The Boston Bombing and US government’s history of mass murder

I condemn to the highest degree those bloody bastards and criminal freaks who bombed Boston! There is no doubt whatsoever that such act is an act of inhumanity and indeed a crime against humanity!

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us_military_interventionShame on those evil individuals!

Whoever the devil they are, they are animals of the worst kind!

My condolences to all the victims of this horrible event, namely 8-year-old Martin Richard, 29-year-old Krystle Cambell, and Lu Lingzi, a BU graduate student from China and so as the multitude of people who got injured due to the blasts.

I just hope that the war freaks in the US government will not use this latest terror attacks as another reason to go to another war, the same way that they did during the so-called bombing of a US ship in Cuba in 1898, the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964, the 9/11 event, etc!

For the benefit of the American people and the world public, here’s the partial list of a century of U.S. Military Intervention complied by Dr. Zoltan Grossman:

COUNTRY OR STATE Dates of intervention Forces Comments

SOUTH DAKOTA 1890 (-?) Troops 300 Lakota Indians massacred at Wounded Knee.

ARGENTINA 1890 Troops Buenos Aires interests protected.

CHILE 1891 Troops Marines clash with nationalist rebels.

HAITI 1891 Troops Black revolt on Navassa defeated.

IDAHO 1892 Troops Army suppresses silver miners’ strike.

HAWAII 1893 (-?) Naval, troops Independent kingdom overthrown, annexed.

CHICAGO 1894 Troops Breaking of rail strike, 34 killed.

NICARAGUA 1894 Troops Month-long occupation of Bluefields.

CHINA 1894-95 Naval, troops Marines land in Sino-Japanese War

KOREA 1894-96 Troops Marines kept in Seoul during war.

PANAMA 1895 Troops, naval Marines land in Colombian province.

NICARAGUA 1896 Troops Marines land in port of Corinto.

CHINA 1898-1900 Troops Boxer Rebellion fought by foreign armies.

PHILIPPINES 1898-1910 (-?) Naval, troops Seized from Spain, killed 600,000 Filipinos

CUBA 1898-1902 (-?) Naval, troops Seized from Spain, still hold Navy base.

PUERTO RICO 1898 (-?) Naval, troops Seized from Spain, occupation continues.

GUAM 1898 (-?) Naval, troops Seized from Spain, still use as base.

MINNESOTA 1898 (-?) Troops Army battles Chippewa at Leech Lake.

NICARAGUA 1898 Troops Marines land at port of San Juan del Sur.

SAMOA 1899 (-?) Troops Battle over succession to throne.

NICARAGUA 1899 Troops Marines land at port of Bluefields.

IDAHO 1899-1901 Troops Army occupies Coeur d’Alene mining region.

OKLAHOMA 1901 Troops Army battles Creek Indian revolt.

PANAMA 1901-14 Naval, troops Broke off from Colombia 1903, annexed Canal Zone; Opened canal 1914.

HONDURAS 1903 Troops Marines intervene in revolution.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1903-04 Troops U.S. interests protected in Revolution.

KOREA 1904-05 Troops Marines land in Russo-Japanese War.

CUBA 1906-09 Troops Marines land in democratic election.

NICARAGUA 1907 Troops “Dollar Diplomacy” protectorate set up.

HONDURAS 1907 Troops Marines land during war with Nicaragua

PANAMA 1908 Troops Marines intervene in election contest.

NICARAGUA 1910 Troops Marines land in Bluefields and Corinto.

HONDURAS 1911 Troops U.S. interests protected in civil war.

CHINA 1911-41 Naval, troops Continuous occupation with flare-ups.

CUBA 1912 Troops U.S. interests protected in civil war.

PANAMA 1912 Troops Marines land during heated election.

HONDURAS 1912 Troops Marines protect U.S. economic interests.

NICARAGUA 1912-33 Troops, bombing 10-year occupation, fought guerillas.

MEXICO 1913 Naval Americans evacuated during revolution.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1914 Naval Fight with rebels over Santo Domingo.

