A real peace deal: Senator Bongbong Marcos’s Bangsamoro Autonomous Region

Alex Magno, one of the Leftist leaders from UP who fought Martial Law, wrote in his column in the Philippine Star as follows:

The last nail on the BBL was driven last week at the Senate.

In his best performance at the Senate thus far, Sen. Bongbong Marcos delivered a remarkable sponsorship speech for his version of what he chose to call The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

The speech clearly outlined the merits of the alternative draft his committee offered. It compellingly argued the demerits of the Palace-drafted BBL. The speech was garnished with exemplary rhetoric and garbed in fine prose.

This has to be the best speech ever delivered in the intellectually-challenged Aquino II years. This is the quality of policy and political argumentation we so sorely miss, having been subjected to the sloppy and mentally dishonest speeches President Aquino delivers almost as a chore.

Sen. Marcos’ speech took to the commanding heights that statesmen must view things. He summoned the ethics of political inclusion every democracy should nourish. He went extensively into the viability of every proposed administrative structure. Peace can only be sustained by viable administrative arrangements.

Any bill that might emanate from the House should match the serious thought that was put into the Marcos report. It should at least approximate the eloquence with which the Marcos report was delivered.

To encourage people to read that speech, below I tried to cut it to its core.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t shorten it that much as I might do injustice to its eloquence.  Anyway, I think it is brief enough now for people to spend a few minutes.  (For those still with deep antipathy against the Marcoses, you won’t appreciate the message if you continue focusing on the messenger, but that is a problem only you could solve.) 


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Without much ado:

The Shortened Version of the Sponsorship Speech of Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ R. Marcos, Jr. on Senate Bill 2894

Mr. President, esteemed colleagues:

We stand now at a crossroads of our nation’s history…. We can descend into war and death, or create peace and prosperous life.

I am sure that we all agree that there is only one clear, resounding choice we can accept: the choice of peace. Peace is the clarion call of our time. Peace is the cry of our people. And so, peace there shall be. Peace in Mindanao, peace throughout our land.

But peace, Mr. President, cannot be achieved and cannot be sustained if it is not an inclusive, all-embracing peace…. Peace must embrace all faiths and all peoples. Peace must respect and uplift all cultures and beliefs. Peace is not and cannot be exclusive; it is inclusive.  War and conflict is not an option. It never was, never will be, and never should be.

After the tragedy of Mamasapano, the desire for vengeance could seduce even the peace-minded. And sadly, in our midst even today there are those who insist that total war is the real solution.

That is wrong, but understandable. Who could not feel rage and anguish, after seeing the courageous SAF 44 mercilessly slaughtered by elements of the MILF and BIFF, some even after they were wounded, disarmed, and helpless, their equipment and even personal effects stripped from them and passed around as war trophies, or sold on the black market…

That we have not responded with violent revenge is a blessing we owe to the widows and families of our fallen SAF 44, who have displayed courage and a burning desire for peace every bit the equal of their slain loved ones. In the midst of personal grief and loss we can scarcely imagine, they have shown us the grace of choosing the righteous path. They asked only that justice be served. They choose this path despite their families having been torn apart. They choose this path despite their brave loved ones having been abandoned by their leaders, first in a hopeless battle in which they were outnumbered and outgunned, and many times after, when their government failed – nay, rejected – every opportunity to honor the fallen SAF 44 with the decency, respect, and honor befitting those who have given their lives for our country.

They choose the path of peace. And so shall we.

Our heroes died for peace, and we honor them because a country without heroes is a country without a soul.

This is why the basic law of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region we have created with great effort and the help of many people is so important. Our heroes are best honored with deeds, not words, and there can be no greater honor than to finish the task for which they gave their lives, because in honoring our heroes, we honor the Philippines, and all its diverse people.

I accepted the challenge and made a commitment to correct the many flaws of the original Bangsamoro Basic Law because I believe in peace. I recognize, as our people do, that this law is necessary to achieve that peace. But it can only meet that sacred goal if it is a law that is constitutional, a law that is all-embracing, inclusive of all who have been tragically affected by the conflict as well as every Filipino, a law that honors our heroes and what they fought and died for.

And so we proceeded carefully, with respect for the future we are all trying to create for this country. We proceeded by being inclusive, and inviting the consultation of every affected stakeholder. We proceeded according to the laws of our land, and the desire of every Filipino for peace. We proceeded in this careful, thoughtful way because unfortunately, Mr. President, our leadership did not. From the very beginning, the Bangsamoro Basic Law and the “comprehensive” agreement from which it was derived were not inclusive.

From secret meetings in hotel rooms, held in faraway places at the sole discretion of the President of the Republic and disregarded the constitutional authority of this very body in deliberating treaties; to the hasty accession to every demand of the MILF by our negotiating team; to the exclusion of all other stakeholders, the conduct of talks and creation of the Bangsamoro Basic Law in its original version only served to raise fears and suspicions. Many of our people have accused these leaders of ‘selling out’, and putting the peaceful integrity of our Republic at grave risk. Some have even gone so far as to characterize the conduct of these leaders as treasonous.

Many have openly questioned, as do I, why Malaysia was invited to be the facilitator and moderator of these talks. Malaysia, which stubbornly refuses to recognize our rightful claim to Sabah. …. Malaysia’s involvement only raises suspicions about the loyalties of those in the new Bangsamoro region, and raises justifiable fears of the “balkanization” of our land, and the irretrievable loss of our rightful territory in Sabah.

Obviously, I would not have chosen Malaysia to assist us in this all-important endeavor. I suspect many of you would not have done so, either. That, however, cannot be undone now.

But what can be undone, and what we have undone, are the unacceptable and harmful conditions and provisions our president and our negotiating team thoughtlessly accepted in their haste to earn accolades for their work.

We will not have peace at the expense of our sovereignty. We will not have peace by surrendering our land at the behest of the leadership of Malaysia, which, while a respected neighbor and valuable regional partner in many other ways, seeks only to advance its own interests in Mindanao and Sabah at the expense of the people of the Philippines. We cannot have a peace that violates our own supreme law, the constitution.

