Our Obsession with Pinoy Big Brother and What It Says About Us

Well PBB or Pinoy Big Brother is all over the news now what with the MTRCB getting all riled up because of some discovered “scandals” in the show. Honestly, I don’t even know why this show continues to air and why people continue to watch it even though it’s quite clear to me that it is just a waste of time and money for all those involved. Of course, “to each his own”, as some people like to say but this is one show that I will call out on on being utterly useless to the common people asides from being a bad influence.


While I am willing to admit that its first incarnation wasn’t so bad since it featured real-life people, the following seasons proved to be more than a little disappointing. At the end of the day, instead of presenting real people with real problems like poverty, insecurity, discrimination and social awkwardness, they now give us celebrity wannabes, washed up celebrities who want to regain a shot at stardom and horny teens who want to become celebrities. Oh well, there goes our obsession with celebrities again.

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Anyway, again, you are entitled to call me a bitter old coot but I can’t help but notice that PBB caters to three of our less than pleasant characteristics:


I remember that one of our commenters, Mr. Robert Haighton I think it was, said something about our lack of respect for privacy. Well, sadly, he is correct in some ways as there are those of us who simply can’t stop themselves from poking into other people’s business. It’s like we’re addicted to gossip and can’t help but look for anything to gossip about including someone else’s private life.

While gossip is ubiquitous throughout the world I’m sure, Pinoys place a high value for gossip as if they will die without it. That’s why we like to watch people in their private moments like in PBB. We like to watch them eat, sleep, talk to each other, form (often fake) relationships, shed tears for their loved ones (since we’re addicted to drama) and, most importantly, use the toilet.

And people call me a pervert. Oh well, at least can admit to it.


Going hand in hand with the above, some Pinoys just love to shove their personal lives into other people’s faces. You can see this in the way people like Dionisia Pacquiao likes to talk about her lurid sex life to the media, the way some of our misguided youths turn their FB accounts into impromptu porn pages with full nudity and how some people like to show off their cars and gadgets even when no one is asking them to. Then these people feel as if we should be grateful that they’re sharing their lives with us even though we never actually even mentioned wanting to know about these aspects of their lives.

The PBB show certainly caters to this kind of mindset as those who enter Big Brother’s House become the center of attention.


This is by far the biggest offender so I’m saving it for last.

Anyway, as you well know, in other versions of the Big Brother series in other parts of the world, sex and explicit scenes are pretty much guaranteed. However, here in the Philippines, PBB is often forced to conform to the faux-conservative attitude of the media. While they do tolerate and encourage extramarital sex and sordid affairs, ABS-CBN’s PBB pretends to be a wholesome show that can be viewed by the whole family even when it clearly isn’t.


Please people of ABS-CBN and the MTRCB, if it’s not helping, just get rid of it. If nothing else, why not just bring back anime into a regular time slot. At least they’re honest with their content.

Enough of this “regulating” crap. The Big Brother franchise was never meant to be wholesome in the first place. It is softcore porn and you know it. So unless you’re going to air a political version of PBB, then please, pull down this show from the airwaves because we, the concerned citizens of the Philippines, would rather watch something informative such as the current status of our hostilities with China as well as any news about the storms coming this rainy season and call it “Storm Watch” or something.

30 Replies to “Our Obsession with Pinoy Big Brother and What It Says About Us”

  1. Dear Thaddeus,
    I cant get used to read my own name in an official GRP article. Thank god, it doesnt happen daily.

    But you used my name not entirely in a good way bec I used the word privacy in a totally different way.

    I will try explain – hopefully – better now.
    Many PH families are big and live in a crappy conditions. Whereas I am living in a condition where every child has his/her own bedroom. Each child is able to retreat its self and go to his/her own bedroom and listen to music, watch his own tv programs, take a nap, read a book or even do his homework or go to his bedroom with his girlfriend without being disturbed by other family members all the time.
    In that way, we have our own privacy. Nobody is watching me (as child or even as teenager living at home).
    But living in a country that is so obsessed being family-oriented, family-centered, family-focused, I think all the above is impossible.

    Back to your article:
    As far as I know Big Brother is quite populair all over the world. Although I dont know why myself. Maybe its just nice entertainment.

    1. this is so true , and i have to say it has been bugging me lately, i work freelance and i need to compromise by the distractions thats going on all around me. its definitely hard to focus sometimes.

      on the topic though.
      my family watches PBB everyday, and i have to say , i chose not to watch it because of the same reasons pointed out on this article.
      i have decided to watch one episode (forced in a way, because the TV is so loud and my computer is just like 4 meters away)

      and to what i have observed , 90% of the episode was all about flirting/courting. i cant stomach it to be honest.

      i may go farther as to think that this is one of the many reasons the youths gets into Hormonal overload, if they keep themselves stimulated by these kinds of media, its gonna cripple them as far as i know.

      1. Kurt,
        Dutch kids are exposed to many different kinds of nudity. How? Well for instance on billboards where a bra manufacturer wants to pitch (market) its new collection of bras. And then kids will be or can be exposed to PDA (public display of affection). Kids especially teenagers (14+) are not stupid. And still I think my country is – despite all the visible (mostly innocent) nudity – is still an okay country to live in.

