Was Jeffrey Laude a prostitute who concealed his true gender in the practice of his trade?

As expected, gay activists are now all over the case of the murder of transgender Jeffrey ‘Jennifer’ Laude. According to Benjamin Pimentel who wrote about the incident in the context of Gay Pride in his Inquirer piece Death of a Filipino transgender, “Despite progress and victories on many fronts, violence is still a frightening reality for [the LGBT] community. This is particularly true for an institution that is poised to play, once again, a bigger role in Philippine affairs, the US military,” after citing the case of the death of Jeffrey Laude allegedly in the hands of a US military serviceman on shore leave in Olongapo City. Pimentel further writes, “Details of the murder have yet to surface, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to speculate that this gruesome crime is rooted in a culture of narrow, violent machismo.”

US Navy in the Philippines: Neck deep in the proverbial brown stuff

US Navy in the Philippines: Neck deep in the proverbial brown stuff

Perhaps. But what Pimentel conveniently omitted in his piece was the possibility that Laude had possibly deceived the suspect who, presumably, was looking forward to a roll in the sack with a Filipino woman. The testimony of Laude’s companion on the night of his murder makes it highly likely that the US soldier who allegedly killed Laude is a heterosexual male expecting a heterosexual encounter. Mark Clarence Gelviro, was reportedly asked by Laude “to leave before the foreigner could discover that they were transgenders.”

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Add to that an even more recent Inquirer report that Laude had a German boyfriend “of two years” that he had met over the Internet and that they were planning to marry in Thailand as soon as they had finished “working on their documents to finalize their union.”

Why then would Laude be accompanying a US Marine to a hotel room in Olongapo City on the night of his murder if he was already engaged to his German boyfriend?

Some clues to consider lie in the way his relatives described him. They reportedly described him as the family “breadwinner” who was “paying for the education of youngest sibling Rex, and also provided for their family’s other needs.” So the rather confronting answer to the above question as to why he was with a US Marine that night is the possibility that Laude was engaged in prostitution and other, shall we say, technologically-enabled income-generating activites that may necessarily involve foreign men from affluent countries.

Prostitution, defined by Philippine Law as “any act, transaction, scheme or design involving the use of a person by another, for sexual intercourse or lascivious conduct in exchange for money, profit or any other consideration,” is illegal in the Philippines. Sex workers are regarded as “vagrants” under Article 202 of the Philippines’ Revised Penal Code (RPC). Heavy penalties for people convicted of engaging in prostitution are also spelt out in Article 341, “The penalty of prision mayor in its medium and maximum period shall be imposed upon any person who, in any manner, or under any pretext, shall engage in the business or shall profit by prostitution or shall enlist the services of any other for the purpose of prostitution.”

This, of course, does not excuse perpetrators of homicide. However, it would be prudent for Philippine activists to refrain from being too quick to turn Laude into a posterboy for their causes and the entirety of the US military the bad guy in this media circus.

140 Replies to “Was Jeffrey Laude a prostitute who concealed his true gender in the practice of his trade?”

  1. I really like your point of view benign0. With all due respect with the LGBT community, indeed they will jump on the situation as this to dramatize their cause at the expense of Jeffrey Laude.

        1. “yes, sad for me to say but justice [may have] been served.” edit added.
          street justice, retributive justice (yes i know) … and plz lets not go any further with theories of justice or I will be citing Hart.
          ty SeeBee

    1. Jeffrey did not deserve to die,however she should have told the Marine I think you are a hunk and would like to go out with you but understand that my friend and I have a dick and that would have been the end of the storey.

  2. I share your point of view actually. I do not excuse what the suspect did but I also don’t condone lies and infidelity (might be the case here). If only Laude’s been truthful in the first place. Anyway, RIP to her.

        1. The lame brain said she doesn’t excuse the murder but she doesn’t condone the lies, either. So what the point of view? Lying and murder are both wrong; therefore their behavior is understandable? Liars deserve to be murdered? Lying and murder are equal as crimes? She apparently believes what the previous airhead said that justice has been served. What does that mean? That a sexual impersonator being murdered represents an appropriate punishment for the gravity of the offense. No point in a judge. Just let the two people involved, work it out.

  3. This isn,t the first time this year violence has been done to a member of the LGBT community. Just recently, in a similar crime,a Cielo Mercado,another transgendered woman from Caloocan was stabbed 18 times and there hasn’t been any fuss about the case. And even a few months before that, two homosexuals were also murdered in their own homes, also by men.In fact, nothing has been done about both cases apart from a few features in the news.Why all this fuss now? Are these activists selective of the causes they fight for?

    1. Its big news because it was a foreigner who killed the transgendered person and we all know that the Filipinos are more racist than the nazis.

      1. There is an absolute double standard when it comes to foreigners. 100,000 underage women give birth in this country every year and nobody even raises an eyebrow. However, if one foreigner molests an underage person, it makes the headlines.

        1. Does the Philippines operate a sex offenders register, or even amateur websites dedicated to informing people of predators in their midst (e.g. ukpaedos-exposed.com).

