The Aquino Legacy Of Treachery And Tyranny: 3 Facts They Like To Hide

After my latest article about President Aquino’s rather desperate attempt to wash his hands of the Mamasapano Massacre, I was asked to further elaborate on certain points I talked about therein. I don’t know if this has already been discussed on this particular website, but I’m gonna go ahead and bring them up again anyway just in case some of you missed it. Truth be told, what’s really sad about typical Pinoys is that majority of them don’t really care that much about history or, even if they do, they probably only know the “theme park” version which is more or less just black and white/good vs. evil fare rather than the reality of it.


Well, before I begin though, let me repeat what I said in my previous article that history is indeed quite relative. For instance, while Abraham Lincoln is lauded as a hero to the American people who brought an end to slavery, the reality is actually somewhat different. Indeed, the freeing of slaves, if anything, can be best thought of as a last-minute decision on the part of President Lincoln as he simply didn’t want to lose the sympathy of his allies. Nonetheless though, as I have stated beforehand, it is ultimately the results that really matter to people today. Abraham Lincoln, whether or not it was in his heart to do so, ended slavery and made the United States the symbol of freedom and progress that it is today.

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Okay, back to the Aquinos. Well, the Aquino-sponsored media probably don’t want you to know this, but the truth of the matter is that most of their so-called “achievements” are just stolen ideas or outright lies. In fact, if the Aquinos have any actual legacy, it is essentially their disloyalty to the very people they claim to serve and their tendency to cover their butts with elaborate deception when caught with their pants down.

So, without further ado, allow me to begin:

Benigno Aquino Sr. Collaborated With The Axis Powers

It’s strange you know. When President Aquino went to Japan, he actually went as far as to compare the People’s Republic of China to Nazi Germany. However, if you take a look at his family’s records, nothing screams “Nazi” more than some of the actions of his predecessors.

The truth is, Benigno Aquino Sr. openly collaborated with the Japanese during World War II. He was among those chosen by the Imperial Army of Japan to be one of the puppet leaders of the Philippines along with President Jose P. Laurel at the time. We can assume that while the infamously barbaric soldiers of Japan went about pillaging villages, slaughtering farmers and raping women, Benigno Aquino Sr. simply sat back and enjoyed the view.

Surprisingly enough though, after the war ended, Benigno Aquino Sr. was pardoned by President Ramon Magsaysay and was spared from arrest and execution as was often the case with those who chose to collaborate with the Axis Powers. To put this in perspective, in France, both Philippe Petain and Pierre Laval, two of France’s leaders in World War II were arrested for treason with Laval getting executed for his troubles with Petain only being spared because of his advanced age. Another example would of course be Wang Jingwei, the head of state in China at the time, who became the most hated man in all of China for screwing over his people to the brutal reign of Imperial Japan and, after the war, his name became synonymous to “traitor” among many Chinese.

Benigno Aquino II Was A Troublemaker At Harvard

True enough, Benigno Aquino II, President Aquino’s father did stay at Harvard.

What the media doesn’t tell us however is that he just stayed there as a kind of refugee. He never wrote a book there, he never studied there and he sure as heck wasn’t respected there. He is, for all intents and purposes, no different from the Syrian refugees fleeing their own country and seeking asylum elsewhere. It just so happens that Americans thought that he was kinda smart and decided to let him stay in one of their more prestigious institutions.

However, with little to no gratitude, he had to go and insult the kindness the Americans offered him. Instead of behaving, he went on to recruit people to the Communist cause. In short, instead of being thankful to the Americans for giving him sanctuary, he spat at their generosity.

No wonder the 1987 Constitution refuses to accept foreign teachers. Because if we did, we’d all find out just what kind of ungrateful charlatans the Aquinos really are.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Flippinflips for this tidbit of information

The Mendiola Massacre

So, people think that Cory Aquino is a saint and that Ferdinand Marcos was a tyrant…

Well, sorry to burst your little bubble but Cory Aquino was indeed involved in the Mendiola Massacre. Of course, while she probably wasn’t there personally, she was nonetheless in command of the men who did the killing. At least up to a dozen farmers were killed and about thirty-nine others were seriously wounded when the personal gunmen of the Aquino administration opened fire on protesters who only wanted to be given what was due to them.

Truth be told, the real reason Cory Aquino probably opposed the Marcos regime wasn’t because of her husband’s untimely death (which is sometimes rumored to have been orchestrated by her of family all along) but because Ferdinand Marcos wanted to distribute the lands of Hacienda Luisita to the farmers who had worked on it for so long.

In the end, when one looks back on the way things went, even if Ferdinand Marcos wasn’t a benevolent leader, Cory Aquino was really no different or probably much worse. If there’s anything she really did right, it was simply her clever manipulation of the media in covering up her mistakes and atrocities. So while Ferdinand Marcos was no angel, this does not at all imply that Cory Aquino was some sort of saint. At the end of the day, Cory Aquino was just another power-hungry politician who was all too willing to kill to get what she wanted.