        So why is it so problematic in your country?
        I think its so problematic in your country bec PH parents dont give sex-ed to their own kids. Bahala na.

        1. Robert said: “I think its so problematic in your country bec PH parents dont give sex-ed to their own kids. Bahala na.”

          I cannot agree more. And there is also the problem of most Filipinos having a skewed concept of morality influenced by the likewise skewed catholic church.

          It’s frustrating, really. Even female masturbation is frowned upon. >.>”’

  2. I really don’t know why people still watch PBB. The first season was decent at best but the rest was just awful. I don’t understand the obsession with this show. ABS should’ve cancelled it before.

    I stopped watching TFC altogether because their shows lower my brain cells and their shows are fucking cheesy. It’s sad that the masses prefers watching this show over educational ones.

    1. it’s business for ABS-CBN. you need to keep your audience entertained or they’ll switch to the other network. the problem is the side-effect.

  3. Remember the original theme song of the PBB is “Pinoy Ako” (I’m a Filipino) by Orange and Lemons? I think ABS-CBN has already severed the linkage of that song to these nonsense TV show. “Ipakita sa mundo / kung ano ang kaya mo” – Show to the world what you can – that is it, full of flirting, horniness, explicit love proposal in a tender age – this show is just a SHAME to Filipinos.

    1. And there is no doubt that that song is just another retarded pinoy pride that failipinos will showoff their “talent” to the world and say that we Filipinos are the best than any nationality.

        1. Care sue Pinoy Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that show to the core!!!!!!

  4. i’d rather watch people sharing ideas than this crap.
    i’d rather watch “The Roundtable” where actors / directors share thoughts and ideas about films they create or part of.

  5. The Failipinos in the Failippines are accustomed to being the center of attention. They’re so much accustomed to being spoiled by the people around them. And Failipinos don’t expect to have to compete with somebody for all of that.

  6. It is part of the Dumbing of those who watch the show. For purposes of the coming Presidential election.

    Mama Dionisia Pacquiao talking about her Sex Track Records? She is the “Poster Girl” of “Sugar Mommies”…the old woman has still some sexual stamina? Maybe, it is in her genes/mind…

    It is part of the “Indolence of the Filipinos”; these “tsimis”, or poking your nose on other people’s lives…

    Further, we can say to ourselves: he/she is far worse, than me. So, we exhibit it to the “media”; to further embarass people.
    Also, it goes to the “pasikat mentality” of some Filipinos. These are the material things, I own. So, I’m better than you; and everybody else…

    I am busy earning a living; and improving myself. I have no time to watch the show…or poke my nose on other people’s privacy…
    I do only GRP blogging, to interact with my fellow Filipinos. At least, at GRP, I learn from them…

  7. PBB is a local adaptation of Big Brother, which itself is another foreign show brought in. It originated in the Netherlands (your land, Robert?) and the show’s name comes from the fictional government in the George Orwell novel “1984.” Big Brother has cameras all over the place, and when deemed fit, it will send a number of uniformed soldiers to beat you up and take you to prison. This is something people don’t often know about the term “Big Brother.”

    Also, this voyeurist tendency can be another manifestation of the gossip mentality of Filipinos: talk negatively about others to appear to have the moral high ground on matters. Pretentious hypocrisy.

    1. Dear Chino,
      What are you implying saying that BB originates from my country (yes its true. It comes from the Endemol production company). May I remind you that TV programs are mostly sold at – if I am not mistaken – the Cannes TV festival where foreign TV networks can buy other TV network programs/formats.

      I am very happy for John de Mol and his production team to make such a big international hit TV program/format. By the way, John’s sister is very popular in Germany. And John’s father was also a big name in Dutch TV land. Does that make me proud? No, bec I had no contribution to it at all. Not to John’s success, not to his dad’s success and not to his sister’s success.
      But I do find it amazing that a small, little country as mine is successfull in such a way.

      On the other hand, most (or even all) programs/formats invented by John de Mol’s production team are quite crap and shit.

      Why is it (BB) so popular? Because indeed most people like to be a voyeur and watch other people right in our faces see doing things. But what about the people who signed up to be in the program? Isnt that much worse? Or do they have a “hidden agenda”? Maybe they want their 15 minutes of fame (while being ordinary people like you and me) and maybe they are pursueing a career on TV slash show business.

      What is TV all about? Commercial TV networks want to air programs that are watched by the millions so that the networks can sell many commercial slots (ads) at a very high price per 30 seconds.

      Finally, all I can say is this: if you dont like a program either switch channeles or turn off the TV.

  8. If they want new talents… dapat talent show… I still don’t get why celebrity wannabes degrade themselves joining such a show. A celebrity should cater their talent first.. not their useless personal life.

