Calls for ‘justice’ for the Martial Law ‘victims’ are just fashion statements

Eat my shorts. To all those bleeding-heart emos who keep posting memes on Facebook about “remembering Martial Law” and Tweeting these quaint quotes of indignation over the lack of “justice” for the “victims” of (former) President Ferdinand Marcos’s Martial Law atrocities (or, more appropriately, allegations of these “crimes”), manigas kayo.


Lumang tugtugin na yan. All that talk is starting to sound like the tinny tunes emitted by an old scratched up vinyl record. It’s fit for the analog age and sounds so yesterday in today’s digital media. What these people who cry bloody murder and issue their trendy calls for “justice” keep harping about alleged crimes committed half a century ago don’t realize is that they are merely highlighting yet another quintessentially colossal Filipino FAIL.

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Filipinos have failed to make their justice system work for them.

I mean, come on. Forty plus years? Seriously? And not a single conviction??

Let me ask you all a hypothetical question. If, say, you have a dream of becoming a hot shot litigation attorney who earns mega-bucks someday, how would you go about achieving that dream? More specifically, on the morning of the first day of resolving to make good on that ambition what would you do? Would you jump out of bed, walk up in your pyjamas to the doorstep of a law firm with a placard in hand demanding that you are entitled to a job as a lawyer there?

I’d like to think that the sensible first step would be to go to the admissions office of a top lawyer school and fill out a form.

So here’s the deal. The right way to go about things is not a very trendy or selfie-worthy activity, right? (Although I do know of some bozos who do take selfies of themselves filling out the UPCAT form…). Thing is, the things really worth going for require long-term commitment and those who succeed at getting what they want do so by keeping their eyes on the ball over the long haul.

The trouble I see with anti-Marcos fads is that they come and go. They make headlines when the topic is “trending” (specifically, whenever there is someone that the powers-that-be desperately need to demonize) and are relegated to the basement of media fodder whenever other more entertaining topics compete with it for bandwidth.

But that’s no excuse, see. You stick to the task whether or not you get pats on the back or attract media mileage. Apparently, commitment, drive, and focus are not one of the strongest traits of the Philippines’ A.D.D. society. It’s pathetic. But there it is. It actually looks even more pathetic when these bursts of Martial Law “activism” erupt every now and then.

When I was a child, I once saw my little sister playing with a stuffed toy that had been buried under my sock drawer for a couple of years that I had long forgotten about. I yanked it off her and screamed “Hey this is MINE!” Unfortunately for me, my mother was within earshot and, suffice to say, I got a really bad chewing out from her. Worse, she yanked the toy out of my hands and gave it back to my little sister. Finders keepers, she told me.

Well, that’s just tough, isn’t it? Martial Law crybabies, dropped the ball a loooong long time ago. Trouble is, somebody in the team did not grab the loose ball and go for the three-point-shot. In our case, the ball bounced up to the neighborhood toughie who happened to be walking by who then caught it and, just for the laughs, tossed it over the fence into the vacant lot where the big rabid askal lives.

Sorry na lang kayo. Just move on and reflect on the time you WASTED being such ineffectual emos. The world is served on a silver platter to the stoic folks who think rather than wail in epic 40-year tantrums. Just-tiis na lang kayo!

75 Replies to “Calls for ‘justice’ for the Martial Law ‘victims’ are just fashion statements”

    1. Says the guy who loves to laugh like a demonic clown everytime he watches the Mendiola and Haciendia Luisita Massacres, where he cheered for the Aquinos.

      You are more of real-life joke because you are such a sick-minded, twisted, hypocritical asshole. FACT.

        1. Are you sure you are not talking about Cory Aquino and her personal cronies? Are you sure you are using your brain cells at all?

  1. The only justice that exist in the Philippines is the one dispensed by those who has money and power. The rest of the population is just striving for the same thing: money, power, and then justice.

  2. Dear Kate Natividad,, Can you please say that to the Ampatuan massacre victims Family. And tell them manigas kayo and sorry na Lang kayo, because that is what going to happened to them….nothing…of this so called justice for all…You are a very strong lady I what you just say is Manigas kayo doon sa Lahat ng mga seeking justice for the injustice happened to them na up to now the Supreme Court closet that was not solved..Are you a Lawyer or na activist or a lady cares and seek changes for the justice system in the Philippines…for I don’t see that you cares for anything..

    1. Dear Cesar, specifically Kate Natividad is TALKING about the MARTIAL LAW cry-babies and not the Ampatuan Massacre which happened during Gloria Arroyo administration.Did you you dropped your ball, too? Poor baby!

