The Dangers of Social Networking

It’s common knowledge by now that Filipinos are one of the top users of social networking. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, you name it, there will probably never be less than a few million Filipinos using it. When once, people simply traded messages on email, people today display pictures, play music, show videos, notify people of their current mood or activities and play videogames through social networking. Heck, social networking probably played a large part in putting together GRP.

social_mediaThere’s nothing wrong with using social networking. I have a Facebook account too, actually. In fact, I have more than one. However, the question is, just like in topics regarding freedom in the Philippines, do we know how to use it wisely? Whenever we post something on the internet, do we actually take time to consider what our post may mean to others? Is our post relatively harmless or will it end up being offensive to a certain group or individual?

These are only some of the questions we must consider if we want to know the proper use of the internet and social networking. Take note, I’m not trying to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do on the internet or your own FB or Twitter account. It’s your wall after all, you have a right to put there what you want. However, all I’m asking is that you consider the following before you post:

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What You Post Will Most Likely Be Seen By Everyone

Okay, this is perhaps the first thing you should consider when you put something up on the Worldwide Web. What you put there will be seen by just about everyone unless you tweak your privacy settings and, even then, someone very determined might be able to see your wall and its contents anyway. Consider for instance that Filipino nurse who put up some unflattering remarks against Singaporean hospital workers. One can note that if he had only been more private about his post or decided that it was probably best to have kept it between himself and close associates, perhaps he would still have his job today. Also of note is the fact that I am seeing more and more Facebook users who use their accounts for posting rather inappropriate pictures online. Look, like I said, you have a right to post on your wall what you want and, I will also not be a hypocrite and condemn some of the pretty pictures I see as bad, but I will tell you to post them somewhere else. Remember things like Facebook are a public tool, meaning everyone can see it including children. If you’re the kind of person who isn’t content with just showing off your body in a skimpy swimsuit then I suggest looking for a site that’s more appropriate for that kind of thing.

What You Post Could Potentially Offend A Person Or Group

We all know about the big commotion that happened in France not long ago. An outraged group of Muslim extremists simply barged in on some office workers and shot them dead. While I condemn the act as murder, I will still say that the people who got shot underestimated the possibility that they might piss off the wrong people. Of course, these are extremists after all, but then again I notice a number of fellow Filipinos on Facebook who needlessly and recklessly bash ethnic and religious groups as well as individuals. A lot of posturing is often involved with one spouting nonsense of how superior their religion is to others and one going as far as to insult the dark skin color of local ethnic group they don’t like and compare them to monkeys. Again, I will say that you have a right to post whatever you want to post but do consider how that might affect the feelings of another person and prepare accordingly to how they might react. We here at GRP understand that most people perceive our blog as fiercely critical but we do not support senseless bashing of any group or individual in any of our articles and I, for one, welcome even negative comments that come with sound arguments. Please take responsibility for what you post. While I do not support terrorism, are you really prepared to face a group of them should they appear at your doorstep? Worse yet, would you really want someone to commit suicide because of something offensive you posted?

There Are A Lot Of Less Ethical And Less Sane People Out There

Now, the internet connects everybody to everyone all over the world. It isn’t much of a surprise to think that there are people out there who might not be very nice or not right in the head. You’ve probably seen the Taken films and I can tell you that there are people who have been abducted by slave traders because they shared personal information with strangers. Also, sexual predators prowl the internet so be careful with how you post your children’s photos. I don’t want to make people paranoid but it would be best to keep your personal information hidden and simply send pictures of your children through private messages to avoid untoward incidents.

5 Replies to “The Dangers of Social Networking”

  1. The Worldwide Web was invented by a group of U.S. Scientists. Its purpose was to have good communications, between U.S. Departments; if World War III , breaks out with then, Soviet Union. Its purpose also was for the recovery of the U.S.; after a nuclear strike from the Soviet Union…

    It became a Social Networking tool. So, you have : FaceBook, You Tube, Get Real Philippines, other Web Blogs, etc…including Radical Islam Websites…

    Social Media , like any modern technology, must be used for Good. And, not for Evil…

    Though we cannot control HyperSpace (CyberSpace)…it is the responsibility of everyone using it, to discipline themselves and use it responsibly…

    1. In addition to this blog; the Filipinos are waking up, by participating in social media,website blogs, etc… I never thought, there are really sensible people, who are well informed. and can discuss topics sensibly.

      This is a very good indication. Please utilize the Age of Information…to inform yourself, by
      e books, and other internet media.

  2. -We are still living in the “Dark Age”…Feudalism is still here; serfs , vassals, lords are still here.

    -And the people are that dumb and stupid.

    -In addition to this blog; the Filipinos are waking up, by participating in social media,website blogs, etc… I never thought, there are really sensible people, who are well informed. and can discuss topics sensibly.
    The above statements came from one source. I don’t know when the timeline of it is or how can one reconcile it. 😉

  3. Those who can understand, no reconciliation is

    Those who cannot understand and are too dumb, no reconciliation is possible…

  4. Careful what you say…it will be ised to crucify you on day by your enemies, and maybe even your jealous ‘friends’,lol.

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