Why the Current Philippine Republic Needs to Die

When President Corazon Aquino established the Fifth Philippine Republic in 1987, she set forth a new constitution that in theory would eliminate the “excesses” of previous administrations. Foremost among these was the “Martial Law” clause that, in the event that a seated President would declare it, would allow it to pass through Congress first; Post-Marcos, this was […]

Why is the Philippines unprepared for natural disasters and climate change? Ask Mar Roxas

The Philippines is said to be leading an initiative with other countries that claim to be highly-prone to the adverse effects of the phenomenon referred to as climate change. The coalition calling themselves the “Vulnerable Twenty” (V20) and who are unashamed to admit they “lack resources to combat the adverse effects of climate change” will […]

Karma may be a bitch but it is not an itch

The trouble with the concept of karma is that it is a notion based on the assumption that nature owes humanity something. When we put faith in the notion that karma will catch up with someone who has wronged us, we hinge that faith on the belief that “justice” is some kind of natural order […]

A Culture Of Self-Importance: Another Sign Of Immaturity In The SONA

So I’ve said what I needed to say about President Aquino and how immature I think he is. I also remember telling you guys about the inherent immaturity in Pinoy culture itself. However, now that I have time to think about all of it, I come to realize that one of the worst products of […]

Ang Kakulangan ng Respeto sa Lipunang Pilipino

This is a translation and expansion of this previous article… Hindi na talaga kagulat-gulat kung maraming ibang lahi na walang respeto para sa mga Pilipino. Kung hindi ninyo nakakalimutan, sa bansa ng Greece, ang tingin lang sa atin nila doon ay mga katulong tayo. Hindi rin natin maitatanggi na merong mga bansa na ang tingin lang […]

Pinoys Really Need to Learn the Meaning of Respect

Once, while sitting down with a young friend, I was asked why other nationalities have so little respect for Filipinos. He went on to note how sad he was that the Philippines has become a laughing stock of the international community. Foreigners only see Filipinos as either thieves or whores and won’t accept a person’s […]

Public Service Announcement For This Storm Season

Hello again everyone, this is a public service announcement from your favorite socio-politico-cultural commentary website. We don’t normally do this, at least as far as I know, but since it’s quite obvious that we’re in for plenty of rain and other weather anomalies this rainy season, I think that you need to read some of […]

Fatal pollution: ‘Being in EDSA every day is as dangerous as smoking’ – atmosphere expert

Apparently CNN Philippines considers this “news” — maybe because this time, an expert in the field of atmospheric physics said it: people exposed to pollution along EDSA could be at high risk of cancer. According to Dr. Gerry Bagtasa who is head of the Bagtasa Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the Institute of Environmental Science and […]