‘Amalayer’ girl Paula Jamie Salvosa should have Tagaloged when she Englished

Perhaps Paula Jamie Salvosa, a.k.a. the Amalayer lady had a bad day and navigating the steaming chaos of one of the LRT stations in Manila’s train system is not exactly the best cure for a shitty day. But I can’t help but think back to how the Japanese, in their direst days following that really big earthquake and tsunami last year that leveled entire coastal cities there, remained the same reserved and composed people that they are.

So while I agree that many Netizens may have jumped at the chance to perhaps unfairly judge Salvosa based on a seconds-long video of her loudly berating a security guard at an LRT station, the fact is that between her and the security guard she was the noisy one. Many of us get judged on the basis of unintentionally noisy bodily functions — a loud fart or burp, continuous uncontrollable coughing, snoring, or a big splashing sound in a toilet cubicle. Life’s not fair. Having a bad day and a bad experience may be an excuse for a loud tirade, but you will be judged as the bad guy if the people around you maintained the presence of mind to remain hushed.

Goes to show there is never a wrong time to exhibit good manners. An inclination to err on the side of reservation, I believe, is the foundation of good manners. When you are raised well and bred well, that inclination is second-nature. For some of us unfortunate enough to have been raised on the other side of the tracks, maybe it can be learned. To the bottom-feeders, on the other hand, reservation is an alien concept.

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Paula Jamie “Amalayer” Salvosa was entitled to a loud protest if, in fact, she was handled roughly by the security guard as she alleged in an interview

“Tapos, ito ‘yon, hinablot niya ako sa left arm ko and I don’t know kung makikita pa rin siya but I have a bruise to prove that. Medyo malabo lang siya but I have [a bruise]. Grinab niya ako. Doon pumitik, doon ako nag-snap kasi grinab niya nga ako,” she said.

But to carry on a tirade for what it seemed to me to be another ten seconds or so was what I think did her in and turned the jury’s sympathy towards the security guard. Tough shit, right? Well, we can’t have our trendy 21st Century digital lives and eat it too. Every new thing is a double-edged sword and we all never quite know when these swords will swing along a path that crosses with our necks.

The best defense is a shiny armor, in the form of good breeding, good manners, and a healthily low level of self-importance. We are, after all, a nation of 100 million. No one of us is really that important in the bigger scheme of things to be spared the harsh scrutiny of our judgmental society. So Ms Salvosa, though you could be spending the next several weeks (or even perhaps the rest of your life) gnashing your teeth about how “unfairly” you are being treated online or how much you are a victim of “cyber-bullying”, there may be some chance that you’d pick up the only real lesson from this experience:

Choose the occasions to exhibit your English language skills wisely.

As boss Benign0 say

Whatever. The point is, composure under duress is what separates rare class from common crass.

Have a nice life! 🙂

136 Replies to “‘Amalayer’ girl Paula Jamie Salvosa should have Tagaloged when she Englished”

  1. I am with Ms. Salvosa on this one. Security personnel should be trained to do their job without physical contact. Nobody is allowed to invade one’s personal space without permission and Ms. Salvosa is within her right to protest and protest loudly.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Another point to raise: If there is someone to initially vilify, it should be the Youscooper who took that video. Amalayer may have been right about the lady guard grabbing her arm, still the Youscooper hasn’t covered it; therefore putting her in a bad light. Whether the Youscooper got late and had to help himself with that remaining content, the fact remains that he hasn’t covered it completely. In my book, that’s biased journalism, and biased journalism is one of the things we so hate about news authorities like ABS-CBN.

      1. ABS-CBN is hardly a credible authority on anything except yellow journalism. Worse, it encourages its viewers to participate in the same irresponsible sensationalism that passes for reporting these days 🙁

    2. may pinag-aralan si Ms Salvosa… she could do better than that. naisahan tuloy siya ni lady guard.

      the difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

      may pinag-aralan nga si Ms Salvosa but her attitude dragged her to a mess. naisahan talaga siya ni lady guard

      why not make a formal complain, Ms Salvosa and make it documented, validated and verified tapos i-post mo rin sa internet to ‘return the favor’. malay mo

      1. Attitudes can change instantly, especially in stressful situations. Actually I think this is being blown way out of proportion. This kind of thing happens every day everywhere in the world. Like it or not it is just human nature.

        1. I agree, Bill. Too many things happening out there that deserve our attention over this bit of fluff. Netizens are giving way too much time to this.

