On Senator Bongbong Marcos’s alternative State of the Nation Address

I have just finished reading Senator Bongbong Marcos’s A second opinion on the state of our nation published on the Manila Times, and I have chills in my body, and my eyes are misty. I never thought I would be able to see such a thing again in this land of ours, but there it was. Believe me, I had to approach it with cynicism, but I am glad he had corrected that feeling, and it feels good inside.


What a breath of fresh air. It is like when the door of a plane open after a long flight and a whip of air enters, and you know you are in another land where they are more strict with air pollution. It is like that clean air after a storm because the winds have just blown away the filth. It is that morning air in a white sand beach when the sun is just about to come up and the frolickers have not yet come to disturb your thoughts.

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The guy is a philosopher, and I understand why. He was in the circle of power, was born into that, but that power was taken away abruptly. Initially, after that is a feeling of denial and then the blaming of others, which results in a depressing feeling. That feeling brings remorse. If the remorse is handled well, WHYs start coming into the mind, from subjective WHYs to objective WHYs.

Eventually, a philosopher slowly arises because philosophy is about WHYs. Because he is stripped of everything and is no longer afraid to have nothing, he could start tackling the WHYs of life in a clear and objective fashion. If it is the correct WHYs, he will begin to understand and absorb within his very bones that life is not about him. Life is no longer about having because there is also good in having nothing in that it takes away fear. Thus he is no longer a person about power, but about service.

That process brings mental suffering that eats at the very concept of being and is afforded to only a lucky few. That suffering makes physical suffering look easy. Ask Steve Job about it. He went from a drop out to a founder of a company, but then he was fired out. Out of the ashes of himself, he started picking himself up, but it took years, but coming out of that suffering, he became one of the greatest innovators of the world. He too was a philosopher.

They are different from those who didn’t know power, but already suffered. Coming out of suffering, they think the world owes them a debt. When they are thrust into power, they become the narcissists of the first order, narcissism without comparison. Because narcissism is only about himself and only see himself, then he is totally blind and deaf. Power becomes insanity of the first order, and it harms and destroys.

You will see in the speech a philosopher talking. When he spells out something, he tells you the WHYs and can be clear about them because they are in his very bones. Naturally, WHYs breed principles, and he starts with those. Towards the middle he spells out policies. Because these policies are guided by principles, they don’t lose their context from the totality. That is where you get the feeling of unity in the whole speech.

It is not parts randomly scattered all over the place, but parts knowing their respective places and functions. You know that even if he is just tackling 20% of the over-all, you know that these are the priorities because he shows a very good appreciation of the categorization of what is important and what is urgent. One could only confidently expect it will have the impact of 80% because the Pareto principle says so. Unlike narcissists who think they are superhumans, and thus will go for 80%. But unguided by principles, the effort will be on random priorities, disjointed, unconnected to an overall — the result will impact only 20%, and maybe even zilch.

Philosophers set goals that are very detached from themselves, and you see that in the speech. Because they are not afraid in having nothing, the goals are very impersonal. Persons can fail and disappoint, and that is where the goals of philosophers can be beautiful and sublime, possibly timeless because they are no longer owned by any person, and yet can be owned by all.

That is where you see the speaker oozing with leadership qualities, though he seems disinterested in being a leader. Because they can just be just like a coach motivating his players, it doesn’t matter to him whether he is in the limelight or not. Maybe that is what we need in order to stop people from thinking that government is suppose to give them aid and alms. If we have a leader who thinks like a coach and motivator, then we might have more players who do their best to play, and not just be bench warmers. Philosophers can get that instinct in choosing the best of the best. It will be interesting to see the playbook he will come out with, but I think it will great, and the best will come to play.

Maybe, it is time we have a philosopher as a leader. I think that knight in shining armor that we have been waiting for has just shown up in the horizon.