85 Replies to “The Aquino Legacy Of Treachery And Tyranny: 3 Facts They Like To Hide”

  1. I am not an Aquino supporter or Marcos ,,all this things you are telling us here Grimwald is all anti Aquino..and mellow on Marcos,, you are blaming one dynasties and are forgiving with the Marcos may not know it but you sounds very biased to me…you are blaming all but the Filipino people…may I ask you who voted them in office…you are right the Filipino people…so why blame one side ,,,you should blame all..for voting them to office..I just cannot understand why are you just focusing on one particular family ..there are manyyyyyy who sided and collaborator of the Japanese..are they traitors??????how about enrile and many other low key families during that time they are traitors too, right..maybe your roots are part ofthe occupiers, suckers sucking up to the Japanese so they won’t be prosecuted…look at the world histories….they all do the same…it is human instinct..survival.

    Now why do I say this you don’t blame just one particular people…blame the Filipinos of what’s happening to them ..they are not…together , everybody on they’re own is a poor country run by few rich who do not care..about the people.they are to blame..for what going on in that country…

    1. As the author mentioned from the start, you are not going to get the “theme park” good versus evil version of history here. FYI, the topic was about the Aquino legacy, blaming everyone will be really off topic and won’t fit into a blog format.

      1. Walang laman ang isinulat…inaasahan ko sana ang traidor na pagbulgar ni Ninoy ng Operation Merdeka na dapat sana ay tumapos sa issue ng Sabah, ang “nagkataong” paghihintay sa Zamboanga City nina Noynoy sa inaasahang matagumpay at mapunyaging resulta ng Oplan Exodus (na naging pamamasyal na lang nung pumalpak), at ang paggamit ng pera ng bayan pangsuhol kontra CJ Corona (personal na venganza sa desisyon nitong ipatupad ang issue contra Hacienda Luisita)

        1. Gusto ko din idagdag ang panawagan ni Cory noong 1986 na mag boycott(huwag magbayad ng buwis, ilabas ang pera sa banko, huwag bibili ng mga produkto ng mga korporasyon na pag aari ng mga crony ni Marcos) sa pamahalaang Marcos na napinsala ang Philippine economy. Sa panig naman ni Ninoy Aquino ay ang Plaza Miranda Bombing na kung saan ay kasama si Ninoy sa mga nagplano na pasabugin ang Miting de Avance ng Liberal Party ay ibunton ang sisi kay Marcos ayon sa testimonya ng 2 NPA na nagsagawa ng pagpapasabog. Alam ni Ninoy ang mangyayari kaya hindi siya nag attend ng Miting de Avance.

    2. I mean you kinda have it right. The author is just trying to paint an objective picture of the legacies of these powerful ruler families the Philippines had and cut away from what cushy, feel good rhetoric is repeated ad hominem about them. Yes the Marcos legacy is tainted and people assume he’s most corrupt and discuss the obvious. Nobody ever discusses the corruption of the Aquinos/Cojuangcos and how much it crapped on the Filipino people. They have nothing to lose as that family line has been ruling Filipino society for over a CENTURY! Corazon Aquino’s ascent to presidency was written in her favor with the help of her political allies as a “proper and correct democratic process” to say in rosy terms. And you can see the fingerprints left by her allies based on the 1987 Constitution and its very non progressive policies that continue to haunt the country moving forward after 3 decades.

      Your issue is boiling it down to human instinct of survival. Its somewhat obvious but it doesn’t mean to say politics moving forward has to always be that way. Especially when for over 3 decades it doesn’t matter what bright progressive policy think tanks come from institutions like UP, AdmU or what not. As long as the likes of the old guard still populate the halls of process and the new guard are constantly pure products of nepotism or using showbiz noteriety with the financial aid from that to secure a political spot nothing will ever change for the country. Worst off they know how the process works while even the lowly plebians who get acquainted with it in their compulsory education but never really understand that process will always be the sheep that are easily driven to making decisions based on sway of sympathies and knee jerk reactions.

    3. LOL! The article is about the Aquinos! Of course, it would be talking about the Aquinos! Nevertheless, he said that Marcos was not a benevolent leader, and Cory was no different. Can your read that? He also said that “while Marcos was no angel, Cory was not a saint”. Still don’t see it?! LOL!

      1. It is indeed that some are short understanding when it comes by identifying what is the author trying to convy or to express on the subject. He is not comparing one person to another but” the shift of result that cory aquino used the chance of marcos down fall.

    4. I myself thought I would be reading something worth sharing: this guy is too elementary to fit a PR Team!

      Much like a newlly wed cooking, versus that by a Chef!

      Likewise, I do not belong to any camp, but having been through it from Magsaysay to Aquino III, from the point of view of master planning ability, the post FM presidents failed in comparison.

