Wapak Man 2: Watdapak Man In This Year’s MMFF

Disclaimer: The following article is another parody article. It is more or less a tribute to Marcial Bonifacio’s first article here in GRP. Remember, it’s not real. At least, I hope not. 

Manny Pacquiao’s last fight with Floyd Mayweather was a huge disappointment to both their fans. In fact, it’s been said that the fight was so disappointing that many boxing fans are now losing interest in the sport itself. Indeed, it has been rumored that before the fight, Manny Pacquiao and some of his close allies were even considering vying for presidency. However, because of the way the fight came out and how it ended, Manny Pacquiao’s popularity has certainly lessened for quite a number of his fans.

Source of Pinoy Pride:  Manny Pacquiao

Source of Pinoy Pride: Manny Pacquiao

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Not to worry though as it seems that Manny Pacquiao and his allies have thought of a new way to once again boost his popularity among the masses. Apparently, a new movie is in the works that will have Manny Pacquiao in another starring role. Entitled Wapak Man 2: Watdapak Man, it will be both a sequel and a reboot to the first Wapak Man film in the same vein that X-Men: Days of Future Past continued and rebooted the X-Men film franchise. If anything, Manny Pacquiao at least hopes that making the film will be another good enough excuse for him to not attend assemblies at congress.

So far the story will begin with Wapak Man’s defeat at the hands of a new villain called “Money Man”. Money Man, who is rumored to be portrayed by none other than Floyd Mayweather himself, will have the power to manipulate and transform money in the same way that Yumiko Readman and the Paper Sisters from the Read or Die anime can control and shape paper into various objects like weapons and shields. It is also stated that Money Man will also steal Wapak Man’s powers by hugging him, leading to the latter’s humiliating defeat.

Beaten and powerless, Wapak Man will be forced to travel back in time to regain his powers and become an entirely different superhero called Watdapak Man. He will gain his new powers by praying in a boxing ring that existed in his younger years. After completing the prayer, he will then be visited by a saint or angel played by Mommy Dionisia called the Mother Pakker who will grant Wapak Man the powers of his ancestor Hudapak Man (who is likely to be played by his coach Freddie Roach or his political ally Chavit Singson), thus transforming him into the hero Watdapak Man.

Watdapak Man will have new powers to match the moves and powers of Money Man such as a new laser/plasma attack called the Pakyu Beam. The film will also be a musical in order to showcase Manny Pacquiao and Dionisia Pacquiao’s talents at singing and will even have the latter singing her famous (or infamous) version of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

Also of note, the film producers are rumored to be planning a crossover with other films like Taong Alupihan which I already wrote about in a previous article, similar to how The Avengers films turned out and the planned beginning of the Justice League films that will feature both Batman and Superman.

See you at the movies!

8 Replies to “Wapak Man 2: Watdapak Man In This Year’s MMFF”

  1. The film industry in this country…LAME!!! I have much respect for those independent film-makers and not those GOD-AWFUL “indie films”!

  2. Bonus points for the said film if Wapak Man’s distant relatives Wendapak Man and Hawdapak Man make a cameo appearance.

    1. Can’t really “kill” something that is already dead; in this case, an undead movie industry, with the mindless and jaundiced zombie masses lapping up on it and all.


  3. Grimwald, salamat po para sa tribute. Gusto ko ang nakakatawang play ng mga salita. Sa kasamaang-palad, I have not seen any of the films you mentioned, nguni’t naiintindihan ko ang iyong punto. Gayunman, naisip ko Pacquiao’s absences should be more applicable to him whenever he is president, since his responsibilities will be even greater. Hahaha!

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