          When I’ve searched for these things to see the situation in the country where my future kids might grow up, as well as my neices and nephews, all I find is news stories about child pornography rings being busted, and presumably only because foreign authorities got involved.

        2. I always harp on the same thing. Nobody but nobody ever suffers any legal consequences for DUI/ DWI here. Probably never happens so there is no one to catch. What more registered sex offenders , we won’t even get to Big Lebowski level with John Tarturro.

    2. kung ang mga bakla ay hindi palandi landi pag makakita ng magandang lalaki ay hindi mang yayari ito kung sinabi agad ni laude na sya ay bakla hindi sya papatulan ni pendelton ngayon binigyan nila ng kahihiya yung tao dahil sa ginawa ng putang bakla dapat hulihin yung kasamang bakla at ikulong dahil bawal ang prostitution sa pinas at yung bar ay dapat pasarado dahil pinapayagan nila at hindi sinasabi sa mga customer na bakla yung kasama ni pendelton ngayon kinu kuwartahan na nila ang americano 38 million at 6 visa hindi worth it yun bigyan lang ng 10.000 pesos yung mga masibang magulang mahiya kayo ayaw naming pumunta kayo dito sa america dahil pag nalaman kayo ng mga tao dito ay baka magrally ang mga tao dito kayong mga bakla huwag kayong malalandi pag nakakita ng magandang lalaki dahil hindi lahat ng lalaki ay mahilig sa bakla ang mahilig lang ay yu g lalaking kukuwartahan lang kayo kaya magisip isip kayo bigyan ninyo ng kahihiyan ang mga familya ninyi

  4. Maybe, they just want to make sure that the Philippine government doesn’t let the killer go just because he is a US Navy personnel. And so what if Laude deceived the man, is that an allowable excuse for murder?

    1. errrr… i wouldn’t say it’s an allowable excuse but I wouldn’t blame the guy for committing such an act which was probably because of anger and anguish after discovering that he had a homosexual encounter with someone who he THOUGHT AND BELIEVED was heterosexual.

      If you gave a Muslim a Beef bun and he ate it then he discovered he was deceived and it was actually a pork bun, how do you think he would react?

      This could very well be not about the LGBT community but about how one man was deceived.

      1. I agree.

        Forget about the suspect and the victims nationality for 1 minute.

        We have 2 victims here actually, 1 is dead and the other one probably scarred for life.

        This is clearly a Crime of Passion and not a Hate Crime as the LGBT community wants the public to believe.

        As Benigno stated in this post, Philippine activists should “refrain from being too quick to turn Laude into a posterboy for their causes and the entirety of the US military the bad guy in this media circus”.

      2. @tictac: You wrote: “…it is not allowable…I do not blame him.” Which is it? You are being contradictory. If you do not blame him, then it should be allowable. Are you saying that you understand his rage; but that does not give him the right to strangle the victim to death. If you gave a Muslim a pork bun disguised as beef, he would certainly be annoyed. However, that does not give the Muslim the right to cut off the head of the sandwich vendor. The marine’s psychopathic response to being deceived was way over the top. Claiming the victim asked for it is like saying that a women with a very short skirt is asking to be raped.

    2. killer – A killer is someone or something that kills
      kills – The act of causing the death of a living organism
      excuse – a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.
      Jarvis – g@g@?

      hint – if you want to make hetero sexual intimacy a game, loosing can mean death.

      1. @alan: “if you want to make hetero sexual intimacy a game, loosing can mean death.” Imagine if you will, a soldier is coming on to a young lady. They leave together. They go to the hotel. they strip and go to bed. Unfortunately, the man has drunk too much and he cannot get an erection. The woman is really pissed and claimed that the man promised a great time and was not able to deliver. She calls him a “limp dick!” and hits him over the head with a bottle. He falls down, hits his head and dies. Was the woman justified in reacting that way? She was disappointed and deceived by the man. We could say that the soldier was a promiscuous alcoholic who deserved whatever he got. We understand the women’s rage. She could have gone home with any of the handsome guys and instead she picked a flop. In what way in this case different?

        1. From the article title -> “Was Jeffrey Laude a prostitute who concealed his true gender in the practice of his trade?”

          i don’t want to make hetero intimacy a game, perhaps Laude did? and if so, that may have been his fatal mistake. Myself and some others commenter are only acknowledging what might have happened. You know, like 1)gravity, 2)entropy, 3)the speed of light,=> 4)human nature and I am not attempting to be defense attorneys.
          So I won’t address your question “In what way in this case different?” except to say men manipulate the environment and woman manipulate men.
          I am only supporting the authors assertion that “…it would be prudent for Philippine activists to refrain from being too quick to turn Laude into a posterboy for their causes and the entirety of the US military the bad guy in this media circus.” ->
          I look forward to seeing this ‘case’ unfold but I do not look forward to GLBT activists hijack the show.
          ty SeeBee

    3. killer, excuse, murder …..
      “And so what if Laude deceived the man..”
      wtf – your comment can’t be real. No human could say “…so what if Laude deceived the man..” oh wait … pinoy ka? or LGBT member ka?

