Reality bites for prosecution as evidence gets thrown out


Defective. Trash. These are the words that the prosecution cannot seem to understand. They are the words Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile uttered in anger after the prosecution desperately pleaded for the testimony of Philippine Air Lines (PAL) vice president for sales Enrique Javier to be accepted as part of Article III in the impeachment case against Supreme Court Chief, Justice Renato Corona.

Looking like he is about to cry

Senator Enrile explained very clearly that allegations of bribery were not even part of the (as what Prosecutor Rudulfo Farinas admittedly said) badly written articles of impeachment. Most people got what the presiding officer was trying to explain. But the prosecution just could not accept the fact that they simply cannot provide evidence for something that wasn’t alleged to begin with.

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The prosecution has been warned so many times about their ineptitude that has been the cause of the delay in the proceedings. They have gotten away with their inconsistencies in the past several weeks of the trial. But unfortunately for them, it seems like Senator Enrile has finally run out of patience. His impatience was particularly obvious when Neil Tupas, Jr tried to use emotional blackmail just to convince the presiding officer to agree with him:

Enrile raised his voice when Tupas said in his manifestation that the ruling of the impeachment court to disallow Javier’s testimony is based on mere “technicality.”

“This is not a technicality. The grounds of impeachment are clearly stated in the Constitution. Who are we to review the decisions of the Supreme Court? We won’t allow it…do you want me to lecture you more?” Enrile said.


“If you want to include receipt of gifts, receipt of valuable things then amend your Articles of impeachment…you’re alleging a crime…you are in effect saying that he (Corona) is bribed to do that decision,” Enrile added.

He said the framing of the allegations in Article 3 is “defective.” He said that he considers as “trash” the bases of allegations stated by the prosecution in third article.

The problem with the prosecution is that they want to have their cake and eat it too. They’ve already managed to trick the members of the impeachment court into granting them a subpoena for Chief Justice Corona’s bank accounts based on illegally-obtained documents. They even almost caused a constitutional crisis when they kept persuading the Senator-Judges to defy the foreign currency secrecy law and the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order (TRO) on the opening of Corona’s alleged dollar accounts to the court.

Despite this, the Senator-Judges have been very “liberal” and helpful to their cause to the point of some of these Senator Judges already doing the prosecution’s job for them. This even prompted the lead defense counsel former justice Serafin Cuevas to say, “some of the questions posed by senator-judges center on ‘practically everything’ and would sometimes lead to the production of documents for the court”. Cuevas said that this could be grounds for them to ask for a mistrial. However, the prosecution continued to demand more from the Senators. They seem to want the Senator Judges to be accomplices to their penchant for breaking the law or disregarding what is written in the 1986 constitution. It’s a good thing presiding officer, Senator Enrile, at 88 years old, was not born yesterday.

What was their point in laying out for scrutiny the records of travels undertaken by the Chief Justice using his Platinum Card anyway? Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that platinum cards are not really free. People accumulate frequent flyer points when they use their credit cards whose issuing bank is partnered with Philippine Airlines (PAL). Anyone can avail of this package, not just the Coronas. It is really bizarre that the prosecution is making a big deal of this. Why blame Chief Justice Corona for flying with the flag carrier? Should he and his wife have used Cebu Pacific instead? The allegation of conflict of interest is just so ridiculous. They are definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel.

As usual, in their attempts to prove that Chief Justice Corona was a flip-flopper, they failed to take into consideration that he does not dictate upon the entire membership of the Supreme Court. He only carries 1 vote out of 15 in the Court, and is “generally regarded, vis-a-vis the other Justices, as the primus inter pares rather than as the administrative superior of the other members of the Court”.

