Valerie Concepcion allegedly wows PNoy as Sendong strikes Mindanao

The last thing a nation needs in time of extreme crisis is more political intrigue. It seems however, that the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III simply attracts that scourge of useless chatter and even fans its flames. The other night as, reportedly, “the nation mourns”, Noynoy was apparently busy “laughing at [the] jokes” and “enjoying [the] performance” of Filipino starlet Valerie Concepcion even as the death toll from Typhoon Sendong climbed to more than 400 in Cagayan de Oro City. Concepcion using her Twitter account @v_concepcion allegedly fielded the following tweet conveying the above information last Sunday (which had apparently since been deleted)…

Done w/ work.. Tnx for having me.. 🙂 It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance..ü #Malacañang #PSGNight

Concepcion who is known best for her role as Nora Ferrer in Sinasamba Kita (a Filipino telenovela) and for co-hosting in the Willie Revillame classics Wowowee and Pilipinas Win na Win also supposedly owns a franchise of water refilling station chain Aquaquest.

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The circumstances surrounding the whereabouts of President Noynoy Aquino during the disaster is shaping into yet another public relations snafu for the embattled Second Aquino Administration as the public becomes increasingly critical of Noynoy’s rather lukewarm response to the tragedy. Shortly after news of the carnage in northern Mindanao broke, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) had revealed to the press that the President “may” visit the site of the disaster “shortly after Christmas”. The statement has since been “clarified” by the NDRRMC with an apology that mentions a “typographical error”…

“Please note that on item no. 5 which states that ‘Presidential inspection and visit to affected communities in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City on Tuesday 27 December 2011’ should be TUESDAY 20 DECEMBER 2011. We apologize for the typographical error and for the confusion this may have caused,” NDRRMC operations center head Edgardo Ollet said in a message posted on the NDRRMC website Sunday afternoon.

I can hear heads rolling in the distance…

The Emperor Nero Syndrome of Filipino politicians, to be fair, is not unique to Noynoy Aquino. Back in 2009, a photo of what looked like presidential offspring Mikey Arroyo seemingly shopping for booze in a swanky shopping centre as Typhoon Ondoy made its deadly sweep across the national capital emerged and got passed around. Like Noynoy’s own Nero moment, that one also sparked the all-too-familiar Net infestation of expressions of “indignation” that has come to characterise the Philippines’ chattering classes.

Noynoy’s probable hand in the scale of the tragedy in northern Mindanao could arguably be traced back to his veto of an additional Php5 billion allocation to the Philippines’ Calamity Fund which may have been done in violation of the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 (R.A. 10121).

That said, death from “natural” disasters in the Philippines is mainly a systemic issue with much of the factors at play coming from a wide range of dysfunction profoundly inherent to the Philippines. At the top of this pile is a renowned mentality that encourages deference to superstition and “divine” intervention. The result is a national ethic that does not encourage prioritisation of preventive measures while, at the same time, rewards and lionises the exploits of “heroes” who swoop in to save the day when preventable catastrophes do happen.

[NB: Some information in this article was obtained from the Wikipedia article “Valerie Concepcion“.]

101 Replies to “Valerie Concepcion allegedly wows PNoy as Sendong strikes Mindanao”

  1. above and beyond the ‘acts of god’ and the role illegal logging etc played in the tragedy, leaders display compassion and concern at such times – not shopping and partying.
    he is a walking pr disaster and this is not the first time.
    world leaders and other countries rally around – as expected.
    p-noy acts like an ostrich – head in sand, or up his …. as expected

        1. Most likely, matatagalan nanaman siya pumunta sa disaster area.

          “Aanhin mo pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?”

          It just shows how slow and incompetent this government really is..

      1. Too little too late maggot. Your precious president is just lazy and once again a coward just like during the Manila hostage crisis.

      2. ang gusto ni tito noy nga sa tuesday nalang cya pupunta dun dahil may hangover pa cya sa kakaparty pag sunday ng gabi. intinidihin nyo naman c tito noy, isipin nyo kaya pag kau mayroong hangover dba?

      3. so because he’s coming to CdeO after he has enjoyed his party, ok na. WOW! NO, that is not what’s important.

        you know what’s important? what’s important is that a lot of schools, companies have already postponed their annual christmas parties so that they can help instead. why can he do it too???

