Will Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s brand of ‘justice’ work on a national scale?

Former Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales thinks Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a Presidential candidate for the 2016 Presidential elections, has the makings of a dictator. She is basing her opinion on Duterte’s “alleged vigilante-style approach against suspected criminals in his city”. Here are some of the things she had to say about Duterte “the punisher”:

“He hates criminals. Suspected criminals have no space for him. He guns them down if he feels like it,” she told ABS-CBN News.

“The moment you take the law in your hands and you think you can get away with it, then you become part of the problem, and that has been the way of all authoritarian rulers.”

“These people who say we need a Duterte, they don’t think of the law. They don’t realize that if you don’t respect the law, it would affect also you and your family,” she said.

“As mayor, I don’t understand it, but he felt that he had the authority to gloss over the rule of law, to gloss over due process, and to let people know that he could get away with murder, and that’s what makes it dangerous.”

Rodrigo Duterte: He'll need more than loud threats to get things done as president.

Rodrigo Duterte: He’ll need more than loud threats to get things done as president.

Who doesn’t hate criminals? For Duterte’s supporters, Rosales comes across like she is siding with the criminals. In fact, there are people who think Rosales has lost her moral high ground considering she doesn’t speak out against human rights abuses allegedly committed by the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, in particular, regarding the incident involving the massacre of farmers at Hacienda Luisita in 2004 where seven protesting farmers were killed by members of the military.

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Likewise, I have yet to hear Rosales or any of the human rights advocates speak out against President Benigno Simeon Aquino for violation of human rights by illegally detaining former President Gloria Arroyo even after the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has found that her continued detention is arbitrary and illegal under international law. Furthermore, Rosales didn’t speak out against the Department of Social Welfare and Development under the leadership of Corazon “Dinky” Soliman when the agency violated the human rights of street dwellers by detaining them against their will to hide them from foreign dignitaries visiting the country like Pope Francis and other world leaders who came for the APEC summit.

Having said all that, Rosales does have a point. To strengthen the country’s institutions, Filipinos need to respect the rule of law. This means following due process – a system that guarantees that the state respect all legal rights of the accused including the right to a presumption of innocence.

Unfortunately, this concept is too hard for most Filipinos to understand. While some may be ignorant of the idea behind due process, there are people who are aware of it but have become frustrated with the slow pace or lack of justice in the Philippines. Which is why it has become difficult for the average Filipino to believe in the Philippine justice system. This is especially true when they see “justice” leaning favorably towards the moneyed elite and those allied with people in power. In the Philippines, the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty seems to apply only to those currently in power.

While Rosales is right about respecting the rule of law and the country’s institutions, she needs to answer this: Is the justice system working in the Philippines? It’s like the chicken and egg dilemma. How can one respect the rule of law when the system is broken? Even some lawmakers do not know how to follow the law. According to Duterte, he resorts to his own brand of justice because the “justice system as it is does not work”. The fact that he can get away with openly admitting that he supports extra-judicial killings of suspected criminals is enough proof that what he is saying is true – that the justice system in the Philippines does not work.

On the surface, there is an appearance that due process is being followed. But in some cases, the problem lies in the way verdicts are handed out. There are allegations some judges can be bribed to rule favorably towards the guilty party. Some said this was the case when Hubert Webb, son of popular basketball player and former senator Freddie Webb was acquitted in 2011 of the crime of the murders of three members of the Vizconde family in 1991. Despite the public uproar, the Supreme Court’s decision to free Webb and the other co-accused was final. Webb may have spent 15 years behind bars before being acquitted but there could be hundreds of people languishing in jail for decades because they do not have the money or connection to help “clear” their names.

President BS Aquino: It's high time somebody calls out his human rights violations.

President BS Aquino: It’s high time somebody calls out his human rights violations.

In another high-profile case involving former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, President BS Aquino allegedly bribed senator-judges using public funds during the impeachment trial to rule against Corona. Their verdict resulted in Corona’s removal from office. That was a classic example of due process seemingly being followed for the sake of “appearances” but the verdict or outcome was dubious. It was what they call a kangaroo court.

No wonder Duterte’s brand of “justice” is becoming popular not just with Davaoenos , but also with Filipinos all over the country. This is evident in Duterte leading the recent popularity survey among Presidential candidates.

The question now is, how can Duterte as President prevent the bribery of members of the law enforcement agencies including the judges in municipal courts on a national scale? It would be impossible for him to monitor everyone’s actions especially since he will also have to divide his time fixing and upgrading the country’s economy and infrastructure. It is only fair to ask him realistic questions since he finally decided to join the fray in the presidential elections.

