Power, Pride, Typical Pinoys and What Results

In my previous article, I pointed out how pride and power doesn’t really mix that well with typical Pinoys. Now, in case you’re not convinced, I’m going to show you a few examples of just how this combination actually comes out:

The Anti-Prophet

The Anti-Prophet is the word I use to describe the people who, through a sense of self-righteousness, decide that they have some kind of divine right to speak for God. Not speak of the good news of the Lord, mind you, like saying that God loves all equally and accepts them for what they are and that it is our choices in life that makes us good or evil, these are people who believe that they have the power to condemn others and cast them out as heretics and heathens. Never mind that majority of Jesus’ friends were social outcasts of his time.

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t-rexUsing a misplaced sense of faith, these people find it easy to dominate the gullible masses, using the name of God to justify anything they do no matter how heinous it may seem. Everything from using the community’s funds to fuel their vices, sexually harassing their followers to inciting outright rebellion through brainwashed fanatics, these people get away with it by using God’s name even if the Ten Commandments strongly discourage the practice.

Considering that many Pinoys are uneducated or have a poor education, is it really any surprise that so many of them fall easy prey to anti-prophets everywhere? With nothing to sharpen their minds and the media remaining largely biased, refusing to admit that even the allegedly holy of our religious leaders are also fallible, I doubt many will be able to see them for what they are.

As a trivia, the words “anti-prophet” which I use here are used in the same way that “anti-pope” was used back in the Middle Ages to describe false popes who tried to take power. It is also very similar to the words “anti-Christ” which fits quite well with how these people brainwash the masses into doing their bidding and justifying their crimes. Take note however, that no religion is safe from these charlatans and that even non-religious organizations can fall victim to them if they aren’t careful.

The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of people is reading up on the sources of what they often preach and observe how they derail the messages it contains for their own purposes. Also, there is nothing that will protect you better from stupidity than common sense so be sure to make good use of it when finally confronting these people.

Fake Heroes

The Philippines isn’t just rich in natural resources. It is also quite rich with “fake heroes”, people who, through the use of media and some brainwashing, style themselves out as “heroes” despite the fact they are quite far from it.

A fairly good example of this would be the countless celebrities who run for political office and somehow win. Many of these celebrities are often credited with protagonist roles in films like Panday or Pepeng Agimat and, for reasons that fly way over my head, there are people who honestly believe that they are every bit as heroic as Marty Stus they portray in their films. Then there are those who, through political relations and other shenanigans, make themselves out as heroes to the people that they are heroes despite the fact that they might actually be a big part of criminal syndicates. To further boost their popularity, these people fund cheesy and exaggerated films featuring some of the aforementioned popular action stars and an attractive leading lady for their love interest to help gather public sympathy and hopefully get people to believe their lies.

Unfortunately, it’s sad to note that so many people fall for this kind of crap. People, who are clearly not heroes and will probably make for very poor leaders, are often chosen for the role anyway because of how gullible the common people are. In the end, these often end up in some vaunted position somewhere where they do nothing and fill a spot that some hard-working and honest official could probably use better in improving the country.

When dealing with such insidious individuals, I advise the reader to once again make good use of their common sense. Also, please remember that what they do on screen is acting. It’s not who they are in real life. What you see them doing in movies is no different from your son pretending to be Uzumaki Naruto or Monkey D. Luffy, your daughter pretending to be Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga or Shana or vice versa. Get it together people and, most of all, get real.

The Dynasty Brat

The sad thing is, many of the political dynasties of our country have the penchant for breeding like rats as they also have a penchant for promiscuity. As more and more of them appear, there are those who get it in their heads that they have a “right” to rule the country despite the fact that modern democracy was meant to discourage this feudal way of thinking. Unfortunately, like the examples mentioned above, these vermin manage to win elections by convincing people of their families’ non-existent “achievements” and earning the sympathies of the people by telling them their sob-stories that are otherwise is probably no different or probably less difficult than that of your average middle-class citizen.

Please people, there are enough of these people in power as it is and I can note that majority of them carry out their duties the same way that feudal lords of the Middle Ages carried out theirs. By sitting there and doing nothing and basking in the glory of simply being a member of a given bloodline.

Wake up, brothers and sisters, we aren’t in the Middle Ages and life is not the fairy tale that our media insists it is. If we don’t realize the truth of where we stand now as a country in dire economic straits and under the threat of war, we’re all going to have the face the consequences of our dumb choices if we aren’t already.

3 Replies to “Power, Pride, Typical Pinoys and What Results”

  1. Movie Stars are people who play roles, for our entertainment. If we mistake their heroic roles they are playing; for Real One. Then, we elect them to public offices. Hoping , we can also live happily ever after, by electing them. It is insanity….but , this is how the “bakya” crowd thinks.

    Political dynasties are here; because we allow people, who have stolen funds from the National Treasury. To use the stolen fund, to elect other members of their families, for public office. They also use the stolen funds, to buy your vote…

  2. All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.

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