CNN Is Proud of the Filipino/ Paul Walker Heroics Bola Lang Yan



“What a fool believes, he sees”

The Doobie Brothers

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My Strategic Management professor was good at what he did. He has seen it all. Putting the finishing touches on MBA students in the classroom before they face their grilling in front of three professors. Part of this prep includes grilling students like they would in their big test At least once in your life when faced with a high pressure grilling and no logical, truthful answer comes to mind , I am sure you resorted to balderdash. It was at this point my professor replied with with the phrase “bola lang yan!”.


A phrase used to call out people bluffing in lieu of facts.

A phrase used to call out people bluffing in lieu of facts.

What got me amused enough to write this was something I heard in a sermon last night. It was said by a Jesuit. A cross section of the Ateneo community are so proud of the Jesuits, it is as if they are the only order that is infallible. The statement in the homily that caught my ire was “Even CNN is proud of the Filipino” . “ Stop right there !” as Ellen Foley sang in Meatloaf’s Paradise By The Dashboard Light.  CNN is in the business of giving news reports and not in the business of dishing out pride. Yes there were some deserved words of admiration in the face of despair.  That is very different from the phrase “CNN is proud”. That is one reporter relaying the difficult situation that people on the ground worked their way through. it does not excuse that counterfeit meme being circulated and worse being believed.


Resilence has the word silence in it. Something online pinoys know very little about.

Resilience has the word silence in it. Something online pinoys know very little about.

For me the notion of the Filipino being waterproof is just bunk. The nebulous casualty report  may beg to differ with the waterproof adjective. Some Filipinos during these trying times like to really believe they alone in the world have a monopoly on Mother Nature’s wrath. No other nation and no other country else has to live through it. I am telling you that others also do. You can Google it.


You may take my stance as negative since I hurt your sensitives. I hate it when people act like idiots out of a false sense of pinoy pride. The sense is false and the facts are false. This is what most people saw:



Notice there is no name of the person or the news program. Just because some KSP bothered to make it look convincing does not make it fact.

Notice there is no name of the person or the news program. Just because some KSP bothered to make it look convincing does not make it fact.


So that is what they decided to spread and even burn in their brain. In reality this is what really happened. CNN never had anybody say the adjectives in that meme. CNN as a group was not proud. Somebody who I assumed was pinoy decided to self compliment his own race on the CNN message board. Attributing his message on the board is akin to equating a Ricky Carandang dispatched troll’s comment on GRP as a comment by Get Real Philippines. A specific author and date should also be quoted.


This is just a message on the CNN board. That is like attributing a Malacanang troll's comment on GRP as something said by GRP.

This is just a message on the CNN board. That is like attributing a Malacanang troll’s comment on GRP as something said by GRP.


Attributing feedback on CNN as CNN”s actual comment  makes as much as sense as trusting Kris Aquino to be totally objective about the 2010 election for President. Wait, that did happen? Sorry.


How can she be credible? What else is she going to say? Are we that dumb?

How can she be credible? What else is she going to say? Are we that dumb?


I have nothing really against Ateneans, my dad was one. Just like any school though sometimes the zealots need to be tamed just a little bit. Even Jack Ryan of Tom Clancy fame was a Jesuit apologist. The thing is Jesuits are known for being learned and thorough. This particular priest on the mass I attended November 30 2013 on that particular topic was not. Just caught up in the shallow euphoria of pinoy pride. I thought Pride was one of the seven deadly sins.


With an infinite number of facts at your fingertips, why do pinoys enjoy spreading bola so much?

With an infinite number of facts at your fingertips, why do pinoys enjoy spreading bola so much?

A little bit of research would have shown you what I am showing you now. I have made this point before that we have all the information we can get our hands on as long as we have Wi-Fi yet pinoys spread false pinoy pride stories like cholera. Pinoys have nothing better to do with their time and what little brains they do use.

Give it a few days and the story will morph into "He died saving the Philippines".

Give it a few days and the story will morph into “He died saving the Philippines”.


Today’s undisputed story is the sudden death of Paul Walker. I love how timelines and this blog entry make it sound like he was risking his neck for the Philippines. I am not taking anyway anything from the loss of a human life but sounds like Mr. Walker lost his due more to the recklessness of the driver behind the wheel of a fast car than the Filipino tragedy we know as Yolanda.  According to TMZ , he was in Santa Clarita for a car show to support the Philippines typhoon relief effort — and several of his friends were at the event … and the accident happened very near to the event.”  I read in the same blog , the words “test spin”. Time will tell if that was really the case because tests with cars usually involve stunt drivers, crash test dummies and controlled conditions. I hope these guys are not associating test spin with test drive which is different. Dying in an accident in the vicinity of a fund raiser does not equate dying because of or for the fund raiser. If you want a much better example of somebody who lost his life in the service of a nation that needed help from a natural disaster then look up the death of baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente.


Other examples of pinoys spreading fiction all to feed the KSP beast within:



A fabrication that many pinoys spread as fact.

A fabrication that many pinoys spread as fact.

a) LeBron James holding up the Its More Fun in the Philippines sign- refer to this GRP blog. 



Sign looks questionable, there is no video or audio to validate yet this hoax has lived among gullible pinoys for six years.

Sign looks questionable, there is no video or audio to validate yet this hoax has lived among gullible pinoys for six years.

b) David Letterman allegedly makes Pinoys subject of Top 10 list


The title of the alleged list : “Top 10 Reasons Why There Couldn’t Be a Filipino-American US President” That is the only video available. Spliced together pictures of Dave and the list itself is animated with a fiddle playing. Since when was the Top 10 list like that? The actual list does not show up on anything officially Dave. There is no recording of Letterman saying it , no video or no audio nothing. Yet pinoys are so eager to believe it and so eager to vouch for its authenticity. Well, they believed Noynoy Aquino was their political savior so can you blame them? The list may be funny but that is the point. It is funny for pinoys and pinoys only. All those things mentioned in that list are too pinoycentric for middle America. I saw the fake Letterman claim this week and check out how long it has been making the rounds. 2007  in the Snopes discussion board. From my personal observation the one group in any community abroad who may be an expert on Filipino culture and will stand a stand at getting the jokes in this bogus top 10 will be the Catholic priests.


Apple did not make a lot of money in the last twenty years by giving premium products away.