    3. WRONG! Guards are duty bound to physically restrain people from letting them in without inspection or for whatever reason.

      SECURITY in this day and age means… invasion of personal and other spaces for the benefit of all.

      1. Yup, you are one of the folks that will give up your liberty and freedoms for a false sense of security. You must think terrorists are stupid.

      1. I think you are one of the “Sheeple” here that have been conditioned to obey on command. That’s exactly how the folks are in China.

    4. You are with Ms. Salvosa.?? Eh di pareho kayong hindi marunong gumalang ng tao at walang tamang pag uugali!.. “Right to protest loudly” ???
      what a jerk.. magsama nga kayo.

  2. Ahh, a breath of fresh air. I’m comparing this to the other articles I’ve been reading lately.

    Well written and worth reading.

    I agree, in that you just don’t go railing on someone in public like that. The Hulk will always be seen as the bad guy when compared to the dude that’s just standing there, seemingly doing nothing.

  3. I don’t know Kate. Did Ms. Salvosa break any law? It may be that I am American and see this differently. If she was breaking no law the guard had no business touching her. There is freedom of speech, whether you like it or not, but no person has the right to lay hands on you. I have been here awhile now and it seems to me some of these Security Guards think that they have more authority than they really do. Notice the word “some”. I have seen them intimidate folks here for no apparent reason other than they wanted to flex their muscles and be “somebody” On the other hand I have also seen these “guards” run like scared rabbits when the shit hits the fan. I have had the experience of a Security Guard at Pure Gold grabbing me by the arm as I was walking out the door, but all I had to do was look at him and then look at my arm and he let go and said the obligatory “sorry” that I hear so much here. Sooooo, as we say in America, “Shit happens”. This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.

    1. Well, I did make that point where I wrote in the article that “Salvosa was entitled to a loud protest if, in fact, she was handled roughly by the security guard as she alleged.” And i emphasized that my opinion is based solely on what I saw in the video — a loud Ms Amalayer and a low-voiced security guard. Between the two, it’s obvious that the louder one was the main subject of the video.

      As you yourself demonstrated, one silent look did the trick in your case. Class versus crass. That’s the issue that I focus on here.

        1. Did one or the other use a cell phone? Maybe deLima has again violated a Supreme Court TRO and deLima (without getting court permission) has begun listening to those devices that can do instant messaging and e-mail.

      1. The video isn’t placed in any kind of context whatsoever. The viewer can’t tell what happened before that may have precipitated the altercation. All we can determine is that the person/s who made the video went out of their way to mock Ms Salvosa. But no one seems to want to discuss that fact.

      2. I think the reason why the “look” did the trick because Bill is American. We all know how better we treat foreigners compared to our own. Plus, its more convenient. No “nosebleeding” necessary.

      3. Wielding the English language is like wielding a gun.

        An amateur who plays with it is likely to just end up hurting herself. But an expert professional, can rob a bank with one and even get away with it.

    2. Keeping the LRT safe is a bigger responsibility than a guard standing in a store. I would also say they probably have the authority to grab your arm if you don’t submit to security screening. Let’s not forget the Rizal Day Bombings.

      I’m American also but what would happen in a similar situation here if it was the TSA?

      1. Well Paul as you know being an American. TSA cannot pat you down without your consent. You have a choice. The X-ray or the pat down. As you know there are 2 lines at security. One for X-ray and one for pat down. If TSA sees something on the X-ray that they deem out of order they can then take you to a room and strip search you if needed. Comparing Security guards here to TSA agents in the states is like comparing Kindergartners to PHDs

    3. Yes, this is the Philippines and not America, Bill. If you can’t get a ride without a pat down, get the pat down. Follow the rules.

  4. Even in worst-case-scenario, one must not display his/her selfishness… I think the main concern here is the security. As we all know, security guards are hired to make sure our life is secured. It only goes to show, that some of us (barely some of us) does not show respect on others.

        1. Well Golly Gee Whiz Paul. You have the nerve to say that after Students are killed in hazing incidents. Students are subjected to parents pulling guns on students on school grounds? Oh wait, I forgot. Laws here, if there are any are selectively enforced.

      1. Because her demeanor did not observe the proper decorum, values, beliefs, blah blah of the college. It may have also compromised the reputation of the school. Not to mention that she was wearing her school uniform during the incident.–That’s often the case. Philippine Catholic schools, if you know what I mean.

