The interrupted speech of Krisel Mallari

The reason why I do not subscribe to the general perception that Ms. Mallari should be praised for her speech is that the details surrounding the incident I have seen and read about just do not support the parameters of what I believe to be traits accorded to bravery and/or integrity—the rallying cry and slogan […]

Injustice in Academia: One of the Nation’s Biggest Problems

I’m sure all of you here have seen, heard or read all the hullabaloo about Krisel Mallari’s abrasive and rather unprofessional speech during her graduation. No doubt it will probably remain a simmering topic even near the end of this year but I think that, once again, we Filipinos are missing something┬áhere. I think, we […]

Krisel Mallari’s pathetic tantrum marred an otherwise memorable occasion!

A spoiled brat raised by helicopter parents. That’s really all that Krisel Mallari is. Krisel failed a very fundamental people skill that makes all of us social beings — an ability to be self-aware and respectful. She has shown that she is incapable of applying a mature perspective towards balancing her personal grievances with the […]