    5. Not all the people.I think the people who voted them.leave alone those did not vote tbem, have you not heard the word nationalism?people from japan made an importance with it.

    6. Hey cezar,

      Majority of the Philippines already knows the other side of this story.
      The TS simply shared the flipside.

      Yes filipinos are to blame because they are so stupid to believe in all the lies these political dynasties are orchestrating.

      1. yes, it is true. Sa magazine na Free Press nung panahon na yon, nasa cover page ang mukha ni Ninoy na nagsasabing ikinanta nya ang Oplan Merdeka.

        Mahinang bansa at Federation of Malaysia pa lang noon…kaya swak sana ang timing ni FM…KUNG HINDI LANG BINUKO NI NINOY!!! Ngayon, takot tayo sa economic might ng Malaysia.

  2. C’mon, guys; this is not about spitting on anybody’s grave. But, it is high time we have a correct perspective and see the past with a balanced proportion. Corruption after EDSA1 has doubled; and killing and disappearances have not ceased. When PNoy still insists that Aquinos are saints and continue to portrait the Marcoses as the evil, that is now not only hypocrisy but is beginning to sound like they are using the crimes they are condemning to cover the very same crimes they are committing. No question, events after EDSA1 has brought us to the gates of hell as per Dan Brown, and the Aquinos have squandered every moral ascendancy they may have had, which probably they never had in the first place, and that is why it was squandered that easily. Aquinos should now be seen as the more criminally minded, the more evil, vis-a-vis the Marcoses. No worries, history will do that for us.

    1. The trouble with all people is that they don’t love anymore God.If they only love God and the true meaning of God’s love to His children,that is us,we can’t read such insulting blog any more.Come to think of it,God love us but we are not returning love to Him.You can win any blog but will missed your children’s love for what you missed to inform us is love.That’s why our children will always go to satan side and his ways because you are not preaching God’s ways at home and at any blog you made be it paid by any politician or of your own.Forget the past,move on and make any blog about Jesus and His ways of loving us and about love most of all.

  3. We’ll it’s good to peep into the other side of the fence.. . we can put into our mental filing cabinets. . Can you make an article on who really is the mastermind in the murder of Ninoy?

  4. Well, what a script! A work of fiction penned by an articulate and imaginative author. No factual and historical basis at all. Shame on you to insult the heroism of Ninoy Aquino who lay his life for the sake of Filipinos, and that includes you! I wonder if you were already born during the martial law years and if your parents told you factual things about the horror of martial law and the sacrifices made by the people who opposed it including Ninoy.

    1. Script? Or this is another side of the story that the author is trying to point out?

      If you’re talking about a ‘script’, then you’re referring to petty Yellow Propaganda like you Yellow Trollfags trying to spread. That doesn’t work that way, kid.

    2. Honestly speaking, Ninoy is more like a political opportunist and only gullible fools like you would believe that; he even allied with everyone, including Reds, just to get what he wants.

      Here’s something factual about Martial law: two sides of the same coin. That was a time where society is disciplined while all you did is the overrate his atrocities. I’m sure you’re very proud of the Mendiola Massacre, right? 😛

    3. With all due respect to the Martial law victims, I just want to say na mula 1965 to 1971, walang human rights atrocities si Marcos. Pag upo ni Cory sa Malancanang, may Mendiola Massacre na. Ngiting aso ka nung nangyari iyon, so shame on you.

    4. Sir, if you were Ferdinand Marcos, what are you going to do with all the NPAs and communists wanting to bring your government down, plotting your assassination and recruiting more innocent civilians, using the poor family of farmers and fisher folks as shields, initiating a civil war for the takeover of a communist government? If you were Ferdinand Marcos, what are you going to do with the Malaysian government’s plan to seize Sabah and depose its Filipino-Muslim leaders and inhabitants? If you were Ferdinand Marcos, what are you going to do with the Chinese claim for Scarborough Shoal? If you were Ferdinand Marcos, what are you going to do with the Filipino-Muslims creating havoc to earn secession? If you were Ferdinand Marcos, what are you going to do with the billion dollars tax fund and loan collection when you know the government and the people are divided and you have fewer capable and trustworthy men in your government because the rest are filled with self-interest, wanting the money as support for oligarchy and pork barrel to corrupt?

      Sir, I’m not saying Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos aren’t ruthless nor has no faults. Sure, he, Ferdinand Marcos, may have made the wrong moves and decisions. But how do you know he was all wrong when at every turn he has an enemy to face? And no matter what, a leader must confront the threats and problems befalling his country. And those problems weren’t exactly created by him alone but with the harsh ways, dependent nature and lack of cooperation and understanding of the Filipino people as a whole.

