A lot of decent Filipinos are getting fed up with arrogant squatters


The squatters in the Philippines have wreaked havoc in the country and they are out of control. The problem is quite obvious and the solution is staring everyone in the face; there are just not enough public servants with enough guts to address the issue. But someone has to put an end to the vicious cycle of squatting particularly in Metro Manila where most poor Filipinos from the provinces seem to converge.

Arrogant Filipino squatters

Arrogant Filipino squatters

The squatters or illegal settlers need to move out of wherever they have been squatting for years or even decades because they simply do not belong there. They have long enjoyed their stay, living on abandoned or unoccupied areas of land without being asked to move out. Some of them clog the rivers not just with their garbage, but also with their human waste, which eventually result in the flooding of the streets and residential areas of the cities specially in times of heavy rain. As long as the squatters remain where they are and are allowed to flourish, the Philippines will not reach its full potential as a business hub that finds favor in the eyes of foreign investors.

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Squatters indiscriminately dump waste onto Manila's waterways.

Squatters indiscriminately dump waste onto Manila’s waterways.

In other words, the activities of the people squatting are foul. They have no concern or respect for the rights or property of others and have total disregard for the environment and welfare of other people. Some squatters can also be quite arrogant, defiant and selfish when law enforcement agencies finally clamp down on their illegal activities. One video shows illegal settlers berating the court sheriff and demanding to know when and if they are going to be paid by cash or check before they agree to being relocated. Some even joked that the check better not bounce. They appeared to be enjoying their few minutes of fame in front of the camera relating their tales of woes. One wonders why the news crew tends to focus only on their plight and not the story behind why they were allowed to stay there for so long. There is a lot to be said about why they were allowed to stay squatting to begin with.

The squatter problem in the Philippines has been made complicated by misguided Filipinos who think that it is the Philippine government’s sole responsibility to provide housing, education and health for them. Not only is this notion unsustainable, it is an unfair burden on taxpayers.

Retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno recently said that “Filipinos must be able to demand from their government their right to housing, education and health, or these socioeconomic rights would remain mere words on paper.” While Puno’s sentiments seem noble, Filipino taxpayers simply cannot afford to fund the growing number of Filipinos living below the poverty line. Some of these squatters, despite living in tiny quarters no bigger than a box, have no qualms about multiplying at a fast rate. Perhaps they have been led to believe that their children can be used to gain access to hand outs from the government.

Filipino politicians do not help solve the problem of squatters at all. If anything, they actually contribute to their proliferation. The root cause of the squatter problem seems to be the lack of urban planning from each Barangay and weak enforcement of the law by members of various agencies who are not doing their jobs properly. Obviously, they did not nip the problem in the bud. Had they been doing their jobs, they could have easily evicted the first squatter before they multiplied and became the enormous problem they are today.

Apparently, there are times when the law enforcement agencies that include the police and the court sheriff are helpless in certain situations. They are supposed to act independently from elected officials but are unable to do their jobs until they get instructions from city Mayors who hold off on evicting squatters during election season or when their popularity is waning. This was evident when Davao Mayor Sara Duterte assaulted a court sheriff 2011 because the latter initiated the demolition of shanties in Davao’s Agdao district without her go signal. She said that she felt compelled to punch the sheriff to prevent violence from ensuing. The irony in justifying the Mayor’s actions escaped her and a lot of people who supported her when she attracted criticism.

Duterte’s actions probably made a lot of squatters think they need to be handled with kids’ gloves. These politicians have emboldened squatters who are now quick to throw a tantrum and use violence whenever they are dissatisfied with the government’s approaches and arrangements to relocate them.

Bianca Gonzalez: the long-awaited messiah of anti-squatter activism!

Bianca Gonzalez: the long-awaited messiah of anti-squatter activism!

Lately, the squatters’ sense of entitlement and tough stance have finally caught the attention of some of the members of the upper and middle class who are fed up with the troubles they are causing. A celebrity and social media activist, Bianca Gonzalez have spoken out against the way the Philippine government treats squatters like “babies”. She is getting a lot of kudos for her unwavering stand against the lack of fairness in how the issue is being handled. She highlighted that law-abiding citizens work hard to save money to be able to buy property legally but still get taxed for it while squatters don’t even pay anything to stay in illegally occupied lands. It’s been noted that a lot of the squatters show their arrogance while demanding compensation from the taxpayers. Speaking of babies for that matter, some people who can’t afford to feed themselves shouldn’t have more babies.

It has come to the attention of many Filipinos too that a convoluted law on squatters introduced in 1997 has made it difficult for the government to evict squatters. Republic Act 7279 merely punishes the “professional squatters”. They are defined by law as those who can afford to pay for legitimate housing or those who have received housing units from the government but have sold or leased it to others so they themselves can settle illegally again in another urban area in order to deceive the system by asking for more compensation. In other words, most squatters don’t even get penalized anymore for their illegal activities. They even get rewarded for wreaking havoc in the community. No wonder a lot of Filipinos would rather stay as squatters and have adopted a squatter mentality.

Who can solve the squatter problem in the Philippines? Certainly, the incumbent President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino cannot solve it. Someone even said that the Aquino-Conjuangco clans also act like squatters who have occupied Hacienda Luisita for decades. Violence and intimidation were key to helping them keep the lands that were meant for the poor farmers.

BS Aquino seems more preoccupied with his popularity than providing a permanent solution to the country’s long-standing issues. He will not risk the wrath of the squatters because the Liberal Party still needs to get their votes in the next Presidential election. The President could even increase the number of recipients of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) or dole outs to the poor as a way distracting them from the lack of progress during his term.

The reaction of the members of the thinking class is long overdue. They need to step up and call out what the government is doing, which is simply coddling the squatters. Philippine politicians need to quit being overprotective of people who abuse the system just to get the votes in the next election. This abusive behavior from both the public officials who buy off votes using tax payer’s money and squatters who take advantage of the situation need to end lest every corner of the country get run over by squatters.

[Photos courtesy Australia News Network, Lucy Who, and Asia Society.]

745 Replies to “A lot of decent Filipinos are getting fed up with arrogant squatters”

  1. If it were the cynical me, we should punish our generation by passing the law where it’s illegal to have babies unless approved by the government and only 1 child is allowed per family (twins, triplets or more may be a different case but let’s just skip the technicalities).

    Second, all squatters are to be round up and force to clean up their mess. Pay their time by years of public service either cleaning up, helping out in building infrastructures and other way. Children below 12 are to be taken in by the government and be ‘brainwished’ the right way regarding discipline, honor, integrity and critical thinking.

    Lastly, all else fails, all middle classes and a few higher classes abandon Manila and nuke the sh*t out of the place and start from scratch.

    1. You are too kind. In the city where I live, a enclave of squatters suddenly found their homes “burned” one day. Yeah, I really cried.

      First, no voting rights, so politicians do not have to pander to them.

      Second, no money to pay them to move. Why should taxpayers fund what is essentially illegal activity?

      Third – penalties for having kids. Mandatory ligation or sterilization for any squatter.

      Last – Give them 2 weeks to move, or, just like in China, the bulldozers come in and you can kiss your belongings goodbye.

      You can’t treat this people with kid gloves. You give someone a hand, only for them ti bite your whole arm.

      1. promote vasectomy na lang. get paid 18k to have vasectomy but this implies on 15-40yrs of age. then 40 above, required na. and if 26-40 wala ka parin earnings that would support a family. vasectomy na yan

        1. This isn’t going to work. Men who have literally nothing – no job, no money, no anything. Plus you want to take away their manhood? You won’t be able to convince educated individuals to do this. How much more the simpletons? Good luck with that.

    2. sana tumakbo at manalo si mayor duterte. kasama ang population control sa platform niya. at iisa-isahin niya yan. at eto pa ang matindi bago demolisyon siya mismo ang haharap sa mga mahihirap para kausapin sila. imagine isang presidente na pupunta mismo at makikipagusap sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan. OR sana siya ang prime minister to deal with internal affairs para magawa niya iyan. then si mar roxas will be the president to travel for foreign relations. eto lang ang naiisip ko ah. medyo malayo na ung nasabi ko. naisingit ko lang.

    3. lol. you’re correct when you mentioned manila. or let’s say NCR so it covers the whole metro manila. the problem with squatters is that they are so hard-headed as f@ck! the don’t know to how to understand and follow including some educated people who has this manileno attitude. gather them all and nuke this goddamn place to kingdom come.

        1. Squatters grab land illegally just like political land grabbers. Squatter communities also are a nest of all sorts of crime like what drug dealers promote. So a big yes to your rhetorical question.

        2. Yes, informal settlers are lataks of this society as soon as they get a sense of entitlement–relying on handouts, whining, complaining, not working.

      1. Two words — political correctness. Wouldn’t want to offend the poor squatters’ sensibilities would we? What do you expect from the Aquino trolls?

        At any rate, I suspect that’ll be a new article altogether. 😉

        1. The squatters couldn’t care less what term we use. It’s just the people with bleeding hearts who insists on using the term “informal settlers”. Illegal settlers is a more appropriate alternative to squatters.

        2. We called them “street nomads” back then during my high school days. But seriously, it’s still the same thing no matter what we call them.

        3. Time and again, people have sought out ways to assuage their perceived guilt. Often at the expense of common sense and honest taxpayers.

        4. Come on guys, lets call a spade a spade. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, goddamit its probably a duck!

      2. I believe “street nomad” refers to the ambulatory homeless persons on the street who move from place to place carrying their belongings in a makeshift kariton. Not those who have “settled” in a particular locale with a roof over their heads. There’s a distinction. 😉

        1. Ah. Point taken. 🙂

          Well, that was back then. I just usually call them squatters now. lol

      3. Criminals, is the right term. Trespasser is another correct term.

        Is is just that the bleeding hearts want to “uplift” them.

        What I do not get is why cant these bleeding hearts uplift them using their own personal resources?

        1. “What I do not get is why cant these bleeding hearts uplift them using their own personal resources?” – I agree.

        2. It is easy to give away things you do not earn.

          It is something different to give away something you do own.

      4. eto rin ang problema sa atin. kapag kausap ang mga squatter kelangan talaga prangkahan na. hindi sugar coated.

        ung parang, “puta ka gawin mo yan hatawin kita ng martilyo.” – ganito dapat. ung ended/closed-direct statement lang ang niitindihan nila. sounds brutal pero sa understanding nila mali ang gagawin nila kaya may parusa. ganun yan.

      5. to add. this people should not be given democracy. fedualism dapat dahil ung mind nila naka-set sa ganung era/time. (hindi nila kasalanan maging mahirap. there’s a history or reference point)

        and then pag feudalism (discipline is being applied/corporal punishment) na, nurture them by socialism. give them manual jobs with good pay then educate them while at work.

        to add, most filipinos really don’t get the concept of democratic-capitalism. americans are wrong when they applied this in our country. as per Orion of correctphilippines.org, and i believe this, U.S was made by immigrants, educated people from europe and other countries who knows how to fend for themselves already. so you get working class kaagad. dito sa atin we are non-immigrants, kaya the concept of hard work is not understood. at eto pa, wala lahat pera kasi nga mahirap at hindi alam ang mag-trabaho (not their fault). so, capitalism won’t work. because capitalism requires money and that an individual needs to function to acquire money whether you’re business man or employee.

      1. like my 1st comment above, democracy is designed for educated/enlightened people. their minds are set in the feudal times / middle ages. so feudalism-capitalism ang law dapat natin ngayon just to accomodate them tayo naman law abiding na kaagad at educated so walang problema tayo dyan.

        1. I believe the term was applied later, after Lina was no longer senator. The first incidence of “informal settlers” appearing in the media was around 2008-2009.

        2. What are they going to do if a member of the mainstream media uses the term squatter? Sue? Gimme a break!

        3. No need to sue. Just excoriate them on Twitter and Facebook. Turn them into pariahs like what they’re doing to Bianca Gonzalez. Horrible behaviour.

    1. i don ‘t understand why you have to be TOO sensitive with that. call them any way you want but they’re still SQUATTERS. and up to now i don’t know how they were able to register and vote if they don’t have an exact address. and how they were able to have electricity and water.

      non-taxpayer should NOT have the right to vote because they cannot understand the way a country should live. the real victim here are the middle-class because their salary is already deducted when it reach their hand, we all have the same sh*t everyday they’re not the only ones who have financial problems. think about those employees who have minimum wages. only have the exact amount of money to spend and then they sick without extra savings to buy medicine. those squatters do crimes because of that and they think its an excuse.

    2. Our Pol Sci Club adviser termed them “Palamunins of the State”.. he is a college professor and a Commission of Human Rights lawyer..

  2. Come on…it’s the same thing…you’re just trying to be politically correct by saying “informal settlers is the right term”. they mean the same thing and i won’t even try to be polite by avoiding the word squatter. if you want to call them informal settlers then go…but don’t lecture us with what we should call them. it’s been “squatters” for years and just because some people want to please these people they came up with “informal settlers”. another way of showing that we treat these people like babies. boo.

  3. Ms. Bianca, you can be the face of the hardworking, law abiding salaried and middle class taxpayers. Now I know that not all movie and tv celebrities have nothing in between their ears except making “pa cute” gestures in public. Please do not stop what you just have started. May your kind increase.

    1. They’d be opposed by those who call the middle class arrogant for that argument, calling the system out for that and those who own the land also being the subject of jokes… like the ones of Pixel Offensive.

      I know they demand that something be done to boost the poor to the middle class, but I don’t know how can it be done.

  4. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines squatter as follow: : squatter-one that settles on property without right or title or payment of rent; someone who lives in a building or on land without the permission of the owner and without paying : someone who squats. Why should our definition be different?

  5. This is what i love about this blog site. Straight to the point, and say that no one ever dare say. Regaring squatters, call them whatever you want, yes, they ultimately mean the same thing. I prefer calling them the underbelly of society for all i care.

    Sure, call me arrogant, obnoxiously rude, or churlish, i say what others dare not say! WAKE THE EFF UP! These people have done nothing but delay the progress that we ought to have, ought to enjoy.

    Yes, i am a freakin taxpayer but unlike these squatters who are unemployed and continue living on dole-outs and begging (not to mention, COMPLAINING), i have WITHOLDING TAX that is taken from me every pay day, that is more than what squatters pay because technically, they have VAT, when they purchase stuff.

    Lest i forget to mention, these squatters typically blame others for their plight yet they don’t think about their own accountability to their lives. Tsk tsk tsk.

    1. Too Bad this blog does nothing except that. Blabber and blabber yet do nothing.

      This blog was a great time killer to say the least. Really hooked me up.

  6. If squatters keep winning them elections then they are a majority and should be taken as the voice of the people. It’s constitutional and just because miss Bianca Gonzales pays more taxes it doesn’tmean she can have a say where she wants it to go.

      1. dang I love your argument Erwin! 🙂
        and jeppy, we’ve been hearing the side of the squatters for years now…won’t it be at the very least “productive” for our country to hear the other side? and what’s wrong with what bianca said anyway? she just said that we shouldn’t treat them as babies…she didn’t say that we should treat them unjustly.

    1. That’s a stupid notion. You are saying now that people who pay no taxes and overextend our social services have a greater say than everyone else. Especially those who pay taxes and engage themselves politically.

    2. If squatters keep winning them elections then they are a majority and should be taken as the voice of the people.

      That’s why I prefer a meritocratic society, similar to the one in Starship Trooper where all people have all basic rights, except for right to vote. If you want to vote, then prove you can contribute something to the society before you can have the right to vote.

    3. @jeppy

      Uh… she does have every right more than these non-tax payers do.

      Yung mga squatters nga complain ng complain but have they contributed anything, financially? I think not.

      Cut Bianca some slack because she’s damn right.

      1. No income tax to proved .should not allowed to vote. Most vote buying recipients are jobless.
        Those person don’t pay taxes and no permanent address should be treated as second class citizen and cannot vote.Make this as a law Lito Lapid. Your first and last bill that became a law is suck.

    4. gets kita pero ang nakararami ang mali eh. kelangan hindi sila masunod. iron hand grip needs to be applied in the country like lee kuan yew.

  7. Yung may kasalanan nito is the man who authored the “Lina Law”, former Senator Joey Lina, na nuknukan ng talino. Panay papogi. There are 2 rights to consider and one the other half are the rights of the property owner.

    This Stupid law is being abused by the local politician and local executives to cuddle votes every elections.

    Pugad ng mga adik, hostess, Kirminal, basura at wala disiplina. Nag nanakaw ng kuryente at tubig tapos ang mga nagbabayad ng mga nakaw nila ay ang mga konsumer. Wala silang disiplina.

    Pabrika ng mga bata at sangol ang mga squatter na eto. anak sila ng anak pero di naman nila mapakain at ma pagaral. Tapos kung umasta, akala mo sila ang pinaka-kawawa sa boong mundo at galit na galit pag sinisita mo. Inaapi daw silang mahihirap.

    These stupid people fail to realize that, you do not have to be rich or poor to be decent and discplined.