Seriously, why is that so hard for the prosecution to understand? Their logic fails them completely. One commenter on Get Real Post named Felipe even said that they are acting like quacks:

Clueless as usual—Common sense please!—We’re way past the age of the Inquisition and the Salem witch trial. You cannot establish “TRUTH” using unreliable PROCEDURE. This is why science, especially of forensics, as well as other investigative processes involved (and rightly so) the rigorous application of [the scientific] method or procedure. It is PROCEDURE that differentiates authentic medical science, for example, from the medical quackery of “albularyos”, “manghuhulas” or witch doctors—genuine astronomers from astrologers. So far, the prosecution is the one acting like quacks.

In their desperation Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, one of the 188 congressmen who signed the impeachment case, is now spreading more baseless allegations that former President Gloria M Arroyo (GMA) is behind the growing support for the Chief Justice:

“From all indications, Gloria’s machinery is going all out for Corona, starting with his defense panel, his PR handlers, his coordinators for mass mobilizations and even the new House minority’s efforts to investigate the prosecution for getting hold of Corona’s bank statements,” Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño claimed.

“In the same light, Gutierrez and Corona have the same PR operators which are also linked to the former president. Many sources have also confirmed to us that GMA was the one who funded the last rally supporting Corona, which supposedly gathered around 7,000 warm bodies, at P300 per person this would amount to P2.1 million in just one offing. Of course, the new House minority now is unquestionably loyal to Mrs. Arroyo,” he claimed.

It’s incredible how these people, these so-called lawmakers, can come up with something so farfetched. Let me just stress that it’s one thing for Rep Casiño to express his tall tale but it’s another for a major news network like ABS-CBN to give it enough weight to publish it. How in the world do they think GMA can organize such a monumental task considering she is in custody and is not even allowed any communication device? Seriously, they put too much credit on someone who is not even in power anymore. Normally, people tend to help someone who can do something for them in return but I doubt that GMA can help anyone because she can’t even get out of her own predicament.

Reports are also going around that members of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) will be mounting a rally on the 28th of February to show their support not necessarily for Chief Justice Corona, but for the rule of law. This has not pleased President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy), indeed. With the way some people think, they might pin the growing disappointed for PNoy on GMA. Their logic should be trashed for being defective.

116 Replies to “Reality bites for prosecution as evidence gets thrown out”

  1. even non journalist raissa robles is now suggesting it was coronas team who leaked the bank documents. these cockroaches have no integrity or dignity, just desperation mixed with stupidity and incompetence.
    the tide has turned and the public dont care about mad-noys rantings. they now see him for what he is – and that is clearly some-one so unpresidential he will top the list of incompetents.

    1. Blaming the defense team for the prosecution’s screw-up is too pathetic. Aquino’s days are numbered. Very soon, he will face the impeachment court and the presiding judge will be CJ Corona. Oh, the delicious irony!

      1. In that case, I suggest CJ Corona inhibit himself during the impeachment proceeding against Aquino. Otherwise, it would be like feeding a bald little monkey to a hungry lion. ha ha…

        1. Don’t really know much about her. She’s obviously another star struck individual. Might be suffering from tunnel vision as well. Unfortunately, she’s the kind of “elite” most Filipinos look up to.

        1. In my circle of friends, she’s not even a woman.

          For me, she’s just a piece of driftwood. No real emotion.

          If there is a quack doctor, she’s a quack journalist as I perceived her.

          At any rate, she’s a feminist AFIK. Feminists are gender-neutral advocates.

    2. exactly…raissa a a media witch, practices witchcraft media propaganda to [“kulam”] destroy the CJ in person. She’s a member of Pnoy Occultism who worship the moronic and lunatic tenets of Pnoy governance.

      there is a saying; ” ang tao na pisak ang isang mata ay tinuturing na hari ng tribo ng ang mga nanahan ay mga bulag.” Pnoy is a king to his mediocre followers, ei: his student council cabinet secretaries and advisers, of his 188 speed readers in congress, and his entire liberal party..apart from these, he is surrounded by the snakes, big crocodiles and sharks who are on focus of taking advantages of his mediocrity.