      1. There you said it, the good thing they did is what’s expected, but their ruthlessness is what everybody remembers…if what you said they are ruthless is ok with you and therefore forgiven ,,,, you better ask those people who are the victims of their ruthlessness…THRY ARE BAD PEOPLE????PERIOD

        1. Let me rephrase my statement. I’m not saying Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos aren’t ruthless nor has no faults because there are claims that they are. Claims. But like Benign0 said, “Where are the convictions?” Five different administrations after EDSA people power, there’s PCGG, there’s CHR, there’s the cases submitted to the court, but still no convictions. Seems to me the government after Marcos f*ck the victims a thousand times over because they can’t give them the justice they’ve been howling for. And it’s easy to see why. Because the post-Marcos government are busy committing their own crimes of treachery and corruption. And all the victims can do is relive their past and not submit strong evidences to convict their most hated enemy. But here’s the good news, since we’re mostly a Christian country and we believe that God judges righteously, if Ferdinand Marcos is indeed evil, he is now burning in hell and that’s for eternity.

          “those people who are the victims of their ruthlessness…THRY ARE BAD PEOPLE????”

          Those caught in between fights, those for me are the victims. Those who take arms to fight the government, I never see them as a victim and I doubt if they see themselves as that as well. They’re strong, intelligent even (the elite and professional turned NPA), they die fighting, they fight for what they believe in. You call that a victim?

        2. Enrile, Ramos and late Fabian Ver, they are the people you should also to blame because they have implemented the Martial Law. Marcos proclaimed ML to depend the country from CPP/NPA and MNLF.

      2. Naknak,

        Maiksi lang ang sasabihin ko at minabuti ko na sa ating wika para lubos na maunawaan ng lahat ng Pinoy; (Marami ang namatay sa bagyong Yolanda dahil sa ‘Surge’ – Daluyong)

        Noong nais nating paalisin ang American Base marami ang tumutol dahil sa iba’t ibang kadahilanan nariyan ang 200 libo katao na mawawalan ng pinagkakakitaan etc., marami rin ang sumang ayon ngunit walang natitinag hanggang sa BAR Assn.(Samahan ng mga Mambabatas/Abogado) ay nagbayad ng centerfold ng Manilla Bulletin na Kinakatigan nila ang pagpapaalis ng US Miltary Bases; hanggang sa napagtagumpayan nating mapaalis at ngayon ay pinagkakakitaan ng ating gobyerno at higit mas maraming tao ang nabigyan ng hanap buhay.

        Ngayon mabalik tayo sa iyong pinupunto tungkol sa NPA di ba kaya nabuo ito at tinawag ang armadong pakikibaka ay dahil hindi kilalanin ng ating pamahalaan bilang partidong Politikal ang CPP tulad ng ating mga karatig bansa (Japan) at ibang mauunlad na bansa sa Mundo (Sweden, Germany, France, etc) kung nakasali sa ating Political system sana patuloy tayong umunlad at walang sabwatang namagitan sa mga Politiko at Partido tulad ng LP, NP, NUCD,LABAN, KBL, UNA, etc., dahil may Check and Balance; wala ang problema sa Fork Barrel o PDAF, DAF, etc., at mahaharap ng gobyerno ang Serbisyong Sosyal na abot kaya ng mamamayan, halimbawa sa Kalusugan, Tubig, Koryente, Transportasyon, Edukasyon, Tulong sa magsasaka etc., (walang Fertilizer Scam) na kinu kontrol ng iilang mayayaman ng ating Bansa at ng pinapaborang Dayuhan. Tulad ng BAR Assn. ay ganuon din ang mga matatalinong estudyante na nagsusulong na makilahok ang Kumunismo hindi lang ng UP ng panahon ni Marcos at hanggang ngayon sila ang nakaka arok sa tinutungong dereksyon ng ating Bansa.

        Tungkol naman sa sinasabi mong kaguluhan sa Mindanao, marami ang sundalo natin ang namatay at mamamatay pa at sibilyang nadadamay habang hindi natutugunan ng wasto ang problema doon, marahil kailangan mong marating ito at firsthand information ang makuha mo kung paano nag umpisa ito. Ako ay lumaki na ang pananaw ko sa mga kapatid nating Muslim sa Mindanao ay napakasama dahil sa nababasa ko at naririnig na balita; ito ay nabago lang ng mismong mga taga ruon sa kaguluhan ang nakasama ko at nakasalamuha, maraming kwento sa aktual nilang karanasan halimbawa na sa bago kumagat ang dilim ay dinadala na sila ng kanilang magulang sa gubat dahil inaakyat sa gabi ang kanilang mga bahay ng mga Ilaga na inarmasan ng gobyerno at ang mga aabutan ay minamasaker at pinuputol pa ang ulo upang dalhin at doon ibase ang kanilang reward at promotion; inagawan sila ng ari-arian at lupain na kinukunsinte ng ating pamahalaan, na tulad din kasalukuyang mga patayan at paglikas ng mga Lumad.