        1. with respect to you, you know the answer to your question and for clarity see ‘psychiatric reduction’ below.
          Jarvis, what is with your pseudo-intellectualism, step up brother/sister. This is GRP, not KSQP (keep the status quo Philippines).

        2. No pseudo-intellectualism here, just asking questions, what do you mean when you say “this is GRP”? a place where we still think like medieval times? Where someone who commit fraud should be sent to the guillotine?

      1. I know it is difficult for a person like you to express themselves with more than one word; but exactly what is it that you think is true?

  5. supposed world’s most powerful military can’t even conduct intelligence to make an informational video or fact sheet warning troops that there could be undercover trannies in olangapo or subic? well, what does one expect from the same military-industrial complex that brought the world the war against saddam (who it turns out had no weapons of mass destruction)?

    i say first world people should be held up to first world standards. the US clearly could have and should have known that there could be lying trannies in olangapo and subic and could have and should have warned its testosterone-charged troops to exercise the necessary restraint when caught in the “crying game”.

    that this turned from a possible “hangover 2” situation to a “full metal jacket” scenario is all too predictable and inexcusable.

    1. Hey, there was the video about 20 Things I Hate about the Philippines, and so many other warnings. The Marine probably got wind of these. So it looks like the US military needs an informational campaign.

        1. wow! the responses on this article have been all over the place. i can only guess at the root of these responses.

          1. GI Joe should be tried — he killed a person. if the philippines even wants to claim that it is an equal partner to the US as to the vfa it must request and insist on custody of the alleged perpetrator for further investigation and trial. we did it with smith why should this case be any different?

          2. i want to guess that all the arguments for justifying the killing of the tranny (the marine was duped, etc.) is a mixture of lingering colonial mentality, outright homophobia, and a serious lack of perspective and proportionality.

          3. hate crimes is a specious concept. we punish acts not motives behind the act. if you kill someone and the law does not excuse it then you should be punished it shouldn’t matter that you did it because you hate gays.

          4. it may be good for GI Joe to face the nightmarish fate of spending time in third world jail, this may serve to deter (however, slight) future troops from committing similar acts

  6. As a heterosexual male, if this happened to me, i wouldn’t resort to murdering the victim, but i would surely beat him/her up real bad. Maybe the US marine just wanted to beat up the victim and didn’t mean to kill him/her. I would understand his situation because i would really be angry too. And we all know how people can be blinded and lose all sense of reason when filled with anger.

    Sure there are certain markets for transexual prostitutes, but they are a niche group. If the victim was truthful from the very start, maybe he/she would still be living today. All these are just speculations though, i’m just offering a different perspective.

    1. Many of these comments fall along the lines of: “Don’t make people angry. When people get angry, anything can happen.” This shows a misunderstanding of the dynamics of anger.

      People get angry because they are clinging to unrealistic expectations. When those expectations are not fulfilled, they become disappointed. That disappointment manifests itself as anger. The anger is the fault of the angry person; NOT the person who supposedly incited it.

        1. The unrealistic expectation is thinking that you can pick up some stranger in a bar and take them to a hotel and have a STD free experience without someone trying to rob and scam you. If that does not happen; you have been very lucky. Expecting every casual sexual encounter to be a wonderful experience is crazy and is setting yourself up for disappointment (anger).

  7. The scenario is exactly that the U.S. Serviceman thought the guy was actually a Woman. When he found out Laude wasn’t a Woman, and that Laude was scamming him, and thus making a fool out of him: The Marine murdered the ‘Hoe’. Laude practiced to deceive and paid a heavy price, way too heavy a price for what he/she was doing, but the tangled web he/she weaved is the result of the deception he/she purposely engaged in. The U.S> Marine will never be put in a Filipino jail cell and MAYBE will see a U.S. ‘Courts Martial’, but then again, MAYBE not .

    1. What garbage – the police discovered 2 used condoms in the room. The guy had obviously a lot of fun prior to killing her.

      1. I’ve been in motel rooms in the Philippines where i found used condoms in the garbage bin from previous customers. Not all places there are sanitary. Benefit of the doubt my friend.

  8. The american should be busted. If he was fooled, slap the the other dude down hard core. Dont kill him. I DO have a problem with the pandering though. Laude had a d#ck and a set of b#lls. That qualifies “her” as a “he” to me. I dont care what he thinks he is, biology rules, legally.

    1. They can and do remove the dick and balls. But even then they possess X and Y chromosomes and thus remain male. Nutcases.

  9. I’am appalled on how some people here are justifying homicide/physical violence tendencies on the grounds of having a prostitute (allegedly) be discovered as a transgender. Critical thinking just took a really big hit.

    You decided to buy one? then prepare to take the risk. (STD, getting mugged, transgender) If you can’t handle it then just surf porn and go fap with yourself.

    And yes the media isn’t exactly divulging the whole picture here, but hey that is just media being media. The crux of the matter is someone was killed and therefore someone must be charged with homicide.

    1. “I’am appalled on how some people here are justifying homicide/physical violence tendencies on the grounds of having a prostitute (allegedly) be discovered as a transgender. Critical thinking just took a really big hit.”

