Krisel Mallari’s pathetic tantrum marred an otherwise memorable occasion!

A spoiled brat raised by helicopter parents. That’s really all that Krisel Mallari is. Krisel failed a very fundamental people skill that makes all of us social beings — an ability to be self-aware and respectful. She has shown that she is incapable of applying a mature perspective towards balancing her personal grievances with the fact that she shared those graduation rites with other members of her class. She simply ruined the experience for others — a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that will go down for them as a sad unfortunate event.

Krisel Mallari doing selfies on Twitter.

Krisel Mallari doing selfies on Twitter.

Was Krisel a victim of injustice? Perhaps. But the graduation ceremony was not the right place to attempt to rectify it. File a complaint with the proper authorities maybe. But at least let the others have their pleasant day being seen off by an institution where they spent their formative years.

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What is really cringe-to-the-max is the way these Leftist groups so predictably swooped in and turned this case into yet another “freedom of speech” issue. What is really bad is the triteness of the words in their ho-hum rhetoric

This censorship is not alien to Filipino students. In fact, censorship is part of the school’s fascism and repressive ways to curtail students’ constitutional and democratic rights. Checking students’ commencement speeches does not simply mean checking the syntax and grammar of speeches. Checking speeches has been funneled to “screening” speeches. The matter of all matters is very simple: school officials screen, not check, speeches to ensure that nothing against the school will be manifested by the students…

Ugh! Trust the National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP) to bore us with words like “fascism” and “constitutional and democratic rights”. And, get a load of this ululation

The student group urged all students to expose injustices in their schools and to use the “hard-earned” freedom of expression and organization to serve the Filipino people.

Jesus Christ Santo Niño de Cacao! It’s a frickin’ high school speech for chrissakes! Who let these idiots out of their cages anyway?? Mamundok na lang kayo!

Watch the video of Krisel Mallari addressing her graduating class at the Sto Nino Parochial School and tell us what you think:

Obviously Krisel’s freedom of speech was not “hard-earned” as she evidently grew up in a family that served food for her fat ego on a silver platter.

73 Replies to “Krisel Mallari’s pathetic tantrum marred an otherwise memorable occasion!”

  1. Never expect the Communists to do decent things. They’re the butt monkeys of our political arena for a long time now.

  2. She was not able to handle her personal concers gracefully… Being tactless is not bravery. Dealing with grievances through proper avenue is. Freedom of speech, yeah there is. But the rest of the students has the rights to celebrate such momentous life event too. She should’ve been more considerate of that.

  3. Are you really insulting a 14 year old? Just because she has selfies as most adults even have, does not mean she’s egotistical.

    This issue should be seen with impartiality.

    What needs to be done is for the school to be transparent. Heck all schools need to be transparent in their grading. My school faced the same issue in 1995. The teachers laid out the grades of the top 2, and after scrutiny it was found that one teacher wrongly graded one paper of the salutatorian because the 7 became a 1 and it made a difference. So it was decided who was really the Valedictorian.

    If the school was not guilty, they could have allowed the speech to continue and Mallari would be in trouble for lying. But the school didn’t. They tried hard to stop it.

    You’re just as bad as the leftists that you abhor for immediately assuming that Mallari is a spoiled brat. Spoiled brats can hardly attain honor rolls much less Salutatorian.

    1. nobody said the school wasn’t guilty. anf FYI, the reason why these schools get away with this thing is because nobody fights back in the PROPER manner and forum. if you think this speech somehow changed the way “injustices” of this sort will be dealt with, think again. come next week, this incident will just be another outrage fad thrown in the garbage in favor of the next one for people to grandstand.=)

    2. Wait, seriously she’s only 14 years old?! Wow, are high school kids getting younger and younger these days? I was 17 when I graduated and a majority of my batch was 16 years old.

      Well, that explains her immaturity.

      P.S. Spoiled brats can hardly attain honors? Yeah right, I know some really smart people who came up as honorable mentions who are spoiled brats. It’s based on grades after all, not personality.

