The Immorality Of Philippine Television

As of late people have been pestering me about AlDub despite the fact that I already explained, repeatedly even, that I did not choose the picture for my article about Philippine media and that the article itself has little to do with everyone’s favorite noon-time couple. However, that did not stop their steadfast defenders from reacting like rabid dogs whose tails were stepped on. Even now, comments continue to be added with the commenter usually not bothering to read the article itself. Anyway, there is a topic I am willing to address now that I have time to think about it.


There has been much hullabaloo over the fact that ABS-CBN’s Showtime is now losing to GMA’s Eat Bulaga and, of course, the AlDub couple. Apparently, Showtime  now pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book:

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Sex Sells.

I think I’ve already written a previous article about it that focuses on Anne Curtis’ twerking on noon-time TV. However, this time I will also take the time to call out Showtime on its other activities. Look, I kind of understand that GMA is now driving them against the wall with its success when it comes to ratings. However, what’s sad is how they seem to be reacting to all this.

First off, let’s talk about the infamous Pastillas Girl. 

The thing is, instead of doing something original for a change, Showtime just goes and tries to imitate Eat Bulaga’s act and even does a bad one at that. Instead of doing something completely original, they instead come up with a show meant to imitate AlDub but instead focuses on immorality and bitterness. The sad part is, I can at least commend AlDub for being more natural about what they do, Pastillas Girl, in turn, only espouses desperation for romance instead of actual love.

Then there’s the antics of Vice Ganda.

As of late, there has been the infamous photo involving him kissing Karylle. Really, some people are beginning to say that his latest bout of immorality is due to the fact that he needs to raise ratings for the TV station. Unfortunately, I’ve already stated that his immoral approach to things were never really funny nor are they something that needs to be displayed on national TV. As a matter of fact, now that Showtime is quickly losing its audience, shouldn’t he clean up his act instead of making it worse?

Look, now that I have time to really consider what’s happened so far, shouldn’t Showtime try to fight for ratings by providing audiences with something new. Of course, this might just be me and my foolish speculations, but I think that ABS-CBN has the opportunity to make something new and beautiful to outdo GMA’s AlDub show. Unfortunately, it has squandered that opportunity by making Showtime more dirty and cheap. It’s sad really when you think that this is how most Pinoys would act when facing a challenge. Instead of choosing to improve oneself and rise above the competition, they instead choose to go lower in a vain attempt to drag the other one down with them.


44 Replies to “The Immorality Of Philippine Television”

  1. IMHO Filipino TV is, unfortunately puerile, infantile rubbish. There are no good programmes on it. The only successful thing that it does is it focuses on the lowest common denominator and gets it. Joe public gets to go on the shows to be humiliated for the sake of either a few Peso or the chance to make it big in the entertainment world.
    Ersonally, I would be very satisfied if it closed down completely, then and only then, it could restart and possibly produce some programming which is not aimed at those so brain dead, that zombies won’t eat them.

    1. We need a rennaisance in the Philippines entertainment industry. There are a few attempts to present programs with substance but it will need support of the viewing public.
      Siempre, its not that simple, easier said than done sabi nag. But we shouldnt lose hope.

    2. Exactly. Neither I DO NOT watch bullcrap Eat Bulagta or Showbitch during noontime or even Primetime Bulok or Telebangag. It just wastes every Christian morality because of following Western trends(e.g. pausuhin ang Western music na puro mura o bastusin – What Does The Fox Say, Twerk It Like Miley, o di naman kaya lumang tugtugin galing West pero bastos sa relihiyon – Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley) or say gagawa na mga eksenang kaabang-abang(e.g. sampalan hanggang sabunutan, mga nag-aarmas) without a reason kung bakit nila ginagawa; or… TRULY SCRIPTED BEHAVIORS ang mga nakikita ko(e.g. Kriz TV, Taste Bitches), puro papansin, hindi pabebe, hindi naman kagandahan at puro imoral na salita at tono – gayahin na ang mga bakla.

      Kung hindi naman sa maka-Satanas na Philippine showbiz, iyon namang Philippine music, puro gayahan ang basis. Lantakin mo, gayahin ang J-Pop o K-Pop trend at i-apply sa tugtog, hell of bullcrap! Parang… I must truly say, kulang na lang ang MURAHIN AT SIGAWAN KAYO NI PAPA JACK dahil walang originality ang Philippine music industry. Turning off the Philippine radio as well. Wala ni isang salita ang aking naiintindihan dito.

