Bad taste rules: Morbid photos of a dead Jeffrey Laude released by his family!

So the reason Harry Roque, legal counsel for the family of slain Filipino transgender Jeffrey Laude, released photos of the victim’s body to the public is reportedly “to gain public sympathy for the case.” “It’s high time the Filipino people understand the family’s and Suselbeck’s sense of anger,” Roque said. In short, Roque confirms that […]

Sorry, Joe. No more boom-boom in Manila and Olongapo City

If I were a businessman of any sort in the Philippines, I’d be fuming. In most NORMAL countries, the arrival of shiploads of young, cashed-up, and physically vigorous American military personnel would be greeted with joy and eyes flashing with $$ signs. Not in the Philippines though. The other day, the United States aircraft carrier […]

The answer to why ‘undesirable alien’ Marc Sueselbeck was detained by Ph govt is really quite simple

Why was Marc Sueselbeck, the purported fiance of slain transgender Jeffrey Laude detained by the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration even as he was at the airport on his way to boarding a flight back to his home in Germany? That is a question ‘netizens’ have been asking one another. But the only entity that can […]

I am Joseph Scott Pemberton

I am Joseph Scott Pemberton. I’ve been that boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve been in dark alleys, rented rooms, and in the company of strange women. But I was lucky (like you’ve been lucky) that the person who could have harmed either of us just didn’t harm us at that […]

What if US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton was a Filipino-American navy man?

The United States aircraft carrier USS George Washington sailed into Manila for a port call today after two days of exercises with the Philippine Navy. The Nimitz-class warship played a big part in the rescue and relief operations in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) which ravaged the central islands of the Philippines in late […]

No, his name is NOT Jennifer. It’s Jeffrey

Sure. As Marrian Pio Roda Ching asserts in an Inquirer article, Jeffrey Laude’s “right” to be addressed by the alias “Jennifer” is all about his “right to identity and to self-determination” as stipulated in a certain body of work called the “Yogyakarta Principles” where Article 3 supposedly stipulates, that these assertions of “identity” constitute every […]

#HereWeGo! Stuff to occupy Filipino kids’ minds #NgayongSemBreak

It’s the semestral break in the Philippines! Filipino students refer to it by its obvious abbreviation, “sembreak”. With much of the Philippines’ youth now free from the oppression of paper deadlines, exams, and 7 a.m. classes, what are they to do with all this free time? In the age of ubiquitous internet access, social media, […]

Php 250m in exchange for 2 German lives: Yes, the Philippines negotiates with terrorists

The Philippines does not negotiate with terrorists. Or so we are told following the miraculous “rescue” of two German hostages Stefan Viktor Okonek and Henrike Dielen held by the Islamic terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. According to Abu Sayyaf spokesman Abu Rami, the ransom they demanded was paid. According to the Philippine Government no such ransom […]