings to rule with an iron fist.

But then ask Filipinos the simple question: Are they willing to see even this simple legal case of being “iron fisted” implemented consistently and over a sustained period? I don’t think so. Kawawa naman itong mga jeepney driver. They are simply “making a living”.

And so, yet again, out the door goes that will to be “iron-fisted”. And kabaklaan continues its decades-long reign in Philippine society.

We are quick to raise our fists to champion “getting tough” on drug lords and terrorists. Yet we cannot even enforce simple city ordinances against idiot jeepney drivers and trespassing squatters in our own backyards.

The Philippines has such a bakla approach to law enforcement and policing that aspiring to being “iron fisted” in establishing law and order starts from a pathetically low bar. These people who act like baying dogs in their support of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte do not know what they are howling about. A people who cannot respect much less enforce simple rules in their everyday goings-about quite simply cannot presume to call upon their leaders to do the same. This is a democracy, after all. And in a democracy where leaders are chosen by popular vote, the character of leadership reflects the character of the society as a whole.

There is no need to resort to vigilantism. All that is needed is to understand the law and apply it consistently. There is lots of room to improve within the legal framework. Vigilantism is a product of lazy and deranged minds. Philippine politics is already deranged enough as it is. We have no-results motormouth politicians, resident aliens, thugs, has-been celebrities, and mama’s boys running for office in the coming elections. Again. It’s time Filipinos think and put their feelings under control. People who think succeed. People who are all feelings fail.

45 Replies to “Rodgrigo Duterte is wrong: There is a lot of room to be ‘iron fisted’ legally!”

  1. Kawawa naman itong mga jeepney driver. They are simply “making a living”.

    Fine they are making a living but it should not be a reason if you’re jackass in the street disturbing the flow of traffic.

    If we’ll take/accept that reasoning, I will put up a funeral parlor at ang burulan sa kalsada, like these bullshit vulcanizing shops wherein the roads are their worshops.

    How about those other people that are in other vehicles that are being affected by these PUJ drivers, ARE THEY NOT MAKING A LIVING?

    That reasoning is not acceptable.


  2. Never heard of Duterte annihilating jeepney drivers just because they are assholes.
    I don’t think he is that stupid to just kill anyone with a minor case.

  3. Would disagree with the writer mainly because of associating “kabaklaan” as some sort of a weakness (if i understood what he meant by the term). Can’t believe the limitation of his vocabulary.

    1. Political correctness is being thrown out of the window. The backlash is sweeping the world. Look Donald Trump is leading the surveys and France’s Hollande just called ISIS Daesh, as well as US students calling supporters of SSM morons.

  4. Just heard that Du30 got the highest poll numbers in the latest survey for MetroManila.

    Once again, Pinoys are setting themselves up for a big frustration. Davao =/= the PHL.

    But, that is being Pinoy. It is the search for instant success, instant gratification, immediate results without work or effort. It is the Lotto mentality. It is the fastfood mind set.

    Thus, they can’t hold their bladder and piss in the nearest wall. They love basketball instead of soccer. Etc etc

    So now, instant law and order = DU30. Hahaha. They are in for a big surprise, societies are not built on instant gratification. Rome didn’t happen in one day.

    Whatever, DU30 would still be better than PNoy. He is weird, but not stupid. The last five years have just been hell because of incompetence, moronic attitudes coming out of the Palace by the stinking river.

    Law and Order comes from a deep understanding of human dignity, an ingrained respect for others, good breeding, and individuals owning to their social responsibilities. Assuming DU30 will move in this direction, six years will not be enough. He wants it within six years, of course, the fastest way is to shoot every moving bastard. But, don’t know if this is the intention of DU30; right now, he seem just to be the head of the dirty trick department of Mar Roxas.

    1. ‘DU30’ is it? Good, I was worried that attention-deficit Filipinos might end up with a president they couldn’t reduce to juvenile txtspeak.

        1. Remember Duterte blamed the SAF44, because he said they entered the “territory” of the MILF. And he also said that DAP is okay.

        2. WTF! Do you think the NPA will release the captured army SAFE if he will fight the NPA? What is the purpose of talking to them? to release the man! know your facts! Use your head!

        3. And about that SAF! Its a suicide! Papasok ka sa isang lugar na kulang tao mo? I hope nanood ka ng senate hearing para may alam ka kung ano nangyari. Please wag naman basta na lang makapg salita. Sana mag research naman! Its all over the news na gusto nya abolish ung congress para mapunta direct sa mga dapat puntahan ang pondo hindi sa bulsa ng mga congressman!!

