Is Noynoy Aquino turning Malacañang into an organised crime syndicate?

New revelations emerging in yesterday’s court session in the on-going impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona shed further light into the true priorities of the governement of Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Senator-Judge Joker Arroyo in a speech before the court last Monday (the 20th February) encapsulated this disturbing character of the current regime in the following statement…

“I find it strange that as far back as September to November 2010, there was already an inquiry on Chief Justice Corona…then followed by impeachment then followed by the investigation of the [Bureau] of Internal Revenue. Three invesigations have been conducted against the Chief Justice,” he said.

Arroyo’s citing of an “inquiry” on Corona “as far back as September to November 2010” refers to allegations that the Anti Money Laundering Council of the Philippines (AMLC) conducted an audit of Corona’s accounts with the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) over that period. Arroyo pointed to the “disturbing” possibility that Malacañang has been using government agencies under the influence of the Chief Executive as personal instruments in an on-going “political vendetta” — something that is highly-likely considering that the Supreme Court has the power to determine the fate of the vast Hacienda Luisita estate owned by Aquino’s in-laws that is due to be subject to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) in 2014.

It seems Noynoy sees Corona as the main man standing in the way of what is an increasingly obvious presidential mission to secure his in-laws’ family jewels from being broken up and re-distributed to its tenant farmers at a price that could potentially bankrupt the entire clan and drag down along with it what could be an immense network of crony-owned creditors.

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The AMLC was created in the course of implementing Republic Act 9160 or the “Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001” (AMLA). Under the rules of the implementation of RA 9160 (Rule 3, Sections 1 & 2), the AMLC has the power to initiate investigations on the basis of reports coming from “voluntary citizens’ complaints” and “covered transation reports” of suspicious banking activity. However, there are severe penalties (including heavy fines and imprisonment) applicable to anyone found to have maliciously filed “unwarranted or false information relative to any money laundering transaction against any person”. Furthermore, members of the AMLC are bound by the confidentiality in the manner with which it dispenses its services (Rule 2, Section 7)…

Sec. 7. Confidentiality of Proceedings. – The members of the AMLC, the Executive Director, and all the members of the Secretariat, whether permanent, on detail or on secondment, shall not reveal in any manner except under orders of the court, the Congress or any government office or agency authorized by law, or under such conditions as may be prescribed by the AMLC, any information known to them by reason of their office. In case of violation of this provision, the person shall be punished in accordance with the pertinent provisions of R. A. Nos. 3019, 6713 and 7653.

The AMLC and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) had earlier been under the spotlight after they were tagged as possible sources of information on Corona’s dollar deposits with the PSBank — information that is protected by the Philippines’ über-strict bank secrecy laws. It seems that they are off the hook now. PSBank President Pascual Garcia III’s most recent clarification was that it was not the AMLC but anti-money-laundering specialist Jerry Leal of the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) who conducted an examination of PSBank records. According to records refered to by Garcia, Leal’s examination involved only scrutiny of their politically-exposed persons (PEP) list. Shortly after, the BSP also denied in a press statement any involvement in any examination or audit that specifically targetted Corona’s bank accounts with PSBank…

“[BSP examiners] never requested to see the deposit account records of the Chief Justice nor were they presented the deposit accounts of the Chief Justice,” the central bank said.

“BSP examiners therefore could not have copied nor secured copies of such deposit account records including the signature cards of Chief Justice Renato Corona,” it added.

This means that the whole issue of where the fake documents (with accurate account information) came from remains in orbit around the same mob:

(1) Rep. Rey Umali and Niel Tupas Jr who say a “small lady” was the source of these documents;

(2) Quezon City Rep. Jorge Banal who insists that he found documents in an envelope “that was left in the gate of his house”; and,

(3) “Online journalists” Magtanggol de la Cruz and Carmela Fonbuena of “social news network” site who published the balance amount and account number of one of Corona’s accounts in a “news report” on that site.

Given the extensive resources and time poured by the Senate impeachment court into sheddling more light into the source of the prosecution’s illegally-acquired evidence that caused the entire trial to grind to a halt, the way the above people continue to stick out like sore thumbs becomes more glaring. The top-notch legal team defending Corona is now reportedly considering filing charges against those who are found to have at one time or another been “directly involved” in “handling” illegally-acquired information.

