Grace Poe’s Honesty Play Does Not Cut It For Her

Grace Poe

So Senator Grace Poe appears to be bent on challenging Vice President Binay for the Presidency in 2016. Based on the latest surveys, she does appear to be the only candidate at this point who has a fighting chance against VP Binay’s candidacy. While Binay’s camp tries to convince the Filipino electorate that experience and competence should take prime consideration in choosing the next leader of the country, Poe counters that honesty is more important. Of course, everyone thinks that she is alluding to Binay’s alleged record of corruption as exposed by the Senate Yellow Ribbon Committee’s demolition job against the Vice President. But granting, without accepting, that honesty ought to take the top consideration for a Presidential candidate and that only Poe amongst the top Presidentiables has no corruption baggage, does this necessarily mean that Poe is really honest and would look out for the interests and needs of the Filipino people? Let’s examine.

Poe chaired a Senate Committee hearing on the SAF 44 massacre in Mamasapano. After considering all the evidence presented and testimonies of witnesses, she drafted a committee report stating that President Noynoy Aquino was ultimately responsible for the botched operation. Her report was even signed by 20 Senators. However, what is mind-boggling is that up to this day Poe has not brought up the issue to plenary and there was no recommendation to the Ombudsman to charge Noynoy and others like Alan Purisima who were deemed liable for the tragedy. Poe claimed that it was up to Congress to make PNoy accountable through impeachment as the President has immunity and cannot be charged. So how come she signed the committee report recommending that Binay be charged of plunder when Binay is also an impeachable official just like the President?

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Poe also stated that she was willing to amend her report on the Mamasapano fiasco if PNoy would provide new information and if the information is backed up by evidence. She went on to say that:

“Because we are co-equal branch of government, we did not send an official letter questioning the President. If he has statement, we will accept what he would say regarding this matter.”

So the President was not issued an official letter regarding the botched operation and I don’t believe that her committee invited the President in the Senate. Although Poe said she wanted to know more information about the incident directly from the President, she also added that there was no need to invite the President to the hearing. So how come she wanted Binay to attend the Senate inquisition to shed more light on Binay’s corruption issues but not PNoy who belongs to the same co-equal branch of government? Besides, didn’t Binay submit an affidavit to the Senate refuting all the allegations thrown at him? Didn’t expert testimonies coming from Pag-Ibig, BSP, representatives of the builders of Makati City Hall 2, and other businessmen attended the Senate grilling and didn’t their testimonies (and other documentary evidence presented) supported Binay’s claims? Didn’t Binay’s co-accused son, Mayor Junjun Binay, attended the Senate to answer the allegations but was only bullied by the demolition troika of senators? Did we hear any objection from Poe on how Mayor Junjun Binay was treated? So why is it okay for Poe to give a pass to PNoy (her benefactor) but not Binay (her main competitor for 2016)?

On another front, where is her enthusiasm to hold alleged wrongdoers accountable for the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam, both of which the Supreme Court has declared to be unconstitutional and up to this day not accounted for? From what I recall, there was only one session of hearing for that case yet there was no outrage from her?

If the definition of honesty includes fairness and straightforwardness of conduct as well as adherence to the facts, can we really say that Sen. Grace Poe is honest if she appears to have disregarded VP Binay’s affidavit and taken as undisputable facts the mere testimonies of VP Binay’s detractors that are (at this point) based on hasty conclusions, inadmissible evidence and malicious narratives? If honesty ought to be considered with competence and experience in choosing the nation’s next leader, then it appears that Sen. Grace Poe is lacking on the three.

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23 Replies to “Grace Poe’s Honesty Play Does Not Cut It For Her”

  1. As much as we wanted to have an honest politicians who can fulfill his/her sworn duties for the good sake of the people but honestly is just a ‘myth’ (here) in the Philippines. Honestly, only exist in dictionary, what we really need right now are sincerity and competent on doing the right job and knows the angles of the severe/rooted problems plaguing our nation…if Poe can tell us how to solve or knows how to do it, she will have my support but for now she just as lame as BS Pinoy who talked too much but no hard actions and punches. What a poor woman, I think this woman will end up like other women in the Senate such Loren Legarda, Coseteng, Oreta and Cayetano who has no bearing or importance in the our country; such as waste of our taxes for these lame women.