Apple did not make a lot of money in the last twenty years by giving premium products away.

c) Iphone, Ipad, Galaxy Unsealed Giveaway

The claim that if you like a Facebook post you will get a free expensive gadget that has suddenly become worthless because it is unsealed. If you believe that, there might be an opening in the Liberal Party with your name on it. The Liberal Party can get a Wharton graduate and suck all the grey matter out of him. If for some reason you are slightly smarter than Liberal Party standards then there is room for in Malacanang Communications Group. The elite get assigned to troll Get Real Philippines.


You know why he used this strategy?: 1) that is all he can do. 2) it worked.

You know why he used this strategy?: 1) that is all he can do. 2) it worked.

As usual, many pinoys love the idea of something for nothing. Which is exactly their rationale for voting in Noynoy Aquino as president. The guy did nothing, we can’t tell you what he did EVER but he will make the BEST president. He is good! I can’t name one thing that proves he is good but he is good.


You have to ask yourself if the abundance of Noynoy memes are inspired by his genius and deft handling of his role as President?

You have to ask yourself if the abundance of Noynoy memes are inspired by his genius and deft handling of his role as President?

Filipinos have a  penchant for generating, believing and circulating bola. They also think they have some divine right to suffer and endure unique among other nationalities. Anything I wrote here always goes back to my central premise that KSP is the root of all evil. I have no idea why pinoys still have to resort to bola to prop up their sense of worth? These cyber myths live on and on despite the accessibility of a seldom used tool called Google. How can we progress when much of our interaction is based on making bola, absorbing bola  or distributing bola? Get Real Philippines! Personally it all goes back to that search for pansin ( attention). For the pinoy, nothing will get in the way. Not research, not Google, not logic, not dignity, nothing.


96 Replies to “CNN Is Proud of the Filipino/ Paul Walker Heroics Bola Lang Yan”

  1. I am surprised a Filipino knows who Roberto Clemente is. Maybe you should have given people the story of how he died while personally delivering aid to Nicaragua after a major earthquake in that country. The Great Roberto has a bridge named after him in Pittsburgh, PA and is the only baseball player elected to the baseball Hal of Fame without the required number of years after his retirement or leaving the game.

  2. It’s all in the link Jerry. Even if I was not a baseball nut, I would know about him from a reference in the movie Grand Canyon. I do work in baseball in my posts whenever it is appropriate.

  3. There’s nothing special about Walker’s death just because he came from a benefit event for Haiyan victims. It’s just hyped by some Filipinos to draw attention to themselves.

  4. I believe it’s the constant need for validation from other nationalities that stems from, you’re right – lack of self worth. The hapless Pinoy identity that’s synonymous to maids, corrupt government, inept president, poverty, etc. generates the desire to compensate for these labels whenever the littlest of opportunities arise.

  5. I am just wondering what would have happened if all foreign aid (foreigners on the ground, money donations and the likes) regarding typhoon Haiyan was not given. Would the Philippine society still be so “resilient”?

    1. I don’t think so. If it weren’t for the foreign aid, more people affected by the typhoon would end up in more pain/suffering, or worse, dead.

      1. @RandomCommenter,

        That is exactly my point. They are so dependent on outside (re)sources. They just are unable to help themselves in a time of crises. They are not pro-active but rather re-active or even passive.

        1. Tell me, who could have phantom the extent of the typhoon’s damage before it hit our islands? Yes, we are thankful for all the foreign aid. They arrived faster than any of our own. But do not mistake our lack of high-tech emergency response equipments or our lack of top-of-the-line helicopters or even our failure to react to the crisis swiftly as being passive and dependent. We were caught off guard. We lost our homes. We lost our loved ones. We lost the things we worked extra hard for – things that by your standards will only take months to achieve. It takes time to take all of that in. But we do bounce back. We make do with what little we have left.

        2. @Chuchi,

          If I am well informed, the national or local (LGU) government evacuated 300,000 people before Haiyan hit Tacloban/ the Philippines. But some chose – voluntarily – to stay in their village/town/village to protect their belongings.

          – If people did leave before the typhoon hit then less people would have been killed
          – if households didnt consist of so many people (less bigger families; stop procreating in the name of god!!!) then less people would have been killed (or missing or injured)
          – if more houses were built of bricks and concrete – on a sound foundation, then more houses would still stand there.
          – If more people were able and know how to swim, probably most likely less people would have drowned.
          – with any next major disaster, the Philippines will depend again hugely on foreign assistance.

          The problem with the Philippines is, that I dont expect all the above will change in the near furture or long term. So we will see you again next year or any next disaster.

        3. That is true that all of these changes will most probably not be made in the near future. But it’s not because we are passive or dependent. I just would like to point out that your suggestions are far too ideal for Filipino standards.

          On your first point, as I was told by my friends who live in Guiuan (a badly affected area), they were only warned of how strong the rain and the winds will be. They were not informed, nor did any of the local officials, of the gravity of a “storm surge”. It was the first time, in generations, that something like a strong current flood swoop through the towns. So those who voluntarily chose to stay because they thought it’s just some wind and rain were not forced to evacuate but were given instructions on where to run for last minute evacuations. They thought that it was just strong winds and rain, something that we’re used to getting year in and year out.

          Second, we are still working on controlling the procreation as we are trying to disseminate to as much communities as we can vital info about reproductive health, contraceptives, family planning, sex ed, etc. But given that the Phils. has more than a thousand islands with communities spread as much that is separated by mountain ranges and dense forests, i reckon it’ll take time. But hey! At least we’re starting to do something about it ei?

          Now here, on the third point, is where it’s irrelevant. Not everyone could afford a house built of bricks and concrete. It is a luxury for only a few of us. Most of the people working on minimum wage can’t even afford to buy a kilo of rice or eat 3 meals a day. Do you think they’ll afford even a layer of bricks for foundation? And coming from the same friends, they told me that they just live in their basement now as their ground and upper floor was destroyed. Even concrete houses were destroyed.

          Fourth, really?? Tell that to the people who still knew how to swim but was brought underwater by the strong current of the water. Tell that to those who managed to stay afloat, more like fought to stay afloat, but was just hit by huge debris in the water or just got tired fighting the current whilst trying to stay above water.

          Last, because we have less, we need more. But that does not mean that we stay dependent. We work our asses off extra hard just to get the basic necessities that people in foreign countries often take for granted. Any disaster, in any time, that hit any country will always need some foreign assistance from other countries. We did help them out too. This assistance thing between countries is what happens between partnerships of nations.

          See you again? I don’t think so. I was urged to speak my mind because as I was reading certain comments, it just hit home for me. But not the “Paul Walker died for the Phils. thing”. I mean, it was taken completely out of context!!! Just give him a rest. Seesh.