      I don’t anybody is justifying murder / violence, just sharing opinions.

      Nobody could really understand why the suspect wasn’t able to tell the difference between a transgender and real woman (maybe he had too much juice) and why his rage was so uncontrollable that it resulted in murder. If you were in his shoes , would you be able to stop yourself from inflicting injury on the individual who made you look like an ass.

      1. If I were in his shoes I would walk away from the situation and not risk the FUBAR that would follow had I laid a hand on him/her/it.

        Hypocritical? maybe, but that is what the colored grey thingy inside my head tells me to do right now.

        And for the record your opinion now is what I meant by justifying it. (putting yourself in other people’s shoes)

        1. Hi,
          The reason I asked the question “If you were in his shoes..” is that nobody can really give an honest answer to that. Not you, not me, no one can answer that without sounding (as you put it) “Hypocritical”.
          Again, I am not justifying the murder. I just don’t to encourage the idea that this is a crime of hate, A killed B because A got enraged about something B did. Please don’t make look like A killed B because B was a consonant, and A hated consonants in general.

    2. justify?
      critical thinking?
      psychiatric reduction!

      Pathologically speaking, if you awaken into a reality other then the one in which you believed you were operating, a psychotic episode may occur(resulting in homicide); and if drugs were involved well all sensibility is gone.
      Ladyboys/shemales … have been labeled as ‘entertainers’, pretending to be…. , playing ‘make belive’ … i don’t validate any one of them. A ‘[niche market]’.

      1. Wait so he’s drunk and taking drugs now? The story sure is growing by the minute. 😀

        Frankly I don’t care the circumstances he’s in when he did that. The fact that he did it means he committed homicide.

        I don’t really know what you were trying to tell me here. But as far as I know being under any influence does not excuse anyone for killing/beating anyone. Drunk or under drugs, female or transgender.

  10. ok, let’s try some (trans)gender reversal.
    you’re a homosexual male and want to have a good time. you pick out some young man, hit on him for hours and because you two ‘click’ you decide to take it to the bedroom. while making out, you reach down and discover that your partner isnt packing a package.
    Isnt it just plain false advertising not to declare your anatomical gender before engaging in such acts? Not to mention unfair to your partner? It doesnt matter if youre straight or gay, it works both ways.
    If you love your partner too much to tell them the truth, i suggest you save up, go to thailand (or wherever its legal) and get a sex change. if not, well, that’s your problem.

  11. If that law on prostitution would be imposed in our country. The Jails would be overflowing with prostitutes and their patrons.

    Child prostitution, and other kinds of prostitutions are tourist attractions in our country… some of the Police, also sideline as “bugaws”…

    The killing of Laude is a tragedy. However, it is a lesson for those people in the prostitution trade; that you cannot get away from deceiving people, and committing fraud…you may pay for your life in some instances…like this one…

  12. First, there is no excuse for murder. However, a lot of things that may have lead to the act must be considered. I am gay, and though I don’t engage in prostitution, a lot of my friends do, so I have an idea how the trade goes. The GI, after learning about him being a transgender could simply ask him to leave and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it is within his right. However, IF (a big IF) Laude is indeed a prostitute, then it must follow that he was in it for the money. What if, after being asked to leave, Mr Laude still insists on getting paid? Prostitutes are known to try to get what they can whenever push comes to shove. This could have lead to a heated confrontation and so on.

    1. “Honesty is the best policy.” If you are gay or transgender…tell it to your patrons. He may enjoy the “blow job”; or try to sample to have sex with a transgender. Who knows, you may do a better job…

      However, pretending to have the same sex tool as a Genuine Woman is Fraud…

      If you sell, deliver the true goods; not “phony” ones…

  13. Wow….A few of you seem to feel that someone who commits fraud or deceit deserves death. That seems to be a odd attitude for people who live in a society that is riddled with dishonesty from top to bottom. The real feeling that you hold is that he deserved death because he was a transgender; but you don’t have the guts to admit it. Say it. Stop beating around the bush. Gays should be killed. They deserve death. Stop the BS. Be honest.

    1. No one deserve death…I say it again: if you commit Fraud, or Deceive someone. You invite the outrage of people whom you deceived; it can lead to them to killing you.

      Please don’t twist my words and sentences to your advantage…

      1. …or it can lead them to elect you to the post of mayor of Manila.

        Personally, I have had bottles thrown at me, bullets shot at me, my property vandalized, people screaming insults and threats and the most outrageous thing I have ever done is to walk down the street with my arm around my lover.

  14. Although we are not sure that Laude is practicing prostitution to make ends meet, in my opinion it is quite frustrating if anyone who had committed a crime in the Phils could not be tried in the Philippine court. The discussion here I think should not be contained in the discourse of gender/deception/prostitution. Regardless of the tragic incident that happened, I guess we really need to revisit some points of the Visiting Forces Agreement to ensure that the agreement is not really one-sided.

    1. Indeed, the way I heard it from the news the VFA gives the Philippines 1 year for the trial of any US servicemen regardless if its a heinous crime or not.

      After 1 year the US government has no duty to produce the aforementioned accused to our government. With the Philippine’s justice system as it is I’d say that’s pretty much a free pass for committing any crimes.