    Mawala na kayo….Kawawa naman yung mga nabubuhay ng marangal…

    1. grabe ung mga words mo mr…parang mula sa kanunununuan mo walang naging mahirap ah….parang ndi nmn tama yang mga words na yan..ndi na makatao yan

      1. Dr. Mengele was right. Go back to your provinces and make your lives productive there kung may diskarte kayo at hindi tamad. Manila is not the place for you. You’re just ruining the city. Don’t put the future of your kids in a more complicated situation. Actually, living in a country side is better than squatting and living in misery.

  8. @bida kapamilya
    sa haba ng article yan lang napansin mo?
    hindi mo napansin yung halaga at yung gusto ipahayag ng author.

    wag nyo na po pag aksayahan ng panahon kung ano ang tamang tawag sa kanila.

    1. Yan lang kasi ang kaya ng utak niyang intindihin sa article na ito.
      Wag ka na magexpect ng matatalino sa mga malacanang trolls since kung saan saan lang kasi sila kinuha ni Mr. Carandang.

  9. kawawa nmn ung mga mahihirap,ndi alam na inaalipusta na sila ng todo todo sa blog na to na puro mayayaman ang mga readers at ng cocoment.

    1. haha…hindi po ako mayaman…and i don’t need to be wealthy and educated to get the point of this article. hindi ko ho maintindihan kung bakit mahirap intindihin ang point ng article na ito.

      1. that is why you need to be educated…give theme free and affordable education may help them to understand…if you give a man a fish it will survive for days,teach him how to catch fish and it will live forever…!

        1. i have nothing against giving free, affordable and quality education to everyone. this is one of the best ways of addressing poverty. but then again, that’s a whole new topic that needs to be discussed. what we’re discussing for the meantime is the problem of those presently squatting.

    2. im a middle class resident,i didnt squat,but i have nothing against them..we have a business,at aaminin ko na ndi lng nmn ung mayayaman ang dahilan kaya kumikita ang bisnes,aminin ntin kung wla ung mahihirap na un,,malamang na ndi ganun kalaks ung ibng mga bisnes..at sana wag nmn sila matahin na sobra sobra,at wag ipagdasal na mawala na parang ndi sila kabilang sa mundo na to.

      1. middle: that’s a totally new argument altogether re kumikita from these squatters. we are not discussing their value as customers here. we are discussing the effects of squatting and the squatters to the environment, to the government, to the nation, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

        1. Hoy Bugoy! Gago! Kaya mo pala makapangusap sa sariling wika sa kapwa mo Pilipino (pero halatang hirap ka Bugoy). Ang punto ninyong mapang-alipusta e marumi at masama at walang kwenta ang itinuring na squatters, at kayong mga mas angat sa kanila ay marangal at malinis at kapaki-pakinabang. Malabo ang mata at pag-iisip mo Bugoy! Hindi uunlad ang kabuhayan ng mga mayayaman kundi sa mga squatter na yan. Kung may isip ka, mauunawaan mo tinutukoy ko Bugoy. Mas malaki ang naiaambag na tax ng mga yan kaysa sa mga tulad mong (siguro) kumikita tuwing kinsenas at katapusan o sustentado pa din ng mga magulang. Ang mga katulad nila na paminsan-minsang kumikita ay bumibili na kendi, sigarilyo, kape, shampoo, alak, atbp. Na ang mga yan ay may kalakip na “evat” at magbilangan kayo kung sino sa inyo ang may mas maraming nabibili sa bawat araw ng mga nabanggit ko at itumbas mo ang naiaambag na buwis. Bobo!!!

      2. @middle: You’re probably just kid of some businessman because you don’t know the effect of squatters to taxpayers. Every month the government deducts our salary so they could fund the needs of these parasites. They always qualm that it’s hard to find a job but they do nothing to increase their competency, skills and knowledge to find a proper job. They chose to have 8-10 children so they can use the children for earning money, they chose to squat because it’s free and no tax to be paid, they chose to live like that because they are lazy and do nothing to improve their livelihood. This is the right time for them to get their asses up and work hard.

        1. if you can provide them all free education it will help..atlist… maybe..!just remember parasite in your tommy can do more damage compare to those in your foot..how much more those who rich to your head..relate to the class of youre socity who benefits most of your tax. a flesh of good meat will always go to the master to eat,lift over to the servant and bones to the dog..hope you get my point..

        2. @pogs: Nah they were already given a lot of incentives and they’re still not moving their asses. You’re just encouraging those juan tamad parasites to continue being freeloaders.

        3. @pogs: we already have free education…public school education is free. now it’s up to these people if they will grab this opportunity and put this into good use. also, what we need is to improve the quality of education provided by some of the public schools.

    3. hindi lahat mayaman adre. ako middle class. hindi nila kasalanan maging mahirap, masakit din sa loob ko pero kelangan talagang maturuan sila. sa kanila din nagmumula ang mga halang ang kaluluwa eh.

    4. human man @
      Ang tanong,saan dadalhin ang mga surplus na ito.
      Gagawing pagkain para sa live stock. Hopeless na maka rekober pa ang pinas, mas marami ang tao kesa oportunidad. Matira matibay na lang.

  10. Death penalty, anti-squatting law, “only tax payers(include minimum wage earners) can only vote” law. 3 laws that can help improve our country.

  11. why do we have to argue on what should we call them… the bottom line is that most of those people living in shantis doesn,t have goals and plan so go back to the province and don’t make manila your home,,,,

  12. Indeed life is not always fair., I watch the news lately and look at those houses built for these what we call informal settlers and damn they look good than ours and pay for it less than my daily wage. And me wishing to owned a new house someday. We feed these arrogant people, we built there houses that’s the fact. And these people keep on blabbering.

  13. Wala kayong karapatan magpaalis ng mahirap.. protektado sila ng constitution natin!! wag nyo pairalin ang pagkatanga nyo.. ang tamang daan jan ay ieducate nyo sila na mali ang ginagawa nila! IGNORANCE IS BLISS.. kaya nga di nila alam na napipinsala na nila ang sewers so what… education is the solution.. matagal yan pero pag napagana ng mga pulitiko ang ieducate ang mga illegal settlers sila mismo ang magkukusang aalis..

    1. Where do they go then? It’s one of the major reasons why these informal settlers are still there. They got no place to go.

    2. my uncle died because they are claiming their land sa mga informal settlers. My uncle is offering them home at a province near the metro. They declined and threaten him he will be killed if he return.
      He went back with good news since his friend opened a business and needs workers, so he asked them about it and free housing as well. and they shot him. Anong klaseng education ang pwede mo maioffer sakanila @bodjie kung yun nga spoon feeding na, inooffer libreng bahay and job opportunities ganun pa ginawa nila? Goodluck sir.

      1. What business would that be, good sir? Also I cannot fathom as to why when they are offered an opportunity to get a better life, they drive that away? And where would that location be?

        If all that you say is true, I am saddened even more by the condition we live in.

      2. Really?

        How sad. COndolence sir. May his kind soul rest in peace.

        Back to topic, yes these people are actually very violent and will kill when they see fit. On the other hand, many of them are actually very stupid and easily resort to violence as their last option. I see news about people from the slum getting slain everyday and the law is just not that interested in helping them anyway.

    3. @Bodjie: We have public schools that offer free tuition fee but they chose not to go to school, they chose the life of an illiterate, incompetent and unskillful parasite because they are damn lazy! So shut your trap and get your mind straight up!


      1. agree, agree:

    5. at saang artikulo naman sa sinasabi mong konstitusyon na pede kang tumira sa lupang hinding-hindi mo pag aari aber???

      at naniniwala kang magkukusang aalis pag naging edukado?? seryoso???

    6. Bodjie @
      Tuwa lang namin na sana sa inyong property mag SQUAT ang mga squatters na ito.
      Sa china di ka puwedeng pumunta ng ibang probinsya kung wala kang work permit. Dapat ay ganito na rin ang gawin sa pinas

  14. Thanks for this article! My sentiments exactly! Most of them paid to taxes and still they have the audacity to demand! These lost-cost housing, environmental rehabilitation, etc,.. every projects for metro development came from TAX PAYERS!


    1. hahahaha…cant stop laughing…easier said than done, eh? Bodjie, it’s the mentality that we’re trying to get rid of here. pag alam ng squatters that they can get away with what they want (bibigyan ka ng libreng pabahay for one), kahit ieducate mo sila, walang mangyayari. kaya balik tayo sa point na wag natin sila ibaby… THEN they’ll realize that you have to earn everything in the real world.

  15. Whether you call them “squatters” or “informal settlers,” we need to identify the root of the problem to solve it.

    The millions of poor in urban areas indicates that conditions in the rural areas are deteriorating. Limited resources — financial or otherwise — as well as the lack of access to them, have prompted rural dwellers with few skills to migrate to cities to attempt to improve their quality of living. In the cities, they face the dilemma of adequate housing and resort to illegally occupying vacant land and/or property to provide rudimentary shelter.

    This is compounded by the attitude of a succession of government agencies. During the Marcos years they treated squatters with antipathy. Illegally occupying vacant land was deemed a social evil that had to be eradicated. Consequently, squatting was classified as a criminal offense. During the Aquino years the government turned this paradigm on its ear. In a complete reversal of her predecessor’s policy, Cory decided apathy was the way to go. Instead of developing a proper solution to the problem of urban blight and overcrowding, much of the post Marcos legislation covering urban squatters considered them victims that would eventually be the primary recipients of government largesse.

    All this fails to address the fact that deteriorating social and economic conditions in areas far removed from Malacañang are evidence of a failure of government. Since we became independent the Philippines has not been able to create an environment that stimulates development or foment prosperity. We haven’t even been able to provide the minimum required public infrastructure. If those issues aren’t solved, the problem of squatting will only continue to persist well into the new century.

    1. Bravo Johnny Saint! Finally, someone dared to address the root cause. Not just the symptom.
      What I got from the “arrogant squatter” post by writer was basically just a rant that someone should do something to sweep away the squatters and the problem is solved. Without addressing the true cause, you won’t find a true solution.


    2. My wife, who lived in Negros, can confirm that there’s no opportunity in the rural area and majority of the people thinks Manila as sort of paradise.

    3. This was also exacerbated when the cory administration did not support the countryside. Because of lack of support many of them transferred to the city looking for opportunities to earn a living. Marcos was keen on helping the countryside, if it were not for him our problem right now would have been much, much worse. Developing the countryside is the key.

      1. Pardon my french, but Marcos “keen on helping the countryside” is utter bullshit! Marcos economic policies pushed whatever industries were left in the wake of his takeover to shut down by making them unable to compete in the market. This concentrated business in the hands of Marcos and his cronies. Away from the provinces and closer to the urban centers around Metro Manila. That is the reason rural dwellers migrated to Metro Manila and became squatters.

  16. sa tingin ko lang mas magandang arugahin na ng gobyerno itong mga “squatter/basura” na tinatawag nyo kaysa naman mapunta lang sa mga bulsa nila yun pera na binabayad “natin” sa tax, mas maigi na makuntento tayo kung ano mayron tayo ngayon kaysa sa manghamak ng kapwa tao tutal on the long run mamamatay pa rin tyo lahat mapa mayaman ka man o mahirap at tiyak uod lang ang makikinabang sa utak at katawan. maging si Hesus nga wala man ni kapirasong lupa nun nabuhay siya kaya nabangit nga niya na “foxes have holes” dahil alam nya na pansamantala lang tayo dito sa mundong ito na punong puno ng mga problema, sakit, kalamidad at paghihirap just be happy and live life norms.. just my 1c

    1. maganda po ang tumulong pero may hangganan. pag pagbibigyan natin ng pagbibigyan ang squatters, wala hong katapusan yan at madadagdagan lang sila ng madadagdagan. pano naman ho ang mga legally bumili ng lupa? wag na natin iinclude ang mga mayayamang may-ari ng sangkatutak na lupa. paano ung mga pinaghirapang makabili ng lupa at, in the end, eh they still have squatters to deal with? point is: bakit binubuhos natin ang pera ng gobyerno/pera ng taxpayers sa mga taong gumagawa ng illegal kung ipondo na lang natin ang perang eto to build more classrooms? to give better education? na magbigay ng mas malawak na health benefits sa lahat? to improve and promote our agriculture? speaking of agriculture, instead na bigyan natin ng pabahay ang ma eto, bakit hindi natin iimprove ang mga pwedeng kunan ng income ng mga Pilipino especially sa province para hindi na sila pumupunta dito, maghirap at mag-squat di ba? kagaya nga rin ng sabi sa bible: “teach them how to fish instead of giving them fish” or something to that effect.
      P.S. wala namang sinabi sa bible na walang bahay si Jesus. Jesus preaches and reaches out to everyone that’s why He’s always on the go at hindi pumipirmi sa isang pwesto.

    2. and yes, lahat naman tayo mamamatay…pero kaya rin binigay ang mundong eto sa atin ay para pangalagaan. moreso, if hindi natin mapipigilan ang mga squatters, ngayon siguro matitiis natin. eh paano naman ang next generation satin, ang mga anak natin? life is temporary, but, speaking for myself, i strive to provide as much as i can for the next generation (my kid for one) to have a better shot at a brighter future.

    3. Didn’t Christ said something like ‘Give a man fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life’? Guess what the politicians are doing.

    4. parehas din yan …sa bulsa nila o sa iskwater, parehong sayang …. di baleng kahit madoble tax ko gumanda lang ang mundong ginagalawang ko lam mo yun??? oo in the long run mamamatay din tayo, ….sana nga mauna sila

  17. Great work as always, Ilda. But as I mentioned in a previous blog post, what about the rich but squatter Sys, Tans, Gokongweis, etc.? What they have are mostly fake land titles. Rich squatters is what they are. That huge piece of land near Quezon Ave. MRT station is one big fake land title of Lucio Tan. And there are plenty others. Typically Filipino. They can enforce the law on the poor, but not the rich. Now that’s rich (no pun intended). I say if government is going after squatters, they should go after ALL squatters. Just because they dress in fine suits, speak fluent English and drive fancy cars, doesn’t mean they’re not squatters too.In true Filipino fashion, the government goes after poor squatters but lets rich squatters get away scot-free. Hey yo, Indio!

    1. @Commiecs

      Well, yes. People with squatter mentalities are not limited to those who live in the slums. You can also find them in the upper class of Phil society. They are the ones who have no concern or respect for the rights or property of others and have total disregard for the environment and welfare of other people. Some of them can be quite arrogant, defiant and selfish when law enforcement agencies finally clamp down on their illegal activities. For some reason, the family of BS Aquino comes to mind. 😉

    2. If you ask me, the Tans, Gokongweis, and Sys, are more of “positive squatters,” since they worked their way up and proved themselves as industrious and achieving people. Not like the other families who have been “squatting” on land ever since the Spanish era. Ilda’s rught, it’s these older families who should be barked on. As per “An Anarchy of Families” by Alfred McCoy.

  18. OK, they are a problem, BUT when the author of the essay says that “they have long enjoyed they’re stay”, HUH? WTF R U MAD? try living like these wretches do and see if YOU “ENJOY” a single second of your life.

    these people, and the entire country, are FUCKED! and I do not see a single sentence in this or any other essay (here in GRP OR anywhere else!) that properly addresses this sad situation. Surely over-populating is not helping, BUT WTF IS?

    While the rich and powerful of the country RAPE the TREASURY, what do the honest tax-payers do? attack the least among society! BRAVO, NOT! instead of the ones who should be attacked, attack those with nothing. WHY IS THAT? A convenient target? a Catholic country that seems to WANT to kick the downtrodden! How ironic.
    I do not have the answers to what should be done with these people, but apparently, neither does anyone else.

    1. solution: instead of endlessly funding relocation sites and rent allowances to these people, we should fund revenue-generating activities to areas where they can legally own lands. madaming squatters ang galing province because they feel that they have a better chance to a better life here. eh kung iimprove na lang ang, say, agriculture doon eh di matiwasay ang buhay nila dun.

    2. some readers always conveniently point out that the rich and the powerful are equally evil (lack of a better term)… yes, some of them are scums of the society… but that’s a different issue altogether deserving of another article. let’s limit the issue here to squatting.

      1. Sure, got anything to add in terms of a solution?

        I doubt you do. I point out one of the causes of the problem and what do you do? Say limit the discussion?

        I want to see someone here do MORE than ‘bitch’ about the problem. I do not like it any more than anyone else, BUT TRY BEING ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! for 5 minutes, try it!

        1. Yes, Gerry, limiting the issue puts us into proper perspective,therefore, ADDRESSING the issue. If you want, you can submit your own article to GRP with your issues and mind and then we can all calmly discuss the issue. If we don’t limit the issue here, discussion is going nowhere as well as the solution to the problem. As to the solution, at least I have a solution in mind. Please give one of your own and stop whining about the world in general. Let’s all be productive.

        2. and empathizing with people doesn’t mean that we have to tolerate what they’re doing illegaly.

        3. U kno, ONE thing I do not like is when people are sooooo brave as to tell other people what to do from behind a PC screen. YOU would not even attempt in person. Believe me, you would not.
          I’m not ‘whining about the world in general’either. its not anywhere in the statement I made. Rich people NEED poor people and that is one reason this problem exists.
          I am not going to tell YOU what to do, BUT if you think I am going to do anything because YOU told me to, HA! Na,That won’t be happening buddy, ever!