  2. Raissa Robles suggested that CORONA leaked the bank documents?!?! What on earth is that.

    She must be going by the same ABS CBN strategy in 2011 of presentingfake psychological records of PNoy, to discredit the REAL psychiatric report (which was spot-on) prepared in 1979 by Fr. Bulatao of the Ateneo.

    So they ascribe to the other side the dirty tricks which *they* themselves are guilty of.

    As for GMA being the one responsible for growing sentiment for Corona, well, tRep. Casiño insults the public’s intelligence. He things that the people cannot see clearly that the case against Corona is spotty and based on fraudulent documents. And if the opposition is investigating the prosecution for their illegal acts, well, isn’t that what the “opposition” is supposed to do? They don’t need GMA to tell them to do that. If anything, Casiño remembers GMA when the President himself has already seemed to have forgetten her case, as he is now crazily (in all senses of the word) obsessed with Corona for daring to deprive his family of Hacienda Luisita.

    1. casiño blames a detained lady for the administrations’ digging a deeper hole for itself. moron.

      the paid hack’s statement is glowing proof that the yellow underbelly is showing.

      hey teddy, why don’t you blame gloria for kristeta’s STD while you’re at it?

    2. It is too hard for them to accept that there are people who can see through PNoy and the prosecution’s deception. They quickly put the blame on GMA as a convenient way of getting out of blaming themselves for their own failures.

    1. when dirty intentions backfired to them, they cover-up their own blunders by blaming the incarcerated GMA who was even prevented to balk outside for sunlight in the morning, or use her cellphone and laptop.

      these allies of Pnoy are getting paranoid of their failed mission to destroy corona. how can accomplish their marching order with their defective plan? all evidences presented lacked merits of the case.

      to 188 speed readers, please stop pretending that you are the representatives your constituents…NEVER!!! the way your boss Pnoy isd is acting is very obvious…ginagamit nya ang lahat ng kanyang poder at pagka popular na pangulo para talagang balahurain ang batas…kayo talaga ang mga tunay na utak wang-wang!. BS!!!

    2. I do not like EDSA rallies, but if an EDSA 3 or 4 or 5 topples PNoy down…it would be the most ironic bit of history ever. hahaha it won’t just bring down noynoy’s admin, it will make people re-evaluate our recent history, from the first aquino president (and her blunders)and every yellow presidents that followed.

  3. hi ilda. i think, to clarify, that what does get thrown out are those that do not qualify as evidence in accordance with the charges in the articles of impeachment. so, my understanding is, according to the rules of impeachment proceedings, they are not evidence and do not qualify as evidence, and the prosecution is not allowed to just keep adding stuff as they please.

    tupas and his lot are trying so desperately to use the umbrella charge “betrayal of public trust” to include everything they HOPE will be allowed to be presented or subpoenaed (even if they weren’t included in the obviously rushed and bulldozed articles of impeachment). they even tried getting the new documents presented yesterday considered as evidence when enrile wisely and correctly told them they cannot do that because the impeachment court asked for those documents, and they weren’t subpoenaed by the prosecution. god bless jpe for smelling the attempted fishing expedition from that one, though the whole trial has been a fishing trip right from the start. i don’t understand why the trial continues even after the prosecution has been found lying to the court.

    1. @Parallax

      Thanks for expounding on it. It’s amazing how even regular folks like us can get Enrile’s point and not get frustrated. It’s simple, really. But not for the prosecutors. 😉

      1. and also trillianes, lacson and osmena the ocho-ocho team, although the cayetanos at the end of the day will think twice on their verdict, specially pia. (this lady seemed bookish in nature and perhaps will get enlightened as the case builds-up until the defense’s turn to clear all doubts.)hopefully 🙂

      1. @Ilda

        It is already becoming clear that they would resort to throwing everything but the kitchen sink to pin down someone that this sham of a government perceives as an enemy.
        It is also becoming clear that they are really really getting desperate to please their balding boss at malacanang.