      1. It’s very frustrating but one has to accept the fact that bigots, racists and ignorant homophobes without a functioning brain seem to represent the majority – at least in this forum.

  15. The mostly homophobic comments here center around justifiable anger due to the ladyboy deceiving the guy by pretending to be a woman.
    All of you might reconsider since 2 USED condoms have been found in the room.
    Draw your own conclusions and engage your brain

    1. #no hate but “2 USED condoms have been found in the room”
      -Used by whom? The motel wasn’t exactly the HILTON.

      “Draw your own conclusions and engage your brain”
      #no hate

    2. None of us knows what exactly transpired between Laude and Pemberton in that motel room. None of us knows if the condoms found on the crime scene were used by Pemberton and Laude.

      We can reasonably assume, given the information that we do have, that Pemberton engaged Laude’s sexual services. Anything more is building bias upon bias.

  16. Ok, I’ll say it. This ladyboy was a lying piece of $hit and Nobody really gives a flying f@ck that he’s dead. He wasn’t shot with a firearm while unarmed, he wasn’t stabbed stabbed in the back, he willingly chose to “challenge” another man’s honor and he lost. End of story, the fag is dead.

      1. Yeah I guess I am. For most guys, the mere thought into being duped and making out with another guy is so f@cking disgusting and nasty. In tagalog, nakakadire and nakakapangilabot.

  17. the tranny may have committed a crime(prostitution) but is already dead..
    the marine committed a crime(murder) and should be punished(be it the Phil. or in the US)
    end of story..
    why make it something big? looks like they just want the attention

    1. @J: You wrote, “looks like they just want the attention”. Who is “they”? The family and friends of the murdered man?

      You wrote, “why make it something big?” After all, life is cheap in the Philippines. Compared to 50 journalist snuffed out in Mindanao; this is small time stuff.

      1. LGBT and others who are making so much noise because of this
        they should focus their attention on more important stuff

        this is small time stuff and yet a lot of people are making a big fuzz about it and it is all over the news

        1. Including all over GRP, who ‘beg to differ.’ I guess nothing else of importance is happening in the country this week. Or they’re just hungry for the clicks.

  18. It all boils down to only one thing: WHATEVER THE TWO’S PURPOSE WAS FOR CHECKING IN THE HOTEL, Jeffrey did not deserve to be killed. Some of the most stupid comments I’ve been reading here seem to point out that he deserves to be murdered just because he lied about his sexuality (as some of you hypothesize). God. Make your brains work!

  19. After hearing the media blitz for the last couple of days, I was surprised to see that somewhere was posted an article expressing common sense.
    There was no excuse for the murder.
    There is also no excuse for making the victim a saint either. The victim was a prostitute.
    There is no excuse for blaming the entire US Military for the crimes of one person.
    If a Filipino had committed this murder it would have not even made the news.
    Im sure the family is distraught, losing a child is never easy.
    But I have to wonder what kind of family would knowingly let their son support them by being a transgender prostitute?

    1. The Philippines does nothing to help LGBT people or even straight people become there best selves. This is especially true of transwomen who are not allowed to be themselves, who have trouble finding jobs, and jobs are hard to find for straight people any way. I get upset with whole family members foist guilt trips on transpeople because there not married too.

      1. S, are you retarded?

        WTF should the government use my tax money to “help become their best self” a freak who wants to be a whore? You want to cut off your dick (or nose or ear), do it with your own money.

        You want a job? Join a freak show. You need to think about employment possibilities before you pump ten kg of silicon into your moobs. That’s the way our society is and it’s not going to change.

  20. Come on now! how many Filipinas and Filipinos especially under-aged are are raped on a daily basis by Filipinos? How many of them end up dead. So how does this work? If a Filipino rapes and kills a Filipino its OK but when the evil American kills a Filipino all the bleeding hearts wake up? Stop all rape and all killings in this country!

    1. worst are rapes of infants, those heart wrecking 3 year old rape and murder victims, the urge to kill these rapists are so overwhelming.

  21. He shouldn’t have killed her/him, but there’s a lot more to this story than we know about. The knee-jerk victim reactions from the Filipino LGBT groups are pretty typical of activist groups when they find something to protest. While I may agree with them to an extent, the fact that she might have deceived him and also that he was a nutcase who would murder someone… was a recipe for disaster. This is a very sad incident and unfortunately will be remembered for a long time. I don’t know what the delay is turning this guy over to the Filipino justice system, because that’s what he deserves. I am ex active duty U.S. military and I think he deserves to pay the price. He should not be protected.

  22. Maybe the jarhead was surprised when the tyranny had a penis and / or tried to rob him. A fight got out of control.

    If the tranny hadn’t tried to scam the guy he’d still be alive. Contributory negligence.

  23. Tranny Laude had a German boyfriend who’s supporting him financially every month. I saw the German guy’s pictures. German guy looks very unattractive. Tranny Laude wanted a younger & better looking white man. Tranny Laude’s got to be obsessed with good-looking white men meat pole & man juice that’s why he was with American Joseph Pemberton at a motel. Had Tranny Laude was faithful with his gullible German boyfriend, Tranny Laude would have been alive today. Tranny Laude messed with the wrong white man.

