Have some crack news this Christmas!

In the midst of Manny Pacquiao’s surprise defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, and overrated pop-star Justin Bieber’s persecution from aggravated Filipinos for making fun of The People’s Champ’s loss, which by the way actually warranted a suggestion from a certain lawmaker to have him banned from holding concerts in this wretched country, our beloved president together with his cohorts show up just in time to salvage the Filipino’s dampened Christmas spirits; PNoy still has high trust ratings!

Once again, Pulse Asia, a supposedly credible agency that feeds the Filipino’s fondness of surveys, stated that President Benigno Simeon “PNoy” Aquino III has managed to maintain its trust and approval ratings from the Filipino populace.

President Aquino has maintained his “big majority approval and trust ratings,” according to a Nov. 23-29 survey conducted by Pulse Asia.

The November 2012 Ulat ng Bayan survey revealed that 78 percent of Filipinos expressed approval of Mr. Aquino’s performance, an opinion that has gone unchanged from the previous quarter.

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Apparently fashioned as some sort of good news, Pulse Asia made the following evaluations:

Mr. Aquino also registered a trust rating of 80 percent, up by two percentage points from the 78 percent recorded in September.

The survey also found that the Aquino administration posted majority approval ratings for its efforts in fighting crime, curbing corruption and enforcing the rule of law, among other things.

Furthermore, it’s been said that the Philippines’ poorest socioeconomic class, Class E, gave PNoy the highest trust and approval rating of 79-83%. Getting into the specifics:

Class D gave Mr. Aquino approval and trust ratings of 78 percent and 79 percent, respectively, and Class ABC gave him both 75 percent and 79 percent, respectively, the survey showed.

Pulse Asia also asked respondents to express approval, disapproval or indecision on the President’s performance on 11 selected national concerns.

The Aquino administration’s approval ratings were highest on issues of fighting criminality (67 percent), fighting graft and corruption (65 percent), law enforcement (64 percent), improving the national peace situation (63 percent), protecting the environment (60 percent), defending the country’s territorial integrity (57 percent) increasing the pay of workers (56 percent) and creating more jobs (55 percent).

The administration’s approval ratings registered the lowest on issues of controlling population (47 percent), poverty reduction (44 percent) and controlling inflation (40 percent).


We may never truly know how entities like Pulse Asia conduct their surveys, how they round up samples and stuff like that, but this much I am quite certain of; news about these kind of surveys miserably fail the “so what?” test. But we all can’t have that, right? I mean, it’s good news! This is what PNoy would have wanted, given his apparent obsession for “balanced” journalism.

In an attempt to make such news relevant, we are periodically bombarded with them; every couple of months or so, we are told again and again that PNoy is still enjoying high ratings from his bosses, while PNoy is giving the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill the cold shoulder, while PNoy is taking credit for economic growth his predecessors are substantially responsible for, while experts themselves are saying that PNoy is actually part of our chronic problems, or while people are struggling to piece their lives back together after the disastrous typhoon Pablo. Like an anesthesia that numbs one’s feelings, attempts to obfuscate the sheer ugliness of our standing as a society, diversions for people  looking under the proverbial rug wherein the dust have been swept, they manifest in the form of news like this. And somehow, people kind of like it.

We Filipinos are fond of feel-good news. Celebrities having Filipino blood, athletes like Manny Pacquiao bringing home the bacon, knowing our president, despite his colossal screw-ups, is still trustworthy according to our fellowmen, these are news that tend to make our day. These are news that somewhat sanitizes the sorry, sorry state of our nation; a screen, if you may, that tries to block the mozzies with a mean bite, reminding us how we are stuck deeply in the mud. This is our collective opium.

Perhaps this is why, like an addict going bananas when his vices are taken away from him so suddenly, or even when people talk to him about his addiction, Filipinos consistently go berserk whenever someone tries, knowingly or unknowingly, to tarnish the treasured gems of our collective ego. This is the way we are as a society; like a man on crack. As such, the so-called Pinoy Pride still stands tall. We as a society are becoming increasingly impervious from slaps by reality.