    3. Who told you spoiled brats hardly attain honor in schools? Ikaw pala ang bias e. Spoiled brat lang medyo bobo na? E ang batang payak sa pamumuhay matalino na agad ganun? I beg your pardon.
      Pag sinabi nating spoiled brats e sanay na nasusunod ang gusto. What she wants, she gets. Get it?

  4. If she made slanderous comments, she risks having that on her recorded if her words are proven untrue. Even “helicopter” parents won’t risk that.

  5. Stupid school they should have cut her Mic or better yet allowed no student speeches at the ceremony or even better made the ceremony short boring and simple. THen again a school that can’t even handle a grade dispute among 14 year olds deserves this negative publicity.

    Stupid lefties freedom of speech is a guarantee only against repression by the government.

  6. One Word: SCHOLARSHIP.

    Did you not think of that and just went direct to assume that she is an egotistical spoiled brat with helicopter parents?

    1. It’s just another unnecessary aspect of education imported from the US model, like those ridiculous college fraternities. My high school didn’t have ceremonies and student speeches, we just got on with it and went home on the bell. But here, my nephew even had a ‘graduation ceremony’ from kindergarten this week – what an achievement!

  7. I agree with you. And she hijacked the opportunity given to her by the school to make welcome remarks. I’m not saying that the school has no mistake here, but at the end of the day, a wrong deed can’t correct another wrong deed. And if you look at the whole picture, Krisel’s father demanding for the grades of the Valedictorian gives an image of the kind of family they are

    1. There are “BAD THINGS” (in our perspective) that need to happen beyond our control. It has to happen for “GREATER” or “DEVINE” purpose.

      Krizel was a living example of uncomprimising person – stick to what is due for every deserving students, stick to tranparency, stick fighting your what you think is right.

  8. Well at least she have refrained from making herself look a slum raised basher like you. Calling names is very rude,if what you are pointing is right way to conduct a public agenda,.. then you have failed miserably .. all i can see in this post is what we so called “bashing” .. or worse trying to ride the waves created by a young girl ,to make a name for yourself.Please let me stand corrected,.. i myself do not agree with the way she act. but compared to you .. she has surpassed you by miles.

  9. Hmm, interesting. I think I should read that speech she made before she got cut off. Hope someone had a transcript of it. Then people keep saying it’s a threat to freedom of speech or something. So there might be reason to call that claim an exaggeration.

  10. Who cares, what she had spoken…I may not agree with it. but, she has the right to speak what she wants…

  11. It takes “2” to tango – Depriving a student on how the grade was computed is a failure of the teacher, more so with the school. Transparency shall taken seriously by the teacher/school. Never provoke a young student like Krizel – that is why she was sent to school to be trained by “professionals” not “robbers”

  12. GRP is one of the most intellectual groups on FB. But for you to tackle a minor’s situation, A MINOR, is just unethical.

    Ang daming problema sa mundo pati ba naman bata papatulan nyo?

    Have the decency to draw the line against minors. You have the right of free speech, but don’t attack a kid so you can just post something on your page

    You’re more intellectual than that.

  13. On the same manner, the school must must show to public how the grade was computed to prove Krizel was wrong. That will justfiy the move to stop Krizel during her speech. If you cannot show how it was computed, then the school is in trouble.

  14. There is no such thing as proper forum if there is injustice. What if Krizel was right, then the teacher/school will maintain the wrong practice.

  15. Pls dont forget history – the only reason why Filipinos was free from Marcos dictatorship, bcoz Ramos, Enrile, etc. disregard the proper forum. If Krizel did what her conscience dictates, then how will you rectify the wrong practice.

  16. The burden of proof is no longer with Krizel (bcoz she has no proof how her grade was computed and how she got that recognition), the teacher/school integrity is the question. I challenge the teacher/school – YOU CAN BRING THE ISSUE INTO TO THE PROPER FORUM, LET SEE IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS.

    1. The burden of proof is always with the accuser. It’s not wise to accuse people because you just feel you’ve been fooled. She can’t be that angry if she didn’t know what’s happening behind her back. She’s a Salutatorian anyway with lots of guts and ideas but she let everything slide up to that point when she can have her moment of revenge and triumph at the expense of the rest of the graduates’ memorable graduation.