Our version of the basic law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region fulfills the duty that we in this august chamber must fulfill, to protect the national interests of the Republic of the Philippines. It reserves to the national government those powers enshrined in our constitution: the responsibility for national defense, and internal and external security; foreign affairs; monetary policy and management of the broader financial system; matters of citizenship and immigration; maintenance of the postal service; trade, customs, and tariffs, other than those responsibilities already granted to the region through R.A. 9054; protection of intellectual property rights.

The basic law addresses the first and most important prerequisite to peace – the definitive end to armed conflict – by providing an efficient, verifiable program of disarmament and demobilization, overseen by an independent monitoring body, and providing the needed financial and social assistance to former fighters to become peaceful and productive members of society…. It maintains the constitutional responsibility of the national government to maintain peace and order by making the Bangsamoro police force an integral part of the PNP.

While encouraging and supporting the unique culture and social structure of the Muslim community, it clearly defines the rights of non-Muslim citizens of the Bangsamoro autonomous region, the traditional sultanates, tribal communities and other indigenous peoples, and women, children, and otherwise disadvantaged citizens.

Another important way the national interest is defended, however, is by fulfilling – to the extent that our constitution and national sovereignty can allow – the desires of the Bangsamoro people for meaningful autonomy. The people of the Bangsamoro autonomous region wish for the right of self-determination over their internal affairs – this law provides that right, by establishing the local legislature, by granting authority to form necessary agencies and departments, and most especially by providing the framework by which our Muslim fellow citizens in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region can adhere to the unique principles of their faith by following shari’ah law, managing hajj and umrah affairs for citizens from the Bangsamoro autonomous region, and establishing a system of islamic finance, among others.

These rights and privileges are equitably extended to non-Muslims and tribal people as well, with provisions made for the fair representation of the sultanates and tribal organizations in the parliamentary and other policy-making bodies. Likewise, inclusiveness of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region and people within the greater republic is guaranteed by provisions for representation in the legislative, judicial, and administrative bodies of the national government.

The basic law also provides a framework by which the rich natural resources of the region – which should and will primarily benefit its people, but rightly belong to all Filipinos – can be equitably shared. A fair share of national revenues, as the constitution dictates must be provided to local governments, is also provided for, to ensure that the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region is financially sound and able to provide adequately for all its people.

These are the basic principles that were the guide to the writing of this substitute bill:

1) The primacy of our Constitution… ;

2) The autonomy of the constituent local government units of the Bangsamoro autonomous region as defined in the local government code of 1991, as amended, should not be diminished. This is aligned with our national policy of decentralization;

3) The principle of checks and balances in all aspects of governance should be strengthened because this is the main reason why the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao has failed;

4) While we recognize that substantial fund need to be pumped in to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for rehabilitation and development purposes, we should not overlook the fact that other regions and LGUs are equally in need of the same funding support. Hence, we risk an unequal distribution or allocation, which could potentially sow the seed of discontentment rather than unity amongst our countrymen.  ….additional funding for development purposes should be better left with congress, through the yearly budgeting process;

5) The bravery and heroism of our SAF-44 had taught us many lessons, among which is that peace and order in the autonomous region should remain to be the primary responsibility of the national government, through our structured Philippine National Police;

6) The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural region. Thus, the basic law must be inclusive by ensuring that all groups are represented in all aspects of governance;

7) . ….It should therefore be clear that the proposed basic law will never be a vehicle for the establishment of an independent state;

8) …..But peace cannot be achieved without an effective normalization process.

THIS representation fully adheres to the view that peace and development are as much primary objectives ….

And in order to elevate these objectives as paramount societal ideals and safeguard their immediate attainment, your committee has found the need to incorporate explicit provisions in the substitute bill, otherwise lacking in the original draft. Adoption by incorporation in the law is to imbue them decisively with the force and character of a legal mandate for the Bangsamoro regional government to accomplish, in partnership with the national government.

This policy of “normalization” is hereby emphasized in the substitute bill as both a corollary and integral obligation, alongside this grant of enhanced autonomy to the erstwhile ARMM. It shall necessarily embrace the United Nations principles of “DDR” or disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration, so as to attune and peg the milestones of the normalization efforts to internationally acceptable standards of peacekeeping and post-conflict recovery,

Decommissioning of forces, as we call it in the substitute bill, both of combatants and civilians, shall be an integral component of our normalization policy, and as the crucial first-step to disarm, literally and figuratively, a portion of our people so used or so steeped in a culture of arms-bearing, fighting and killing. This is a time to restore mutual trust and confidence, otherwise lost or besmirched because of unwanted incidents in the past, but which we have all vowed to not allow us to relapse. This is a time to start over again. Hence, this is a time for our brothers and sisters to lay down our arms, and replace them with plows, tools of trade, books, computers, and other wholesome and more potent materials of creation —and not of destruction— and other building blocks of social development and progress.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, autonomy is a continuous process. Our definition too of  to our local government units under our local government code of 1991, as amended, is continually evolving.

I believe this improved version of the basic law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region provides the conditions by which peace can finally be achieved. It does so not just by delineating national and regional authority and providing effective mechanisms by which the region can be quickly demilitarized, but by focusing with great care on the root causes of the conflict which has persisted for far too long and brought nothing but misery and poverty to the people in this rich, underappreciated part of Mindanao.

For too long, Mindanao has been somewhat dubiously referred to as the “land of promise” – aspirants for national offices, recognizing that in order to win elections on a national scale they must win in Mindanao, have promised the sun, the moon, and the stars to its people. Sometimes those promises are accompanied by short-term largesse, dole-outs of food, minor development projects, medical and social assistance, but these little benefits have never benefited all Mindanaoans equitably, and do not last. When the votes are counted and the campaign banners come down, the region is forgotten again….

I firmly believe we are creating the conditions for lasting peace and prosperity for all Filipinos, and it is in that spirit i have introduced the basic law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for your learned deliberation. As the familiar saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  Our southern lands are rich in natural resources, rich in agricultural potential, and rich in the culture and industriousness of its people. Some of our country’s most beautiful natural features are located there, but for far too long the beauty of the land, its wildlife, and its people have been isolated from the rest of the country and the rest of the world by a bitter, futile conflict.

By striving for a just peace, one that is inclusive and all-embracing, we strengthen ourselves and the entire nation. We become richer materially and richer in spirit by respecting the differences in the many cultures found among the Filipino people, while welcoming those people to share in our collective work and rewards as brethren and partners. By striving for a just peace that spreads from Mindanao throughout our entire country, we create a bright beacon of hope and prosperity for our kindred in Sabah, and bring a future in which our nation can be once again made whole and united just that much nearer.

