PNoy reportedly laughing at jokes amidst the tragedy unfolding in CDO and Iligan

Social networking sites keep undoing the impeccable image President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) is trying to project. Gone are the days when Malacañang Palace officials can keep their shenanigans hush-hush while regular folks battle for survival outside in the real world. Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites that act as double edge swords for high profile individuals. On one hand it can launch someone’s career while on the other, it can shoot it straight down. Those 140 character twitter messages have been known to destroy someone’s reputation quicker than anyone can hit the delete button. Any attempts at apologising after the damage is done is futile once the Netizens get their hands on insensitive messages sent by anyone high on either wine or pure adrenaline.

The first tweet that made the Second Aquino Government look like a twit was when Presidential speech writer Carmen “Mai” Mislang posted derogatory messages about their Vietnamese hosts while PNoy attended his first ASEAN summit meeting back in 2010. Malacañang went into damage control by banning its Communication Team from using social networking site Twitter immediately after Mislang tweeted “Wine sucks” and “Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die”. The people showed no mercy for Mislang. Although being a buddy of the President, she only received a slap on the wrist, Mislang is already a national disgrace.

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Unfortunately for Malacañang, not everyone is under their control or in their payroll. The recent backlash they are receiving from Netizens came after Filipino actress, Valerie Concepcion inadvertently revealed that PNoy was at a party during the height of the tropical storm Sendong which claimed the lives of 650 Filipinos as of this writing.

Concepcion probably did not realise that gushing about being with the bachelor President the night before would get PNoy or her in a lot of trouble. A simple tweet saying that “It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance…”, is something that others would have easily dismissed as normal considering it comes from a space cadet, but not when there is a catastrophe unfolding in some part of the country.

Now some rabid supporters of PNoy are blaming Concepcion for her insensitive tweet. I say good on her for revealing a national concern. She should not be blamed at all for PNoy’s own insensitivity. Concepcion should be lauded for revealing the true state of the country’s leader during a crisis. Besides, it was PNoy who was laughing at her jokes without any care in the world in the first place. PNoy was probably putting some meaning into the saying, “laugh and the world will laugh with you”. His behaviour now is pretty consistent with his behaviour during the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010 when relatives of the eight Chinese tourists who died in the hands of disgruntled gunman, Rolando Mendoza were outraged at seeing PNoy smiling during the press conference after the tragedy.

The lack of a formal statement from PNoy about the disaster is a real disappointment for many Filipinos. His Communication staff has been left defending his inaction. It seems like PNoy does not consider tragedies outside Manila as urgent. In the wake of this tragedy, it has been revealed that Cagayan de Oro did not get any warning about the possibility of being hit by the typhoon. Here’s what the Mayor had to say

Cagayan de Oro City (CDO) Mayor Vicente Emano said they were not warned of the strength of Tropical Storm Sendong (international name: Washi), which lashed Mindanao and left more 300 people dead, with almost 300 more missing. “Wala naman talagang sinabi na ganoon ang mangyayari,” Emano said in an interview with dzMM. “Kami ang tinamaan ng mata ng bagyo, hindi na po sinabi yan.”

“Wala pong nagsabi na ganito ang darating na bagyo sa amin, wala man lang bulletin, wala man lang nakapagsabi na we will be in the eye of the storm,” he added.

Cagayan de Oro is rarely hit by storms, and many residents were ill-prepared for the wrath of Sendong. Flash floods triggered voluntary evacuations as early as midnight last Friday.

Obviously, PNoy’s reaction to the tragedy in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City is a far cry from his reaction when typhoon Basyang ravaged Metro Manila:

On Tuesday, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced that Basyang would batter Northern and Central Luzon areas, but the storm lashed Metro Manila instead.

At an emergency meeting called by the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) in Camp Aguinaldo, Aquino told PAGASA that accurate weather information is vital for the government in preparing for disasters.

“That information it is sorely lacking and we have had this problem for quite a long time. … You do what you are supposed to do… this is not acceptable. I hope this is the last time that we are all brought to areas different from where we should be,” the president says.

Is PNoy being selective and is only prepared to come out when Imperial Manila is affected? Hopefully not. His reaction in the next few days could make or break him.

The irony here is that the Malacañang communication team would be busy fending off criticism against PNoy instead of concentrating on coordinating relief and rescue efforts for the victims of Sendong.