  3. I agree with the author. Used to deliver newspapers in our little town of Paete since I knew how to ride a BMX. Heard all the whispered shush and anguish, and the whining. Read all about it. I’m 46 now. and the truth is, thesew crybabies are just that – crybabies. Get over it.

  4. These mass protests/gathering are just tools employed by those in power to reiterate that Aquinos =Good, therefore, Marcos = evil. Such false logic seems to be quite effective with the bobo pinoy. Look how we are now, 27 years after the evil dictator has been overthrown? We have a false sense of pinoy freedom, false sense of pinoy pride and false sense of unity. Kawawang pinoy.

    1. Um, no. Most of the street protesters are brainwashed memebers of MAKABAYAN (aka CPP in legal disguise). They’re just sucking it up to the Aquino administration so they can infiltrate the government and to prevent the AFP from exterminating the NPA for good. Human rights pa more.

      27 years after Marcos, what happened? Nothing change, except for Jo-Ma successfully escaping to continue his misguided deeds, courtesy of Cory.

  5. The passage of time doesn’t mean that the crimes committed by the Marcos’ during their regime should be forgotten. rather, the lack of any serious action by the authorities to punish the leaders of the regime, means that their atrocities should be remembered; lest the Marcos sycophants claim that because there have been no “serious” criminal cases, there were no murders/excesses/corruption. The same logic needs to be used against those who ordered and committed the Ampatuan massacre, or should we forget them and move on too?
    justice must be served and until it is, then the people the author belittles and complains about have every right to protest at what the Marcos clan are doing, i.e. attempting a Stalinist revision of History.

      1. No, not at all. The Marcos’ fans always claim that there have been no successful prosecutions. Personally, I would like to see the Ponce and other big names getting prosecuted for what happened and Mrs. Marcos, IMHO she had her dirty sticky fingers in all the pies too.

      2. My god why are you still denying that the Marcos did not still the people’s wealth…if they are acquitted of all of them is because of the power of money to the justice system..the international community gave up prosecuting the Marcos because the Filipino people did not care…and they were corrupted by Marcos money, so therefore nobody cares about the Philippines no more,,,why care for a country who do not change them self.

        1. “My god why are you still denying that the Marcos did not still the people’s wealth”

          Please. Post-EDSA presidents make him an amateur by comparison. You should know that…

        2. Cezar,

          If you add up all the money Marcos stole and gave back to his people, to the total amount the post EDSA Revolution (1986) oligarchs have stolen and gave back to their people, you might be very surprised.

          Compare the quality of life of the average Filipinos during Marcos’ reign to the quality of life of Filipinos today, and you’ll have all the evidence you need that the country is more desperate now than when Marcos was in power.


        3. You mean to say , it’s ok for the marcoses stole those money because post edsa presidents stole more money than the marcoses…my god , Filipino mind set you guy,s I said they are all corrupt and must change even you guys mind set are corrupt…you saying it is ok…because everybody is doing it..

        4. Cezar,

          I don’t have a Filipino mindset, and this is why I see the whole picture. I’m certainly not endorsing any of our self-serving and aristocratic oligarchs running for president next year; it’s just going to be the same crap scenarios with just different players.

          Let’s just say I’ve been around the block more than once and have been “inside the box” as well as outside of it. Our country’s problem boils down to one thing:

          ‘Our country is corrupt because our people, culture, and values are all corrupt.’

          And we’re included in what I’ve just described whether you want to admit to it or not. What we need is a complete overhaul of the way we think and live our lives as Filipinos; and, since none of us are willing to do that, a Martial Law is the only viable option.


        5. Thats exactly the meaning of being a “crybaby” oh boo hoo, they got the $$$ so they got acquitted.

  6. While the article seems to be particularly aimed at those who protest but lack persistence and commitment to the see through the delivery of justice, it is simply inexcusable that such serious allegations would just be dropped, na tiisin na lamang dahil lumipas na ang panahon. The article makes no mention the failings and weaknesses Philippine justice system. Tackling the problems of the Philippine justice system deserves an article (or two, even a volume) of its own, but to tell victims, relatives of those who have disappeared, have been tortured, or inhumanely treated to forget those events is as insensitive as telling the commuting public that traffic is not fatal.