… Peace is in the soul of our nation – it is what our heroes, the brave SAF 44 and so many before them, fought and gave their last breath to achieve.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, the Committees on Local Government; Peace, Unification and Reconciliation; and Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes are presenting to you senate bill no. 2894 under committee report no. 200 for the consideration of the senate.

Thank you.

* * *

[Photo courtesy Philippine Star.]

75 Replies to “A real peace deal: Senator Bongbong Marcos’s Bangsamoro Autonomous Region”

  1. Ok, I changed my mind about Marcos being cut from the same cloth. This speech is impressive and it says a lot about the mind behind it. It’s hard not to be skeptical though because one tends to think that another Marcos will mean more of the same things people rejected then. But something about this guy is different. I want to know more about him, what he stands for and his vision for the Philippines.

  2. Interesting, and definitely suggests the kind of intellect that the country sorely lacks.

    And this was delivered in English?

      1. Talaga bang ganyan sa senado? Hindi nagpe-pay attention si Trillanes at kung sino man ýang isa pang bastos na kausap nýa, nagkukwentuhan nagtatawanan sa harap ng isang mahalagang usapin. At alisan sila ng alisan. Mga walang respeto.

        1. dapat s mga ganyang tao n di intresado s usapin ng BBL wag iboto!sayang ;ng @inapasweldo ng taong bayan,wlang kwenta…di nila alam n mahalaga ang usapin bout s BBL z apektado ang ating bansa f ha2yaan yng mapasa maraming magi2ng prob.,ska di tau safe dapat s kapakinabangan ng mga pilipino,one flag,one nation…

  3. Upon reading this, I can’t help to liken BBM to what Japanese has become after their WWII atrocities. The man seems to be taking immense responsibility from the mistake of the past, becoming pacifist himself. And indeed this is a real peace deal. It emphasizes on peace, order and good governance, the foundation to becoming a successful nation. I also observed how he has a very commanding presence and he doesn’t talk nonsense. His manner and the contents of his speeches is very informative and encourage people to reflect on what they are doing, the kind of person they have become, to wake up and be the citizen worthy of this beautiful country. It’s not difficult to see change happening where this man is in charge. Like what Benign0 said, “What a breath of fresh air.”

    1. It would be so nice if the voters could actually trust this guy. If he were actually sincere and honest. Who knows if he’s just lining up another opportunity to fleece the country?

      My impression is that he isn’t. However, if he has a genuine intention to make the country something better than it is, he’s going to have to do something that’s hard for anyone, and impossible for a Filipino: denounce his parents. Until he actually says, in public, that they were criminals and thieves, I doubt he’s going to get much political traction.

      1. My impression is that you cannot support your claim as you alleged about the parents! Well if you can by all means show us what you have. This is a challenge! Talk the Talk!

        1. What on earth are you talking about? Are you suggesting that Ferdy and Imelda were good, honest and upright citizens who didn’t steal a penny from the Philippine people?

          It’s no wonder the politicians all have their hands in the till, when people like you say: go ahead! Take all you like! We’ll just look the other way! Frankly, people like you deserve to be cheated and lied to. You seem to enjoy it.

        2. So Mr. Marius, are up to the challenge? If you can substantiate your claim with proofs I am willing to say sorry to you. But I doubt it that you can, so if you can not are you willing to do the same?

        3. Sorry, Lye, it’s not my fault you went to a Pinoy school where they teach you nothing but lies (is your name supposed to be a pun, by the way?).

          Go and read some actual history books. Google it. Marcos’s crimes are one of the most researched subjects in modern history. Neither Ferdy nor Imelda make any secret of what they did. They don’t need to. Why should they when people like you support them regardless?

          Of course, like a true Pinoy, you can simply stick your fingers in your ears and say “lalalala I can’t hear you” and – magic! – all the bad stuff goes away, and the Philippines becomes the BESTEST country in the world! Yay!

        4. “Anyway, facts have never been that important to Filipinos, have they?”

          You’re Wrong! Keep fooling yourself Alien Boy Marius! Right from the start it’s what I want to hear from you to prove your claim…FACTS NOT AD HOMINEM! And you still don’t deliver! I want you to prove me wrong! Can you or can you not? To borrow benignO’s favorite line “It’s simple really”!

        5. Lye, you’re not just deluded and ignorant, you’re lazy as well. From Wikipedia:

          “To help finance a number of economic development projects, the Marcos government borrowed large amounts of money from international lenders.[70][71] The Philippines’ external debt rose from $360 million (U.S.) in 1962 to $28.3 billion in 1986, making the Philippines one of the most indebted countries in Asia.[70] A sizable amount of this money went to Marcos family and friends in the form of behest loans. These loans were assumed by the government and are still being serviced by taxpayers, to this day.”

          “1995 some 10,000 Filipinos won a U.S. class-action lawsuit filed against the Marcos estate. The charges were filed by victims or their surviving relatives for torture, execution, and disappearances”.

          “The Swiss government, initially reluctant to respond to allegations that stolen funds were held in Swiss accounts,[95] has returned US$684 million of Marcos’ wealth”.

          Of course, Lye, the US Courts and the Swiss government are just a bunch of shills, communists, and GRP supporters, aren’t they?

        6. Congratulations marius finally you obliged! BUT…is that the best you can give to the GRP readers of this fine site? Marius as the perennial know-it-all basher of all things filipino can’t even come up with a more credible and impressive source to prove his claim!

          Please don’t belittle our Intelligence and yours too (if you truly have one) and try again! I wonder who authored that one that makes so gullible.

        7. So … you DON’T believe the US courts or the Swiss government? Or are you simply too lazy to look at the original page and follow the references?

          I don’t bash Filipinos. I bash PEOPLE LIKE YOU, Lye. Why? Because YOU are responsible for the state of your country.

          YOU are the reason idiots are elected to office. YOU are the reason the people are held back, oppressed, uneducated, and poor. YOU are the reason the entire world is laughing at you.

          By insisting that all is well, that lies are truth, and that wrong is right, you prevent others from fixing what’s wrong.

          In short, Lye, you are a wicked and dishonorable person. And yet you are Proud.