        4. @gerry: okay, you’re getting immature with your comments….waste of time, this is going nowhere. phrase of the week: BE PRODUCTIVE. ’nuff said. 🙂

    3. @Gerry

      That was a figure of speech. If you don’t know what that means, please read:

      A Figure of Speech is where a word or words are used to create an effect, often where they do not have their original or literal meaning.

      If someone says that they are ‘starving’, they do not mean that they are in fact dying of hunger, but that they are very hungry. This is a simple example of a figure of speech, where the word is used to heighten or increase the state that they are describing. A metaphor or a simile are two of the most common forms used.

      The use of the word “enjoy” does not necessarily mean the squatters were having a ball living in that condition, but that their stay was tolerated for a long time.

      And please read up on the other articles here if you want more solutions to the country’s woes. This article is far from addressing every aspect of the squatter problem. You’ve been reading GRP long enough to know that we have constantly addressed other issues and cannot possibly fit everything in one article.

      1. YOU really think I don’t know what a figure of speech is? DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT?
        I took what you said at face value, as if I am a mind reader and know you personally and how you think?

        YOUR article led me to believe that is what you meant, they ‘enjoy’ their ‘stay’. YOUR words, not mine.

    4. ^ Nitpicking 101. Please try to absorb the entirety of this article. The article is not about the enjoyment of the informal settlers. Lastly, if you’re in for an argument, never use foul language. State facts and your opinion in a calm manner.

      1. So, YOU KNOW what the article is about? Do YOU? Different people read the same thing and think differently about what they read.(THIS should be obvious!)
        TELL someone else what to do (really think I will do as YOU say?) REALLY, do ya?), as if you TELL me anything, HA!

    5. WTF R U %$#*&?… what ever you get for FREE is most likely an “ENJOYMENT”…

      walang tax
      walang monthly amortization
      walang ambag sa lipunan




      1. SO, if I GIVE you a SHIT SANDWICH, YOU will ENJOY IT?
        GOOD LUCK with that!

        LOL, how long were you making that one up? nice one!

        1. False analogy. You mean kung NINAKAW ko yung shit sandwich mo? E sinong tanga? Anlayo ng analogy mo! Man! What is this Gerry smoking?! What a stupid mor0n!

    6. Then, want them to stay like this? It seems you enjoy seeing them live like wretches.

      There is a solution. You are too blind to see it, or too stupid to understand it.

    7. I totally agree with you Gerry! They call “squatters” as thieves and yet the biggest thieves are in the upper echelon of our society. They dont get thousands but billions of pesos and they still remain in the government. But, the “thinking” and “educated” middle and the upper classes have been running the country for so long — why is our country still a poor country? Is it because of the squatters? Of course, not!

      1. @francesca

        I suggest you read the article again because you missed the part where I said that Filipino politicians do not help solve the problem of squatters at all. If anything, they actually contribute to their proliferation. The root cause of the squatter problem seems to be the lack of urban planning from each Barangay and weak enforcement of the law by members of various agencies who are not doing their jobs properly. Obviously, they did not nip the problem in the bud. Had they been doing their jobs, they could have easily evicted the first squatter before they multiplied and became the enormous problem they are today.

        1. @Ilda, Francesca is not referring to the article but rather what I said about the reasons why the squatters are there in that situation to begin with.

          No one likes arrogant squatters.

          The part you mention about the agencies not doing there jobs is another example of the gov’t.(people with the peso’s to do something about it) not using gov’t. peso’s to deal with the problem.

        2. Ilda, Pilipino ka ba? Sana maunawaan mo ang sasabihin ko. Itinuturing ng mga katulad mo na ang mga tinaguriang squatters at politiko ay di nakakatulong maisaayos ang suliranin sa isyung ito na parang asa na lang ang maliliit lagi sa gobyerno? Di ba’t ganu din kayo? Wala kayong salamin? Asa lang din kayo sa mga politiko, pamahalaan at ibang tao maisaayos ito habang kayo ay nakamasid lamang at walang nadaramamg pakikipag-kapwa-tao. Saan ba kayo naghahanap ng makukuhang kasambahay o driver o tauhan? Di ba’t sa mga tulad nila dahil mura, kukuha ka ba ng katulong sa halagang “minimum wage”??? Magkutkot din kasi kayo ng tainga paminsan-minsan para sumingaw din at mabawasan ang hangin sa utak nyo. Mga loko!!!

        3. at Daboy
          Misery loves company indeed. Kung galit ka sa mundo sipain mo na lang yung globe o magpunit ka ng world map. Your trite rantings are meaningless.

  19. Sana isulat ito sa Tagalog na naiintindihan ng common tao… Ng mga squatters o informal settlers. Soryy to say this… Hindi naman nila ito lahat naiintindihan e kaya wala silang pakialam kahit pa ano pa sabihin nain dito. Karamihan din sa kanila e hindi nakakabasa nito dahil wala silang access. Sino ang nakakabasa nito? Halos ung mga hindi squatters at hindi concern sa issue at un ibang lahi na nagiging dahilan para lalo tayong mapagusapan sa buong mundo. Bakit hindi ito isulat sa tagalog s pamamagitan ng media print, ikalat sa buong Maynila at s mga lugar n may squatters para kapag nabasa nila ay maisip nila o mainindihan kung anong klaseng sitwasyon sila meron at baka sakaling makapagisip sila at sila mismo ang umayos sa mga buhay nila.

      1. Oo, mababasa nila yan. D naman sila mamgmang sa pagbabasa. Kayo lang ang mangmang makapagpaunawa. Pustahan pa tayo di mo kayang tumambay sa lugar nila ng magdamag sa takot na mapagsamantalahan na rulad din nila na may takot din tumambay aa lugar nyo sa takot din na mapagsamantalahan at maalipusta.

    1. More reason for Filipinos to learn English. As if the squatters themselves don’t understand English. Down with Tagalog-only Philippines.

      1. di ako sang-ayon dyan. tandaan mo ito, tagalogs only stretches from central luzon down to southern tagalog region. if you want tagalog only, then federalize the country or we secede from the rest of the archipelago and turn nationalistic like german nazis.

  20. @Bodjie Yeah you’re obviously borderline squatter yourself resorting to insults as soon as possible. These squatters have been the main problem everywhere I go in the metro, they have done nothing at all to help our crumbling country. Everyday it’s the same thing, they’re just there abusing their “rights” and they are slowly depleting our resources. I’m pretty much fed up with their BS!

  21. in my opinion this article want a civil war between upper middle class and the poor. hinde mo lang alam bakit marami ang mahirap sa atin, gumising na po tayo, bakit sa europe, america, middle east etc., walang squatter tulad sa atin? bakit tayo nagpapakamatay para maging alila nila? ang buong mundo ay pinaghaharian ng iilan, dito sa pinas meron din silang katiwala, halos lahat ng malalaking kumpanya ay pag aari ng iilang pamilya lamang. kumikita ang bawat kumpamya ng bilyong bilyong peso bawat taon. lahat ng pulitiko natin mula sa presidente pababa ay hawak nila, at my share of stocks o part owner ng malalaking kumpanya. kaya hinde tayo magtataka bakit pataas ng pataas ang bilihin at wala silang ginagawa, dahil kahit maalis sila sa pwesto tuloy pa rin ang ligaya. bobo ba tayo? 2013 na po, search rbe, zeitgeist, 99%, occupy movement, tesla, etc… tax? saan ba napupunta ang malaking porsyento ng tax natin? mag saliksik.

  22. ps. simpling tanong gusto mo bang maging squatter? o gusto ba nila? o pareho tayo nagiging bobo dahil nangagarap maging pakyaw, charis, manalo sa lotto, sumayaw ng malandi para kumita ng pera.. etc…. 100 million to 1 ang probability if tingnan natin…. hinde po tayo ang my kasalanan, dahil wala naman talaga tayong kapangyarihan pwera magkaisa tayo (99%), dahil kung hinde para tayong walis tingting….

    1. Have you ever asked yourself this? What college did these people attend to? Let me guess. “Bone ‘Em Young University”, yeah that’s right folks. All of them graduated with flying colors!!! 🙂

  23. Good read! Actually, I’ve sense this coming sometimes soon but I guess this time, the settlers had bore their foot in places it should never be… I mean, their main reason is that they will come from a very far place going to work if relocated… But what about those who live in Laguna who are working hard? They work in places like Ortigas. It’s a pretty far journey yet they don’t whine and work harder just to bring home the bread… What has happened to our country?

    On the politicians… Well… It can be explained pretty easily… Less Squatters to buy, less votes in the elections…

  24. speaking of “utak squatter” mejo off topic pero na aalala ko kwento ng kapatid ko. pumunta sya sa isang squatter area to interview a resident for GMA show featuring “mahihirap” na swerteng nabunot. Naabutan nyang nagkakalkal ng basura/bakal yung mama na iinterviewhin nya. Tinanong nya ano po gagawin nyo sa nakalkal nyo? Ibebenta daw. Tapos ano po gagawin nyo sa pera? Pamasahe para makapasok ulit sa GMA studio baka mabunot ako ulit. tinanong pa ulit, so hindi po sa pag kain? sagot ay hindi di bale na sanay na kami sa tubig lang at kaning may toyo. suskopo. eto ata balak nila ngayon, hihingi ng “sustento” para mapaalis then babalik lang din or lilipat sa ibang pwedeng ma isquatan ulit. nakakairita.

    1. Re: utak-squatter
      We had a case study back in highschool about the living conditions of these squatters so we went to a squatters family living under a bridge. Langya, kumpleto gamit: TV, karaoke, VCD player (back when VCDs were a luxury for the middle class families), washing machine tsaka ref! And heck, they don’t even pay for water and electricity. Naka-tap sila dun sa pipe ng NAWASA/Maynilad tsaka sa lines ng Meralco.

  25. Although there are lots of complaints, is there anyone here who knows the solution to this problem? Preferably a solution where most parties can be happy with the decision?

    If you were in charge of handling all of the squatters in the Philippines and their fate, what would you do?

    1. jack, that is a completely valid question. and unfortunately there is no straight forward answer. i am american, i moved here with my wife, and i can honestly say i completely agree with this article, it is an issue that is rampant state side (especially among certain populations). i think the biggest issue at hand is the fact that these people expect to occupy lands illegally and get paid to do it, and the reason they have that form of thought is because it is whats happening. the reason they think they can get money is that is the only way to get them off the land short of dragging them kicking and screaming (which is what should be done in the first place) instead land owners are forced into “paying off” the occupants just to have access to their own property and sometimes its not just a couple peso, sometimes it can be as much as half the value of the property or more. this entitlement has to stop, it is the only way the Philippines is going to be able to drag itself out of being a 3rd world country. i see lots of potential for this country to succeed and come forward as a leading and prominent member of the world but at the same time to fail miserably due to its inability to properly correct both political and social issues. question now, like you said…. what to do about it??

    2. parang sa saudi. dapay may visa pag lilipat ka nang state or more like region sa atin. ex. bago makapunta ng manila yung tao, make sure may visa or permit to live & work there. If wala namang trabahong nag aantay wag pumunta at “makipag sapalaran”. At bago nila ma kukuha ang mga kamag anaks ay dapat ipetition according sa kakayahan nila. Sponsorship ika nga, if below minimum wage, wag papayagan na papuntahin ang kamag anak. May certain amount lang dapat na pwedeng mag sponsor visa para makapag patira ng kamag anak.

      Karagdagang hassle ito sa mga nag rerelocate with in PH pero very effective para mapigilan itong mga nakikipag sapalaran at pg dating sa manila tunganga, hangga’t sa malamon na ng systema at di na rin makauwi sa pinaggalingan kasi walang pamasahe.

    3. GOOD QUESTION. Instead of bitching about something/anything, how about a solution?

      I do not have one. BUT, in a country that is allegedly ‘PROUD to be Pinoy’ and Catholic, they seem to want to spit on the least amongst them.

      this surely is a shit-heap of a mess and it did not happen over-night. No EZ answers to this problem.

      1. I have a solution for you Gerry. Why don’t you have some of them live in your house, ie if you have one LOL. Since you seem to care so much for them. Go and invite them in. Hav e them live with you and post here how things go.

  26. juantangakaba, additional sa knowledge mo since magaling ka naman ata mag saliksik…ikaw lang ang may power na iaangat ang buhay mo at walang ng iba. Ang problema ng karamihan sa individual, nag fo-focus sa kanilang circle of concern imbes na circle of influence. Meaning, dun sila nakatutok 90% sa mga bagay na wala silang control imbes na dun sa mga bagay na may magagawa sila. bakit may mahirap na yumayaman, kse inalis na nila sa isip nila ang umasa sa gobyerno at tulong ng pulitiko. ang natitira sa baba ay ung mga bobo…isa na ang mga skwater dito. yan ba nasaliksik mo? basahin mo “7 habbits of highly effective people”

  27. kamay na bakal ang solusyon. oops, bring those eyebrows down – hindi martial law-ish kamay na bakal kundi isang sistemang matibay at di nababali. once and for all decide na alisin lahat ang squatters – give them something to start with and that’s that. para lang tayong nakikipag negotiate sa terorista eh.. why are we at their mercy? just be firm and stick with it.

  28. Just to clarify, your use of the label “squatter” also includes underpaid laborers, malnourished children, the unemployed and homeless. I am not taking sides here but you should realize that you are describing all of these individuals in one sweeping statement not only specific to this situation but also more than likely to how you were brought up with this “squatter” stereotype in your head.
    It is akin to how white people freely used “nigger” insofar as it was related to a lot of undesirable attributes. To these you added “arrogance” and “self-entitlement” while pointing fingers at these same people for not only being the cause of their own poverty but also harming a tourism industry that by the way, thrives in consumerism and environmental neglect.

    I believe the word “squatter” does not define who they are as human beings and they each have their own history WHY they are poor and unable to rise up from their situation. They happen to live in the slums. In this situation we can see the kind of desperate survival poverty has pushed them towards.

    How absurd to think that it is the poor who perpetuates poverty or to blame them for it.

    It’s pretty apparent that poverty, homelessness and hunger in third world countries are only symptoms of a global disease and there are several, more important factors to address aside from implementing the law against squatting. I myself prefer the word slums but would back out from defining people as squatters but as indigents who live in slums.

    1. Speaking only for myself (since I can’t represent the rest), I use the word squatter here in its LITERAL meaning and nothing else. That’s how I want to conveniently call them pertaining to this particular issue that we are all now discussing. I can’t stop you or the rest of the world to attach another meaning to this word. Methinks that whoever is too sensitive to use this word is also guilty of attaching other less humane meaning to it, whether they say it out loud or not. I also know that the word squatter is something that you can easily get from the dictionary unlike the other terms that you keep on forcing us to use. Thus, I’m sticking to squatter.

    2. thank you for explaining the word squatter. but you said “your use of the label “squatter” also includes underpaid laborers, malnourished children, the unemployed and homeless”

      yes it is “ALSO” include those meaning. but the author is using the word itself.

      at hindi naman yan ang problema. bat yan ang pinagtatalunan

    3. Great, we’re arguing about semantics now?

      Indeed, there may be underpaid blue-collared workers among them, and I salute them for the hard work that they do? Suppose it is time the government and society itself appreciates them a little more?

    4. And just how different are they from thieves? Most thieves steal because of their dire condition. They could easily make the excuse that they need to eat too and couldn’t get a job. So should we sympathize with these the thieves and should not “stereotype” them?

  29. This problem seems not to be solved by the philippine goverment so many many years its always coming back and there is no action being done to push them away and demolishing their slum areas causing all the floods and chaos when its comes the rainy season until someone lost their lives to the floods…They need to do a systematic approach to removed them from a danger zone so nobody will get hurt and save their lives.

  30. GRP, may I present another side of this argument that is not my own? I’d like to see your take on this argument I’m showing to you.

    There are those who call the middle class arrogant for declarations against the illegal settlers, one of them being Pixel Offensive. Declaring that it is by the semi-feudal & semi-colonial system of government to which these people were forced into squatting around Metro Manila, and are calling out the Filipino-Chinese high-level businessmen (the likes of Sy, Gokongwei, Tan, etc.) for laying claim to such land and manipulating stuff, thus contributing to the fact that the informal settlers are indeed hard-pressed. They argue that all Filipinos have the right to good residence, and poke fun at those Tsinoy businessmen who have a considerable hold over the Philippine system (e.g. Ayalas: “If we could own the air you breathe, we’d buy that too” or similar jokes.). I’m not good at memorizing details of the argument from Pixel Offensive (colloquially named PxO), but that’s their line of reasoning. More can be found at their facebook page, hopefully for info on their argument.

    What’s your take on this?

    1. If you can prove that the Ayalas and other rich families stole land, then they should be prosecuted. And yes, rich and poor thieves deserve to go to jail!