        4. @Chuchi,

          You know what surprises me every day about most people in the Philippines? They seem to lack any wish to come out of their lowest urges of existence. They only can think about “rice”, sleeping, procreating, religion. And that by itself is so poor. Where is the challenge of the individual Filipino who says: “enough is enough”?

          Have you ever heard of Maslow’s hierachy of needs? To me almost all Filipinos are still in the bottom section of Maslow’s pyramid. That is very sad and very poor. You dont need to be financially rich to aim for the top section!!!!!

        5. Thank you for pointing out Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And yes, I am very much familiar with the pyramid. I use it in all aspects of my work – especially when I deal with clients or patients that have just gone through a crisis.

          One essential thing about the pyramid though is it consists of levels that you go up on once you’ve satisfied the previous levels. The bottom level being “physiological needs”, how do you expect the filipinos that you describe as “very sad and very poor” to go up a level if they can’t even fully satisfy the first one? Satisfy the physiological needs first, then everything else will follow.

          According to Maslow as well, every individual aims or aspire towards self-actualization (the very top of the pyramid). So that goes for EVERYONE – Filipinos included. Believe it or not, Filipinos “wish to come out of their lowest urges of existence” too. Riches, though, do not guarantee that you will ever achieve self-actualization.

          Like what I’ve been trying to get across, third world countries have it differently than what is accustomed in first world countries. What may come easy to you, comes very hard for us. What may seem as basic necessities to you, is deemed as a luxury that only a few can afford. It’s not an even playing field – especially for comparison. Just because you’re already at the finish line while we’re not even halfway there does not mean you get to call us those things. We’re a young country. I admit, we have a long way to go.

        6. @Chuchi,
          In a way you admit or confirm that Filipinos still are stuck in the bottom section. Then how is it possible that 99% of the population has cell phones?

          BTW: did you know that people can do without food for 3 months, while they only last for 3 weeks without fluids?

        7. We are at the bottom because we lack the means to move up permanently. But I never said that the we do not try to move up at all. That’s we have cellphones. (By the way, with the 96M pop of the phils., 99% will mean that it includes the 34% that are aged 0-14.. Woah. I didn’t know toddlers have cellphones now. Good to know we’re doing well.)

          Okay. So back to the cellphones.. They are meant as means for communication. Communication that can help build and fortify relationships. These relationships are what makes them feel that we belong and that we are loved. LOVE AND BELONGINGNESS. Wait, so which level was that again? Yup, that’s right. We’re at the third level now. Wow! We did move up. I guess we’re not stuck after all 🙂

          BTW, is this turning into trivia night already or what? Okay. Here.. Did you know that a person’s teeth mark, tongue print, and iris are unique only to that certain person?

        8. @Chuchi,

          Personally, I think that Maslow’s pyramid will never work in the Philippines.

          Maslow’s pyramid is focused on the individual. And that contrasts very much with the Philippines being family focused and family oriented.

          As long as daughters are supposed to help their entire family to work for them in order to raise the family income (I think sons are exempted from this burden), she will never be able to “work” on her self-actualization.

          As long as daughters are raised and brought up to only please their husbands/partners (cook, clean, raise the kids all by herself), she will never be able to “work” on her self-actualization.

          Kids are not encouraged and not stimulated to strive for their own success and not stimulated to put the bar high(er).

          “Problem solving” (as mentioned in Maslow’s pyramid) is contrary to the Philippine “Tampo” trait.
          “Acceptance of facts” is contrary to any religion.
          “Achievement” is contrary to the burden of the need to help the direct & extended family in their livelihood.

        9. The meaning of self-actualisation differs in the first and third worlds, and in individualist and collectivist societies.

          And so many filipinos who have met their ‘ basic’ needs tend to plateau rather than be driven by ‘metamotivation’ for individual improvement/achievement/betterment.

          Once the physical hunger is satisfied, there is not the intellectual hunger to inquire/learn/create/improve.

        10. @libertas,

          “Once the physical hunger is satisfied, there is not the intellectual hunger to inquire/learn/create/improve.”

          Can you explain me why? What do all those people do (literally) after they satisfied their primal/primary needs? What do they do during the weekends, after coming home from work (if they have any employment)? I am afraid your answerr will not be very inspirational. Must be boring during the weekends.

        11. @libertas,

          if it is true what you are saying (Once the physical hunger is satisfied, there is not the intellectual hunger to inquire/learn/create/improve.) then how on this god’s green earth can they ever use the word pride/proud? Pride can never follow after satisfying one’s primal needs. Pride can only follow after a person (an individual) achieved something.

          The same applies for giving/granting a person respect. Respect can only be given after one achieved something. With respect, I mean looking up to somebody (because he/she achieved something out of the ordinary).

        12. “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can
          be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to
          which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its
          faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself
          for his own inferiority.”
          – Arthur Schopenhauer

          Vicarious pride ( trying to bask in the glow of the achievement of others) whether pacquiao, beauty queens etc as a means of compensating for their own empty lives. Not unique to filipinos, but certainly more apparent and extensive than elsewhere.

        13. “Vicarious pride (trying to bask in the glow of the achievement of others) whether pacquiao, beauty queens etc as a means of compensating for their own empty lives. Not unique to filipinos, but certainly more apparent and extensive than elsewhere.”

          Basically a very emotional poor and empty life !!!!

        14. @libertas,

          I agree with what you are saying. However, the same mindset is just as common here in the Philippines as in any other country out there.. Even in first world countries.

        15. @robert haighton

          Just a little history lesson, pre-colonial filipinos regarded women and men as equals in the society. They had the same rights to own properties, money, and even hold positions. That changed when we were colonialized and were told of what the “west” thought the limits of what women can do.

          Yet again, you mistakenly understood Maslow’s Pyramid in the most literal of terms. Safety&Security, Love&Belongingness, and Esteem will not be satisfied if one only thinks of an individual. Satisfaction of these levels only stems from the formation of relationships. It is in a family where relationships are first formed. These are vital skills for an individual to learn how to interact in a bigger community. So in simpler terms, a family is a smaller kind of community. It’s the basic unit to any community in any country and not just the philippines.

          With the way you depict filipinos and how you seem to know everything on the manner they raise their children, particularly, their daughter, you make us sound as if we have this communist state of mind. As a Filipino kid, more importantly, a daughter, I will definitely never agree on how you think we are raised. Such upbringing that you speak of is not trademark of a Filipino upbringing. It is very well evident in other parts of the world as well. That’s a universal fact.