          Or, of course, you may simply be a troll.

      2. marius, “grp” have a agenda to promote the dictators son back to those “glory” days – no doubt grp have taken their 12 silvers from their master marcos.

        If you post critical opinion or thinking regarding bbm here, expect to he attacked and slandered by their minion id accounts.

        But have faith my friend, the filipino people as a whole are never wrong – these agitators will never be accepted by the masa!
        They are doomed to howling in the safety of anonymity till they fade into nothing.

        Long live the Aquinos, may this great family have more children of their noble bloodline to lead and watch over this great nation of ours!

        1. At the very least BongBong Marcos almost singlehandedly kept the integrity of the Philippines and in one fell swoop criticized the Iqbal-Delez-Ferrer BBL and came up with a viable alternative. A hard act to follow. He’s already a hero in my eyes and no agenda will change that.

        2. @Sea:

          Idiocy at its finest hour…Feudal Oligarchy forever…mentally retarded and mentally insane people ruling over us forever…so, shout their YellowTard minions…what an idiotic people , we have in this country…

        3. Again from gyro:

          Noytard keyboard warriors:

          1. “magkano ang article na to?”
          2. “binayaran ang get real philippines”
          3. “never again, no to marcoses”

          The same spiel as always.

        4. Nice try, but changing your handle won’t fool the admins here.

          We already heard that spiel before, little troll

        5. Sea: And yet there I am, criticizing the Marcoses, and I haven’t been banned yet. Or were you being sarcastic?

          Anyway, facts have never been that important to Filipinos, have they? Whatever made-up version of reality is rattling around in their head at any given moment is, by definition, The Truth.

        6. Long live aquinos? wtf! ph is doomed if that will really happen!

          open youtube and search aquino-cojuangco facts and confirm it if its real…ive done my research and bam it was!

      3. So … you DON’T believe the US courts or the Swiss government? Or are you simply too lazy to look at the original page and follow the references?

        I don’t bash Filipinos. I bash PEOPLE LIKE YOU, Lye. Why? Because YOU are responsible for the state of your country.

        YOU are the reason idiots are elected to office. YOU are the reason the people are held back, oppressed, uneducated, and poor. YOU are the reason the entire world is laughing at you.

        By insisting that all is well, that lies are truth, and that wrong is right, you prevent others from fixing what’s wrong.

        In short, Lye, you are a wicked and dishonorable person. And yet you are Proud.

        Or, of course, you may simply be a troll.

      4. I can attest to you that Marcoses are not Criminal and thieves as what you believe in what media says and besides they are not convicted and everything you are reading about them are not proven to the court even here in the US. until now you are blinded by media who are being paid by Rich Oligarch in the Philippines to destroy Marcos but they have not proven anything until now. you are blinded by fake thieves who created People Power headed by Enrile and Ramos who sold Sabah to Malaysia upon putting them into Power, Did you question yourself what do this people have done to our country that during Marcos time ,continuous contruction and progress are ongoing for the benefit of our People and everything stop when Marcos gone. My uncle Aber Canlas is one of the Ministers of Marcos who handles all the Projects of Marcos and my sister is the one in charge or signatory of all the projects budgets without her signature ,no project will occur and we never steal a single cent from the Govt. cause we are patriotic as Marcos, it is very unfair to call Marcos a dictator and a theft cause he is a real statemen ,a very kind person who loves his countrymen,After Macapagal Diosdado ,he continue Macapagal projects like the Land Reform Program which he created and implemented by Marcos.Am not a Marcos loyalist instead I am one of those blinded by false accusation of media and now I realized my mistakes of believing those Politicians after Marcos as I realized ,the Barrio where I was born and grew up, nothing a single improvements change and still the same since I was a kid.During Marcos times our roads are being cemented for the convenience of the Farmers but halfway of the road was not done cause Marcos was gone and until the halfway still uncemented. where is the progress they are telling?They only pocketed the money including the interest of our Golds that was deposited in Switzerland that are still earning and the Govt.keeps secrets to our people.nobody knows about it

        1. rodolpho: These are not stories made up by the media. As I said to Sea and Lye: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

          Do you REALLY think that thousands of financiers, scholars, and legal experts have decided to smear the Marcos name with outrageous lies because of some personal grudge? I mean, like, REALLY?

          As for your family experience: I have no doubt there were plenty of honest people working for Marcos. Neither do I deny that development occurred under his rule. Marcos could not have done what he did without gullible, compliant citizens working for him.

          Marcos was not stupid. He knew he couldn’t simply steal money with nobody noticing. He made his profits “legitimately”, by simply re-writing the laws so that he could control all potentially profitable industries. That includes, for example, road-building, agriculture, and the like. It’s well-documented.

          Have you not noticed how incredibly complex and nonsensical your country’s business laws are? You see all those government agencies set up to regulate this and that and the other? That’s the Marcos legacy. It was done to ensure that nobody – except favoured individuals – could get the necessary licenses to do business.

          Please understand that EVERY SINGLE THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY WORKS LIKE THIS. It is STANDARD PROCEDURE to make sure profits end up in the correct pockets.

          As for the Marcos development projects: where do you suppose all that development money came from? Where did the technology and expertise come from? The Philippines had neither.

          It was all borrowed money, and American expertise. Borrowed money has to be paid back eventually. If Marcos had not gotten greedy, the economy might have taken off, and the money would have been paid back. But he just couldn’t help himself.

          All governments steal to a certain extent. The only difference between a first-world and a third-world government is that the former keep their stealing to a level that matches the country’s economic productivity.

      5. I believe the US Court acquited Mrs. Marcos (by that time she inherited all the liabilities after her husband’s demise) on all counts in the trial of the century!


        Here in the Philippines, of the 901 cases filed against Marcos after her husband’s downfall in 1986, was there any conviction? Do your research marius!

        As a matter of fact Mrs. Marcos, according to an NBC News site, the “Ex-Philippine first lady walks free after 17-year trial linkked to Swiss banks” in an news article “Marcos cleared in $863 million corruption case.”

        What did the judge said in a telephone interview? “…the prosecution presented witnesses who were not directly relevant to the accounts and failed to prove wrongdoing by Marcos beyond a reasonable doubt. …The prosecution presented inadmissible evidence.”