        Para sa akin ay kumpletong pagbabago ng Batas na sabi nga ay pumapabor lang sa mayayaman lalo na sa usaping Politika; bigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga bagong personalidad na may kakayahang pamunuan ang Bansa (hindi ang mga matunog na tatakbo sa pagka Pangulo ngayon) pare pareho lang ang mga iyan na may pandaraya at may usaping pagnanakaw; mayaman ang ating bansa sabi nga ni Lee Kwan Yew ang kailangan natin ay Desiplina para umundalad; unahin na ang mga Bubotante!

        1. @Jessie Umali,

          Salamat po sa ibinahagi n’yo pero pagpasensyahan n’yo na kung hindi ako sasang-ayon sa lahat ng inyong sinabi.

          “(Marami ang namatay sa bagyong Yolanda dahil sa ‘Surge’ – Daluyong)”

          Marami po ang namatay dahil sa kakulangan sa kaalaman sa “Storm Surge” at hindi pag-a-anticipate ng mga mamamayan na may higit na malaking hagupit ang maidudulot ng isang kalamidad. Kung kulang po ang kaalaman at walang ekspektasyon sa possible strength at damage na maidudulot ng isang kalamidad, magiging kulang ang preparasyon. At kung kulang ang preparasyon, mahirap pong magkaroon ng laban sa isang gaya ng Daluyong. Marami rin pong namatay sa bagyong Pablo at Ondoy at hindi po iyon dahil sa “Surge”.

          “Noong nais nating paalisin ang American Base marami ang tumutol dahil sa iba’t ibang kadahilanan nariyan ang 200 libo katao na mawawalan ng pinagkakakitaan etc., marami rin ang sumang ayon ngunit walang natitinag hanggang sa BAR Assn.(Samahan ng mga Mambabatas/Abogado) ay nagbayad ng centerfold ng Manilla Bulletin na Kinakatigan nila ang pagpapaalis ng US Miltary Bases; hanggang sa napagtagumpayan nating mapaalis at ngayon ay pinagkakakitaan ng ating gobyerno at higit mas maraming tao ang nabigyan ng hanap buhay.”

          Marami ho bang nabigyan ng hanapbuhay? Kung gayon bakit po mayroon tayong 10M Filipinong OFW at umaasa rin po tayo sa foreign investors upang umangat ang ating bansa at sa pagbibigay trabaho pa sa marami nating kababayan? At kung napaalis po ang American Base, hindi ba tama lang na pagtuunang pansin ang pagpapalakas ng militar ng bansa dahil wala na ang baseng sandalan nito sa oras ng mga malaking gulo o gyera pero kung hindi pa inaari ng Tsina ang islang pag-aari ng bansa hindi pa ito pagtutuunang pansin ng ating pamahalaan at kita naman nating balik sandal tayo sa Amerika kasama pa ang Japan?

          “Ngayon mabalik tayo sa iyong pinupunto tungkol sa NPA di ba kaya nabuo ito at tinawag ang armadong pakikibaka ay dahil hindi kilalanin ng ating pamahalaan bilang partidong Politikal ang CPP”

          “marahil kailangan mong marating ito at firsthand information ang makuha mo kung paano nag umpisa ito. Ako ay lumaki na ang pananaw ko sa mga kapatid nating Muslim sa Mindanao ay napakasama dahil sa nababasa ko at naririnig na balita; ito ay nabago lang ng mismong mga taga ruon sa kaguluhan ang nakasama ko at nakasalamuha… na tulad din kasalukuyang mga patayan at paglikas ng mga Lumad.”

          Kahit kailan hindi po naging masama ang tingin ko sa mga kababayan at kapatid nating Muslim. At tingin ko’y gayon rin naman ang iba nating kababayang hindi Muslim. Ina-update rin po tayo ng ilang kababayan natin sa Mindanao at ng MindaNews. Ang tinututulan o kinakalaban po natin ay ang mga teroristang Muslim. Kaya nga po natin tinututulan ang BBL ay nagbibigay ito ng kapangyarihan sa mga terorista sa Mindanao. Ang mga teroristang responsable rin po sa pag-ampon sa mga terrorist leaders na gaya ni Marwan, nagpa-plot at naghahasik ng mass murder at gulo, nagbibigay armas sa simpleng mamamayan upang labanan ang pamahalaan, mga teroristang responsable sa pagkamatay ng SAF44 na ang layon kaya nasa Zambales ay upang hulihin si Marwan.

          Makabago na po ang mundo natin. Kahit kailan hindi po sagot ang paghawak ng armas at paghahasik ng gulo upang mapakinggan at umunlad. Edukasyon, talino, pagkakaroon ng malasakit, kontribusyon ng kakayahan ng bawat isa at kooperasyon po ng mamamayan ang mag-aalis sa bawat isa sa kahirapan at pagiging “biktima”.