        1. i went to a party on sunday.
          the difference.
          everyone knew what was happening.
          the mood was sombre.
          we had a collection to give to the red cross.
          malacanan – nothing crossed their mind until they realised/ responded to public opinion/loss of approval ratings etc.
          not one ounce of genuine heartfelt compassion – just pr statements hastily prepared and full of errors/lies
          that is why you never hear from p-noy in such situations until much later
          he cannot speak from the heart and needs the time for the script writers to come up with the tone and phrases

  2. It was the PSG party. Alm nyo b kung ano ang ngawa ng PSG kay Tito Noy? At ska nangako nman si Tito Noy na pupunta don. Hnd ksi sya mhlig sa photo op. At malaki ang ngawang baha nang bgyo n yan, dhil sa pagtotroso na pnapayagan ni Gloria. Ayan ang epekto nia.

    1. Hay naku. Blame Gloria this, blame Gloria that. Did you know that illegal logging persisted before Gloria’s presidency?

      “Hindi kasi sya mahilig sa photo op.”

      Wrong. Most, if not all of his trips and visits are full of photo-ops.

      And show me proof that your so-called Tito Noy did much for the PSG, which I highly doubt.

        1. He asked you to show proof that your Tito noy did much for the PSG but you as usual changed the subject again to gloria.

          When will you ever realize that you are fighting a losing battle here?

        2. This is more like it (above comment by ‘Anonymous’ approved manually after automatically blocked by Akismet).

          Getting added to a spam filter database can be a real pain in the ass. So try to stay out of that list from hereon.

          Carry on.

        3. Tito Noy is 2 year in office and hnd naman ganon kblis maayos ang epekto ng ilegal logging. GMA had 9years but news about her was all graft and corruption,her priority.

        4. Again, for the second time
          you changed the subject to GMA when we were discussing about your tito noy.

          Your logic as always is terribly flawed.

        5. Talagang hindi ganong kabilis dahil mas-lalo lang nyang binagal salamat sa katamaran at pagkaduwag nya. Dapat sa iyo vincensus ignoramus ay talian na ng stretcher at dalhin sa mental hospital dahil nababaliw ka na. You sir need a rehab.

        6. wag naman kau magalit ky brother Vincenzo B. Arellano, hindi ito personal, trabaho lang po ito namin. mahirap na kasi mag hanap ng trabaho ngayon eh.

    2. Since sirang plaka ka na naman with that “blame gloria” of yours, lemme repeat these words to you borrowed from GW of MGS2 once again:

      What happened? Do you feel lost? Why not try a bit of soul-searching? Don’t think you’ll find anything, though. Every time something goes wrong, you turn around and place the blame on someone else. It’s not our fault. It’s not your fault. In denial, you simply resort to looking for another more convenient “truth” in order to make yourself feel better. Leaving behind in an instant the so-called “truth” you once embraced. Should someone like that be able to decide what is “truth”? Should someone like you even have the right to decide? You’ve done nothing but abuse your freedom. You don’t deserve to be free! We’re not the ones smothering our country. You are and the rest of the yellow nazi zombies.

  3. What will you expect to a president such as PNoy! He undoubtedly enjoys SOCIAL gatherings and media stuffs. He’s always present in socializing…typical ELITE! asan sya pag kailangan sya ng taong bayan? Never regret that I didn’t vote him. But the thing is, a lot of Filipinos are blinded by his leadership.MADAMING SILAW sa DILAW!

    1. Thus the fundamental problem with bachelor Presidents — they are hampered by a constant need to sow their oats, which ultimately interferes with the job at hand.

        1. Hindi. Mahina syang lider. And he’s not acting one.

          Ang tangi niyang lakas ay ang mga uto-uto na tulad mo. 😛

        2. “Think different kay Tito Noy. Tayo ang kanyang lakas”

          Ulul, mahina nga siyang lider.
          Bakit naman namin siya susuportahan?

          Uto uto lang ang mga nagbibigay sa kanya ng lakas at ikaw ay isa na doon sa mga uto uto.

        3. Lol what do you think of your precious president vincensus ignoramus? Your “god”? And please enough with the blame games already. Nagiging sirang plaka ka na’t isip bata.

        4. Ang masakit dyan tsong, sinusuportahan natin si President Noy sa ayaw o gusto natin.

          We pay taxes (and please don’t evade that!). These taxes should have gone to preventive programs that would have anticipated such disasters and lives would not have been lost. Unfortunately, well, unfortunately.. Obviously, most people here know what happened except Vincenzo..