126 Replies to “PNoy reportedly laughing at jokes amidst the tragedy unfolding in CDO and Iligan”

  1. It gets more ludicrous as you now have the 3 witches rushing out statements and kris using her tv programme as a propaganda tool.
    But in the process inadvertently contradicting manual quezons retraction of one lie with another lie.
    These amateurs are a disgrace to decency, an insult to integrity, and an affront to those who perished.
    sad, selfish, and stupid.
    Wake up philippines.

    1. Abnoy is either incompetent or ill-advised… OR BOTH. Simple lang yan eh… kung ako si Abnoy magandang PR sana yang “pakikiramay” eklat sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo kung ang headline ay “PENOY HINDI DUMALO SA PARTY AT PUMUNTA SA CAGAYAN DE ORO”… Kaya lang… ABNOY nga e. Di alam ang priorities. Di ba Rudy?

  2. “Now some rabid supporters of PNoy are blaming Concepcion for her insensitive tweet.”

    Now this is just sad. I didn’t see anything insensitive about it; she merely stated a fact. It wasn’t as if it was her fault that PNoy was there. (I hope…)

    But what can one expect from his rabid supporters? The poor souls are in denial (what else is new?); they know well the true reason for this backlash hence the pathetic attempt to divert everyone’s attention to Valerie Concepcion.

        1. An even worse scenario is that she’ll receive death threats just for exposing the president’s lack of empathy and true nature of not giving a single f*** at disasters.

  3. P-noy party – the pr damage limitaion

    Lacierda – “just a few minutes”
    Quezon – “30 minutes”
    Coloma – “2 hours”
    Kris – “all night – but had phone with him”

    Its the continual lies which i hate more than anything. Shows how much they think of their ‘bosses’ . Sack the lazy incompetents

    1. “but had phone with him”
      his new freebie iphone 4s – kris cant help sponsoring products or angling for a new deal.
      – ‘call home – if it hasn’t been washed away’

    2. Gees…they are really not coordinated. There should be just one person talking: PNoy. Why is he not making a statement himself?

      1. Because it would definitely make things worse.

        Also, he might throw a tantrum or something.

        (Ex-)Presidential PR teams are very incompetent these days.

  4. It is interesting, but sad to see the pathetic and childish/naive comments of the p-noy cult on social media, who are clearly out in force and in defensive mode. The social media responses all fall into the categories below – most verbatim quotes. The other common characteristics is they love to waffle, often bring god into the equation and never have any substantive reply, simply slogans/motherhood statements or rantings.

    – Act of god. Pnoy not to blame
    – Corona should resign
    – It was only a party
    – Trust in god and p-noy
    – Gma should have stopped illegal logging
    – The party was already scheduled
    – Am sure p-noy was co-ordinating behind the scenes
    – You are a paid hack
    – P-noy deserves to relax
    – How do you know. You weren’t there
    – Prove it
    – everyone was at a party
    – p-noy is popular
    – its up to the governor/mayor, not p-noy
    – cdo dont support p-noy so no surprise they blame him.

    And in most cases there is no thought/reference/best wishes, even prayers for the people of cdo. Sick or what.

    1. – How do you know. You weren’t there
      – Prove it

      Oooh, they seem to be learning from us. Too bad for them, the proof is easy to find.

  5. The boss dictator is heading for faraway Mindanao. Time to show his mettle. Time to be less mediocre. Here is some unsolicited advice for him:

    1.No photo ops or videos showing you smiling, laughing, looking confused, angry or frustrated.
    2. No short time(counted in several or more minutes)stays in affected areas. Emphasis on empathy.
    3. No political speeches or statements about your enemies in target personalities and institutions. Don’t be insensitive and respect the dead.
    4. No statements blaming others. It is time to take responsibility for your management and manila team lapses.
    5. No barfing in public or on cam. The sickly, sweet smell of death is a reality you have to face.
    6. No I, Me, Myself propaganda when you get home to make you look good.
    7. No excuses for being afraid or nervous. Suck the gut in great leader and see the real world.

      1. Binay has already gone to CDO and Iligan City. And may e-mail : sabi daw ni Ochoa…. Binay could go easy because Binay does not have anything to do. And he’s campaigning.

  6. Whenever there’s a threat to his clan’s interests, he attacks, but when tragedy strikes outside his family’s realm, he doesn’t care at all.

