From Corona to GMA: The Philippine Hate-Bandwagon


We have witnessed in the past months how ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona received the lion’s share of jeers and insults from the Filipino populace in the duration of his impeachment trial. He was accused of a whole bunch of crimes, the most memorable of which is betrayal of public trust, judging by inaccuracies in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN). At the moment when the respondent himself faced the Senate court to address his case, Corona couldn’t help but become sentimental regarding the possibly permanent moral damage inflicted upon him and his family by the Filipino people. He expressed his sadness over how people judge him because of his investments, accusing him of being a “thief,” earning him the moniker “Thief Justice” from wannabe satirists from the masses.

In the end, the nation’s wishes were fulfilled as Corona got convicted and ousted from office. But looking back to the debates that ensued concerning Corona’s moral and legal standing, how did most Filipinos voice out their reasons for condemning Corona? Perhaps you might remember memorable quotes like these:

“Tuta kasi siya ni Arroyo.” (He’s Arroyo’s lapdog.)

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“Midnight appointee ni Arroyo.” (He’s Arroyo’s midnight appointee.)

“Marami kasi siyang pera na undeclared, kaya guilty siya at dapat umalis sa pwesto.” (He has a lot of undeclared wealth, so he’s guilty and should be removed from office.)

There is a myriad of attempts to justify Filipinos’ contempt for the ex-Chief Justice, most of which, if not all, have been said again and again, rehashed again and again—with passion. But rarely, if not never, had we seen an actual good argument or position to suspect Corona of betrayal of public trust. If anything, anti-Corona peeps will churn out the old and tiresome rhetoric about Corona being Arroyo’s midnight appointee and whatnot, even though most of them are either lacking in proof, or already debunked.

What’s worse is that some people will just argue based from what they had heard from other people, or from the prosecution panel that combated the Chief Justice (a really terrible source of information). And this is often the case; in the course of Corona’s impeachment, many Filipinos formed their opinions primarily out of what they’ve heard and agreed with it almost instantaneously. It makes you think that, somehow, they must have hated him simply because almost everyone does.

But there is a hate-game that has been around far longer than the one about Corona. This one is very much alive despite the years that have passed, because apparently, people are still hungry for justice. I’m not sure whether there are Filipinos who actually don’t know this, but I am, of course, talking about the intense Filipino hatred towards former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Oh, just hearing that name will piss many Filipinos off already. Some of them might even say something like “the most corrupt president in the world,” “go to hell, you b*tch,” “I hope she rots in jail,” among others. It would seem that GMA-hate has been deeply ingrained in the lifestyle of Filipinos that it is considered a norm; a standard of living. You’re a Filipino if you hate GMA. Something like that.

And what could aggravate the typical Filipino lifestyle more than this recent event; GMA is now free on bail, thanks to Pasay Regional Trial Court Judge Jesus Mupas. We all sort of expected that after what happened to Corona, GMA’s public persecution is just around the corner, but I admit that I didn’t expect things to turn out this way. This is just too much of a slap in the face of those Filipinos who live the GMA-hate life.

To be succinct, many Filipinos were outraged at this news. The air was filled with shouts calling for GMA’s proverbial head on a pike. Some protesters even attempted to stop GMA as she left the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) after her bail was granted.

Angry protesters tried but failed to stop former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from going home Wednesday afternoon after she posted bail.

(Source: Link)

Wow, talk about angry. Now, one might wonder how people grew to hate her so much to the point of resorting to these kinds of gimmick—stopping a sick old woman from leaving. And then the generic list of GMA’s crimes will be cited once more.

Plunder in the NBN-ZTE anomalous deal

Plunder in the illegal use of PCSO intelligence fund

Plunder in the fertilizer fund scam

Civil suits on human rights violations including extrajudicial killings and torture filed by members of the Morong 43 and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines

Criminal and administrative charges against Arroyo’s henchmen in the military and the police on the account of murder, massacre, kidnapping, illegal arrests, illegal detention, torture and other violation of human rights

Administrative and criminal charges against military, police and other public officials liable in the Hacienda Luisita and Maguindanao massacres

Fraud in the 2004 Elections

(Source: Link)

When you put it that way, GMA really does look contemptible. Since the hottest case filed against her is electoral sabotage, we might as well focus on her alleged crime; fraud in the 2004 elections. Electoral sabotage supposedly is a non-bailable offense. However, a court judge has the discretion to override this rule provided that the evidence supporting the case is too weak. Judge Mupas did just that, and GMA got her bail, much to the chagrin of Filipinos whose lifestyles were deeply shaken by GMA’s temporary release.