    1. Wow. The first time I read that report. Very disturbing.

      Just wondering – How many other “normal” people, when psychiatrically reviewed, also get these same findings? You know, the power of suggestion?

  4. The prosecution and members of the bow well movement 188 are just doing what the dictator Aquino tells them to do. It has been said that the impeachment complaint originated from the palace by the river. Their dark style is also the product of the vindictive and obsessive mind of the one. To my mind, Mr. Aquino is a recurring nightmare. His mental and emotional state should be subject to further scrutiny. For the sake of the general welfare of the people. The observed acts and omissions of a leader of the land is not above medical investigation. No one wants to be led by a madman. Because of him, lying through black propaganda and trial by publicity is now an adopted instrument of national policy. Fabrication of evidence and the abusive use of the vast machinery of state is also an adopted instrument of public policy. His obsession to use patently illegal and even unconstitutional means to overcome his perceived enemies is already public knowledge. He sleeps and is friendly with the enemies of the state. Observers would therefore conclude that his is not a normal, healthy mind. One who is gravely ill in mind and emotions can only bring ill tidings to the motherland. I repeat, God is not on the side of the dictator.

  5. While everyone was distracted by the Senate Impeachment Trial, I was able to find a news item that condemns Mr. Aquino for being like a thief in the night. He has approved an expanded autonomy for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF)and a separate parliamentary government similar to the Malaysian model. He apparently has not consulted the sovereign people. Is this act unconstitutional? Does it violate existing laws? Was he sane when he approved it unilaterally?

  6. I’ve been following the impeachment proceedings too. I am not anti or pro-Corona, but I believe in the rule of law, the importance of due process, after all, everyone is entitled to it.

    Now my question is, IF (a big if) CJ Corona, is acquitted, what would be the possible aftermath?

    1. Possible aftermaths:
      a. Aquino mentally breaks down and tries to rally the people to oust corona but fail.
      b. House of reps betrays aquino and impeach him next.
      c. Yellow Army tries to defend their balding lame duck in malacanang but fail.
      d. Edsa people power to oust aquino and install someone more competent as president.

        1. and me.
          there is something i vaguely recollect that a VP needs to be in office 2 years and one day. after that his constitutional position/right to ascendancy changes??
          could explain the non involvement of binay so far – in anything!

      1. the lower house will be realigning new leadership in 2013 election..many of the 188 speed readers may no be lucky anymore to win another term, also same with the upper house. trust rating of pnoy will nosedive even he would flooded all newspaper ads with propaganda, the continuing increase of fuel will result to double digits mark inflation since there is no real infrastructure projects in place and also lacking effective economic programs to answer these global economic letdown and the local natural calamities effects.

        when a sufficient number in the lower house fortified their alliance and got enough number to endorse an impeachment for Pnoy, there is a very strong ground for his grave errors caused by his lunacy to be impeached in 2014.

    2. @artemis

      We are not pro-Corona per se. We are also for upholding the rule of law and respecting our institutions.

      One possible scenario if Corona gets acquitted is another people power revolution courtesy of the Aquinos. They will ask the help of Kris Aquino to rally the masa behind them.

      1. @Ilda

        The Aquinos might pull another “revolution” but chances are it will fizzle and blow up in their faces just like what happened in 2005 and 2008.

        1. Ah yeah. I wasn’t into politics at that time so I tend to forget. Benign0 should remember that all too well.

  7. That INC rally is actually a Grand Evangelical Mission to be held on different parts of the Metro. Example at the Quirino Grandstand. They did something like that last tuesday at the Cavite State University in Indang, Cavite. But this one is reportedly more massive as more are expected to come.

  8. Aba, tahimik ngayon si vincenzo.
    Mukhang di niya matatanggap na talo na ang mga kakampi ng tito noy niya. Wala nang makakatulong sa mga prosecution mo vincenzo, pumunta ka na sa tito noy mo at umiyak nalang kayong dalawa dahil malapit na ang oras ninyo!

