Rigged by design: Officials of COMELEC and election watchdog PPCRV are all members of anti-Marcos movements

What we feared would happen has happened. Because:

1. Despite the propaganda, three critical features were once again ignored by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). These are: the digital signatures of the Board of Election Inspectors (that tell us that the results transmitted to Central HQ indeed come from the claimed precinct), the use of UV lamps (that determine the authenticity of the ballots fed into the machines), and voter verification (that tells you whether your vote was indeed counted. Voters with biometrics have not been able to vote while those without have been able).

2. Opposition did not insist on parallel servers (minimum should have been three). The transparency server was not in parallel as it was being fed by the one of Comelec. Transparency is therefore a big misnomer in this case.

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Conflict of interest: PPCRV Head Tita de Villa is a staunch anti-Marcos activist. (Source: Manila Bulletin)

Conflict of interest: PPCRV Head Tita de Villa is a staunch anti-Marcos activist.
(Source: Manila Bulletin)

I am beginning to think that the case of the enye (“ñ”) character was one big diversionary tactic. It made the public focused on that one miserable server in order to take away their attention from what was going on at the provincial and municipal levels. It was a well laid plan and speed had to be its ally. And now, the Comelec is so proud they conducted the fastest election EVER in the planet’s history. Congratulations, guys, you can rot in hell from hereon.

First congratulation goes to Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) chair Tita de Villa for giving the impression that the PPCRV remains a Church-based organization to give it some credibility. I used to admire you, Ma’am, but why have you not been open to the public that the Church has already dissociated itself from your organization? Since 2013, wasn’t it? At the continuous urging of Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB) since 2010, the Church finally separated itself from you. Why can’t you acknowledge this? Is it because SLB is a rival organization who think better, that you even plagiarized their election manual and made questionable modifications to it? For sure, SLB thinks independently and better, and you have become the most avid defender of the Comelec and SmartmaGic? You should have abstained at the very least because you are a member of a #NeverAgain movement.

Congratulations are also in order for all the Comelec commissioners, particularly Chairman Andres Bautista. Sir, you were once a campaign manager for Mar Roxas and recently the Chairman of PCGG, whose very job description is to go against the Marcoses. But, of course, you were the perfect choice to be the Comelec Chairman, whose very unwritten job description is to stop Bongbong Marcos; afterall, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (PNoy) is known for his selective justice.

It was good that the prevailing sentiment was to get rid of the Yellow hegemony, and this is reflected in the runaway votes of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte (DU30). In terms of absolute numbers, his votes were bigger than PNoy’s but that only reflects a population growth. We cannot call it a landslide because in terms of percentage, DU30’s votes were still lower than that of Erap and PNoy. Fortunately, they were enough; they were impervious to the counts of the Virtual Counting Machines.

If the votes truly reflected the legit Visual Counting Machines, I have a feeling the margin of DU30 would have reached 10 million votes, and not just 6 or 7 million votes. It seems their plan is only good for 3 million votes without being too blatant about their sinister plot. Or, seeing that 3 million would not help in overcoming a six million margin, they just gave up and Hello Garcia had to adjust the enye so that it would likely only hit BBM, and not DU30 — a perfect cover that gives the election some kind of legitimacy. But let us see, Roxas in second place, defying all polls that said this was supposed to be a contest between DU30 and Poe??? My gosh, the plan almost worked.

LP attack dog: COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista was a former campaign manager of Mar Roxas and chair of the PCGG.

LP attack dog: COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista was a former campaign manager of Mar Roxas and chair of the PCGG.

Unfortunately, it worked on BBM. 3.2 million under-votes? And they are fighting with everything so that these votes would not be called “missing” or “unaccounted” votes. But, how could they say they are not when such are the basis of Mar’s protest against Binay in 2010. It is a technique that was invented by the talentado minds of the Samar Group of Malacañang. They didn’t bother to use it on the Overseas Absentee Voting, and look at the ratios of votes of DU30 and BBM against all the other candidates in all those countries. Could the sentiments of the OFWs be different from sentiments of Filipinos who have decided to stay home and in fact are more subjected to the yellow aggravation day-in and day-out?