If the next administration is to succeed, meritocracy must be the guiding principle. The next leader should surround himself or herself with the best of the best in the Cabinet. Our country is blessed with such great human talent and we must engage that great human talent in the service of nation-building. Meritocracy must govern all appointments, not only in high-level appointments, but throughout the entire bureaucracy.

The above is an excerpt from Senator Marcos’s speech. Read the full speech transcript on The Manila Times here.

45 Replies to “On Senator Bongbong Marcos’s alternative State of the Nation Address”

  1. As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the Malacañang will be adorned by a downright moron.

  2. ‘A breath of fresh air’, is that right?

    This is 100% positive proof that in the last 35 years absolutely nothing has changed. In 1983, 32-33 years ago, The same two families were arguing about what or who should run the country.
    IF ANYONE THINKS THIS IS ‘A BREATH OF FRESH AIR’, it just proves that the memory of human beings is not as long as a 1/2 of an average human life-time. ‘Breath of fresh air’,OMG? OR WTF? OR BOTH?

    Nothing can pull the Philippines out of the cesspool, it is only a question of how long will it take for it to get completely flushed down that cesspool.

      1. Like you we don’t have nothing else to do but criticized and show that we are not ignorant and challenging everybody to change,,, maybeeeeee..

      2. Not very long ago it seemed that a very strong change could precipitate what is necessary, but with articles like this advising the already ‘dumbed down’ populace that a ‘new’ leader is here to save the day. AND that leader is the Son of the guy that imposed Martial Law for what was it? 10 years? AND that Son represents something new?
        There just might not be a reason any longer…..

        1. @Benigno, NO…my problem is with the article stating that Bing-Bong is a ‘breath of fresh air”. That could not be further from the facts of the matter or the truth.(BUT, “Like Father ,like Son” ?, is something to consider as well.)

          it is with that all the money that his family skimmed from the Philippines and was ordered given back to the Philippines people was not. AND now, after all the trials and tribulations the Man who would have succeeded his Father is going to do so anyway, despite all the evidence to the contrary that his family has ‘nothing to hide’, yet keeps 170 USDollar accounts as far away from Filippine scrutiny as possible.

          YOU know how to read, and it was spelled out ,briefly, twice.To take the final sentence out of context and present it as a question is the work of a 10th grader who thinks he is slick.PPPFFFFF…….
          So Slick,now hear this: 35 years from now, no matter how ‘real’ you think your blog is and unless ‘real’ change takes place in the country the smart money bet is that the Philippines will either be underwater or no better off than it is now. All due to people who are too stupid NOT to see what is staring them in the face.

        2. @DFS: There you go. As I said earlier, you can’t seem to formulate an opinion or argument related to Senator Bongbong Marcos without referring to his father. This comment of yours above just validated that observation of mine further.

        3. @DFS
          You don’t find it a breath of fresh air? We now have three “SONAs” for this year, PNoy, Binay, Bongbong; maybe four, if you include the one JV Ejercito de!ivered in the Senate. You could even go back to the ones given by GMA, who was the one who started a SONA with props and dramatics, by bringing in three street children for effect, and SONAs thereafter became a showbiz, with guests coming like peacocks and peahens. Instead of going for substance, they have gone for form, with PowerPoints, Videos, Graphics and Visuals, which in themselves are not bad if they add to substance, but they haven’t. Now you encounter a speech that doesn’t need all these props, but uses the sheer weight of its argument, and are so logical because he respects his audience as being intelligent, how do you welcome that? After so many years of just “form”, it is not yet fresh air for you that somebody is going for substance?

          Like father, like son, agree, and we have to be cautious — he is not yet being endorsed, he has just shown up in the “horizon”. At the same time, if that were always correct, then we won’t have a Pacquiao today, because his father was obviously a bum, or something like that.