          “Para sa akin ay kumpletong pagbabago ng Batas na sabi nga ay pumapabor lang sa mayayaman lalo na sa usaping Politika;”

          Sa pagkakaalam ko po, maayos ang ating batas ngunit nawawalang pangil dahil kung hindi ginagamit ng pantay para sa lahat, hindi po ito ginagamit o pinanghahawakan ng mga biktima para makamit ang hustisya. Kasalanan po sa sarili ang hindi maging edukado, ang hindi marunong magbasa-basa o kumalap ng impormasyon para sa sariling kaalaman at pag-unlad dahil ito po ang ginagamit ng corrupt na gobyerno at mga terorista upang makapamiktima at magkaroon ng bulag na tagasunod.

        2. @Naknak… Ikaw lang ang nakita ko na may pananaw na wasto at di self-serving.

          Kaisa mo ako sa adhikain mo…

          NAPAKAyaman ng bansa natin…kaya sinasamantala ng karamihan sa halip na i-develop para sa mamamayan. (ex: Masinloc)

          Ang nakikita kong institusyon ay: Benevolent Authoritarianism (gaya ng Singapore)via chacha.

    5. Sir,

      We can’t just blame the present from the past. We can’t keep clinging on something that has no direct effect in our present situation. We can only learn from it but it’s not through reliving what can’t be changed. Learning means making sure we do the things that will not lead to same events. If you want to correct the mistakes of the past might as well correct the disastrous present system first.

    6. Well there are not only two sides to every coin, so to speak. In reality, whether you want to hear it or not, there are pitfalls in every family. The Brady Bunch is a dream. Do you know of any political dynasty that ever publicized their dirty laundry?

    7. Oh dear lord! After everything that has happened? You still believe that the aquinos are who you think they say they are? Don’t you have a decent amount of brain to figure out and connect the dots? Why would the cojuancos push cory to run for president when she didn’t even have any idea how to run a country. For crying out loud she was a mere housewife. Marcos was dying when all of this happened they took advantage of marcos vuknerability. Ninoy went back to the ph to become the president as marcos was ready to pass the torch to ninoy but he was shot Dead. Now who could have wanted to have him killed? Could not be the marcoses because they needed him to take ferdinand’s place nobody else understood how to run the country other than ninoy. But cory had to be the president. People were blinded by the media. The church didn’t know any better. The country was falling down. Goodbye philippines. And thus we were doomed right at that moment. Phhhhsss edsa my ass.. That was the reason why our country has never picked itself up after that debocle. And has been rolling down to the depths of poverty ever since.

      1. May I know if you were already born when Martial Law was declared by Marcos?
        Eeven if you were, can you enumerate those HORRORS you are talking about? Can you enumerate the people who sufferred those HORRORS you are talking about?

      1. You guys are incredible. Your politicians steal from you, abuse you, and murder you. And you all just bend over and say: thank you sir! More please!

  5. The Filipino people during martial law were hypnotized by a so called self proclaimed messiah (Ninoy). I too, during my younger days thought about the yin yang which is aquino v marcos,no need to mention who’s who. Yet history unviels the truth. Pnoy as what my eyes can see is a chip of the old block, no different from his parents who, in one way or another made this once great country what it is today, need not to say how they used the sympathy of the people to get the power they are drooling for. I am not pro marcos because I am not born yet that time, yet history opened my eyes and now i undersyptand that if there is an evik in our midst it is the yellow crap party that exists until this very day.

    1. I agree, until now we’ve been waving those yellow crap. this brutal reality must be publish for them to know that they have been fooled all this years… we can not turn back the time but we can change the false information that yellow crap bearer has been planted into our grandparents mind………

      1. Um “we have waived the yellow crap”? Maybe you, but don’t include me in that crowd. Having said that though, if one writes a piece as if they have some authority it should be backed up with credible references, otherwise its just another piece of shit personal opinion read hatred. I can uderstand why journalists get killed in this country. If its just shit that one wants to get off their chest then just say so from the beginning. This piece is just shit. No point defending it. Like most of Idas stuff.

  6. The bottom line: ‘The Philippines is corrupt because the Filipinos are corrupt; the Filipinos are corrupt because the culture is corrupt; the culture is corrupt because the value system is corrupt.’

    So it doesn’t matter who we elect as leaders of the Philippines. Historically, our leaders’ legacies have all been marred by treachery and tyranny because our country, people, culture, and value system are all corrupt. Therefore, we’re all doomed.