With all the cards in the system stacked up against BBM, I will understand if he does not pursue a protest. He will have to spend a minimum of Php280 million for this protest and the ROIs are very iffy to say the least. There are 25 ways to Sunday; there are many ways to protest, afterall. Whatever, Sir Bonget, please think that this is no longer about you. It is about clean and honest elections. We know you didn’t lose, they just stole from you. So even if you will need to spend a billion, please pursue some kind of a protest. The Yellows have done more harm to the country than all the ML years.

In the meantime, I hope Leni delivers something for the people. Most Congressmen who have worked with both Leni and BBM say that Leni is an amateur compared to the professionalism and management capability of BBM, so I don’t know what she will deliver. But, Madam, you have to deliver something for you had the most expensive campaign using DAP funds. That’s our money, Ma’am. Delivering something does not mean being atat na atat of the position for that is all what you are now from somebody who was reluctant at first. Aahh, what transformation Trapos can do. PNoy has now devastated whatever legacy his parents had. Don’t do that to your husband for people have a way of getting back as shown by the repudiation of Daang Matuwid in this 2016 referendum, and not just karma.

22 Replies to “Rigged by design: Officials of COMELEC and election watchdog PPCRV are all members of anti-Marcos movements”

  1. They claim that Marcos does not have “Evidence” and that they enjoy a presumption of regularity (read: innocence). But in criminal prosecution, did you know that a suspect can be convicted even without direct evidence against him? Just produce at least two pieces of circumstantial evidence enough to induce a “moral certainty of guilt beyond reasonable doubt” and that would be enough to convict.

    What am I saying? Here we have several pieces of circumstantial evidence: The insertion of the hash code; 3 million undervotes; algorithmic declines in the lead of Marcos; missing votes in ARMM; VCMs being brought to “secret locations”; and the evasive actions of the COMELEC itself. Not just two, but at least 5 pieces of circumstantial evidence are now stacked against COMELEC, I say they are guilty!

  2. Add, even with those probabilities you stated and more, a lot of idiot pinoys are still beholden to the yellow color, and even claim God is on their side. What a load of horse manure.

    I have said it before and in more times i can remember…. Pinoys are idiots!

    Proof of idiocy 1. Drilon is still a senator
    Proof of idiocy 2. Mar Roxas’ won over Poe despite being one of the least liked candidate.
    Proof of idiocy 3. Delima, Sotto, Hontiveros are senators, , WTF.
    Proof of idiocy 4. COMELEC will hear the pending DQ case against Duterte. Why only now? See proof no 2, too, for possible scenario which every idiot will like as much as telebasuras.
    Proof of idiocy 5. Leni supporters fail to grasp that the call for system audit by BBM is not as much about him losing but rather for restoration of COMELEC credibility. Leni failed in that too. What a moron, and they want her as VP? I mean, really?

    Im sure more can be added.

  3. Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody.

  4. It was a fraudaulent 2016 election. Leni Robredo, won, but is unpopular with the people.
    She is a Puppet of Aquino.

    We, the people, must demand for the thorough investigation of the 2016 election fraud. Let the chips fall , where it may. Remove, prosecute and Jail the people , who are responsible for the fraud.

    I have observed that in the U.S. The Filipino Americans , observe U.S laws. It is because, laws are enforced here, and once you violate the law. You pay for it.

    Pres. elect Duterte, should be aware, that there are people, headed by Aquino, and his YellowTards, who are planning to remove him from power. What I see is: the people come from the Feudal Oligarchs.

    Pres. elect Duterte, should play an aggressive and defensive strategies, against these people…they are there to save their power and influence. The threat may come from the Armed Forces, in the form of coup d’ etat; in the form of impeachment by YellowTard cahoots; or, in the form of a “Hakot demonstration” of a staged People Power by Aquino and his cahoots and the Catholic Church…

    The faster Pres. Duterte can implement the Land Reform. Give Hacienda Luisita to the farmers/tillers; the better. I see no part from the U.S./CI.A. , this time. Donald Trump will win the U.S. Presidency this November 2016. His policies are more of: defeating ISIS,; building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border; and bringing the jobs back to the U.S., that migrated to foreign countries. Strengthening the U.S. military.