  31. My opinion, I would take side for Activist Bianca Gonzales. But probably most of our fellow Pinoys would take us, those that are against squatters are snubs and snooty. We have to understand these squatters are similar to homeless ones but squatters are far difficult to deal with. It’s True they are arrogant. Because they do not know much. They make their situation as their excuses and blame it to the ones that are able and the government. I would take the blame to the land owners why they let it happen/tolerating when the issues were just small/can still control and our corrupt government (these bodies of so called “regulators” take advantage of the uneducated & see the squatters as part of their “sideline income”) and squatters are “protected” and untouchable. It’s political. People from the country move to the city & are hopefuls for that opportunity. Not arm with knowledge and education in the first place and so they cannot qualify or find a job that will support their plan for a “better life” and dreams to come true (If they only realized that there’s nothing wrong living in the country & do agriculture/farming). They ended up more miserable if not, worst and become bad people for our society. Philippine government is not like rich countries that you can have government support for charity/donation and food stamp programs. It is a shame esp. when tourists come to our country and the first thing they see is the pathetic and ugly side of our beautiful country. We suppose to be one of the greatest nation in Asia (honestly, until now, I still do not get it) because we are one of the brightest, smart, and able. But we are so blinded by our crookedness and dishonesty. The main reason we cannot move to prosperity. It is funny because we try hard to kick Americans out of our country kasi we said “we do not wish to be foreigner’s or American puppy” but come to think of it who owns and who are the richest people now in the Philippines di ba foreigner din? Mga Tsino. Mas matindi sila ’cause of their wit for using Pinoys for their advantage @ least, the Americans would meet us 50-50. Haay, ewan.

    1. So should I also sympathize with the common thieves? They have no jobs and no money and most have miserable lives. Should I also feel sorry for them? I’m sure you also hate thieves. Does that make you one of the “snubs and snooty”?

  32. I understand everyone’s argument and I also believe that it’s unfair that we’re paying our taxes to fund those people who are relying too much on our government.

    I also came to the point thinking, I’m working to fund my needs, why can’t they? And came to realize.. it’s not entirely fair to them as it is not fair for us. Most of us, can’t say that we worked hard to fund our needs, why can’t they? Most of them do, but let us also consider that we can’t just say that it’s totally unfair for us. What I’m getting to is, they don’t have the equal opportunity given to us (by our parents) to have a good education that enable us to work to meet our needs. Let’s say, “still, our parents worked hard to give us our education”, yep they did, but that doesn’t give us the right to brag that what we’re enjoying today is because of us, and what they’re suffering today, is caused entirely by them. Well, just looking at the root cause of the problem, let’s just keep our arguments to what is fair. But let’s say, you came from a family of nothing, worked your ass off to go to school and fund you’re study all by yourself, by all means, brag away!

    1. naniniwala akong lahat ay may opportunity para mai-angat ang sarili. mas mahirap siguro sa kanila kasi magsisimula sa pinaka ilalim pero sure ako sa ilang taong pamumuhay nila na kahit papano merong kumatok na oportunidad na maganda para makapag simula. like mamasukan habang nag aaral, mamasukan at mag ipon muna pang negosyo etc. napakarami po pwedeng gawin kaso karamihan ayaw na lang gumalaw kasi napakahirap pra sa kanila at mas madali ang mag tamad tamaran, umasa at isisi sa iba o sa kung ano ano pa.

      hindi lang naman education ang puhunan para umangat eh. pwede namang daanin muna sa diskarte, sipag at tyaga hanggat kaya na maka afford ng education di ba o di kayay diretso na mapalago ang negosyo.

      ex. yung maid namin nag aaral sa gabi pero naninilbihan sa amin sa umaga. college na sya ngayon at umaasang maiaangat nya sarili nya in the future at maging bahagi sa mga sinasabing “tax payers”.

      yung lola ko, kasambahay din dati at ipinasok nya yung anak nya (na nanay ko) sa same house para manilbihan din, in return pag aaralin ung nanay ko plus konting allowance(hindi sahod). Tapos yung nanay ko naman habang ng sisilbi at nag aaral, yung allowance nya tinitipid nya at pinag papaaral nya din sa kapatid nya (na anti ko). Pinag ambagan ng lola at nanay ko ung tuition ng anti ko. At nang naka graduate yung aunti ko, nakapag abroad at sya na din ang isa sa kambag ng nanay ko na tumutulong sa iba pa naming pinsan na sadlak sa buhay.

      ngayon di ba nila kayang gawin yun? or anything like that? small steps, one at a time.

    2. How unfair is it that in the province, they get to have veggies that are dirt cheap?

      Also, they could simply pick fruits like makopa, aratiles, and camachile easily in places where they used to be! I suggest they get deported back to their provinces and earn their keep there first.

    3. the people running the country are stealing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, not peso’s. Poor people, and the tiny fraction of peso’s it would take to improve their lives, are PEANUTS to what the people at the top are STEALING. why do you think there is no FoI bill yet? or why there is no declaring what/how much money the thieves have in foreign currency bank accounts? the law was made to protect the thieves, isn’t that, at least, OBVIOUS?

      1. Off topic ka na pre. This article is about the squatters. Why don’t you find an article about graft and corruption, then post your comments there! M0r0n!

  33. Squatting, plain and simple, is STEALING SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY. Under no circumstance can this be justifiable, even by poverty. Perhaps what is most visible are those cases where large tracts of lands owned by powerful individuals are concerned. However, squatting also affects small landowners who worked hard to purchase their properties by their own blood, sweat, and tears, and paying real property taxes on them as well. Stealing is a crime, and should be treated as such, regardless of what was stolen, how it was stolen, and who it was stolen from.

  34. bat nga nmn aalisin ng gobyerno, edi nawalan sila ng boto? ang mga trapo kc, jan lng umaasa. e karamihan ng nakaupo sa gobyerno, “TRAPO”!!!!

  35. @glenn “BOBO mga squatter?” maraming mahihirap na yumaman? gusto mo bang tumira sa squatter? ako lang ang may power na iaangat ang buhay ko at walang ng iba? so rich ka pala saka matalino? so wala kang paki at walang gagawin para matulungan ang mahihirap, kundi siraan pasamain sa mata ng lahat. mga bobo sila dahil mahihirap sila? so sarap na sarap sila tumira sa squatter at athome magpakahirap. inggit ka sa kanila kaya ayaw mo silang tulungan. dahil idol mo ang kumikita ng bilyonbilyon dahil matatalino sila dahil kaya nilang bobohin ang mahihirap. pagkain, kuryente, tubig, transportasyon, kumunikasyon etc. na kumpanya kumikita ng bilyonbilyon taontaon tapos mahihirap ang my kasalanan. search mo resource base economy, zeitgeist, 99%, occupy movement, tesla, etc… ps. sa tingin mo hinde nila pinangarap tumira sa mansyon, condo, etc… pagbumibili ka o nagbabayad my resibo man o wala direct o indirectly ka nagbabayad ng tax.

    1. Bilib na sana ako at alam mo pala ang Zeitgiest, occupy wall office, at yung 99% eto kelangan mo malaman sa kanila. Lahat ng mga yan e pawang kasinungalingan at justification ng mga tamad. Dumaan ako sa hirap gago kaya wag ka makapagsabi sa akin na wala akong karapatan. ngayon ano pinuhunan ko? sipag at tyaga, diskarte sa buhay. at ngayon maayos na ang aking pamumuhay, napag tapos ko mga kapatid ko. another example. Manny Pacquiao. don’t you fucking dare tell me that “not everybody has the opportunity to uplift themselves.” i dont need to re-tell Pacman’s life story, im sure you know how it went. now what’s their excuse? it’s people like you who’re part of the problem. finding excuses for their laziness and thinking that the propaganda you’ve “researched” makes you smart. fool! it doesn’t. dapat sainyo pagsama-samahin at itapon sa tsina. mga komunistang aktibistang baluktot.

    2. Why don’t YOU help them then? You can’t force people to help if they don’t want to. Last time I heard we are in a free country. No one should be obligated to help. If you want to help, fine. But don’t take it against other people if they don’t want to. You sound like a commie, geeez!

  36. OK, I get it. Lawful owners should be able to use their lot.

    I just have an issue dividing the country into a “thinking class” and those who “enjoy” living on welfare. You should realize being rich is not always linked to hard work, and being poor is not always linked to stupidity or laziness. ESPECIALLY IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    And about the celebrity, good for her, she can afford to buy prime lot and pay taxes. And fair enough, she complains informal settlers being treated with kid gloves. I just hope she realizes her network get its ratings – and therefore its income – pandering to exactly “those” kind of people. So yes, I think she should soften her words to “those” people.

    1. “OK, I get it. Lawful owners should be able to use their lot.” – Of course! That is the owners’ right. The legal owners who are always ignored. It does not take rocket science to “get it” that the owners should have their own land. Try putting yourself in their shoes? Just because you own a land, does that mean you are filthy rich and should not claim what is yours? My grandparents where middle class folks who used their retirement funds and life savings to buy a land in Sta. Mesa. Through the years squatters grabbed the land and now we cannot have access to our grandparent’s legacy left to us.

    2. But, in the end. Giving free or cheap lands to the illegal settlers is actually good if they actually use and take care of their land properly. But what can i say, when were they satisfied on what we the working class give them. Please kindly enumerate them. Thanks.

      If not. Really, i myself came from squatting but with my parents hardwork we own our own house now.

      Another thing about this illegal settlers is they already have the guts to live on free land. Ok. BUT THEY HAVE THE ILLEGAL LAND RENTED ON A HIGH PRICE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT?!

      The actress works for her own money. Pays her taxes diligently.. So it really is just about getting what you pay for. Unless, you plan to leech on the hardwork, don’t judge her. Really, a lot of the working class are thinking the same as hers. =/

    3. Ok, i get it. Let’s see you purchase a land and have these people who you’re defending squat in it. Then lets see if you wont eat your words.

      It’s people like you who are empowering these ILLEGAL SETTLERS. If you are educated enough, you’ll see that she’s not BASHING THEM, but just stating the truth that PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE JUST (cough)ENOUGH TO SEE. She should not soften her words, you just need to open your mind. PLEASE.

    4. So what’s your point? Are you saying that she shouldn’t say those things because tat’s where she gets their money?

      That’s the same thing as the politicians “coddling” these squatters because that’s where they get their votes.

      I suggest that until you have experienced having a piece of land you worked for grabbed by squatters, do not speak for these squatters. As far as I’m concerned this journalist is already being soft with her words. They don’t deserve the “special treatment” that you seem to think they deserve.

  37. Maybe everybody has an opinion, but it is not needed right now, its much better if you’ll throw a solution or better yet be part of the solution, not just yanking in front of your computer..

  38. We have had enough of the media insisting that the squatters are victims! We have had enough of the over dramatization of the media that the squatters are pitiful and ‘kawawa’. The squatters are not the protagonists and Manila is not a soap opera so stop making them look good in a drama. It is a proven fact that robbers, snatchers and akyat-bahay gangs thrive in a squatters’ area. They are land grabbers! They are abusers!

    1. Hey man. First of all I just want to say, Please don’t generalize. As from a definition of a “squatter”, then I was. And that was because I know for a fact that my grandparents didn’t pay for the land that our house is built on. Yes the house is still there and my relatives still live there. I don’t think we were treated like babies. If anything, I think we didn’t exist in politicians eyes until it’s voting time.

      About the “over dramatization”. Trust me there are far worst stories than you see on T.V. and they don’t always get a happy ending. Anyway, I grew up in that house with my Uncles and Aunties, They are taxpayers too. They worked really hard, lived honest and never took anything that wasn’t ours.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that not all people who live in a squatters’ area are bad. They’re not all thieves and lowlife scumbags. There are a lot of good honest people too.

      Anyway, because of my loving mother’s hard-work and determination to get us out of there. Me and my two younger brothers are now living here in Australia for 6 years. I now have my own car, rent my own place and living independently. I wouldn’t have it any other way, my experiences in that place is what helped built the person I am now. That place showed me a lot about good and evil, and I am grateful that I recognized that early on as a youngster.

      To be honest with you, I never felt like we were treated like babies. We lived a hard life. So please don’t generalize all squatters. Have an open mind about it and let’s all be a part of making the Philippines and the world a whole lot better. Peace! 🙂

      1. Ano yan “soap opera” ang drama mo naman — yan kasi ang mga natutunan ng mga squatting na yan sa mga tele-serye sa telebisyon na walang kakuneta-kuentang panoorin. Mabobobo ka lang pinapanood mo ang mga stupid drama sa telebisyon.

        1. My life “could” become a “soap opera”.. but it’s not. It’s real life. And I don’t watch soap operas anymore. There are far more educational and productive things to watch. I don’t like them anyway, poor acting. I want more action films like it was in the early 90’s woot woot!.. hhaha

          I’m just pointing out other things too you know. Like a little bit of the “good” side. For example myself, knowing better and being practically smarter. (how to be less attractive to become a victim of a hold-up).

      2. That was then…

        This is now…

        Then, there was no baby treatment for illegal settlers… Now, there is.

        I myself lived my life as an illegal settler. But now, we have our own house. And i don’t plan to leech on other people’s money for my own benefit, especially now.

        1. Wow.. really?? Since when?
          I have to talk to my family over in the Philippines then. haha
          Good for you by the way. 🙂 See that’s what I admire about some squatters. They know how to fight for themselves. Living a hard life does make you tougher. Good for you for having that mentality.

          As a fellow ex-squatter. (LOL) I am proud of you. Keep it up. Good luck and I hope a great future for you and others alike. 🙂
          P.S. remember what Dr. Jose Rizal said
          “Ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan”.. 😀

      3. If your parents built on land they didn’t own and without the owner’s permission, then sorry to say they are thieves. Maybe they are good people in other ways, as much as some thieves are. But the fact is, they are thieves, period. They are taking something from someone without permission. That is the definition of stealing. And last I heard, such activity is against the law. Breaking the law, for any reason at all, is a CRIME!

    2. Completely agree! In my opinion, all squatters are thieves in their own right. The fact that they are depriving a landowner use of their hard-earned land is already theft!

      Of course, I also accept that there are some… a minority in my opinion, like Mharc and Chris’ families, who CHOOSE to live better lives. They are the ones who truly deserve their blessings.

      The rest, they CHOOSE to stay in their condition… THOSE are the real thieves. they deserve to be treated as criminals, IMO

      1. Thanks.. even by just simply acknowledging that people like Chris and I’s families, do exist in squatters’ areas.
        Because all I’m really trying to argue is don’t generalize. And that applies both ways. Don’t think that all are good and don’t think that all are bad.
        I know for a fact that it would be hard to divide or pick out who is which.

        I guess don’t just turn a blind eye on those who are actually good. diba?? 😀

        I do agree too, with the last part that you said “The rest, they CHOOSE to stay in their condition… THOSE are the real thieves. they deserve to be treated as criminals, IMO”… Thanks again for being open minded.

        1. Well, as long as nobody is trying to evict you, then I can’t blame you for staying. But the moment the owner comes by and wants you out, have the decency and gratefulness to leave. You have borrowed land and should give it back when due.

  39. Our government should have the balls to get rid of these squatters permanently, if you know what I mean. Some people might think that’s cruel or inhumane, but let’s be practical here. What do these squatters contribute to the society, to the community, to our country? Do they, as a whole, serve any purpose to the country? Hell, they don’t even pay taxes. The only thing they give our community is more problems. Most of our country’s problems, they are the cause. Who are the people that pollute our rivers? Who keeps throwing garbage, clogging up drains, resulting in floods? Who are the criminals stealing from honest, hard-working citizens? What demographic of our country is the most over-populated? Why should I, as a tax paying citizen, want to see my hard-earned tax money go to relocating these people, what have I to gain from that? They are parasites, preventing our country from progressing. They contribute nothing yet act like they are owed something just because they are poor. If you ask me, our country is long past due for a culling. Get rid of the parasites and the organism grows healthier.

    1. Tama! Itigil na ang squatting! Kahit walang sariling bahay ang pamilya ko, hinding hindi namin aangkinin ang lupang hindi sa amin.

  40. Relax lang and let’s just clarify and classify what this article is all about bago humaba ng humaba eto at walang patutunguhan:

    the article is NOT about whether or not we should treat these squatters humanely;

    the article is NOT about the fact that it’s financially harder for some of us to achieve our dreams;

    the article is NOT about whether or not we can and should empathize with the poor;

    heck, the article is NOT even about poverty;

    the article IS about squatting and the squatters – that squatting is illegal and that some squatters have this sense of entitlement.

    Let’s not be too melodramatic and make this into a telenovela-like issue. Instead of straying away from the issue, why don’t you suggest ways on how to address squatting and the squatters’ mindset that they should be spoonfed. Or are you just okay with squatting?

    All I know is that we can help the poor in many ways but not by tolerating them to squat. I can enumerate some but that’s straying away from the subject.

    1. On the issue of squatters, yes if they have to be evicted they have to be evicted. Ownership of property should be respected.

      I just disagreed with the observation that the article is just about that. The writer clearly goes on to talk about a “thinking class.” I´m a degree holder and I have a good job but still I would caution against dividing the country among “thinkers” and “dummies.” Let´s talk about what the laws are and how they´re violated, but let´s not start talking about which group of people are better than the other.