  7. oh when will the Flips realise how inutile this president is… gaddamit he should be the one impeached!

    oh wait it gets better….

    “The President does not want to immediately visit the typhoon-struck areas because he does not want to become the focus or the center of attraction when he visits,” Valte had said

    really????? that’s the best excuse they can muster? wow we live in a sick society…. **** you Noynoy!

      1. im not even sure if that is the real reason for the delay of the president’s visit. valte is usually clueless on what is happening around.

        1. Valte is useless, if you ever listen to her. She never can say anything unequivocally, it’s always, “As far as I know…” or “to the best of my knowledge…”

          Plus it wouldn’t kill her to cut back on the carbohydrates, if you know what I mean. So many dumpy-looking people in the government is not setting a good example.

    1. A funny excuse.
      Wait wouldn’t that mean that he always thinks being the center of attraction?
      Why would he think that way when there is more important work to be done?

    2. the comms group just cant stop lying or even get their act together.
      lacierda now has the cheek to say that p-noy wanted to go to cdo on sunday but was persuaded not to due to the bad weather but he monitored the situation closely at all times!
      they are a joke but it shows that they think the people – ‘ their bosses’ – can be treated as a joke.

      1. I still doubt that of another PP… The rally numbers aren’t high enough and most people won’t care at all (sense of passivity preferring to go on to their own lives). It will need +101 continuous blunders of ineptitude by the Pres’ for a PP to happen.

        If such happens, how ironic it is that the movement that restored oligarch control will be the one that will potentially drop ’em to their knees.

        The Philippines direly needs a Jack Bauer & Dominic Cobb (for counter-inception)!

        1. Bad as this guy is, I don’t think you want to go that route. The rest of the world is not going to be impressed – and let’s face it, who’ve you got to replace him, anyway?

          The 1986 affair made sense, because you were getting rid of a long-time dictator. By 2001, however, the rest of the world was saying, “What is wrong with these people?” Not that anyone was all that impressed with Erap, but the fact that you couldn’t follow your own rulebook was not lost on us. You do it again that way, and it will not look good at all.

        2. Presidente Noynoy will make it thru 2016.

          But the next people-rally, according to deQuiros, should be against Corona. (Maybe deQuiros is asking Ochoa and Lacierda for trucks so they can make hakot for a spontaneous demonstration against the CJ)

  8. All the comments here so far is made by a bunch of idiots. Knows how to point a finger, yep, it is Noynoys fault, has to be. Some idiot here like to use F words too, and that someone should go f**k himself in the butt as his mentality is,hmmmp, nope, will not go down to his level. If you punks think you can do better than Noynoy, why don’t you run for President next time and I wish you can make it so all the blame will be directed at your ass and you’d better not be Partying when disaster strikes the island. If the majority of Filipinos thinks like you guys do, what future does the Philippines have, you figure it out, if you have the capacity.

    1. di naman kay noynoy sinisisi yun nangyari…sadyang malas lang si noynoy at lalo pang mamalasin dahil sa pagiging asal haciendero nya…”kayo ang boss ko!” oh c’mon…

      ang nakakainis kse sinasabi lagi ng gobyerno nya na handa at magaling sila…sana wag na lang nilang ilagay sa pedestal ang sarili nila dahil wala pa silang nagagawang tama…tsk…tsk…tsk…

    2. bad karma din ni noynoy tong nangyayari na to…pano ba naman lahat sinisisi nya kay gloria and company ayan tuloy nasisisi sha ngayon…hay naku…

    3. @Rudy

      1. Yes, some of us here can do a better job than PNoy.

      2. No, even if we run for the presidency, we won’t win because we do not have the financial backing of the Cojuancos.

      3. Yes, if we become a Malacanang official, we won’t be partying when disaster strikes the island. Only people without empathy do that.

      4. If majority of Filipinos think like us, the future of the Philippines would look so bright you’d have to wear shades. 😉

      You should not be too beholden to your public servants especially PNoy. Your taxes pay for his salary. It is every citizen’s duty to be vigilant in watching over what he is doing. You need to tell him when he is not doing a good job.