Will Duterte be enough of a father figure to inspire everyone in the country especially the people running the justice system to behave? Or does he need to point a gun on everyone’s groin for them to develop a conscience? That indeed, remains to be seen.

52 Replies to “Will Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s brand of ‘justice’ work on a national scale?”

  1. love the article. i remember he mentioned about creating a semi-presidential parliament in a youtube clip. if that happens, then who will be the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister(if needed)?

  2. Rudy Duterte is aware how history did to FMarcos. It is for this reason that I believe he will not follow him. He is also aware of how history did to Cory and GMA as well. He likewise will not follow them… He has his OWN BRAND and he knows for sure that history is already writing about him on how the people accepted it.
    Our distorted country needs the Only Way The DUTERTE BRAND. Go,go,go,go DUTERTE

    1. @ Joe D, if and when the ‘DEATH SQUADS’ come to your house looking for you, you will not be so glad. This guy is a thug, plain and simple. Fail-ipino’s would be better off with just about anyone besides this guy. Think he is your friend? THINK AGAIN.

      1. where do you live?
        do you know him?
        how do you know he is a thug?
        why do you fear the death squad?

        do you know what davao is like before his time?

        its a fucked up place where u cannot sleep in peace without somebody is awake watching while you rest.. sleep and when you wake up 12 your daughters body split in half raped…

        the most unheard of crimes is happens in davao before he came.. we tried to get assistance with the national… but it seems.. nothing will ever happen..

        i live in davao… the names of the ones that is going to die are even announced… change now or die… if you commit another crime.. thats it.. the dds does not just randomly kill people.. they have their own specialized intelligence org..

        1. I’m from Davao city and I’m glad he is our mayor, because of him peace and order achieve, infrastructures improved, Japanese and south Korean factories arrived. But there also setbacks-the death squads because they are real and they will really kill. Most of the time the death squads will hit the real target, in some other cases they miss and hit the neighbors or the younger or even the older brother of the target. And in Davao city it is not only the mayor who has a group of assassin, there is another one who is much ruthless and Duterte can not control him. Now let me ask you, do you want a President who brags in killing small time criminals but can not control the crime lord?

  3. Duterte is used to take away our attention from the incompetent and BBL Law loving , Mar Roxas.

    On national scale, the Duterte’s Vigilante style of Justice will never work.

    If it works, we will end up with another Italy’s Mussolini and a Fascist regime. Or even worse, a Joseff Stalin style regime. Where millions persihed in the Soviet Gulag.

    If worse comes to worse, it will be like the Cambodia’s Pol Pot regime. Mass murder and massacre of Cambodian people.

    Aquino and his cahoot De Lima and her driver/lover resort to : Selective Justice. The Dacer Corbito murder case; the Maguindanao massacre; the Hacienda Luisita massacre; the 44 SAF Police massacre; the other Army Personnel massacre, etc., are all overlooked, shelved and forgotten. On the direct order of Aquino, Mar Roxas and De Lima.

    While their political enemies, or ordinary people like us, are subject to the so called:”rule of law”…

    However, if you are moneyed and powerful. You can buy your way off the hook, of the so called: “rule of law”…

    1. you may actually be correct… its really a long shot.. but as a desperate citizen.. that long shot may be my only shot..

      1. The “long shot” may land on our heads…unintentionally or intentionally, whichever you are looking…it’s a YellowTard or DuterTard shot…

    2. You’re correct. Being born and raised in Davao city I’ve seen what Duterte did. But the thing is he became our mayor for 21 years and yet drugs are still rampant in fact the death squads execute 3 persons per month average. What he did in our city for 21 years will not work on a national scale for 6 years. What we need is somebody who upholds the rule of law, otherwise we will have a wild wild west.

  4. I’m for dutertes ideas and vision. The Failippines is getting worse and out of control. Get rid of all this drug dealers and lynch pins just like Indonesia. The philippines don’t practice Democracy but “DEMOCRAZY”. rule of Law and Discipline must be forcefully implemented. Too much freedom is no good. Someway and Somehow law and Order must be practice by every citizen.

    1. If he wins the Presidency, it will be a bloody Philippines. Do you think druglords and big syndicates operating on the Philippines have no means to strike back? They have established themselves in the previous reluctant and incompetent Presidents. What our country needs is a leader who can change the perspective of every Filipinos about himself. Drugs and other form of syndicates are business. If no one will patronise, a business will just die out. A leader should be inspiring young ones not to be involved in this kind of business. Philippines is a Christian nation so it should not be hard for our country to rid off these kinds of businesses. Teach the coming generation to be a good abiding Filipino citizen. Be a positive influencer.