      Pero sa balita, truly selective na rin ako. Been pissed off with some GMA content dahil discriminative and more bias than ABSCBN(e.g. trashing down with Mr. Inaba(aka Red Mask of Maskman) interview on Kaputa, este Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. Nagalit at naghuramentado sa FB tuloy ang asawa niyang Pinay after doing it. In fact, it’s the same as trashing out Sandara Park nearly 10 years ago. WTF! Tapos same thing pa rin about news reporting. Ok na ang balita, pero parang binabasa lang at niloloko pa. Remember Mike Enriquez and Jiggy Manicad! Sheesh…

      Wala na balitang matino galing dito? Kung meron, sa Yahoo o MSN lang. Sa Internet pa makukuha. Mabuti nga at maraming palabas sa Internet, pero sobrang baaaaaaaagaaaaaaalllllll ng Net connection. Pukinanginang GLOWbe at PLtite na iyan, ayusin ang trabaho. Puro bulok ang customer service. Mas mabagal ang serbisyo. Puro kaya ACW(timeout) ang mga lintek na ito. Taka ka kung bakit mataas ang sweldo, puro pasarap naman sa upuan o ACW habang putang ALDiyUBlo ang pinag-uusapan. Hindi tuloy ako makapanood ng mga palabas sa YouTube at ibang sites ng maayos. Habulin sila na Telstra! HEHEHE

      Been committed to turn off radio and TV after all these 4 years of my life. (Just don’t mind vulgar words on top!) Thank God Almighty and nakatitipid na sa kuryente at ingay. It’s a piece of mind after all… and how about getting a partner? MORAL LESSON:(grabbed this saying from Google kasi ang lupit ng ibig sabihin. Promise!) If you will be marrying a girl with Filipino blood, expect a bundle! I didn’t mean instant kids. Hate it or dislike it, but, marrying a girl with Filipino blood includes marrying Philippine showbiz and music as well… and IT FOREVER SUCKS!

      Amen to that! Buti na lang at straight single guy pa rin ako. Will be marrying a non-Filipino blodded Asian girl soon!

  2. Why do we even bother to talk about them? They’re distractions from real life issues —We are governed by pigs, the country is being plundered, our fellowmen killed and we do nothing but watch them do it. We’d rather discuss immoral noontime shows.

  3. Edward, I could not have said it better myself. Not only are the programs a pile of stinking crap, but even the commercials are the worst I have ever seen anywhere in the world. You would think they are made for people who just had a lobotomy. People responsible for all this shit should be lined up and shot for crimes against the Filipino people.

    1. I’ve noticed that about the commercials too. Most of them leave me thinking: No, seriously? You actually think people will listen to that outrageously retarded nonsense and then go buy your product?

      And then I see Filipinos queuing up to buy the product.

  4. You shouldn’t compare these two senseless shows in the first place Grimwald. Both are trash-worthy, and doesn’t need a sensationalized attention at all. Nevertheless, continue the fight against the phenomenal stupidity of flips (Don’t get me wrong though; I’m always inclined to fight and eradicate this plague until the end).

  5. The main draw of Aldub is it brings a lot of nostalgia on the old school ligaw concept that’s been all but forgotten in this age of tv that the networks spew kabit, immoral billcrap.

  6. Here is a link to what the world thinks of Filipino TV. Never fear, the link leads to my personal Facebook page. Some of what seems to be overlooked are the idiotic things those daytime shows will make people humiliate themselves doing for the sake of P500. Why do people watch that drivel? Then you have the little fat girl who should be on a diet instead of on TV. People laugh incessantly at that fat little pig looking creature.

    Every time I am somewhere that has Pinoy TV playing I get bombarded by the same idiotic mechanical laugh that I have been assaulted by since 2004 when I first came here. WTF is with THAT stupid noise anyway?

    Not even the news is done in any kind of professional manner as was evidenced by the irresponsible coverage of the Hong Kong bus hostage debacle and its aftermath. The normal nightly news is no better and the next time I walk into a house @ news time and actually SEE the news on, will be the first time. It seems nobody here wants to know what is going on around them unless it is a Pacman fight or the NBA. Even though I enjoy basketball the PBA is a waste of electrons. Most small college basketball teams in the US could beat the PBA best 9 out of 10 times due to superior teamwork.

  7. Mature men look into the ladies hearts.

    Immature ones mention constantly their body parts.

    They mentioned sex like they’re obsessed.

    Enslaved by drugs and alcohol; helpless.

  8. i recently visited some relatives for a few days (not) surprised to find them glued to the pastillas girl thing because their provider only had tfc in their package. all they did was complain on how repetitive and nakakasawa it was but didnt have half a brain to figure that their decoder had a shitload more of watchable channels (even though if this is the ME) in its selection and never even changed the channel during my entire stay. i do feel sorry for their kids whose only way to watch cartoons would be to navigate youtube by THEMSELVES, but do not know how to hook up their tablet to a charger once the batteries run out.