          Obviously, we all have our own biases and prejudices, which we have to overcome. But, don’t talk to me about prejudices because as I have commented here way back, we are one of the families directly hit by Marcos sequestration. The magnetite iron mines that our grannies set-up was just doing fine until Marcos issued a PD which force the mine to close, only to find out three to four years later that his men were the ones who restarted the operation. In fact, I think if my aunts find out I was the one who wrote that article, they will forcibly drag me horizontally to the nearest shrink.

          Maybe, it is easier for me to overcome my emotion because I am of the third generation from those who founded the mine company, and I will have to admit that I only started to take note of Bongbong after Mamasapano and BBL. At first, I ignored him, but then he was among the few fielding very sensible questions. So slowly, I started surfing the net what this guy has been doing, and I must say I was impressed, especially with his term as governor of Ilocos. This guy cannot be ashamed of his performance in all the positions he has held and is holding. Maybe, this is admitting I was already predisposed to admire his speech.

          But, what facts are you talking about? If this were not the net, and we met under a different circumstance, I will take you to the house of my aunt where there is an old grey four drawer vertical steel cabinet containing all sorts of things about the Marcoses. Maybe I know more of the Marcoses than you do since you seem to just be influenced by media when you talk of 170 Dollar Accounts. You gotta be joking.

          You know, when the family mining was forced to close, one of my grannies started looking for an international hitman — just to show you the anger they were feeling. It is good the other members of the family prevailed. But, after EDSA1, my uncles started working to recuperate their losses. Anyway, to cut the story short, one of the effort took them to Switzerland. I know this because I went with them together with my cousins. Though we the third gen weren’t much into the seriousness of their businesses as we were there more for the good time, I remember going from Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Berne and back to Geneva.

          Most of the time, they had meetings with various Swiss Banks, particularly the ones they call as private banking. I also remember we went to the house of Disini, the Marcos crony, who had a castle in Lausanne, yes it looked like a castle; also to the house of the ex-DBP President of Marcos, who was already based in Berne, and whose name escapes me now. This was an effort to get close to the Swiss guys who had knowledge of dormant accounts. Every dormant account was being combed and was placed under suspicion. Some of them may have given a good lead. But, you know what, 95% were definitely not. I can’t be clear about the technicalities of these here, but I can tell you already that this may be the reason they are talking of big number of accounts, cash and gold. What you see in media about cash and gold is overly exagerrated.

          Anyway, I will stop as there is no point in telling all. I just wanted to say that you don’t have a monopoly of facts.

          Lesson: we don’t have the right to second guess the motivation of anybody. We can’t only have glimpses of these things, but if they are showing positive outputs, why would we impute negativity on such things.

        4. @ Benigno, It validates nothing.Breath of fresh air? Political Dynasties are anything but…..HA !
          Look at the political dynasties in the country.One thief passes the ball to the next thief.
          Be blinded by this all you like, or even think you have scored some type of victory in the intelligence department, BUT where do you think this guy gets his money to run for office?
          I know nothing about Bing-Bong Marcos save the fact that his Father and Mother are two of the biggest thieving scumbags to ever run a country. The apple does not fall far from the tree.The elder Marcos was exiled and now that the family has been allowed to return, THE Fail-ippines deserves what it gets for letting the virus back into the country.

        5. I know nothing about Bing-Bong Marcos save the fact that his Father and Mother are two of the biggest thieving scumbags to ever run a country.

          Somebody is going around in circles here.

          Here’s a song dedicated to people like you, Mr DFS…

          Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel
          Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel
          Like a snowball down a mountain, or a carnival balloon
          Like a carousel that’s turning running rings around the moon
          Like a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes of its face
          And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space
          Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!

          nyek nyek!

        6. @ Benigno, You took my original comment out of context. THE MARCOS’s ARE NOT A ‘BREATH OF FRESH AIR’. That is a problem with a statement.Stick your song in your ass. I’d plant it there myself, but I have no desire to visit the mud-hole you bathe in at the moment. The MARCOS’s were thieves and cheats/liars and scumbags, so is their progeny. if you want them running your country ,you deserve what you get.