  17. I am not pro Krizel or pro teacher/school. I am pro-transparency. Krizel has done her part through her speech that was stopped, let’s wait for the school.

    1. You’re not for transparency, you trying-hard shill. You’re swayed by some big words wothout hearing the other side. You’re just one of those fucking imbeciles who value sentimentality and your fucking irrelevant feelings over hard facts and no-nonsense behavior.

      Your username speaks volumes, implying a slavish devotion to some bald cuckold of a president who has the nerve to call us his bosses while brusquely ignoring what his people think of his policies.

      Come to think of it. Both this unworthy salutatorian brat and the current terrorist coddler in chief have thrown tantrums from podiums…

  18. The fight for freedom is already a human nature. To this date, you cannot judged if the gradutating students watching Krizel was a victim of Krizel or a victim of teacher/school.

    If the teacher/school proven guilty, then you will witness how many students who cannot stand to fight for their rights. It takes a lady or Krizel to stood up and fight for transparency!

    If Krizel was proven guilty, then that the only time that Krizel spoils her batchmates and destroyed teacher/school reputation.

    1. The fight for freedom? Get a load of this faggot, throwing big words like he’s someone. Walang patutunguhan ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga katulad mo. Puro big words, kulang naman sa substance. Tanga ba mga magulang mo para magluwal sila ng katulad mo na nagbubunganga ng kung anu ano? Kakahiya naman.

  19. There are only 2 kinds of people – those who makes things happen and those who watch-do nothing. Both must co-exists you can not judge who’s right or wrong. They both need each other. Krizel is the person that make things happen her batchmate might have no guts and chose to be a victim. For the benefit of the next year graduating batch, hope that this will set a reminder to teacher/school.

  20. first thing to ask about this case is do they have evidence of the cheating accusation they were so cavalier enough to throw around? or was it all just an indignant tantrum over something they did not get but felt they deserved?

  21. There are a lot of cases where this recognition such this is being bought or favored. Its more of a problem of the teacher/school to prove that they have not favored anyone.

    1. tough luck there buddy. because unless schools or organizations across the globe replace their staff with robots instead of humans, favoritism will always exist. life’s unfair, deal with it. the sooner this kid realizes this concept, the better. that she was bratty enough to make the spectacle all about her indignant loss like it was the first time it ever happened to a human being in this planet is a testament of da pinoy’s much-vaunted sense of entitlement. never mind if it was the improper forum to air such grievances. nevermind if i trample and step on the dignity of the valedictorian by directly implying she’s a cheater as long as i get my 15 minutes of notoriety. if that’s the average pinoy’s definition of “brave” and “principled”, we are in deeper shit as a nation than we already are.

      and while we’re at it, why the hell is this girl’s father absolved from the fracas? the guy insisted on seeing the other girl’s grades which is not only unlawful but downright rude.

      the whole escapade reeked of ksp.

      and please, try not to excuse acts like these just because she’s “a child”.

  22. If a person committed a crime or wrong to an individual, the person who did the crime has a tendency to be watchful on the actions of the victim. The video shows that the teacher is already anticipating that Krizel may drop a bomb – she never tried to settle in her chair just to listen. Normally, when you introduced a speaker, the emcee sit down righ after the intro. In the video, when they realized that Krizel speech is no longer consistent to the submitted speech draft, they startled – at 1:25 minutes a male teacher in brown polo approached the emcee and dropped the inatruction to stopped Krizel in her speech. And the struggle among the teachers continued until Krizel stopped.

  23. It is sad to see a school depriving the freedom of speech. So this time I am giving you all the freedom of speech to show to young students that Krizel is wrong by presenting her grade computation. If the teacher/school is not guilty, the will not have a hard time grabbing their own microphone. If they are guilty, they will never face the podium to declare that Krizel is wrong.

  24. The good thing about the youth like Krizel, they are still idealistic, uncorrupted, not compromising that is why she have the guts that she was deprived receiving what she deserve. Krizel knew what she is doing and the teachers panicked.