      1. I agree. And I don’t intend to put a division among the citizens. I don’t even classify myself under any category. I, together with other people, just say what we think about squatting – that we should put an end to this. This should be easy but then again, there are those na “panggulo” na instead of picking a side or stating facts or sticking to the issue eh inooverdramatize ang situation. So the squatters, instead of understanding our sentiments they just feel na inaapi sila. Thus, nagkakaron ng division.

  41. Interesting to know what the church has to say about this problem of squatting. For a country of over 80 million people and growing fast, of which 70% live below the poverty line. I would think that more than economics and lack of opportunity thereof for a lot of the squatters, the problem lies on the inherent lack of respect for oneself and for others. The church always preached about the respect for the human life, to uphold the dignity of a human being but do we see any of these from these so called informal settlers? Is there self respect in having more mouth to feed than one can handle? Is there self respect in a society that exists in a culture of mendicants?

    The problem is not only economic but of morals as well. Let the government address the economic issues and perhaps the church should address the moral side of the problem.

  42. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH. We’re not heartless taxpayers, we’re just asking for what is fair for everyone. Bianca does make several excellent points. We work hard to build a home for ourselves as opposed to these freeloading illegal settlers

  43. Good article…
    Sa tingin ko walang solusyon na ito, habang walang disiplina at respeto sa isat-isa at sa kanilang sarili mismo, mapa squatter at gobyerno man o mayaman ka man o religious ka man.
    Actually Im a former squatter, and I’m proud nka move-on po kmi at naka sariling legal house & lot 🙂 dahil lng po sa disiplina at respeto, at ayaw ko na elaborate ang ibig kong sabihin sa disiplina at respeto na yan, alam na po natin yan sa sarili natin.
    Ang may matigas na puso ay babagsak sa kalamidad. Cheers!

    1. @eric: clap, clap, clap. may mga kilala rin po ako na katulad nyo. mga dating squatters ngunit nagsumikap na maging financially independent. dapat madami pang sumunod sa mga katulad ninyo. 🙂

    2. Tama ka d’yan Eric, kasi dati rin kaming informal settlers but eventually strived hard to improve our life. When you’re determined to have a better life, you can, then you won’t need the government or pulitikong pulpol who will promise heaven and earth only to get your vote. Mabuhay ang mga squatters na umunlad ang buhay dahil sa pagsisikap.

      1. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with giving them (squatters) a bit of help. If it does help them get a better life, that’s great. The problem would be if they would keep asking to be pushed.

        Think of it as someone trying to ride a bike. There’s nothing wrong with training wheels at first to give them some help, but sooner or later they’re gonna have to remove those training wheels.

    3. Kailangan namin ng mga tao tulad mo. At least for informal settles, someone has to show them the way and that it can be done.

      Who else but people like you, Eric. They will listen to people like you…

  44. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na bini-baby nga ng gobyerno yung mga informal settlers.

    If the government could slowly learn how to say no and be stern, I think that some of the guilty informal settlers will also learn how to work hard for their own money and not complain if the government hasn’t showered them with blessings yet.

  45. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Bianca Gonzalez: the long-awaited messiah of anti-squatter activism!

    That just re-crushed my crush on BG despite her toes lol

  46. Old problem, old solution…. Relocation proves to be an ineffective strategy to solve urban squatting. More than 10 years na nirerelocate ang mga ito pero bumabalik at nadadagdagan pa nga eh. Amend the stupid Lina Law, make LGU (especially the barangay officials) fully accountable in proliferation of squatters in their area. Maybe harsh but could deter squatters, don’t give them access to MERALCO and Maynilad/Manila waters.

    1. rescind na dapat yang lina law na yan …or patirahin na lang sila sa lahat ng lupain ni lina….sya naman malamang ang nagaaruga sa kanila eh

  47. I like this article.

    For a moment it reinforces the thought in my head that makes me afraid of traveling to ANYWHERE in the Metro everyday. The uncertainty that you might end up in a very precarious position at any moment you step out of your house is quite horrible :/ the fact that you still have to count your things before and after you move from one place to another.. but we can’t do anything about what we’ve lost if we’re against THEM :/ and apparently everything that we do for them returns in a negative way :/ it’s distressing. I mean I love my country and all but I can’t keep overseeing these things.

  48. ahaha natawa ako sa toes eh hihihi… anyway, good for you eric congratulations on your feat, sana nga dadami ang maging katulad mo ….oneday, maybe, you can share them your success story and be emulated

  49. You nailed it Ilda. Aside from being arogant, most of the squatters has these illegal businesses such as ill-electricity connection, ill- drugs, ill-water connection, ill-cable connection and ill-house rental. They had these business for so many years and yet, there are not even paying single tax in their whole life. And what is so annoying, most of them has these insecured mentality and they always assumed that our government should change their miserable life. Jail them since squatting is a criminal case and jail those politician who’s Cuddling these people.

  50. Sa mga nagtatanong, sa mga naghahanap ng solusyon sa isyu ng mga squatter at kahirapan (para kay Eric) at kung ano ba ang ginagawa ng simbahan (para kay Mikey1418), at para sa ating lahat, lahat po tayo ay may magagawa at makapagbibigay pa ng pag-asa sa ating kapwa at sa bayan. see: shecrog.org. or other links.

      1. Not to be rude, but I can’t help notice that you wrote.
        “we’ve given them chances already, and we’ve seen what they did to it isn’t that enough already?”..
        Are you saying that you and your companion/s own all the areas that squatters are living in??
        And please explain what this “chances” are that you have given.. I’m just really curious that’s all.. cheers. 🙂

        1. Let me remind you that help is given wholeheartedly and not forced from the giver out of guilt or harassment 🙂 If a person wants to give, then let’s applaud him. If not, then we have no right to say anything against him. Let’s just put things in the right perspective.

          BTW, thieves get “help” from others, by “forcing” it from them. 🙂

  51. I’ve also lived in a squatter’s area for a brief time during my childhood, when my parents were just starting out and saving for a proper house. Eventually, my mum saved enough to have us moved into a decent area, although far from the city proper, but our own.Point is, these able bodied people do not have an excuse to keep squatting. This is why I do not understand their sob stories.

    1. if that’s your story Ching, then allow me to say that I indeed admire your family for managing to do what you did. It’s stories like these that make me feel our situation in the Philippines is not as hopeless.

      Your family had yourselves as a drive to fight for a better life… so everyday your family choose not to give up, to be smart, to keep fighting until you are where you are now. Very admirable!

      Now most squatters have already given up. I feel what is going in their minds are:

      1) Mahirap naman magulang ko eh… so ako rin
      2) Mahirap lang si (insert someone important here)… so ok lang mahirap ako
      3) Eh, di naman bubuti buhay ko eh
      4) Sanay na ako dito eh… so ok lang

      And as with what I am going through now… change is a VERY difficult thing to do… one that makes me cry almost everyday thinking if I should be making all this effort or not. Most squatters choose filth because it’s easier to stay where you are than upgrade. Worse, if someone tries to alleviate themselves, these people are often ridiculed by their peers… this leads to them going back to filth 🙁

      Once again, Ching, I want to acknowledge your family’s effort. You deserve to live a better life

  52. And please, for those who are taking the side of the squatters, stop telling the world na “hindi nyo kasi nararanasan ang nararanasan nila” or “hindi kasi kayo naghirap” or “hindi makatarungan ang pag-paalis ninyo kasi mga tao rin yan”. Imbis tuloy na maiparating namin sa mga squatters at maintindihan nila ng side namin, pinagugulo nyo eh. Paano? They feel sorry for themselves or at least they want to look pitiful para they can continue being squatters – nawawala sila sa totoong issue kaya hindi rin maresolba. They feel that we are just anti-poor and they shouldn’t listen to us because we can never understand them. Tell me, nakakatulong ba ang mga mala-telenovela nyong mga mini-speeches? Yumayaman ba sila sa ginagawa ninyo? Gumaganda ba ang environment natin dahil sa pagsulsol nyo? Nalalaan ba sa ibang bagay ang pondo ng gobyerno instead na sa mga squatters kapag sinasabi nyo mga sinasabi nyo? May ginagawa ba kayo to resolve this issue? Kung wala, pakiusap lang, step aside. You’re not helping the situation.

    Again, hindi kami anti-poor. Gusto lang namin matapos ang problema natin sa squatters.

    1. I agree with some people using the “pity” card (which shouldn’t be the case), but for everyone to move forward, let’s say we are “anti-poverty” instead of “anti-poor”. This means we condemn the condition, not the people.

      1. thanks for this semaj…however, ive to use anti-poor here because this is what some people see the anti-squatters/squatting like us. that we just merely hate the poor.

    2. And that sir is an example of da pinoy doing the victim card. Those idiots like mharc here need to stop that dysfunctional mentality.

      1. Excuse me, did you just stated that I’m an idiot for saying that the government is dysfunctional??

        So you’re saying that the Philippines’ government is working perfectly fine??

        I’m not playing the victim card by the way. I’m just trying to point out that not all people who live in a squatters area are bad.

  53. mga putangna dapat pagbabarilin yan mga squater na yan hanapbuhay mangholdap mangsnatch tangna nyo umuwe kayo probinsya magtanim kayo dun hindi ung sumisiksik kayo d2

  54. It really doesn’t matter what kind of words she uses as long as it gets the point across. I agree that these squatters have to be controlled. Also compensation should be extremely lessened so that “professional squatters” will be discouraged.

    It’s sad to think that even if we all know the problem, it probably won’t go away because politicians and religion rely on these people. (politicians through votes religion through “followers”) These powers need to keep these squatters happy because they are the most gullible class of people and therefore so easily manipulated.

    1. Finally!! someone who thinks thoroughly before making a statement. I’m glad to see that someone else (like you my good friend) points out other flaws and consider both sides. kudos!

  55. The government now is offering money to those families that will be removed from where they are illegally settling at the moment, and probably award new homes in relocation sites for others. This will be unfair govt. service to those who earn a living by working diligently and pay their due taxes because taxpayers’ money will fund that financial assistance and those relocation sites. The govt. must not award relocation properties, nobody must have their own a house and lot for free no matter how small it is. Why not device a program where these families can be transferred to a place where they must pay rent in a price that is not so high taking into consideration their capacity to pay. Their stay can’t be forever, it must be limited to a maximum of 10-15 years or so. In this way, the adults will start working to be able to pay their rent, and strive to be better before they get kicked out of the relocation site. Families will be raised and their children will grow during that period of stay. After that period, the young individuals should have learned that they can’t have what they want for free, and the government will not provide them with their needs. They must instead strive to be better in order for them to live properly and not end up like what they were before. The adults should have been able to save some money for them to buy a house and lot on installment basis maybe, or to rent somewhere else and continue their lives. If they end up being squatters again after that assistance by the govt, then we can say that the govt already gave them a chance but they wasted it.Can they still say that the process is not just and humane if they get caught and jailed for being illegal settlers in somebody else’s property? To the govt people, please spend the budget entrusted to you wisely.

    1. Somebody, you had a good idea… but the problem are not all people same opinion as yours, not same broad minded as yours.
      The problem in our society is that they will always “reklamo” complaining here, complaining there. even you helped/assist them in small things or big things “reklamo is still there”. 🙂 and reklamador cannot prosper… lol

      As you say “This will be unfair govt. service to those who earn a living by working diligently and pay their due taxes because taxpayers’ money will fund that financial assistance and those relocation sites.” In my opinion, we’re not a rich country that have resources to sustain this poor people but as a citizen we should abide to pay taxes and don’t think about where our money goes, period. if the govt spend it for good and use it to help others, let’s cheers. if they use it for corruption, may the heavenly judgement be upon them 🙂 LOL

  56. our government should revise the law
    – Remove any requisite of compensation to evict illegal settlers. In fact, they should be fined instead. In our neighboring counties, illegal settlers are evicted and punished.
    – Make only residents of legally owned/rented properties be allowed to vote in that respective district.

    1. Like the second point. Let all legitimate taxpayers vote for the next election. With this , we can probably eradicate the dynasties.

  57. Kailangan natin ang mga squatters. Dyan nakatira yung mga taga linis sa opisina namin. Madaling magreklamo ang mga mayayaman kasi may tirahan sila. Putang ina.

    1. You shot yourself on the foot. They have a job = they should do what every decent person does and SAVE UP for a house that is taxed properly. Sounds heartless? Nope. It’s FAIR.

    2. People like you who cuddle illegal settlers are must not be paying them enough so that they have to resort to squatting. You are taking advantage of them. Shame on you. No matter what, squatting is wrong. The more there are squatters, the more you cannot attract foreign investments that will help each and everyone, including the squatters. It is a vicious circle. Kailangan ban isulat ko sa Tagalog yung sinabi ko?

    3. Kami may lupang maliit. Tinirhan ng squatters. Pinakiusapan namin sila na umalis dahil gusto na naming ibenta ang lupa para sa treatment ng kamag-anak naming may cancer. Tinutukan kami ng binaril, tinakot at pinagbantaan pa. Namatay ang kamag-anak namin ng hindi namin napakinabangan ang lupa naming kakarampot. Kami pa ang pinagbabayad ng gobyerno sa tax ng lupa. putang ina din nila at lahat ng sumusuporta sa kanila.

      Pare-pareho lang tayong nangangailangan at nagtratrabaho. Kami, nung nawalan ng trabaho, walang nag-abot ng kahit piso, tapos sila libo na ibinibigay at may lupa pa, nagrereklamo. Tangina nyo.

      1. And of course the squatting thieves don’t care about your story. Because they only care about themselves. That is not their problem. Therefore, we should just treat them as such, with a cold shoulder.

    4. @Red: As much as I’ve made it clear dito sa mga discussions na I’m anti-squatting, I don’t think that the way you treat these squatters is fair. HINDI MGA OBJECTS OR ROBOTS ANG MGA SQUATTERS. Don’t defend them because you have good use to them. Help them by making them realize that they shouldn’t be contented with their situation. That they should work hard to have a better life and therefore legally own their house and lot.

  58. Kung may mainamam na kita ang mga tinatawag nyong skwater mula sa maayos na trabaho. di naman siguro nila pipiliing tumira dyan. At di porket walang trabaho ay tamad, di kaya sadyang walang makita lng. Without jobs for this people, it would be a long vicious cycle. Mukang ang mga thinking class mali ang tinatahulan.

    1. mahirap lang din ako. pero sa kabila ng kahirapan, nagsumikap akong mag-aral sa public school sa aming baryo hanggang makatapos ng pag-aaral ng HS. nung naging college ako, sinikap kong maging iskolar at yun ay natupad dahil sa pangarap kong makaahon sa kahirapan. wala akong sinayang na oras, lahat itinutok ko sa pag-aaral. ang punto ko lang, sa kabila ng kahirapan namin, nakapagtapos ako ng pag-aaral at nagkaroon ng magandang buhay dahil sa aking trabaho. minsan, nasa tao din ang problema kung bakit walang mahanap na trabaho.

    2. Kung walang makitang trabaho e bakit nagpipilit silang magtigil sa Metro Manila. Sabi ng tatay ko, bumalik sila sa probinsiya at magtanim ng kamote. Di sila magugutom. Kung ang tao ay masipag, di tamad, di sila magugutom. TAMAD, ayaw magtanim. Mas maigi pa ang buhay nila sa probinsiya KUNG HINDI SILA TAMAD!

    3. ayun nga ang problema, wala naman palang mainam na kita naisipan pang mag anak ng mag anak. sinong may kasalanan kung bakit lalong lumaki problema nila?

  59. Hindi lang squatters ang dapat tingnan. Malal na ang sakit ng lipunan natin. Why are some politicians not reacting to this issue? Why does it seem okay to “pay” the squatters? I have a few thoughts. Ang mga ibang informal settlers kasi ang mga botante ng mga pulitiko. Another thought, bakit ba may sense pf entitlement ang ibang mga tao? It’s not the fault of the poor if they are born poor. But I believe one can augment himself/herself from any situation. Marahil may ibang sinwerte o minalas pero palagay ko likas na maparaan at malikhain ang mga Pilipino. How do we create jobs when we dont educate people how to be skilled for them tl create value in a workplace? Ang lalim ng problema – ningas kugon ng Pinoy, lack for investment in quality education and sa totoo lang, selflishness ng mga tao. Nauuba an bulsa o sariling interes. Hindi gaya ng ibang bansa na forward thinking at may malasakit sa future generations ng mga susunod pang Pilipino. Totoong it’s more fun in the Philippines when travelling. But how do we sustain if people remain skeptic, always complaining and lack cooperation. Sana maalala natin ang respect hindi lang sa sarili pero pati sa kapwa.

    1. Sana maalala natin ang respect hindi lang sa sarili pero pati sa kapwa.

      You should tell that to the arrogant squatters.

  60. msjority of these illegal settlers come from southern philippines,we have in our province illegal settlers that came from there since late 60.s. nanganganak, i mean pag umuwi ang isa sa probinsya nila pagbalik may akay pa, now they destroy the marine life by means of illegal fishing, we never had such case before.

  61. It’s just amazing how these squatters can still demand so much from the government/”rich people” when they’ve been living for free for years 🙂 We, the TAXPAYERS, have more say on where our money should be spent, NOT THEM.