Unsurprisingly, President Noynoy Aquino and his cohorts quickly shifted to code red, battle mode, or “let’s volt in” mode (whichever you prefer), and contested Mupas’ ruling, insisting that the evidence against GMA under electoral fraud is not weak.

Commision on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes on Thursday said the poll body and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have started preparing their next move against former President Gloria Arroyo, who was released from detention yesterday for her electoral sabotage case.

“Mayroon kaming plano, pag-uusapan namin [ng DOJ]. We just don’t want to give the defense the leeway of knowing what our moves are,” Brillantes told radio dzMM.

Brillantes said he was surprised by Pasay Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 112 Judge Jesus Mupas’ declaration that the evidence against Arroyo was weak, resulting in the granting of Arroyo’s petition for bail.

An electoral sabotage is a non-bailable offense. However, a judge can grant bail if he finds the evidence against the accused of a non-bailable offense weak.

“Eh sabi niyang mahina eh di tatanggapin namin iyan, pero hindi kami naniniwala na mahina ang ebidensya namin. Mayroon pa namang trial on the merits iyan so pwede pa kaming mag-submit ng additional evidence to strengthen the case against the former president,” he said.

(Source: Link)

Furthermore, Brillantes argued that more witnesses have been prepared for the trial, giving the case against GMA merits, followed by a snide remark towards the defense panel which has apparently presented no witnesses so far. This leads me to wonder:

(1) Quality trumps quantity. What is the use of a truckload of witnesses when they fail to shed light on the matter? So far the only testimony frequently considered is that of former Maguindanao Provincial Administrator Norie Unas, which has been deemed as hearsay evidence. Brillantes contested this claim.

He also dismissed the Arroyo camp’s claim that Unas’ testimony that Arroyo masterminded the rigging of the 2007 mid-term elections was hearsay evidence.

“Katabi siya (Unas) ni Gov. Ampatuan nang ibinigay ni GMA ang instruction. Sila ang magkatabi, rinig na rinig niya ang binigay na instruction. Hindi lang niya sinabi na 12-0. Ang sinabi [ni Arroyo ay] kung kailangan palitan ang resulta. Iyun ang masama, ang second portion,” he said.

“Iyun ang ginawa nila eh, nina Unas, Bedol. Iyun ang ibinigay na instructions hanggang sa ibaba eh,” he added.

But this statement did nothing to invalidate the nature of Unas’ testimony as hearsay. Are Brillantes’ claims supported by tangible, visible or audible documents? In effect, what Brillantes did was to confirm the nature of Unas’ testimony as hearsay by saying something structurally similar to what the witness divulged.

(2) Why blame the defense? Who’s trying to prove something anyway? Isn’t it the prosecution, who’s trying to establish GMA’s guilt regarding electoral fraud? Then isn’t it logical to assume that the burden of proof lies on the prosecutors? With that said, what’s the obligation of the defense to present witnesses to counter the prosecution when the latter couldn’t even put up a good fight?

With these said, I have to ask: where’s the merit in all of this?

Meanwhile, the chain of vindictiveness does not end in Comelec, as the Office of the Ombudsman has stepped into the fray to chase GMA ‘til kingdom come.

The Office of the Ombudsman wants Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo rearrested in connection with a plunder case even as the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) appeal the bail for electoral sabotage that the Pasay City Regional Trial Court granted her on Wednesday.

(Source: Link)

And what else does not end? The mass hatred towards the former president. What’s interesting, however, is if you ask them what their reasons are for hating GMA. Most of them will recite by the list of GMA’s alleged crimes that supposedly makes her an evil person, as if they memorized the said list by rote. Now, how about you ask them this: where is your proof?

“Huh, what proof are you talking about? It’s all around you!”

“What proof are you talking about? It’s not as if GMA is responsible for everything happening right now. After all, PNoy is now the president.”

And then, an awkward moment of silence.