        Marius, if you were to prosecute the Marcoses with your Wikipedia evidence you won’t get too far Mr. Wise Guy!

        1. The guy marius, it seems, started rather quickly but suddenly run out of steam and then headed for the garage! 🙂

        2. Not really. It just gets rather pointless when you’re debating with people who genuinely think Marcos was a lovely guy and only wanted the best for the Philippines.

          You can easily search the internet to find out who was convicted and how much money Imelda and Ferdy had stashed away: it was nearly a billion US$ – and I’m sure you guys are all completely confident that they acquired all money by good, honest hard work 🙂

          My personal opinion is that you’re clinging to these ridiculous beliefs for two reasons:

          1) Filipino culture has a much narrower definition of “stealing”. In the Protestant tradition – the American or North European experience – “stealing” means acquiring something by dishonorable means. The Filipino doesn’t really get the idea of “dishonorable”. If the money was in your pocket, and now it’s in my pocket, it MUST have got there legitimately because I’m a good honest Catholic.

          2) If you admit that what the Marcoses did was theft, you’d have to take a good hard look at what your fellow Filipinos do, each and every day. Your whole world view would fall to pieces.

        3. @marious I really dont why you keep on believing on What your talking about I cant Imagine What kind of brain you have.. Why keep on accusing On a person ? Even the High courts of US cant prove they are thieves .. Too many cases but all has no Solid proof .. and then you want an argument ? Hahahaha your too funny … in a long run you cant stand on your beliefs … cause you got nothiing to show .. And by the way dude just a tip … Please use Common Sense … You cant win a argument if your strategy is like That ….

        4. Do you guys even read what I wrote? I answered your questions already. The rest you can easily find out for yourself. It’s all on public record. Marcos hid nothing. He didn’t need to.

          This is how Marcos “helped” the Philippines:

          “The Philippines’ external debt rose from $360 million (U.S.) in 1962 to $28.3 billion in 1986, making the Philippines one of the most indebted countries in Asia.”

          >>> If it’s stolen why can’t Pnoy’s Gov’t. seize it?

          They did.

          The US government ordered $2 billion to be repaid. $684 million recovered from Swiss bank accounts was given to the Philippine government in 1995. Whereupon, of course, it was instantly stolen again by politicians.

          Other smaller amounts are still being discovered. For example, about US$29 million was recovered from Singapore last year.

          >>> Why keep on accusing On a person ?

          The Philippines really needs to move on. So to that extent, yes, it’s a bit pointless arguing over what Marcos did or didn’t do.

          On the other hand, it’s important because the same thing happens over and over again. You NEVER learn. You keep voting for criminals and thieves, and when they (predictably) wreck your country, you all say: oooh, thank you sir! well done! can you steal my stuff again, please?

          It’s pitiful to watch. I’ve never seen a people so completely willing to be dominated, abused, and cheated.

          >> Even the High courts of US cant prove they are thieves.

          Here it is again, for those of you too lazy to check:

          1) 1939: F.Marcos convicted of conspiracy to murder.

          2) 1993: Philippine court convicts I. Marcos of corruption and sentences her to 18 years (of which 0 years were served).

          3) 1995: some 10,000 Filipinos won a U.S. class-action lawsuit filed against the Marcos estate.

          4) 2011: A US federal judge approved the distribution of $7.5 million in compensation to victims of torture etc.

          There are literally thousands of documents on the Internet – personal testimony and well-documented facts from governments, international bodies, and legal scholars.

          You carry on in your own little dream-world, guys. Your politicians probably can’t believe their luck: the average Pinoy is so gullible they can do anything they want, take anything they want, and nobody cares.

          >> I cant Imagine What kind of brain you have

          Considerably better than yours. I can at least form sentences and use apostrophes.

          By the way, can I borrow 10000 pesos? I promise to pay it back.

      6. well before you talk about how corrupt the marcos family is, kindly research about the tallano gold.

        and please open youtube type aquino-cojuangco facts. Its not a bullshit vid to disgrace the aquinos for i have confirmed and the research the facts presented in the video.

    2. @marius, I must be lucky not to have lived the Marcos era that people keep in their midst. It’s kinda pitiful that Filipinos put it upon themselves not to heal and depended their happiness and progress on the thing of the past. The Marcoses were thrown out of the government and the country; got exiled in Hawaii for years; the Aquino government sequestered their assets. Filipinos were victors in Edsa People Power, aren’t they? They got their democracy. Finally, they were free! Still, they wanted the Marcoses to suffer, they should’ve shown the world how they did it all wrong! The greatest revenge could have been to turn this country into a first world nation. To put the Marcoses to shame they should have shown them “here is where you made a mistake. I’ll show you how it should’ve been done.” Unfortunately they make it worst. Corruption here and there. Selective justice. Incompetence. Daily propaganda. Making an enemy out of other state. Third world country.

      BBM could’ve just settled outside the country, forget about politics. But hey, he want to be a public servant, must be his dream. And he did become a public servant, the Filipino people themselves put him in that position, and he’s doing his duties all right. He’s excelling in his job what’s fucking wrong with that? NOTHING. I mean, really. This not moving on business is halting the peace and progress and good change. We’re so left out, can’t do full throttle because people keeps holding on the brake. We’re not just screwing things up for ourselves we’re also screwing it up for the next generation.

      By the way, people think that the only choice they have is between evil and the lesser evil. Well, guess what, there’s a third one. The one who refused to be evil and refused to do evil. And let’s not forget that propaganda and incompetence is pure evil.

      1. >> The greatest revenge could have been to turn this country into a first world nation. To put the Marcoses to shame they should have shown them “here is where you made a mistake. I’ll show you how it should’ve been done.”

        Naknak, people like you are your country’s last hope. What you said back there: I wish you could convince 100 million Pinoys of that fundamental truth.

        Somehow, the few of you with brains and vision have to find a way to get yourselves heard, over the howling of the masses blaming the Spanish, the Americans, the Marcoses, climate change, or anything except themselves for the mess the country is in. I wish you all the luck in the world.