    4. I sincerely believe anyone here can do better than NoyNoy. The question is would we have the backing of Philippine media to even run for president? Would we have armed goons intimidating people at the polls for us? Do we have billions of pesoses that we stole from taxpayers? Do we have nanay and tatay who are exalted by the media? Noynoy doesn’t even understand the rule of law, nor does he understand economics.He has no charisma nor work ethic. He doesn’t work for the people, the people are his serfs, he works for his family-to keep the Cojuangcos in power. The Filipinos will forever be their serfs.

    5. What an ass. It’s a sore excuse for his Abnoy idol… “think you can do better than Abnoy” and “running for the next Presidency”… Here’s a piece advice. Go use the F word on shove it on your A hole. If you don’t want to be on our level… STAY THERE!!! you’re viewing the world upside down. The majority of the Filipinos are STUPID!!! Accept that… or die trying to figure out why.

  9. Perhaps I owe an apology for saying that F word. I only did so because I am outraged by a sitting President partying while people are dead. It is a national calamity and disaster. You know what a bigger disaster is? this Aquino presidency and those people not outraged by how things are going.

  10. I can’t wait for JPE to be ousted as senate president…dahil pag nangyari yun mag-ku-kudeta for sure…yey! ma-e-exile ulet ang mga aquino pabalik ng ‘merika…magbenta na lang sha ng hotdog dun, yun ang mas bagay sa kanya!

    1. I’ve kind of thought the same thing. I’d like to see them try, because I think they have no idea what kind of trouble that would bring down on them. I know I would not want to screw with JPE.

    1. The typhoon 2000 website also does the same thing, has links to not only Pagasa (for comedy purposes, maybe), but also Tropical Storm Risk – which does forecasting for shipping insurance companies, so you know they don’t mess around, the US Naval Research Lab (which does it for the US Navy), and the Japan Meteorological Agency. All of which are public links, anyone with a computer can have a look at a ton of information any time they like. What gets me about the weather agency here is, it seems like they’re so yabang they intentionally say something different than everyone else. They don’t need doppler radar and all the stuff they whine about — sure it would help, but there are enough alternative resources they could use in the meantime.

  11. If there’s someone who needs to be impeached it’s the president himself! Heck, he hasn’t done anything good for this country at all. We aren’t blaming him for the disaster, but as President of this country he should be the first person to show concern to his fellow citizens. Most of those people probably even voted for him and he doesn’t even know how to show empathy. Shame on him! Shame on Kris and her sisters for covering up for him. If they had any decency at all they should have told him what a responsible president should do and not clean his sh*t. I’m sorry for the word but I’m just infuriated right now. I’m glad I didn’t waste my right to vote on him. I hope this will wake the Filipino people. Aquino government will just drag this country down.

  12. Uncle Adolf’s chilling quotes mirrors Uncle BadNoy.

    “What you say to the people collectively in the receptive state of fanatical abandonment remains in their mind like an order given to someone under hypnosis, which cannot be wiped out and resists all logical argument.”-Adolf Hitler

    “In the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people… will more easily fall victim to a great lie than to a small one.”-Adolf Hitler

    Does BadNoy do this?

    Ever wonder why Vincenzo and his kind speak their minds like they do? The answer is simple. They are victims. Manipulated people just like the mass that “adores” Mr. Aquino. Or… just political mercenaries.

    1. In context with the tragic disaster… The dictator Mr. Aquino will just fall back to his favorite techniques. One… repeat lies. Two… repeat blame. After all, deceit and lies is now an instrument of public policy.

      Open your minds to the truth.

      1. Some examples of subliminal manipulation.
        I.Make great lies appear as truth.
        1. Aquinomics
        2. Matuwid na daan.
        3. Kung walang kurap walang mahirap.
        4. Kayo ang boss ko.
        5. Political campaign promises.
        6. I am not a dictator.
        Add your own_____________

        II. Play the blame game.
        1. Blame GMA.
        2. Blame Midas Marquez.
        3. Blame CJ Corona.
        4. Blame the Judiciary walkout and protest.
        5. Blame the lack of doppler radar.
        6. Blame PAGASA
        7. Blame the victims of the Mindanao disaster for not heeding alleged repeat government warnings.

        Add your own_______.