    1. please read that Ms. Kate Natividad. your article did not help at all, for sure no more than those you called whiners, pure insensitivity to the victims and more-genuine-than-thou mentality

    1. @ Sean, and when the army bashes in your door and takes you to prison for protesting a mere social issue you may disagree with and you are thrown in jail for 15 years because of it, MAYBE then, a totalitarian for of rule will not seem like such a good idea, eh?
      The problem with the Fail-ippines is that the Oligarchs were never gotten rid of. Instead of just getting rid of one scumbag in 1986, the rest of them were supposed to get the boot to, or even better, THE AXE !!!! Then the institutionalized corruption that was created under Marcos (who is, without a doubt, one of the top 20 total scumbags of the 20th century) would not have survived and then flourished under the guise of a ‘Republic’ with democratic principles and a justice system that works. Everyone knows that the country os just a massive corrput mess with a two tier justice system.One for the wealthy, the other for everyone else.

    2. Not another martial law. I think what we need is something that will put responsibility to everybody’s shoulder that they can’t easily ward off and that they will find beneficial eventually. This responsibility in turn will force them to think and further their education. I was thinking consensus, deliberative, anticipatory and participatory democracy.

      According to sociologist Lester Frank Ward “a highly educated public was essential if a country was to be governed effectively”. We are far from having a highly educated public that’s why our country is what it is today. How to stir the public to exercise their intellect has to be the biggest challenge otherwise nothing will change.

  7. Sean Akizuki,

    Perhaps you’re right. Another Martial Law is the only feasable solution to get the Philippines on the right track:

    ‘The Philippines is corrupt because the people are corrupt; the people are corrupt because the culture is corrupt; the culture is corrupt because the values of the Filipino people are corrupt.’


    1. And you think martial Law will not be corrupt, we been there and done that and you said it, it’s was done by the best president you say Marcos what’s the point going back to it…Get real.,, People must change , they must suffer before they change and what that is………Cambodia style…Polpot…it didn’t work but the people change after…it is like this…,Philippines is like a child not afraid of anything,,,, you say do not touch something because it is hot, the child will still touch it till she/ she burns….then he / she won’t do it again.

      1. People must change? Yes. But do we need another Martial law? All great democracies and republics have the capacity to declare martial law…..

        1. Dio,

          Compared to the dyfunctional democracy we have now–where “it’s every man for himself” instead of “for the country and for the people,” and every opportunists (local and foreign) literally fleecing (raping) the country’s resources and oppressing the livelihood of the people–you damn right we need a Martial Law. Hell, we need a Civil War.


      2. Cezar,

        “People [Filipinos] must change.” That’s just it. We Filipinos are not going to change our self-serving and aristocratic ways—regardless of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

        We will continue to blame each other, and hold other Filipinos responsible for what is wrong with the country—instead of adding our names to the “Blame Game” for contributing (directly or indirectly) to our country’s failure.

        If that is the case, there is no short or long term solutions to the Philippines’ problems; our long-standing legacy of graft and corruption will be passed down to our future generations.

        A civil war or a Martial Law is the only solution to our undisciplined (“Pasaway”) nature, since we are incapable of thinking and behaving as one nation, one people.


        1. A few years of civil war to weed out the corrupts, the people always knows who are those, then after the genocide, put in a couple of years of communist rule so we will forcibly learn discipline,for good measure.

          Th Yellow Propagandists are trying to control the past by always accusing and blaming Marcos so that they can control the future.

          30years after Martial Law and still the same problem and in ways much bigger that the ML years.

          Sa mga yellow brigade, try asking the people, go out of your aircnditioned rooms and see and ask the people yourself which do they prefer, the ML years or the 30 years we wasted.

          Immerse yoursevlves.

  8. Sean Suzuki,

    “In due fairness, Marcos may be a dictator but somehow, I am afraid this country has just taken an extreme opposite of dictatorship with a dysfunctional sense of freedom.”

    I’m not a staunch Marcos supporter but, if you really sit down and analyze what it is going on in the Philippines today, you will probably come up with the same conclusion I keep coming up with:

    ‘When Marcos was president, there was only one devil and we knew who he was and where to find him. Today, there are hundreds–even thousands–of devils in the Philippines, and we don’t even know who they are and where to find them.’


    1. @ Aeta, NO, that is bullshit. There were 100’s of scumbags robbing the country in Marcos time, just that no one took the time to point them all out and get rid of them too! Oh yes. When Marcos was thrown out, his friends and followers, instead of being jailed, were all allowed to stay behind and invested a lot of his money in PLDT and other ventures (Bank of the Philippines too) a corrupt Dictator can not do as he does with out plenty of help, and shame on the Failipino’s who failed to realize it at the time, and more importantly failed to take action against these thieves. Perhaps the biggest thief was Enrile, who defected just as he knew the boss was going down. The RAT BASTARD deserted the sinking ship so as to avoid going down with it, and then tried to act as if he was not the biggest part of the problem. What a POS.