          You hypocritical A$$WIPE, you will be the one jerking off to pictures of Bing-Bong and Imelda Marcos in 30 years, because you will be in exactly the same place as you are now, GUARANTEED.Because you and your people have no balls. and BTW,Knowing that they are thieves and you know all you need to know.

        7. Hmmm… ok. So, Mr DFS, am I correct in saying that your only argument here is that Bongbong Marcos is the son of former President Ferdinand Marcos?

  3. the 4th paragraph states ‘if he is stripped of everything….’, and goes on to state ‘if that is correct……’,STOP reading right there as it is not true.
    The Man was not stripped of everything, in fact, his family lost very little. The title of ‘Dictator’ is all his Father lost. Imelda Marcos has gone on television and stated that she has 170 bank accounts scattered around the world. These accounts are stuffed full of money that was pilfered slowly but surely from the Filipino people and even a few International corporations such as Westinghouse Corporation in the USA(USD $25Billion for a Nuclear facility that never opened).
    This delusional woman gas even gone on to make the absurd claim that she had nothing to hide ? That is called ‘Unmitigated Audacity’, among other things. If this bald-faced lie was true and she and her family did not have anything to hide, why were these accounts located outside of her own country where no one could see or touch them unless she and her family decided to show them to anyone?

    This article is about the loss of consciousness of an entire nation of people who deserve what they get for such a horrendous loss of said consciousness.Wake up? HA, more like go back to sleep.

    Because you are fuckin dreaming.

    1. Those who are born into wealth think differently, especially the kind of wealth that assures them stability maybe up to third generation and beyond. Maybe, it is an I’ll gotten wealth by the father, but a son still grows up adoring his father. Coming of age, he hears bad things about his father. He can choose to rebel against his father; maybe he did because there have been stories that he was in Manila bumming around when he should be in London studying. But, that is too much of a family matter, too private that it would only be lunatics who would be interested to pry.

      Maturity makes him realize that his father’s integrity, whole or broken, does influence how people could judge him, fairly or unfairly. Maybe, he has decided to prove people wrong; maybe this is a motivation in him. But, it is difficult to second guess motivations which only time, and no other, can bare.

      But, people at that level of money don’t think of money, or at the minimum think of money differently from those who struggle to earn. Money is the problem of their accountants and fund managers. That is why we have people we call LOIs, those living on interest, who have no care in the world but don’t mind being called party animals, playboys and playgirls of the world, etc. He appears not to be in this category. But, it would only be the stupid who will hand over the wealth just because somebody said your money is stolen; that is the problem of courts and lawyers. Maybe, he will return the money quietly, so that he also avoids acknowledging it is stolen, but that would make him a saint. I don’t think saints come dime a dozen.

      So, if money is not in his mind, how can we judge him by money. Shouldn’t we judge his mentality first outside of money consideration?

    2. “why were these accounts located outside of her own country where no one could see or touch them”

      What happened to the Marcos jewelries that the government already acquired? Why is the FOI bill still hanging in the Congress?

      It is better that the Marcoses keep the so-called ill-gotten wealth than be wasted and be corrupted by our incompetent and corrupt leaders. Kung aanalisahin natin sa paano mo magagastos mabuti ang malaking pera para sa bayan kung marami kang taong hindi mapagkakatiwalaang pagbigyan o paggamitan no’n? Better keep it than have it go to waste and just use it when the right time comes. Kung nakuha na ‘yon ng sumunod na gobyerno, sayang lang. Mas makikinabang doon ang mga nakaupo kaysa sa mga mamamayang Filipino o mawawaldas sa mga proyektong walang tibay na maaasahan. I’m sure it will be spend carefully when the right leader comes. Better wait for that right leader.