The chargable counts possibly include:

(a) Violation of bank secrecy law and the Foreign Currency Deposit Act (RA 6426); and,

(b) Inquiry by a third party into a person’s the bank details without the consent of that person (as Banal had done when he approached PSBank Katipunan branch manager Annabelle Tiongson).

Defense spokesperson Karen Jimeno however clarified that “it would be up to the Chief Justice if charges would be filed against the three House allies of President Benigno Aquino”.

For his part, President Aquino, not quite out of campaign mode despite having already spent almost two years on the job as President, is also leaning hard on a propaganda drive to demonise Corona. After the President subjected a hapless captured audience of teenagers to a tirade about his personal issues against the Chief Justice at the La Consolacion College in Manila, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda expressed in a press briefing how they are now expecting the Iglesia ni Christo (INC) to remain “true to their word” that a 28th February rally they will be holding at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila will be a “strictly religious” one. Rumours had been circulating earlier that this INC rally would include expressions of support for the upholding of the “rule of law”.

The highlighting of “rule of law” is an indictment of the way Aquino and his followers are widely seen to be blatantly flouting the law in the way they go about expediting the outcome they expect from this impeachment trial. Indeed, known Aquino apologist and “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles couldn’t have been more clear about her contempt for the notion of the “rule of law” when she wrote about how overrated the notion really is. Despite numerous calls to shut up, the President remains adamant

Refusing to heed demands that he back off from the impeachment proceedings, President Aquino maintained that it is also his right to talk about the trial, and that no one can gag him.

And so too does the INC reserve the right to make their “rally” on the 28th of Feb about anything that they feel that it should be, Mr President.

And that is the thing with the allegedly criminal mind. It tends to be good at rationalising any sort of moral quandary into a well-ironed entitlement statement.

43 Replies to “Is Noynoy Aquino turning Malacañang into an organised crime syndicate?”

  1. there is one obvious question to be asked, especially since president of PSB said the BSP/AMLA audit covered PEP(politically exposed people) accounts

    Which other PEP accounts were looked at?
    were similar audits done at other major banks.

    if any of the accounts were, for instance, arroyo family/ other SC judges, or even VP binay then game over for prosecution, and aquino.

    seems they wanted to get the dirt on key targets. and then use it to force resignations or blackmail when needed. ? ombudsman.
    no wonder drilon always has inside info.

    also BSP audit finishes 6 dec 2010
    grace dela cruz – psb compliance officer ( who didnt even inform branch manager about accessing account of corona) leaves bank 15 dec 2010. 2 months later moves to canada.
    also other branch person involved has left. just thinking. lots of co-incidences

  2. Forgive the insertion. While we were all distracted by the Senate Impeachment Trial Mr. Aquino did it again. He approved an expanded autonomy for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF). This includes a MILF parliamentary government based on the Malaysian model. Does the Constitution and our present laws allow the unilateral approval of the same? Is this not treason? His destructive mind is a continuing piece of work.

  3. a comment below which i saw and which has merit – unfortunately p-noy is now the puppet of the cojuangcos which embody corruption, evil, oligarchs and everything which holds the country back as the elite steal. a leopard does not change his spots however many spin doctors and propogandists are employed so p-noy will simply be the public face whilst it is feeding time for the cojuangcos et al. their deals with the chinese banks recently are indicative of what is happening

    “PNoy’s father side (Aquino) tends to be more
    socialist. His paternal grandfather and great
    grandfather were anti-Americans who were
    imprisoned by US forces.
    On the other hand, PNoy’s mother side
    (Cojuangco) are capitalists. Danding is one of
    the greediest ones, especially when he was a
    crony of Marcos. These capitalists are pro-
    So PNoy’s left mind tugs him to a socialist side
    and his right mind tugs him to a capitalist side.
    He has trouble going after the Cojuangcos,
    especially Danding who killed his father with the
    support of the US government who sent Ninoy
    back to PH even after grave threats.
    PNoy is indeed split. He has to be consistent,
    and he has to deal with his right side.”
    Rodney St.Michael

  4. Are we just realizing too late that we regret the election of a leader bent on perpetrating himsself and his shameless clan by employing “gestapo” and “tonton makoute’s” oppressing techniques under the guise of that “tuwid na daan” which is nothing but an empty catchphrase to get back at his perceived and potential enemies? What is more disturbing is further aggravated by this alleged “psychological report” detailing issues about our leader’s unstable state of mind.If it were so, that one crazy idea ended up with someone crazy up there. And it’s scary.