  13. The Mayan Calendar in Guatemala, states: that an ending of an Earth Era (end of an Earth Era, not the end of the world), will be on Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayan Civilization was a very advanced civilization in Science and Astronomy…it says: the Planet Earth; the Sun; and the Center of our Galaxy will align themselves. This happens every 25,000 Earth Years of cycle. If you believe it: it’s your business…but for me: I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The Mayan civilization just disappeared on this face of this Earth…they left only their writings on Carved Stones called Stellae…
    The Earth is in the process of change. We have polluted it, deforrested it, invaded the territories of animals, destroyed the ocean resources for profit, dumped poisonous chemicals on it, etc…the negative Collective Consciousness of our leaders, is also causing this. More natural calamities will come. It is the Birth Pangs of our new Civilization…

    1. In the ancient Rome…the Roman Emperor Nero was fiddling his Harp, while Rome was burning. In our times, Noynoy Aquino was partying and laughing on Jokes. While the Filipinos were drowning and dying. Their houses and families were being swept by floods and by tsunamies. I have never seen such insensitive human being, in my life…Noynoy Aquino has a Cold Heart…as hard as a Stone…to have sympathy and empathy on people who are suffering…

  14. so it’s true.. that president noynoy has not make any plans yet. I was actually checking all the channels for the past couple of days.. akala ko pa nga, baka wala lang ako sa timing manood ng balita dahil parang walang balita tungkol sa anong ginawa na ni Presidente. Hindi pala ako nagkakamali. Wala pa pala syang nagagawa. Naunahan pa siya nila Vice Ganda at ni Angel Locsin.

  15. As much as possible its not right to point fingers when something went terribly wrong, and this disaster is not even directly the cause of any man.
    But the lack of action and motivation to work on a huge disaster is very unacceptable.
    Some people learned a lot during the Japan tsunami.
    The people affected on the east coast of Japan did not ever tried to blame anyone at all the moment the disaster happened. Instead they focus on fixing the problems, cleaning up the disaster and even tried to keep the people’s spirits high. In short they focus to take the most beneficial action.
    There were Filipinos (some my friends) who are very insensitive to blame them. Saying its an act of God because of whale fishing and their progress in science and technology, which I think is bullshit since were here sitting safely a thousand miles away while these Filipinos are blaming people whose families and lives were destroyed.
    I think this practice of finger pointing is deep within our culture. Filipinos don’t admit mistakes and everyone here will agree that they don’t accept criticism and if they do, they’ll reply with “e ano ngayon?” “pakialam mo?” “ewan ko sa iyo”, to end discussions without admitting defeat.
    That is why this country can never move forward, because its people does not want to recognize its mistakes that they had to fix.
    just some thought…

  16. Instead of uniting the country and pooling all resources and expertise regardless of political party or affiliation, including Perlas for environmental planning and Gordon for calamity and emergency operations, even Gibo etc, abNoy prefers to fill gov’t position with his KKKs. They are so focused on vendetta, PR, and “papogi” that they fail to offer realistic and sustainable solutions to our country.

    I’m beginning to wonder who abNoy actually prayed to during his “discernment.”

    1. When I become President, I will hire the best people in the country. During the campaign season, I will advertise opening for key positions and hire only the most qualified applicant for the job so as not to waste time when I am finally in Malacanang. 😉

  17. What Pnoy could have done long before any disasters struck:
    1. “If they don’t want to move out of disaster areas, force them out! Better homeless than dead!”
    2. To PAGASA: “You’re fired! We’d rather stick with the US Navy and the Japanese.”
    3. “I don’t care if they’re called Manila SWAT, the PNP SAF can do a better job!”

    Too bad, the boy still hasn’t grown a brain.

    1. unfortunately, if you’re one of Noynoy’s guys you cannot be sacked… your job is pretty much secured unless you have the decency to quit

    2. Hey, any measure to prepare for the worst would have been better than doing nothing at all. But PNoy seems busy relaxing and having fun to even think about doing something proactive. He’d rather pursue GMA and her so-called cohorts.

  18. There’s an old, old word – noblesse oblige – its literal meaning is nobility obliges, and I suppose the President knows what it means. It entails showing compassion, sensitivity, and decency to the plight and needs of his subjects, in this case the victims of the Sendong catastrophe. Evidently the concept is foreign to his retinue from the Communications group and even to his Executive Officers. A pity, really, considering that they have consistently strived to picture the President as the epitome of what is good and noble, such lapse of judgment, or lack thereof, in going to the PSG party is imprudent and deplorable. The least that they could have done was call a press conference to show that the President was on top of the situation and, in so doing, assuage the fears and anxieties of the flood victims. Having done that, they could have partied to their heart’s content and no one would have been any wiser.

