Do “Gatekeepers” want Citizen Journalism Shot Down?

An interesting read I recently got was Media and Culture: Global Homogeneity and Local Identity by Rachel E. Khan. It has a chapter called Citizen Journalism and the Fall of Mass Media Hegemony, and it talks of how the Internet and other mass communication means allowed people to create their own posts, announcements and punditry […]

Alternative Media 17: The Witch (A Must-See Horror Flick For This Halloween)

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s October and we are just days away from good ol’ Halloween. Truth be told, as a matter of my family’s tradition, I never go out of my way to prepare early for Christmas. I tend to think of each year as a cycle of sorts and my year simply doesn’t […]

Alternative Media 16: The Witcher

Whenever the fantasy genre is mentioned in the Philippines, the first things that come to most people’s minds is stuff like Enteng Kabisonte or Panday. Of course, there’s the crowd who still remembers Encantadia well, but these are few and far between nowadays as there are more and more “pantaseryes” (fantasy soap operas) that come out on a near annual […]

Alternative Media (Part 16): Muro-Ami (The Reef Hunters): A Modern Moby Dick

Now look, as you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of local films and TV shows. Indeed, I go out of my way to bash the local media at every opportunity and I especially hate the MMFF which I detest now more than ever for refusing to show Star Wars: The Force Awakens just so […]

Alternative Media 15: Going Berserk Over Berserk

Are you looking for a cute anime where everyone ends up happy in the end and the theme of the story is love and friendship? Well, then you shouldn’t be reading this article as this will be tackling the theme and story of the anime Berserk which is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the […]

Alternative Media (Part 14): Urban Gothic

Urban Gothic is a novel written by prolific horror writer Brian Keene. While still believed to be quite a ways off from Stephen King or Dean Koontz, Brian Keene is nonetheless quite the storyteller when it comes to tales of terror and I will admit that some of my horror stories are inspired by his classics […]

Alternative Media (Part 13): Supergod

So here I am ladies and gentlemen, doing another alternative media article, this time centering on the comic book Supergod. Now before I continue, let me first say that I have nothing against local comics in the Philippines and I do find some of them, such as a few one-shot gems in Halimaw comics to be quite good actually. Indeed, […]

Alternative Media (Part 12): Needful Things

Well ladies and gentlemen, Halloween is fast on the approach and, after that, will be Christmas again. Before Yuletide season comes along though and floods us with problems like providing gifts for our godchildren, putting up our Christmas lights without getting electrocuted for our troubles and finding legally sold fireworks though, I’d first like to […]