          With regards to respect, respect begets respect. Respect is not only deserving to those who have evidently achieved something huge by your idealistic standards but to every individual – may they be your equals or those below you. This is what governs the manner of interactions with other people.

          “Tampo” is not a unique Filipino trait. Just because we have coined a term for that emotion doesn’t mean it’s unique to us. It is a universally elicited emotion.

          “Acceptance of facts” is not contrary to any religion. You make every individual sound so closed-minded against other religions. The acceptance of facts comes from the understanding the reality of an individual.

          “Achievement” when worked for by a group of people is the achievement of all. It’s called working towards a common goal – TEAMWORK. Just because those individuals work to help their families doesn’t mean there is no achievement. You mistake the sense of achievement as an act of selfishness. The fact that one is selfless enough to share what little he has to provide for the family is achievement enough.

          Until you learn fully about a culture different than yours, and understand the truth behind the so-called mentalities you generalize, you will never understand the world as a whole – a sense of CULTURAL DIVERSITY and CULTURAL SENSITIVITY. Judgement is something that is only given when enough evidences are presented. The sense of superiority does not justify one to think he has the right to judge others. However, I do respect your opinion on how you think the filipinos are. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. But to say it so matter-of-factly while passing definite judgement about others is something else. Don’t be so quick to condemn others. Open your mind. Reserve your judgement for later. Everyone after all was born with intelligence, but not all will grow up to be intellect.

        16. @Chuchi,

          If you would use Google or Wikipedia to find something about my country (the Netherlands), I am sure you are able to read something about the Dutch culture. But there is not one Dutch culture. The Dutch people are heterogeneous. So you will find many and several different views of how we do things and how we think about one and the same topic/issue. Even within one and the same (direct) family you will find different views about one topic.

          Example: my oldest sister can be pro-abortion, my other sister can be indifferent about abortion and I can be against abortion. While both my parents can be pro-abortion. And all will have their own personal reasons for their individual choices.
          How often is it possible to find that in any Philippine family?

          I am not here to bully/mock your country nor your culture. Its just that I dont understand your country nor your culture. For me personally it looks and feel very sufficating. Not being able to have my own free mind and to have my own opinion (even when that opinion goes against what the rest of the family has or wishes). To me – being and living in the Philippines – feels like being in jail. For me the Philippine culture is dictated from top (the head of the family, the barangays, the extended family, all the peers, maybe even school) to bottom (the kids).

          Individual creativity and the freedom to think differently are actually killed by the culture. To me its very obvious that any national government will benefit from such trait and go on doing what they are doing best (being corrupt).

          Achievement is something one accomplishes. Taking care of one’s own family is not an accomplishment. It is already expected (like changing socks every day). So, hardly something to be proud of. Raise the bar and rise to the occassion.

          Why should you respect me? Because I am a living human being? Because I am maybe older than you? Because maybe I am a dad of 5 kids? Pls respect me when I have done something out of the ordinary and even then I rather wish you treat me like an equal. Pls never look up to me because I am a human or older or being a parent. It simply are no achievements at all.

          One last thing I really want to share with you:
          My Philippine partner is a university (USJ-R) graduate. University is the highest form of education one can attend. It implies that such a student is quite intelligent. It also means that university graduates are trained and educated for a policy making job. Furthermore, it implies that such a student is and must be critical and certainly not be indifferent, not be naive and not be ignorant.
          Such students are always open minded, open, have a broad wide general knowledge.
          But, maybe you can tell me why I dont see those traits in my partner at all? And I dont see those traits in all her friends who also graduated from the same university?

          For me it either has something to do with the cirriculum, quality (or lack thereof) of the teachers/professors, or the lack of intellect/intelligence/intelligentia (IQ) of the students (or a combination of all).

          The way my partner presents herself, I even doubt it she will be able to graduate from a Dutch high school.

  6. Paul Walker’s death being connected to a benefit effort for typhoon Yolanda victims is perhaps another wild imagination of a Filipino. It’s really typical for most Filipinos to dream of wonderful things beyond the reality the Philippines is buried into.

    “Filipino being waterproof”, appropriately, based on my experience on the ground, means most of them are “shame proof”.

    Place a Filipino child (from 3-6 years of age) among other children of similar ages in a more formal and decent place. The Filipino child would absolutely stand out – because he could never stay on his seat. The trade mark of a Filipino child will obviously reveal itself – NO CORRECT DISCIPLINE AT ALL.

    1. Not every Filipino child will behave the way you described. I am a Filipino and I can tell you that my parents are big on disciplining.I can say that I grew into a fairly disciplined person. By the way, what do you mean by “NO CORRECT DISCIPLINE”? By what standards do you asses correct discipline?

    2. In reply to your comment about Paul Walker’s death being connected to a benefit effort for typhoon Yolanda victims is perhaps another wild imagination of Filipinos. I strongly beg to disagree with you Sir on your statement. The Chicago Tribune, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013 reported on page 3, Carla Rivera wrote and I quote “According to a statement on his Twitter account, Walker, 40, was attending a charity event to aid Filipino victims of Typhoon Haiyan for Reach Out Worldwide, a quick response first aid organization he formed in 2010.

      To say that it is a wild imagination of Filipinos is totally wrong and outrageous to read like a Filipino like me. We don’t dream of wonderful things but rather we work hard to attain our goals so we can buy the good things that we want in life. We are well educated as compared to some people that does not respect other races like you. Our kids are respectful of their parents unlike white kids yell at their parents and even curses them when they don’t get what they want. We send our kids to school and we are willing to invest in their future because we Filipinos believe that education is the key to success! Shame on you for writing that we Filipinos are taking the death of a person for our own publicity!

    3. Just curious, have you met enough Filipino children to generalize that EVERY Filipino child does not observe correct discipline at all?? I mean, let’s be OBJECTIVE here – that is such a presumptuous thing to say. One that is not based entirely on facts and mindlessly posting it for all to see – just what this writer talked about.

      So, apparently, it’s not just us, Filipinos, “that dream of wonderful things beyond the reality” but YOU as well. We, Filipinos, do not have our noses so high up in the air to generalize from a mere few encounters and say such belittling words towards other nationalities. That is just not in our nature.

      Notice how I’ve only pointed YOUR rudeness out and not quickly generalize that everyone from wherever you are is the same way. (At least, I hope not.) Borrowing from the writer, YOU, as well, have nothing better to do with your time and what little brain you do use.