      1. You may have a point there. Grapevine has been thick with rumours that PCGG were not returning all. They were stealing what was stolen. At the height of PCGG, mansions were sprouting like mushrooms in Ayala Alabang, and when probe the owners of these mansions were PCGG people. I wonder what happened to that investigation they started. Ahh, the stolen might have been stolen and then stolen again. Too many secrets we don’t know.

        1. Funny how Cory made it her priority to recover the Marcoses ill-gotten wealth (Executive Order No. 1) instead of a developmental program for the state. She didn’t even explore ways how to make the most of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Why, because Marcos started that project. And because she’s more inexperienced than her son, she created PCGG and appointed people base on recommendations and the support they got from those people not on who are best qualified to do the job. They started selective justice that his son continues today as Daang Matuwid with matching ‘lagay’ to get the desired outcome. PNoy himself doesn’t present himself as a leader of a free country but someone like a King of a monarchy. A leader of democracy will work side by side with his people and will prioritize the nation’s major concern. A leader of democracy will work out his faults pointed by his critics or when he hears a negative feedback and not treat those who criticize his performance as his enemy. Like what most of his supporters keep on saying, he’s only human; he’s not perfect so he can also do wrong. So why can’t he accept it when people pointed out his mistakes? Why won’t he open a discussion on where he’s failing so he can serve better? Like the monarch of the old days, the yellow government’s goal is to eradicate their enemy, rule the whole country and make servants out of the commoners.

          “Ahh, the stolen might have been stolen and then stolen again.”

          So goes the endless cycle of thievery in the government. My friend said that as long as the government’s fight for corruption is selective and partial (like that of “Daang Matuwid”), it will continue to weaken the society. Apart from PCGG, you’ll also find it in any department of our government, the regional committees, the government-controlled corporations like GSIS, SSS and PAG-IBIG. You’ll find insurance of policemen being corrupted and their superior advising them not to fight for it because it will only cost them, their separation pay with numerous cuts before they get a hand of it, you’ll find teacher not receiving their Christmas bonuses because their regional heads decided that it will be donated for typhoon victims and yet they won’t provide a proof that they did, you’ll find cases where their loans and benefits aren’t processed. It’s not that the government employees don’t know there’s thievery happening or they are afraid to fight it. It’s more on they don’t know who to trust because their respective superiors are the ones involved. So one will ask – what kind of fight for corruptions do we really have here?

        2. I forgot to say, BBM already gave a lot of sound suggestions to PNoy and yet PNoy ignored it. Why, because BBM is a Marcos. And Aquinos won’t allow any Marcoses to outshine them as if BBM is trying to compete with him. Duh, the senator is only doing his job.

      2. Bongbong mentions FOI in his article. Maybe we stand a better chance of it getting passed under his administration if he wins.

    3. That also goes for Mar Roxas, who was born into wealth, and Jojo Binay, who was born not into wealth. We also should all treat all these candidates equally.

      But, their background, experience, pronouncements, etc, give us a hint on how they think, on how they will react under extreme pressure, etc …and probably their motivation. That is why GRP has been begging, kicking, shouting for: “platform plez.” Because that gives us something more solid to judge them, as well make the exercise within the campaign something to argue and learn. It might just be a fruitful exercise, we will never know, but unlike today which is just a spectators sports.

      I don’t think there has been any candidate here, or any where in the world, who aspires, or has aspired, for the highest office of the land with evil intentions. They all have great dreams, fantastic intentions, and even good will. But that can muddle issues, so it is up to us to try really to get an image of their brains, for that is the very tool of an executive. Are we buying a good tool? Do we have to look under the hood and kick the tires, so we will know we are not buying a lemon? Good intentions are not enough.

    4. This comes from a portion of President Ferdinand Marcos’ diary dated January 1, 1970. I posted this on a pro-Aquino blog and was immediately dismissed as “crap”. What do you think?


      DECEMBER 31, 1969


      I have today given away by general instrument of transfer all my worldly possessions to the Filipino people through a foundation to be organized known as the Marcos Foundation.