  9. lacierda ” if PAGCOR accept free rooms abroad from investors this is good since it saves costs and is not bribery”
    he is just too stupid.

      1. That was certainly amusing to see Tupas berated by Enrile on his idiocy. This once again goes to show all that the Yellow cabal was not anticipating CJ’s resistance or either that they’re just plain stupid.

        Needless to both explanations do not reflect well on them.

  10. PAL platinum card – unlimited free travel worlwide for holder and wife. over 1000 holders – nearly all in govt. maybe no-one wanted this perk exposed. enrile has one!

      1. I still remember when, my uncle told us that most of the high ranking public official having these privilliged from PAL including him (my uncle)when he was in the Military.
        even, my wife cousin who worked at the Philippine Airlines before,still having these free ride benefit.

  11. Over the years, sane and mad dictators have used the machinery of state to persecute, unjustly imprison, destroy, torture(i.e. physical/mental) and purge their enemies. Acts or omissions are usually ruthless and vicious. Vengeance against the opposition is the mark of the political dictator. The dictator Mr. Aquino is using this same machinery against his perceived enemies. My point is… If the dictator can do this to his perceived enemies, he can and will do this to anyone and everyone. One must never underestimate the dictator for he is an enemy of the sovereign people. He his unswerving loyalty is to I, Me, Myself.

  12. Not many realize that the demonizing acts of black propaganda lies, trial by publicity and fabrication of evidence designed to destroy characters and reputations is a form of mental torture.The dictator and his henchmen can now apparently violate human rights of their perceived enemies with impunity.

    1. Imagine the state using its propaganda machinery. The day in and day out demonizing of your character and reputation. You read it in the news, you see it on TV and cinema and you hear it on the radio. You are heckled every day by total strangers because of it. People talk behind your back.Rallies are organized against you. Your job suffers, you have sleepless nights, you are reduced to tears, your mental state is affected because of it. You are a victim of mental torture. The sad thing is there is no law yet on this. There should be a law on this. There should be a law punishing dictators and dictatorships!

  13. less political and economic monopolies = less potential for incestuous corruption/cover ups etc
    100 million people – 10+ family clans in charge ( 9, if cojuangco-aquino loses hacienda luisita)

  14. Platinum card is different from the rewards points card where you earn points whenever you travel. It is not part of the mabuhay miles program because the membership levels of mabuhay miles rewards is base, elite, premier elite and million miler. Unless they are talking about credit cards which I doubt they do. Platinum cards given out on the discretion of PAL and are given to a chosen few.

    1. It wasn’t clear how Corona got the Platinum card. Information from other sources does not say if it was given by PAL or if it was a rewards card.

    1. Yeah, I can’t even write about this because everyday there are new developments during Corona’s trial. There’s definitely something going on there.

  15. Really I had a good time. But yesterday was the best! In fact I was laughing out loud. I never thought I would be so entertained. I had fun! Mr. Neil Tupas and the rest of the dictator’s prosecution were so funny. Seeing partial justice and fairness done for all the evil things they did and all they stand for made my day. Point score in favor of democracy and freedom!

    1. I think there is a replay of the impeachment every Sunday on Channel GNN. I just don’t know the exact time.

      There is always a very entertaining discussion of the hearing in channel UNTV every 5 to 6 AM. Similar with Foxnews The Five.

    2. Let us look at this way. JPE even apologized to Tupaz which he claimed(Tupaz) 3 times for the scolding. tupaz even bragged about it (Man Oh Man)..He didnt even realized that apologizing doesnt mean JPE is wrong but rather he is brave and regal enough to respect Tupaz. for that i salute JPE. On the other side @Ilda- Prosecutionand govt are now so desperate that they did open many Twitter accounts to demonized again CJ. they are in full force for the last few days. So, My friends please be careful with this Trolls and dont let them get you.