  5. i predicted that a year ago.
    get rid of the problems. concentrate on the money
    make an expanded tarlac – including clark and subic the new philippines and the new business/tourist centre/capital. but cannot happen without hacienda luisita as the core and then change designation of land usage

    1. @K3

      Let me add…
      Is Mr. Aquino really in full control of his destructive mind? His mood swings and quotes are famous. His obsessive focus on his perceived enemies distracts him from his duties and functions. Any comments?

  6. absolutely not
    he doesnt have the vision, drive, creativity etc
    hence the diversions with games, guns and girls.
    he is also very susceptible to other peoples ideas.
    he is the accepting front man but the thinkers/plotters are others both inside and outside. they know his weaknesses and have wound up his battery and let him go leaving them free to do what they want.

  7. The state of mind of the dictator should be given a long and hard look by the Cojuangco, Lopez and Aquino families. There is truth in the fact that Mr. Aquino is sleeping with the enemy CPP-NDF mainstream, socialist/progressives in the highest corridors of power. He is also friendly with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF) a known tactical ally of the NPA in Mindanao. My point is… assuming the enemies of the state begin to share and exercise power there can be no guarantees that their corporate empire, vast properties and even wealth will be affected. The dictator is seen as an enemy within and with his state of mind… he has the potential to turn against the proprietary assets of the clan. The voices in his mind are there. If he can persecute his perceived enemies, he can do the same to anyone. Ninoy was a political opportunist who allied and networked with the NPA. Pnoy is doing the same thing today. We are living in dangerous times.

  8. oh nikita nyo na ang akala ninyo na bayani.. kayo ang boss ko!! bullshit! oil prices are increasing and it couldn’t be stopped lahat na tayo nag rereklamo anung nangyayari?! puro patutchada ky Corona love life at kung anu pa na hindi naman ma kabubuti sa marami ang gna gawa! damidami nang problema at kahihiyan nangyari sa bansa natin starting from his term..tanong ko sau PNOY kung ma impeach c corona at ma kulong c arroyo maraming pilipino ba ang giginhawa ang buhay?! there is alot of more serious matters that needs attention than your ego! wala kang back bone kakahiya na ikaw ang naging presidente ng pilipinas! mabuti nalang hindi ako bumoto sayo… may na pasa kana ba na bill? wla anung gnawa mu nga senador ka wala ngayong presidente kna wala parin

  9. Pnoy hindi ito laro. sumakay kna nga sa pangalan nang mga magulang mu wala kapang gna gawa.. this is not a free ride you fool! Let me ask you ow could you respect someone who doesn’t respect the authority..? misleading the people is your game plan?! hahaha… bakla ka nag tatago ka sa bistida ng mga kapatid mu!!

    1. It is too obvious that the prosecution is already desperate at this point. The defense will soon deal the final fatal blow to the prosecution & PNoy will soon face the impeachment court after corona has been acquitted. Only idiotic fools like Vincenzo B. Arellano will believe otherwise.

      1. If Corona does get acquitted and remains CJ and PNoy himself impeached, who is the constitutionally designated presiding officer? Renato Corona…

        That one I really look forward to.

  10. “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley

    as a lawyer i am ashamed at the mockery being made of the basic principles of law and of due process – even common sense is now lacking. elect monkeys and the country remains a banana republic.

    you are watching a train crash/mistrial in progress. standard of law in the country beggars belief.

  11. The train crash represents the wreckage of a legal system long on wobbly tracks. It has little to do with the impeachment trial, specifically, but years of accumulated abuse and corruption. Justice is a word that does not apply in a social system that sets right and wrong aside, wholesale, for a system of favors. President Aquino is a product of his society. He did not create the society. Is he trying to change the system of continue it? Now THAT is indeed the pertinent question.