      1. Latin American countries are “Christian” yet they are one of the biggest markets and sellers of illegal drugs yet rich, heathen countries have better control of this problem.. Here’s some food for thought.

  5. This Dueterte guy has admitted to being behind the ‘Davao Death Squads’.

    He should be indicted, tried and convicted of murder….BUT NO, idiotic Fail-ipino’s are going to make this creep their President. Good Luck with that !

  6. If you look at the present situation of Mexico. The Drug Lords have taken over. Most of the Mexican Police are bought by the Drug Lords. They have to ask the Mexican Army , to do the work of the Mexican Police. Most of the Mexican Politicians are bought by the Drug Lords.

    The Drug Lords have an army of murderers/killers that can strike back on anybody who are on their way.

    A Dutente Presidency will never work, with what we are hoping for a clean up in the government. Maybe, he can do it on Davao…but for the whole country…I doubt it…

  7. Beyts writes “…a leader should be inspiring…”
    the best leaders tend to bring out the very best in the people for the common good of all’
    Perhaps the TV debates will be the ‘game changer’ that the nation has been waiting for:
    to see the true people behind all the rhetoric and personality, and see how they address the issues, how they conduct themselves and treat their opponents, and how believable they are.
    and not just a couple of debates:
    perhaps twice a month in different parts of the country?
    a leader who can rise to inspire an entire nation is such a rarity, but maybe that’s what the people have been looking for for a long time – not a Mussolini who made the trains run on time but a Lee Kuan Yew who was totally honest and utterly incorruptible and left a legacy of a city that shines for all, or an Aung San Suu Kyi who never lost hope after years of house arrest and harassment, and has now been remembered by a grateful electorate.

  8. Simple question from my simple mind, if Duterte is indeed behind DDS why has de Lima not get him arrested, tried and jailed? Never heard of any single DDS member ever arrested either. Why? Can’t prove it? If nothing is done about that issue, then stop harping about it.

    “The problem with us in the government is all talk, no action” – Duterte.

    And no, I believe Filipinos are not idiots for making this creep their president.

    1. Then tell me why he kills drug lords and criminals but not npa or other terrorists then dutertard? Hell why can’t he even avenge the death of SAF44 from those milf scumbags? Akala ko ba may bayag iyang minamahal mong kandidato sa mga tunay na kriminal?

    2. Do you why there’s no death squad getting arrested? Because if you are a death squad assassin, your family and friends should not know about your job. If you miss your target and people will found out who you are, or if you get drunk and you will tell people you are, then the next elite death squad will have you assassinated.

  9. It’s really the extrajudicial killings that bother me about Duterte, and since he admits being connected to them, he already has this record before becoming president (if ever). Filipinos actually seem fond of extrajudicial killing.

    1. @ CF, YES, it should conern every Filipino, the guy is a murderer and has admitted it. He openly brags about it and you can see it on youtube. His sleazy-ass daughter punched a guy in the face with no charges filed ! The family is barbaric and if he comes to power in the Philippines? Who do you think he is going to target the first time he reads something negative about him or his brainless policies? YES, GRP will be on the hit list and then what are you going to do?

      This guy Rodrigo Dueterte is BAD NEWS for the Philippines.

  10. We have to be careful in what we wish for… we might just get it. Six years, (possibly more), of one man as accuser, judge and executioner is too terrifying to contemplate. For once.. just this once.. let’s not be typical Filipinos who want instant gratification or a ‘quick fix’. Let’s all have the patience and the determination to unbend our justice system which is not just slow; it is skewed towards the moneyed class as well. Let’s all insist in the rule of law, both in its letter and its intent. We could all go to the streets once again.. to name and oust corrupt politicians.. to expose and name corrupt media practitioners..and to demand loyalty and devotion to country from our military. Is this a tall order? You bet your ass it is. But this is the path we chose in 1935 when we became a commonwealth republic, and once again in 1986 when we got rid of one other strong, (very strong ) man. We exercised sound judgement when,in 1935, we chose this path. Democracy will always be a work in progress.

    1. Well that’s the problem with failipinos who voted the likes of not just duterte but also mar, binay, and the like: they never ever learn and always expect different results with their so-called “real change” kuno.