    Trump is more of an isolationist. Reagan and the Bushes , who were responsible for the “EDSA power grab”, were responsible for expanding U.S. power and influence abroad.

    So, the threat of Pres. elect Duterte is more from the: Aquino Cojuangco & yellowTard cahoots; those political opportunists; and from Leni Robredo and her gang.

  5. Exploitation is only the rational explanation to all this travesties, Until now since Edsa we are reaping the Pandoras Box that the yellow oligarch unleashed it will continue to wreck havoc to our democracy, My fellow countrymen Freedom is not free.

  6. Great work unmasking these frauds Add.

    Add your write-up to THIS REPORT and we have a compelling case.

    “In many of these areas, he pointed out, all the presidential and vice presidential candidates except the tandem of Roxas and Robredo—had zero votes.”

    “Saycon said the entries for Roxas and Robredo were all shaded. He also disclosed that in one precinct in Quezon City, some members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo complained because Duterte got zero votes, as did presidential candidate Jejomar Binay and vice presidential candidate Marcos.”

    The 28 Iglesia members complained about why there were zero votes when they had cast their votes in that precinct,” Saycon said. The INC endorsed Duterte and Marcos ahead of Election Day.”

    “…undervotes don’t usually exceed 1 percent of the total votes cast … no more than 400,000 undervotes ”

    Electoral fraud in PH is just too idiotic to be true!

    Leni will assume office with a questionable and suspect mandate unless this is all cleared out. Looks like the BBM team is determined to get to the bottom of this; I reckon they’re in this uphill fight for the long haul.

    Let’s hope they find the mother of all evidence to nail these election-rigging LP cheats once and for all. The truth shall set us free.

  7. it’s all about hacienda luisita nothing else. people should join the farmers once they come out to the streets then prosperity will come. they must beat that ‘curse’.

  8. Law of Mirrors!
    I was one of the anti-Marcos elements during the martial law years. I believed in all the accusations that our leaders threw at Marcos even if I did not see them in my naked eyes, being one of the government employees at that time. Everything that they told us that Marcos did against the people, the Yellowers did it now under our very noses! And it seems they can very well get away with it. Oh, well.

  9. Marcos lost! Get over it, the people at GRP that took the CA$H that paid for the allegiance essays to BBM and his thieving family still have a Senator. the Marcos fortune is going to be handed over to BBM and the li’l GRP slice will be delivered again so that people like ADDD-boy here will get his li’l handout. SO fret not, GRP-ers, your benefactor will not abandon you, he needs you.

    1. It’s not about Marcos who lost the election. It’s all about COMELEC’s integrity and the whole election itself. Accusing someone being ‘paid’ makes you an immature trollfag who loves to troll on this site.

      So fret not, faggot. Your benefactors, the Yellows, are still paying you, they need lunatics like yourself. Go figure.

    2. Honestly speaking, you’re referring more to yourself since a TROLL is also considered as a fraud itself.

      Apparently trolling behavior are caused by sadism, anti-social behavior, immense insecurity, and psychotic tendencies.

      It’s only a matter of time that your comments will be deleted since you’re spamming on this site.

      Don’t worry, Yellow Troll. You will just enjoy your payday from your benefactors known as the Yellows. A proven hypocritical douche whose sole only focus is the Marcoses. Talking about blind rage…

    1. Yellow Tards that are made of the Aquinos, Cojuangcos, their supporters, and the Chekwa businesses who have all gotten rich at the country’s expense.

  10. The 2016 election must be investigated thorougly. Let the chips fall, where it may. Prosecute all those who were involved in the Fraud. And , if they are found guilty; make them pay for it, by jailing and fining them.

    This is the only way, we can stop this vicious cycle of election frauds. There is no other …way Except : Enforce the Law ! Proclaim only those, who won by honest means…teach those cheaters a lesson , that they cannot get away , if they cheat, is the best way, we stop election cheaters …

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