COLORADO 1914 Troops Breaking of miners’ strike by Army.

MEXICO 1914-18 Naval, troops Series of interventions against nationalists.

HAITI 1914-34 Troops, bombing 19-year occupation after revolts.

TEXAS 1915 Troops Federal soldiers crush “Plan of San Diego” Mexican-American rebellion

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1916-24 Troops 8-year Marine occupation.

CUBA 1917-33 Troops Military occupation, economic protectorate.

WORLD WAR I 1917-18 Naval, troops Ships sunk, fought Germany for 1 1/2 years.

RUSSIA 1918-22 Naval, troops Five landings to fight Bolsheviks

PANAMA 1918-20 Troops “Police duty” during unrest after elections.

HONDURAS 1919 Troops Marines land during election campaign.

YUGOSLAVIA 1919 Troops/Marines intervene for Italy against Serbs in Dalmatia.

GUATEMALA 1920 Troops 2-week intervention against unionists.

WEST VIRGINIA 1920-21 Troops, bombing Army intervenes against mineworkers.

TURKEY 1922 Troops Fought nationalists in Smyrna.

CHINA 1922-27 Naval, troops Deployment during nationalist revolt.

MEXICO HONDURAS1923 1924-25 BombingTroops

Airpower defends Calles from rebellion

Landed twice during election strife.

PANAMA 1925 Troops Marines suppress general strike.

CHINA 1927-34 Troops Marines stationed throughout the country.

EL SALVADOR 1932 Naval Warships send during Marti revolt.

WASHINGTON DC 1932 Troops Army stops WWI vet bonus protest.

WORLD WAR II 1941-45 Naval, troops, bombing, nuclear Hawaii bombed, fought

Japan, Italy and Germany for 3 years; first nuclear war.

DETROIT 1943 Troops Army put down Black rebellion.

IRAN 1946 Nuclear threat Soviet troops told to leave north.

YUGOSLAVIA 1946 Nuclear threat, naval Response to shoot-down of US plane.

URUGUAY 1947 Nuclear threat Bombers deployed as show of strength.

GREECE 1947-49 Command operation U.S. directs extreme-right in civil war.

GERMANY 1948 Nuclear Threat Atomic-capable bombers guard Berlin Airlift.

CHINA 1948-49 Troops/Marines evacuate Americans before Communist victory.

PHILIPPINES 1948-54 Command operation CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion.

PUERTO RICO 1950 Command operation Independence rebellion crushed in Ponce.

KOREA 1951-53 (-?) Troops, naval, bombing, nuclear threats U.S./So. Korea fights China/No. Korea to stalemate; A-bomb threat in 1950, and against China in 1953. Still have bases.

IRAN 1953 Command Operation CIA overthrows democracy, installs Shah.

VIETNAM 1954 Nuclear threat French offered bombs to use against siege.

GUATEMALA 1954 Command operation, bombing, nuclear threat CIA directs exile invasion after new government nationalized U.S. company lands; bombers based in Nicaragua.

EGYPT 1956 Nuclear threat, troops Soviets told to keep out of Suez crisis; Marines evacuate foreigners.

LEBANON l958 Troops, naval Army & Marine occupation against rebels.

IRAQ 1958 Nuclear threat Iraq warned against invading Kuwait.

CHINA l958 Nuclear threat China told not to move on Taiwan isles.

PANAMA 1958 Troops Flag protests erupt into confrontation.

VIETNAM l960-75 Troops, naval, bombing, nuclear threats Fought South Vietnam revolt & North Vietnam; one million killed in longest U.S. war; atomic bomb threats in l968 and l969.

CUBA l961 Command operation CIA-directed exile invasion fails.

GERMANY l961 Nuclear threat Alert during Berlin Wall crisis.

LAOS 1962 Command operation Military buildup during guerrilla war.

CUBA l962 Nuclear threat, naval Blockade during missile crisis; near-war with Soviet Union.

IRAQ 1963 Command operation CIA organizes coup that killed president, brings Ba’ath Party to power, and Saddam Hussein back from exile to be head of the secret service.