  11. The reason why kinsmen, friends and relatives of very corrupt people still support them is because of the skewed sense of justice as exhibited by most people here in the Failippines, who support G-D-SOB BS Aquino and his stupid ignorant YellowTard minions of so-called “sense of justice”.

    Selective justice is no justice at all.

    What selective justice breeds is sycophancy, and someone asks why all Failipino politicians are sycophants and are tagged “any government in power”.

    Failipino political class is like a huge gang of armed robbers, it is only a member that is on the wrong side of the current powers that be that is labeled and persecuted. In that kind of arrangement corruption can only get worse not better.

    The main aim of trying and punishing of a criminal is not to subject the criminal to suffering and humiliation but to reform him and make him see that his criminal activities is abhorred by the society. But mainly it is to serve as a detriment to others that are contemplating such corrupt activities. Once that detrimental factor is missing, corruption would continue to spread as it is doing today.

    Selective justice, it is the worse kind of corruption there is.

    Only in the land among Failipinos in the Failippines!

  12. The Philippine Commission on Human Rights is a failed institution that keeps on shooting their mouth off they should shut up.

    When really needed they are nowhere to be found and aside from a lot of bla-bla there wont be any help.

    I had a meeting with DeLima a few years back. She was well informed about the case, talked a lot, made promises and did NOTHING.

    1. Phil government institutions are but a sham – you’re lucky if 10% of their work is even done correctly.

      The only institution you should take seriously is the DFA, which is the only one that can grant you your ticket (passport) out if this hell hole.

      government likes to blah-blah what the itching ears of media want to hear. What did all the senate hearings for SAF44 accomplish – justice for our fallen men? So who went to prison after funding all these senators’ high salaries to do “investigations”? simply a total waste of tax payers money,

      They love to talk coz they get surrounded by media giving them free campaigns/coverage on the daily news. Wherever the shit is, there the flies will converge.

      If this were China run by a real government, Erap would have had a bullet in his head by now after facing a firing squad at Luneta. Instead he’s back on the loose as Mayor of the city – portraying to all that you can get away with crime in PH where freedom and liberty reign supreme.

      You remember how your little sister would play “house” ? – well that’s what PH is, everyone is just role-playing around.

      My suggestion is to go out in the real world and experience first hand how things are done. Maybe then these returning cured former zombies can bring some ray of light to this future-bleak nation.

      Again, easy way out is to just press the RESET button (at your own risk). Who knows maybe this time we will get lucky,

  13. It’s funny how so many people a getting too paranoid. Do you really think Duterte will fill Manila Bay with the bodies of criminals and corrupt officials till the fish puke of oversupply?

    Ever heard of figures of speech like “hyperbole”?

    The guy is a tough talker because Pinoys love to watch FPJ, Lito Lapid, and Ramon Revilla films. He’s just feeding what the itching ears of the masses want. It’s all part of the campaign circus game – if you want to win in PH.

    I suggest you don’t take his words too literally. His threats are only meant to PREVENT and WARN. It doesn’t mean he’ll actually DO IT.

    Duterte is a genius in psycho warfare. It’s very similar to the nuclear deterrence theory applied by major powers in the cold war.

    So let me ask you all: Did any Nuclear Missile Strike ever occur on an urban area since Hiroshima and Nagasaki (other than in the movies)?

    Please get a hold of yourselves. What PH needs now is just the “IMAGE” of a president that is a Tough Disciplinarian. In PH, image is everything.

    Look at how Pnoy got investment-grade rating for PH just by projecting an imaginary “Daang Matuwid” by putting GMA in prison.

    If we want a different result, are we going to repeat the same old proven failed experiments that we have been falling for time and again by electing Movie Stars, Trapos, and Incompetent clowns, OR are we going to try a different experiment this time (despite the “risk”)?

    I do have a sense that most Pinoys want change. I’ll bet on DU30 just bluffing guys, and in fact will turn this country into the next Singapore if he’s given the chance.

    Look at living proof: Does Davao look like a city run under a Polpot, Nazi, or Stalin regime? Your fears are mostly unfounded, products of speculative theory-making of imaginative minds.

    DDS is as real to me as the Dark Knight of Gotham city. Get real guys. If DU30 is really a murderer – he should be in jail by now. Urban legends do have a way to a gullible lot.

    One last question: when your teacher says “PATAY kayo sa akin kung late kayo mag-submit ng assignment” – do you call the justice department to arrest the teacher? Get real!