    1. “President Aquino is a product of his society.”

      so are we who live here and beg to differ, genius.

      “Is he trying to change the system or continue it?”

      go ahead and answer it, joe. i don’t think you can BS your way out of this one.

      1. he is changing it..:) no offense but nakikita mu na man.. due process palng parang express delivery na.. sad thing is if this back fire all of this would back fire on him.. you can’t run this country with emotions only.. hinidi ito hacienda ng pamilya nya pilipinas ito

        1. oh but it is, dude. this country is his family’s hacienda indeed!

          pnoy and his legion are destroying our democratic institutions and our economy – everything – to save hacienda luisita.

          we are all paying the price for something the aquino-cojuangco clan wants to keep but is certainly isn’t theirs to keep.

          and “due process” na “express delivery” ba kamo? what due process are you talking about? corona was never accorded due process by the prosecution side. with all due respect, under what rock have you been hiding to not know this?

          please lang, pakibasa ulit ang article na ito and the related posts upang maliwanagan.

        2. wala na ba kayong depense kundi HL baguhin naman ninyo sawa na kaming mabasa ang sinasabi ninyong HL dahil si corona ang may kaso hindi si pinoy depensahan ninyo kung saan nanggaling ang pera ni corona ,ginawa niyang panunutok ka mang indo na may affidavit at mga lutong kaso laban sa mga basa kaya nanalo sila dahil maykonektion sila sa mga judge .,..alam kong mga bayaran kayo ni arroyo at corona ….babulag sana ang mga taong nagbubulag bulagan …

      2. Parallelaxe, Ahh, my old nemesis, “Mr. Sweetness” himself. I’m not sure what I am supposed to argue, as I have no agenda to defend. I have no idea if he is interested in changing the system or continuing it. His political tirade against Corona suggests that he is caught in the system and simply continuing the emotionalism of his culture; you know, the one that reaches for a gun whenever someone loses a little face. Some, such as yourself, just reach for insults. It is all the same. Y’all behave just like President Aquino in your personal pot-shots. So clearly, you know better than me. Your problem is you command so little trust, your gums being so flappy. So I wouldn’t believe anything you told me.

        1. awww, that hurts my feelings, joe! don’t say such things, it’s like we were never friends.

          let’s talk about the agenda that you don’t have.

          “I have no idea if he is interested in changing the system or continuing it.”

          when faced with having to admit something that you can’t afford to admit, say you don’t know. ‘came right out of the cop-out playbook. next!

          “His political tirade against Corona suggests that he is caught in the system and simply continuing the emotionalism of his culture…”

          wow, dude. it’s like he’s never EVER responsible for ANY action he takes. still part of the cop-out playbook. next!

          “…you know, the one that reaches for a gun whenever someone loses a little face”

          give the idiot president a break, joe. it’s not every frikkin’ day that your stupidity will cost all your relatives the entire hacienda! (oops! did i say that aloud?)

          “Some, such as yourself, just reach for insults.”

          i do that just for you. i cut other people some slacks.

          “Y’all behave just like President Aquino in your personal pot-shots.”

          wrong. we’re spot on. pnoy is always clueless on the facts that he couldn’t possibly pass a stool exam.

          “So clearly, you know better than me.”

          no, no, no, joe. i simply use my head better than you do when it comes to your aspergeriffic idol. i believe you’re a smart man for a lot of other things, just not with this one.

          “Your problem is you command so little trust, your gums being so flappy.”

          like i care whether you trust moi. all i want is your lips off pnoy’s bum for 10 measly seconds.

          “So I wouldn’t believe anything you told me.”

          don’t worry. idiots tend to do that. hindi ka nag-iisa. (sounds like pbrain pnoy’s slogan, mmm?)

          missed you too, honeybunch.

  12. Jay, am I correct if I ask you that a train crash/mistrial in progress that you are referring to is about the prosecution’s mishandling the impeachment? Nothing to do about how the presiding judge is handling it?

    1. prosecution plus some senator judges, even role of media and p-noy. all add up to grounds for mistrial.
      enrile will of course realise this and will jave to start taking a harder line on some of the conduct

      1. Precisely jay.

        I still have to see a mistrial being attributed to the defense.