  5. hwag mong ipagwadwarang may “PINAG ARALAN” ka dahil hindi mo naipakita… yes she has her reasons but the main issue here is what made here above ang beyond the lady guard just because “MAY PINAGARALAN” sya. the transport sector has lapses, the lady guard has her own issues, and we all have issues when it comes to personal space and being handled. educated and humble is definitely what shes not.

  6. garbergar,

    Every politician and religious leader wants us to practice “humility” and “contrition.” That way there will be fewer independent thinkers to question authority. Especially when it is misguided.

    Does anyone out there have any information about the incident as to why Ms Salvosa reacted with such histrionics?

  7. Huh, so this is just Carabuena, Girl version then. That’s the problem with video cameras, they can take things out of context. If anything, the main reason why she’s treated like that is because she got caught on camera.

  8. In my opinion, Ms. Salvosa should have remained calm and just talk to the head of the security or the management to complain about the security, by doing so, she would have avoided being videotaped and judged, humiliated, and laughed at. Being students, we must know that it is important to be on our best behavior even when no one is looking at us, and this doesn’t exclude her. My teacher once told me that 90% of the things that are happen to us (good or bad) are not in our control (uncontrollable), BUT the remaining 10% is how we react to what happened. In Ms. Salvosa’s case, the uncontrollable happening is the security guard grabbing her in her arm, and the one that she could have controlled is the way she reacted, and because of her actions she was judged by people who don’t even know her and now probably mocking her by imitating her actions that day . Also, she shouldn’t have mentioned about how she was able to study, because it only made the situation worse, (by studying we must know that we shouldn’t “brag” to other people about the things we have, but rather to be and stay humble… I know that this is inappropriate and immature to say but… She acted so stupid, her grammar was all wrong, shouting “AMALAYER! and OMG!!” Like she’s in the market… ). We must learn to understand and respect each other [Not that Ms. Salvosa did this, but we should not be little other people, because of their appearance, jobs, and how much they earn, because we are all equal] and be a good role model and example to those who are younger to avoid them from going to the wrong path or bad path in life. Maybe, just maybe, in the future, we will be able to work as one.
    P.S. this is only my opinion, so I am sorry if some of you may find this comment too criticizing and a waste of your time. I know that no one’s perfect and from Ms. Salvosa’s mistake, all of us (including her), learn to control our actions and think before we act and speak.

    1. Your heart is in the right place Kaye, but as you grow older that things are not always what they seem, and Unicorns don’t poop Skittles and pee Kool Aid. It’s a hard cruel world out there. It always has been and always will be. Only the strong survive. Natural Selection…

  9. nangyari din sa akin noon sa NAIA terminal 2, pauwi ako ng provincia, ng papasok ako sa office ng airline meron lady guard sa entrance sabi sa akin “oi tatang”, nabigla ako dahil bata pa naman ako eh, pero tuloy pa rin ako sa loob at sinabihan ko ang isang security na nakasalubong ko na pagsabihan nila yong lady guard na walang galang, dahil kasama sa trabaho nila yong pag-galang sa mga pasahero…

    1. Minsan na akong nabastos ng guard ng Bank..It was raining that time so nilalagay ko yung umbrella sa container. Sabay sinigawan ako nung guard “WAG MO JAN NILAGAY! DOON! DOON!”the tone of his voice is really disrespectful. Kaya sabi ko sakanya ng mahinahon “Wag mo ako sigawan. Kaya nga inaayos ko diba”. After doing transaction with the bank. I talked to the manager at dun ako nagcomplain. So what happened lumabas si Manager at sa harap ko kinausap si kuya guard. Pero the guard was saying na ganun lang talaga siya magsalita. At nung kaharap na si Manager iba na tono niya kaya pinaglaban ko na iba talaga tono niya.

      If the lady really grabbed her arms we can’t blamed Paula if she reacted that way. Given the scenario each of us would react differently. Kaya lesson always think sa lahat ng gagawin natin. Whatever it is.

  10. Paula Salvosa has been unfairly treated with this video. I’m sure we’ve all had incidents when a power-tripping guard tried to step all over us just to feel important. If my arm was grabbed maliciously by anyone, I would probably react negatively as well.

    Paula’s candor would be admirable in another context. Filipinos has become like sheep, just accepting crappy service and abuse all the time.

  11. Don’t you hate it when guards at establishments touch you for inspection before entering?

    It’s the worst form of invasion of privacy.