    1. Hi CHRIS,

      Honesty and sincerity seems to be the favorite card politicians play during elections. This could be because it sells to the electorate as the people are just fed up with all the crooks in government. The problem is, while the people are good at whining about the injustice and corruption of government officials, they ultimately base their choice on who the “lesser evil” is. The problem with Filipino voters is that even with the principle of “lesser of two evils”, they seem to be myopic on the concept of evil itself. They think that “evil” in the sense of governance is merely about self-enrichment at the expense of the tax payers. But the principle is really about being given a number of choices and which of the options which is not as bad as the other options should be chosen over the rest that offer a greater threat. So aside from self-enrichment there are other evils to consider such as inexperience, underachievement, incompetence, etc. So we can end up choosing an honest and sincere politician who is inexperienced or is an underachiever and incompetent who may likely turn out to be an awful leader or manager. You may have an honest and sincere leader but if that leader is incompetent then wouldn’t the poor performance of the country in terms of important issues like the economy, security, social services, international relations, etc. brought about by a leader’s ineptitude be a great threat as well? For me most (if not all) politicians are corrupt or corruptible (at the very least). So why not consider someone who at least has a good track record for governance? I’m not necessarily advocating for Binay but between Binay and Poe, I think it is riskier to have Poe as our country’s leader given her inexperience and thin executive governance record.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. She is a double blade woman and a new member of the bandwagon shit women Senators doing nothing in the Senate. Her honesty has been gauge to be like an ice melted in the open field when she headed the mamasapano fallen 44,investigation wherein after Malacanang have pressured her, she buckle down to the knee of Pnoy and not to the people to whom she ought to serve. I wonder how she became a woman of what she is now should the name Poe have not happen to attached her whole life. No to her personal ambition to became President. She has no word of honor and therefore she has no good moral to fit to the highest seat of the land, for she will only add the already ruinous corruption in this country.

    1. Nah, you couldn’t. You simply couldn’t sink to the required level of nitwittery that would get the average voter to identify with you. The Filipino won’t vote for an intelligent, competent politician because he (or she) will point out their failings and challenge them to do better, and that’s the last thing they’re interested in. Bahala na!

  2. Hector, your definition of honesty is IDEAL but not REAL..

    The content of this article demands perfection which does not exist anywhere. And i believe that you are aware of ‘such’ more than us because of your leading and well done writing skills.

    The REAL world of politics hunger for less evil leaders and the Filipino people deserve ‘one’ – it is long overdue!

    Now tell me, which would you rather have? A less honest neophyte politician who is inexperienced of corruption? Or a veteran of manipulative deceits and denials who knows how to delay and maneuver justice?

    1. Hi Marigal,

      I agree that Filipinos are often left with choosing between who the lesser evil is. But as I told CHRIS the problem is the very narrow view on “evil” in the context of politics. I would argue that “evil” should not only be fixated on corruption as evidenced by self-enrichment at the expense of the tax payers. I believe that “evil” can also be in the form of incompetence and inexperience when it comes to governance. Both forms of “evil” offer risks to the people. I believe that most politicians (if not all) are corrupt or corruptible. As I have shown in the article, Poe’s “honesty” can also be questionable given the fact that with all her pretentions about honesty and independence she seems to be acting with partiality in favor of the yellows. In terms of corruption (or corruptibility), to me both are smeared. So between Binay and Poe, I would consider who among the two (at least) can offer the country a better or more promising economy, more security for the nation, and better government performance. The reality on the ground is that you measure success (or potential for success) by looking at relevant achievements and track record. For a top executive position, I would argue that Binay has more experience and success to show for than Poe. Even Poe knows and acknowledges that.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking

  4. Boston College graduate and lived/worked in the D.C. area. Already light years ahead of her presidential competitors when it comes to sitting down and reading a book. But can she truly be the leader of a country? Hmm dunno.