But for people who dare gaze on the other side of the curtain, they see how pitiful Pinoys can get when their good news are contested, when the things that give them incomparable joy, like an en masse acid trip, get taken away from people who happen to have slightly sharp tongues and sense of humor. They see how inconsequential news like these to our lives are. They see how these “news” fail to answer the ever-relevant question “so what?” They see how Pinoys are fixated and dependent on crack news.

Indeed, of what importance is news like these to our personal lives? Why do we put so much importance to them? Do we derive health and wealth from continuously bashing the likes of Bieber for mocking Pacquiao, the paragon of our national pride, the unwitting source of our social opium?

But of course, answering such questions would prove to be highly unproductive for our fellowmen’s emotional stability, right? Let’s leave them be. Live and let live. Let Filipinos recover from their soberness courtesy of unlikely sources like Bieber by basking once again into the glory of Pinoy Pride. Pacquiao is still the best! PNoy is still trustworthy! Everything will be okay! We’re the best there is! We have the best Christmas celebration in the world!

Even so, rehabilitation centers like this website will continue to exist for those who are quite sick of living in a mentally constructed dreamland in the middle of a sad society. We are willing to accompany those people willing to see our world for what it really is, to deal with the pain and frustration it might bring, and to contribute to Da Pinoy’s process of getting real.

Until then, let’s stay tuned and wait for a fresh batch of feel-good news. Marquez slipping on a banana peel? Justin Bieber mocked as a gay masquerading as a man? PNoy uncovering the meaning of life? Boy, we have got to have one of those!

Have some crack news this Christmas, everyone! Stay high.

35 Replies to “Have some crack news this Christmas!”

  1. how do they conduct surveys.
    i do know that they use the same 1200 people each time.
    hence little variation.
    and if you choose 1200 people coming out of church on a sunday and ask them if they believe in god then the results are predictable.
    the fact that cojuangco owns/ sponsors tge main surveys also says – dont believe a word.
    they are pure propaganda.
    an independent survey is goung to be conducted in the run up to the elections. that will state it as it really is and not try to condition the masses to follow the crowd.

  2. Bullseye arche. So what if he has 100 % rating? We still see the glaring unemployment and poverty everywhere. But nothing is being done to remedy the country’s problems. All that these false surveys is doing is to make the yellows feel good. They can feel good all they want. The modern day Goebbels in this unfortunate county has been very successful in making them feel good. As far I am concerned those people most of which are kids at that are not feeling good in their stomachs and only hard pavements on their backs during countless nights.

  3. Don’t need these surveys. Just lurk around some of the more popular forums in the internet and you’ll be able to have an idea of how “satisfied” the Filipino people are.

    Although the people with hepa really like this.

  4. How dare Justin Bieber insult the Filipino people. Obviously, he was not aware that Manny spent many hours coordinating typhoon rescue operations before the fight. Only great people would sacrifice a personal achievements in favor of others.

    Justin Bieber should definitely be banned from the Philippines until he apologizes over twitter, youtube, and facebook to the Filipino people. If we continue to tolerate such insults then how can we, a rising power in Asia, be taken seriously by our rival: China.

    1. And I guess you were also one of those Pinoys who made fun of Marquez and Hatton way back when Manny won?

      Grow up, dude. Did it occur to you that Bieber is not a Pacquio fan?

      These people!!!

      1. Joel,

        You are wrong. Manny did not lose to Marquez because Manny was not in the ring that night. His mind and his heart was elsewhere. Manny was with the Filipinos struggling in the typhoon. Furthermore, I have even heard reports that Manny was not 100% but, like a true Filipino, “walang atrasan” kung baga.

        1. What the….

          Tagalugin ko ha. Ang argumento mo, dapat i-ban at himingi ng paumanhin si bieber sa inyo.

          Ang sagot ko, hindi kailangan. Sa kadahilanang, noong si Manny naman ang nanalo, ay sagad din sa buto ang mga binitiwan niyong salita at pangangantiyaw kila Hatton at Marquez, at sabi ko, malamang isa ka sa doon.

          Ang labo mo!

        2. @Proud Pinoy:

          If Pacquiao’s head and heart were not in the ring that night, then it only highlights that he’s not focused on either his athletic or political aspects. When put on the spot you have to be one or the other, not both.