        5. paumanhin lang po, wag naman nyo personalin ang ginawa ni brother Vincenzo B. Arellano. trabaho lang po ito namin eh. isipin nyo kaya pag kau sa posisyon namin na marami kaung pinakain na anak. pasalamat kaya kami kay tito noy na binigyan kami ng trabaho eh

      1. @Vincenzo B. Arellano

        Pero alm m b sandali lang sya don?

        Pilit ka pang nagpapalusot. Eh yun sa pag-alis lang ni Gloria, wala naman mamamatay, pero kaya nyang hindi na ituloy ang mas-importanteng meeting niya sa ASEAN partner natin—alang namatay o mamamatay dyan ha!—Pero sa mga napinsala sa bagyong Sendong, kahit na maraming namatay, hindi pa rin nya ma-iwasan di makita si Valerie Concepcion—Puro kalibugan at pagnanasa lang inuuna kasi nitong si abNoy, imbis na makiramay sa maraming kaawa-awang mga inagawan ng buhay!—AbNoynoy, wala ka talagang silbi!

        1. AbNoy was able to cancel a meeting with an ASEAN partner to constantly coordinate with De Lima on preventing Gloria from leaving the airport (remember Gloria has already been leaving and returning back to the Philippines about seven times in spite of the accusations by the Aquino camp—and they still considered it such a threat). There were no lives to be saved in Gloria’s leaving the country. Yet, AbNoy could not simply cancel his attendance to party or entertainment events while lives and property of significant proportions were [being] destroyed due to Sendong.

          Where are AbNoy’s priorities?

  4. it must be one long party at the palace.
    little reported news that sec ochoa had to be taken to st lukes on saturday and had surgery.
    a wine bottle was removed from his gall bladder.
    give the monkey a drink.

  5. Todays PR lesson courtesy of m quezon

    after denial and been found out as liar

    Mlq3 tweet this morning reads: “Good morning. Checked and
    indeed there was a PSG party last night: it
    couldn’t be cancelled (unlike annual Cabinet
    Xmas Party scheduled for tonight, which was
    cancelled yesterday afternoon, so funds could
    go to relief). President dropped by for 30
    minutes to be with those who saved his life.”

    Note – 30 minutes! Vconc performed for more than that! Mmmm
    Note – sympathy sale – “saved his life” – stop crying!
    Note – ‘ donate funds’. Money talks

    Pr lessons – when you are in a hole, dont digger deeper
    – notice your colleagues are keeping out of it and hanging you out to dry – alone

    “I’ m not upset that you lied to me, I’m
    upset that from now on I can’t believe you”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    1. Why couldn’t it be cancelled? That doesn’t explain anything.

      Maybe they would’ve lost their deposit on booking a couple b-list celebrities. Like keeping the wedding reception DJ after the bride’s already run off.

  6. I’m starting to wonder who or what this Vincenzo B. Arellano is. Are you some kind of computer-generated program designed to auto-reply?

        1. Rather than wasting your time bashing the president, why don’t you spend your precious time in helping the victims even by just spreading d news. I admit that PNOY is disappointing. But this news about him doesn’t help at all. This diverts our attention to the real issue, which is to become united in helping the victims.

        2. @ jaelkun

          “why don’t you spend your precious time in helping the victims..”

          We did, not only precious time, also precious resources we could have spent for our families. And that, my conformist non-thinking friend, is called taxes.

          Taxes we gave to the government to help prevent and mitigate loss of lives and damage to property of our fellow countrymen.

          “I admit that PNOY is disappointing. But this news about him doesn’t help at all.”

          This is the best way to help him, by showing the ERROR OF HIS WAYS. You tell the President what he’s doing is just right, then, he’ll never change from his idiot self.

          “This diverts our attention to the real issue, which is to become united in helping the victims.”

          This is part of the real issue even a greater one. Helping victims we’ve already done and been keep doing. While preventing future victims we are also addressing in our own little ways. So what have you done so far to address that other real issue?

        3. Indeed, this is a common misconception latched on to by those who worship “heroes”. Everyone of us who pay taxes and voted good people to office to manage how those taxes are spent have, in principle, paid our dues to the state and to society. Anything above that is a bonus and should be considered as such — not as something baked into a normal state of things.