PANAMA l964 Troops Panamanians shot for urging canal’s return.

INDONESIA l965 Command operation Million killed in CIA-assisted army coup.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1965-66 Troops, bombing Army & Marines land during election campaign.

GUATEMALA l966-67 Command operation Green Berets intervene against rebels.

DETROIT l967 Troops Army battles African Americans, 43 killed.

UNITED STATES l968 Troops After King is shot; over 21,000 soldiers in cities.

CAMBODIA l969-75 Bombing, troops, naval Up to 2 million killed in decade of bombing, starvation, and political chaos.

OMAN l970 Command operation U.S. directs Iranian marine invasion.

LAOS l971-73 Command operation, bombing U.S. directs South Vietnamese invasion; “carpet-bombs” countryside.

SOUTH DAKOTA l973 Command operation Army directs Wounded Knee siege of Lakotas.

MIDEAST 1973 Nuclear threat World-wide alert during Mideast War.

CHILE 1973 Command operation CIA-backed coup ousts elected Marxist president.

CAMBODIA l975 Troops, bombing Gassing of captured ship Mayagüez, 28 troops die when copter shot down.

ANGOLA l976-92 Command operation CIA assists South African-backed rebels.

IRAN l980 Troops, nuclear threat, aborted bombing Raid to rescue Embassy hostages; 8 troops die in copter-plane crash. Soviets warned not to get involved in revolution.

LIBYA l981 Naval jets Two Libyan jets shot down in maneuvers.

EL SALVADOR l981-92 Command operation, troops Advisors, over-flights aid anti-rebel war, soldiers briefly involved in hostage clash.

NICARAGUA l981-90 Command operation, naval CIA directs exile (Contra) invasions, plants harbor mines against revolution.

LEBANON l982-84 Naval, bombing, troops Marines expel PLO and back Phalangists, Navy bombs and shells Muslim positions. 241 Marines killed when Shi’a rebel bombs barracks.

GRENADA l983-84 Troops, bombing Invasion four years after revolution.

HONDURAS l983-89 Troops Maneuvers help build bases near borders.

IRAN l984 Jets Two Iranian jets shot down over Persian Gulf.

LIBYA l986 Bombing, naval Air strikes to topple nationalist government.

BOLIVIA 1986 Troops Army assists raids on cocaine region.

IRAN l987-88 Naval, bombing US intervenes on side of Iraq in war.

LIBYA 1989 Naval jets Two Libyan jets shot down.

VIRGIN ISLANDS 1989 Troops St. Croix Black unrest after storm.

PHILIPPINES 1989 Jets Air cover provided for government against coup.

Not included to this list are the US involvement during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, the invasion of Afghanistan of 2001, the Iraqi invasion of 2003 and now, president Obama’s world famous drone attacks to Pakistan, Yemen, etc.

I hope that those bastard imperialist and war mongers in Washington and Pentagon will not use the Boston event as a necessary pretext to bomb or attack North Korea and/or Iran!

I hope that the American public would not be again duped and brainwashed by their stupid, racist and imperialist government!

The American public must seek the truth against all odds amidst the prevailing confusion, the apparent lies, the provocation, the hysteria and the paranoia being fanned by the rightwing-media and the conservative forces in American society!

Hope that they will not support their violent leaders in its usual “jumping the gun mindset” and “going to the war attitude”!

Lastly, I also fervently hope that they will not forget their own stupid and war freak Dubya who lied to them — to their very faces in justifying his war on terror against Iraq — without basis and no evidence at all!

US president Obama said in reference to the said incident that:

“Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it’s an act of terror.”

I agree with him except that; does he also mean those bombs that his government through his executive order drops to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc?

Consider the following conversation below:

Guy 1: I’m really upset about the bombing.

Guy 2: The one in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, or the one the media told you to be sad about?

Hence, the question there is: If the attack is committed against the American people or in American soil, it is an act of terror; but how about the American military’s act of bombing different countries: is that not an act of terror too?