Most Filipinos are so consumed with hatred towards GMA, that they forget an important part in despising someone: justifying it with facts and rational analysis. Every now and then you see a bunch of folks burning a GMA effigy, calling for her punishment, and a bunch of folks reciting the list of her crimes. But where is the proof? Where is the proof that can be validated by the courts that can ensure GMA’s guilt?

Apparently, this is the same question Mupas asked himself. And in an objective decision, by lack of strong material evidence, he decided to grant GMA’s bail petition. EVIL!

Yes, evil, as believed by several protesters who tried to block GMA’s departure. Never mind Article III Section 13 of the Philippine Constitution.

Section 13. All persons, except those charged with offenses punishable by reclusion perpetua when evidence of guilt is strong, shall, before conviction, be bailable by sufficient sureties, or be released on recognizance as may be provided by law. The right to bail shall not be impaired even when the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is suspended. Excessive bail shall not be required.

Yes, folks. Bail is a constitutional right. GMA was granted bail by a judge under legal circumstances, and so she has the right to leave. In effect, the protesters are actually attempting to infringe GMA’s rights. What an interesting way of viewing things, eh?

I neither confirm nor deny the allegations against GMA, simply because there is no proof yet. I can’t form a fair and objective judgment in the absence of facts. But apparently, most Filipinos can with clear conscience. That, I believe, is what’s truly evil.

How will you judge someone who hates another person without any firm basis whatsoever? How will you judge someone whose anger is founded not on facts, but merely on hearsay from other people? How will you judge people who judge others in the absence of conclusive evidence? Bad, unfair, maybe evil? Then you’ve just judged the majority of Filipinos who joined the GMA hate-bandwagon.

We Filipinos have this tendency of following trends. Maybe because it’s fun, perhaps it’s for a sense of belonging or something, but this inclination persists in many Filipinos. Moral judgment is no exception, as recent events have shown. Corona was pre-judged through trial by publicity, and was degraded by multitudes of gossipers, eager on destroying his image. GMA was pre-judged for so many years despite weak evidences put up against her, and even became some sort of a cult object for Filipino anger.

Filipinos learned to hate GMA, and later Corona, mostly on the basis of being trendy (like the way how you tweet in accordance to what’s “trending” on Twitter). It’s in to hate GMA, since many people do. It’s in to persecute Corona, since many people do. We might as well join the bandwagon! I see no other explanation; for how can you passionately hate someone for something he or she did, even when there’s no real evidence that confirms that accusation? The way I see it, this can only happen if people are in it for the trend… for the sake of belonging.

In vernacular, nakikisakay lang ang mga Pilipino.

Perhaps, there is some truth in the cases filed against GMA. Perhaps she is indeed guilty of a crime or two. But can we at least be fair enough to suspend our judgment until the hard facts are out? Or is this how Filipinos view justice? Justice based on gossip and hearsay? Justice based on a hate bandwagon on a national scale?

Boy, we sure have a way of messing virtues up.

107 Replies to “From Corona to GMA: The Philippine Hate-Bandwagon”

  1. The Philippines is a country of freedom where the religious are free to hate an individual just because a popular stud says they should.

  2. you just have to read the comments from readers of pro pinoy newspapers to realize how the anti gma put their hatred across without even thinking if what they post have any basis at all. i used to reply to those comments in an effort to straighten out facts but i have given up since realizing that one cannot change the perception of those who blindly take what they read hook line and sinker.

    1. Yellow zombies already jumped off a cliff supporting a moron who they would have never voted for if he didn’t have the right dead mother. After that everything is just justification.

  3. @Phriel

    “The Philippines is a country of freedom where the religious are free to hate an individual just because a popular stud says they should.”

    So you want us to believe that religious are free to hate an individual just because a popular stud says they should.

    I would not contest if you’re correct or not since it’s your opinion. However, I think it’s a guttersnipe for those who are religious.

    For being hateful, sad to say, it’s protected by our constitution – freedom of expression. Everybody has the right to hate.

    We Filipinos have this tendency of following trends.

    1. but there is no reason to hate the president. he has developed our economy, strengthened our military, and brought the trust of the government back to the people. you will never experience that back during her time because all you will hear is about stealing, bribing and killing.

