President Rodrigo Duterte will replace the Church and ‘civil society’ as the nation’s champion of Equality


Here we are debating whether the catcall and wolf whistle of President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) was sexist or not. Okay, let us debate it for whatever lessons it might give us, but to have it as one of our headline news? Aren’t we losing focus on the biggest problem? Oh, I forgot, it involved one of the members of the media, the Fourth Estate, the Establishment whose very existence is about protecting inequality.

I am not worried about the 60% who didn’t vote for DU30 because I am elated by the 70% who expressed their revulsion for Daang Matuwid, a principle, as formulated by the Yellows, that has, and will, perpetuate inequality. It just shows that we don’t have as many Dutertards like me, but more importantly, there are much less Yellowtards now. A good many of those who didn’t vote for DU30 would always wish DU30 fails. Let them, for they not only make Philippine politics colorful and interesting, but would one day fall flat in their faces. They may not realize it, but a call for equality is a powerful force, especially now. In the near future? If we do not reckon with it directly, it will be a revolutionary force in yet unseen ways ….perhaps, in violent ways — hopefully not.

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However, I worry about Dutertards who still don’t know why they voted the uncouth Mayor. They are the ones who lose their focus when the Yellows and the media throw in trifles in the marketplace of ideas. But, isn’t this the very technique that has now been employed for 30 years, which we continue to buy to this day? For one, they talk to us of decency, dignity and presidential qualities. Sure, they are nice topics to talk about — in fact, quite entertaining at times. BUT, have we not yet realized that these qualities are better acted upon, perhaps even in a way outside of traditional boxes, than talked about? Or, you didn’t know we voted for DU30 because we are tired of the hypocrisy in our society?

They want to change our President-elect whose very persona is about change. That is a negative on a negative which yields a mathematical positive, which really means maintaining a status quo. They want a President in the mold we all have been used to. But, how can DU30 change? He ate inequality for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He is showing he is the product of a rotten society, a society which he had to fight if he had to spare others of the rot. Thus, in his close daily contacts with the rotten, he may have gotten himself to look like rotten. But, is he rotten in the inside, or just on the outside? Is he like our typical TraPos? He talks extemporaneously for two hours, with no holds barred, because he wants to show us his heart. Unfortunately, many refuse to look into his heart.

For many, they could not even look. Hypocrisy has long been a way of life in this society. They look at the outside, but don’t look at the core. They could not understand why minors have to have a curfew, why drinkers can’t have their sessions in the side walks, why drunks can’t simply drive, etc. etc. ….and they call these unnecessary micro-management by a CEO? But, isn’t he simply telling us that if we want change, it has to start with us? Discipline has become alien to us, and we don’t want to accept it. What hypocrisy.

Media is shocked when he admits that he does not know how to help them with regards to media killings. Oh what blasphemy! The Constitution has mandated that they have to be the most respected lot in our society. But, has media even attempted their darn best to earn that respect? Or, have they become the main promoter of mediocrity and patronage politics? Or, have they policed their own ranks, or have they been themselves remiss in their own obligations because of their focus on network wars, scoops, advertising revenues, and bottom lines?

Yes, no media killing can ever be justified no matter what, but how can this message be delivered by DU30 when in every press conference, stupid questions are asked, trifles are thrown in, main points are missed, and no effort to elevate the discussion is attempted. DU30 opens a press conference with a 20 minute rant, but most of the questions thereafter do not have anything to do with his opening statement. So, why would he not rather play with them, tease them, when media wants DU30 to listen to them, instead of them listening to him? In the first place, why do they send cub reporters instead of the seasoned ones? Isn’t this an insult to the Presidential Office already? And, the Holy Cows are shocked? What hypocrisy.

Of course, in his attack of every facet of society, he has not spared the Catholic Church, of which 80% of the population are adherents. I am a Catholic, many of my Catholic friends, who voted for him as well, are shocked at his continuing tirade against the Church. I am not. In fact, I find his bitter rants welcome events Why worry? If the Church is the true Church, it will withstand these attacks, as it always has in the last two thousand plus years since its foundation, and always came out of these attacks a better Church.. The Church has been through more profound attacks, heresies, and tumultuous events. If it is not the true Church, it should have folded a long time ago.