        1. Thanks, @marius. You know half of the Philippine populations are under 25 years of age (52% accdg to indexmundi). The adults of today should learn to be independent from their kids should they retire in the future or should their kids graduate from university. The adults of today should work as long as they can and prepare for their retirement. The adults of today should give their kids strong wings to fly high and guide them in stirring this nation to greatness. The couples of today should prepare before getting married and raising a family. All the more should there be awareness and programs on family planning, high education, entrepreneurship, retirement plan, pension and health benefits, pioneer works and better government services. For the young ones not to get frustrated and learn to dream big, this nation should show them that they can be whatever they dream to be in this country. Yes, you can expect us, the striving Filipinos, to continue until it happens.

      2. Wow, naknak. I agree with Marius you have a good mind.

        Just bear in mind that GRP is a marketplace of ideas. GRP puts premium on ideas; it is not about promoting political personalities. Although, I think you already get that.

        1. Yes, yes, I get it, @Add, & thanks for the reminder. I sometimes fail to rein my thoughts when it started flow. Here I’ll make it clear, I’m not promoting BBM or anyone in position (first of all I have no reason to and I won’t especially do that here!) nor am I a paid hack of anyone. 😀

          Now that I see reason, hehe, although this BAR is a better version and a sound peace deal, the MILF feels that they are being pushed down from the original set up where PNoy and his peace panel treated them as co-equal allowing them to author their own law and promising them that they will get the autonomy they want. Is the committee responsible for peace deal all for this better version? Will they undo the false hope that the rebels continue to cling to? The decommissioning is not yet completed because it is not fully approved by the rebels. Even the murderers of SAF44 are not yet surrendered. For the peace deal to continue the peace panel must cooperate with the real peace deal in line with the Constitution and the MILF must show sincerity in their desire for peace by following the action plan that goes with the peace deal. This is all for peace, very ideal, but if the MILF stands firm that they will only work with the government for the original draft, which they are still pushing, what then? While there’s no problem with this revision, the people involved are quite complicated. How did FVR able to work it out with Nur?

  4. The true face and agenda of “Get Real Philippines” is revealed.

    They are paid agents of Marcos trying to reinstall the dictators son!

    Beware friends of the lies that these snakes write here.

    They will receive no mercy from the Lord at his Judgement, do not join them.

    1. Oh look guys. We have a point-missing accuser. How about I reveal that you’re just another noytard paid by the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group whose job is to sabotage this page? And God is facepalming at you for using His name for your self-righteous bullshit you katoliban bigot.

    2. Hoo boy, another troll

      Well, I’m gonna do something different for this one.
      It’s called “debunk the moron’s propaganda”, ready?

      “The true face of Get Real Philippines revealed”

      So, you’re saying that just because this article speaks against your boss, Aquino, it automatically means we’re Pro this and Pro that.
      Give me a break

      On a related note, you noytards seem to lose track of what you accuse us of. First its Pro Gma, then its Pro Binay, then now, its Pro Marcos.
      Make up your feeble little mind

      “They are paid agents of Marcos trying to reinstate the dicator’s son!”

      Again, another baseless accusation.
      You guys never seem to learn anything do you?

      “Beware friends of the lies that these snakes write here”

      Jeez, you’re referring to yourself, little snake

      “They will recieve no mercy from the Lord at his Judgement, do not join them”

      Again,that warning seems to be more applicable to YOU than us

      Bottomline, nobody with a brain would even believe your yellow propaganda, little troll.

      Troll Harder

    3. Would you want me to send the “mail” to you?

      How about a NATO .50 caliber depleted uranium bullet in between your eyes?

      That will foot the bill on that empty pea-sized brain of yours.

    4. Noytard keyboard warriors:

      1. “magkano ang article na to?”
      2. “binayaran ang get real philippines”
      3. “never again, no to marcoses”

      MGA BOBO!!!

    5. @Yes:

      Hey , idiot,You may be a Snake; but, I am not a Snake… I don’t care about: Marcos, Roxas, Binay, Aquino, Grace Poe, Escudero, etc…they are all Trapos…

  5. People are weary of politicians who make promises they are either unwilling or unable to keep. Society longs for statesmen but it gets politicians.

    Statesmen are leaders who uphold what is right regardless of the popularity of the position. Statesmen speak out to achieve good for their people, not to win votes. Statesmen promote the general good rather than regional or personal self-interest.

    The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.

  6. Sharia Law is for those Muslims, not for the whole people of Mindanao. If Sen. Marcos Rhetorics could be a magic wand to bring “peace” in Mindanao. It would be good.

    However, you have to understand the political and religious ideology of: Islam,MILF, ISIS and Al Queda. Why these people behave this way.

    In Islam, the Law of the Koran, is the same as the Law of the Islamic countries. Islam is an ancient religion, with the Koran and the Hadith, same as the Christian Bible to them.

    The devil in the detail here is the Islamic belief and traditions. They want to impose them to Non Muslims. And,land is their primary reason for their imposition. Look at the conflicts in the Middle East. Israel versus Muslim countries. Now, Sunni Muslims versus Shiite Muslims.The Shiites taking over some Sunni countries , under the sponsorship of Iran. Saudi Arabia, a Sunni country wants the nuclear bomb also. Iran is developing nuclear bombs.

    Look at how the Iraqi Yazidis (infidels to the (ISIS)) and the Iraqi/Syrian Christians are treated. The Yazidi men and Christian men are massacred. While the Yazidi women and Christian women , became ISIS sex slaves.

    “There is no substitute for victory”, stated Gen. MacArthur, after he was fired by U.S. Pres. Truman , during the Korean war. Old good Mac, was right. Look at the behavior of North Korea now…

    With nuclear weapons proliferating all over the world. We are facing nuclear annihilation. All caused by these idiotic organized religions…

    1. Indeed, it’s only applicable to them. And it is incompatible to our own laws. If they can’t follow our own law, unable to assimilate to our own culture and don’t even care about anything except their own then Why should I follow it? That’s the problem of having these ideologies, people tend to put a different spin to it. At the end of the day all of these people who “push” these ideologies to other people are essentially just doing it for their own purpose.

      If every nuke blew up then at least this world will end quickly. And we’ll all try to find somebody to blame..but wait we’d be dead. XD

  7. SPAM ALERT: “Pamana” our philippine eagle was shot dead. 🙁

    Kim Atienz’s FB post.
    Newly released critically endangered Philippine Eagle Pamana was found dead in her release site, Mt. Hamiguitan range Davao. Necropsy reports indicate Pamana was shot in the chest and died immediately. Pamana was released two months ago and was happily interacting with other Eagles when her sensor went on mortality mode, meaning the eagle wasn’t moving for 6 hours. After 48 hours of searching, the staff of the Philippine eagle center found the decomposed body of pamana by a creek.
    Why do we do this to ourselves? When will this stupidity stop?