    Why panicked if the teacher/school has indeed computed the grades correctly.

  25. The good thing about the youth like Krizel, they are still idealistic, uncorrupted, not compromising that is why she has the guts to come out that she was deprived receiving what she deserve. Krizel knew what she is doing and the teachers panicked.

    Why panicked if the teacher/school has indeed computed the grades correctly.

  26. Under normal condition (meaning the grade computation was really explained to Krizel) – I guarantee you that even if Krizel delivers the same speech, no teacher will stopped Krizel in her speech bcoz all of them will be shocked.

    All teachers involved under abnormal condition (somebody was favored in lieu of Krizel) – the video should happen, those teacher/faculty involved has the tendency to prevent exposure. That is the automatic response if you cheat, protect the exposure.

  27. Say Krizel is wrong (under normal condition), the normal reaction is to listen to her complete speech. After listening to her speech, the normal reaction is for the teacher AGAIN show to Krizel that her grade was computed 100% correct with full integrity.

    The normal reaction of the faculty is to deprived Krizel’s transcript of record until public apology has been made (this scenario will only happen is indeed Krizel is wrong).

    Also note, the normal reaction of the principal is to listen to full speech of Krizel and after the speech the principal will call the attention of the concerned teacher even the parents (kasi the principal has the control to ensure that the recognition is beyond doubt).

    That is why “the action of stopping” Krizel’s speech is already a sign of weakness of the school and a strong evidence for Krizel.

    That is why the burden of proof remains on the teacher/school. The mere facts that the computation of grades was not rpesented to Krizel is already a proof that there is a BIG LAPSE on the teacher/school.

  28. Forget my english, my spelling……

    I will bet. The teacher, faculty as well as the school has a big role to prove that they did not mishandle Krizel’s situation correctly and beyond reproach.

    Krizel room for error is very small – because she was deprived to see how her grades were computed (THIS ALONE IS A LIVING EVIDENCE OF THE CRIME) and how she got that award.

    How can the teacher, faculty and principal disproved that Krizel is lying, that the teacher indeed showed the computation to Krizel and the father.

  29. if you observed the video closely, Krizel begun with her speech in foreign language (english where i’m not good), you will never see the emcee-teacher in the video NOT UNTIL Krizel stated speaking in local language (PILIPINO). The emcee popped out. This means they already anticipate Krizel’s action.

    It’s really doubtful…..because the emcee has already shown struggles by approaching Krizel which is NOT NORMAL bcoz Krizel’s message is just starting and telling a story that she chose to change to speak from foreign to local language. Krizel is not yet telling anything about the problem. So there should be no struggle to happen in the part of the emcee.

    The moments Krizel changed gear to Pilipino, panic button agad. So, this ONLY PROVES the emcee and faculty inveolve are really expecting something.

    1. No, according to the school’s side, Krisel submitted a different speech, which was approved by the board.

      By inference, the teachers and principal may have already been familiar with the speech.

      So when Krisel read a different speech than the one being approved, they probably got confused. Then when they started to realize that she is about to malign the school and/or the valedictorian, they moved to stop the speech.

      I, for one, support the school’s action.

    2. Mister Kaya Boss Ko, paki switch na lang sa tagalog. Marunong ka naman pala. Medyo nag lo “loading” kase ako sa grammar mo. Began hindi begun. The moment hindi moments. What do you mean with “there should be no struggle to happen?” Andami. I hope since you prefer to write in english (when you say foreign language pwede Italian) I will try to tell you that it is not embarassing to speak or write in Filipino or tagalog. So that you save yourself from exposing your lack of command of the english language. Hope you are not offended. I side with the author of this article. She got it right from the start.

  30. i had classmates like these when i was still studying. most of them are neurotic, maladjusted twits who can’t accept defeat without alluding to some vast conspiracy working against them.

    they go through life thinking scholastic awards is the be all and end all of existence.

    natalo lang ng mas matalinong hindi mukang palaaral e, nadaya na.

    bata pa naman yang si krisel. marami pang matututunan yan.

    sana ang una ay ang tamang pakisama at pagtanggap sa realidad na hindi ka dinaya porket natalo ka.