      1. Norway Jim,

        “@ Aeta, NO, that is bullshit. There were 100’s of scumbags robbing the country in Marcos time, just that no one took the time to point them all out and get rid of them too! Oh yes.”

        If there were “100’s of scumbags roobbing the country in Marcos time,” you can guarantee there are ‘1000s’ doing it now—including foreigners (Chinese and Koreans) coming in by the shiploads.

        The “Failippines” is the “Wild Wild West” and the ‘Mexico of the Far East” now, with no end in sight. It’s difinitely “every man for himself” in this country.


  9. “Martial Law Justice” is the “Bogeyman” of the Aquinos, to give Fear to people; so that they can DIVERT the attention of people of their own: murders , thieveries and greed. This “Martial Law” issue they think, are still swallowed by the mentally retarded Filipinos, like them. Unfortunately, some has brains, and are able to think.

    How about , if we ask Justice, for the Crimes of Benigno Aquino, Sr., of his KALIBAPI Party; that tortured, and murdered many Filipino guerrillas, during the Japanese Militarists occupation.

    Or, the victims of the LP Plaza Miranda, LP Rally bombings, done by Benigno Aquino, Jr., and his NPA buddies.

    Or, the Mendiola Massacre, done by , his mother, Cory Aquino. Murdering their farmers/serfs of the Hacienda Luisita. Or, the Maguindanao Massacre, that the mentally retarded Aquino, did no pursue. The earlier massacre of some Army personnel by , Aquinos buddies, the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda.

    Lastly, the Mamapasano massacre, that are ignored by that idiot Aquino; done again by his buddies, the MILF/ISIS/ Al Queda.

    Frightening people with Martial Law, does not work anymore. Mr. Aquino, you are worse than the Martial Law, that you use to frighten people.

    It is just a political Diversionary Tactic tool, that Aquino used, but does not work, anymore.

    Come out with better idea, to frighten people, Mr. Aquino. It is nearing Halloween . I like to be frightened…

      1. @Aeta:

        Do not just believe what Aquino and his Yellowtard followers are saying thru the Media. Think…before , you believe, any politician. Aquino has lost CREDIBILITY, long time ago.
        His family and his Yellowtard followers are a bunch of liars…

        1. 87Hayden007Toro99.999,

          I don’t believe what any of these clowns running for office are saying. Like I’ve said over-and-over again. Unless we Filipinos change our self-serving and arrogant ways, our country and people are doomed for all eternity. Politicians will come and go–and rape the country in the process–but it’s really up to ALL OF US


        2. 87Hayden007Toro99.999,

          I don’t believe what any of these clowns running for office are saying. Like I’ve said over-and-over again, unless we Filipinos change our self-serving and arrogant ways, our country and people are doomed for all eternity. Politicians will come and go–and rape the country while in office–but it’s really up to ALL OF US to effect the long-lasting change, in the way we think and live our lives as Filipinos, if we expect to survive as a nation.


  10. I’m still shocked to see that ‘educated’ Filipinos protect the Marcos legacy. It’s easy to keep people happy when you borrow massively and only steal half the money. It worked well until you ran out of other people’s money to spend. But hey, this works in a country where planning ahead doesn’t exist right? My mate lives next door to Imelda and she has the gall to give them some trinket with her face on it. Flips would be impressed but educated foreigners just shake their head at the futility of a status culture that would accept such blatant dishonesty…make your bed and lie in it.

    1. Vegemite,

      I’m not protecting Marcos’ legacy. A thief is a thief–whether it’s Marcos or the oligarchs after him. I was just comparing one devil to other devils, to see which one has a stubbier pair of horns and a shorter tail.


    2. Marcos is past. He has been dead for more than 30 years. We live in the present; facing the present problems of this country. These problems are made by the incompetence and greed of the Aquinos. DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, MILF/ISIS/AL QUEDA, Chinese annexing Philippine territories, widespread corruption, patronage politics, LRT that doesn’t work, squatters, poverty, feudalism,etc…they are so many. Marcos is irrelevant, already…to blame Marcos for these issues, is just stupid…

      1. But the yellow idiots kept unearthing the past, they have a hard time looking beyond it. And sadly, we are controlled by the Oligarchs that doesn’t want to move on.