  62. these scum of the earth live clogging up the rivers very similar to the human waste they drop into them. Best way to get rid of them is making them sterile with medical treatment like you would dogs and cats. The rains will do the rest!

  63. We cannot put ALL the blame on squatters. We must look into the root of the Philippines problem first (Poverty and the corrupt officials). The tax money goes to selfish corrupt officials rather than building schools, houses and hospitals to help people in needs. You guys are generalising, if we provide jobs they wont be squattering around.

      1. You can pretend to “deal” with corruption however you want. You can propagate those mythical accomplishments in whatever media you want — print, broadcast and online.

        President Aquino will only be remembered for his abysmal performance record. He will be remembered for failing to deliver on any substantial promise. He built no infrastructure. He failed to ease poverty levels. He wasted the taxpayer’s money while failing to build a sustainable economy. And in the end he will only have amplified the enmity of the majority of Filipinos for politicians in general and the Aquinos in particular.

        1. And in the end, Aquino will be remembered as the greatest FRAUD to have ever been elected as a president.

          U Mad?
          TROLL HARDER

      2. Oh really now? Then how come corruption here is worse than before hmm? You keep citing hearsay sources yet you don’t even realize that you’re being DUPED.

        Sarap talaga maging UTO UTO no?

      3. Huh?!

        Lasing ka ba pre? Ba’t di mo paganahin yung utak mo at discuss yung relevant issue at hand, di si Mr. President, busy yun sa homework nya sa SONA. Irrelevant sya dito sa thread kasi ngising aso lang naman yan kapag kinuwestiyun mo sya about socio-political issues like this one..

        Matanong nga kita, para gumana naman yung utak mo, kaya mo bang i-link yung project ni idol mo na RH Law sa problema sa squatting, and dapat expounded and justified yung answer mo.Paki-define na rin ng term “perpetual poverty”. Yan homework mo ha?

    1. Well, people who can’t afford to feed themselves should stop having more babies. The hardworking taxpayers should not have to suffer for other people’s lack of foresight, carelessness and negligence.

      1. Magagalit po ang Catholic church. They want more babies, so they have more followers, and have more donations in their chests.

  64. Kung may karapatan magreklamo ang “INFOMRAL settlers”, then may karapatan din magrekalamo ang mga tao na tumululong sa kanila (intentionally or not-thru taxes).

    It is true that we have to find solutions, but a forum like this helps to air out our grievances which in a way make us feel a bit relieved. We know most solutions are far fetched.

    I’m sure alam naman na natin lahat ang dapat gawin. Andami ko nabasa nagpropropose mga solution. Magaganda sila. Ang tanong possible ba ito kung ang nagpapatupad ng batas ay siya ring gumagawa nito? Alam ko may legistlative, executive at judiciary tayo at magkakaiba sila . They are supposed to counter check each other. Pero sa totoo lang kada gobyerno lumipas eh nagpwepwesto ng mga “bata” nila. Magkakampi kampi lang yan kaya mahirap ipatupad ang karamihan ng tingin natin makakabuti sa atin kung tingin nila na di makakabuti sa kanila.

    Ipasintabi niyo nalang po ang complaints namin as middle class citizens. Kami ang naiipit sa gyera ng mahirap at mayaman.

    Madami mayaman na exempted sa tax kasi nagbibigay ng trabaho or ang pinambabayad sa tax parte ng dinededuct sa empleyado or pinapabayad sa consumer. Minsan pati tax refund pa nga di na binabalik eh. Madami naman mahirap na nakakakuha ng libre dahil nakakaawa sila.

    So sino ang nagfufund ng lahat ng iyon, eh di collectively ang middle class. Ngayon sabihin niyo wag kami magreklamo at maghanap nalang kami ng solustion kahit alam naman natin lahat na kahit anong solution pa ihain natin diyan kung di agree ang mga nagpapatakbo ng society eh di din mapapatupad.

    I hope we see a better Philippines in our lifetime.

  65. Endless debate on who’s who. Thinking back, the decay started after many of us thought that we’ve eliminated the “Dictator”. This in exchange to the so called “Democracy”. We did not gain any, we’ve just empowered the “Rich and Corrupt” and left the “Majority” defenseless with poverty. The middle class can only complain of the “Skwaters” as uneducated, arrogant boploks tax eaters of of their hard earn money. But how much did it really went on the poor guys as oppose to how much went to the pockets of your corrupt politicians and government people! Again you’re barking at the wrong tree! I’m still not loosing hope in this country, I hope and pray that a “Real Leader” will come out and save us from this mud hole.

  66. To be honest, I don’t think even relocating them will help much either.

    Let me share a situation. When the Makati squatters were transferred to Calauan, Laguna, the once quiet town’s crime rate, not to mention the neighboring towns of Bay, Los Baños and San Pablo increased. Why? Because the squatters were stealing their belongings, food, etc. And what do the squatters reply in response? Because they weren’t given jobs. What the fuck kind of reasoning is that? You already have a house, get subsidy of some sort, and now we’re responsible for giving them jobs too?

    1. Why the poor people steal and do crimes? Due to lack of food, medicine for sick member of family and shelter. Not mention the inadequate education. They did not chose to be poor. And yes some of them may sell the given housing. But we cant generalise all of them. Most of them are working hard enough to live on daily basis. Think about it?

      1. Yes they chose to be poor. They attended the Bone ‘Em Young University willingly without a gun pointed to their heads. They found it easier to make babies than to work part time and go to school. Suffice it to say it’s a lot easier to bone someone that do the latter. 🙂

  67. This article misses the point on so many levels. Squatters are not the enemy. They are not the problem.

    What you failed to address is that poverty is a symptom of much larger and more complex social illnesses. Poverty doesn’t exist just because it exists. Poverty is what happens when a government doesn’t give a large segment of its population a means to provide for themselves.

    There isn’t even enough SUBSISTENCE level jobs for the 95 million Filipinos of this great nation. Why is that? A large segment of the population is uneducated and illiterate. We allow foreign investors to rape and pervert our way of life because local business owners and politicians are easily corrupted by foreign currency. We would rather import the stuff we can make on our own rather than build businesses and create jobs. Our social programs are backwards thinking, allowing all sorts of illogical influences to take hold. (Like Bianca Gonzalez? Who the hell is she to say anything about the plight of these people? The catholic church, etc.)

    You blame the squatters for making babies they can’t take care of? Have you also done research on the incidence of unplanned births as they relate to a typical Filipino’s level of knowledge of the human reproductive system? How about the incidence of unplanned births as they relate to the availability of social programs that teach about abstinence or birth control?

    You blame politicians who exploit these impoverished populations to gain more votes while completely glossing over the fact as to why politicians are allowed to do so in the first place? Politicians take advantage of these people because it’s cheaper than actually enacting social programs that help their fellow Filipinos. Spending millions of pesos on election campaigns in this country is more visible than spending money on schools, roads, businesses, infrastructure that creates jobs. And you’re defending the middle classes and high classes for what? So politicians can enter office and steal from the government time and time again?

    You seem to forget that this nation was once proud and noble and strong. Many Filipinos proudly bled and died for this country. And it was because they felt they were dying for something great and inextinguishable: The Filipino. That ever-glowing idea of our own nation; of our own identity; of our own freedom.

    Articles like this one is a prime example of irresponsible journalism. It is exactly what is tearing this country apart. The battle on poverty is not something that is fought along socioeconomic lines. It shouldn’t be rich vs. poor. It is a battle we must fight together as a country because no matter how much money you have or don’t have, at the end of the day, we’re all Filipinos.

    1. Try to read the article again; the solution she proposed is there. It seems that your only solution to the squatting problem is to “be Filipino,” which sounds much more vague than what the article leads to.

      And please don’t accuse the author of “irresponsible journalism.” She’s not a journalist and this isn’t a journalists’ blog.

    2. I agree with every little thing you said. The understanding of what is the actual root of the problem.
      But may I ask, have you done, or are you planning on doing something about these problems that our beloved country is facing?
      If you already are doing something or planning of doing something about it, count me in and I want to be a part of it.

      I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I am willing to go an extra mile for our country to be better.

    3. Lol! This is just so last-century:

      You seem to forget that this nation was once proud and noble and strong. Many Filipinos proudly bled and died for this country. And it was because they felt they were dying for something great and inextinguishable: The Filipino. That ever-glowing idea of our own nation; of our own identity; of our own freedom.

      You fail to see the irony in what you write above. Indeed, the nation was ONCE “proud and noble and strong”. You just highlighted the fact that it has since declined and degenerated into the Squatter Nation that it is now.

      A better story would’ve been one that was the other way around — if the nation was once defeated and humiliated and had since become “proud and noble and strong”. Hey wait, that sounds like the history of Japan… ha ha! 😀

    4. 1. It is not the government’s responsibility to give people jobs. That is the job of the business owners.
      2. Where the hell did the thing about “foreign investors” come from? 🙂 Well, you’re right, we need more foreign investors. The government’s job is to attract more of them so we create more jobs here.
      3. Regarding the “unplanned births”, blame the anti-RH bill aholes.
      4. And how exactly are you planning to “fight” poverty, besides your rhetoric? I have an idea, invite some of those squatters to live on your land, or in your house/apt/condo.

  68. I don’t think it’s the government’s problem…Kahit irelocate mo sila babalik at babalik sila s pinagsquattan nila.. ggwa ng excuse… ex: malayo daw s trabaho nila.. bebenta nila yung bahay na binigay s knila ng govern’t.. and the list goes on….

    the problem here is the squatters themselves…

  69. The problem is EVERYONE. No one wants to move.

    No one wants to move because they believe it’s the government that should move.

    But the government won’t. If they are indeed moving, they’re moving in the wrong place. And slowly. Plus, they don’t want to risk civil unrest.

    So, essentially, we’re waiting for something to happen even though we know it won’t.

    Sucks to be us.

  70. Squatting on someone else’s property is definitely WRONG!!! Agree? If so, we need someone really strong with an ‘iron hand’. If BS Aquino is really sincere, he is the only one who can fix this as he is the president. Give notice to squatters to leave within a certain time and advice them to return to their provinces and plant ‘camote’ and take their belongings as the place will be burned down. The government can also specify a relocation place if their budget permit.

    I know it is a bit harsh but it is the only way – to use an ‘iron hand’. Burn it will be and if anybody gets hurt, they ware warned!!!!

  71. Any suggestions on what the thinking class could do? I see an increasing number of people venting on Facebook, but I’m not so sure the government bothers to respond to that, even though I’m sure they’ve read and know the sentiments of those people.

  72. I think the keywords here are “arrogant squatters”.. It’s the “arrogant squatters” that makes it difficult for the land owners.
    So please don’t generalize. I strongly believe that not ALL SQUATTERS wants to stay that way. I strongly believe that not all squatters are jobless, drug-addict, criminals and lowlife scumbags.

    There are people who are taxpayers and happens to live in a squatters’ area. And they too are considered as squatters by definition. Most of the time these are the children/descendants of those who originally squatted.

    I know, because I am from a squatters area. Grew up there most of my life. Getting the fuck out of there was our own mission in life. Including better education, better lifestyle, better environment for our future children and etc. So for those who argue that squatters don’t want to get out of there and stay living that kind of life. You are wrong, not all of them wants to stay that way.

    Someone here argued that education would help a lot for the squatters. And someone disagreed,. To be honest, I do believe that a right type of education would be really helpful to solve this massive problem. By right type of education, I mean educating them about what’s really happening when they squat.

    Explaining to them thoroughly, making them understand more about the bad consequences that it’s going to give. Not just for today but also for the future.
    Of course I’m not putting this on the landowners hands to do. But on the government officials, though anyone’s help would really contribute a lot.

    For those taxpayers who feel that squatters in general are a burden for them financially. Mofos please, you get tax return (I know it’s not all but you still get some back) so stop crying about it.

    For those who sees all them as thieves and criminals but considers to demolish all their houses and belongings. Then your mentality is not far from them as you want to take away something that isn’t yours. (like their belongings, appliances and of course some may have really important documents such as certificates. and they cost money too.)I know it’s not your fault if you are the land owner and they chose to be on your property. They brought it upon themselves. But at least as a human being, consider a good route for them to follow.

    Though if you choose to do it your own way of destruction,it’s your own choice. I cannot take it away from you. I understand the frustration and that you too are also human and you do have limitations.
    I would respect you if you have done all you can as a good person but it didn’t work and had to do it the hard way.

    That being said, that’s why I believe that the government can have a very large effect on this. If the government can give land owners a helping hand on getting squatters out of their land. It would be a great help.

    Why is the government not working and taking care of all of its residence?? All rich, poor and those who are in between. I believe that if there was a good honest leader who wants to make the Philippines a better nation. It could really work. Anyone, it doesn’t have to be the president or the mayors and barangay captains.

    Sorry if this is really long, but I just can’t sit here and say nothing to some of those hateful words. I just wish I can educate them more a little about those who are considered as squatters. Let’s not have the harsh mentality that bulldozing their houses with their belongings in it is plain OKAY.

    I feel for the good people who lives in squatters’ area. Not all are bad and not all are good. There are some who are good too and just as honest as you and me. There are some too who wants Philippines to be a better place for us and the future generation.

    Anyway, have a good one everyone. Peace.

  73. So glad an ARTICLE has been written on this issue. Well said Llda. Hoping the Philippine government officials will solve this matter and take it seriously. Also, it is quite alarming the manner or attitude of most Filipinos right now are seems arrogant and lack of discipline, which degrades the Filipino race as a whole. Being an OFW, it really hurts our ego and a lot of us don’t want to be labeled anymore as “Pinoy” because of negative feedbacks. It is said “Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan” but it’s not totally true, what is the use of raising a child if the parents are poor and can’t give a good quality of life, = the result will just add up more problem…

  74. The arrogance of these people is intolerable. They call it “karapatan”, where in fact there is no “karapatan” in what they do. Where is your right when the land you stand in is not yours to begin with? And when it comes to elections, they are the mindless, bribe feeding idiots they are.

  75. Though i agree with many of the issues raised in this article, i believe its a very one-sided perspective to the problems of the informal settlers here in the country and actually belittling our governments actions and capabilities. We can’t just kick them out of the metro in hopes of solving the problem, what will happen to them in the province? problemahin parin ng bansa natin yon, there would still be a lack of job opportunities. The government cant just tackle this issue with an ironfist, they are actually working on this problem, creating alternatives for the Informal Settlers to move back into the province by providing them with job opportunities or accessibility to job opportunities.

  76. kapapagod magbasa kasi nakikita ko sarili ko before, selfish arrogant feeling rich, sa lahat please search google and youtube resource base economy, zeitgeist, 99%, occupy movement, tesla.. etc… alam nyo saan papunta to civil war pag lahat tayo magmatigas in the end lahat tayo talo kasi bulag tayo…. pinagsasabong ng mga totoong masasamang nilalang…

  77. UPPER & MIDDLE CLASS rants! YOU…. yes, YOU! who just thought that you should have a say on these things just because of your taxes and all, must think again before you say anything. Who is it you’re blaming? the “informal settlers” or the government?

    Whenever there are demolitions, these people fight back simply because government officials never really listened to what they have to say. You mentioned that all the “informal settlers” do is wait for the payment before they leave their houses? Have you been to their houses? Have you experienced first-hand how they try to think of ways on how they can get out of such condition? Have you been in to one of those talks where the “informal settlers” are “supposed” to exchange ideas and plans with local government officials on how they can properly settle things but get ignored?

    Don’t brag that you pay taxes. For sure, you don’t even know how to pay it on your own without your company accountants automatically deducting it for you.

    Ilda, you just took what were already reported on the news and placed it on this page. Where are you taking your readers here? Where do you want to go? What is your point in writing this? Or even in writing in general? You really think that it is only the “thinking class” who has the right to push our government to do something? First, who is the “thinking class” for you?

    A lot of YOU could easily say whatever you want to say because you are in a safe space. YOU all rant simply because you feel you are above them all. Because YOU are the “thinking class”. If YOU really are the educated ones, YOU would know the story and history why our country is in all these issue.

    Not because YOU are paying taxes doesn’t mean you already are the “thinking class”. If we take away your jobs, can you still pay your taxes? If you can’t pay your taxes, does it mean you were demoted out from being in the “thinking class”?

    YOU are the hopeless ones. “THINKING CLASS” my ass…

    1. Some of them act like they don’t get tax return aye?? bragging about paying tax and shit. hahaha.. I like your take on this my friend.

    2. @jomel
      you seem very affected about this article. why, are you one of them?
      these people are just burdens and dont deserve to live in metro manila because they contribute nothing to us, they scare of foreign investors and snatch your belongings.
      anyway if you look at it at any angle squatting is illegal and it should not be tolerated

      1. Yes I am very much affected by this article and the rest of the people who would say that the “informal settlers” has no right to live.

        If you are to scroll down, there are even some would say that they should be burned and die. that is the saddest part in this article. instead of being more critical in views and making the readers do the same, it created more unmeasurable divide.