The Church should have been the moral guardian of Philippine society. Then, why is our society rotten to the core? Thing is, the Church has remained a vital political force. It maintains the biggest network of charitable institutions, operates the leading schools, influences many members of civil society, etc. Is this the reason why it has become so complacent? Could it even be a contributor to the hypocrisy? You know, Bishops, it is irritating to hear that it is the Pajero Bishops who are the nosiest at this point. Why fight fire with fire? Aren’t there better Christian ways than this?

Pope Francis is the most popular Pope in modern history. Why? …because he is into solving inequality. It’s his advocacy besides Mercy — why don’t you read his last two encyclicals? And DU30 an enemy? My gosh, the guy’s very being, his waking hours, and I suppose, even in his sleeping times, is about solving inequality. If you don’t get this, then you will never understand the man. An enemy, Bishops? No way, he is my and your ally.

HYPOCRISY!!! That is why we cannot see the INEQUALITY.

38 Replies to “President Rodrigo Duterte will replace the Church and ‘civil society’ as the nation’s champion of Equality”

  1. Speaking of the church; just this morning while attending mass I’ve never heard such a weird “sermon” before—if you can even call it as such—which sounded more like a campaign rally than the usual moral message.

    Basically the priest stated, “The beast is in power right now and this beast will usher the reign of darkness, the law of Death and anyone who stands in his way shall be met with death. God is the giver of life, I urge all my dear Filipinos to pray their hardest so that we may overcome this dark times.” Translating it to tagalog makes it sound even more hilarious.

    Not making this up this is what I heard during the early morning mass. It seems this so-called moral institution has given it’s marching orders to spread fear and panic. Though they themselves must be feeling the same thing, after enjoying years of comfort and moral superiority over their subservient followers, suddenly one figure comes out and dares to stand up against them. It must have surprised them so much that they resorted to the trapo way of responding to perceived threats against them. Hypocrisy indeed.

    1. Stop going to church and pray at home. Problem solved.

      Don’t support their meddling in affairs of the state. As a GOOD Christian you should not support such activities.

      Before you stop attending mass, tell the Priest why.

    2. WR, you should publish this priest’s name so we can call him out for his idiotic teachings.

      He should know how far his church should go as far as politics and government go. Idiot self righteous bastards. What he has is an opinion, and he preaches that as if his is the one that should be taken as truth since he is a catholic priest? What a hypocrite. He basically judged a person, while the good book which they supposedly follow says otherwise.

      1. But I also wonder if it happened only in this church or if this is happening elsewhere. If the latter is true then this would be a serious escalation by the Philippine catholic church. Perhaps DU30 could hint at revoking the tax exempt status of the church since they’re no longer functioning as a “religious institution.”

  2. do we really need to go to church to pray? or just stay in your room to pray direct to God? what if we confess our sins to a priest and forget to tell God if he (the priest) got drunk? and what is this ‘respect the rule of law’? the yellow rule of law? like Marcelino walking free? he has the key to the lab.

    citizens should back up Mayor Rody ‘cuz he’s making a change for Pilipinos to get out of misery.

  3. why is the CBCP don’t want to argue with Mayor Rody? ‘cuz they knew evil is good, and good is evil.

    which one is the real house of God? the church or our home?

  4. Hypocrisy can also be applied to Duterte. For what he has banned or outlawed he seems to do it himself. But the annoying part is that no matter what he does his supporters seems to defend him even when clearly what he did is wrong. He is a populist president who says the right things for what the general population likes to hear. He keeps on burning bridges and one day it will back fire on him.

    1. The only hypocrisy Duterte could be committing is if he won’t attack these institutions like Church and media. If he acts coy around them to gain their favors and protect them despite their flaws.

      He doesn’t have any bridge to burn to begin with given that the media and CBCP campained against him from the very start.

      You see, everyone asks for change. But these institutions wanted to remain untouched and act innocent when they’re not. As if they’re not part of the problem all along.

      Duterte is exposing/ reiterating truths. It is not his fault if people get too hurt or offended by it or were too shellshocked to admit it.

      There is difference between defending Duterte’s cause and his uncanny behavior. Just because people continue to rally behind Duterte does it mean they accept his behavior. We are one with those wishing him to improve. But note also that while his flaws were glaring, it won’t make him any less of the President we elected who will fearlessly expose corruption and make this country better than Aquino ever promised.

