PNoy still unapologetic for authorising suspended PNP chief Purisima to oversee Mamasapano operation

They say never let the day end without apologizing to someone you have offended. Otherwise, if you wait a long time before saying, “I’m sorry”, feelings of anger could fester and as master Yoda would say, “anger leads to hate” and by the time you finally apologize, it could be too late.

For Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino, the words “I’m sorry” seems to be the hardest words to say. It could be because the concept behind the term “apology” is an alien concept to him. It could also be because the act of apologizing was not something he had to do much while growing up in a sheltered environment. Either way, members of the public who were angered by his actions pretty much hate him now. This was evident in the latest survey, which saw the President’s approval rating go down from 59 percent in November 2014 to 38 percent in March 2015.

'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word to say for Philippine President BS Aquino.

‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest word to say for Philippine President BS Aquino.

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Apparently, two months after the tragic event dubbed the Mamasapano Clash – a gun battle that ensued between members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Forces and Moro Islamic Liberation Front – which resulted in the deaths of 44 SAF officers, BS Aquino seems to think that the public can still wait for an apology that might not even come. For now, he is merely seeking “understanding” from the public for his role in the operation.

Yes, BS Aquino wants the public to understand him but the problem is, he hasn’t said the right words that could motivate the public to understand his position. His latest speech during the Philippine National Police Academy commencement exercises at Camp General Mariano Castañeda in Silang only reinforced the public’s view that their “leader” is insensitive particularly at a time of national mourning and lacks the strength of character to take accountability for his actions.

Similar to BS Aquino’s previous speeches immediately after the Mamasapano clash, his latest speech conveniently left out the fact that he authorized a suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima to oversee a major operation. Clearly, BS Aquino wants the public to forget that he ignored the preventive suspension order issued to Purisima by the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with a supposed anomalous contract the PNP entered into with a courier service in 2011.

It seems BS Aquino would do anything to save himself, including contradict his own statements. Previously, he said that his mobile phone was off and that he could not be reached while the tragedy was unfolding; but now he is claiming that his interpretation of the text messages from Purisima earlier in the day was “without urgency”. To quote BS Aquino:

“From what was texted, it appeared to me as if the operation in Mamasapano had ended, or was coming to an end, because mechanized units and artillery were already providing assistance.”

Suspended but in command: Former Philippine police chief Alan Purisima

Suspended but in command: Former Philippine police chief Alan Purisima

What he’s trying to say is, he didn’t feel the need to do anything because he thought things were under control. There is a Filipino saying that aptly describes BS Aquino’s predicament “Maraming namamatay sa maling akala.” Loosely translated, a lot of people die because of flawed assumptions. He can only blame himself for that.

The real mystery here is why BS Aquino and Purisima were using text messaging during a deadly operation. Could it be that even Purisima, who was BS Aquino’s preferred point of contact, also didn’t realize the urgency of the situation because he was not in the PNP’s office environment due to his suspension? Or could it be that Purisima was simply not even in “work mode” at that time due to his suspension? He could even have had his feet up in a relaxed environment at home in his “White House” while texting. That could explain why his text messages to BS Aquino were “without urgency”. BS Aquino should realize that speaking to Purisima on the phone and hearing the voices of his staff could have made a huge difference and could have helped him analyze the sense of urgency of the situation.

Had Purisima been in the PNP command post, he would have been in constant radio communication with PNP SAF chief Director Getulio Napeñas during the operation and would have been able to radio the Armed Forces of the Philippines for help instead of exchanging text messages with his buddy, BS Aquino. Unfortunately, since he was suspended, Purisima probably had to be discreet in coordinating between Napenas and BS Aquino. He then failed to contact the AFP in time to rescue the SAFs who were still alive at 5am. He broke his word to Napenas that he’d take care of contacting the head of the military.

SAF commander Getulio Napenas: Unable to ignore BS Aquino's buddy Alan Purisima

SAF commander Getulio Napenas: Unable to ignore BS Aquino’s buddy Alan Purisima

It was wrong for BS Aquino to put a suspended PNP Chief in charge of a major operation particularly when Purisima’s role was kept a secret from the acting PNP Chief Director General Leonardo Espina. BS Aquino insists that he ordered Purisima to inform Espina about the operation. It would have been wiser had the President insisted on including Espina in the briefings he had with Purisma and Napenas about Oplan Exodus in the first place. BS Aquino’s misguided trust in Purisima was a mistake that should not go unpunished. As for Napenas, he was just following “orders” from Purisima not to inform Espina and Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II about the operation. It would have been hard for Napenas to ignore Purisima’s orders since he was the President’s buddy.