    4. There has always been a racial connection with a child’s character. What you’re talking about are most “pure” filipinos. The other filipinos which have correct discipline are those with foreign blood. NOTE that I said most.

  7. Filipinos waste time imagining things up, yes. But they do the same taking time to compose this post which, also, doesn’t benefit anyone. Do yourself a favor. Don’t drown yourself with how other people think, they the right to post whatever fancies them, be it right or wrong. You know it isn’t true so let it go :)) What you consider “small minds” isn’t the only thing that keeps the country, or this world, from becoming a better place. Another factor could also be people trying to make a point alllllll the time. Argumentativeness is also a byproduct of pride. And I myself am starting to feel guilty for committing the same sin right here, right now. I guess what I’m trying to say is… It’s high time we all stop looking at each other and start looking at ourselves, and what we can do that can be rather beneficial 🙂 peace out!!! God bless our country!

      1. Quote, unquote: “Pinoys have nothing better to do with their time and what little brains they do use.” This is a very arrogant statement from the writer to his countrymen. GetRealPhilippines.COM utterly crossed the line to hurt their ego. My time to unlike.

        1. What else did you want me to say? All you guys spreading false information more power to you? False information rooted in your need for attention?

    1. Jjj,

      There is nothing wrong with trying to coax critical thinking out of a gullible culture that is already on the Internet. Nothing wrong at all. What I do must make some difference right? Even just a little? Thanks for reading and reacting.

      1. There is nothing wrong with your intentions, at all. I get how this article is very educational for all of us. I just sometimes don’t agree with the manner you deliver it. Will it truly make you more credible about your point if you belittle Filipinos entirely? Will that add such a convincing power?

  8. IMAGINE if there are no people like you…? No useless post like this…? Instead encouraging, healing and inspiring words??? I’m sure it would make a difference to brighten up someones day, instead of gathering pictures and criticize each of them. Lighten up everyone, you all sound so uptight and tense 🙂

    1. @ tina

      Amidst all the trouble the country is going through, you want us to lighten up?

      Useless post? Tell that to the number of people that have changed their perspectives through this site. Who, come next election, would finally choose the right leader, accept what is wrong within themselves as a filipino and change for the better, ultimately uplifting the country so that you people can lighten up.

        1. @jjj

          What is useless rut? Elaborate, because as I see it, you are the one who is in a useless rut. Preferring to see only the positive side of things, and letting people be for they are entitles to their own set of beliefs and principles even if it is dragging the whole country backwards to the dark ages.

        2. sige pa, go deeper :))

          Who ever, in this whole comments section, said that Gogs points weren’t true/right? They all are, joeld. But do you actually think that those who support “Bola”, who we know to be the masses and the less educated (the ones, for you, who root for the wrong leaders), would change their mind by reading this post? No. They’d still hit like and share button carelessly and aggressively. All we’re saying is that this doesn’t solve anything.

          And if it still isn’t obvious, what I meant by being stuck in a rut is that useless cycle you choose to stay in na wala naman nababago sa paligid nya.

          puro salita, creative writing puro play with words, puro angal, puro negative, wala naman results. Hun, try visiting Leyte and bring whatever you’ve learned from this post and see if it changes things. Hit us back when and only when things have changed for the better because of this.

        3. sige pa, go deeper :))

          Who ever, in this whole comments section, said that Gogs points weren’t true/right? They all are, joeld. But do you actually think that those who support “Bola”, who we know to be the masses and the less educated (the ones, for you, who root for the wrong leaders), would change their mind by reading this post? No. They’d still hit like and share button carelessly and aggressively. All we’re saying is that this doesn’t solve anything.

          And if it still isn’t obvious, what I meant by being stuck in a rut is that useless cycle you choose to stay in na wala naman nababago sa paligid nya.

          puro salita, creative writing puro play with words, puro angal, puro negative, wala naman results. Which makes the time people learned using WordPress and the like dreadful. Hun, try visiting Leyte and bring whatever you’ve learned from this post and see if it changes things. Hit us back when and only when things have changed for the better because of this.

    2. high five, sister. Man, reading this blog not only got me tired, it also made me dizzy, taking me from Subject A-Z. This actually reminds me of a friend who was so agitated upon reading a text that says “hu r u”, just because who wasn’t spelled correctly and a q mark was left out. And I can’t believe “smart and educated people” actually encourage this. I agree. This world needs some serious healing. And we’re not gonna get it from this page, are we? 🙂

    3. Tina Chavez, you want no people like me but you rather the KSPs and the deceivers go unimpeded? I took the time to point out Internet hoaxes being perpetuated by pinoys. Either they are ignorant or deceitful. I am sure you seem to be charmed by either alternative.

  9. On Paul Walker-
    Being a Paul Walker fan, his death is saddening for me of course and I’ve been following this story since it was breaking yesterday. According to the news- he’s actually going to a benefit car show event for Haiyan/Yolanda victims and he was not driving the Porsche that killed him.

    However, I don’t find reason and it is annoying on why it has to be sensationalized by Pinoys and why it always has to be about Pinoys and why Pinoys use the death of others just to prove a point that we’re special and the darling of the world or something. In fact, where Paul Walker is going to that fateful day should not even be an issue when mourning or remembering him.

    Leave the dead in peace my goodness.

  10. That meme about Paul Walker really makes me annoyed. For those people who are doing posters for Paul Walker- There’s a big difference in meaning between 1)Died helping the Philippines vs 2) Died on the way to an event that aims to help the Philippines.

    If you really want to make an effort on doing a poster, place something like RIP Paul Walker, loved your movies or something.

  11. yeah right… filipinos are suckers for attention.. will give everything for it. take the case of rotary club here in the philippines… i remember what one of their prominent leaders here said.. quoting from him.. “as long as there are people aching for attention, this organization will survive..

    1. Thank you crissyname. If these guys will stop giving me material I will stop writing about pinoy culture. Like I said, David Letterman hoax been going around since 2007 and it will keep going till 2017 and beyond!

  12. Comments from GRP Facebook with my answers.

    Franz Perez “Be respectful of the dead. The guy uses his celebrity status to get help for charity works. He didnt die for the Philippines. He died due someone elses driving during a cause for Yolanda survivors.”

    I am respectful of the dead. To the point I wish there was less of them. In fact I am against people using the death of Walker to inject “pinoyness” into something the world is looking at. I do believe though Filipino culture takes life for granted. You may read that here.