      1. @fishball

        Kapag tinawag kitang bobo, magiging compliment pa para sa iyo, dahil ang bobo may pag-asa pang matuto pero ang tanga, wala na.

        Kung hindi ka ba naman tanga na nagmmarunong babanat ka pa ng mga bagay na wala kang alam ni katiting kundi yung nasagap mo sa tsismis:

        “but there is no reason to hate the president. he has developed our economy”

        Ano ba ang GDP natin bago sya umupo at ngayong nakaupo na sya?

        Ako na ang sasagot dahil siguradong hindi kaya ng katangahan mo na masagot ang ganitong klaseng tanong.


        According to Manila Bulletin:

        “ADB’s Asian Development Outlook 2012 (ADO 2012) said gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the Philippines is estimated to recover to 4.8% in 2012 and 5.0% in 2013, after posting a lackluster 3.7% in 2011.”

        Sa mga katulad mo, mga panlaban nyo sa argumento ang ganyang data. Biro mo, from 3.7 papataasin ni Penoy sa 4.8!

        Pero sa mga nag-iisip (critical thinking), kailangan magtanong muna.

        (Para sa iyo, huwag mong babasahin ng mabilis para kayanin ng isip mo ang ibig sabihin. Kung maaari lamang, paulit-ulit mong basahin.)

        Ang mga tanong:

        > 2011 GDP 3.7% at kinukwenta na magiging 4.8% sa 2012 –

        – sino ba ang may kagagawan ng 2011 3.7% GDP? (Umupo si Penoy 2010).

        – ano ba ang GDP noong 2010? (Wow, 7.6%! Si Penoy ang nakaupo!)

        – e ano ba ang GDP noong ipinasa ni GMA kay Penoy ang pagiging presidente? (8.2%! Hati sila ng performance para sa 2010 period. NANG SI PENOY ANG HUMAWAK – PABAGSAK AGAD!)

        Hindi mo pwedeng ikatwiran na bagsak ang economy ng Pilipinas ng ipinasa ni GMA kay Penoy ang pagiging presidente.

        (More on this on my comments at

        Nakita mo na ang katangahan mo. Kapag makikihalo ka sa argumento, kailangan may baon kang data para hindi ka kutyain at pagtawanan. Kapag may tamang data ka, hindi mo na kailangang magsalita.

        Palpak pa rin ang mga iba mong argumento at sa susunod ko ipapaliwanag sa iyo. Lalo ka lang magiging tanga kapag pinagsabay-sabay ko.

        There is this political axiom in US of A:

        “If Al Qaeda wants to destroy America, they must hurry. Obama is beating them to it.”

        Replace Al Qaeda with communist, America with Philippines, and Obama with Penoy.

        1. Huwag mong pagmukhaing santa si Gloria dahil may kasalanan pa rin siya. Napakaraming proyekto ni Gloria na ating minana ang maanomalya na kailangang ihinto upang imbestigahan tulad ng Northrail na napakalaki ng gastos ng gobyerno, o baka gastos sa kickback. Ikaw siguro ang binabanggit sa SONA, na gustong magutom ang tumatanggap ng CCT at ayaw makapag aral ang mga bata!

        2. @fishball

          Unang-una, mali ba ako na tawagin kitang tanga? Kung mali ako, alin ang mali sa sinabi ko?

          Puro ebidensya na ng katangahan mo ang mga binanggit ko.

          Sige nga, kaya mo bang ipaliwanag ang galing ni Penoy na suportado ng ebidensya.

        3. @fishball: Hwag mong pagmukhang santo si Noynoy. What’s so idiotic is that you worship the Aquino as demigods. We are putting more FACTS in our arguments. So please state FACTS for once and not stupid things such as hearsay, etc.

          The problem is the SYSTEM, not the people in it. It’s not just the president who works the democratic system, fckface.

    2. For being hateful, sad to say, it’s protected by our constitution – freedom of expression. Everybody has the right to hate. – Trosp

      Sad to say, that is not true.

      Nothing in the Constitution that even insinuates protection for hate. That is an irresponsible interpretation of the fundamental law of the land.

      1. @jona-s

        “Section 4. No law shall be passed abridging the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, of EXPRESSION, or of the press…”

        Obviously, if I’ll based it on how the way your mind works, you don’t find the word HATE in that provision therefore it’s not a right.