BS Aquino is good at muddling the issue and hopes that people will move on from the tragedy by saying this would be the last occasion he’ll speak on the issue. Despite not being transparent about what he knows and leaving the public in the dark, he said he is saddened that people come up with “speculations” instead of “facts”. He appears angry at not being asked before coming up with reports, referring to the Senate and the BOI reports. It’s as if it is easy for anyone to ask him. On the contrary, the people around him and his allies in government actually protect him from being asked. Some members of the House of Representatives plan to invite Aquino during their inquiry into Mamasapano but their idea was “shot-down” by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr.

BS Aquino should be reminded that three days after the Mamasapano clash, media correspondents during a press conference did ask him about what he knew but he didn’t want to answer simple questions like, say, what Purisima’s role was in the operation despite knowing full well what it was.

Had BS Aquino admitted to his error in judgment and asked for an apology immediately after the tragic event in Mamasapano, the public could have moved on sooner. Instead, the issue has dragged on for weeks because of his arrogance. Unfortunately for him, the public has noted his inconsistencies and insincerity. Only the most gullible and his most rabid supporters buy his lame excuses. Their numbers continue to get smaller.

25 Replies to “PNoy still unapologetic for authorising suspended PNP chief Purisima to oversee Mamasapano operation”

  1. PNoy ordered the reinforcing troops (PNP and AFP) to STAND DOWN. That was the original news that came out Jan25. Everything else (investigations, speeches, PR, etc, etc, etc) is just meant to cover that up. PERIOD.

    And more people are convinced of that now and are just waiting now for 2016 when many would be glad to see him go to jail with his BFF. There was democracy, kleptocracy, etc etc etc but we never expected a bobocrazy and narcissi-cracy. He has to go to jail.

    1. Hi Add!

      Yeah, he doesn’t want to admit that he uttered the “stand down” command. And it seems the people who know the truth are too scared to expose him. That’s really unfortunate.

      Anyway, those who lie eventually get caught out. Maybe jail time will teach PNoy a bit of humility.

      1. So, Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings, seems to have been hiding an illness. He veered the plane into the mountains, and in an eight minute descent into the Alps, while the pilot, who was locked out of the cabin, was banging the door and passengers screaming, crashed the plane killing himself and all.

        Gosh, this sounds familiar. We know of a pilot in PHL who seems to have been hiding an illness. He veered a sizable vehicle into the mountains of Empty Slogans, and in a six year descent (still going on) into an abyss, while commonsense, who was locked out of the Palace, was banging the door, and a population increasingly screaming, is crashing a nation just about killing himself and 101 millions with him.

        Just like Lubitz, he has been able to fool almost everyone. He thinks he is a normal person.

  2. These are the song lyrics going through Pnoy’s mind now:

    What I got to do to make you love me?
    What I got to do to make you care?
    What do I do when lightning strikes me?
    And I wake to find that you’re not there?

    What I got to do to make you want me?
    What I got to do to be heard?
    What do I say when it’s all over?
    Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

    It’s sad, so sad
    It’s a sad, sad situation.
    And it’s getting more and more absurd.
    It’s sad, so sad
    Why can’t we talk it over?
    Oh it seems to me
    That sorry seems to be the hardest word.

  3. What kind of president is benigno aquino. Their dynasty is fucking up the entire country, with kris aquinos new house. and getting the public to trust them without proof. The hate will be replaced by love and what for? Don’t you hoho me you assholes. You couldn’t touch me with your greedy little mind what’s inside mine is ahead of it’s own time you did not steal from us you stole us the good life. There are 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles in the universe that we can observe your asshole took the ugly ones and put them into one pulpol. When I was enjoying the rule of ferdinand he didn’t mention a fat-ass tax stealer.
    Omg we adore you so much,
    here have a cookie.
    made of money.
    We seriously don’t.