Those bastards who bomb Boston are terrorists, in the same vein, that the United States of America is the NUMBER ONE TERRORIST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WORLD by virtue of their long history of bloodbath, mayhem and mass murder committed against the people of the world!

Sad but true!

I concur with the moving and objective words of Jesse Stout:

“Praying for those in Boston today. For those in Iraq where 20 bombs were set off today. Praying for the 29 that were killed in Somalia because of a bomb set off yesterday. Praying for the thousands of innocent victims of U.S. drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia. Praying for everyone. Praying for this whole world, because every life matters and because they are all equally important!”

The same is in conformity with the statement release by the Bahrain Occupy movement which states in part that:

“We condemn the killing of innocent people regardless of their nationality as we respect and value human life. We practice no hypocrisy in our principles like the US government who supports and practices murder of innocent people in Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia…etc
“An American child is as much of human value as an Afghan child or a Palestinian child or an Iraqi child, and the American people and the world should not only be shaken when an American child is killed while when a massacre against children and innocent people abroad by their government or its allies happens, it goes unnoticed or called collateral damage!”

My heart breaks for those who died and injured in Boston, in the same vein that it pierces and shatters my soul every time an American bomb drops in any part of the world killing innocent civilians, especially women and children!

I call upon the American people to finally wake up and guard their government!

Please do not add up another bloody data to the long, long list of your country’s imperialism, intervention and history of mass murder.

We don’t need your country to guard the world, we urge you to ask your government to guard you and protect your rights!




33 Replies to “The Boston Bombing and US government’s history of mass murder”

  1. Sorry, I disagree with the one-sided tone of the article. I wish the tone of the anti-American diatribe was tempered a bit to invite a more civil discussion.

    1. Marami na palang kasalanan ang US, bakit di mo ibigay yung inambag din nyang tulong tulad nang intervention nito sa World War I para matapos ito, ang pagtulong sa Allies sa World War II para tapusin ang Axis Powers at ang pagtatag ng UN para counterbalance naman po? I’m not an American apologist but masyadong lumalabas yung bias dito. Even those you listed as “COUNTRY OR STATE Dates of intervention Forces” not all of them are of US imperialistic designs alone, some Western Powers plus Russia and Japan also contributed to the list, like the Boxer Rebellion. Better research your data first, daming kulang, at sorry if I disagree with this post, too much one sided.

    1. The tactics you employ against your enemy can be very precise. It’s the difference between dropping a 2,000 pound on a city in Western Asia to kill one terrorist and a bullet to the head or a cell phone explosive detonated by a phone call.

  2. Assuming the citizens of the U.S.A. are ‘duped’ by their gov’t. is as ludicrous as it is insulting.

    The gov’t. does not ask for permission from its citizens to drop a bomb OR when a drone attacks in a foreign country OR when the country goes to war.

    The gov’t. does not ask for permission from its citizens, PERIOD. That does not mean anyone is being ‘duped’.

    The Military does what it is told to do and can not do otherwise.

  3. what a biased article. I admit America is not all that good, but its not THAT bad either. What do you think would happen if the Americans weren’t here? China right at our doorstep trying to steal our islands/territory? Would you rather be under China? If you don’t like to choose since you hate America so much, then try to bring up the Philippines to a superpower status so that she can defend herself and not rely on any country. The problem is that possibility is REMOTE with idiots like you found almost everywhere in the country.

  4. Perhaps the Author should go to the United States and present his case and insults to the American citizens. See how they receive it. And before you go try to get a working knowledge of about how the U.S. Government works. If you think the U.S. citizens have the final decision on anything you are sadly mistaken. Are you advocating the overthrow of the Government? Kinda sounds that way.

  5. strange article.
    3 degrees, but a lot of vitriol.
    i would have expected greater insight creativity and eloquence from someone with masters in philosophy, and degrees in law and politics, than simply using the boston bombings as a route to denounce america as imperial pigs. eduardo can do that!