        Hate is an intense dislike and one has the right to express it.

        Better luck next time dud.

        1. You are assuming something that even the drafters of the Constitution did not think of.

          This is the time for you to lay down your “facts”. Quoting a provision from the Constitution is not a fact, it’s parroting.

          Go beyond the copy of the Constitution and go back on the minutes and interpellation and discussion of the drafters and find out the intent and spirit in the crafting of that provision and tell the people here why “hate” should be read on that provision.

          Until you can do that, you don’t have facts. You just have a guess.

        2. How did you know that the drafter of constitution have not thought of that?

          As I’ve told you – hate is an intense dislike and one has the right to express it. Mahirap ba para sa iyo na intindihin yang napasimpleng bagay na iyan? Am I addressing this to an idiot?

          Are you telling us that nobody here can express his intense dislike?

          Even broken clock are right twice a day. Citing a fact is parroting it. You got it right for the first time. Ever.

          You should know that. You must cite facts verbatim, no more no less.

          You have problem with that dud?

        3. How did you know that the drafter of constitution have not thought of that? – Trosp
          I did not categorically say I know, I just express my knowledge that having read quite a number of materials about the constitution, I have yet to read that “hate” or “hateful” was contemplated on or even considered by the framers to be protected as a right of expression. If you can show me otherwise I’m willing to submit to your opinion.

          Trosp, ‘intense dislike’ though quite similar is different from hate or hateful. Example, you do not just have intense dislike about me, you hate me or have hateful feelings towards me, so you bully me every time you have the chance.

          Intense dislike could sometime extend even a hint of respect and objectivity. Hate or hateful is just that, evil.

          “As I’ve told you…..” – Trosp
          Nope, don’t tell me what you think, tell me what the framers think when they are crafting that provision about ‘hate’.

          Remember your trademark about facts. This is the time to prove it.

  4. He he he…correction. The last line on my comment is not a part of it. It was a part of my comment’s first draft which I was not able to delete.

      1. and you are a bunch of traitors that wants to put down our president who was voted by majority. you are all against democracy

        1. Yes, and being non-traitors means worshipping the Aquino family like demi-gods like you do and the rest of their cronies too. We’ve put out more facts in our arguments against yours which are ridden with nothing more than Yellow Propaganda. Honestly, come at us with facts that actually support your argument for once, instead of derailing or mouthing off about conspiracy theories and crap.

          On your 2nd arguement, it’s hilarious. This form of government you look for certainly isn’t our current democracy. The people make a spectator sport of it, turn into a mob when it goes haywire and lay reason to do such an act as ‘people power’. I guess not following the process and being orderly and upstanding citizens is not ‘people power’ as well eh? We are against that democracy of yours AKA IDIOCRACY.

        2. why disagree? ayaw nyo makulong ang nagbabayam sa inyo na nagpahirap sa aming mga pilipino?

        3. “why disagree? ayaw nyo makulong ang nagbabayam sa inyo na nagpahirap sa aming mga pilipino?”

          So says the OBVIOUSLY PAID YELLOW HACK.

          If you are so smart then why is it soooooo easy to shoot down your stupid conspiracy theories???

        4. @fishball: IKAW ang mismong nagpahirap sa sarili mo, hindi si Arroyo.

          Well, you won’t care dahil TANGA ka. At least ISIP ko ang ginagamit ko. Ang problema ay ang SISTEMA.

          Many will disagree because we talk IDEAS here, not PEOPLE.

  5. “We Filipinos have this tendency of following trends.”

    Arche, IMO, it can also be attributed to the peer pressure and poor comprehension. I can name a lot of faux intellectus commenters here who really have a poor comprehension to the point that they sunk themselves into defending something that is indefensible.

    1. Yes. People whose opinions deviate from that of the majority tend to be ridiculed. Hence, most of them decide to just go with the flow for the sake of compromise.

      And then there are some who actually manage to find intellectual value in aligning themselves with dubious but trendy way of thinking, like the faux intellectus commentators you speak of.

      1. no, thats not true. remember erap when he was jailed? the people didnt believe it and rallied. remember gloria when she was attempting to escape and get jailed the next day? the people were happy and celebrated.

