Kris Aquino frock reveals her inner character!

Check out the outfit presidential sister Kris Aquino wore on the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival awards night. Hubba hubba! I’d say that’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen but considering the night came and went without much further buzz, it seems the getup held together.

[Photo courtesy Showbiz Government.]

Say niyo?

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anne_hathawayI wouldn’t say the sight as that shocking. Kris is a movie star. Movie stars wear frocks like that. Stars like Anne Hathaway routinely get away with walking on the red carpet with their puppies half-showing. What’s the big deal?

Ok, she’s the president’s sister too. But then this is a president who just recently thumbed his nose at the Catholic Taliban by signing into law the much-debated “reproductive health” bill — a law that according to Filipino bishops will damn the nation to a fiery eternity. So the President gets a free pass from being judged for having a sister who goes around in outfits that induce impure sinful thoughts in the minds of many Pinoy red-blooded males.

That’s entertainment folks! πŸ˜€

48 Replies to “Kris Aquino frock reveals her inner character!”

  1. Kris aquino wins award for over-exposure

    Middle aged women should not display their mid-life crisis in public.
    Fashion tip – when they go south – cover up.

    We have had the full hathaway.
    Please no full kris aquino – i think enough men have already seen it.

    Another desperate attempt to get attention. BPD kicking in.

  2. Kris Aquino could walk around in a see-through dress for all I care. She is a pretty woman yes, I’ll give her that. But she doesn’t exactly inspire “impure sinful thoughts” in my head. Sexiness is not just looking sexy or hanging your boobs out for all the world to see. It’s a different attitude that somehow Ms Aquino just does not seem to have.

    1. In fairness to Kris, she still looks smooth and young right there. I agree with you.

      I also agree with you that Kris shouldn’t expose herself like that, and also on the grounds of fashion. She’s fat, for Christ’s sake. Hindi bagay sa kanya ang gown na iyan.

      “Sexiness is not just looking sexy or hanging your boobs out for all the world to see. ItÒ€ℒs a different attitude…” Indeed, it’s all how a woman carries herself. I see no neck plays and S-shapes and curve emphases and the arms are outward, like a man. And especially the voice: boses-paniking conyo: big turn-off. Yeah, even sensuality gurus Patty Contenta and Rori Raye would rate Kris down.

    1. Whattaya mean??? Kris has always conducted herself properly and consistently with her mother’s saintly image. She has always been appropriate with her virture and a true family woman. What? She has not? Wait just because you are a child of Ninoy and Cory does not make you moral or proper or competent? What does that say about Noynoy?

        1. Noynoy could walk down Ayala Avenue at high noon in a two piece bikini (how is that for a visual?) and I bet Conrado De Quiros, Bill Esposo , ABS CBN , PDI etc will think of all sorts of excuses trying to convince the public they did not see what they saw.

        2. @Gogs

          “Noynoy could walk down Ayala Avenue at high noon in a two piece bikini”

          It will be labeled as government transparency

      1. Ed,

        Do not suggest a mental image like that of BS Aquino ever again, please. πŸ˜› If he does do that, though, I would shoot him on sight.

  3. Probably it has something to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of my monitor. If not, it very much looks like she has sagging breasts, both her right and left breast. This is even better visible in the second pic. Not very sexy nor attractive. Hence a big huge turn off.

    1. Reminds me of the song in south park…what was it called? Oh yeah, ”kyles mom is a big fat b*tch in the whole wide world”
      Just replace ”kyles mom” with kris aquino and it would still be the same song. LOL

  4. Only in da Pilipins is that kind of sight “shocking” and acceptable at the same time, what with the hypocritical conservatism that Pinoys show.

    Tawag sa ganyan, lollipop ;p

  5. Forty one years old and still trying to be the center of attention! πŸ™

    Will someone please put this diseased cow out of her misery!

      1. Tits or either your nose is getting longer. Oh wait it’s from your propaganda BS news pala owned by one of kris’s mafias.

      2. sendonggirl,

        I paid exactly the amount of income tax the BIR requires from me.

        BTW, sucking up to the president’s bubble headed sister does not put you in her clique you contemptible little paramecium.

    1. Yes, sensible fashion advice states that women with big boobs should in fact, cover them with tight shirts or uppers, in order to make them a little more proportional to the body. That and her belly. It’s too big. My eyes. *burns*

  6. 5 points I am taking from this picture…

    1) That hair needs plenty of working with to divert attention from Kris’ chubby jaws and double chin.

    2) Make-up should have considered adding depth and contour to her neck, collarbone and shoulder blades!

    3) That gown is hideous!seriously…long sleeves?! all eyes are already diverted to Kris’ screaming puppies and double chin action no need to hide her flabby arms!!

    4) Well-maintained skin is her right to flaunt…obviously she spent a fortune on it. I just hoped she opted for classic and tasteful backless instead of this.. hideous front-less(?) attire.

    5)Camera man seem to have captured the worst and distasteful angle. we all know that she is no-Beyonce Knowles but still, she has the right to Fashion.(this case.. tasteless but still…respect) ^_^;

  7. Hmmm… the dress imho, looked liked it was torn apart due to her full figure than it is tailored to make a slender emphasis on her chest and shoulders.

  8. We are supposed to be against sexual immorality and even with just a cleavage showing gives the wrong mind set and IS the wrong mind set. Fix it! All of you Filipinos blamed the U.S. Military for the strip clubs running but come on now.. get real…

    1. What about personal individual freedom and the choice to wear what somebody wants? You want a law that forbids women to wear clothes showing cleavages? Just because you are afraid you might get an erection? That is living like in Afghanistan. Come on, you are already living 50-60-70 years backwards compared to the West.

  9. The Kardashian sisters auction their used panties on E-Bay for those maniacs in America who get their high sniffing bodily fluids. It’s not even news. British actress Helen Miren is 64, wears deep V-cut gowns showing her boobs and nipples gets praises for her confidence. I think Kris Aquino’s gown is conservative.

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