  6. Go to Wikileaks and Anti-American you will be!
    Wake up my Filipino Brothers/Sisters. Search for the truth and the truth will set you free.

    1. Truth about this passage:

      “‘Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it’s an act of terror.’

      “I agree with him except that; does he also mean those bombs that his government through his executive order drops to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc?”

      This is completely out of context and dishonest. Irresponsibly so. Pakistan, the Yemen, and Afghanistan ALL harbor and support groups that have an agenda against the United States. Put aside the unsubstantiated political rhetoric. The STATED TARGETS of the western democracies are all individuals and groups who have committed and/or facilitated acts of violence and murder against the US and their allies. Are there innocent casualties of war? YES. Why? Because these Muslim COWARDS CHOOSE TO HIDE AMONG INNOCENT CIVILIANS. Their hope is that innocents will be maimed and killed. Precisely so that they can inspire outrage in potheads like Jesse Stout and treasonous celebrities like Jane Fonda. At the same time, these Muslim COWARDS have no real target. The only criteria for you to make it on their hit list is that you are not Arab or Muslim, or that you live in a different part of the globe, or that your clothes are different, or that you bathe and shave your facial hair, or that they thought you may have said something remotely off color at some point in the past thousand years.

      The Boston Marathon was not any kind of strategic target. It was a purely soft target and by bombing it, the perpetrators were clearly not out to achieve any tactical or strategic objective except to instill fear and anxiety. Something that Muslim terrorists (originating from the Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan) have honed to a precise science and encouraged their adherents to do in the form of a perverted religious obligation. They revel in the misery of their perceived enemies whenever tragic events like this occur.

      The “truth” is that it is utter hypocrisy to single out one entity — in this case the United States — without condemning the more horrific monsters in the world with equal (if not greater) venom.

  7. So the US is accused of committing acts that conform to their foreign policy which other nations and peoples oppose. If the British empire were still in existence, they would be the target of vilification. But the US (nor the UK) is not alone in being accused of “atrocities.” Truth be told, other acts of 20th century genocide far outstrip anything that may have been carried out in the name of so-called “US imperialism.” Consider:

    1. Hitler’s Germany murdered 6,000,000 Jews. In all, the Nazis may have killed some 20,000,000 people including Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, Yugoslaves, Frenchmen, and other nationalities.

    2. The Polish government seized the German Eastern Territories at the end of World War II resulting in the mass expulsion of ethnic Germans and German citizens from Eastern Europe killing perhaps over 1,000,000 of them.

    3. The Nationalist government of China under Chiang Kai-shek, murdered as many as 10,000,000 Chinese between 1928 and 1949.

    4. The Japanese (following the concepts of Pan-Asianism promoted by Generals Tojo and Ishiwara) murdered almost 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Indochinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and others during world War II.

    5. 1,000,000 or more Bengals and Hindus were killed in Bangladesh in 1971 by the Pakistan military.

    6. 1,000,000 plus deaths in Mexico between 1900 and 1920, many of them poor Indians and peasants being killed by forced labor and barbaric conditions on haciendas.

    But if the objective is to point out the “truth,” then you must acknowledge that THE PERPETRATORS OF THE MOST HORRIFIC INCIDENCES OF MASS MURDER IN THE 20TH CENTURY ARE MARXIST COMMUNISTS. In practice, communism (and its variants) has only resulted in bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal gulags and forced labor, fatal deportations, man-made famines, extrajudicial executions and show trials, and genocide. As a result, millions of innocent people have been murdered in cold blood. The conservative figure? AN UNPARALLELED 110 MILLION PEOPLE KILLED!

    The Soviet Union is the greatest murderer of all, killing near 61,000,000 people. Josef Stalin himself is responsible for almost 43,000,000 of those deaths. Around 39,000,000 were due to lethal forced labor in gulags and the hard transit to the camps.

    Communist China, from 1949 through the cultural revolution, may have seen over 1,200,000 murdered, making it the second worst murderer. Then there are the lesser murderous regimes, such as North Korea and Tito’s Yugoslavia.