      1. I have blocked a few trolls on twitter who pretended to be followers at first but then started sending very frequent ad hominems. I noticed that their accounts were obviously new. So you could be right about Malacanang releasing their hounds.

        1. Surely you didn’t expect them to take this lying down did you? Goes how to show how desperate they are to turn the tide of public opinion to them.

  16. Casiño has such gall to make statements like that. Losers always blame everyone but themselves.

    When I was younger the perception among my elders was that Enrile was shrewd, more than anything. I’m not surprised that the prosecution can hardly get anything past him, he knows the tricks very well and has probably done most of them.

    For the record, Tupas sounded like an idiot with that bit about the ruling being based on mere “technicality”.

  17. Something OT. Something I’ve just read from Crossroad op-ed (The Daily Tribune) about Bulatao’s Report on Penoy’s psychiatric evaluation, snippets:

    Document 2 (Impression)

    Physical: casual in manner and attire

    Muscoloskeletal: low, slightly flaccid muscle tone which makes him older than his age


    Speech — POMPOUS, crisp with a vigor of articulation, emphatic accents, and frequent changes of pitch.





    Recent and Remote Memory — intact and adequate, no impairment visible





  18. Why are we even Putting it on live Telecast? nakakahiya parang what the fuck! wla akong masyadong alam sa law pero common… WHY? is our country coming to an end if so ang panget2x mabuti pa sana kn magagaling at may kalidad ang mga taga prosecution…hay! fisihing pala gus2 or ang hilig nila ha?! WELL IT”S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW BUT WHAT YOU CAN PROVE IN COURT LEEEEEEGGGGGGGAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY! Bitch Slap TSUPAS…

      1. well, as i said these people love tv coverage for their political mileage and personal agenda. they thought they can win the admiration of the public because they are allies of “tuwid na daan” and “anti-wangwang mentality” but, since they are pretenders well, it backfired on themselves, another blunder follows after the other and it continue piling up day after day…nakakahiya talaga…ako man kung nasa katayuan ng mga prosecutor ay talagang magmumukhang gung-gung dahil sa mahihinang charges laban sa CJ na para nmn talagang hindi pinag-isipan…pano makakapag-isip ng tama kung ang kanilang logic ay nabubulag ng pag-uudyok ng matinding pag hihiganti ni Pnoy?. damay-damay na po kayo dyan sa kahihiyan dahil sa pagsunod nyo sa bulag na pangulo.

    1. Give them a break, they want live TV coverage for actions and I say we should give it to them and everything that goes with it. Come on admit even you are amused when Tupas get censured by Enrile, I know I am.

  19. I’ve never seen such amusing Court Show in my whole life. Prosecutor lawyers lying between their teeth. Evidences given by a “Small Lady” (may maligno tale pa). Evidences left at the Gate of Banal. I will alledge that Banal came from impierno. Masyadong Banal siya. Kicked out by Satan. And landed in the Philippines.
    It is wasting our time and resources. We should unite to take back our country, from these fools. Kick out the Bastard , who is causing this.
    Casino is another Hacienda Luisita Swine. Gloria Arroyo is ill, and is in custody…I don’t believe, she can organize Hakot Demostarators, like the YellowTards of Noynoy Aquino…
    The root cause of all these troubles is the Obsession of Noynoy Aquino to reverse the Hacienda Luisita ruling of Cororna…NO Other…he is evading the issue…

    1. @hayden

      🙂 only in the philippines..well, these people unmasked their real self. they are bad example for our children because they are big can they present themselves in front of the tv cameras with their conscience bothering them?.

      that’s why they cannot blame some movie script writers portraying them as villains. and yet they want to be called honorable?. tonto!!!