      I guess we all have to be less hypocritical. Leave Duterte’s foul mouth to him and focus on bigger deals in our society which needs more discussion. We’ve been a poor country for long and it is not because Duterte curses. We have more serious issues to deal with. Afterall Duterte’s profanity is not new. Why sensationalize it.

  5. He should be a unifying figure not divisive. If these instititutions are at fault, then regulate them, specially the media. All Durerte supporters trumpets unity or asks to support him, how can we get behind him with his continued arrogance and provocations? He is the leader of 100m people not 16m.

    1. Face it. What you want and how he goes about doing things will never be in sync. Just because he foes about things un a different manner from what people expect does not mean it won’t produce results. He has not taken the office yet. If he proves to be no different from PNoy then I’d join you in demonizing him. But for now just cool it.

      1. Yeah.
        How dare you have an opinion different to these dutertards.
        How dare you be worried about the red flags he keep putting up before he even steps into office.
        I mean if u are slightly critical of someone…u must be thier enemy…right?
        Ofcourse so because if you disagree you must be against them and want to see them fail.
        Filipinos only see things as black and white ehen they idolize someone.
        They are so defensive that apparently disagreeing with a person and their actions is demonizing them.

        But wait.
        They want us to all join together. All of us to be heard. Unity.
        If u disagree with one little thing its ” shut up. Fuck you. Yellow supporter. You just want our god to fail. Don’ t say anything if you do not agree with us 100%. We do not want individuals with their own idas or thoughts or feelings we want 1 dimensional pod peopke like the rest of us”
        Every single time someone is critical or disagrees u guys shout them down. Tell them to shut up.
        Hypocrisy of the filipino mindset.
        I am should say im shocked, disgusted appalled and find it unbelievable how oppressive you all are being to anyones thoughts about your duterte idolization emotions and his actions.
        Filipinos have always supressed anyone that does not agree with them.
        Then cry foul when the same thing happens to them.
        U want equality.
        U want everyone to join togethef?
        Then stop attacking people that have different opinions to yours and telling them to shut up.
        I keep saying everything at the moment mirrors history of other events.
        Not dutertes rise to power.
        The peope. Thats what worries me. How anything immoral is wrong unless it comes from his mouth then its good.
        This is idol worship.
        Its how hitler and marcos came to power.
        Im all for change. But not at the expense of silencing different opinions.

        1. No one is silencing anyone, bud. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re free to spew your opinions here despite our difference in opinion.
          We are free to call your opinion absurd, and you are free to do (and have done) the same. We are free to not take your opinion to heart, and you are free to do (and have done) the same. That’s not “silencing” you. It’s childish, perhaps, yes. But it’s hardly censorship.

          Just because we don’t like your opinions (and you obviously don’t like ours) doesn’t mean we’re silencing you.

          As for the idol worship part, yes you’re correct. That DO need to change. Because damn Duterte can be awful with his actions and words. I personally despise catcallers, but this guy was our best chance at change so let’s just let him do as he pleases. We are still quite free to condemn him the way others are free to defend him.

          Wait so we’re still free to express ourselves. So what was your problem again?

    2. How do you propose to regulate the media silently? The media and the church are huge corrupt powerhouses. They are more powerful than Duterte, and he knows that. It would be very hard to “regulate” them. What Duterte did was expose them for what they really are – corrupt. Once the general public becomes more aware of this, the easier it is to regulate them. Knowledge is power, after all.

      Like what George Stark said, let’s wait for the story to unfold. I don’t doubt Duterte has many plans up his sleeve. He hasn’t even assumed the position yet. Naturally, all we have right now are words and not actions. I’m sure Duterte will follow-up his actions and in time he may be able to regulate these corrupt powerhouses.

      His administration hasn’t even begun and we’re already whining? We obviously can’t see the bigger picture yet so let’s just chillax for a while. We all have what it takes to topple the guy over if he goes too far.

  6. The sad thing about some leaders of the Catholic Church is that they create a “holier than thou” persona that they seem to emulate the Pharisees that Our Lord Jesus Christ detest. Why can’t they accept that they are as sinners as their adherents and is not as infallible as God. Pres. Duterte only wanted to level the playing field by implying everybody errs. Same is true with some journalists who think they are clean just because they “expose” the truth. Sadly they are not entirely such.