    1. Really sorry to hear about what happened to Pamana. Whoever shot him deserves to be put in a classroom and lectured at until he drowns in nosebleed blood.

  8. if this speech was delivered by anyone else other than BBM, we will have people singing praises to him/her..but since it’s BBM, a Marcos, the son of the great dictator no less, then it should go straight to the garbage bin…does not matter if it’s better than the BBL that the yellow army is shoving down our throats…does not matter if it is not constitutionally flawed..does not matter if it includes all the people of mindanao and not limited to the muslims…does not matter at all…it is not even worth the paper it is printed on..only because A Marcos wrote and delivered it…who’s afraid of the bogeyman?

    1. But the fact of the matter it, it did the trick! We now have a seemingly viable alternative to the Aquino-Iqbal version. If anything, he’s already saved the Philippines.

  9. @ ADD, so this Silver-tongued Bull-shit artist.Marcos Jr., talks eloquently? SO WHAT ? ‘approximate the eloquence’ ? WHAT? just more Silver-tongued Bull-shit.
    The Muslims want Sharia law, and control of resources and will settle for nothing less…no matter what they sign. It is these idiotic Senators, like Marcos Jr. and Aquino II, that do not realize who they are dealing with, that is the problem. Who gives a shit if the speech was delivered w/ ‘exemplary rhetoric’ and ‘garnished with ‘fine prose’ (Total COW-SHIT !),SO WHAT? Deliver the goods doosh-boy, ACTIONS speak louder than words. What total batch of shit this guy is.
    The Muslims will keeep taking whatever is given to them until such time as they can take what they want. The idiots that run the cesspit country are too fuckin stupid to realize it. They walk around the Senate patting each other on the back after plagiarisng some Westerner’s speech and never get anything accomplished, LMAO !!! and yet Filipino’s the country over still think that a Pig in high heels and lip-stick is anything else but what it is, a fuckin pig ! (‘Wow, that was a fine speech’, ‘We need more of that type of speech’, OMG !!!!)
    Yeah, keep listening to this guy, good luck with that !!!

    1. i have to agree with you on this that muslims seem to want special treatment everywhere they go. Its happened in sweden, norway, the netherlands, even poor denmark where you can go to jail for being critical of islam.
      so i think its best if we just give them their current chunk of the mindanao territory to them and make them run their own country. all staying residents have their filipino citizenship revoked, and finally establish a dmz so no one gets in or out. now that, is a fucking solution!

    2. Try, as you may, to outdo the rhetorics of subject speech (ROFL), it seems you are totally out of touch of what is going in the Philippines.

      The speech is significant precisely because we are aware of the insidiousness of Sharia Law and of the direct connections of some of the members of MILF with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. For some stupid reasons, President BS Aquino wanted a law that would have put MILF in power over a sizable portion of Mindanao. MILF had plans of putting a Sharia Law in place that would have made Philippine laws ineffective within that territory. For a while, we thought that BS Aquino, with his demonstrated ability to bribe legislators, would be able to get his wish. The work that Senator Marcos put in in order to go, almost singlehandedly, against a Congress that on the majority was veering towards BS Aquino’s side was, to say the least, impressive. The speech is eloquent because of this background.

      In the substitute bill that Marcos introduced, Muslims could still have their Sharia law, but in the event of a conflict with Philippine Laws, Philippine Laws take precedence. Marcos also stopped what appears to be the ulterior motive of MILF, which is an independent state for Mindanao. Again, speech, and the work behind it, is impressive because it went against a growing acceptance among certain academics that there might be only one solution to the Muslim problem in the Philippines. These academics were proposing a two state solution, similar to what is being proposed in Israel with regards to the Palestinians.

      As a Filipino, I will not accept any suggestion that there are two Philippines, but that seems to be what lazy BS Aquino wanted. This was the kind of peace he was talking about. I happen to be on the side that says that is no peace, but war. I am glad Marcos concurs with my side.

      1. good show, Add…i do not understand why people are still afraid or wary of the Marcoses that they shun everything tied to that name…it’s almost 3 decades…move on already..

        1. @nagtatanong_lang
          Well, in a way I understand. There are so many write-ups both here and abroad about the abuses during Martial Law years. Many are wary that Bongbong who is showing the brilliant mind of his father may just be out to grab back the power just for the sake of having the power again. That is of course more emotional than intellectual.

          Like father, like son, they say. But, what is the proof? Ninoy was a brilliant Senator, but the son, PNoy, turned out to be a non-performing Senator and a disaster as a President. Pacquiao turned out to be a self-made man when his father was a bum.
          So, what makes them think that Bongbong will become a dictator? A big question.

          As far as I am concern, Bongbong is doing a fine job and is delivering results when they are needed. People should be results oriented and should look for results from their leaders and not be creating a ghost of now and of tomorrow – a ghost is a ghost, there is no reality to it.

  10. Jenny, nobody’s crowning him king. The article was simply pointing out that, taken on its own merits, his proposal is reasonable.

    Third-world countries are all swarming with ‘rebels’, and the populace co-operate with them because they know the state can’t or won’t protect them. So you really only have two choices: you go and kill all the rebels – every last one – or you try to provide the security that people crave.

    Killing the rebels only works until the next rebel group pops up. It’s like killing cockroaches: create a vacant ecosystem and you’ll just get more animals moving in.

    1. Sri Lanka solved its Tamil Tigers insurgency problem, easily. The country has a long Tamil Tiger insurgency problem. A few years back; They defeated the Tamil Tigers Rebels. Sri
      has now stabilized.

      Maybe, we have incompetent Generals, like Catapang (KaDuwag), who just wear his uniform; kiss the ass of Aquino; and do flag ceremonies and parade in reviews.

      Actually, their heads are empty…

      1. The Tamil Tiger defeat involved an astounding level of violence against an entire province. Yes, it worked, but it left a bunch of fatherless kids growing up hating the government. They’ll be back with guns and bombs, you watch.