      Moved by the strongest desire and the purest will to set the example of self-denial and self-sacrifice for all our people, I have today decided to give away all my worldly possessions so that they may serve the greater needs of the greater number of our people.

      It is my wish that these properties will be used in advancing education, science, technology and the arts.

      This act I undertake of my own free will, knowing that my need of material possessions will, having always been a simple man, my needs will always be lesser that those of many of our people, who have given me the highest honor within their gift, an honor unshared by any one of my predecessors and not likely to be shared by any one else in the future no other Filipino leader.

      Since about a year ago, I have asked my closest some of very my closest confidants to study the mechanics of this decision. Today studies have been completed, and a foundation will be formed to administer these properties and all funds that may be generated therefrom.

      My wife, Imelda, is in agreement with this decision. Provisions will be made for my children, so that they shall be assured of satisfactory education and be prepared to meet their lifetime duties and endeavors.

      For the moment, my most sincere hope is that this
      humble act shall set the example and move to greater deeds of unselfishness and compassion, many of our countrymen whose position in society gives them a stronger duty to minister to the needs of our less fortunate brothers and countrymen.



    5. “pilfered slowly but surely from the Filipino people and even a few International corporations such as Westinghouse Corporation in the USA(USD $25Billion for a Nuclear facility that never opened)”

      i’m beginning to realize what kind of Yel-Low-IQ turds are u in making such that comment with no logical sense to read on.

      Marcos did not build this Nuclear plant to be shut down after its completion,..pls check ur comment for misleading facts.

      it was designed for power generation. after the Edsa Nighmare Cory decided to close it down for good.

      “$25Billion for a Nuclear facility that never opened,…….it’s no longer marcos fault u fuckin shet!

  4. I read a few more lines, then stopped at the one that ludicrously states: ‘Ask Steve Jobs about it.’, as if it proves something and you might get an answer. Of course, go right ahead and ‘talk to Steve Jobs about it.’……..,complete fantasy and utter nonsense.

    1. You might want to go to YouTube and look for that video where Steve Job is the guest speaker in an Ivy League graduation. Sorry, I don’t have time now to look for it now, but I have watched it a couple of times. There you get a glimpse of the mind of a Steve.

      There are also several books about him, you might want to get hold of one.

  5. Meritocracy + Good Government People = Good Governance…

    This is the Sen. Bong Bong Marcos, Jr. Equation, for solution in our predicament.

    The Equation is applicable to a Functional government system.

    We have a Dysfunctional System of Government; and Dysfunctional Economic System. We are a Feudal Oligarchy…We have Patronage Politics. We have a Culture of Corruption. Mentally Retarded, Amoral people, People with Mental Issues are in the government.

    The Brains of the country are already Drained. The Brains are in the: U.S.A., Canada, Middle East countries, etc…you cannot lure them back. What Incentives can you offer to them?

    The only ones left behind are, the YellowTards and their Similar Species. Some left behind are the “Parasites” living on the OFW taxes.

    Sorry for playing the “Devil’s Advocate”…but this is the present situation of our country. Years of dysfunctional governance produced this situation.

  6. Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was a man of vision. But he was fatally blinded by power. Some of his mistakes cost our nation dearly. That is what Bongbong should know, if he wants to achieve something his father failed to do.

    I’ve read the Manila Times article. I say I’m impressed with his philosophy. But I want to see more, before I decided to entrust my vote to him.

  7. Indeed ‘meritocracy’ is what’s missing in the government.
    on a technical side, i see that filipino culture has something to do inside the government as well. it affects a public servant in performing the duties in an intellectual and ethical level. let me borrow F. Sionil Jose’s words which was used by “the dark knight” himself.