    1. @Aeta:

      You are telling them, the “Brutal Truth”. However, it will never penetrate their “Thick Skulls”…voting for :Binay, Grace Poe, Roxas, Marcos, Escudero, etc…will do no good. Unless, we FIX the system of government…that has been broken, since we became a “Republic”…Presidents come and go…Thieves, come and go, also…

      1. @37toro007Hayden9999.99 I know what your saying, yes someone should FIX the crooked gov’t system in our country & there’s one person that can do that but unfortunately he’d backed out on his ambition to run for the next year’s presidential race. That person is none other than Rody Duterte (remember he want to establish a “revolutionary gov’t” if he’ll become our next president), and why do we think that he’d backed it out? Is it really he’s too old & he have no money to spend on his campaign? Or is it just playing clean & safe in order not to be distracted by his nemesis? Or even worst or better, in the end, he’ll overthrow our corrupt, incompetent & crooked gov’t. (including Pnoy), causing a so-called NO-EL or “No Election” scenario by next year and finally, Mr. Duterte will install a federal and parliamentary form of gov’t in our country where the lower house or the TONG-GRESS are been abolished and some of gov’t agencies like BIR, BOC, COA, etc., etc. will be abolished as well and it’ll be a corrupt & trapo free system, and a NEW PHILIPPINES will be born. So what do you think of this one? Will it be happen?

        Abangan sa susunod na kabanata!

      2. 37toro007Hayden9999.99,

        This exactly what is wrong with our people: ‘we hope and pray for all the right reasons, but our thoughts and actions do not lead to those reasons.’

        The definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

        Wait, that sounds exactly what Filipinos do.


  7. we must do something to put that yellow crap down………….. they’ve been abusing the innosense of our grand parents,,, it is our duty to correct the the mistakes of our elders…. this expose is real……….. so let our country men know..

  8. Benigno Aquino, Sr. sought refuge in Tokyo, Japan; during the liberation of the Philippines by the Americans. He was brought back to the Philippines, after the surrender of Japan to the Americans. He was tried for Treason. and, was convicted of Treason. But, was pardoned , for the unity of the Filipinos.

    My late Uncle was a leader of a Guerilla movement, during the Japanese occupation. His Squad was assigned to assasinate, Benigno Aquino, Sr., for his crimes against the Filipino Guerillas. The Filipino Guerillas were tortured and murdered by Aquino’s KALIBAPI. Unfortunately, two Squads of Japanese Imperial Army Special Forces, were guarding him.

    Benigno Aquino, Jr. was a Political Opportunist. He was in bed, with the NPA. He knew about the bombing of the LP Rally, at Plaza Miranda. This was the reason, he was not there in the LP Rally, when it was bombed by his buddies, the NPA. The next day, he came out with an Israeli Uzzi Machine Pistol; for photo opportunities. There was a good story, that the Aquinos’ financed, the MV Karagatan arms shipment from China, that landed in Palanan, Isabela, destined for the NPA.

    Cory Aquino did not run for President to serve the Filipinos. She was installed by the U.S./C.I.A. , thru the former U.S. Secretary of State: Shultz, to become their Puppet. Cory Aquino had to protect their Hacienda Luisita. The land they scammed, from the Philippine government. They will kill and murder people, who will get in their way, to take back their Hacienda Luisita.

    This Aquino family are:traitors, murderers, swindlers , political opportunists, etc…

    I do not support any Filipino Politician. I support the Truth, to come out, for the sake of our people.

    1. Wow. This is very interesting. Thank you for this information. I am not a pro to any politician because they are all the same. They are “kapalmuks” in the very sense of the word.

  9. @ Grimwald, Your assertions of the actions that are all certifiable that happened are noted above. BUT, to say ‘He sat back and laughed’ is nothing but pure speculative BULLSHIT !!!! or that ‘he spit in the face of their generosity’, again,pure speculative BULLSHIT.
    and regarding the Mendiola Massacre IDK enough about it, but the difference between Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino at the time of 1983-1987 was that the Filipino people wanted Corazon Aquino as their leader and they did not want Ferdinand Marcos.
    You make sound assertions reporting the facts of historically certifiable matters. You then proceed to fuck it all up, like a 15 yr. old would, by literally making things up that seem more like hallucinations/wishful thinking than facts and are just impossible to back up.

    1. @ Grimwald, BTW, maybe that goes over well with Filipino’s in the country,IDK….but the comments about Aquino ‘then he sat back and laughed’, is just complete bullshit bro, and you have to know it. Why you do these types of things is anyone’s guess but you will gain much more credibility by sticking to the facts, the verifiable facts.

    2. Honestly, son, it seems you fail to see the other side of the story. The very reason why they wanted Cory as their leader is due to Ninoy’s death. Corazon Aquino is not a politician and she’s more of a housewife, but a businesswoman that making sure that her business will continue even if they have made mistakes. And it’s even evident while the media who are allies with them managed to cover it up. Heck, they even made the Mendiola Massacre as a Martial law clip while in reality, it happened a year after EDSA.

      So you fucked up in the first place because Yellow Zombies like you are the perfect definition of BULLSHIT. Period.

      1. @ Pucci, NO SONNY, I did not miss that ! The simple fact is the FACT that was stated.I did not mention the reason, as the reason doesn’t matter.
        So fuck you with you ‘yellow-zombie’ bullshit. You are the fuckin idiot here that doesn’t understand simple sentences written in English.
        The only way you are correct here,SONNY-BOY, is if you can prove the Filipino people did not want Corazon Aquino as their leader in the time period of 1983-1987, and you cant do it Sonny-boy !!!Your an Asswipe that needs to get a clue !