  9. Local TV is at its lowest. Yeah, I agree with your point – ABS-CBN should take this as an opportunity to do something refreshingly original for a change. But they are constrained to do something that sells for many. Unfortunately, whenever you sell for the “masa”, you eventually compromise on substance, and the result is almost always going to be shallow, like a hot but quick one-night stand.
    We need to look at the bigger picture. Revolutionize TV. Spot talent. Go look for another channel. In my case, I enjoy watching reruns of “In Living Color” (Jim Carrey, et. al.) in youtube.
    Now there’s wit.

  10. They have to earn, they have to sustain thier lives, as a saying goes.. ” strike while the iron is hot” more people will be affected, more people will be irrational. After tri-media, album to be followed, then a lot of mall guesting, then concerts etc.. Just reffer to other channels. CH 9 or CNN Philippines is better. Very informative. Ü

  11. @Grimwald I agree with you on this one.
    But what’s more despicable is seeing Nognog Binay’s face on TV once in awhile explaining how we should love his dark, evil ass.

  12. “The Immorality of Philipine Television” is it accentuate the disparity between the Haves and have nots, the Caucasian mestizos and the kayumanggis; and muddles the distinction between legal and illegal, ethical and unethical.

    In short, Philippine Television further corrupts the very fabric of our culture’s already corrupt value system, in order to increase followers and create a new trend within a culture for Filipinos to identify with—to boost their sense of belonging and importance.

    The Philippines–and its people–is like a ship in the middle of the ocean without a clear destination (a voyage to oblivion) and a “moral compass” to help guide it to a safe harbor.

    1. Ya know Aeta, I tried capturing that feel in my “Deep” series. Unfortunately, I’m still suffering from writer’s block on that one. However, I would like to keep going.

      1. @Grimwald,

        You’re doing fine. Study Buddhism and it’ll clear up your writer’s block, and make you a more introspective writer. Mind you, Buddhism will change the way your mind’s eyes see life–especially with what is going on in the Philippines and our people. And there is not turning back. Take Care.


  13. Immorality hits primetime as well as movies. We are heavily exposed by media to third party relationships, same sex relationships and bitter relationships. No wonder children grow disrespectful and undisciplined, its because of the kind of exposure that they get. As the bible says we are nearing the ends times and of these (sex, drugs, alcohol and violence) becomes a fad.

    1. Ashton,

      What if you don’t believe in the Bible, does that means you’re screwed and your kids grow up with a chip on their shoulders and will do drugs, alcohol, commit violence, and have sex (as if sex is not a norma part of life)?


  14. please don’t misunderstand me, but some comment here are right. We love our country but those who have power to play a role choose to give us rubbish from Gov’t to Entertainment. As if all Filipino are only capable of digesting this kind of slapstick life style and keep choices as few as possible. Filipinos are talented give chance to those new ideas. take risk and take artistic value over peso. Bring back Filipino values and take out too much “perya” type of style from gov’t to entertainment. Mabuhay ang Pilipino.

  15. For 5 years since my daughter birth I totally banned local televisions in our home. I know both the programs and most especially commercials will leave bad influence on the young minds.

    1. @looping,

      Unfortunately, this useless television programs are the only “free” form of entertainment available to the whole country; but, the entire population ends up paying for it eventually, by becoming “brain dead.” I guess there really is no such thing as a “free lunch.”


  16. vbac2u

    “Bring back Filipino values and take out too much ‘perya’ type of style from gov’t to entertainment.”

    This will only happen when ALL FILIPINOs make up their minds to set aside their self-serving and arrogant ways, and learn to trust each other and work together as one nation.

    Until that moment happens, the only thing our people can do–which is what they’ve been doing for as long as anyone alive can remember–is pray and hope and dream that the change will ‘fall from heaven’ onto their lap, and ALL FILIPINOS will live happily ever after.


    1. Clark,

      If I count the number of Filipinos I’ve talked to over the years about making a positive change in their country, I should have been a millionairre by now.


  17. Oh Grimwald, just continue fight fire with fire. After all, Filipinos will not react if they are treated nicely and only react if they are hurt.