  5. Something is fishy about what is going on. Something shady. DU30 just said he will file his candidacy on Dec 10, the last day to do it. Why? If he really wants to run why the last day. His situation is very iffy because Martin Diño, the guy he is supposed to be substitute, has already been declared a nuisance candidate. So, why Dec 10?

    If Comelec does not accept his paper, then it would just confirm what everybody is suspecting. He just wanted to grab headlines in order to attack Poe,after the SET ruling, most likely for a professional fee from LP. If Comelec accepts his papers, then we are in for a guy who manages by political stunts. (Well, it is better than PNoy’s management by propaganda and vacuous slogans.) If DU30 wins, gosh, I can already imagine the next six years, it will be a stunt after a stunt. Hard to tell if this will be good for biz, especially the one related to attracting FDIs. Business normally wants a quiet, stable, atmosphere, not one where you don’t know what comes next the next day.

  6. Ahh, still frustrating. Why can’t we have the likes of Gibo, Gordon, Raffy Alunan, Joey Salceda, etc, real CEOs as president? Why do we have to choose only from a set of second grades, even rejects of the society?

    1. Filipino voters prefer the wrapper than the content. Name recall works better in the philippine setting than credentials.

    2. Do you consider DU30 a second grade?

      I dare you come visit Davao, live there for a month or so. So that you’ll know what to declare.

  7. Ulul,hindi naman minor offenders ang target ni Duterte,too soft nga kayo pagdating sa matinding crime gaya ng drugs at rape slay. Kung ayaw niyo kay Duterte edi wag niyo iboto. Di naman kailangan ng kamay na beki. Fuck you for hating vigilantism. Sana dumating araw na kailanganin niyp vigilante dahil may na rape slay sa pamilya niyo o kaya napatay ng addict.

    1. Ikaw ang ulul bobo. So you prefer to kill a “criminal” without due process? Blood is thicker than water for you eh failipino? Go back to the old west kasi doon ka nababagay. Besides, pareho lang kayo ng mga bobong noytard.

      1. domo

        Due process? In the Philippines? Are you fucking kidding me?!

        The “Due Process of Law” here in this stinking, bullshit republic means only one thing. Paunahan makapag-“lagay”. Money is the only law in this hellhole. Whoever pays more, wins.

  8. Iron-fisted rule isn’t Duterte’s monopoly. Bayani Fernando has done it during his MMDA Chairmanship days.

    Unfortunately, once he left, the roads are filled with F1 Racer-wannabes again.

  9. PNoy has really damaged the presidency. It will now take generations to repair the dignity of the highest position of the land.

    Today, one can perceive that the candidates are just after the profit after expenses they will make after the election is over. They make pronouncements in media to cater to political donors. None to the voters in general. That is the reason the pronouncements from all of them are so illogical. It only makes sense if you think it is trying to get money, contributions from big time donors.

    Before it is about winning the seat, and the profit from political contributions is just a bonus. Today, it is about the profit, winning the position is the bonus. All of them will go home richer by hundreds of millions after the exercise, win or lose. Oh yes, they will try to run a credible campaign, for the more credible it is, the more contributions. But, it is all just a facade. It is just jockeying for that position in the surveys, not that seat in the Palace by the stinking river.

    As we complained before that elections here are about personalities than about platforms, today that will be much more pronounced. It is all just about money, and the hell with the voters.

  10. benign0, no one needs to arrest Jeepney drivers if the Philippine government would follow existing laws, because there would be no Jeepney on the road in the first place.

    If the law is followed, 99.9% of all Jeepneys would be taken off the road, because they are not road worthy.

  11. According to my textbook:

    Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die.
    Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death.

    Notice: Rod and Death are both mentioned here.

    Iron Rody, please use the iron rod with discretion. Otherwise I will have to keep my footnote below.

    Press the Reset Button —–> [DU30]*
    *at your own risk

  12. @benign0 ganito gawin mo sasusunod na election tumakbo ka kahit local exec lang (ex. mayor) tapos tingnan natin ang kakayahan mo mamuno ang pananaw mo ay tulad ng pananaw ni Eata Rosales, Sec. Delima, atbp. Bilang isang mamayan na tahimik nmuhay at sumsunod sa batas wala kami prob sa leadership style ni Digong. Mas kampanti ako bilang magulang siguridad ng aking mga anak. Baka hindi mo pa or mga kamaganak mo naranasan maging biktima ng mga halang ang kaluluwa.

  13. There is no such thing as seriously enforcing the law in our country. If you have money, you can buy yourself out of the law.

    There is a Compartmentalized Justice system in our country. One compartment is for the rich and powerful. The lower compartment is for us, ordinary people.