  7. Ano ba ang gagawin ni Noynoy nang nangyari ang kalamidad sa CDO at Iligan? Agad ba syang pupunta doon at tutulong? Presidente sya, at gumagawa sya ng desisyon, hinde para pumunta dun at magpasikat. At saka hinde mabuti na pupunta agad sya sa lugar na napinsala dahil mapipilitan ang mga official doon na asikasuhin sya at ma-distract pa sila sa pagtulong at pag-gawa ng kanilang gawain!

    Common sense naman dyan?

      1. Kasalanan nya ba na nandun sya sa party? Alam nya ba na doon tatama sa CDO or Iligan ang bagyo?

        Ang bobo mo naman, kung nag-pa party pa ngayon si P-noy na alam na natin lahat yung nangyari sa CDO at Iligan, yun, yun ang hinde tama!

        Bakit hinde ba sya pwedeng mag-attend nang party? Ano ba sya, robot?

        Hello world!

        1. You’re right in assuming that we don’t know what’s happening to his Excellency during the party. We really don’t know plus how long it took before the events were coordinated to him.

          Problem is, as the effects of the calamity dragged on, the people in the distressed area were not receiving their immediate needs. Even the news confirms that these people have not received enough water to drink, food, some even don’t have a place to sleep FOR DAYS.

          You couldn’t blame people for pointing out the partying attitude of the President during calamities because the lack of coordination he and his staff are showing – it looks to people that they’re good only at planning parties. I hope not. People are suffering.

        2. Tao naman c p-noy tulad natin diba? Hinde ba sya pwede na gumawa ng mga bagay na katulad nating ordinaryong civilian?

          Nagkataon lng na magkasabay yung kalamidad at yun party na pinuntahan niya!

          Besides, tinawagan nya naman ang mga officials na nag-handle ng situation doon sa CDO at Iligan.

          Stay informed! Hinde lng dakdak ka nang dakdak dyan!

          Gamitin mo kokote mo (yan ay kung meron ka) at hinde yang bunganga mo!

        3. for bulutongboy:

          Siguro may pagkakamali din c p-noy at ang staff niya, in the point na hinde sya nag-bigay ng public message to the people affected by the calamity.

          But we don’t know for sure kng ano ba ang tama at mali sa mga ganong sitwasyon.

          But let us not but blame sa pag-attend nya ng party. Masyadong na-hype ng media yung pag-attend nya na nagkataon rin na sabay sa pagdating ng bagyo.

        4. “Gamitin mo kokote mo (yan ay kung meron ka)..”

          Ok gamitin nga natin. During GMA’s time, there were also calamities like these: So how fast is the crisis coordination before compared to the current administration?

          Did our emergency preparedness improve during the time of President Noy? Obviously NOT, he even vetoed to remove the funds for it.

          The party issue is over. Now how about the planning and logsitics? Please compare with previous administrations and with other countries.

        5. “gamitin mo ang kokote mo” post was was not intended for you bulutongboy.

          Sorry about that bro.

          Yes you are right about the planning and the logistics!

          Buti ka pa may point, hinde tulad dito sa iba. Tsk tsk, mahilig dumakdak!


        6. “Alam nya ba na doon tatama sa CDO or Iligan ang bagyo?”

          Independent weather monitoring agencies already predicted that days if not even a full week before.

          And the fact remains that there was going to be a storm. Regardless of where it hits it still is inside PAR.

          “Bakit hinde ba sya pwedeng mag-attend nang party? Ano ba sya, robot?”

          May nagsasabi bang hindi?

          Problem is this clearly shows us his priorities.

          And please stop misusing “hello world.” You’re giving programmers and web developers a bad name.

        7. Priorities?

          Ano ba ang gusto mo na gawin ng presidente assuming na alam niya yung looming weather condition?

          Babantayan nya ba? It was up to the local government to be prepared.

          Tama yung post ni bulutongboy na may problema sa logistics at planning, maybe before and after the calamity.

          Nag-attend lng ng party eh, big deal na agad? Tsaka hinde naman sya nag-tagal doon eh (reported by the media) nung nalaman yung nangyari.

          Ikaw kaya naging presidente?

          Madali lng sabihin yan bro, mahirap gawin.

          puts “hello world!” =P

        8. Haay.

          At the very least he shouldn’t have stayed long at the party. And as for how long he stayed reports are contradictory (

          And may I add that the party happened on Sunday night. As early as Saturday afternoon a friend posted a link to the latest update (400 dead and missing) from ABSCBN on my feed.

          And as I replied to your other comment the problem here is APPROPRIATENESS. Was there anything wrong with the President going to a party? Of course not. But was it the appropriate thing to do at the time?