    1. para ding pulitiko itong si Krisel,nag tatalak kapag na talo,why cant you accept the fact that there is one higher than you,anyway its just an award,a fame for that matter,eh kung sa akala mo mas matalino ka pa sa kanya,mag pa salamat ka,kasi yang medalya na yan,hindi naman yan ang bubuhay sa yo,kundi yong didikasyon at yang talino mo kung ano man ang mga gawain.

  31. I just read this article after writing this blog post dedicated to Krisel’s Mystery Valedictorian

    I hope you read this Kate Natividad. The arguments you made against Krisel actually apply to you. Calling for truth and transparency are not signs of being a spoiled brat, but of being a brave and principled person.

    Your comments however can fit that of a spoiled brat’s.

    Also, she did not judge the entirety of the Valedictorian. While your lead openly says “that’s all Krisel Mallari really is.”

    Do you know Krisel in person to know that’s all she really is? Her parents are helicopter ones?

    Well if helicopter ones mean truthful justice fighters, then they are helicopter parents.

    Also, don’t use hyperbole. This did not ruin the occassion. If I were one of the graduates, I would really move on after that happened; I have my own seatmates and friends to mind, my own memories to reminisce.

    In the end, ethical values are arbitrary, call for justice is absolute.

    You could all say Krisel Mallari was wrong, but if that is so, then that is when “being wrong” becomes the rightest thing to do.

  32. Young Pinoy brats are learning from their elders to talk shit and make insinuations (parinig) from a podium instead of doing things in a more civil manner. Our country’s future is secured! 😀

  33. @kayobossko….

    Please check on your grammar before posting your rants here. Trying so hard to speak in english,sorry, but an epic fail. Mag- tagalog ka na lang para di magmukhang TH, okay?

  34. Grammar Nazis – shut the fuck up.
    Author: “Obviously Krisel’s freedom of speech was not “hard-earned” as she evidently grew up in a family that served food for her fat ego on a silver platter”- This statement is based on what? I ask this because I cannot see what is obvious to you. How did you arrive at that conclusion. I am genuinely interested to know your answer.

    1. So what are you trying to prove with your term “Grammar Nazi” followed by the “F” word and commanding to “shut up”? Look who’s talking.

  35. Expect the “thinkers” and “activists” to rage over trivial matters. Yet on the larger scale where real freedom is concerned (a society free from government lies and exploitation, and threat to safety, health, personal and family welfare) they are mum.

    Kristel’s tantrum is a clear example of how PNoy set to be a BI to our future leaders. No matter the occasion is they will tell the world how pathetic they are.

  36. ika nga sa kasabihan “kapag may usok, may apoy”, concerned agencies and entities should look into what this poor child is whining about…there might be some substance in what she “rants” about, dont be fooled by the number of Sto Nino icons being displayed behind the desk of the school administrator’s office…as if things like favoritism is new to the philippine systems…

  37. Kate Natividad, the school is know for its Nepotism and Favouritism. I was a proud graduate of this school, and can relate to Krisel’s accusation on the school admin. My brother is supposed to be on the honorable mention, their adviser apparently was the BFF of the other kids mother. So they chose the other one in favour of my brother, even his grade is mile higher. In her case, the traditions continues. She rattled the very foundation of the school, dusted some cobwebs, and found out the skeleton in their closet. So SNPS, sort out your mess. To DEPED, make sure there is transparency on this and not another statistical number in your complaints department. The Diocese of Cubao will intervene in this matter because there is no such separation of church and state. They will always use their “Divine Intervention” just to influence the outcome of the investigation.

  38. Please take a look at this DepEd. Your achievements will be exposed once you solve this case.

    Bravo Zulu to Ms. Krisel Mallari for standing up against traditional corruption from her school. She may be wrong according to this blogger and commentators, but at least she was not afraid to speak and stand out. She wouldn’t do this unless she, at least thought was cheated her honor.

    Ms. Mallari must have watched the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. I can guess her favorite character was Prince Zuko.