    1. first time I read a comment like that that seems to make sense. of course it’s colorful speech that tends to be memorable, that’s why Trump seems so popular now compared to Bush. I like to listen to Radyo Bombo myself, not that I understand what the words are, but the emotional tone of it all tells me a whole lot more about how people ‘feel’ about things here.
      Plus the drumroll – they have the rehearsal down pat!

    2. The problem with your argument is that you presume that the allegations of extrajudicial killings committed by Duterte are just that “allegations”. He said it himself (and with overflowing pride, I may say) that he is the one behind the infamous Davao Death Squad, and in some cases, pulled the trigger himself.

      There are NUMEROUS documented cases of extrajudicial killings of low-level, petty criminals in Davao City. These killings either result in the death of a criminal, an “alleged” criminal or an innocent. In some cases, these killings happen mere hours after an alleged criminal was released from police custody. If that’s not enough evidence to point to an organized death squad, then I don’t know what is.

      Normally we would shrug shit like this off, but the man has time and time again asserted and made known that HE WILL kill criminals and law breakers. And even if he doesn’t follow through with his words, then he’s part of the typical lying and half-assed TRAPOS he likes to bash so much.

    1. press conference of Mayor Duterte: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMnTa1NUJhw

      “my city is not perfect so that maybe i said pag dumating ako sa pasig, i can promise you not heaven but i will promise you a comfortable life. corruption has to stop, criminality has to stop. either makuha ko ang gusto ko or you perish. mag prangkahan na lang tayo. anong ibig sabihin niyan? patayan yan. yang mga drug lords mahirapan kayong… you know you have to transfer. go somewhere else. maghanap kayo ng bayan dito sa balat ng mundo na pwede kayong magkapera sa droga. because if I make it, inshallah, tapos yan. i will not tolerate. it’s either ma-deliver ko or mag-resign ako…

      1. true and yes, Mayor Duterte is just a human being just like us & others but through his brains, political will & bravery he could fix our country not in an overtime I say but in a good content.

        1. the only problem i see is that the drug lords may retaliate by killing random law abiding citizens using riding in tandems as well IF he wins the presidency.

          And we don’t know if mayor duterte will still allow the extrajudicial killings since he has the control of both AFP/PNP. he may go legit this time around. no need to rely on DDS since he has full control of PNP/SAF/AFP and intelligence. lalo na pag national level na cctv style ng DC. tapos yan. raid all day everyday.

  14. Wow, Rosales sure has the balls to speak about human rights when she protected one of its biggest violators (CPP-NPA). I prefer it if she should just shut up.

  15. I think the wish for Duterte, or rather, the wish for having something like the death squads, is proof of one thing: people (especially the supposedly educated ones) have been successfully injected with fear, such that it interferes with their reasoning, and they are willing to accept drastic measures such as calling in an airstrike just to kill a cockroach (wherein even they will be killed in the process). And their reasoning is so frecked up, that they are unable to realize, approving of death squads is like approving of the motorcyle-riding assassins in the city. In other words, they can’t tell bad from good anymore.

  16. If a politician of Mr. Duterte’s stature admits in an interview, on ‘National TV’, that he has sanctioned and participated in extra-judicial executions.. who are we to doubt his word? I see in Mr. Duterte, an honest individual who truly believes that there is nothing wrong in ‘neutralizing’ people that he deems to be a menace to the community that he governs. I don’t think..not for one minute.. that he is a swaggering ‘blowhard’ who’s out to impress the public with his ‘machismo’. Unlike Binay who laughably professes honesty and pledges to make the Philippines prosperous as he did Makati.. Mr. Duterte must be taken at his word.. and that’s where the problem lies. The Philippines, in the event of a ‘Duterte Presidency’, shall have turned from a government of laws, to a government of men; in fact..one man. It will be an entirely different can of worms, and.. we haven’t even considered ramifications like tenure, succession, the role of the ‘judiciary’ and the ‘legislature’..etc. It is, as earlier suggested, a terrifying thought.

    Again, “I have no dog in this fight”. I’m just trying to think from outside the box.

    1. I hear you brother. Exactly why it pisses me off so much how these dutertetards are so blind to the potential atrocities a plain thug could bring to a country if placed in the highest seat of power.

      People need to chill the fuck out and step back, take a good look and reasses their poor decision making skills.

  17. How damaged is Filipino culture that a lot of Filipinos look to future presidents for discipline rather than at themselves?

      1. Before anything, I’d like to say that all that I will say in this reply are based on personal observations and experiences. It may or may not reflect Filipinos in general.