    1. @ der fuhrer

      if they resorted to mob rule, they are inviting another disaster..the leftist strategy is working here. Pnoy may be granted with emergency power by the congress and this madman will unleash his fury!. with this he can put to jail all his nemesis.

      there will be chaos on the street and the military will intervene, a head-on battle with the leftist will take place and the madman might declare martial law. multiple registration for NPA membership caused by indignation of people from the government’s abused of power will result fortification of their population that can match the number and fire power of the government forces…

      behind this is the thug-of war shifting of interests of the two superpower nations that can benefit the idiosyncracy of the simple “tuwid na daan” philosophy of the bi-polar Pnoy.

      we are the losers because we elected monkeys. we were swayed and tricked many times in this banana republic.

      1. Wild speculation…there are unseen Forces watching and will counter these Forces…this Divine Force is very strong…like all wickedness and evil..Noynoy Aquino’s YellowTard Forces portray themselves as strong…
        the Senate impeachment of Corona, and the movement of the religious institutions; is a proof of this Divine Force..

      2. I’m excited to see Pnoy’s ratings. And we want it from a very reliable source… not on hearsay… specifically not on abs.

  20. Teddy Casino used to be someone who has a lot to say about the defects in the gov’t. Sila ang mga istorbo sa daan na rally ng rally at complain ng complain…
    Now few words are coming off his mouth pero defective naman…
    I suspect he and his family and friends in the ‘left’ are very much enjoying their perks in the congress and those additional being given to them by
    BS! Aquino.

    Ang pera nga naman.

    1. Teddy Casino is also a dangerous man. His Bayan Muna is a legal front supporting the armed component of the CPP-NPA-NDF. He is also a political opportunist supporting the cause of the dictator Aquino. There really is truth in the observation that Mr. Aquino is sleeping with the enemies of the state. His sleeping partners in the highest corridors of power echo their master’s voice.

      1. What about the milf-pnoy “secret” meeting in japan? Using our money to fund terrorists. are they (milf) what pnoy refering to as “KAYO ANG BOSS KO!”? this is very disturbing.

    2. I have to admit that I don’t know the affiliations of these so-called lawmakers. Judging from their logic, they are very dangerous, indeed.

  21. I find it disturbing that the prosecution and media are hyping the PAL Platinum Card. The official name of the credit card is: Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles Platinum Card. The credit card is partnered with PNB, Allied Bank and Mastercard.

    It is a miles-conversion card as a reward for frequent flyers. Although this is “platinum”, the more prestigious card is the Mabuhay Miles World where one gets concierge-service and a round-the-clock medical, travel and security assistance rider.

    Actually any one can get the platinum card so long as you apply, fill out a form and ensure that your monthly income can sustain a 50,000 credit limit.

    1. @Teki

      That’s what I thought all along. I was right. It’s not really free. The prosecution is so pathetic to include this as evidence.

  22. In mental game like chess, there are rules to follow and they are given and you can not change the rules. In our legal system, there are rules too that we have to follow. The nature of adversarial system of justice is conceived or cooked in a way that the best prepared lawyer wins the case like in chess. It is not a matter of universal justice but justice according to established laws, rules, and jurisprudence.

    Kibitzers in Chess just like observers in the Impeachment Trial are not as deep as the participating lawyers and senator-judges learned in law. Our justice system applies to the Impeachment Trial, like chess there are already deep variations cooked in theory and applied by the ultimate technicians like Justice Serafin Cuevas.

    It is the liberality of the Tribunal as enunciated by the Presiding Officer that may create precedents that are popular and universally accepted by the global community yet obnoxious to the legalistic mind like Miriam. Enrile is more shrewd than he appears, he is not destroying the Prosecution, he is laying the foundation for the conviction or acquittal of CJ Corona…

  23. Unfortunate as it may seem, the prosecution merely reflects the everyday activity of an average Filipino – making big issues out of gossip. From the document-fabricating small lady to the PAL flight incentives, prosecution charges are mostly gossip-founded.

    I know how we, as the thinking class understand this. But I really can’t say it would be the same for the majority Pinoys who are, ofcourse, part of the conformist non-thinking class.

    God help the Philippines from producing so many ignorant Filipinos.

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