        Why do we have to even think of the foreign investors first? Before China opened their doors to the world, they made sure that their country and the people are strong enough to believe in what they can produce first and made sure that it will be the the rest of the world who will need their resources and not the other way around.

        I didn’t say that squatting should be made legal or tolerated. We just have to be critical first in understanding what is really going on behind the issue before one write something about it.

        Please do take note that just like in any place, not everyone is a thief or a killer. Even in exclusive villages, there are drug dealers and rapists. Don’t generalize just because you wear your shirt or speak the english language better than they do.

        I am not one of them. I can’t consider myself because I live in a great house, I have my own room, I can practically buy things i needed (sometimes want) and I am capable to pay for my school. I can actually brag more things than those people who are commenting here. Oh also, I pay much bigger tax because I am a business owner.

        1. No right to live ka dyan! You just hate the fact that truth is now surfacing…

          They always blame the government but they are not doing anything! Life is about choice at hindi na namin kasalanan na pinili nilang maging ganyan!

          If you are really concern with them, you will not disagree to this article because it will help everyone! It’s a win win situation!

          And don’t compare criminal cases of them to those who live in executive villages because if you really understand what’s happening, you can see that most of the crimes here in our country were caused by “illegal settlers”.

          Lastly, we don’t care how much tax you are paying because it is not even 1% of the whole tax that the government is collecting.

    3. ohoo, its not a matter of class we are in, its about HOW WE BEEN PAYING OUR ASSES JUST TO SPOON FEED ( You[ guess ] ) the Illegal settlers, you have no right to complain because all you did is to live free in the vacant lot while us who paid our land with high amount are spending extra money just for the government to give u free service.

      I don’t even know why the fuck do you need to dictate which class are.

      if u really want a country that goes up.
      Solutions are being dictated.
      then if the solution doesn’t commence?
      What do u want to do?

      Complaint to the government about poor public service?





    4. let me guess squatter ka siguro tapos gamit mo iphone5 na nasnatch mo pang reply dito. dapat sa squatter sunugin!!!

    5. pre… understandable yung mainis ka sa sinulat niya… nagpi-feeling elite… nagkapera (at nakapag-aral) lang tingin nila sa mas dukha sa kanila basura na…

      pero di mo pwedeng ipagkaila na may punto rin siya… abusado rin naman karamihan sa mga nag-e-squat eh…

      siguro kailangan din na tingnan nung mga kagaya nila ang kinalalagyan nila… wag puro yung “inaalipusta” sila…

      in the first place hindi sila paaalisin sa isang lugar kung kanila yun, at kung binibigyan naman ng alternatibong lugar aba eh magkaron din naman ng konting gratitude dahil sa wakas magkakaron na rin sila ng lupang matatawag na kanila…

    1. That’s the exact mentality that holds a nation down and prevent it from moving forward. Just because your statement rhymed doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

      That is the mentality of those who are corrupt officials. Just because they have an upper hand, they think they are as powerful as God. They think they can have and do whatever they like. That mentality starts abuse to those who are unfortunate.

      1. Mharc,

        Spelling pa lang ng pangalan mo squatter nga.


        What you say don’t matter. That’s how the world works. ^_^

        1. Guess what, YES I CAME AND GREW UP FROM A SQUATTERS’ AREA!!! but at least I can say that I have more decency not to generalize. At least I am more open to what people say. I am more sympathetic to those who are unfortunate.

          And if you’re gonna judge me on my name?? Mofo at least I’m brave enough to put my real name on here. Because I’m true to myself and I strongly believe that not all squatters are bad. I stand for myself and those who I believe needs it.

          Rich kid huh?? How old are you anyway?.. I’m 23 and I live in my own house, drive my own car, provide food and pay bills. And I do that because I know how to work hard. I experienced what hard work means first hand you little twat.

          I am proud that I came from the squatters’ area. That’s what built me.
          You’re probably just some spoiled little brat who depends on your parents. I hope you get mugged and beating down to a pulp you soft as kitty.

        2. pfftt.. is that it??? is that all you can say?? buti umamin ako??
          When did I ever deny it?
          Or is that all you understood??
          That’s the best you can come up with?
          Pfftt.. what a pussy.


        “I’m 23 and I live in my own house, drive my own car, provide food and pay bills. And I do that because I know how to work hard”

        kudos to you. i just hope people from the slums can have the same mind set like yours. not everything is given. its earned.

        1. Thanks bro.
          And yeah of course I hope so too that more people would share the same mentality as mine. But there are some others in those squatters’ area. Those are the ones I want to take care of.

      3. I hear what you’re saying.. ako naman nanggaling ako sa isang kilalang pamilya.. I’m not generalising all the poor people but sometimes they just go way over board… see here’s the thing.. we got a big ass lot back then in Caloocan city.. but.. it was infested with squatters.. so eventually my grandfather had an agreement with those squatters.. my grandfather gave them almost a hectare of land to those squatters just to leave our business alone… but yeah everything went smooth at first… but as years passed the squatters slowly kept on expanding and expanding.. until we confronted them and they were the ones mad.. and! ang lakas pa ng loob nila magthreat..

        with respect to your claim… I may be a spoiled brat.. I may not have gone through the things you’ve gone through but we all got to do a living.. I think we’ve been generous enough to them.. but they’ve abused it.. i’m not saying all the squatters but yeah a lot of them are like that…

        1. Yeah I totally understand your point too.
          And of course at the end of the day. If that land is rightfully yours then you have all the right to be angry, frustrated and pissed off.

          The only thing that I’m just really pissed off is the “Generalizing” part of it. I just don’t like people assuming that every single person who happens to live in a squatters’ area is a lowlife scumbag. I just happened to be born there, so as my siblings and the other kids I grew up with. Yes it was my Grandparents’ fault, but we are trying to get out of there.

          I myself and my brothers are out of there and now living a good life, but we’re still working to get the rest of our family out of there. Because we do know that someone else owns it. We understand that.

          I just really don’t want people to have the mentality that ALL 100% of people who live in those areas are bad. Some of them especially the children didn’t had a choice. Them and the good hearted ones are who I am worried about.

          I’m really not just standing up for them because I pity them. But as a fellow human and a fellow Filipino. I believe there’s a better way of solving this out. And I do believe that the government should do something about it. Help both the land owners and the squatters.

          I do hope there’s an easier way on finding out who’s deserving of help or not in those areas. Because I also do know for a fact that there are some cruel human beings who live there. I’m definitely not gonna ignore that fact, of course.

          Because if you read some people’s comment on here. Some of them are even considering of just killing all of them. No regards to children and women at all. Which disgusts me not just a Filipino but also as a Human being. Though damn those who are offered help but turn their back on it.

          Those people who lives in squatters area and not making themselves any better should rightfully be punished. Not in a inhumane way, but by the law. Make them serve the community or be locked up in jail.

          And those good ones who wants to cooperate, give them housing. They don’t need to have a mansion, make a condominium style apartment. Have someone to take charge of it, someone who is righteous by power. Make them take care of it as a privilege or be evicted.

          When it comes to jobs, give some of them bicycles to ride to work or to school. I think the government should really look into investing in a recycling program. Buy those machinery that crushes plastic and stuff, for recycling purposes. Make some uneducated ones work there, give them proper uniforms. Educate them how important the role is for the environment and the country.

          Then it’s a win-win situation for the government. You’d get rid of the squatters, give them a sustainable income and make the Philippines a cleaner and greener country.

          I wish it was that easy though.. Thanks for your insights too brother. Have a good one. 🙂 Hope you get your lot back.

        1. dude I don’t know why you do that pero your roots don’t make you who you are.. arrogant asswipe.. I mean I grew up in an upper middle class state but that doesn’t mean I can look down on those unfortunate enough to live in those situations..

        2. 2cool4u,

          Obviously you havent dealt with squatters on your property. If you did your point of view would drastically change.

          Bianca G’s family is a victim of squatters on their property that’s why we both share the same point of view on the subject.

          And you claim to be upper middle class the di you must’ve gone to private catholic/christian school that preaches helping the poor and such and such. It’s one thing to help the poor but to help criminals it is something all together different.

          To be honest it is just not upper middle class ppl who are sick of squatters. Even poor (as in financially and who pay taxes and follow laws) people are sick of these squatters. It is just politically incorrect to get em out because you look like a bully and NGOs and Church groups will call you evil doer when you are just fighting for your rights.

    2. Funny how you claim you’re rich, when you seem to lack the education your so-called “money” could give you. Grammar check: “Those [who] don’t…” and “payed” — Is that even a word?! You’re just a pretentious wannabe. 🙂

  78. It’s simple. you stayed on land that doesn’t belong to you, when the time comes that the owner asks you guys to leave, then leave.. you had ample time to think where to move right? c’mon guys.

  79. This article and the 200 plus comments says it all. More than half of the populace is SICK AND TIRED of these damn squatters. Tagalog man o Ingles – halos lahat ng sumulat dito at nag=repost nito ay SUKANG SUKA na sa mga squatters na yan. Lower class, media class, thinking class at upper class – pare pareho ang sinasabi – TAMA NA! ABUSADO NA YANG MGA SQUATTERS NA YAN! Media lang at yang mga walang magawang ‘aktibista’ daw ang nagsasabing kawawa naman daw yang mga punyemas na squatters na yan.

    1. @Leo > Yes, I think it’s about time everyone says it unanimously. Thank God for this article and the people who commented. Singapore and Malaysia have surpassed us thanks to “Media lang at yang mga walang magawang ‘aktibista’ daw ang nagsasabing kawawa naman daw yang mga punyemas na squatters na yan.”

    2. eh putang ina pati ung mga aktibista mga squatter din eh =_=

      di naman lahat ah PERO MAJORITY ng mga AKTIBISTA mga SQUATTING.

      mga inaangal KAHIRAPAN NILA.
      wow AH XDDD




  81. This is so true. Tolerance just leads to abuse. They won’t be pushed to move forward or to strive when they’re actually in a comfortable state- that is, no responsibilities; no rent, no jobs, no taxes- they just do things out of whim. Tapos sasabihin nila sila ang naghihirap? Everyone has a choice.

  82. everything DIRTY in the Philippines is caused by these effing SQUATTERS, right on target, don’t pamper these trash people, these people are the main reason we have trash government officials, metro manila is a disgusting place because of these trash people, if i have my way, which i don’t, demolition without notice is what they deserve, yes all of them deserve it. “karapatan”? suck my d!*k, they have no right to demand for anything, enough sympathizing with these worthless people.

  83. “Pity” and leniency can no longer be an option. These squatters think the government owes it to them to give them ‘proper relocation’ and it’s unfair to use the tax payer’s money for their benefit. It may sound cruel, but majority of these squatters are non-thinkers and only cause chaos in our already struggling economy not to mention that they almost don’t give anything good back to society. It’s true that MOST crooked politicians use these people as leverage for their numbers in elections and that has been proven too many times. Society doesn’t owe anything to them and they shouldn’t be where they do not belong especially if they don’t help themselves or the country. Don’t be surprised other countries see the Philippines as a ‘dirty place’ (as envisioned in Dan Brown’s Inferno, though fictional) because admit it or not, it has a hint of truth and that we tolerate it.

  84. ang problema kasi ng mga “squatter” tingin nila sila LANG priority ng bansa. They expect everything to be given to them for FREE. Ndi dapat ganyan mindset nila.

    I just hate the fact that these people can find ways to get hold of a gun, and try to rob people. kung may kakayanan ka makakuha ng baril, bkt ndi mo kaya gumawa ng paraan makakuha ng trabaho? ndi naman sila basta basta makakuha ng baril kung kani kanino diba? ganun din naman sa trabaho.

    1. They are a priority of the gov. Or sort of results of from a bad gov. Problema kase, tangalin mo sila.. saan sila ppnta? Mga squatter mga 12+ pa anak.

      1. yup thats what i thought also. so i didnt touch the “remove them in manila” part. PROS and CONS when you remove them.

        Pros, yes Manila would be cleaner and better for development.

        Cons, we need these people. Our jeepney/bus/tric drivers, labor jobs, street cleaners etc.. most of them live in the “squatter” area. and employees din sa mga supermarket and malls. main problem is, they’re overpopulating 1 out of 10 lng may trabaho.

  85. jeez people.stop arguing..this is the INTERNET..he says he’s rich, one says they’re from the financially challenged sector, whatever, proof or all your sh*t never happened.

    end of story.

    and by the way, getting taxed is a pain in the ass, but hey, at least someone up there revise the plan this GOVERNment has for implementing this relocation plan.at least do some background checks, police and NBI records and stuff, from there, get a list of deserving less fortunates so they can live a life worth living THAN a can of sardines and some loaf of bread for christmas… cheers.

  86. Bad or good squatters, they still need to be evicted from lots they arrogated unto themselves for a long time, be they are public or private domain. They got no right over any parcel of land they have been occupying even how impoverished they might be. Poverty should not be taken as reason for these people to be cuddled freely by government and that includes all of us law-abiding citizens. Some of these kind of people even justify criminal acts like snatching due to their miserable conditions they are firstly to be blamed of. These land-grabbers blame the government and everyone of us for their plight but never look at themselves as the primary harbinger of their misfortune. On day, they will tell us non-squatters that they have more right to live than all of us!

    1. It’s really funny how we trivialize life just because we literally worship money, all because we just can’t stand freeloaders taking all of our hard earned tax paying cash.

      Granted, these people aren’t really absolved of their crimes but we are all in the wrong and they do not deserved to be demonized. Not all of them are shit-flinging classless monkeys that we think them to be. Some of them are, but not all of them. Doesn’t it ever occur to anyone how poverty even occurs? Do you think these people choose that lifestyle, a hand-to-mouth existence? Do you think they even know any better than what they are doing? This relocation…it’s only a band-aid, if you don’t educate them and show their place and the consequences of their actions to them NOTHING will happen.

      Hell, I don’t think I can blame them from abusing the system because that’s probably the only think that they can get out of it: No capital, no skills, no education. I can guarantee you anyone here who would be under those conditions would do the exact same thing, because when you have nothing who else do you have to live for? Don’t give any of that hard work ’til you make it to the top. That’s mostly bullshit. Education which you need to survive in this system There’s a reason why there’s only one Henry Sy, because capitalistic success is a near-myth if you start from poverty.

      1. I just wish altruists like yourself would have your property squatted on so you will just shut up already.

        If you feel so strongly about their hand to mouth existence then open your home’s door and welcome them to your abode.

        1. To rich kid, what if i return to you what you just said ” I just wish rich kids like you experience poverty such that you dont even have a house to live on” . You need to grow up and have a little compassion for the poor.

        2. carmieh,

          being a law abiding citizen i would do everything within my legal rights to get ahead in life.

          kindly do not generalize all the poor as “squatters”. That shows how low you look at others.

          Squatters are largely criminals for occupying property that they do not own or have rights to.

          The poor may not have as much as you or me but they are largely law abiding.

      2. “Don’t give any of that hard work ’til you make it to the top. That’s mostly bullshit. Education which you need to survive in this system There’s a reason why there’s only one Henry Sy, because capitalistic success is a near-myth if you start from poverty.”

        This is the absolute bullshit that could very well be the guiding principle for insolence and hopelessness. I am no Henry Sy and I don’t need to be one, but I know that hard work will always be rewarded.

        The “encouragement” quoted above is worse than the coddling of squatters practiced like religion by politicians.

      3. The only sensible comment it seems.
        It seems like the Filipino middle class is almost just as uneducated as the squatters.
        Can’t grasp concepts like urbanization or rural flight and their consequences. There will always be squatters, the only reason they are a problem is because politicians didn’t have a gram of long term vision and didn’t do any urban planning to accommodate them. If you people actually went out of your sheltered lives and talked to them, you’d realize most of the squatters would gladly pay for the land they’re staying on given some long term payment plan and the assurance that they will own that small piece of land after 20 something years.

        This article is pure bullshit typical from sheltered idiots and nouveau riche buffoons who don’t want to look where they came from. I mean “thinking class”? A celebrity as a poster girl on a social problem? Unwarranted pretentiousness? Not much of a step up from the poor masses you seem to despise.

        But keep living in your bubble and let emotions rule your arguments.

        1. In case you haven’t noticed, the Philippines is a “democracy” and those politicians you cite as not exhibiting “a gram of long term vision and didn’t do any urban planning to accommodate them” were elected by popular vote. So guess what: Filipinos — including these SQUATTERS — deserve their leaders. Indeed, the character of the Philippines’ leaders reflect pretty much the character of the people who elected them.

          Tough shit, right? 😀

    1. that was what i was always thinking whenever i get stuck in some stupid half hour traffic.instead of spending those money over some fucked up road schemes why not build some valuable transport to connect the three regions of luzon visayas and mindanao.they focus financing so much here in the city forgetting the potential of the nearby provinces, not mentioning the freshness of those places..less pollution=more healthy work place.

      sounds expensive but hey, they can spend billions for some stupid pcos machines.why not start funding some logical roadworks AWAY from manila but declogging the thoroughfare.