        1. HERP DERP. Erap was pardoned by GMA herself. The ‘people’ were happy and celebrated because they are a bunch of deluded fools. In other words, people blamed Gloria because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa.

          Hehe, what a bunch of gullible fools. 😛

        2. @fishball

          Tignan mo ang katangahan mo. Nagmamaraunong ka ba?

          Ikwento mo kaya muna yung mga taong humilera sa kalsada para lang sipain si Erap.

          Ikwento mo rin ang mga bayaran para mapabalik sya sa pwesto. Edsa III – noong binaboy ng mga ito ang Edsa Shrine. Ginawang kubeta ang Edsa Shrine!!!

          Yan ang mga hinahangaan mo!

          Tangna, ang galing mong maili ng tsismis na para sa mga tangang katulad mo ang maniniwala.

        3. Face it fishball, you are LOSING….

          Why don’t you just go outside of your sad hole and go f**k yourself?

        4. @fishball: Mas mandurugas ang mga taong TANGA. Hindi kami TANGA tulad mo na madaling mapaniwala sa sinasabi ng media e. IKAW lang iyon.

          Ok lang sa iyon iyon dahil proud kang maging TANGA. Not surprised. 😛

  6. A true leader fosters righteous and justified anger not mob-mentality hatred. Worse this fostering of hatred by Noynoy makes it easy for him to dominate the unthinking masses. This may sound redundant but Hitler used the same hate tactics that enable him to amass power.

    1. Hitler was evil. Yet he was brilliant. Noynoy is only one of those things. Granted Noynoy has his own Nazi Propoganda minister like I said last night who you can be sure monitors every word coming out of here personally. Everybody watch what you say. Ricky Carandang the attack dog of Noynoy is reading and dispatching Fishball and Jaks and your other favorite trolls .

        1. Not really but the truth… of a LIE. A truth that will make yourself feel better. 😛

          Even Renato Corona quoted this:

          “If a lie was told a thousand times, then they will believe it’s the truth.”

          He’s quoting JOSEPH GOEBBELS.

      1. “Hitler was evil. Yet he was brilliant.’

        That statement has triggered something to my thought – moral relativism. The politically correct blokes’ credo.

        To them, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung are not morally deprave murderers, but men driven to their bad acts by what they have perceived unfairness and inequalities.

        In their view, society’s unfairness compels people to break the law.

        Relative to that, Penoy’s penchant on breaking the law just to prove he’s correct.

        1. Should you care to, watch the original Star Trek series . Episode Patterns of Force. Somebody from the Federation recreated Nazi Germany in a planet he was assigned to.

  7. I could not help but wonder why noynoy hates gma so much. We always pride ourselves as a nation that respects women. But a president with his bunch of woman haters does not speak well of how balance their manliness and sexual orientation is in dealing with women. What they are doing is the exact opposite of machismo. Noynoy is transforming himself as the consummate psychopathic evil and hater of women.

    1. i understand that gloria is a lady that must be treated respect, but the mere fact that she corrupted the nation especially the judiciary during her term makes you change your mind fully.

      1. That’s squatter mentality to the fullest. It’s easy to say that Gloria is corrupt but hard to admit that all Filipinos, as citizens, are corrupt.

        You can’t change our minds. I mean, why would we believe on someone who has an angry mob mindset. Intellectually bankrupt and always pointing the TRIVIAL. You can’t even change your mind because you’re a Yellow Zombie. And you’re proud of it. 😀

  8. Some Filipinos are probably so frustrated by continued failures to put away corrupt officials, for example Estrada, so they keep on pressing for GMA to be punished hard just to satisfy this frustration. Even if she’s the only one to be taken out. Maka-isa lang. Puede na yan.

    Thing is, even if GMA is jailed, it is no assurance that it is the first step in addressing corruption in the country. If corrupt officials are themselves behind the effort, then you can say the likeliest result is not less corruption, but more.

    1. your wrong, when the big fish gets caught, the others will be scared to follow it and wont steal from the government again.

      1. Okay, let’s start with Asec PUNO, para masindak ang mga jueteng lords. Wala kayang cut si pnoy? Kasi di magalaw-galaw?