  18. I beg to disagree in this article. i find very judgmental. i not a fan of noontime show because i wasn’t able to watch it most of the time.. but when this kalye serye of eat bulaga, i find time to watch and this pastillasgirl of showtime, compare and analyze… i dont think both shows wants to become nastyto their televiewers.. siguro iba-ibang atake lang pero isa layunin nila magpakilig…magpasaya sa mga nanonood sa kanila… sa aldub they were on the old type filipino style na nagpapaalam sa matanda… for pastillas girls its more of modern generation they used twitter, facebook ig etc to look for love…whether the ways are different it depends on the people involve like for aldub kahit na sobrang click at kilig ang mga eksena nila still you can see with alden richard na mukhang hindi naman nya magiging gf si maine… for pastillas girl its only an opportunity na magmeet ng bagong guy, well kung sa tingin nya deserve nya ung isa mga guys na nagpunta at nagpakita ng interest then well and good for her… pero its also a typical situation, nothing to do with rival bakit lalaos din naman ang mga eksena nila kase mauumay din ang tao…

  19. In fairness sa AlDub (na naa-update lang ako unintentionally dahil may review sa 24-Oras, that my sister watches para sa local news), ang itinuturo nga nila ay yung makalumang way ng panliligaw. Alam ng magulang, may permisong manligaw, kilalaning maigi ang isa’t isa, sa bahay magkita, mga ganun.

    Pero ang hindi maganda ngayon ay ang patulan ng rapist nilang host na si Joey de Leon ang tweet ni Leah Salonga tungkol sa kababawan.

  20. These shows contributes nothing to improve society. They don’t promote Filipino culture and arts. They are just plain vultures who sucks blood and be merry on others shortcomings by poking stupid and dehumanizing jokes. Disgusting.

  21. @Grimwald thanks for describing aldub from a non-fan POV. i don’t find anything wrong with the show. it’s just i’m not comfortable with the exaggeration, the hype that it’s getting. what i don’t like is the fans bashing non-fans. forgive my ignorance, why does showtime have to compete with eat bulaga for the ratings? would they lose sponsors? if showtime fans are loyal to showtime, they wouldn’t have to worry about them switching to the other noontime show. and if they do, they are not loyal at all. or just riding the bandwagon.

  22. Stop being hypocritical about immorality in Philippine television. We watch TV to be entertain, values and good conduct should be primarily come from your parents and our educational system. Stop blaming society’s moral issue from people whose only job is to entertain us.

  23. predictable TV shows, shows that I saw outside the country before them. no wonder I don’t watch Philippines shows that much..

  24. Once i had a terrible migraine, i watches the all for juan segment of eat bulaga, there was no aldub yet, and they are so funny that my headache went away just by laughing. I think i found some useful free medicine. Sometimes they are not just for entertainment, but eat bulaga is somehow proactive in community service, like the “plastic ni juan project’ that is really a great idea, recycling the plastic bottles into student chairs to be given to schools in remote areas. The problem with that is it makes people save those plastic bottles not for the purpose of helping only, but also to gain price because it is one of the requirements if you are picked as a winner, so how about in the daily normal lives, they wouldn’t do it because there is no eat bulaga visiting their baranggay. And i heard that aldub helped a certain school build a library, yeah it is a cliche of giving back, but we all know that sponsors gave that. But still it is not just pure brainless entertainment i guess, until joey or tito sotto open their mouth which annoys the hell out of me.

  25. “Wowowee” before on ABS-CBN was a public service show masquerading as entertainment for the masses. This was highlighted by their portion “Willie of Fortune” where all people from different economic backgrounds get to share stories and talent in exchange for 15 minutes of fame and money. This concept was the one that sold best for ABS until its main host Willie Revillame became influential and used his fame to bully anyone that got in his way, even the ABS executives. That lead him to resign from “Wowowee” even if his contract was still in place.

    Lesson # 1: Public service is not public service anymore when it is making money out of exploiting the poor.

    Then he brought the “Willie of Fortune” concept to TV5 via “Willing Willie” and “Wil Time Big Time” only to court controversy again when he got embroiled in the sexy dancing child controversy of a certain Jan Jan and as a result, advertisers pulled out. When that issue died down, he became controversial again when one of his dancers gyrated like a bar girl with cleavage emphasized thus MTRCB gave him an SPG (Strong Parental Guidance) rating for every episode he aired until he bowed out of TV5.

    Lesson # 2: When public service is no longer working, sex sells.

    Then in 2015 he brought back the same concept that made him famous via GMA’s “Wowowin”. Though his magic has somewhat faded because he no longer was courting controversy, the show got a shot in the arm thanks to his two gay hosts, the stand-up comedy duo of Tekla and Donita Nose. The duo’s jokes are now the highlight of the show, though “Willie of Fortune” still appears occasionally 3x a day.

    Lesson # 3: When public service fails again, take a backseat, look for someone to deliver senseless comedy for entertainment.

    With these 3 lessons that I have found out while watching Willie’s shows, I can say that immorality can be in any kind of form as long as your goal is to make money and do public service.

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