        One commenter here has a different interpretation of your comment inre mistrial.

        Really, this dude has a glaring reading comprehension problem.

        Poor internet connection. Pwe!

  13. reguarding the impeachment, Its just but right to say that i’m really learning alot from what has transpired it has turned into classroom where the prosecutor is being thought by everyone.. what a sham.. still thats some of the filipino style kahit ano basta may masabi lng o nag mamarunong baka makatsanba… may mga tao talaga oh!

  14. reguarding the impeachment, Its just but right to say that i’m really learning alot from what has transpired it has turned into classroom where the prosecutor is being thought by everyone.. what a sham.. still thats some of the filipino style kahit ano basta may masabi lng o nag mamarunong baka makatsanba… may mga tao talaga oh!

    1. Tama, that’s the word: MAKACHAMBA. That’s what the prosecution wants.

      Frankly speaking, is that the current Aquino administration’s approach to things?

      1. Hopefully not.. pero hindi malayo na pwede nya ring magawa yan.. after all he got away with so many things na akala niya ok lng.. tingin ko hindi na yan a aabot ng isa pang termino.. yes!haha

  15. The Aquinos used government soldiers and Police to massacre farmers, demonstrating against the Hacienda
    Luisita. Are you surprised, if they use government taxpayers’ money, to search evidences, against their …just to protect it…
    They go far as killing and destroying people; just to hold on the land they swindled from the Filipinos…

  16. Arroyo pointed to the “disturbing” possibility that Malacañang has been using government agencies under the influence of the Chief Executive as personal instruments in an on-going “political vendetta”

    In the context of BSP/AMLC audits, this is a bit of overstretch from Senator Arroyo.

    For one, there would be thousands of Philippine PEPs (politically exposed persons). As generally defined, PEPs include:

    1. Heads of state, government and cabinet ministers;
    2. Influential functionaries in nationalized industries and government administration;
    3. Senior judges;
    4. Senior party functionaries;
    5. Senior and/or influential officials, functionaries and military leaders and people with similar functions in international or supranational organizations;
    6. Members of ruling royal families;
    7. Senior and/or influential representatives of religious organizations (if these functions are connected with political, judicial, military or administrative responsibilities)

    Second, there will hundreds of possible banks, branches and accounts.

    Third, you consider the number of combinations/permutations of PEPs versus banks/branches/accounts.

    Finally, with the Philippine bank secrecy laws considered as the strictest in the world, you will get the picture on how impossible it will be to zero in on a ‘targeted’ PEP.

    Unless you have a “small lady” as your guardian angel. 😉

  17. Parallax sorry hindi ko na clear DUDE i wasn’t talking about the impeachment when i mentioned about the due process i was referring that one when GMA was placed on hospital arrest.. anyway sana naman ma realize dn nila na kung anu ang totoong issue..

  18. Every day that goes by I detest Pnoy even more. Such a vindictive person. Kawawa ka pala once he sets his sights on you and aims to destroy you. Blabber mouth pa.

  19. Majority of the Filipino people does not have a computer to read this comments. nor to understand in depth their own sentiments, that is how to solve poverty

    PNOY and his cohort politicians are merely woeing the public by smiling at them and paying for their seminars, meetings, etc,etc. But how to really fight poverty is hardwork and politicians are not doing hardwork.

    Merely just a boss and employee relationship. I sit here in my office and you do the hardwork for me way of thinking.

  20. huwaag na kayong magreklamo dahil ganyan din ang ginawa ni arroyo diba mga general pa ang kasagwat niya .marami rin na jornalis ang nawaWALA .AT NAMATAY DAHIL CONTRA SA KANILANG GINAGAWA AT MGA MGA NAGPAKAMATAY DAHIL DIN KAY ARROYO mapagtakpan lang ang kawalanghiyaan ni arroyo …huwag kayong magbulag bulaggan baka mabulag sana kayo hahahah!!!!

    1. Hahaha! Cge lang dahil ang mga utak-squatter ang mga tunay na bulag who are vehemently playing blame games.

      I was right that the real problem is the dysfunctional culture. Blaming Arroyo for everything is a proof of squatter mentality. O sino ang bulag sa atin?

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