        They kept bringing out the past to control the future.

    3. And you’re a LYING FRAUD because you’re happy that the Mendiola Massacre happened where innocents were killed under Aquino’s watch, right? :p

  11. he author is way off on this one. The victims have the right to claim money damages from that scumbag family who still openly boast about having 170 foreign bak accounts and ALL OF IT is ill-gotten wealth from the backs of Filipino’s , many of whom are long since dead, BUT SO WHAT? It doesn’t make the crimes committed against them any less real and the Marcos family deserves to rot in poverty or work like the ‘MASSA’ to gain the life-style that they stole from the entire nation of Fail-ipino’s, it should only take about 15 generations of slavery to do so.

    1. And yet you are very ignorant about the fact that noybita is killing this country by passing a bbl that is in favor to those milf terrorists and those SAF44 that he them be killed because you are stupidly focused too much on that martial law brouhaha like watching garbage noontime shows. Set your priorities you emo failipino.

      1. Your response has nothing to do with the last comment, you are an idiot to even think like that. Much more so for writing it down and actually commenting with a statement like that, you a retard.

        1. If someone here is a retard, son, then it’s nothing but YOU and your lack of intelligence is showing it. 🙂

  12. Take back the ill-gotten wealth from the Marcos family and distribute it amongst the victims and whatever is left over, spend on infrastructure projects.

    AND ONE LAST THING, THROW THAT IMELDA MARCOS IN JAIL ALREADY !!!! and her ‘alleged victim’ son of hers.

    1. And where is your proof that bbm IS guilty of your accusations pendejo? Don’t tell me you wanna rush that by trial by publicity you mob-minded failipino. You’ve already used too much of your democracy, or rather democrazy and this is the result. You failipinos still done nothing about making this country progress. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

      1. @ DOMO, You need proof ? see the video’s on youtube you illiterate doosh. Imelda Marcos bragging about 170 foreign bank accounts being stuffed with CA$H. Are you so fuckin stupid as to not realize that her little scumbag Son doesn’t have access to every single one of those accounts? are you that fuckin stupid, BENGAY-HOE?
        Wait, you are,aren’t you…with a name like DUMBO, you must be an idiot.

        1. That video wasn’t enough, because your comments made of fallacy. Anyhow, the biggest idiots are people like you who are totally EMO over an ex-president.

  13. I swear whenever i see Marcos did this, Marcos did that, my ears start ringing. Its been 30 years. I think its time to move on.

    There are bigger issues at hand that needs the countries’ attention. Complaining about the Marcos’s wont fix anything. Besides, if they were that bad, why are they back in politics?? Hell, you have an ex-president who was impeached, jailed and is now a mayor?! Go figure that.

    So perhaps, those past administrations/politicians aren’t the one to blame. I think its time to look within and admit the fact that the Filipinos brought all of these things on themselves.

  14. 40 plus years Kate?

    joeld mentioned 27 years?

    Guys, if we talk about this can we at least get the years right?

    Feb 25, 1986, so next year it’s actually 30 years.

  15. Not a single judgment? Excuse me. You seem to be selective in your blogging. There is at least the JUDGMENT of September 22, 1995 in Hawaii. Some 23 years to the day that Marcos declared martial law, a Superior Court judge in Hawaii awarded $2 billion dollars to the human rights victims. Vilma Bautista was convicted and found guilty by the New York Court for the sale of the MOnet painting–except she is out on bail, supposedly for reasons of health. So please DON’T be disingenuous in saying that they have NOT be convicted. They have but they have disobeyed the Hawaiian court and therefore are in contempt…that’s why they CANNOT enter or visit the U.S. because they will be arrested. They, being Imelda and Bong-Bong. You are such a liar.

    1. Dear Kate Natividad, tens of thousands have been killed, “disappeared,” raped, illegally detained, and tortured. Many of these cases have been documented and verified. Feel free to look up the Escalante massacre, to give just one example of gross injustice. Feel free to visit the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. Please do not try to trivialize the very real suffering of others. Telling the truth is not a matter of fashion. It is a matter of getting to know who we really are as a people.

      1. Dear TROLLFAG,

        Right and nobody got killed during the post-Marcos governments, right? Bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance. Sorry if I’m not drinking the Yellow Kool-aide like you always do.

      2. Can you give an accurate list of the tens of thousands who were killed and disappeared. And please do not include those who disappeared because they chose to join the rebels and went into hiding. You can’t just throw numbers without verified evidence or you’ll be like the parrot I saw at the VP debate.