  39. I’m wondering if the proper venue for complains exists in this country, if ever there is, do these venues really exercise fair and square in their deliberation process? I just find the author so biased in her article as if she had witnessed every inch of what happened in that school. Or as if she know personally the persons involved. Also because the parents are supporting their daughter they turned out to be that ” helicopter parents”. I know that what that student did will not be pleasing to everybody but jumping into a conclusion is a different issue here. I hope there are justifiable basis to really pin down Mallari as a spoiled brat. But if only those selfie pics (which almost majority of the population had explored) and the video are the basis, can this be considered a perception of a shallow minded critic?

  40. I sympathize with Krizel’s plight and admire her courage. However, there are other vital considerations. In that graduation ceremony, her role was to set the tone of event and welcome the graduates, their families and guests. She should have just stuck to her task and not use the chance to exalt herself, even how justified she was. She had seized the moment for herself, oblivious of her fellow graduates who had the right to a solemn ambiance and to savor the event as a great milestone in their lives. If truly she was cheated out of her rightful place, she need not worry because time and circumstance shall avenge her.

  41. Sadly, this’ll all reflect on her record in 4 years or so when she attempts to enter the work force. No one wants a hard-headed fresh graduate for an employee. Then again, her only other choices are to continue studies on either law or medicine, or work abroad.

  42. I just really don’t know what’s the objective of writing this rubbish article. I thought I was reading a rant bullying a teenager. This is the main problem kapag ang mga self-confessed “bloggers” eh nagkakaroon ng espasyo online. Calling someone idiot, “Mamundok na lang kayo!” comment and addressing a minor “spoiled brat”? Wow! You Kate Natividad, kailangang-kailangan mo pong mag-aral ulit ng writing. Problem with people na gusto lang kumita. Pathetic writer!

    And for your opinion against the kid, research-research din pag may time. 🙂

  43. if she fell victim to a corrupt system, it’s her right to speak out against it. i don’t understand the need for the author (and society in general) to antagonize people and give them demeaning labels. it is unknown to us if krisel mallari pulled it off for her own benefit but the mere fact that she actually finished school with honors and will be furthering her studies means she knows the value of education and has the potential of using it to contribute to society. kindly enlighten me on how calling a 16 year old a “spoiled brat” will help transform the youth and contribute to society.

  44. Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

  45. Education is knowledge that learned by the students. Schools also taught human attitude, decision-making, accountability, responsibility, etc. in Social Studies. That podium in school is a place for speech delivered by students in a proper way, not in a coercive way presented and approved by their advisers.
    – Edgardo Valentino D.nolaes

  46. Hindi nasunod ang gusto kaya nag sariling speech? Are we seeing a future politico in the making? Yung laging gusto panalo. Kaya sabi ko sa anak ko galingan mo. Kelangan milya milya ang layo ng grade mo sa sumusunod sa iyo para walang chance ang reklamo o malisya. Ano pala ang naramdaman ko kung pagkatapos na ideklarang Valedictorian ang anak ko e ginago ng salutatorian ang welcome speech na naka atang sa kanya para lang hiyain ako at ang anak ko? Di ba ang unang trabaho ng magulang ay turuan ang anak na manindigan pero turuan ding tumanggap ng pagkatalo. Baka bumagsak sa character grade ang batang iyan. E kung ako ang eskwelahan sige bigyan ng certificate of good moral character at i singit na nila doon ang link sa youtube na speech para makapag decide ang UST kung tatanggap na sila ng ganung estudyante or hindi. Baka pag di tinanggap mag speech na naman sa YouTube ng bias. Kung me pandaraya e di ba dapat binabantayan na yan 1st grading, 2nd at 3rd? Ang 4th e ipaubaya na sa mga guro for deliberation at tanggaping HINDI MO NA TALAGA MAKIKITA ang 4th grading general average.

  47. Hindi paglaban sa katiwalian ng skwelahan ang ginawa nya
    Kundi kabaatoaan, hibdinlang sya ang graduating at that time
    Selfish. Walang respeto sa. Mga magulang at
    Kaiskwela nya kundi srili lang nya ang inisip nya

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