          “Ikaw kaya naging presidente?

          Madali lng sabihin yan bro, mahirap gawin.”

          So now you resort to argumentum ad hominem?

        9. @ auriga

          News on Saturday afternoon, partying at Sunday night, seriously?

          Last time there was a crisis, specifically that hostage crisis, rumors were running that nobody could find the President because he’s playing PS3 and wouldn’t want to be bothered.

          We should really confirm these things just to ensure what caliber of a presient we got or maybe how low the caliber is.

        10. @bulutongboy:
          That the party happened on Sunday night I only based on this article. I just checked and confirmed that the tweet and the party were both on Sunday night.

          And a little correction: the news update from ABSCBN didn’t say 400 dead and missing – it said nearly 600 dead and missing. My friend posted the link at 4:50pm; article itself was posted online at 4:14pm Saturday.

        11. Let’s cut p-noy some slack, besides what do you really want him to do?

          Oh ayan, eh okay pala yang link na nilagay mo eh.

          Besides if we are going to look at APPROPRIATENESS, in what context?

          If I’m not mistaken, the party was for the PSG, and attending that party gave them moral boost from the person that they swore to protect. The commander-in-chief!

          Let give the president a break, besides he’s not perfect.

          Mahilig lng tayo maghanap nang maliit na butas o pagkakamali tsaka lalakihan ang issue kaagad.

          I can’t see p-noy as “pabaya” on these situations. There may be blunders but he’s better than the previous fake president.

          puts “Hello World!” :p

        12. “I can’t see p-noy as “pabaya” on these situations.”

          You mean, like the hostage crisis, or sending Taiwanese nationals to China or ditching out meetings with other national leaders just to play catch-GMA-at-the-airport game.

          Maybe, he’s not “pabaya” just incompetent. Problem is, that additional money I could have used for the betterment of my family: that goes to withholding taxes, VAT, etc. etc. tax.

          You think we should cut him some slack? You know, if he wasn’t the President and there weren’t a lot of dead people in the southern islands, that would be a nice thought. Sorry, not today. If he doesn’t have the balls and the brains to be President, he should give it to someone else.

        13. I would cut him some slack if his list of gaffes was short. He is human, yes; but he is also the duly elected president of this country. And as bulutongboy pointed out this wasn’t the first time lives were lost on his watch.

          You’re only deluding yourself if you still fail to see him as incompetent.

        14. Public trust ratings doesn’t necessarily translate to good performance. For all we know, the Philippines is dominated by idiots (that’s why our country’s not getting anywhere). That’s also the same reason that the things you read here in GRP, you don’t see outside or hear ordinarily from an average Pinoy.

          His Excellency’s past does not matter. What matters is his current performance and it’s effect to our nation and the people. That is what this idiot of a nation does not realize or assess.

          We pay taxes, we should complain. We should discuss issues. We should discuss truths and ideas.

          “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” – J.C.

        15. WOW. All you have in defense of your pathetic president is a Pulse-Asia survey? And I emphasize “Pulse-Asia” and “survey.”

        16. First of all, I’m not pro P-noy. He’s not perfect but at least

          Public trust is higher because of good performance.

          WOW. All you have in defense of your pathetic president is a Pulse-Asia survey? And I emphasize “Pulse-Asia” and “survey.”—> They are reliable, while you are not. Hahhahaha 😀

          Don’t be sour. Heto pa para sa enlightenment mo:

          Enough for me for this day, I’m going back to “coding”. 😀

          100.times {puts “Hello World!”}

          Hahhahahha 😀

        17. “Good performance?” Bah. Where is our economy now compared to our ASEAN neighbors? Seems to me that all PNoy will ever be good for would be blaming GMA for every ill of this country and saving his family’s precious hacienda.

          How is a survey with a limited sample size “reliable?” And ditto at what bulutongboy said.

          You’re gravely mistaken if you think we’re asking him to be perfect. We’re asking him to think and GET REAL. You want enlightenment? I suggest you visit the other articles in THIS site.

        18. Ah, you haven’t read the articles based on the link I provided.

          Blaming GMA and saving the hacienda? Is that all you can think of? What about the support for the RH Bill? He defied the Catholic Church, even if they were staunch supporters during her mother’s presidency.