    1. Being a graduate of an American College or University, does not Mean a Thing. Being Honest and Loyal to your country and your people, are what count in this Presidential election.

      Enrile is a Harvard University graduate, and he is the most corrupt Filipino politician. Enron’s CFO Skilling was a graduate also of Harvard University. He cooked the Accounting books of Enron Corp; and is now in jail…

      1. I would like to know Ms. Grace Poe’s stand on the Land Reform Program. The Land Reform Program was shelved by Aquino, during his term; to protect his Hacienda Luisita.

        What will Ms. Grace Poe do, with Hacienda Luisita? We want our nation to get out from Feudalism…

        We want direct answers to these questions…

  5. I believe Grace Poe is a candidate of Aquino, to get Aquino off the hook; when Aquino will be out of power.

    Treating Aquino with “kid’s glove”, over the DAP, PDAF thievery of Aquino and his cahoots. And, letting Aquino and his cahoots, not responsible for the Mamapasano murders, Raises Questions of Poe’s: loyalty to the Filipino people; her Honesty to tell the Truth; and Her sense of Fairness. It raises a “Red Flag” on thinking Filipinos, who have some bit of common sense. They are not naive.

    What is Ms. Poe’s stand on the BBL Law, that Aquino railroaded as Law, to give funding to the MILF/ISIS/aL Queda in Mindanao?

    What is Ms. Poe’s atand on China, building military facilities on Spartly Islands?

    What is Ms. Poe’s stand on China grabbing island to island of Philippines territories?

    How about the Sabah claim t, that waa throwqn in garbage bin by Aquino?

    Ms. Grace Poe; there are many Filipinos who are more intelligent than you, and who are loyal to their country. And, they are watching you. They will inform their fellow Filipinos, regarding your honesty or dishonesty.

  6. why they’re going to disqualify Mary Grace Poe to run in a presidential race? isn’t 9 years and 6 months = 10 years?

  7. If this Grace woman gets too honest she will get killed, its a fact.Look at the guy in the plane crash in 2010, and the guy that got dumped on the airport Tarmac,like a dog turd.Watch out Gracie, the truth will set you free,but can also get you killed.

  8. Oh, wow! She’s everywhere making noises. Poe and Binay. Duterte and De Lima. While in other country they talk about platforms near election season, in ours it’s about showbiz politics. No platforms and notable works speak for them so all they got is demonizing each other at pataasan ng ihi.

    1. Oh yeah. Almost one year pa pala bago ang eleksyon and surely magkakaron pa ng bagyong singtindi ng Ondoy, Yolanda at Pablo at mayro’n pang predicted earthquake at BBL na minamanipula at 3milyong napakahihirap na Pilipino at milyon-miyon ding unemployed at employed lang dahil OFW etc etc and what do we have here? Quarrelsome government officials headlining the news again!

  9. It’s funny how she’s redirecting the pressing issue of her citizenship and residency with her telenovela-like foundling past.

    Just be honest, Sen. Grace Poe. Respect the constitution.

  10. If Poe is honest she should introduce her biological mother. I am sure she knows her. But she ignore the Filipino people’s qualm about her parentage, how could she be trusted as a leader when she is so unknown ? As though she just stumble upon the Philipines politics and she consider it a lucky break rather honestly study the situation and ask herself ‘ why me ? Do I deserve this honor while there are more deserving pinoy who serve the country for a longer time? Me just happened to vacation in the Philippines but spotted by a talent scout who loves showbiz ? Look at Paquiao ! I really don’t have a clue.

    1. Look who’s talking about honesty. A dishonest lady who lack residency requirment to run for president. She also denounced her filipino citizenship. By now, she must already know who are her biological parents. Because how can she run the country if she doesnt even know herself. Come on be honest. Let the people know who were your biological parents are.

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