        1. Sorry, son. But you’re totally missing the point. Your structure of sentences means that you’re totally BUTTHURT and now you’re resorting to emotions. As expected from a Yellow Zombie.

          They wanted Cory as their leader? Yes, aside from that reason, she is the face of the opposition after Ninoy’s death. Yep, popularity and stuff.

          Don’t be such a whiny baby and set your priorities for once.

        2. I am a Filipino. I was already 30 years old on 1983 and I am a qualified voter.Let me remind you that Cory Aquino was not voted by the Filipino people as a president. Even if there would have been an election at that time, I would NOThave voted for her. Millions of other Filipinos would NOT have voted for her. Pardon me for saying this…kindly don’t generalize your words about the Filipinos liking Cory Aquino to become president. I repeat, I am a Filipino and I did not want Cory Aquino to become president. I am only one but I’m sure millions of others share my belief.

    3. Nick, W. C. once said: ‘Truth is so precious that it should always be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.’ Stop peddling lies man, truth is here and the people deserve to know the truth. Cory is the biggest mistake in the history of Phil politics and to claim that the people likes her is totally preposterous and stupid. Truth is, Cory’s yellow zombies and its Commie cohorts pushed this country to the edge. Look what she has done in her 6 yrs in office. We’re in a neck deep shit man. The only sensible thing right now is to get rid of the Yellows come 2016.

  10. Grimwald
    Thaddeus Grimwald is an avid writer and supporter of the GRP website and writes his own fiction in his own Grow Up Philippines website. To check out his works of fiction, you can check the following: Hired Help.
    More Posts – Website – Twitter – Facebook

    Is it safe to assume that this is one of his fiction?

  11. Instead of pointing blame at leaders past and present, acknowledge the fact that we as a people have failed. Our culture encourages lack of personal responsibility, we are corrupt to the core. Children learn at a very early age that rules don’t apply to them when they are from a rich or influential family. As a culture we have learned that the best response for failure is making excuses or blaming others instead of overcoming the challenges ourselves.

    1. @ Miguel San, Yes….the Filipino people have got to act collectively ,as one, and rid themselves of the cancer that has eroded such a potentially prosperous country and kept it a 3rd world hell-hole.The Philippines should be up there with Japan and instead is floating in the sewer with Bangladesh.
      PATHETIC !!!

  12. In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.

  13. Hogwash Grimwald. You can say many things about the Aquinos but I can definitely tell you that Cory and Pnoy are not land lovers. Never in my personal encounters with them both did they ever display love for land grabbing or expanding their land holding. What I know about Cory and Ninoy are what I learnt the day after Ninoy was killed — AND THAT WAS NOT A TIME WHEN THE AQUINOS CONTROLLED MEDIA. Far from it.

    P.S. I do NOT like the rest of the Aquinos. And I also loathe them.

    1) On Collaboration – And so what? I mean why stop at AXIS powers? That only leaves the descendants of Katipuneros to run which frankly to me is stupid. By the way, I believe the so called Axis Powers today have been more kind to us than what China has been doing to our country. Actually you are just trying to execute a demolition job which is a non issue today: Japanese Collaboration. Let us not forget: Emperor Akihito again apologized to PNOY for the atrocities committed against the Philippines during WWII and he reminded the Japanese people about this fact. This was considered a rarity because rarely have the Japanese emperors admitted their fault in World War 2.

    2) On Harvard: Bill Gates dropped out. I love my MS Office, My Mac OS and Windows OS. So what if people don’t do well or take Harvard seriously? I rarely know of any Harvard graduates that get shot on a tarmac for opposing an oppressive dictatorial regime.

    3) Since you bring up the issue: NAME ME THE SO CALLED “PERSONAL” AQUINO GUNMEN YOU CLAIM.

    1. At #3: what do you call those gunmen of noybita who killed the ordinary farmers who are protesting the land distribution of hacienda luisita for them in 2004?

  14. “Surprisingly enough though, after the war ended, Benigno Aquino Sr. was pardoned by President Ramon Magsaysay and was spared from arrest and execution as was often the case with those who chose to collaborate with the Axis Powers.”

    President Magsaysay? Where do you read your history? From your fat ass?

  15. You didn’t know Abraham Lincoln. You were just assuming, or had wrong , false sources on your information about him. Please read his whole story, before providing false info to so many gullible readers.

    1. You mean, I should watch “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”? I tried watching it but fell asleep halfway through. Don’t worry, just for you, I’ll try watching it again and finishing it this time.

  16. We’re already in the Digital Era but the Media brainwashing and treason are still in action. This makes me sad and furious to the Aquinos … not just them though but to everyone who contributed to our doom.

  17. Perhaps if you research some more, you would find a link between the Aquinos and the Kennedy Assassination.

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