    1. The truth is there is NO LAW THAT COMPELS YOU TO SUBMIT TO A PAT DOWN. We’ve just been accustomed to blindly following what appears to be an authority figure. Try this next time you’re in the mall — insist they use their (metal) detectors instead of a pat down. If they insist gently push their hands away. You are the customer. The mall’s continued survival depends on you spending your money at their establishments. Assert your rights. You haven’t done anything wrong. They’re supposed to the tools they have. Otherwise, getting groped by a security guard is just sexual harassment.

      1. However, a mall is a privately-owned establishment and the searchers are private security officers. Those who enter do so voluntarily and their usual purpose for entering is not of a nature that is of fundamental essence to living.

        Though a train station is a public utility, security measures applied at an airport pretty much set the precedent for similar searches at train stations.

        This is the sad world we live in, unfortunately.

        1. That is true. But by that measure, any place where there is heightened security should be doing pat downs. A country like Israel — which is under a constant threat of war — does not conduct body searches at their public utilities. I think Bill Steffen will attest to this. Instead, they have guards who are trained to OBSERVE. They maintain security better this way.

          Have we any documented proof that this security measure has actually made the malls safer? A colleague of mine some years back came to Manila for a conference and expressed to me that he felt more anxious entering SM than he did traveling in the Middle East. The security check and bag search made him feel more like the mall was a police state than a commercial establishment.
          Obviously the procedures, he told me, were more perfunctory than a real method of preventing crime. They say “Don’t try anything, BIG BROTHER is watching!” If you analyze the security check, there is a lot of truth to that. I usually carry a pocket knife that mall security has never found. A female acquaintance carries around a can of mace/pepper spray (which, coincidentally, she purchased at an SM store) that has never been found.

          And what about the celebrities that pop in every now and then? You ever observe them being searched or patted down? Does this mean that only pedestrians walking in are subject to body searches? Hardly seems a consistent policy.

          The bottom line is that the public has a social contract with the operators of these spaces — both government and private. We public users will conduct our business with them — honestly — and they need to ensure that they provide an environment conducive to doing so. It’s that simple.

      2. Hmmm… There are malls and there are malls.

        There are malls like the one in Rockwell or Greenbelt, where most of the clientele belong to the upper set.

        And there are malls like the one in Recto, Tutuban, and the like.

        The guards in Greenbelt hardly touch customers who look like they’ve just arrived from a short ride from one of the posh villages or just stepped out from a morning at the board room.

        The guards in Recto will most likely zero in on anyone who looks like they’re out to steal stuff.

        1. It still comes down to the effectiveness of the establishment’s security procedures and personnel. I’ve shopped at National Bookstore and Goodwill and, while I didn’t see them, they probably have security mingling in with the clientele to observe. At Goodwill in particular, I witnessed an incident where they intercepted a young man who apparently tried to abscond with a small plastic template from the bookstore’s engineering section, an item worth something like PhP300. The thing fit in his jeans pocket. They didn’t do pat downs at the entrance then. And they still caught the criminal.

        2. And that guy was decently dressed. Like he just came from a college lecture. Not someone “who looks like they’re out to steal stuff.”

        3. It’s not conscious if that’s what your asking, Bill. I’m pretty sure that the majority of Filipinos are NOT fully cognizant of the implications of “profiling” and “racism.” The rest who think they know what they are talking about are probably aping what they see on foreign TV shows.

      3. You are correct I think Johnny. In the US the TSA cannot pat you down without your consent although uninformed folks have let this happen. You have the choice of a pat down or the X-ray. If they see something out of order in the X-ray then you can and must submit to a search. If you want to get on the airplane that is.

    2. On the plus side several malls respect their customers’ privacy. Ayala does not do pat downs. Neither does EDSA Shangri-La. Curiously, while Podium does not insist on pat downs, using detectors installed at the entrances instead, SM guards rudely insist on body pat downs.

  12. @ Kate N.

    Who cares if it’s a no brainer of a subject. Can you blame ABS-CBN for covering nonsense? I think you’re learning how to create website traffic. Good job!

    1. LA702,

      It may be a fluff piece but it can certainly spin off into more interesting areas. Look at Linda’s comment above.

  13. if u dont want to get checked dont go to any istablishment or any transport area were you haved to be checked…no one forced you to go there anyways…ur all retard here …shame on you blaming security personnel for doing their job…!!! Do your part…and obey security rules!!!

    1. The only retard here is you John…. You are one of the sheep that would trade their Liberties and Freedoms for a false sense of security.