  4. Look at this, the head-of-state of a country saying that he communicated by ‘TEXT MESSAGE’ during an important military operation,WHAT THE FUCK?

    is this to be believed? if so, it only points out the pathetic capacities that the entire country has sunk down to. I mean,text message?
    Sounds like cow dung to me, but if its true, the word PATHETIC is the state of the entire country.What, the budget doesn’t allow him to make a phone call? on a dependable frikkin phone(I-Phone 5 too much for the leaders of the country?)? EE GAD MON.

    1. I know, right?! PNoy’s supporters don’t see anything wrong with the revelation that PNoy and Purisima were text messaging while the SAFs were being slaughtered.

    2. Rest of the world had better communication systems during World War 2, 75 years ago.

      The other what the fuck, turned his phone off at night and never saw the message until the morning. No one can contact the President during the night? i find that a bit hard to believe.

      Most probably got a sign hanging from the bedroom door. Do Not Disturb Masturbating Heavily.

  5. and BTW, saying “I LOVE YOU” and “I AM SORRY” are the two most useless and meaningless phrases one can ever say.Actions speak louder than words ever will.

    1. Yes, there are people who say “I love you” or “I am sorry” without really meaning it. But those words are actually powerful enough to move people.

      I know someone who ended her relationship with her boyfriend because he wouldn’t say “I love you”. Same thing happened to someone else I know whose husband didn’t want to say “I am sorry”.

  6. ‘Lies ,Lies,Lies you dirty Jezebel.
    Why ,why,why why don’t you go to HELL.’….

    much better tune,more appropriate too.

    1. its what is now a really old “STONES” tune from ‘SOME GIRLS’,RS Records 1977.

      What is happening in Mindanao is unfortunate.It is a training ground that is going to be given to the ‘Terrorists/Bad Guys’ because of orders from the International masters.The blood spilled on both sides will be used against both of those sides through the ‘Divide and Conquer’ method.How are those involved in the struggle going to be able to confront the real enemy?
      Rich people always,ALWAYS,play both sides so they are guaranteed to be on the winning side. AND by funding both sides of a ‘conflict’ they reap the profits gained through arming both sides with everything they need ,CHA-CHING !!!

  7. Noynoy has done an impeccable job of jacking up the country. It’s become painfully obvious that he wants the glory of being a leader, but none of the responsibility that comes along with it.

    1. Sadly, he has surrounded himself with the worst advisers who have this misguided belief that they alone have the best ideas for the country.

  8. The Philippine Congress and the Philippine Senate, work for Aquino; and not for the People of the Republic of the Philippines.

    Can you see the misbehavior of Belmonte, of Obstruction of Justice. Belmonte does not want the truth to come out from Aquino.

    Purisima should be Court Martialled, for Grave Misbehavior. Purisima is under Suspension; and he was conducting a delicate military operation. Who allowed him to do this?

    It is also a Grave misbehavior on the part of Aquino; to not let reinforcement get to the fallen 44 SAF Heroes.

    Roxas and Espina know about the operation. They pretend not to know it, to SAVE their own skins. Roxas wants to save his presidential ambition.

    These people want our brains to spin; to conceal the truth about their negligence and misbehavior on the Mamapasano massacre.

    Is these the public officials that we have? Liars and irreesponsible?

        1. MAYBE, but only time will tel. The Marocs’s were rotten and corrupt to the core.They were expelled from the country and then allowed to return and become part of the political process again.Seeing as their money never really left,it seems logical that they can manipulate anyone they have to in order to get their way.Notice that Bing-bong doesn’t have much to say these days as he is happy to sit back and enjoy the spoils of his families pillages.
          Aquino, still has to deal with a Congress.That said,it is up to them to up-hold their mandate to the people….something they are famous for failing at, or not even trying is more like it.HA,leave the country ,IF YOU CAN,NOW !!!

  9. Aquino has changed his story on this matter (what?) 4 or 5 times already? Now he comes out with some asinine comment about accepting the BBL or else get lots of “body bags”! Too funny!
    Sadly, and I may get slammed for saying this, his actions are representative of Filipino Culture today. Taking credit for the success of others, never taking responsibility for their own failures and never saying “sorry”.


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