Should Janine Tugonon make up with Jaypee Santos?

So what’s the verdict guys and gals? Miss Universe runner-up Janine Tugonon, says it was really just an innocent exchange of Twitter direct messages (DMs) between her and Danny O’Donoghue (singer in Irish band The Script). Boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) Jaypee Santos didn’t think so. From his point of view, the mere act of communicating with Danny indicated Janine’s interest in exploring a potential relationship.

So can texting, messaging, or chatting with other guys (or gals if you are into gals) while in a relationship with another be reasonably construed as straying from beyond the unspoken boundaries of a current monogamous relationship? Jaypee thinks so. Janine doesn’t. Presumably that point of contention was what the argument that led to their eventual breakup was all about.


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Funny though, Jaypee is now appealing to the public not to “take sides”. Pretty gallant of him. It’s the thing to do, considering that in my opinion, he may have been the one who overreacted over Janine’s little text exchange with the rock star. And therein is the crux of it all. Danny is a rock star. I mean, how often do you get to exchange tweets with one? And Janine, after all, just recently earned her celebrity stripes. I’d imagine if I were in her shoes, I’d also need a bit of space to spread my wings. Set them free as Sting once screamed in an angstsy 1980s hit, Jaypee.

But hold on, the assumption at work here is that there is something going on between Janine and Danny. But is this really so? “Stop jumping into conclusions.. Nothing’s going on!!!” Janine tweets. Well that settles it then, doesn’t it? Of course one cannot reasonably expect Pinoy fandom to take people’s words at face value. That’s not how things work in the chattersphere. But Jaypee’s solution is likelier to gain more traction. He believes in the power of prayer; “Trust lang kay Lord.”


And that’s how things get solved quickly. Maybe if Pinoy society mirrors its showbiz world more, perhaps its many issues will get solved a lot faster. Hey wait…

Seriously, Jaypee, boys don’t cry. The best revenge is to succeed — not follow your ex around whining about how stories always have to have a “happy ending”. That’s just sad. Of course it hurts. But then we all know that where there is no pain, there is no gain.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

10 Replies to “Should Janine Tugonon make up with Jaypee Santos?”

  1. What Janine did on national TV is insensitive. Talking about the other guy in front of her BF / ex-BF is an insult. And it is not just talking about the guy but giggling about the thoughts of the guy. It seems like she was going to orgasm while she was telling her stories. I had high respect to Janine before but what she did on national TV is very wrong. Janine is a national figure and should set a good example to our youth. What she did on national TV is immature and childish.

  2. when miriam won 1st runner-up. she was courted by hans montenegro but she rejected him.

    janine shouldnt have done that even his ex-BF looks like “teri onor”

  3. Eh ano naman ngayon! Level up na ng boyfriend komo kilala n cya?! To the ex find a new one n mas maganda! Janine mas gwapo ako dyan kay Script!

    Panoorin nyo nlang tong YouTube video ni Janine matatawa pa kayo!

  4. Wow, I guess Filipino men are insecure and tends to be the jealous type. My friend told me that Filipino men are clingy. I don’t know because I’m not experienced with dating. What I do know about them is that one Filipino guy asked me out and that when he got rejected, he started to pick on me. He is desperate and ask random women out. I don’t know if a lot of Filipino men are desperate and have this Nice Guy Syndrome. All I know is, Filipino men are arrogant and thinks they’re the shit. They think they’re too good.

  5. miss universe Q&A

    Question: Ms Philippines, how do you describe a male organ
    in your country?

    Ms Philippines: Well, I can say that male organs in our
    country are like gossip or rumors.
    Question: How can you say so?
    Ms Philippines: Because it passes from mouth to mouth……

  6. Don’t hate Janine because she’s beautiful. She needs to go with the man who can’t be moved. Not with his ugly, insecure, immature ex bf.. itt will be a fairy tale. Love strikes in no particular time & place if it happens you’ll know it.

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