    2. btw, it’s establishment and not istablishment. the letter i is nowhere near the letter e on my keyboard. is that a new keyboard you’re using?

  14. Allow me to comment on the article with the issue aside. Good points Kate! Yours is an article with ideas presented well and in a neutral manner. You let your readers see it in a different light. Digging more down deep into the points and not just the headlines.
    May you be always inspired to write forever!

  15. I wish I could say I’ve never lost my temper. I always feel terrible afterwards. Fortunately it is a rare occurrence these days. It can happen to anyone so I can empathize but Ms. Salvosa’s continued arrogance is only making her look worse. Exercise some of that famous Christian humility we always hear about, apologize and move on.

    1. T4Man,

      Every politician and religious leader wants us to practice “humility” and “contrition.” That way there will be fewer independent thinkers to question authority. Especially when it is misguided.

  16. put yourself in the guard’s position. me isang tao na di pinasok yung bag sa scanner at derederetso lng papasok. what if terorista yun? porke kagalang galang manamit at marunong mag engish immune na sa security procedures? kung ako ang guard hahablotin ko dn kamay nya, what if me bomba yung bag at pasasabugin na sa LRT station? paranoid sounding ba? nope, SOP lang yan, wag hayaan makapasok ang di nag papa inspect, so anong karapatan ni amalayer na mag maldita? feeling dyos na dapat luhura ng mga mas mababang uri ng nilalang sa paningin nya?

    1. Apparently you have issues regarding insecurity. 😉 Pare-pareho lang tayong dapat mag-bigay galang sa isa’t isa. Walang kinalaman yun sa pananamit o pagka-bihasa sa Ingles.

        1. And as Bill Steffen asked you before — where were the security guards? Is it your contention that a perfunctory bag check or pat down that does little but cause the lines of waiting customers to grow longer in front of the mall would have prevented the terrorist attack? Or the quick glance they give the trunk of an incoming vehicle? The bombings occurred because terrorists circumvented the security procedures.

          You are delusional to think that the insufficient procedures implemented by the malls will be effective in preventing terrorist attacks. The only thing these will accomplish is to alienate customers.

          Do not equate humility and contrition with subservience. In a society of laws, peace and order are maintained first and foremost because the individual members of the society agree to follow the rules — laws which are considered by the whole of society to be fair and just. Not simply because they are forced to follow the law. In a society of laws the individual also has rights and one of these is the right to question authority, especially when law is perceived to be misguided, abusive, or the law enforcer derelict in the task of carrying out the requirements of the law. That is how the law evolves.

          Your insistence on subservience perpetuates apathy and absolves the individual of any responsibility to participate in the society. Worse, it will lead to dictatorship.

  17. Unfairly treated, cyberbullied or public scrutinied…whatever you call it. It’s still rudeness. I understand that at some point in our lives we snap and things got out of hand. This is our defense mechanism- to get angry. But others won’t and don’t understand that. Yet, it doesn’t give you the license to act like a “freaking” lunatic screaming and getting other’s attention. Both had faults. The best way to deal with this because it already happened is just sincerely apologised and keep QUIET. This incident will pass just like the MMDA incident but it brought her notoriety not fame. It made headline and brought negative reactions to the public. People branded her as a “rude passenger”. Lesson to everyone- even if you’re under a lot of pressure and stress, always stay calm. Easy said than done right? Well, that’s life. This will serve as a reminder that you don’t have the right to put grudge over someone. sometimes, we are the ones who put ourselves into a shameful situation. That’s not something to be happy about.

  18. is it just but Kate Natividad likes to make small issues that actually happen everywhere and anywhere else into a MAJOR ISSUE CONCERNING THE COUNTRY? If Paula Jamie Salvosa’s misbehavior caught on a videocamera is such a big deal to our country, it should had repercussions to everyone but it didn’t. It’s only the classic Filipino “usisero” mentality that got its motors running when the media made the incident such a MAJOR issue.

    You know what Kate Natividad, you are a budding ABS-CBN showbiz exclusive paparazzi. I don’t know if that’s a compliment to you but for me it’s meant to be an insult.

    I thought GRP would continue to produce insightful articles but it seems like it turned out to be a grumpy, old woman with a tongue ready to criticize anything, the SMALL, INSIGNIFICANT THINGS not excluded from the watchful eyes. GRP, you disappointed me!