        So moving on, I’d first have to somewhat disagree that Filipinos hate the notion of disciplining themselves. Because on a side-note, when alone, Filipinos ARE capable of following rules. That is why when thrown in a foreign environment, they can actually adapt quite well. So given that, why do most Filipinos behave like shit in their own country?

        Well, the way I see it, it is indeed because that the status quo is so fucked up that the wrong things had become the quote-unquote “right” thing.

        I replied a situation I had been a while ago in another post but I’ll copy-paste it here and edit it a little:

        So to share my experience before, I was about to get to a bus near Shaw Boulevard, I was surprised to see something unexpected: A proper SINGLE line for boarding the bus as it was unloading. Though they were only 5-6 people, it made me smile as it really caught me off guard because what usually happens is people block the door giving the alighting passengers a hard time. Seldom will you see that in this country and I joined them. A little while later, another person with his friend came and tried to cut through the line. One already in the line uttered that there was a line so those people backed off. But then, more people came… The line disappeared to my dismay and the alighting passengers was blocked. Afterwards when we were then boarding the bus, I heard the person earlier who tried to cut the line tell his friend in a sarcastic tone: “May pila daw kanina. Wala naman pala. Buysit” (They said there was a line earlier. But there really wasn’t. What a pain in the ass.)

        Well there was indeed a line before. It’s just that people don’t care because that wasn’t “normal” hence, wasn’t right. And I know what your thinking: Why not tell them off? Well, on my experience in telling people off: Ikaw yung magmumukhang tanga, ikaw yung magmumukhang masama tapos, baka mapaaway ka pa. (You’ll be the one that’ll look stupid, you’ll be the one that’ll look bad, and you might get into a fight.)

        But you know what, I think the five monkeys and a ladder is a somewhat a good comparison of the situation?


        Som simply put, people know that something is wrong and would want and try to change things but they can’t because they’ll get beat up, either physically, mentally, or socially.

        And lastly, I know many here advocate rational self-interest and are always saying that people should start change with themselves… Well… It is true. However, realistically, individual change won’t do anything without having critical mass. And to be frank, in this country, we can’t expect to reach critical mass without someone leading it, thus the looking to influential people like political leaders.

        As for me, I’ll just be trying to game the system I’m in and work my way inside. Maybe try to change it from there? Or should I work my way outside?

  18. Running a country is pretty much like running a city or province, only on a bigger scale. Would you then choose – a lawmaker or a mayor, for president? Answer: use your common sense.

    This coming 2016 elections, there will be a Showdown between 2 mayors:
    1) Binay: allegedly corrupt money-pocketing trapo. What can you say people? “At least he shares”
    2) Duterte: claims to kill criminals in his turf. What can you say people? “At least he’s honest”

    Sino pipiliin mo Ms. Alma Moreno? “kailangan pa bang sagutin yan?”
    Karen Davila: “Siempre, tatakbo ka para sa Senado e”

    For Pinoys, given a choice between a pro-corruption candidate and an anti-corruption one, they have to scratch their heads for months in analysis paralysis.

    Ever wonder why hardly anything ever gets done in PH? And when it finally gets done, it isn’t even done right – so you have to start all over again.

    Keep scratching harder…

    1. It would have been a no-brainer decision, but you cannot base a candidate’s worthiness for presidency based on something as fickle and as vague as “pro-corruption” or “anti-corruption”.

      In my cases these two do not qualify because they both have no respect for the law and due process.

      The President should be the one who upholds the rule of law and not be the one most eager to break it.

      (Binay: corruption and his asshole-ness towards his senate hearings. Duterte: extrajudicial killings, Need I say more?)

  19. Vigilante justice will only end in the Philippines when all Filipinos are armed. This way, there is no need for politicians to go Machiavellian when it comes to fighting crimes. Criminals, even the small ones, will die through the justice of self-defense.

  20. Sa present situation ng Pilipinas, kailangan natin ang tulad ni Duterte. Kailangan natin ang may kamay na bakal. Pero, kung sino ang presidentiables na magsasabi na ipakukulong niya si PNoy at ang mga kaalyado niyang nang-gang rape ng kabang bayan ang siya kung iboboto !!!

  21. Duterte’s solution to better security is the following:

    1. Increase salary of the police in order to discourage (small time) corruption. This of course comes with a warning. If he caught them still cheating then they will face the full force of the law. He mentioned this already.

    2. Help modernize the supreme court for a faster, effective and efficient judicial system.

    3. Intelligence gathering by the people.

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