        1. @fishball: Earth to idiots! Rico Puno was suspected of jueteng and he fully admits it yet Noynoy didn’t punish him because he was his ‘kumpare.’


        2. No, its because Puno is needed in the government. And besides, pagiingay lang yan ng mga matagal nang kalaban ng presidente.

        3. @fishball: That’s why the Noynoy government sucks. Unlike GMA who appointed people who had experience, Noynoy keeps appointing friends and allies, even though they were not fit for the job.

          You’re hilarious. Keep lying. 😛

      1. @ChinoF

        Yep, it has so much weight that the yellow trolls are getting desperate in attacking this blog (especially fishball).

  9. a very good analysis arche. However, in some points you seem to suggest that all filipinos hate GMA and Corona. I know you are refering only to the yellow horde which include most of the propagandists in media, Pnoy beneficiaries and the so-called militants. But how many are these people? They are only a fraction of the entire nation. Look at what brainwashing has done. You would think theirs constitute the opinion of the entire Filipino nation but its only because they shout the loudest and appear most frequently on media.

    1. but thats the truth that the nation hates gloria and corona. look at their survey ratings, both negative, both corrupt. they must go to jail at all costs so the people will realize that justice still remains in the country

      1. Another lies and tsismis from Fishball. 😛

        The truth is that many people are manipulated by what the media tells them. Noynoy is also negative and also corrupt because of his INCOMPETENCE and his INSANITY, including persecuting his political enemies.

        Gloria and Corona won’t go to jail unless there is sufficient evidence. If you are intent on busting corruption, don’t just look at the biggest leak. Take the smallest ones too. ALL OF IT. Before and after so you show no bias to it at all. Local AND national.

        Sadly, one of my friend has proposed that system like Wikileaks where it’s not only the politicians can go sumbong sumbong, but the citizens can. And all the citizens had to do was convince congress otherwise. But noooooo… people like you want to see politicians go sumbong sumbong in the end and get nothing done about it.

        And hey, justice MY ASS.

    2. Thank you.

      I’ve used quantifiers in my article to avoid over-generalizing (many, most). So I guess we can scratch out the “all Filipinos hate GMA and Corona” part. Besides, you already know what I mean.

      With that said, won’t it readily refute the notion that I think the Yellows’ mindset comprises the entire Filipino mindset?

      Again, thank you for your input.

      1. you cant never accept the truth that gloria and corona will stay negative at their ratings and will never ever return to positive, in short all Filipinos hate GMA and Corona

        1. *can’t never

          That’s a double negative my idiotic troll

          “in short all Filipinos hate GMA and Corona”

          I beg to disagree with that one…
          What do you call then the SUPPORTERS of GMA and CORONA????

        2. Kris/Fishball . Ironically you should mention paid. I really find it hard to believe that you come here and spew your horse waste just because you feel like it. You are part of the Malacanang Propoganda arm as well as the high maintenance mother of Joshua and Baby James. You need massive attention to the point that you seek it from people who are opposed ideologically to your Kuya, if there is anyone paid in this thread. It’s you.

        3. Don’t trust ratings. They can be easily manipulated amd they ca be biased. And you’re a born idiot because you got easily mnaipulated.

          You jelly?

      1. Doesn’t really matter though, as some people might just have stuck them for the plain reason that its a car sticker and doesn’t really care what it means.

  10. “I can’t form a fair and objective judgment in the absence of facts. But apparently, most Filipinos can with clear conscience. That, I believe, is what’s truly evil.”

    I read this and was stricken by a deep sense of foreboding, because it was in consonance with my own observations.

  11. If I were you guys, I won’t waste my time lecturing a brainless yellow crab. It’s very clear on his statements that he’s just playing on your intellectual skills. He’s a stupid yellow bitch.

    1. We know that he is a brainless yellow crab
      It just baffles us why that piece of shit keeps coming back for more humiliation.

      1. She keeps coming back because her employer the Malacanang Minister of Propoganda tells her to. Welcome to Nazi Germany. Different century, different continent and 99% less brains.

        1. I think I figured out why fishball keeps coming back here…

          He is looking for attention and constantly trolls us because he is a sad little monkey with no friends, no job and no life.

