The Kardong Kalabaw Interview #1: On Freedom And Democracy

Finally, Kardong Kalabaw and his staff have agreed to an interview with GRP! This is the first interview with Kardong Kalabaw that will showcase his opinions and ideas on his campaign and his plans should he win the up and coming 2016 presidential election. Now, we shall finally see just what kind of nation the […]

Please Support ‘Kardong Kalabaw’ for the 2016 Presidential Election

Disclaimer: This is another of my parody articles. This is essentially a dedication to commenter Hyden007Toro and his carabao Kardong Kalabaw. While this is not true like all the other parody articles I’ve written, it’s one that I wish was true. Ladies and gentlemen, in observance of this year’s Philippine independence day and the oncoming approach of the 2016 […]