        Also, the politicians used the Tamil Tiger defeat as an excuse to install favored people into positions of power, effectively turning the country into the private plaything of a single family. Can’t see THAT happening in the Philippines, can you? 😉

        It’s difficult. When you’ve got a whole bunch of people who have grown up knowing nothing but violence, it’s tempting to try to just wipe them out. But where do you stop? A good 30-40% of Filipinos are liars, cheats, and crooks. Are you going to wipe them out too, Duterte style? Killing people is rarely a permanent solution. There’s always a new generation of disgruntled young men who grow up and think strutting around with a gun is a better way to earn a living than getting a job. The scary part is, in countries like the Philippines, they’re right.

        As long as the Philippines deliberately chooses social failure, there will be ‘rebels’. It’s inevitable.

      1. It is survival of the fittest. What would we do, if we have that mindset, when the German Nazis were occupying Europe. Or the, Japanese militarist were occupying East Asia.

        Treat them with kid gloves? I believe that Evil in any form should be confronted in the best way: defeat them…

        Is massacre of Non Muslims, and the making of sex slaves of Non Muslim women, not evil?

        Is not the massacre of the 44 Fallen Heroes, not evil?

        See how Pres. Putin dealt with Checknya. And, you will find a strong and able leader.
        Russia always needs a strong leader. Otherwise, it will implode…

        1. I think you are replying to marius, not me??

          Anyway, I think the point of Marius is that the best way to fight rebels requires that the society needs to be strong within economically, socially, politically and culturally. In other words, just remove the cause for their rebellion.

          In the meantime, I also agree that we can not use kid gloves? War may have to be used as a last resort, and be clear that we won’t hesitate to use it if needed. Firmness and resolved is what the rebels should be able to perceive in us, so they will fear us. ISIS grew, according to McCain, because Obama communicated weakness and hesitancy.

        2. Hyden, Chechnya is a disaster zone. Putin dealt ruthlessly with them and he need not have done. All he has achieved there is to create a bunch of future terrorists.

          You cannot kill evil. It’s tempting to think that you can, but killing always begets more killing. Remember that the outcome of WW2 was not peace, but the Cold War. Hitler had to be put down – there was no other option – but what a tragedy that was. Germany was the centre of Europe, and it broke our hearts to go to war with them.

          If there is any possibility that the Mindanao issue can be settled without more killing, it’s worth a try.

  11. Add:

    I am not replying to you. However, you can understand where I stand. Radical Islam is the Evil of our times. It is a 7th Century religion/belief; that has come out in our 21st century civilization.

    It is the same as the Emperor Worship of the Japanese, during World War II. That was used by the Japanese Militarist to subjugate people. Look at the Suicide Bombers of Radical Islam. It is the same as the Kamikaze Pilots of the Japanese Militarists,during World War II.Or the “Fight to death”, without surrender military tactic of the Japanese militarist.

    I hate wars…but if it is needed to bring Peace. We have to go to war…

    1. Yes, Hyden.

      As they say, negotiate with the rebels holding an olive on top of the table, but also holding a cocked Armalite under the table.

      And that is the problem with PNoy. He immediately capitulated and almost gave away the store.

    2. I have to agree with Add. The maxim quoted elsewhere – speak softly, but carry a big stick – applies here.

      The problem is that the Philippine government doesn’t HAVE a big stick. Their best option would be to create one – for example, by inviting in foreign armies and policing experts to train the AFP and PNP up to world-class standards. If people can trust the police to protect them from ‘rebels’ demanding protection money, and if they can trust the State to help them earn a livelihood, they will lose interest in backward religious ideology. It works everywhere else on the planet. There’s no reason to suppose Filipinos are fundamentally different.

  12. I’ve read most of the comments, which to me, look like symptoms of a difficult but curable cancer. The cure, perhaps, might include an eloquent speech in the senate and a tacit, (or public), ‘mea culpa’ in behalf of one’s parents.. but it does go far beyond these. The cure will include reforms (overhaul) of the media, the TV and movie industries and the ‘education system’ (from the elementary grades through college). It might include even civic organizations like the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, etc. Today’s TV and movie fare are nothing but numbing inanities that serve to further cripple the stunted minds of the viewers. The educational system does not address the needs.. here and abroad; and the civic clubs ought to address the need to improve civility and social discourse.. not just the gratifying experience of a glowing press release.
    The Philippines is unknowingly, (thankfully),
    in deep ‘dodo’ but can still swim out of it. It will, however, take a lot of effort and sacrifice on the part of the people.

  13. Like Alex Magno, I could not agree more with the essence of Bongbong’s speech but, unlike Alex Magno, I would not be so quick to liken Marcos Jr. to a statesman. I am grateful that he apparently had a decent constitutional lawyer weigh-in on the draft BBL, which was bound for an even grander fiasco than the one we had with Nur Misuari at ARMM. But that’s the bare minimum of what a senator is supposed to do. The problem is, we’ve gotten used to the likes of Lito Lapid jerking-off at Pia Cayetano during Senate hearings (and eventually siring her child)–at the expense of taxpayers, I should add–that any decent work output from the Senate is considered exceptional or statesman-quality. Until Bongbong returns the billions of dollars of ill-gotten wealth of his old man that have yet to be recovered, he is nothing but a liar and a thief.


  14. The Muslim incantation, “Insha’llah” literally translates to “If Allah wills it”, (our “Bahala-na”) The real intent of “Insha’llah”, according to the Quran, however, is “..if it is in Allah’s plan”. Muslims are fatalists. They believe that everything happens because it is in a master plan..that everything is written in stone, and that there is nothing one can do to change it. The BBL is now written, signed by the negotiators and has now been endorsed to Congress by the President. This is all that Iqbal, Murad and the Malaysian referees need. To them this is a ‘done-deal’..”Insha’llah”. The President, Ms. Quintos-Deles and Ms. Coronel-Ferrer, have put in motion something that has neither brakes nor a reverse gear. They have put the country on this prejudicial and perilous ride. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the country will now be disadvantaged, and, henceforth.. be limited.. for the benefit of the other five percent (5%); and, for a very doubtful legacy.
    The Senate and the ‘House’ can do what they do best. They can analyze, (until they’re all paralyzed), and, debate this matter to death, then make impressive speeches about the BBL; but, alas that is all that they can do. It might wake them up to know that this BBL, in all likelihood, has its own life now.

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