    2. There is one solution: delete all of his comments and permanently block him. That will make things better if you ask me. 😛

  12. Corona NEVER HAD TO EXPLAIN where he came up with $4 million dollars,nor did he get taxed on it,as he should have.DID HE GET it from people he gave favorable rulings to while he was CJ?The flip-flop on PAL surely makes it look like that.Virtually every business deal GMA could be involved in,she was.ITS FUNNY HOW THEY ALWAYS SAY THEY DID NOT STEAL ANY PUBLIC MONEY!!! NO THEY JUST GET KICKBACKS FOR GOVERNMENT BUSINESS CONTRACTS,LIKE ZTE, THAT GETS AWARDED TO CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO SAY ‘THANK YOU’ AHEAD OF TIME.THE SHIT IS CRIMINAL.

    1. Hey, tell that to Cory and her personal cronies. They’re far more worse than GMA and Corona should ever be. Ok, why would Corona explain it if he’s abiding to the Bank Secrecy Law? Oh yes, you and the rest of your fellow morons are gullible fools who are easily manipulated by what the media tells you.

      Admit it. You’re just EMO over GMA and Corona, claiming that they stole YOUR money (which is the government’s money to begin with) without any previous backing whatsoever. Shitty comment from a filthy sycophant like yourself.

    2. 100% correct corona and gma are corrupt people killers too…. almost all witnesses in the electoral sabotage are gone 6 feet under. gma’s porky husband is worst than her greedy pig! corona is the flip flop king…also a liar! saying he inhibited himself from sensational cases damn you liar!

      1. @billie

        Please read first what this site is all about before you start spewing nonsense.

        I guess fishball still got the mob going even with the kind of weather manila is having.

      2. 100% incorrect. You and the rest of your fellow morons are spreading chaos and havoc, based on what the media tells you. 😛

        You’re much worse of a liar than the people that you are talking about. I mean, taking sensational cases as TRUTH? Then you’re much of a liar as they did! XD

        Typical Da Pinoy mentality. Of course, you enjoy it because you are preferring a CHAOTIC life. 😛

      3. The reason WHY there is rampant corruption is because of how the people VIEW the government as a spectator sport, put people like PGMA, other affluent familial last names and former showbiz people to politics, then when sh*t breaks out, they react as if they weren’t aware of the repercussions.

  13. critical thinking… this is something that’s missing. i won’t pretend that i know everything there is to know about these political figures but then i won’t passionately lambast a human being if i know squat about the facts. the average filipino, however, seem to just jump on the hate bandwagon believing everything they see and hear in ABS-CBN, PDI, Phil Star, PTV4. they can’t tell fact from fiction. i can’t tell fact from fiction either. i’m not an insider. hence, critical thinking.

  14. The psychological effect on the ignorant, gullible, “discerning” mass is similar to the Roman gladiatorial games. They want blood and it is given to them. I pity our people who are either manipulated by propaganda or fanatics of the ruling order.

  15. In a way, Corona and Gloria Arroyo were not hated because the people just decided to hate them. They also contributed to their fate of being the most hated at the time they are in power.

    One thing going for Gloria though is that, like Corona and unlike Erap, she will be assured of availing the proceedings she is entitled under our laws.

      1. I don’t like her but I do not hate her. And I don’t see the relevance of you asking for an explanation why people hate her. What you should do is tell people why hating Gloria is the right or wrong thing to do.

        That would be the proper way of starting a conversation.

      2. You asked if I hate Gloria and I said I no but I don’t like her. It’s very clear on my post.

        But still, you wrongly “translated” my answer as hate that I cannot explain. Comprehension problem?

        Anyway, next time before you act as my translator, kindly ask me first if “hate” and “dislike” are the same. Your understanding of both is clearly different from mine.

        So, at this moment, I’m suspending your right to translate for me.

        1. Tsk tsk… Sablay paren!!

          Translation- I still cannot EXPLAINNNNN why i hate Gloria… I only care bout my own dictionary and comprehension btw…

    1. Only ignorant, anti-intellectual simps like you would say that.

      The reason why the Philippines would go down the drain because of people like you: people who hate critical SMART people.

    2. I can’t blame Jen for thinking that way. Sana, instead of calling her names and attacking her, you disputed her allegation by reason and not by emotion.

      If you disagree with what she said you don’t have to prove to her that’s he was right.

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