          How about GMA? During her presidency, look at the scandals and allegations (that will be proven as time goes by) thrown to her. Compare it to the present administration. Which do you think had a greater effect in the lives of our impoverished countrymen? Look at the cronies of GMA, which benefitted from her reign? Angelo Reyes? Pichay? The TESDA guy (who was it?)? Raul Gonzalez (wizardry in the DOJ?)? Bah, if I could just count.


          Please give consideration on those PhilStar articles above for I have been an avid reader of the writer of those articles. He has good points about the “hyped up media” thing.

          Don’t let biases get in the way.

          There is no need to read nor visit the rest of the articles of this site. I agree on some of this site’s opinions but it’s not that perfect or conclusive. There are flaws in its theory.

          Hence my GET REAL understanding:

          No matter how much you blabber there, the reality is P-noy is the president unless you make a movement to impeach him or start a coup d’etat. Hahahahaha

          You can’t do much about it, and you’re wasting energy. If we are always like this, we’re no different than the activitsts that keeps rallying on the streets, in which to no avail, always end up on the losing side.

          Instead of wasting energy on complaining and blabbering, let’s do our best to become our own man. We all seem educated, therefore we have the power and the resolve to take control of our destiny, so that if we can rise up, we can no longer blame the government and learn to believe in ourselves.

          If you whine about the government, it will do you no good. It becomes a habit and before you know it, you’ll whine about EVERYTHING in this life.

          This is enough for me for arguments such as these are not my forte and would be wasting my time. Besides, no one actually wins the argument here. You may be more knowledgeable about me when it comes to politics and government, but what I say here has some truth in it.

          Thanks for the passionate exchange.

          Thoughts to ponder 😀 :

          “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what can you do for your country.”
          – JFK

          “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
          – Theodore Roosevelt


          Oh, BTW, your “for” loop code seems lacking, the “initialization”, “condition” and iteration expression are missing. Too lazy to type? Maybe copy & paste on the web? hahahahhah 😀

          If you’re indeed a software developer (either web or desktop), why not we talk about software development? In that way we might agree on something. That is, if your open to the idea. 😀

        19. @ Mang Inasal

          Ur GET REAL idea actually means:

          1. If the President has good trust ratings, we could assume that he has good performance. No need to look at factual data or current events or look but don’t believe.

          2. Whatever the current administration is doing, people should not discuss anything AGAINST it. Discussing and criticizing it will not amount to anything.

          3. You expect every individual to judge themselves compared to our politicians EVEN THOUGH THEY don’t hold any authority. (Great power comes great responsibility does not apply.)

          4. We should always compare the current administration against the previous. We should not compare it against anything else or think outside of Pnoy vs. GMA.

          That’s not getting REAL, that’s getting stupid.

        20. I read the articles all right. All I saw was Esposo trying to delude everyone that Noynoy is a good president. And the best statistics he can provide are from a popularity survey? RIGHT.

          RH Bill? Whatever happened to that? How about the FoI Bill? How about his campaign promises?

          GMA? You’re basing everything on ALLEGATIONS. I’m no GMA fan but she should have her day in court; a REAL court and not a kangaroo one. And I challenge you to provide statistical data (popularity surveys do not count) that show that Noynoy is a better president.

          “Don’t let biases get in the way.”

          Right back at you.

          And kudos to bulutongboy for (I’m not in the best mood today so allow me to be mildly blunt) pwning your rear end. You, sir, are not a get realist. YOU ARE A PATHETIC ESCAPIST.

          “Oh, BTW, your “for” loop code seems lacking, the “initialization”, “condition” and iteration expression are missing. Too lazy to type? Maybe copy & paste on the web? hahahahhah”

          It’s a very brash application of an “infinite for loop.” It really works; I did a quick compile and run on XCode to confirm it before posting (although I only noticed now that it lacks some spaces for it to look right). Even my basic programming students can use an infinite for loop to their advantage. 😀

          for ( ; ; ) printf(” GET REAL! “);

    1. That’s hypocritical.

      BTW, yours is GET STUPID. Blame games? Gaffes? Is that what you call leadership? It’s more like COWARDICE!

      Clinging on surveys is stupidity. Dahil ang hindi mo alam ay most of them are biased so yours is an epic fail.

      “Kung aasa na lang tayo sa mga survey, hwag na lang tayo maghalalan”. Senator Richard Gordon

  8. Kasalanan ba ni P-noy na nandun sya sa party na nangyari ang kalamidad sa CDO at Iligan? Pupunta sya agad doon? Hello world!