  7. That is why a more stringent regulations is needed for the media. As for his attack on the Catholic Church, imagine what they can do to if they are behind Duterte? They are following their doctrine of against killings, murder and capital punishments. Yes, they have meddled with politics for far too long. But would it be better if he speaks to them directly? Held a meeting and explain his side? A great leader would rise above petty arguments and would stop dividing his people.

  8. The Priests , the Cardinals, and the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, in the Philippines are the foremost Hypocrites. Next are the Filipino politicians; others , are the Filipino Journalists.

    Pres. Elect Duterte, is brutally frank. He does not observe : political correctness. For me, I rather have a President who tell me the
    truth; than a President, who tell me lies, and call it:political correctness…

    The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, must go into “Soul Searching”…they are like the Jewish Parishees condemned by Jesus Christ, during his time here on Earth.

    The Roman Catholic Church, never condemned the widespread corruption of Aquino, thru : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…the Philippine Roman Catholic Church, never condemned the : Mamapasano massacre; Hacienda Luisita massacre; the Mendiola massacre; the Luneta Chinese Hostage massacre; etc…the Philippine Roman Catholic Church, never condemned the 2016 Electoral Frauds…

    The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, allowed, Kris Aquino, the whore sister of Pnoy Aquino, to pollute the minds of the young Filipinos in her TV Programs. She had several marriages, annulled by the Roman Catholic Church. So as, she can marry, again and again. Was she a good role model of the young?

    What part of the : “Thou shalt not commit adultery”…in the Ten commandments of God, can they not understand?

    Or in the case of the Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita. What part of the :” Thou shalt not covet, thy neighbors goods, lands, etc…”, can they not understand ?

    The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines must not involve itself in Philippine politics ! “Render unto Caesar; things that are of Caesar’s; and unto your God; things that are of your God’s”…this is very clear to all Christian religions !

  9. Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins. We parry and fend the approach of our fellow-man by compliments, by gossip, by amusements, by affairs. We cover up our thought from him under a hundred folds.

    1. In advance researches of the brain/mind. There is part of the brain/mind, capable of mental telepathy. There is also part of the brain/mind, whereby, we are capable to read other people’s mind/thinking.

      If we will use those brain/mind capabilities potential: there will be no hypocrites. Nobody will hide what he/she is thinking…there will be utmost honesty ! No scammers; no crooked politicians, who promise what they cannot deliver. No thieving politicians, who will steal from: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel, etc…there will be no way to hide your thoughts, or what you are thinking…and what you have done. Everybody will see,what the other person is thinking…

        1. Hey YellowTard, the book: “The Secret”, is just about mind exercises…nothing more, nothing less…it cannot be understood by any dimwit YellowTard !

  10. In the first place, I doubt the Catholic church and “civil society” ever championed equality in the first place. It looks to me that they more protected inequality and the status quo. It will be the challengers of these institutions who will present the moral compass now. If Duterte (who I never voted) stepped up to the plate to do this, you can tell then that the two institutions supposed to be “moral compasses” have actually failed. Another thing, if Duterte is foul-mouthed and all else, maybe people look at themselves and see if they are any different. Emphasis on Add’s “he (Duterte) is the product of a rotten society.”

    1. “he (Duterte) is the product of a rotten society.”

      This sums up my doubt about Duterte’s leadership. If we can agree that the common Filipino is a less than ideal citizen, why are we optimistic when you take that persona, multiply it by an electorate to arrive at the election of Duterte, and expect a good outcome?

      Duterte is only revolutionary if he is precisely the kind of person that the broken Filipino mind would never elect.

      1. @fracs:

        Who was responsible for our rotten society? The Aquino era will soon end…much corruption; many massacres; too much patronage politics; YellowTard Media propaganda; selective justice; the whore’s Kris TV; etc…

        I don’t agree that we are less than ideal citizens. Most of the Filipinos are dumbed down by YellowTard media, to become less than ideal citizens.

  11. It’s about high time that someone stands up and gives the Church the finger!

    They are one of the biggest problem in this country. I think I don’t have to elaborate any further….

    1. I gave the church the finger a long time ago. Now I’m giving my fellow Fliptards the finger for their idolatrous delusions, by believing in a faith that hasn’t done jack shit to help them change their stupid ways.