    As always adversity brings out the best and the worst of a person, as it is, this calamitous event has exposed the true character of the President: he is insensitive, contemptuous, vindictive, laidback, bossy, incompetent and he is a person with an unbridled passion for the good life. Party, anyone?

    1. @bubi78

      You can see how most Filipinos can get so fixated on dates and events. So yeah, the party was planned long before the typhoon but as public servants, they need to be more flexible. Serving the people should be their number one priority. Otherwise, what is there to celebrate in their Christmas party? They are just good at patting themselves on the back for doing nothing significant.

      The party could have gone ahead even without PNoy anyway. I’m pretty sure the staff would have understood it. If he can cancel some meetings during the ASEAN summit because he was so distracted with GMA’s attempts at departing (which was not even a security threat), why couldn’t he skip the staff Christmas party because of the national disaster?

      1. @Ilda

        The party could have gone ahead even without PNoy anyway. I’m pretty sure the staff would have understood it. If he can cancel some meetings during the ASEAN summit because he was so distracted with GMA’s attempts at departing (which was not even a security threat), why couldn’t he skip the staff Christmas party because of the national disaster?

        This might be what the news article was referring to when it said:

        “Noynoy can cancel an Asean meeting, but can’t cancel a PSG party to attend to CDO disaster,” said user benigno, apparently referring to an occasion when Mr. Aquino missed one day of a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Indonesia because of problems at home.


        1. They think that everyone has a bad memory. How can people forget that he cancelled an opportunity to meet with other foreign leaders but then did not have the heart to cancel a party for people he sees everyday?!?

          This is just ridiculous.

        2. Thanks for the link. I just read it now. I didn’t realise they quoted benign0. They spelled his user name wrong…hehe.

          Maybe I should open a twitter account too. It seems that that is what the mainstream media is monitoring. Maybe the articles are too much for their brain so they limit their reading to 140 characters. 🙂

        3. @Ilda

          Thanks for the link. I just read it now. I didn’t realise they quoted benign0. They spelled his user name wrong…hehe.

          Not only did they spell his name wrong, they also may not have quoted their source accurately. In the article, notice how they were keen on leaving out certain specifics. Here we have:

          “…apparently referring to an occasion when Mr. Aquino missed one day of a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Indonesia because of problems at home.”

          which drops any reference to GMA. They’ve worded it in such a way that it tends to mislead the reader into thinking that AbNoy was merely attending “some other” equally or more important “problems at home.” Mentioning GMA would have made his twisted priorities more conspicuous.

      2. True, but the temptation to see Ms. VC and other stars perform must have been too much for Pnoy to pass up, besides the party was already paid for(with taxpayer’s money of course) sayang naman, diba? The thing is, this administration have their priorities skewed and they have been running the government by the seat of their pants since day one. There is no methodology in their madness, they just shoot as they go.

  19. With apologies to original dead parrot sketch by monty python

    BS Aquino

    ‘he’s not leading’!
    he’s partied out!
    This president is no more!
    he has ceased to be – honest!
    he’s exposed and wont answer his Boss!
    he’s a stiff! Bereft of more lies,
    his packet is empty, he has no more puff,
    his load is shot and his gun is firing blanks!
    He is driving on hot air in the slow lane!
    Knock, knock,
    who’s there?
    Nobody, thats bleeding who! The door is closed, the lights are off, and the pantry is bare.
    The bank has foreclosed
    His credit-bility has been withdrawn.
    Consumers want a refund
    A recycled wig has more life in it
    The vital signs have stopped. He cannot hear, see, or walk – in a straight path
    Wake up and smell the durian!
    he rests in promises – broken!
    It’s metabolic processes are now history!
    he’s off the gameboy!
    he’s kicked the weatherman,
    he’s wrecked the car
    he’s manure – for the flowers
    he’s shuffled off his moral coil,
    run down the flag and
    joined the bleedin’ karaoke choir
    The fat lady is singing – “it’s over”


    Hacienda luisita, baby

  20. An open letter to Filipinos from the Preident.

    I have come under attack recently from corrupted people close to GMA about being at a party last Friday night during the Sendong Typhoon among other things.

    Therefore I would like to set the record straight on several issues. Firstly let’s not forget that before GMA was elected as president there were no Typhoons, Mud slides, Corruption, Crime, Murders and Journalists Killed. Any isolated cases that happened prior to GMA becoming president were only during the time of the dictator Marcos.