    1. Actually, I highlighted this and other “small issues” not because of their “repercussions to everyone” (I agree as you said that they didn’t), but because of the insight they offer into the character of Filipinos.

      So the very premise of your comment is wrong which effectively invalidates the judgment you issue vs GRP.

      Keep on trying though. :*

      1. Okay, so this article is written to bring to light an “aspect” of the Filipino character, right? Now why don’t you write another “aspect” of Filipino character which is pagiging “usisero” and “usisera”, and how easily most of us become fixated on a small incident? Don’t you think the mainstream media used this incident to distract us from major issues? And here we have GRP which is meant to inform us the real issues BUT this article had destroyed its very purpose!

        Oh and also, instead of criticizing Paula Salvosa only, you could’ve also criticized the person who took the video! It’s called “Filipino’s misuse of media technology” which is kind of related to the Filipino character of “pagiging usisero and usisera”. But no! In Tagalog, “Nakisawsaw ka lang!”

        1. Your insights about Paula’s behavior is correct but you are actually missing the bigger picture. Why only focus on the “main actor” and not the “director” as well! You see, this is like the classic Hayden Kho case where Hayden and his harem girls were the targets, and NOT the people behind the scenes who spread the darn videos not worth a decent person’s time!

          My point is it’s useless to write something out of small incidents like these because man, “Shit happens everywhere”.

    2. @Migs

      Ahem…isn’t this a collective blogsite? Just because you don’t agree with one writer doesn’t mean you should write off everybody else. We should encourage more points of view.

      Chill out, man.

      More power to GRP!

    3. But you must admit that based on the comments posted here, the article has generated topics worth contemplating. Linda got people discussing whether security personnel overstep their mandate and stray into harassment. And Impaler started off on the deplorable state of Philippine media today. Can’t be all bad if that makes people think.

    4. Still — I’m looking for anyone out there who can tell us exactly what happened between Ms Salvosa and the LRT security guard to cause her blow-up. Was her outburst understandable? Or is she just a pinhead?

  19. Talking about this issue won’t make you rich! Opinions are raised! I think this must no longer be talked about. Many got the fame having the most watched videos on Youtube.

    This is a very common scenario which people got the timing to overeact on.

  20. Okay so I get your point in that an article about an incident no one SHOULD really take seriously had generated intelligent discussions in the comment sections. But still, I don’t see the author’s point in making an article about the incident itself IF SHE could’ve made one more related but more meaningful topic about the mainstream media (which was my point) or its misuse or the misuse of technology or the lamentable state of public transportation, etc and etc, WITHOUT too much focusing on the actions of this girl we actually don’t even know!

    1. Look who’s fixating now. Even after the essence of the message had already been spoonfed to you by your kind fellow commentors here, you still choose to fixate on the delivery style of the author which, by your own admission, was acutely effective in delivering its payload of INSIGHT on the matter of lots of things about Pinoys.

      Pinoy nga naman talaga
      Parang aso
      Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo.

      1. @Benign0

        Delivery style? I’m not attacking the delivery style. I’m all about the purpose of writing the article which is different from delivery style. And my point from last comment is if there’s an incident like this, why not make an article about bigger things that CONCERN the insignificant issue at hand, rather than making conclusion about the “Filipino character” based on a frustrated lady’s misbehavior. Btw, isn’t that the formula of GRP articles before?

        1. But then who are you to question any author’s “the purpose of writing [an] article”? Our authors here, moi included, can write whatever we please for whatever purpose.

          Just take what you get and comment whatever you want. But don’t second-guess any of our authors’ “purpose” in writing what they write. That’s not for you to dictate, dude.

  21. I don’t have to stick your stupid trivia on my mind! HUMAN RACE IS GENERAL! To be a racist is to belittle a certain group of people which you call race!!! NOT HUMAN RACE!

    1. Haay typical pinoy. Proof that you are an anti-intellect and an utak squatter. Saang paaralan ka ba nag-aral at ganyan ang utak mo? So what if we hit our fellow countrymen? We’re still Filipino. If you don’t get the logic go back to elementary. We’re just criticizing what is wrong with moronic flips like you.

        1. Who told you to react on my post? cnung mas ugaling squatter satin? Nagmamayabang ka maxado, e you don’t even know proper punctuations? Smartass ba kamu? Asan ang substance at comprehension mo?

          Get off!