    By far, the most deadly of all communist countries in the 20th century by far, has been Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot and his followers killed some 2,000,000 Cambodians from April 1975 through December 1978 out of a population of around 7,000,000. That means they were killing 8 percent of the population annually.

    Putting it in perspective, communists murdered TWO-THIRDS of all those killed by all governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas from 1900 to 1987 based on available data. That’s several times the 38,000,000 battle-dead that have been killed in all the 20th century’s international and domestic wars. The probable number of murders by the Soviet Union alone — a single communist country — well surpasses this cost of war. And those murders of communist China almost equal it.

    The TRUTH is that MASS MURDER was ALWAYS part of the plan, not just a consequence of policy. Constructing the communist utopia was seen as a war on poverty, exploitation, imperialism, and inequality. This “war” was expected to have its necessary casualties: the clergy, bourgeoisie, capitalists, wreckers, counterrevolutionaries, rightists, tyrants, rich, landlords, and noncombatants that unfortunately got caught in the battle. Millions may die, but the cause was enough to justify all the deaths.

    But real world experience has shown us that even after decades of total control, communism did not improve the lot of the average person, but usually made their living conditions worse than before the revolution. The greatest famines of the 20th century occurred within the Soviet Union (about 5,000,000 dead during 1921-23 and 7,000,000 from 1932-3) and communist China (about 27,000,000 dead from 1959-61). In total almost 55,000,000 people died in various communist famines and associated diseases, a little over 10,000,000 of them from man-made conditions.

    Communist governments have almost without exception wielded the most absolute power and their most horrific genocidal atrocities (during Stalin’s reign or under Mao’s cultural revolution) have taken place when they have been the most totalitarian. It was only when communist governments underwent increasing liberalization and a loosening of centralized power in the 1960s through the 1980s, that the pace of killing dropped off sharply.

    The TRUTH is that communism has been the greatest social engineering experiment we have ever seen. It FAILED utterly and in doing so it killed over 100,000,000 men, women, and children, not to mention the near 30,000,000 of its subjects that died in its often aggressive wars and the rebellions it provoked. Communism is the epitome of mass murder.


    1. Johnny Saint, I was working on an article against the Commies/Marxists… you just saved me a few hours of writing. Hmmm… since you covered the Reds already, perhaps I should think about the jihadists. 🙂 hehehe

  8. from what i’ve known, most of the facts about the US military intervention is true… plain truth at all… but to bring up the topic of “imperialism” is a cliche…

    but well… okay, take down the US imperialism… but dont replace it with maoism or some other red -isms hidden under the reins of so-called patriotism…

  9. Whoever has the ‘POWER’ in a country controls the wealth of the country.

    The form of government in place is just a way for the GREEDY to get what they want: the wealth of a country and its people.

    An examination of political ideology is not necessary to realize the one thing all of the ‘ism’s have in common: GREED, Corruption, Cronyism and the absolute ruthlessness to crush anyone or anything that challenges the established order.

    The USA is just a li’l nicer about it.

  10. This article has WAY too many histrionics, exclamation points and capitalized words to be considered serious reading.

    1. @Midway

      Don’t wonder anymore. This is how his mind works in defending an argument-


      “Here is my “funny” answers (in parenthesis) to the questions coming from your critical thinking –

      “When both Rizal and Ninoy return to the country knowing for a fact that they may die (which they did), did they committed suicide?”

      (There is no doubt about their concern – just like us when crossing a busy road. They were not expecting to be killed on sight. They expect to present their case to the people and be judged by the power that be accordingly which could be freedom or death.)

      “When King Leonidas with his brave 300 Spartans (with some other Greek warriors) stood up and fought against the Persians, knowing for a fact that they will all die; did they consciously and intentionally preparing for suicide?”

      (They have PREPARED for a battle CONSCIOUS that it will cost their lives.)

      “When a revolutionary decided to launch the insurrection without knowing whether they will win or fail; are they committing suicide?”

      (Duh? A revolution without an objective? The school where you have studied should disown you for having that kind of logic.)