  16. Person 1 commits a crime first (steals a car). Then,

    Person 2 finds out, puts Person 1 to jail. However,

    Person 2 also commits a crime (steals a car). Then,

    Person 3 commits a worse crime than the two (steals a car and kills the owner).

    Does that mean we should already forget Person 1’s crime?

    Is Person 2 a “good” person for putting Person 1 to jail? Not really.

    For Person 3, it’s clear.

    ALL three must be made accountable, beginning with Person 1 (or all at the same time, if possible).

    1. Yeah. I’m astounded how this Kate Natividad person seems to think unimaginable atrocities against human rights may be discarded just because they happened a few decades ago.

  17. Almost 30 years ago, a certain ‘anti-Marcos fad’ toppled a dictatorship. You weren’t there, amateur, so you may keep your ignorant mouth shut.

    Also, food for thought. Things are bad today and maybe they’re hardly better than the Marcos years. But that doesn’t mean the Marcos years were good. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

  18. Indeed the situation of the country has not changed at all- still there is poverty and corruption, injustice and violation of human rights but to state out loud that remembering the Martial Law victims are fashion statements, I could not help but be shocked at the desecration of the young people who died fighting the tyranny that is Marcos. Please get your facts straight. It’s a dead give away that you didn’t conduct an in-depth research into the political economy and the social situation of the country.

  19. Forty years ago, the First Quarter Storm took place because of the courageous young men and women, many of them brilliant and with promising futures who saw what was coming when Martial Law was imposed. They fought to the end with their lives , forty years later, young people like you dishonored them- those who fought the dictatorship with shallow and ignorant articles such as these. In every sense we will never be a nation unless we examine the actions of the past.

    1. Forty years after I still see dictatorship. Martial law was constitutionally supported and this time, someone is playing with the constitution. Which is more scary?

  20. a leaderless Philippines decided on its own to remove the Marcos Administration. That revolution was the revolution of the masses, and not by some military nor politicos nor religious higher-ups. But once the undesired administration was taken out, we put in place an administration that could/didnt/unable/incapable of leading. The desires of our people were not translated into the real deal, there was no direction of governance, no national purpose, and sadly we all drifted. After more than 30 years, we find ourselves asking the question: WHAT HAPPENED TO US? WHY ARE THE SUPPOSED CULPRITS OF OUR HATE IN THE 80S STILL ROAMING AROUND FREE, AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED? Well, the truth is: nothing happened! The people we placed to lead us, didnt. They protected their kin, their relatives, their social and economic kinds, and installed more businessmen that merely replaced the hated ones. Today, the same banana has taken place. We are in far serious situation, because while we have democracy supposedly, our media too is a captured one espousing entertainment shenanigans to mask away our social angst. Our communication system, following the world we now have internet and cellphones, is the weakest in the world 2nd only to Afganistan. Our MRT, LRT, and bus system already in place in the hated 80 period, is crumbling down with the people we put in place unable to repair and maintain them properly, despite spending far more than the hated 80s dispensation we pushed over. The NPAs are still around destroying our peace and order, but the usual MNLF have now become splitted up with additional MILF AND BIFF, ISIS, and other terrorists. The poor remains poor, probably even poorer. While disputably announcing greater economic gains in terms of GDP and GNP, our there are more poor people today than ever before. Our debts is now in the trillions. We lost so much money with our Bataan Nuclear Plant, but lost more by having to work on emergency programs just to bring electricity to our homes and factories because we didnt have an alternative program done when our emotional leaders, relying on angst and psychological pains decided not to run the Nuclear Plant. We paid for that for more than 20 years. The Northern Mindanao corridor collapsed, ruining many industries and companies there, resulting to more unemployments. The bases were pushed out by a proud senate, only to debase ourselves to ask them US military to come back and reset their bases here in more places than before, because the Chinese determined we were so weak and unorganized they can take our seas and shoals and islands, without us able to mount any defense at all. They were right of course. We dont even have ROTC program today to prepare our youth to protect our lands. The Left are all over government, hence they shout out against the Americans putting their bases here even on our request, while the Red Chinese are taking territories illegally and they are conspicous with their silence. We are a lost country, people, not because we dont know what directions to take, but because our leaders in the last 30years have goaded us to vote them into place, but they DONT KNOW WHAT DIRECTIONS TO LEAD AND TAKE US TO. There goes our 30 years of history. They were nincompoops that fooled us to believe they were better, but in reality were not.

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