        2. “Who told you to react on my post?”
          Nobody. I’m just one of the followers of this site who reads and sometimes posts opinions about one of the articles and slamming point missers like you.
          “cnung mas ugaling squatter satin?”
          On the contrary, what do you call that hostility of yours to the author and us followers you emo imbecile? And what do you call that text typing of yours genius?
          “Nagmamayabang ka maxado, e you don’t even know proper punctuations? Smartass ba kamu?”
          And you’re doing that text typing again genius. Masyado ka na sa kaka-text ng cellphone mo ano? At marunong ka ba talaga magbasa day? I already said that I’m not being a smartass. Again I’m slamming point missers like you because you don’t give specifics. You’re just whining like a little kid.
          “Asan ang substance at comprehension mo?”
          And why are you being so emo in this site fliptard? Balat-sibuyas ka ano? Nabasa mo ba talaga nang buo ang article? I’m mean look at you. Nakita mo lang kung ano ang negative sa article ambilis mong maapektuhan. Now where is your comprehension emo kid?
          “Get off!”
          While you get lost. This site is not for point missing, hostile, emo kids like you because you’re not being specific that all you can do here is just troll. Don’t believe me? Here is your epic fail one liner reply to Amir Al Bahr:
          “You really did not make sense there!

          MEMA ka kasee!

          MEMASABI LANG!
          MEMAREACT LANG!”
          Ang hirap sa iyo masyadong madrama’t telenovela ang kakote mo dahil tingin mo palagi sa elite ay kontrabida (and I humbly say that I am not an elite. You make another “genius” whining about it, please drink a cup of epic fail). Mods please ban this troll before he/she goes bananas here like a chimpanzee.

    2. Hera,
      If Ms. Salvosa has the amalayer tag, yours would be #ahmeknosins

      That’s “I make no sense” for those who don’t get it.

        1. Sigh, yet another stupid troll who thinks he/she is smarter than us yet he/she is proving to be more of an idiot.

        2. TROLL.

          Anti-intellectual emo prick. 😛 BTW, hindi mo na-gets ang article baka IKAW ang may MEMASABI lang. Gets?

  22. Only in the Philippines that English knowledge is equated to IQ. Only in the Philippines that if you want to impress, “English it”.

    Who cares if one is educated? Afterall, Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates. An ordinary tambay sa kanto can readily show his college diploma. So there is no premium to your being schooled Ms. Amalayer.

    If it is just about intelligence, maybe what Ms. Amalayer failed to realize that there is huge difference between UNEDUCATED and MALEDUCATED.

    1. Nice! Way too nice! Thanks a lot for this one Roi.

      This comment is for everyone to read…

      I know where that girl student is coming from. But what I don’t understand is when she arrogantly boasted the she was “educated”. I still don’t get what that was for.

      What I despise about Filipinos mindset about “education” is they make academics the end-all and be-all of a person’s worth. Hence Filipinos use the catchphrase “walang pinag-aralan” when referring to ill-mannered folks, despite the convention that good manners goes beyond academic upbringing. It’s a rather holistic matter.

      The hell we care if she is academically decourated? Does that mean that differently educated people (i.e. those prejoratively labeled as dropouts or undergrads) have less rights?

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that academics is not important. But to assert such delusional sense of self-entitlement because of academic attainment is just downright abhorable.

      And finally, there is indeed a difference between the uneducated and maleducated. You got that one perfect, Roi!

    2. One more thing… I also agree with you on the English concern.

      I do not understand this whole Filipino behaviour that places an intelligence premium on the English tongue, to the point that some parents nowadays even discourage their children to speak in Filipino.

      Well, quite ironic because I am using English right now. ;-p But let me explain…

      English is something that I find comfortable to use. For all we know, the words are shorter. Like “nakakapagpabagabag”. *whew!* I had a hard time typing that, and we know that a lot of us cannot even pronounce it correctly in one go. But in English I just say “bothering”… darn I like it better! =D

      Filipino language, on the other hand, is something I find sweet, sincere, and sacred even! Like, there was a time I watched the same episode of Naruto twice, one in English and another in Filipino. Oh dear, I like the Filipino dub better! Mas may “sundot” ika nga.

      So instead of saying “amalayer” over and over again, the student should have instead stood still, looked at the lady guard straight in the eye, and said in a stern but composed tone, “So pinapalabas mo sinungaling ako? Yun ba ang gusto mong palabasin?”

      Feel the difference?

      And of course, drop the I-am-educated line. It’s just sickening!

  23. So it started with a supposed opposition to “pat down,” or is it a “bag check.” Well, rules are rules. No bag check or pat down, no ride. Simple as that. No reason to go on a tililing rampage just for that.

