Mar Roxas And People Like Him: Why I Think They Make Poor Leaders

Okay, I think something needs to be said now, considering what’s happening on a national scale.

The thing is, I still believe in the idea of freedom and people have a right to choose what leaders they want. However, what I do not agree with is the way the media seems to cover up everything they don’t want the common people to see. Okay, I know that you guys are probably tired of little ol’ me ranting and raving about the local media and how they are ultimately responsible for the country’s deteriorating state. However, with the way they seem to be painting Mar Roxas, I think someone needs to speak out now.


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And before you say anything about me being a Binay supporter, let me make it perfectly clear to you that I don’t see him as anything different from Mar Roxas. As a matter of fact, they differ only a bit slightly in terms of their methods in getting the people to think of them as “good guys”. Binay relies on freebies that he probably bought using the money of people he swindled and Roxas simply tries to look like the hero that he is while the camera is on him.

Anyway, on to my points:

Being “Good” Isn’t Always Obvious

Remember this last article I wrote? Well, the thing is, the media has conditioned our minds to look for obvious things that make a person “good”. When someone claims to be good, there are even those who ask them to produce pictures or videos of them of being good.

The problem with this idea comes up when you realize that being “good” often requires a degree of selflessness and humility. This means that when you do something good, you don’t really expect anything in return for it. Any form of thanks or acknowledgement is just a bonus and isn’t something you’re supposed to expect.

If you read the Bible even, you’ll see there that making a show of your good deeds nullifies their effects. Showing off your good deeds is essentially just boasting when you stop to think about it.

People On Camera Aren’t The Same People Off Camera

Another problem occurs when you think about how the media conditions people into thinking that the people in the movies they watch are the same people beyond it. It’s one of the main reasons that people like former President Estrada won a presidential election and even almost won a second time in 2010.

As is the case with Mar Roxas, the idea that he is the same person as the person we see pedaling a pedicab (even though he probably has a sports car somewhere), directing traffic (even though he can probably hire more competent people from the nearby crowd), delivering goods to the market (even though he can probably to get a delivery service to do the trick and do a better job) and taking the MRT to work (even though I think he should help in improving it through his funds).


So no, Mr. Roxas might have President Aquino’s approval to be the next president but it seems that many have lost any and all respect for President Aquino, especially after his previous SONA and it’s more than likely Mr. Roxas will be no different from the latter.

So please people, stop and think, do we really want a Mar Roxas presidency?

9 Replies to “Mar Roxas And People Like Him: Why I Think They Make Poor Leaders”

  1. Oh no. I want no more of Presidents from Aquino’s camp. I want a president who will stand on his or her own. I don’t want a mind controlled president.

    Many already know Roxas is double faced. While he was in the aftermath of typhoon haiyan, he did poorly and treated the survivors different from him. When it became a hot topic online how he acted aka showed his true colors in front of the typhoon survivors, he came up with a photograph of him carrying a basket of onions, smiling in front of the camera. Wow.

    Roxas – Corruption already done and waiting for more to come.
    Aquino – Hidden Corruption.

  2. Roxas is incompetent. He played politics, while the Typhoon Yolanda victims suffered.

    Roxas called the Mamapasano Massacre, ” a Misencounter”. He is a supporter of the BBL Law that Funds the terrorist MILF/ISIS/Al Queda, with our tax money.

    Roxas is no different than Aquino. Only, he is slightly mentally retarded. Aquino is mentally retarded…I see no good track record of Roxas, as a Senator or government official.

    The Propaganda Machine of Aquino may feature Roxas, as something of a Hero, or capable person. However, Filipino voters must use their common sense, if they ever have any common sense.

    Binay is on the same mental caliber, as Roxas…as corrupt as Aquino…

  3. “The Leopard will never CHANGE its Spots”, they usually say. “The Dog will always return to Eat its own Vomit…”, the Christian Bible says. ” A crook , like Aquino, will always be a Crook”…, I say…

  4. This is the PH. You need good image projection technology if you want to get into office. I know Mar is trying hard – sometimes awkwardly too hard just to have some kind of HERO identity or “Mr. Palenke” image or what have you. Kulang nalang mag-pasagasa siya sa tren para sa broken promise ni NoyNoy at Abad – now that would be truly sacrificially heroic; and Korina will easily win the presidency after he dies (by the 2nd law of winnability: be close relative of a HERO who just died).

    It’s sad politicians have to play the game. I can even read his mind as he reluctantly makes a clown of himself before the cameras “do I really have to do this – this is just so stupid”. So what would you suggest he do – stay out of the limelight and let the corruptors in through the front door.

    I think it is a big sacrifice to make a fool of yourself on national TV just to get an image – and for that I will give 1 pogi point for Mr. Palenke.

    1. Nobody ask him to make a fool of himself. In fact, that shouldn’t be his choice when he wants to appeal to people. People want to see their leaders planning things that can help them elevate their lives not justifying the poorness of it. He is definitely no “Mr. Palengke” kasi hindi niya totoong pinagbuti ang mga buhay ng mga taong nagtitinda sa palengke. Same dilapidated, hot and dirty wet and dry markets with leaky roofs and get flooded when it rain. The poor salesmen still have to sell products in their carts sa tabi-tabi. People have to be “kargador” to get one heavy product from one point to another. And Mar lifting a sack of onion is only adding insult to the injury because he only did it in front of camera. It’s like saying, “Okay pala to be kargador once in a while. You’re all going to be okay just being kargador, lifting something heavy every day. Hey, it’s a decent job at least.” It’s awkward for him because he’s suppose to be an intelligent man who can think of ways to improve the lives of these people but what he’s doing is giving justification for these people’s poor situation instead of making it better or teaching them how to make it better.

  5. What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.

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