  9. Thanks for the article/blog for it generates discussion such as this. I am a reality show junkie–but i hate PBB. I agree, i think the first edition was quite good. Quite? Yeah, if u compare this show with other reality shows or same franchise ud thinkg this is all scripted. That alone prompted me to not watch it. I even tweeted PBB about it. If u watch other franchise from other countries they really make the housemates think, strategize and compete, all factors that show their real personality.
    Let me depart from PBB, from what i am getting, most of the ppl who commented here ay gusto nila magandang, informative, serious not the usual soaps we have rt now. I too, would like it. PERO…iba talaga kultura natin. SInce mostly catoliko, masyadong monitored, konting linya lang, or kissing lang on the show, react agad mga tao, ibang grupo. We cant put the blame on this TV SHOW management. It encompasses all. Viewers–let us accept it, mas gusto ng mga pinoy tear jerker, love story. And mostly yan ang click. Magbigay man sila ng maayos or sensible na show–walang nanonood o kaya walang ads–remember this is business. Same with movies na gingawa sa pnas. Ganun rin. Walang ng variety. MORALIST pa–paano aatakihin ang mga shows lung PUTA INA lang sa dialogue-suspended na ang show.
    Marami ang dapat e educate dito. Mga MORALIST, GOVERNMENT, MOVIE MAKERS, TV OWNERS at lalo ng VIEWERS.
    Parang election nga ito eh–wag sisihin ang mga politico na ibinubuto ng mga voters. Wag sisihin nag tv stations sa inihahain kung ang RATINGS at INCOME ng network ay nanggagaling sa TEARJErKER, LOVESTORY lagi…eh yon at yun ang gagawin nila. WE can name a few sensible MOVIES, kahit kayo ba nanonood rin? Sensible nga…di naman mabayaran director or script writer at camera man kasi nga lugi.
    ALL i am saying is…marami ang dapat sisihin o e educate sa ganitong klasing ENTERTAINMENT merun sa atin.

    I hope i make making sense. Para kasing naninisi tau ng iba, pero ang totoo marami sa mga viewers natin ang ver conservative parin. It is still a long way.

    1. I strongly agree with you, however, we can watch movies or tv shows from other countries. Even I am a filipino but i hated filipino movies/series/talk shows except those are making sense..tearjerker, loves story filipino lines are a f..king waste of time, and a full of crap..Well like what you have said cant blame the industry but the people patronizing it…

  10. Here is what may be a good idea:

    RESUME watching TV AFTER:

    You have read all of the following works by the following authors:

    Tolstoy, Hemingway, Elliott(T.S.), Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Dumas, Faulkner, Twain, Chekov.

    if you are even able to stomach the shit the television spews out at you after you achieve what was just mentioned, it will be amazing.

    1. sorry, that dont float da boat of da pinoy masa. mahirap kasi basahin ang mga tipong old man and the sea, pwedeng diary ng panget na lang o yung pipty sheds op grey.

      sadly, it all leads back to education. kids nowadays do not read relevant books and often run to those wattpad publications (which are probably worse than the old mills and boons because at least those had proper editors) and absorb the same formula-based love story: star-crossed lovers from different backgrounds + you and me against and the world + a feel good happy ending.

      1. Planning to move my Deep series to Wattpad and finish it there actually. However, based on what you’ve said, I feel doubtful now. Oh well, I’ll try something else then.

  11. PBB… I never got any sense out of this show. We already have a daily exclusive coverage of our neighbors’ lives, so why more of the crap we’re already surrounded with? Sigh~

    May hope pa sa GMA show na Alamat. Pero sana tangkilikin. Dapat nasa prime time yun, instead of the dramas na paulit-ulit ang tema.

    There are also good medical dramas na Korean and Japanese. Kung sana lang tinitignan din yun ng TV stations as options. We have yet to produce one of our own na hindi nakakaluha ang lack of effort sa research. God, how I would love it kung makakapagdeliver si Tom Roriguez ng lines ni Hugh Laurie sa House!

  12. PBB is the waste of all waste.The show is full of crap.I agree to the commentators here, it doesn’t make any sense. Let me tell you a story..One time in our house, my wife had visitors coming from a nearby town, well relaxation and cozy accommodation were given to them that include staying for a night with us,I cannot imagine how this f..king visitors of ours held their dinner in our living room because accordingly they might miss the show and some kilig moments. Even more, one of them had portrayed the acts of those involved of the house of kuya they called it, it was a kind of disrespect to the host as what i hated most is that food should not be eaten in front of a TV. Well i got to say, I intentionally cut the line from the power source that night. NO PBB, NO F..KING NOISE. I should ask the cable man to remove ABS-CBN channels..As this kind of thing will poison the minds of my kids..In our house, we prohibit PBB or any related non-sense shows, its very detrimental and disturbing.

    1. Pinoy Big Brothers show is a good example of the Failipinos’ insatiable, aristocratic appetite to emulate the western looks, attitude, and lifestyle of its characters.

  13. We are reading it of course…who can forget the f..king pbb.I strongly agree with Aeta, Failipinos are good imitators, those f..king participants were making gestures and f..king up the filipino language as if they came from the States, taga probinsya naman. I am not impress, if in a situation where PBB is being watched by my family, well if can’t change the channel, I will tear the TV apart..

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