    Henry Antonio “he was involve in “Reach Out Worlwide” doing charities for years, and he’s doing something for the Philippines, get your facts right, sometimes I agree with you sometimes I don’t…“.

    No argument about the charity work. Why play up though the flimsy pinoy connection? The guy died. We are all sorry. But it is about the pansin for the pinoy. If the benefit he attended was save the whales would pinoys circulate it anywhere as near as much.

    Christianne Castillejos Suguitan “Leave it. My goodness, even the dead is not spared of the sarcasm in this page.”

    I understand your comment if I was attacking the deceased. I am attacking those who latch their epal hooks on the deceased.

    JE Batin Jr. “People who post butthurt comments without actually reading the article are complete *ucking idiots.”

    True. People who react with butthurt legitimize every criticism in a post like this.

    LJ Calma “To be sure, I’m only focusing on the Paul Walker section of the article:

    “I love how timelines and this blog entry make it sound like he was risking his neck for the Philippines.”

    I read the article from TMZ and this statement have little to no bearing. The entry did commit a fallacy by appealing to emotion but not the TMZ article. This is a classic example of misusing Groucho Marx’s quote, “Whatever it is, I’m against it.”

    Gogs, writer of the article, I’m a skeptic person too but your statements aren’t well supported. All of them were based on assumptions. The statements used in the articles were backed by testimonies from witnesses. The article about Roberto Clemente is no different than Paul Walker’s.

    In addition, your claim, “Give it a few days and the story will morph into ‘He died saving the Philippines’,” is an example of a slippery slope fallacy.”

    Good you read about Roberto Clemente. He was in plane that went down on his way to deliver relief goods to a disaster area. Mr. Walker was in a two seater that was allegedly going at a great rate of speed. I don’t think it was on its way to deliver goods. TMZ was just used as a reference. A reference devoid of pinoy emo.

    My caption about the story morphing. Pinoys exaggerate and make bridges that have no foundation. They even (gasp) doctor photos and pass it off as real. Don’t blame me. You have seen them all. All I did was show a pattern. Again, I believe I have made my case well enough in the rest of the blog that pinoys love to make bola and spread bola that it is never argued by anyone. The fact that you are all focusing on the hot issue of the moment shows you either ignored the main premise or are fine with it. Either way argument over. Thanks very much for coming. Drive safe.

    Gemelson Cadiz “darn soooo nega about nothin, , he died period, how ever other people wants to project their sentiments on that is irrelevant, , he was a man who did something good not only for the pinoy , ,but to all, , lets re focus our much needed ire on our stupid government, , yes pinoy pride has its downside, ,it makes those who dig it so much very egoistic and so sensitive to critsicisms,, ”

    I am not arguing about Paul Walker. I am arguing out the way things are twisted to make the pinoy kasama with some high profile event. I also documented hoaxes that still exist and the stupidity of them.

    Nahsh Maquiling ” patay na pinapatay pa! its a double dead! whos the admin of this page???”

    What does that have to do with anything? Pinoys emo too much at the expense of logic and common sense. Somehow you want to blame the admin? Where did I mock the recently deceased?

    Rolly DC Flores “we only recognized and admire his effort for yolanda victims,in the philippines..we dont care how he dies….or who did it to him…either it is just “bola” or not..atleast he do something to relieve the pain that felt by the victims of typhoon in that country..he is compassionate enough to us filipinos….”

    But pinoys want to make how he died about them. That is what this is about. Go to the original blog and some people (not all) that responded get it.

    Maria Urduja Osit Li ” Strategic assessments?? Bola langyan? These are tragedies so who cares about your Strategic assessments? You raise up an argument during tragedies like these? Who the hell cares about an individual’ Strategic assessment?? Wrong timing!”

    I don’t like when people spread things that are not true. I am kind of funny that way. It is a tragedy yes. Why inject bola and nationality into it?? If it was as simple as RIP Paul Walker love your work then fine. But pinoys making it out to be Custer’s last stand for them.

    Ako Si Eeyah Haist… “If you have nothing good to say… Better shut the …….whatever …”

    I am just describing and documenting pinoys and their fondness of bola and KSP online. If you think I am a liar, disprove me. If I am telling the truth I guess I am different from those making bola. I don’t see you yelling at them.

  13. From Showbiz Government.

    Delfin Patrick Almeda Jr Here they go again, doing what they do best…ASSUMING and GENERALIZING….Etong “Getrealphilippines” IMO para talagang “ANTI FILIPINO” ….Ok sana yung mga articles nila on President Aquino’s ignorance, negligence and inefficiency…..Pero kapag may lumabas na articles or news which would say anything POSITIVE or PRAISING the PHILIPPINES and the FILIPINOS….Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro….Someone or one of the authors in this site would always COUNTER IT and eventually say negative things about the FILIPINOS….I am a “REALIST” myself….So alam ko kung paano magisip ang isang tao who sees REALITY or views the world in “Black and White”….Pero IMO majority of the authors in this site are NOT REALISTS….They are NEGATIVE THINKERS who always make it look as if there is nothing POSITIVE/GOOD about being a FILIPINO…Perhaps majority sa kanila may “NEGATIVISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER” Besides, assuming na “BOLA” lang mga sinasabi nila? SO WHAT? Hindi naman lahat ng PINOY nakukuha sa BOLA dba? Pati si PAUL WALKER dinadamay pa sa mga “Negative tendencies” nila….SHOW SOME RESPECT TO THE DEAD….F**kin a-holes

    Show some respect to Get Real authors! Actually, where did I disrespect the dead? Did you read what I wrote?

    Marielle Ethel Arcala Paul Walker died bcoz of a car accident, but he was there at that very location bcoz of his sincere efforts to help the Yolanda victims… nobody said he died bcoz of the phils or bcoz of the typhoon,it’s all about giving credit where it is due..

    Good he was doing charity work. A lot of people who die suddenly also did charity work. Why pinoys want to make this about them is beyond me.

    Mau Cham It does not make any difference to me whether he was doing a charity event or not. The man still lost his life in a tragic accident.

    Maybe you, not the people in my timeline and obviously many people in this thread.

    Nigel Locke I am glad someone else said this, been thinking it all day

    You were lead there by all this people injecting the Philippines into this poor man’s death.

    Jme Macaspac There’s a really idiotic statement on TopGearPH saying PNoy should give Mr. Walker a posthumous award. As if he died FOR the Philippines.

    I published this before that was announced and my point exactly. Doing an auto show for charity is not a hazard. Going in a car at high speeds (beyond the speed limit I presume) , that is a hazard.