      1. Tranny Laude’s obsession to gobble Pemberton’s meat pole & guzzle down his man juice + Tranny Laude not telling Pemberton he’s a tranny + Pemberton doesn’t mess with trannies + Tranny Laude being unfaithful to the gullible Kraut boyfriend who supported him financially = Tranny Laude dead, no more white men meat pole & man juice, & no more moolah.

  24. I think what many people are getting to is that when you go to a sleazy bar, in a sleazy city, picking up strangers is playing with fire. Under any circumstances. Misrepresentation doesn’t justify violence, but when you play that game, expect bad things to happen.

    1. At least you said it in a classy way. I did not know Jennifer and I cried for her because no one deserves to die like that. I think that there are many issues to discuss and so much to learn from this case. 1) Transphobia and Homophobia must end both in the united states and the Philippines. If transwomen were treated with more respect Jennifer would not have been with Pemberton for any reason, and Pemberton would never have even thought of beating a transwoman to death. 2) The Philippines has major poverty that forces lots of people to do desperate things for money that they would never dream of doing otherwise. 3) America really does have too much power over The Philippines and makes unfair lopsided agreements that benefit the United States but kind of hurt The Philippines. 4) The Philippines could be a great country, however, the local politicians are so corrupt that nothing constructive gets done. Some how Jennifer’s death has brought everything that’s wrong with the Philippines together and shoved it to the spot light for examination. So maybe only Jennifer can be the poster person for all that has gone wrong in the Philippines.

      1. S, does it hurt when you think? You are clearly one stupid dude.

        1. Who would treat with respect a a) whore, b) fraud and c) thief?? What kind of freak wants to grow moobs, slice off their dick, deceive people about it and make money off it?

        Although nobody deserved to die, the simple undesputable fact is that when you play with fire you may get burned. Like you, though, I also cried upon reading the news — I was LMFAO so hard that tears fell. You know, being a tranny and all, I wonder if when it died with its head stuck in the toilet bowl if the toilet seat was up or down.

        2. People all over the world face economic difficulties. Being a tranny is a psychological issue and not an economic one. If he needed a job, he could have gone to harvest rice or coconut. Besides, he already had stable income from scamming the fucktard German. It was only greed that kept it whoring.

        3. Lopsided agreement? Dude, the only thing lopsided is your brain. How is the VFA lopsided? Because he remains in a military jail until finally convicted? What difference does it make which jail you are in as long as you are in jail? And do you know why a military jail? Do you know where he is now?

        Of course you don’t know. The only thing you know, aside from writing drivel, is that when your mommy pulls out her tit it’s time for you to suck.

        The bottom line is that Jeffrey is dead. Darwin won. The gene pool is better off.

  25. Pemberton’s gone. He got on board on the other U.S. Navy ship that sailed out of SBMA. He’s outside Philippine territory by now. Stealthy smart fella. Freeeeeeeeedom, young man! You’re not going to get him, dumb suckers!!!

  26. Indeed it is a “SENSATIONAL CASE”. After watching last night’s news which featured the victim’s sister. Her comment was Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude was interested in foreigners because these foreigners would easily identify “HIM” as a chick unlike the local dudes that can still identify “HIS” previous gender regardless of “HIS” bodily “OVERHAULS”, I wish that there is a recording or copy of that interview in youtube. btw saw the interview at TELERADYO. From the looks of it “HIS” agenda is clear fool foreign guys and dig gold, I also pity the German dude who I believe is in denial. Denying that Jeffrey is not a sex worker, now if you are a sane person with morals would you still out with others knowing that you are engaged….. Well it is kinda disappointing that things would turn out ugly, plus the family of the victim who I also believe are responsible especially the mom and elder siblings you guys shouldn’t had tolerated Jeffrey’s deeds. Plus for the German dude if Jeffrey did really loved you, he would find a way that is honorable and would give up “BOOKINGS”, too bad dude you’ve been played.

  27. That freaking low-life, scheming, deceiving, money scamming, infidel, and no morals transvestite got what he deserved. He’s better off six feet under.

  28. that transgender woman feel like a beautiful sucking girl his mother is a bitch too ….tolerating that kind of sin very bad mother letting his son become a god digger obsessed with a white men yuck hiv winner
    ike mother like son

  29. Again, the rotten Filipino mindset have something fresh to feast on: the (alleged) murder of a faggot!

    The country is once again jumping like wild baboons to broadcast their pathetically and despicably hypocritical condemnation.

    They are united in ranting about this mole hill problem in the midst of the mountains of their government’s total neglect of the whole country’s perpetual problems which are haunting them and making their lives most miserable every second as long as they’re still breathing.

    What is so outrageous in all these is that they are so persistent in seeking justice for this fag. Nobody’s even even so sure whether perhaps he got killed because of his wiliness, which is inherent to most Filipinos?

