Jim Paredes bets 10 million pesos on Australian citizenship row with Bobi Tiglao

Jim Paredes, Filipino entertainer and die-hard fan of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, is on the warpath. On a Facebook post today, he lashed out at veteran Manila Times columnist Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao accusing him of making false statements about his citizenship.


Paredes was reacting to a blog post on Politics.com.ph (Politiko) titled Tiglao blasts Jim Paredes for meddling in PH affairs despite ‘Australian citizenship’. Note that enclosed in quotes in the blog post title is the text “Australian citizenship”. However, the actual words quoted off Tiglao’s Manila Times article ‘Daang Matuwid’: PH’s most wacko slogan ever – plagiarized from Islam?, did not have any such. In his article, Tiglao actually stopped short of categorically asserting Paredes possesses Australian citizenship…

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A big fan of Aquino, Jim Paredes, pretends to be concerned about the nation, when in his middle-aged years, he chooses to be an Australian.

The Politiko blog site itself, which Paredes relied on for the information upon which he issued his tirade against Tiglao, is guilty not just of sensationalist reporting but deliberately misleading its readers. Consider too that, Paredes was but a mere side note in Tiglao’s lengthy article on topics of greater significance to humanity in which mention of Paredes took up all of those 20-odd words the Politiko article fixated itself on.

This did not stop Paredes from calling Tiglao “A LIAR or a really bad journo who doesn’t check his facts”, and issued this challenge:

If you can prove me wrong I will give you 10Million Pesos more than you ever received from PGMA admin. Where will I get the money? The same place where you get your facts.

Funny enough, it seems it is Paredes who did not check his facts and, instead, reacted prematurely to the Politiko headline without actually reading the article itself. Rather than post a link to the original source of the quote on which he based his tirade, he, instead, posted a link to the second-hand information in the Politiko blog. Note too that he himself accuses Tiglao of being in the payroll of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Perhaps he should prove those allegations first.

As to Paredes’s inclination towards presuming to accuse anyone of being a liar? That’s even funnier, considering Paredes himself is one.

That said, Paredes, being associated with a group whose members are not really known for being the brightest bulbs in the Philippines’ chattering classes, makes it no surprise that he’d focus on the wrong aspect of the argument. Anyone can comment on Philippine politics and national affairs. Whether one is a Filipino citizen or not is irrelevant. What is important is how well a person’s arguments stand up to critical evaluation. That’s what Paredes could have argued instead of go down the path of a pointless quibble on citizenship.

9 Replies to “Jim Paredes bets 10 million pesos on Australian citizenship row with Bobi Tiglao”

  1. I am an OFW…I have still my Filipino citizenship. Filipinos , with foreign citizenships have the full right to comment on the situation in the Philippines. Most still have their love ones, relatives, friends, etc…living there in our country.

    It is part of the “Political Zarzuela”, that makes the Filipinos entertained…Tiglao versus Paredes…

    We, the readers must use our common sense, in reading written articles. Whether, they are in Web Blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc…

    Same as , the news and the commentaries, we listen to; in radios, TV shows, and other media outlets….It is : “Readers/Listeners Beware!!!”…it can be a Politician’s Propaganda Machine that is trying to influence your mind…

  2. “Persona non grata” – Filipinos like using authority to get out of arguments. This backwards thinking is what’s holding back the nation among others.

  3. Quibbling is the creation of a false impression in the mind of the listener by cleverly wording what is said, omitting relevant facts or telling a partial truth when one does so with the intent to deceive or mislead.

    In short, Jaime Ramon “Jim” Paredes is damn good at it.

  4. “Where will I get the money? The same place where you get your facts”

    Well that sort of a joke of Jim is pathetically lacking in force. it’s worth a dime to chat with him.

  5. Filipinos are happy to accept all the money from their fellow overseasliving Filipino yet dont allow them to have an opinion.If it wasn’t for the overseas living Filipino the Philippines could not survive financially.

  6. Let him be . We are in a free country even if it was proven by Roberto Tiglao an eminent and well respected columnist of Manila Times that he is liar with regard to his CITIZENSHIP. Sayang I used to admire the APO HIKING SOCIETY for their nationalism. But still I respect his right to free expression.

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