      “A man who is about to propose to a girl that he loves her, knowing for a fact that she may busted him; is the boy committing suicide?”

      (The school where you have studied should disown you for having that kind of logic.)

      It will be a suicidal for me if I go on and on in mocking your “critical thinking”. I might die laughing.

      As for the papers you’ve written, what are they?

      Have they saved your employer from a million dollar litigation or losing a million dollar business from a customer?

      Or are they written just to massage your ego?

      I can picture you as a fat dude with a broken spine due to your excessive patting of your back every time you write something.”

      And be careful once you refuted his argument. He would ask his friends in anonymous Philippines to know where you’re located.

      Check the link.

  11. To those complaining about the “biased” article, wake the f#ck up. Don’t buy what the US gov’t says when it claims to be spreading democracy while pillaging other countries.

    As for the American public, the OP is showing extreme naivety. The American public bought the line of Saddam having WMDs and hosting Al Qaeda ten years ago. I’ve been living in the US for close to a decade and a half, and white Americans and brainwashed minorities feel entitled to intervene and pillage the lands of others.

    Feel sorry for the Sikhs, Indians, and other minorities in the US when their fellow Americans attack them in retaliation for the works done by Al Qaeda and the Boston bombers. Just four or five months ago, an Indian American died when pushed off the train platform by a woman who was mad about the 9/11. Last August, Sikhs were massacred by a neo Nazi/KKK just because they were not white.

    1. Cardcrusher, are you still in the US? If you think the US government is so evil and if you think the people are so dumb, then you can exercise your freedom in America to leave the country. You judge the US for having attacked Saddam after discovering that he had no WMD but you fail to acknowledge that it was Saddam himself who was saber rattling and bragging that he had WMD. Even Democrats (including Hillary Clinton) was convinced, based on the intelligence report given to them at that time, that Iraq had WMD. You also fail to see how America has liberated Iraq from the oppression of a ruthless dictator like Saddam. Sure, Iraq is in shambles after overthrowing Saddam, but it now has a chance to rebuild outside of Saddam.

      You are correct that the American citizens have a means to influence government policy but not everyone sees America the way you or the OP see the country to be. Americans have different values and different levels of patriotism. You may be an oikophobe like so many left wingers but not all Americans share your view. You condemn America for the many horrors of the world yet you do not see America’s contribution to the liberation and building of other nations. You cite instances of racism yet you fail to see that there are millions of Americans who do not agree with such horrible acts as well. It is quite disturbing that you speak as if all (white) Americans are a bunch of neo Nazis or KKKs.

      We can grant that America has done horrible things, just like many other powerful (and not so powerful) nations have done. But that doesn’t justify what the perpetrators of the Boston bombing did. You are free to influence your representative in shaping America’s policies… they are the ones who make legislations that determine policies. Let there be an exchange of ideas, debate about values and priorities but please talk about the issues and how our ideas would work instead of merely vilifying the people who don’t agree with your views and those who love the country more than you do.

      1. Hector

        The US was instrumental in toppling the democratically elected gov’t in Iraq, and replacing it with the Saddam regime. So don’t mention rebuilding and liberation done by the US gov’t to other countries because the US gov’t interferes to serve US corporate interest even if it means the death of millions.

        Which brings me to the next point, you are insinuating that I leave the US. Yet you advocate the exchange of ideas and debate. So does it mean that you are only interested in debate and exchange of ideas if the views advocated do not criticize the interventionist and destructive actions of the US gov’t.

        As for the racial nature of my post, why don’t you refute the facts I brought up. Sikhs, Indians, and other minorities in the US have been killed by white Americans who are angry about terrorist attacks done by Islamic terrorist. Did those white Americans kill “Islamist”? No, they killed an American racial minority simply because the white American killer cannot distinguish between a brown non Muslim and a Sikh/Indian.

  12. This article is complete and utter garbage! 5% of “lets blame the US for each and every bad event since 1776 (omitting the records of OTHER countries) and 95% Cut & Paste!

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