    Why can’t they be united in PERSISTENTLY or even violently arrogant in seeking justice for those massacred in Maguindanao, or having the political dynasty totally eradicated, or having those rotten government officials and employees completely removed from all government offices, or demand for far better and more pro-active services from the government, or having the annually allocated budget spent for the country and not being pocketed by only few gluttons in the government and NGOs in order to increase job availability for those jobless?

    It’s really sad to know that most Filipinos look so human but in reality are simply pure demons inside.

  30. Prostitution is widespread in our country. Child prostitution is a tourist attraction. A Child Molester I know, stated: “I love to go to the Philippines; everything is possible.” The Police looks at the other way; or work as sideline “bugaws”. The law is toothless on prostitution. It is not enforced.

    Laude is a transgender prostitute. We don’t know what happened. However, the U.S. Marine vented his anger on Laude. Because, he was not getting the “real thing”…

    Lesson for those in the prostitution trade: Do not deceive your clients…

    Lesson for those using the prostitution trade: see, feel, taste; what you are buying…be sure it is the “real thing.”

  31. Faggoty ass transvestite thought all white men are the same; that they want & like to get jiggy with trannies. Wrong you dumb faggot! You’re dead because you lied to the white dude who happens to be a muff diving & loving heterosexual.

  32. Poor Jeffrey Laude. He deceived & tricked Pemberton, not telling the latter that he too wielded a dong. Laude, with his scamming & deception, paid with his dear life. Poor Laude’s momma & younger brother. No more frequent monetary hand out from Jeffrey Laude.

    Poor Marc Sueselbeck. The gullible bratwurst got tricked, hoodwinked, money scammed & got his heart broken. I hope he won’t get tricked, deceived & money scammed again.

    Poor Joseph Scott Pemberton. He thought he’s going to drill a sexy Asian chick, but to his surprise a brown colored pecker (Laude’s) went dangling right in front of him. He totally lost his senses & temper and ended up killing Laude. Pemberton is guaranteed to get a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Marines. He’s also facing incarceration either in the Philippines or in the USA.

      1. clap…clap…clap…One of them loony patients didn’t take his daily dose of Lithium, Zoloft & Prozac, got off his straitjacket & was able to access the internet. Guards!! Drag the decrepit piece of crap back to his loony cell!!!

  33. Gotta chime in on this article.

    According to the report:

    1) 2 USED condoms were found in the bathroom trashcan = IF the knucklehead was having intercourse with a Filipino-Transgender, ONE round should’ve been enough to raise an anger in him IF he’s claiming that the transgender lied about sexual orientation. 2 USED CONDOMS FOUND which means, knucklehead went for the 2nd round. That doesn’t seem like someone who’s “shocked” that he was mating with a transgender. Therefore, the notion of “The Filipino-Transgender not telling the Marine he is a trans, should be ruled out.

    2) The victim was found beaten, with bruises, signs of strangulation & was kneeling down in front of a toilet bowl, head shoved into a toilet bowl. = Anyone with Criminology background could vouch that the degree of Hate displayed on the act of killing showed a tremendous “RAGE”

    3) Regardless of race, sexual orientation, a human being is killed by another human being, regardless of the cause, a crime should never go unpunished.


    Those who had been in a military or is in the military, knows sexual promiscuity within the same gender *Happens* either in the Male Head/Female Head, inside the ship while on duty or on board a ship for underway/deployment, but military personnel who knew this exist turns their head the other way & shush the hell up. *Don’t ask, Don’t tell military brotherhood Oath* = Chances are, the allegedly killer of Jennifer Laude has been exposed to same-sex intercourse within his own comrades, it’s a shame based system the 19 year old accused is living with & all the resentment has been thrown at the victim Jennifer Laude, in a case of Psycho-Analysis, “A trigger to any form of a mental trauma can cause a person to go on rage” In the case of Jennifer Laude and the Marine, something must’ve been said/done which triggered the Marine’s damaged psyche. (NO ONE was in the motel room other than the 2 so all others can do is assumed, judge or Psycho-Analyze).

    It’s easier to judge things we know nothing of, but truth is, Filipino System, American System, should not deter the justice a crime deserve to get. Although majority of online readers/websites, do capitalize on someone’s misfortune for the rating, for the number of “likes”, or simply a self-gratification of some sort. Then of course there are those ignorant mongrels who gets a good laugh at all this.

    Again: Regardless of race, sexual orientation, a crime is committed therefore justice shall prevail. What would anyone do, think, or feel if it’s their family members on the spot?

    1. JM, you are inventing stories.

      Yes, two condors. And a shithole flea-bag hotel that rents rooms to whores by the hour. Those condoms may be months old. Let’s see what we know after a forensic examination.

      Meanwhile, we know that the tranny’s buddy was told to keep it a secret from the marine the fact they were tranny’s. We know the tranny was scamming a German guy for two years. Maybe the tranny tried to blackmail the marine. Maybe he tried to steal his wallet. Nobody knows yet what happened. I’m sure we will get the juicy details during the court case.