    So people hate the pat downs in malls and the train stations. OK, anyone remember where it all started? The 2000 Megamall bombing where someone DIED. Then month later, the LRT bombing in Blumentritt – where many died. I find the checks tedious, but rules are rules, and they’re supposed to prevent another bombing. And they provide jobs for some people, at least.

  24. I agree that she shouldn’t be cyber-bullied for her behavior. Many netizens are really blowing this way out of proportion, as what happened with Carabuena and Chris Lao. None of us are perfect and we can’t fault someone for making a mistake.

    But then again, I find Miss Salvosa’s behavior very arrogant for someone in her position. She could’ve handled the situation a lot better, as an “educated” person would. Crying cyber-bullying isn’t the right way to go. Especially since this “cyber-bullying” was a result of WHAT SHE DID.


    It would’ve shown better form if she’d just apologized like Miss Lady Guard. Then the issue would blow over and nobody would have anything to say about it anymore. Even if lady guard did so and so, and etc. etc. Paula HAD NO RIGHT TO ASK HER TO KNEEL. Her behavior reveals both arrogance and a sense of entitlement.

    As a student myself, I’ve had my share of bad days, bad experiences, whatever. BUT THAT NEVER GAVE ME ANY RIGHT TO BE DOWNRIGHT RUDE TO PEOPLE. As an “educated” person, she should’ve been more understanding. She should’ve seen it as the lady guard doing her job. I mean she just riled up the lady guard and everyone around her with her antics.

    And to people like Paula: even if you were “right” and blah blah blah, sometimes its important to be humble and turn the other cheek. I mean, isn’t that WHAT CATHOLIC SCHOOLS TEACH YOU? Just look at Miss Lady Guard. She apologized, humbled herself. Nobody’s “cyber-bullying” her.

    Sometimes people are just way too arrogant and entitled for their own good…

    1. What Catholic school taught me is that I should stand up for what is right.

      This is ridiculous. We’re debating an issue without all the facts, focusing on one person’s admittedly over-the-top behavior.

      I’ll ask again — Does anyone know what happened that started Ms Salvosa’s tirade?

      1. No Johnny and we are never going to know what really took place, but in fine Filipino fashion they will continue to beat this dead horse to a pulp.

        1. Meghann,

          This video is Aksyon TV’s interview with Ms Salvosa. It isn’t any kind of independent confirmation of her statement. What everyone is looking for is a witness or preferably video that shows clearly the incident from start to finish, not just Ms Salvosa’s blow-up. Just to settle this non-issue. Without that it boils down to “she said, she said.” And a load of malicious cyber-bullying.

  25. No need to prolong the issue…. it’s obviously the after behavior that made ms. salvosa down, i appreciate the author’s point of view, the value of respect esp. self respect matters a lot, it’s not the level of education we have had can bring us to fame but it’s our own little way (of doing or saying bad thing in a proper way) can make the mess…. a piece of advice: ms. salvosa be humble and be careful next time.

  26. Everybody judged Paula Salvosa, called her uneducated and ill mannered yet, they do not see their own actions, making a fan page , uploading her photos and videos and laughing at Paula is not the best way to teach the girl a lesson…she didnt harm anyone physically, there are two sides in every story…and that girl named Czarina Martinez? Who created the parody of Salvosa, sya ang tipong walang pinag aralan..law student pa mandin ata…andaming problema ng Pinas, bat Di kayo dun mag focus…get a life people…tigilan na yang Amalayer joke, its not funny anymore…nakakahiya tayo lalo..

  27. i’m on Ms. Salvosa’s side. Kasi, we weren’t able to see a video of the lady guard’s action or heard what she said against Ms. Salvosa. Kung baga po, kung merong Cam 1 na shots, yung shots of Ms. Salvosa, meron din po sanang Cam 2, yung shots naman po ni lady guard kasi super biased po ng Video ee. It just showcased the bad side po of Ms. Salvosa, na feeling ko po, sa ganung situation, pumutok na po siya eh, and its norms na po talaga satin na pag galit na galit, at sukdulan na talaga, eh magsisisigaw. Whether in what language po, malay po natin kung mas comfortable siya sa English kesa tagalog, ba’t po natin gagawing issue yun dba?!

  28. Sabi nga sa John 8:7-10  But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

    9 At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10 Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

    11 “No one, sir,” she said.

    “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

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