        3. Joeld,

          Tagulin ko kin ha…

          ‘tol, ikaw ang malabo. Pagkatapos ng lahat ng ginawa ni Manny para sa atin, bigla ka na lang kakampi sa isang walang talentong boy-idol na si Justin Bieber? Wala kang utang na loob. Hindi ka marunong makisama. Isa kang balimbing na nakiki-uso kay Justin Bieber tulad ng mga taong pumipila para makabili ng I-phone.

          Wala ka kasing bilib sa sarili mo. Hindi ka naniniwala sa kagalingan ng mga Pinoy. Ang tawag sayo ng mga guro natin ay isang taong mayroong “colonial mentality” na bilib na bilib sa mga puti. Buksan mo and iyong mga mata at mahalin mo ang sariling mong bansa. Paano tayo uunland maraming Pinoy na tulad mo na walang landas at umaasang pumunta sa ibang bansa tulad ni BongV, Ilda at Benign0.

          Mahilin mo ang sarili mo. Mahilin mo ang sariling mong wika. Mahilin mo ang Pilipinas dahil isa kang Pilipino!


        4. benson, manny admitted he wasn’t focused. Did it fly over your head?

          Proud Pinoy, maaari bang makahingi ng kung ano man iyan hinihithit mo? Mukhang masarap yata.

        5. @ proud pinoy

          Una, dapat mainitndihan mo na wala akong kinakampihan.

          Ano ang ginawa ni Manny para sa akin? HIndi nga? Wehh, may naibigay si Manny sa akin? Oo nga pala, entertainment, thanks Manny.

          Kanino nga ako makikisama? Sa mga kagaya mo? Uray ditam!

          Linawin ko ha….ang panalo ni Manny, ay dahil sa sakripisyo, hirap at galing ni Manny, HINDI SA PILIPINO. Lalo na yung panalo NIYA. Hindi mo yun panalo. Pati yung pagkatalo NIYA, hindi rin sa iyo yun. Tabbed!!

        6. @Proud Pinoy: Wag kang IPOKRITO.

          “May taong tanga, may taong matalino. Ngunit dito sa Pilipinas, MARAMING TANGA.”

          Isa ka na dun. 😛

  5. Arche,

    If there’s anything both PNoy and the Pinoys need, it’s a PED (performance enhancing drug), but of course they can’t rely on that indefinitely either. It seems though, that Pinoys are also hooked on things that serve as Prozac (an anti-depressant drug). Nothing beats developing both the body and mind without the need for boosters, steroids, or whatever drugs there are.

    The drugs seemingly address the symptoms but are not enough to address the problems at the root.

  6. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq, had the same ratings also. The rating agencies were owned by the government. And fed to the people, as propaganda.
    False Asia Survey is owned by the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos. It is part of the deceit of these families to hide the truth from the Filipinos.

  7. Nagreflect talaga ang sipag at tiyaga na inialay ng ating pangulo para mapaunlad ang Pilipinas. Pasko naman, tama na ang inggitan, tanggapin mo na ang katotohanan.

      1. Like I said before, Noytards prefer to remain in the dark. It seems benson is no different from the malacanang trolls. Naive and STUPID.

    1. You call it progress? …..well I suppose we can call Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol pot’s “efforts” for the good of their perspective states progress…..

    2. Who the hell? Another reincarnation of fishball?

      Ang nagreflect lang sa ngayon ay kung gaano kadesperado ang presidente mo, umaasa sa popularidad at kasikatan at hindi sa konkretong gawain para sa bayan!

      1. May nagrereflect din sa ulo ni panot. Mukhang nabubulag parin si benson/fishball kahit na tinutuka na siya ng mapait na katotohanan tungkol sa pangulo niyang palpak.

      1. Guys give this “undead” a break he is just trying to earn his bread by trolling for his masters. Of course it doesn’t mean that it’s a honorable and noble job, but heck one has to earn bread no matter how dirty it is.

    3. Tsk tsk tsk. Kahit ilang beses ka pa magpalit ng pangalan talo ka parin.


      You might wanna keep an eye on this punk. He might resort to spamming us again.

  8. Enforcing the rule of law?!!! (gag, dammit, my coffee came out my nose) Has anyone read the latest Transparency International report on the Philippines? Looking at that it appears that the majority of criminals operating in the government still get away with their crimes. Some change, eh?

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