    Tom Rhea Tommy Sholtis The news stating his involvement with his charity event is a FACT. There’s nothing wrong with reporting that. RIP Paul Walker

    Its the pinoy epal I have a problem with not the reporting. Its the notion of Walker risking himself for pinoys. The typhoon and the fund raiser did not kill him. At what point is it the driver’s fault for pushing the car enough to make it lose control? Does it always have to be about the Philippines? I am sure there were others helping the same charity that day who did not die. Let me Google it.

    Samantha Vil magpakatotoo na, mga pinoys … tara na sa kalye mendiola … different views for different folks… just leave it at that.. we pinoys love to morph for the sake of showing how we feel in situations…bottomline, paul died bcoz of the recklessness of that driver and not bcoz of anything PH

    Thank you. That’s all. He died because of a fast car losing control. Why inject the Philippines into it?

  14. While this article makes fun of Filipinos who are constantly posting how proud they are being Filipinos when anything connected to the Philippines is brought up

    THIS article fully represents those other Filipinos who are constantly cynical online about anything Filipino in the world news, it’s like they’re embarassed when their fellow Filipinos posts “this is one of the moments i feel very proud being a Pinoy”, it’s like a kid who’s embarassed of their mom who takes them to school and says she loves him and is proud of him, what’s wrong with being a proud Filipino?? this topic was discussed heavily in Bob Ong’s “Bakit baliktad magbasa ang mga Pilipino?”

    Americans openly show their pride of their country(chanting “USA USA USA” in the background), as well as any countries, just find any youtube video or internet post about some country and you’ll find “wooah, second guy is from Romania!” “Germany FTW!!”, or, “proud Scot here!”, or, “yeah, that’s Russia for you!”

    it’s only Filipinos i find online who are embarassed of their own countrymen posting “i love the Philippines!!!”, and will usually apologize to other people: “i’m sorry for my fellow Filipinos who keep on saying Proudly Pinoy” and will go to the point of insulting other Filipinos openly “p*tang-ina niyong Pinoy Pride kayo” *facepalm*

    LOOK, other countries DO NOT judge us or our actions in the internet, they react the same way when they see anything of their country, they will post and make sure they’re heard online like a Filipino would post “i love the Philippines” in a movie scene screenshot showing a Philippine setting

    when you’re abroad and you hear anything about the Philippines, your hair will stand and you have that tingly feeling and just want to shout “HOY BANSA KO YAN!!”, even working abroad, the only people who are really degrading you are fellow Filipinos

    i also work freelance via the internet with foreign clients(construction details and anything graphics design), and like all freelancers, we bid on projects and show our portfolios & previous projects, the only time i had been degraded and insulted for being a Filipino and therefore “less skilled” than others was by a fellow Filipino……………AND being degraded by a fellow Filipino in front of foreigners feels a lot more embarrassing and humiliating than being insulted by any number of hostile foreigner

    1. Is voting in a never was like Noynoy an act of love of country? Is spreading lies love of country? Politicians reflect Filipino values. Bola for the sake of KSP reflect Filipino values. I uncover myths and you just want to cover up them up again.

  15. Sweet huggsss, everyone. Chill. All of you have nice arguments here. It was fun reading them. I just hope that everything said here rooted from the love we (still) have for our country and not from anything else. 🙂
    To the author, i just wish you make a simpler version for the others who don’t get you or the message you want to share. You seem to talk ill of the Filipinos but no, you are just stating the obvious in a not so obvious way.
    Cheers. 🙂

    1. Jhilen, oh people get the message of this blog and it is obvious, but, it is also obvious that this article is not rooted from any love of our country, rather is a result of the author’s possible Empathy Deficit Disorder, that disables him from feeling or sharing the perspective of other people he feels are “lower” than him,

      this author’s words: “Pinoys have nothing better to do with their time and what little brains they do use” tells a lot about what he really feels . .

      there are a lot of ways to have done this article, and the best possible way is to make the article humorous….FOR ALL, the author ‘tried’ to make the article funny, but the demographics he included are just those superior-feeling stuck-ups like him

      authors like Bob Ong had written about the flaws of Filipinos, however unlike this author, Bob Ong is such a great writer with great humor that us Filipinos can actually laugh at ourselves while reading Bob Ong’s books, and Bob Ong wrote his books in the eyes of an ordinary Filipino living in the middle class, while this article has “i’m smarter and better than all of you” written all over it

      1. Pride is a deadly sin. Rooted in vanity. That is where KSP comes from. Not sure why you defend pride based on lies. Like building a shopping mall on quicksand.

      2. hello, tojhilen 🙂
        Yes, I get you. There could have been a point or points the author sounded as less empathic, but then, we cannot hate him for that or feel like he is not Filipino-ish. We cannot also say that he is ‘feeling superior’ because of the words he used or the atmosphere his article had.
        Of course, Bob Ong is different and all the other writers. Everybody is. And perhaps, this writer wrote his piece in the way he seems fit. We just shouldn’t compare. 🙂

  16. i like this article. this is reality that most Filipinos deny to accept. And this has nothing to do with “grab mentality”. The writter is smart enough to realize and show that its not always “Proud to be pinoy” or “sacrifice for the Philippines”. Most filipinos always abuse yon instant “fame” ng isang thing to get associated with. Without them even knowing the person nor the sacrifices made to be successful. Bottomline: if we are to praise or critize someone, direct it to the person not his or her racial background. When Pacman won, say it straight: congrats manny! Huwag na lagyan ng “kakaproud maging pinoy”. moreover, not all Filipinos share the same sentiment kaya don’t generalize.

    To the author: nice one. this has got to continue para magising sa reality ang other Filipinos. Kudos!

  17. quote from the article: “For me the notion of the Filipino being waterproof is just bunk. The nebulous casualty report may beg to differ with the waterproof adjective. Some Filipinos during these trying times like to really believe they alone in the world have a monopoly on Mother Nature’s wrath. No other nation and no other country else has to live through it. I am telling you that others also do. You can Google it.”

    you’re looking at the glass half-empty, well actually, you’re looking at it with just a few drops left, with your “nebulous casualty report” statement, you’re acting just like any biased media personnel only broadcasting one side, what you see are the casualties, while what other people see are the tens of thousands of “survivors”–hence the waterproof adjective(your negativity in life is showing)

    THE FILIPINO people have no fantasy about monopolizing Nature’s wrath and i’ve seen nothing in the internet about that crazy talk you are saying, BUT, you do know that Yolanda was the strongest storm recorded at landfall? and no other nation have had the chance to live through it, and as the Deadliest one to have hit the Philippines, comes the reason why the whole world came in and helped the Philippines with the survivors, you can google that

    all these talks of “waterproof” and “resilience” are words of encouragement to uplift the spirit of the survivors, and help them get back up, all the internet posts about being “waterproof”, and “we can get back up” were all heart-felt words from people who have nothing but good intentions towards the survivors

    here you are, a bright sunshine, saying to these people who have lost their homes, their properties, belongings, families, friends and parts of their body, that they should not believe in some nonsense bullsh*t like being “waterproof” and be able to resist any disaster, and that their lives are now at a deadend??

    wow, some inappropriate smart-a*s you are

    1. @Article ba kamo?.