      1. I’m officially an atheist since I turned 18, which legally enabled me to step out of church.

        I don’t push my believes on religious people. But my opinion is clear. Fuck the church, any church for that matter and fuck religion.

        If someone believes in the man in the sky there is not much that I can do about it, except for supporting people who expose the church for what they really are. Especially here in the Philippines they are complete and utter perverted freaks of nature and impervious to moral persuasion and any decency. Unrepentant repeat offenders! In Europe at least they know their place and don’t really meddle in politics.

        1. I am a firm believer that you can believe in anyone or anything you want, as long as you don’t try to sell or force your personal bullshit (beliefs) on anyone–or hurt others in the process.

          My people need to wake up from their delusions that their imported religion–whether forced or sold to them–has not helped make them become better people toward their nation and countrymen.

          The only thing religion has done for my crucifix-wearing and Bible/Koran-thumping people is to validate who they are, and to justify what they do, according to their respective religious doctrines and dogmas.

          Thus, religion only complicates the way of life of all Fliptards, who are still struggling to find their own unique cultural identity that hasn’t been adulterated by people of other cultures.

    2. Jim,
      not the church (or Vatican) is the problem. The followers – the flock – are the problem. Once the followers will stop, the church losses its power, empty churches, no more money etc etc. So pls blame stupid the followers, they have the power (in the end).

      1. That goes without saying BUT…

        Without exposing the church first no one will realize how messed up the whole thing is.

        Bill Cosby was loved by millions until he was exposed as a rapist.

        1. Jim,
          Not too long ago, I watched a documentary (I think it was by Al Jazeera) about Manila/Philippines.
          In one section, a girl gave birth to a dead baby (or died shortly after birth). And the girl was so obsessed with that the dead born baby had to be ‘baptised’ before it could be buried.
          I even think that the baptismal cost money.

          Personally, I dont mind but the way it was filmed and portrayed in the documentary it really looked ridiculous to me.
          Maybe that are the rules to bury a person in a catholic cemetery but wow.

          For someone like me this is really bizarre.

          Bill Cosby
          Even I watched the Cosby show but I liked one of his TV daughters (Lisa Bonet).

        2. Enemy of the state (1998)
          Lisa Bonet as Rachel F. Banks (playing the former love interest of Will Smith’s character)
          And a dog called Porsche.

  12. Okay, let us debate it for whatever lessons it might give us, but to have it as one of our headline news? Aren’t we losing focus on the biggest problem?

    I could have said this to my relatives last weekend. The debate-sounding sharing of opinions was never-ending.

    I’ll make sure to tease them once the coming change begins showing the good effects.

  13. You are the tree and cardinal bishops are trunk and we are branches.Then why we lay people rights are not considered by Mumbai church
    Govt gives receipt for every penny paid the Holy Fathern why Church do not give receipt for contribution to Mass,Donation Certificate issued etc
    From last several years I am fighting for transparency in Funds collected by Church .Mumbai Church is full of news about land selling to builders,demanding donations,Not giving records of fund collected
    Why Holy Father instead of giving instruction does not come heavily on those who go against Church teachings.Why we are tutored like child that God is merciful and we can go on sinning The first trunk part that will crack is Mumbai archdiocese.
    My Church Nativity of Lord kandivali east Mumbai collects building fund of rs two lacks from public every month .The priest refuses to give balance sheet showing where cores from last seven years or more kept .We want to know which banks hold this money .We want expenditure /income details from start of fund.This father has completed five years then why he is not transferred .Should I believe their are God Father?Our Church is closed full day on Monday ,No mass.Why one assistant not given to this church as we have seven hundred families.
    We take morcha,candle light ,pray ,posters ,pilgrim walh then why not one soul speaks when priest go wrong
    The contribution to fund is voluntary but they have made compulsory by closing nose saying no minority/baptism /marriage certificate be given unless latest receipt of contribution to fund is shown
    Holy father has to act against Arch bishop as my letters fall on deaf ear
    Father This same priest shouts against corruption of Govt but what he is doing by hiding facts.We can preach many good but can we be hypocrit
    WE can arrange yearly picnic yearly party and what not then why not annual general body meeting to discuss accounts and other agenda

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