    “We are poor because we have lost our ethical moorings, and we have become the colony of our own elite. We condone cronyism and corruption and we don’t ostracize or punish the crooks in our midst. Both cronyism and corruption are wasteful but we allow their practice because our loyalty is to family and/or friends and not to the larger good. We are our own enemy. And we must have the courage and the will to change ourselves.”

    End Quote.

  8. So BBM is now presenting himself as the HERO out to save the masses from the YellowTards by offering philosophical objective planning, vision and leadership. We can give him the benefit of the doubt on his sincerity, but unfortunately his name is too tainted for many to even consider giving a second chance. Too bad.

    That’s why parents, be sure to give your children a good name as an inheritance. No amount of the billions Ferdi and Imelda have stashed in their Swiss accounts can buy BBM a good name now.

    The Marcos name is already synonymous to dictator, crony capitalism, extravagance, corruption.

    I know BBM is smart like is dad. But beware, he may be smart enough to fool even intellectual Pinoys by telling our itching ears exactly what we want to hear. Don’t underestimate how cunning political dynasties can get just to get their thrones back. Promises, plans and good intentions are easy to utter – laway lang ang puhunan niyan.

    I can understand Mar is the father of generics medicine and BPO industry in PH (translating to actual jobs for Juan); so what has BBM done so far? ideas come cheap – I can churn out as much ideas per minute as these politicians. What I want to know is —> “show me the money”!

    1. brava! brava! very well said. after tearing into almost any politician’s mistakes, you suddenly turn into a marcos apologist? PI! we expect more from this site.

      getrealphilippines, get real.

  9. BBM had some good points.. But he lost me once he started praising Pickety.. One could easily forget that BBM is just another Politician and Statist.. He might not be the worst choice, but to be fair, this isn’t hard to achieve with these candidates.. He certainly is more intelligent and a better speaker than the current clown in command, but I’d urge all of you to remain cautious..

    And as a Sidenote: Why would anyone in his right mind vote for anyone named BongBong, BamBam, JunJun, NoyNoy, DumbDumb? These Days, I often find myself wondering if I somehow ended up inside a Cartoon.

    And as another side note: My whole Body revolts everytime someone has the audacity to A. claim we are living in a Capitalist system (we are not!) and B. blaming today’s problems on Capitalism (when it is the lack thereof, that is causing all these Problems).
    More Cronyism, more Corporatism, more Government Coercion and a bigger State is what also BBM wants (and he tries to sell it to us as the opposite) and I just don’t see how supercharging the causes for our problems should somehow solve our problems?!

    Please be cautious and don’t let another Politician’s promises and sugar-talk fool you yet again..

  10. What I don’t understand is WHY do people think MAR ROXAS is the answer? There is this new wave of people commenting about how Mar is “incorruptible”. What kind of BS is that?

    All of our politicians are corrupt. Marcos, Aquino, Binay, Roxas, et al. I’m sure some of you believe that your hero, whoever he or she is, is immune to corruption. The fact is since when have we been happy with our leaders? Not in my memory or lifetime.

    The thing is MOST of you people out there vote for these people right? Are you the same people commenting about “incorruptible” politicians? When will we ever learn?

    1. These kind of people come from those who either cannot understand what is said to them, or are so stubborn and contentious that they refuse to give in even if they do understand.

  11. as the song goes, ” where have all the good men gone?”..is the Philippines so bereft of good men to lead, that we are stuck with choosing the lesser evil? lesser, but still, evil..so it does not really help..does it? is anybody else out there? if there’s none, then i guess i will not waste my vote on any of the current crop of candidates..and whoever says i cannot complain because i did not vote can look at my form 2316

  12. I was thinking, if ever Bong bong never had the surname “Marcos” or never had a ‘great’ father named Ferdinand, would you author still bother writing this?

  13. Arnado told reporters in a press conference Thursday. Arnado noted that the bill has been pending for months before the Senate committee on local government headed by Marcos, but the senator proposed the creation of an alternative bill to the proposed BBL just recently.

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