    There is also called the :Selective Justice System. Ordered by Aquino and Mar Roxas. Implemented by De Lima and her driver/lover.
    They do not implement the law, to their followers. They implement the law harshly to their political enemies.

    Enforce the law is the solution. However, who will do it? Almost any law enforcer, has a price…grease money, brother…grease money… can do the job, to get you out of the hook.

  14. Why is enforcing the law so hard in the philippines? Seems like everyone is a self serving, narcissistic idiot. No ounce of patriotism. Duterte needs to sit and enforce his agenda. Getting rid of all this drug dealers, corrupt TRAPOS.Personal Accountability is of the utmost importance. If you do the crime, you do the time.

  15. Imbes na dakdak kayo ng dakdak dyan at patalbugan kayo ng patalbugan ng mga ingles nyo,ayusin nyo nalang sarili nyong buhay. Tayong mga Pilipino ang may kasalanan sa lahat ng mga krimen at kalokohan ng mga politiko sa bansa. Hinahayaan natin sila. Wala tayong ginagawa.Blog lang tayo ng blog. Comment lang tayo ng comment. Kailanga natin aksyon! Simulan natin sa sa sirili natin. Disiplina sa sarili! Tapos bumoto tayo ng tama!

  16. Here’s the conundrum with Filipinos: they’re used to not enforcing the law. Personal whim is more important. So when someone is enforcing the law, someone becomes iron-fisted or “sobra naman?” What Filipinos really want culturally is kunsintidor leaders.

    Another conundrum: Filipinos may be dismayed at other law-breaking Filipinos: but are they themselves really law-abiding Filipinos? It reminds me of the meme about a person who is the first to litter, then when he sees the pile he started, he laments why others litter.

  17. about the example with the jeepney drivers, well mayor duterte doesn’t need to round them up. he’ll have a meeting with the operators and tell them that if they can’t discipline their drivers, he will have their franchise close. no need to round them up. easy. common sense in the works. but for the drug pushers ay leche kayo! leave the city or die. lol!

  18. it seem all the voters are for Duterte and for his dark force.

    i don’t blame this guy because it is the people who chose him to run.

    it’s the same people who were disappointed toward the Yellow regime of the Aquino family.

    the voters need real leaders with real action and not mere leaders of yellow propaganda famous only in the newspaper.

    they used to live under Marcos decrees until they were deceived by these Edsa leaders.

    now they want this system back again for the restoration of peace and order that had been wreak havoc by these swindlers and that’s how Duterte came out winning.

    They want him because they see Marcos in him.

    1. …For Duterte, the example of Lim Seng execution and the three convicted rapists of dela Riva are model of perfect justice ever to happen in the history of penal code.

  19. A friend of mind told me once. Being a lawyer doesn’t mean being the defender of the law, but to be the first ones to find the loopholes of laws to be exploited to his/her advantage.

    If Duterte wants his iron-fist rule w/o bordering criminality, he should do just that.

  20. the other morning our jeepney driver asked us all to leave because of a flat tire. some of us even got our money back but most didn’t bother.
    we should be grateful for small mercies that the tire didn’t blow out on the Marcos Bridge in heavy traffic, or that he didn’t ask us to push it.
    so rare to see a spare tire on a jeepney that’s not worn out or bald, or the other tires. as for the blackbelching – I wear a facemask myself, I need all the oxygen I can get.

  21. Justice is abstract, the law is specific and applies to all and demands respect – that’s the theory anyway.
    But Pope Francis has proclaimed a Year of Mercy from 8 December, you can read about it.
    God’s justice and His mercy are not contradictory but part of an organic whole, and mercy is not abstract but in the person of Jesus Christ, who requires us to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and welcome the stranger.
    the quality of mercy is not ‘strained’ as the Bard put it,
    “The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”
    “Life being what it is, we yearn for revenge.” -Paul Gauguin
    but in real life, revenge only brings on more revenge.
    Remember Lieut Columbo, played by Peter Falk?
    I heard he’s making a comeback. I wonder how he manages to solve all his crimes and still manages to be polite, deferential, circumspect and still live in that old trenchcoat of his?

  22. I have long been mistrustful of local executives running for national public office, because 1) running a country is much more complex than running a city; 2) stories and governance techniques DO get exaggerated in the telling, especially when they don’t translate well across regional idioms; and 3) there’s no guarantee that a local dynasty would NOT transform into a national dynasty. This mayor may be hailed by conservative voters as a “law-and-order” savior, but for me he’ll just always be a bully, tragically limited in vision and lacking in gravitas.

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