      I fully agree with you. But only in the case that with every next disaster that may hit the Philippines, the number of casualties, number of dead people, the destruction to roads, land and houses will decrease considerably. Otherwise, nothing was learned from this disaster.

      But to be honest: I think we will be back here next year or the year after that. Hence, problably the tone and reason of this Blog.

    2. Problem is, words like “waterproof” and “resilience” fail to lift spirits when the truth sets in. The Filipino is not waterproof and resilient when they get sick, get hungry, or die from drowning or otherwise because of storm damage. No matter how much Kool-Aid the Filipino drinks, the truth will overwhelm it.

      1. Let’s face it, everyone in the world suffers when they get sick, get hungry, or die from drowning or otherwise because of storm damage, I mean, who wouldn’t? We’re all mere mortals here. This context was not made to be taken literally. “Waterproof” was the term used to describe the filipino spirit which can’t be destroyed no matter how strong the rage of the typhoon is. “Resilient” was for the filipino nature – the inherent ability to bounce back or recover from misfortune as if nothing ever happened.

  18. All this effort to relate Paul Walker’s death to the Filipinos delusional specialness has only shown how ego-inflated, empty-minded and decrepit of real values these Filipinos are.

  19. I think, we are gullible people. I still cannot figure out, why we voted for Mr. Aquino. He has nothing to offer, except; he was a son of a alledge “hero”. His mother was the biggest fraudster in the Philippines. The Cojuangcos got the biggest land portion in Tarlac, thru deceit, etc…So like those question of the existence of extraterrestrial beings. …do they exists or not? Yellowtards have taken over, our country… have they really taken our country? or not? I’m in a quandary…

  20. We can always assume filipinos are resilient.

    So what, big deal, come next calamity, filipino idiots will still be out there beating their chest again claiming resilience despite the losses. It has been that way since.

    Never mind that we can always prepare for the next big one, having in place correctly what have been found wrong in the last one.

    You can all look at everything rosy and nice and warm and fuzzy, but come next calamity, you will again find yourselves in the same predicament as before.

  21. you all are full of shit! why not think of anything else to do than to talk about all this crap! lets just say that’s what Filipino people are and just shut the fuck up! you don’t own them so mind your own fucking business! live your own life!

      1. Oh man, you replied to him, i was hoping his idiotic comment will be deleted.

        He feels so righteous just because he can type profanities when he is so butthurt.

    1. Butthurt much?
      It seems that your puny little brain can’t accept the truth, that’s why you resorted to posting such profane words,Asshole

      Enjoy your blunder.

    2. Jacob, as I said earlier to a similar butthurt. You rather I not comment on BOLA online . You rather I not look for facts and truth. If you find that weird, that makes me weird. Go ahead go troll some other place that encourages BOLA.

  22. Simply put, what this entry and all that he calls “bola” have in common is that it’s both useless. Don’t get us wrong, Gogs, we actually agree with your points. but it’s just plain useless, doesn’t solve anything. That’s all we’re saying. But hey, you generated a decent number of likes, so who cares what we have to say, right? isa lang kami sa mga KSP ;p

    1. Jjj, As for not accomplishing anything. There are things I write I know will not connect a fair number of people but part of me still wants to get it out there. This particular one just happened to be timely and does not leave much for grey area. Polarizing. Maybe that is just me but some of this stuff I just have to have out there. Maybe more on that later. I have to finish my next contribution.

  23. I watched Fast and Furious five, and honestly, I never liked their acting. I like the action scenes, yes, but when the actors started to interact..pwede action na lang buong movie?
    And now when news broke Paul Walker died, aba, sandamukal na posts ang lumabas sa FB ko na andaming nagsasabing fans sila ni Paul Walker. Mapapamaang ka lang kung totoo ba yun o gaya ng sinabi nyo po, ‘bola’ lang.

    Weeeell, as for the part wherein majority of people who read your post and didn’t got the idea, what can you expect from Filipinos? Point-missing had became a part of their psyche.

    1. Thank you Banapple Fan . Pinoys are actually performing par for the course. That is why it is so easy to document a trend. Maybe I am naive and idealistic but hopefully things like this can be a reference point for people who care about research instead of “rushing to forward” or “rushing to post”. People who believe pinoy intellect should dominate over pinoy “pride”. Maybe it is just a suntok sa buwan on my part but it resonates with some and I am glad it does.

  24. Editing those pictures makes any viewer dumb to believe it. The fact is the only way for helpless people to really improve if they wanted to.

  25. I may have to agree to some in this blog but to be honest most of what the blogger just mentioned are a made up story of some people online who are trying to get attention. Those people are attention seekers and they will do everything to the extent of even jeopardizing a country.

    When I was in an internet cafe in one country I been to, I saw this man with a picture of some Filipinos, Chinese and Thai and they are trying to make a funny picture out of these photos. They did introduce the nationality of each person in the photos. And for each, they made more than 4 funny things for these poor citizens, without knowing that some stupid people are doing nasty things in them and to their country. The people doing this are not from the Philippines, not from China and not even Thai. I am not familiar with their language but for me what they are doing is not fair. These people are making money by destroying the image of these country and the people itself.

    So I believe that most photos shown in here are just the same story that I saw right in-front of me. All are just made up by some ignorant people trying to destroy other nations image.

    1. Hello Maria,

      Thanks for reading. What you said is true. A minority make them up. Still its the majority that spreads them believing that it is true is what I try to focus on. Remember the days when the entire country thought that Phoebe Cates was dead? You would think it would not happen nowadays with the technology but people who care more about the attention than the authenticity will spread it and it is not going away anytime soon. Call me naive but part of what fuels me to write here is I can bestow some perspective on people. If we had better perspective as a culture then this would not be prevalent. But as a culture we are KSP.

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