    Since the introduction of my Wang Wang law corruption in this country has declined by 50% and as you will see below I have plans to eliminate corruption completely.

    For those of you who keep criticizing me all I can say is that you are just jealous because I was the first person in this country to get the IPhone 4. This new phone will help me stop any future Typhoons, Mud slides, Corruption, Crime, Murders and to fight the chinese.

    Some of you have also complained about my smile. It is not my fault that I have a very alluring and seductive smile, I am a bachelor and the girls love my smile. I wanted to have a Justin Bieber hairstyle but because of GMA I don’t have enough hair. So instead of complaining please go and get a life.

    Finally I would like to layout my plans for stopping Typhoons, Mud slides, Corruption, Crime and Murders in the Philippines. From now on public officials are not allowed to say Merry Christmas this will stop corruption and the words Logging, Guns, Mud and Crime will be banned completely in order to ensure that we can eradicate Typhoons, Mud slides and Crime.

    I would kindly ask you redirect any criticisms you may have towards me, to GMA, Marcos, Corona, or Merci, I am only the President I am not responsible for all your problems.

    Lastly as you are aware I am practicing my shooting skills so that I can lead our new warship in our fight against the Chinese over the Spartlys.

    Merry Christmas

    Your’s Truly

      1. You guys have got this all wrong and you have no sense of humor, this administration is just shooting a Filipino version of the BBC series Yes Minister.

    1. Speaking of the new iPhone, maybe he can download an application to help him be a better and caring President. I’m sure developers can create one for him.

    2. And speaking of his smile, I have this nagging suspicion that part of the reason his minders are trying to avoid him facing the camera to give a speech immediately after is because he simply cannot wipe that grin off his face even in times of tragedy. Hmmmm…

  21. brought up on it and ian hislop
    pricking egos and treating everyone equally irreverently and exposing misdeeds. sounds a good philosophy and a way to reach a wider audience. and great cartoons/cartoon strips.
    imagine the fun they would have in the philippines. it would be a bumper edition every week.

  22. in all seriousness the astute politician/party will develop apps and should be planning already. now fairly quick and easy to do.
    penetration figures of smartphone for 2016/2022 show % of voters with smartphone in philippines will be significant and for that group it is becoming their primary method of getting news and redistributing it,and they can influence/decide outcome and it gives more public access to parties with less funding – if they understand and apply the technology in a creative/innovative manner.
    already starting to see apps on iphone, but not yet android.
    its a whole new ‘political science’ as channel marketing meets technology meets politics.

  23. p- noy declares national calamity.

    all malacanan parties will now be
    held in aid of the calamity, and
    would be starlets will be donating
    their services free!
    thank you santa! fill your boots boys.

    1. too little, too late..
      a lot of folks are already dead..

      donations are good, but if the logistics for transporting those are slow, there would be a lot of sick and dead people, before they receive anything of worth..

      that’s emergency preparedness and disaster coordination for you.. Proud to be Pinoy (President Noy)!

  24. What else is new? What can we expect from this sham of a president?
    So far nothing good has come out of this administration.
    Pnoy should be impeached instead of corona since pnoy is absolutely no good and good for nothing.

  25. It’s actually surprising that the notion that unburied, decomposing bodies poses a very urgent health threat in the aftermath of a natural calamity is one of several enduring myths that even the WHO and PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) are trying to eliminate. They claim that microbes that are involved in the decomposition process are not the ones that spread disease. And even so, most disease-causing microbes from a person who died of sickness will not even last for a few hours in a dead body. The top priority has always been to look after the living, since “survivors could pose a lot more risk of spreading an epidemic than corpses due to unsanitary conditions”. Rushing to bury the dead diverts resources and manpower away from rescue efforts and can make it impossible to identify bodies later.

  26. I will bet my minimum wage that AbNoy sa Palasyo won’t last 4 years then it will either be people power or snap election. Things are very slowly, but surely, going against that Yellow Clown.

    1. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the Filipino people. I would have taken you on that bet if it wasn’t against my religious beliefs.

      I’m guessing that his Excellency would stay as President for the whole six years and (depending on the current generation’s initiative with stepping on the next level of idiocy) he will exit the presidency full of awards and praises from dumb-struck supporters.

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