    Isipin natin nang mabuti ang sitwasyon, at hinde lng dakdak lng nang-dakdak!

    1. Hindi mo na gets.

      It proves that PNoy has little to no leadership skills. Ang galing niya sa pagbatikos sa nakaraang administration yet he was a total jerk when it comes to these kind of situations.

      Una ang Bus Hostage Crisis. Now this. So what can you expect from an authority figure who is not acting like one?

      1. Anong hinde ma-gets?

        Ano ba ang gusto ninyo na gawin nang isang presidente kapag may nangyari katulad ng sa CDO at Iligan? You expect the president to go there at once?

        Na-report mismo na nagtawag c p-noy sa mga officials ng CDO at nag-assess nang situation nung nangyari yung kalamidad during sa party. Hinde naman pwede na pupunta sya dun kaagad.

        Dahan dahan lng tayo at intindihan nating mabuti ang sitwasyon.

        Hello World!

        1. Hindi ung pagpunta nya ang problema, bro. Eto ung reply ko sa taas:

          “You’re right in assuming that we don’t know what’s happening to his Excellency during the party. We really don’t know plus how long it took before the events were coordinated to him.

          Problem is, as the effects of the calamity dragged on, the people in the distressed area were not receiving their immediate needs. Even the news confirms that these people have not received enough water to drink, food, some even don’t have a place to sleep FOR DAYS.

          You couldn’t blame people for pointing out the partying attitude of the President during calamities because the lack of coordination he and his staff are showing – it looks to people that they’re good only at planning parties. I hope not. People are suffering.”

        2. May punto ka dyan bro.

          Nakapag-hihinayang kasi yung report sa media, masyadong hype-up at yung ordinaryong pinoy na less informed is inclined to believe the media.

          Ang problema ba dun, dahil sa matinding emosyon na nararamdam dulot ng kalamidad, hinde na nila makuhang mag-isip. Kaya idi-diin na lng sa presidente!

        3. Kaawa kc ung mga tao.

          Ted Failon interviewed some people there. Their problems were lack of “basic needs”. I hope he’s exaggerating but he said somewhat 5 days or 7 days not seeing any supplies brought to them.

          GMA may have a lot of scandals under her belt (though whether they have substance are the court’s to decide) but she was good at handling crises.

          Anyway, we have these presidential tradition that the new president abolishes most of the projects of the previous president, even the good ones. No wonder we always start at “0”. Our government really really needs to learn crisis control.

          Well, what the hell! Pinoys never learn.

  9. You got it all right. And I always hate PNoy’s face when he goes on tv — crackling his patented crooked smile — whether its talking about the devastation of the typhoon, making alibi’s about the botched HK hostage crisis, his plans for educational budget cuts, and rising taxes. What’s worse, he tries to project himself as a ‘hero’ or goody-two-shoes when he utilizes the same authoritarianism/ dictatorialism as his purported enemies. At least with Gloria or Marcos there were no pretenses.

    1. The sad thing is…,
      We were better off with GMA and Marcos
      as our presidents.
      The aquinos never did anything good for our country
      Cory was hiding in Cebu when Edsa 1 happened
      and now Penoy was apparently at a party while we were mourning for the dead people of CDO.

  10. Technology and internet continues to change the world, and therefore politics.

    Democracies embrace it
    Dictators despise it

    Democracies exploit creativity
    Dictators exercise control

    A governments attitude and actions towards freedom of information and internet censorship over-rides all the slogans and speeches and gives an insight into it’s true character and motives.

  11. Congratulations to all the people who posted the truth about Pnoy..your arguments say a lot about your Intelligence compared to the Pro Pnoys who make pabalik-balik statements that don’t mean a thing.

    PNOY should RESIGN before december 21, 2012 – hindi nya kakayanin ang scope ang disaster!

    1. yep, we are a lot smarter than the yellow idiots (vincenzo) that keep defending the insensitive prick. I agree with you that Party-Noy should resign instead of leading us closer to the Highway to HELL.

  12. @Mang Inasal

    IKAW ang BOBO!!! Sunday night sya nag party… eh nung Sat pa lang alam na nating lahat na madami ang mga namatay!!!

    Papanu mo sasabihin na mabuti syang leader…eh kpag may krisis eh nawawala syang bigla… We need action!!

    Hyped up ba ng media kamo??? eh ang lahat ng media Pro Noy Noy..except The Tribune… Abnormal lng tlga si Pnoy!!! yun ang sabihin mo

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