      In the end, justice will prevail. Meanwhile, we can learn a few valuable lessons:

      1. Don’t deal with whores;
      2. Fact-check genitals;
      3. Don’t be a whore;
      4. Honesty is the best policy.

        1. From reliable information: such reassignment surgery cost about U.S. $50,000. Not including the hormone therapies, that take a long time…to make her grow breast and become more feminine…

          Maybe it cost less in Thailand…but, this is an expensive procedure…

    2. 1) Cheap hotel, sole purpose is to quickly partake in local hookers. You will find used condoms from previous customers. Statements were also made by the tranny’s friend indicating willfull deception, so it’s kind of hard to rule that out.

      2) If he had his skull cracked open, open limb fractures or was beaten to a pulp, then I would see the ” tremendous rage” thing. He had bruises and strangulation marks. Maybe the gloves came off when a penis manifested out of the blue, fists started to fly (this is what men do) Jeffrey was a physical weakling so he died.

      Your Facts:
      Yes it happens, No it’s not a common event to walk into a latrine and find homosexual activity. No, you don’t get “exposed” to homosexual activity, and definitely no pressure from comrades.

      How’s this for a trigger: This dumb ass Marine was making out with what he thought was beautiful woman, Tranny’s penis came out, Marine says “ahh you mother fucker”, grabing the tranny in a headlock with his left arm, while punching the face and head with his right, spins him around, kicked his back, Jeffrey falls face first in the toillet.

  34. In other important news, Mommy Laude needs some serious dental help. She’s obviously calcium deficient. Kindly help her, Doctors of D.S.

  35. She did not deserve to die because of homosexuality – no one should. But my thought here is the intent of the US Marine. I do not think this is a case of murder. He was in rage because of failure to meet his expectation (that Jennifer was hetero). Mr. Navy, saw Laude as an outlet of his disappointment. Unfortunately, Pembleton was physically buffed while the other was not.
    Whatever the case would turn out, it is clear that Homosexuality/Heterosexuality is still a personal preference and everyone should respect it. Even homosexuals must respect heterosexuals in this case, making first the fact to be known.

  36. Marc Susobeck I hope no more Philippine transvestites for you. Find someone with a nice, warm, tight, moist & real vagene. Lots of that here in the Philippines. RIP Jeffrey Jennifer Laude.

  37. High alcohol level, and the discovery he was duped by a man posing as a woman is a high probability in this case. It could make any drunk young man see red.

    Why do i lean that way, you ask? As the article said, he has a boyfriend in Germany and was about to be married in Thailand. What the hell was he thinking going with an American GI to his hotel room?! That doesn’t exactly paint him as an angel. C’mon, let’s get real here.

  38. Eto namang mga militante at LGBT groups pipili lang ng taong gagawing inspiration for their cause yun pang baklang pokpok. Asa pa silang makakakuha ng sympathy sa iba.

  39. Tanginang mga LGBT at militante. Baklang prosti at manloloko ang pinag iingayan niyo. Mga bobo at inutil lang ang sisimpatiya sa inyo mga ulol!!

  40. It’s cleared Laude friend said the marine guys didnt know they are bakla!
    I don’t think he meant to kill Laude.
    The marine must had found out the truth about Laude. He felt being deceived and anger aroused.
    Remember they both men they both strong.There must have exchanged of punches and more than that… that caused Laude’s death.
    There’s more I guest.
    It sad to ended that way.

  41. First, he did not deserve to die,but the Marine paid for some Pussy not some fake person with the wrong plumbing hanging in the way.The Marine will serve many years in a Federal Prison if found guilty. His Career and life has been ruined as payment for his mistake.. If he is guilty. The people of the Philippines seem to want an eye for an eye in this case.Yet there are shootings,murders and rape go on nightly and never gets any publicity rarely investigated and seldom solved. The mere fact that there is an American being accused everyone gets their shorts in the crack of their ass and want to be know-it-all’s Let the Gay community understand that there are people that have a right to be heterosexual and do not wish to be deceived.

  42. why was he convicted of murder? shouldn’t it be murder if it was planned and thought of beforehand. i see the similarities between the prostitute Nicole’s and jeffrey’s judges- trying to kiss the mass’ asses to get in their good side. not realizing that real people are involved here. a series of bad decisions by our justice system. another laughing stock for the intellectual world.

  43. The way to solve this tranny killing is to criminalize gender/sex deception and make it rape. Say you misrepresent your biological sex to a man looking to have sex with a woman, the one pretending to be a woman should be charged with rape attempted rape.

    That would make tranny prostitutes think twice before misrepresenting themselves since rape is punishable by law for up to 40 years

  44. I agree. Jeffrey had boobs, looked lil a girl and probably sounded lil one… But she had a penis. It’s disgusting. If you’re a trannie then be an upfront trannie. Baiting and switching heterosexual military men should be a crime. What else did she expect? A pat on the back and a chiding not to do it again?? Get real
    she unfortunate got what was coming. Live by the d#ck then die by the di@k.
    Freaks should be upfront. Like HIV, if infected then you have to tell partners. Same thing if you are brain damaged and live as opposite sex. Should be against the law to mislead that you’re born a man when you’re living as a woman.
    Poor soldier was 19yo dumb kid who expected was dealing with a woman!
    Set him free.

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