      1. ….and that way,, you encourage the indegenous families to get back to their homes where they originally was, before they thought of taking chances here in the metro and lost big time…ending up in some fukd up place in a fukd up time..

        again, like what the previous comment says, do not generalize them for being at the unfortunate low bottom.. maybe wiping out some undeserving like those snatchers and drug addicts could help…not all of them…

    2. then start supporting or advocating the diversion of funds for infrastructre development to other major cities specially in the visayas and mindanao regions…

  87. Makikitalak na rin ako … Walang pinagkaiba ang squatter at corrupt public servants (i.e. pulitikos) … both usurp taxes paid by the hardworking taxpayers … ang pinagkaiba yung mga squatter naghihirap at yung mga pulitiko nagpapakasarap sa kinurakot … we can keep on yapping about these problems and engage in debates but what happens after? i must say that it is admirable that filipinos have increased awareness of current issues however what really matters is what can we do to help … instead of talk the talk, let’s walk the walk .. a lot of great ideas in this forum but honestly, don’t know where to start … squatting is just a symptom of a bigger problem – corruption and poverty and unless these are addressed, we will never get rid of squatting … perhaps doing our part to help the less fortunate learn to fish instead of giving them fish? … easier said than done … but it can be done and may take a long process … question is how? when the people who should be supporting efforts to eradicate squatting are the very reason why squatting exists …

  88. again, not all of them are undeserving…i mean, there are families mixed and fuqd up among them that really DESERVES a warm place to stay and good food to eat somewhere..the government just have to really, really, i mean, really, send out those titles very strictly and transparently to avoid handing them out to people who do not believe in law and hard work..

  89. We need not to blame the government if merong informal settlers. Di nila kasalanan that crab mentality had been eating up the minds of those kind of people.
    Not only in the Philippines merong informal settlers, but why is that it had taken too much of our economy? It’s because they all boss around and actually can’t follow what the rules had ordered them to do. Gusto kasi nila, ung decision nila ang masusunod. They’re not even thinking that what they are doing isn’t really good for everybody, inshort, masyado ng makasarili. Literal pong mga spoiled brat!

    I agree with Bianca Gonzales, masyadong na-baby, ayaw kasi sumunod sa batas!

    1. Bacteria nga di bini-baby, pinapatay, according to an old rubbing alcohol commercial before. Of course you can’t do that to squatters, dapat imulat natin sila sa katotohanan na dapat rin silang tumayo sa kani-kanilang paa, but they should also obey the law because di naman excuse na di sumunod sa batas kung ika’y squatter man o may-ari man ng lupa..

  90. I myself still living in a slum. To be honest. Like most of you guys, I’m a tax payer too. Aside from VAT, I’m paying five figures of tax every month. Namulat na ko sa ganong environment and told myself that I will get out from this with my family someday. I did not choose to live in a slum. ‘Di mataas ang natapos ng magulang ko. Pero nakita ko how they strive so they can provide a better life for us. And it inspires me to do well in life and dreamed of having a life away from slum. Pero ang nakakalungkot, ‘di lahat may ganong thinking sa squatter’s area. Parang ayaw nila umahon sa hirap.

    Masakit para sakin yung mga nababasa ko. Masakit para sa amin na nagsisikap na makaalis sa squatter. Madali lahat sabihin dahil wala kayo sa sitwasyon. Maybe truth hurts and I’m guilty sa lahat ng mga sinasabi nyo.

    But I do hope ma-solve na ng govt ang root cause ng squatting ang POVERTY. As long as poverty exist, squatting will also still exiist.

    BTW, I’m moving in a new house soon. Hopefully, matapos ang construction by end of Q3 this year. PS it’s not a govt housing project.

    1. Good for you Lurk.
      Just believe in yourself that you can do it. Work hard enough, you will eventually get to where you want to go. 🙂
      I came from the squatters’ area too.
      Fairy-tales sometimes do come true in real life. Keep on fighting and never give up. Good luck with your future. 😀

    2. may GOD provide you of your needs in order for your family to leave that place….however you can start educating them if you want to…

    3. We have no qualms about you living in a slum area. I am proud of you that you strive to work and managed to lift yourself and your family out of poverty.

      But as a taxpayer, are you happy that your hard earned taxes go to people who did nothing to deserve them, and have the gall to act so arrogantly? I myself do not have the problem with them being in a slum area, but if the gov’t is providing them with relocation housing, they should take it gratefully.

    4. Good work Lurk! My parents were piss poor too when they were children. I used to live in a rented place not faraway from the slums – and even I used to have classmates and friend who used to live and still lives squatting. I know how it feels like. My parents worked really hard to own a house (we now own three, and one is now under my name). They have literally shed blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are. They are now retired and living comfortably back in the province. Bottom line is, poverty is not a state of mind, a circumstance or a destiny. It is a choice. If you choose to be poor, you will never ever be rich.

    5. God bless you Lurk. Your experience is proof that there is a way out of the slums and yours is not the only one. It is the sense of entitlement, the arrogance and the dependence on politicians with selfish agenda that keep squatters literally mired in filth in squalor, not to mention the squalor of the mind. God will take of you because you’ve been helping yourself, and even paying taxes. 🙂

  91. Squatter people need to do us all a favor by complying with our law and other standards. Whenever I pass by them (the one near our house), they would just occupy a large portion of the street without any official permission just so they can play their basketball game and sometimes setting up funeral wakes EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s very irritating and very pathetic to see them as that.

    I also blame the media for letting these filthy squatters trying to milk out of every self-sustaining Filipinos and every foreigners and just so they could use it for wasting their time apart from using them for their commodity. If we notice our collection of local TV shows and films, what will you see? Majority of shows about being poor and living in a squatter life as well as giving negative perception about Filipinos being rich and being well-educated. The Filipino media are still dumbing down the masses for indoctrinating them with their shows and treating self-sustaining Filipinos like us as all “sosyalin” and “arrogant” and it is SOSAD to see these squatters are as close-minded as a TALANGKA. They need to grow up and catch up for this decade because they are just a waste of oxygen.

  92. It’s really time to get rid of the squatter problem in Metro Manila. They really are doing a lot of harm to the economy, environment, psyche, and morale of everybody else.

    Get rid of them now !

    1. but I think there are flaws in the housing scheme of the government for the squatters, why not they copy the hongkong style of housing instead of occupying big chunk of agricultural lands the government should built a tenement type of housing project to save space…

  93. ang isang tanong ko sa sa mga squatters


    does it contribute to the community?
    are both sides happy?
    is it for the betterment of the community




  94. wow! nakitira na nga lang mga arogante pa. sana maubos na ganyan sa pinas. para umasenso naman tayo ng konte, kung di konte, mas maganda umasenso naman ng malaki? X_x

    mas mabuti pa sila free. kami naka rent to own lang nga. at may tsansa pang hindi maging amin pag hindi na maka bayad.. lord wag naman sana.. hehe!

  95. HOY MGA AKTIBISTANG WALANG MAGAWA AT NAGHAHANAP NG ISYU! HOY MEDIA! HOY MGA HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP NA BIAS! – TUMIGIL NA KAYO! DAHIL PINILIT NIYO MAGMUKHANG KAWAWA ANG MGA SQUATTER, NAGING ABUSADO SILA AT ARROGANTE! Tangna niyo! Lubog na sa sikip, krimen, basura at dumi ang Maynila dahil ginawa niyong santo ang mga tangang squatter! Bwiset kayo! Kayo ang mga SALOT ng lipunan!

    1. The comment above and almost all the comments here should show how much this country has had enough of this problem. If only all of us would rally in the streets and brave any sort of bullying from these squatters then maybe the media and the government will listen.

  96. though we have our own house and lot somewhere in the rizal area, tumira pa din ako, with my fam, sa isang squatters area for 14 years (kasi malapit sa school and eventually sa work) so meron akong first hand experience sa kung anong klaseng buhay ang meron sa ganung lugar. i admit, may mga squatters talaga na mahirap pakiusapan or pakisamahan. ‘pag kinausap mo ng maayos regarding sa cleanliness or pag-minimize ng noise kasi nakaka-istorbo, ang isasagot sa ‘yo, “eh di ‘wag ka dito tumira. dun ka sa subdivision.” parang, nakatatak na sa isip nila na ‘pag squatters ka, exempted ka na sa disiplina…

    pero di din naman lahat ng squatters eh mga walang modo. meron pa din talaga na nagta-try mag-live ng decent life and working doubly hard para matupad yung pangarap na magkaroon din ng sariling bahay at lupa sa iba nang lugar. masyado lang siguro talagang di enough yung kinikita kaya it’s taking them longer to find a decent home at di na mag-squat. kaya i don’t think generalizing them or demonizing them is fair. and i also don’t think na best solution na ang pag-demolish sa house nila para mapaalis sila. our government should talk to these people and give them options. di pambe-baby ang tawag dun. ta-tratuhin mo lang sila ng maayos bilang mga tao pa din at kapwa Pilipino…

    may mga horror stories kasi na tipong ipapatapon sila somewhere in bulacan eh nasa manila ang mga trabaho nila so gagastos sila ng malaki sa pamasahe tapos ang sahod naman nila eh maliit lang; or ipapatapon anywhere na wala namang sustainable livelihood na pwedeng pagkakitaan. may mga palayan nga in the area pero kung di iyo ang lupain, anong mapapala mo dun? so kahirapan pa din…

    pero may mga stories din naman na tipong nabigyan na ng house pero binenta lang din and bumalik sa pag-squat kahit may kabuhayan naman dun sa pinaglipatang lugar na pwedeng pagkakitaan. ‘pag ganun ang siste, dun na dapat gumamit ng bakal na kamay ang government natin and arrest those people…

    oo, gustong-gusto ko din ng maayos na kapaligiran and clog-free waterways so sana, ang government natin, sana plantsado ang plans na kung saan, lahat eh mag-benefit – mahirap man or mayaman…

    1. They should be thankful enough that they get free housing and compensation just to stop squatting in the metro. Hindi natin kasalanan na mahirap sila, and just using that same fucked up reason over and over feeds their ego, na porke mahirap sila ay dapat na silang alagaan. Tama na ung mabigyan sila ng karampatang tulong para makabwelo, pero ung gawin na ang halos lahat para sa kanila ay abuso na. And dapat, may kusa rin from them to change for the good. Ang nakakatawa isipin e kung sino pang naghihirap, e siya pang anak ng anak. Dun nalang, makikita mo na how they take things for granted. Alam kasi nila na they can always blame or point the government for all their sufferings, when in fact they are the one to blame. They don’t take a bit of responsibility sa lahat ng pagkakamali nila.

  97. “the Philippines will not reach its full potential as a business hub that finds favor in the eyes of foreign investors.”

    And frankly we don’t give a damn!

    We care more about the plight of these human beings than pleasing foreign overlords. So you could pack your bags and leave the country if you don’t like that because we don’t share your illusions of being a “business hub” (i.e. SouthEast Asian dog of your global patrons). We have enough local problems to even prostitute our country for the pleasure and taste of your so called “global investors.” If you desire that, do it on your own because the rest of the country, if not the majority, have no plans of joining the bandwagon.


    “need to move out of wherever they have been squatting for years or even decades because they simply do not belong there”

    Oh really now! And where should they move to? Are you sending them as refugees to another country? Perhaps to a country where you have been a TNT before? I mean, to a country where you have been a lowlife second-rate citizen underpaid for the slavery and development of another? Is that what you are proposing they should do? Should we train them how to clean foreign poopoo-smacked “gluteus maximuses” or become slaves in the Middle-East just so they better their conditions? Do you think that is really what Filipinos are for?

    They may be arrogant, but I respect that over the false humility of those who oppress their plight, subtly made holier and sanctified by those who have been profiteering most out of society’s poverty. I’m sorry but the greatest bullcrappers are in the helms of power. These poor people have lost everything, including their places in the system not because you think they are lazy but because the system does not allow them any other choice. What am I supposed to expect from them? Their arrogance is natural since they’ve been pushed to the wall without any more choices left while some of us couldn’t care less.


    “Some squatters can also be quite arrogant, defiant and selfish when law enforcement agencies finally clamp down on their illegal activities.”

    You mean the police only exist to protect the interests of the rich and businesses? And these people are just moochers that we should all summarily execute?

    “One wonders why the news crew tends to focus only on their plight and not the story behind why they were allowed to stay there for so long.”

    You mean, why do we have idle lands reserved for the rich, when clearly lands are scarce relative to the number of people inside the country and relative to their shelter and agricultural needs. It’s rather “indecent” if not downright illogical that we have abandoned properties when there are people who are homeless or landless. Isn’t that a far bigger question to ask? Should we prioritize your profit-model or should we prioritize basic needs of individual humans and the entire society?


    “some of the members of the upper and middle class who are fed up with the troubles they are causing”

    And pray tell, how many are these so-called upper and middle and contrast the same with the population size of the Philippines? Don’t drop factoids like that without verifiable figures because it’s shamefully uncredible.


    “While Puno’s sentiments seem noble, Filipino taxpayers simply cannot afford to fund the growing number of Filipinos living below the poverty line.”

    Says who? Says you? Give me the logic, science and rationale why we can’t afford it? Are we running out of local cement, timber and materials? Aha! We’re not…but you desire to reserve those resources instead for your foreign overloads…you treacherous wretch! Study macro-economics first before you drop lines like that so you don’t appear laughable in the end.


    “She is getting a lot of kudos for her unwavering stand against the lack of fairness in how the issue is being handled.”

    No she’s not. You can continue dreaming about it. She only alienated herself from most people. Bad publicity stunt. We don’t go for that kind of people. Look around you, 8 out of 10 people have in one way or another been to the slums or have grown-up in one. They certainly know how it is to be in one. And they certainly wouldn’t patronize people who don’t share their plight. Some of these people even turned-out to be mayors and congressmen today.

    Your so-called rich in the Philippines do not account for more than 2 to 5 percent, maybe even less. They just happen to occupy the most powerful positions making it appear that their voices are loud and agreed-upon by everyone. On the contrary, these people are puny little creatures relative to the size of the poor majority.

    I almost thought this site is about GETTING REAL. It turns out, it is as fake as the rest.


    “Philippine politicians need to quit being overprotective of people who abuse the system just to get the votes in the next election.”

    But in a country where there are so many people deprived of basic needs like shelter and food, don’t you think your property laws on the same is more abusive and even unconstitutional? Have you even asked yourself that? Or maybe you should take some effort to even read the Philippine Constitution instead of outdated fashion magazines.

    Piece of advice, aviator glasses over oriental dress is so materialistically crass; it conjures images of cheap poorly-constructed Chinese products patterned after Western advertising. It is an unholy alliance of fashion styles.


    “But as a taxpayer, are you happy that your hard earned taxes go to people who did nothing to deserve them.”

    At Adrian Pacific Ong, we’ve heard that argument before. Please do your research on how the country’s budget and economy works. We don’t rely on your pitiful tax contributions, Mr. Ong. That’s one thing you must understand about the Philippines. So please stop saying that because it’s not only wrong but it reeks of ignorance of the Philippine system, which is repeated by so many parrots in the country who have no background about these things. And when you read things like that, it’s totally irritating that merits outright correction. Flawed understanding can lead to utterly false conclusions.

    1. @Setting It Straight: Do you know what is the meaning of SQUATTER? You seem to praise the squatters and presented ideas that doesn’t solve the problem at all, leading to nothing. Stop yelling and boosting their ego. The decent people are fed up on squatter issue, and this problem is getting worst! Don’t be too selfish focusing yourself on “their rights” because in the first place they are squatter.

    2. Lol! Just because there are “idle lands” does not entitle the landless to get a piece of all that. There is a reason people with capital (whether this be land or money) keep these close to their chests rather than invested in stuff that create those ‘jobs’ the underclass salivate over… it is because this is a country run by officers elected by people who have a squatters mentality. Simple, isn’t it? 😀

      And as to being crass, well, anyone who would devote a bit of space to making catty fashionista remarks on the basis of a 75x75px avatar can’t really be considered one of the classiest of folks. Probably not one of the brighter bulbs in the room either.

    3. @Setting It Straight

      People should stop making babies they can’t afford to feed. They can’t rely on otherd to feed, clothe and educate them.

      You are averse to foreign investors and equate it to “prostituting ourselves” but don’t even realise that Filipinos in the slums are already are in the prostitution business. How many children born in the squatter areas do you think are being raped by their own relatives or being pimped by their own parents? Countless. It’s certainly better to provide jobs with the help of foreign investors for these people.

      Some of your arguments are lame, it’s not even worth responding to. The fact that you criticise my choice of attire already tells me that you are just scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  98. I feel and agree with many statements here against the squatters, but i could literally say the same thing for the educated.

    I study one of the universities that people regard as one of the top , but i see the exact same problem with these collegiate level students and squatters. You could witness a lot of them who would have no sense of awareness with traffic rule abidance, waste disposal, cigarette butts, etc. and these are college students?? simple things like these would be things you’d assume would be elementary to those who are educated, but obviously, it’s not the case.

    I’m not protecting the squatters wholeheartedly, but a lot of us should really evaluate first our own ways of life before we start pointing fingers.

    1. I agree with you on this one. Even those in the working class don’t abide by the rules. These people have earned their degrees and yet they don’t act properly. I take the MRT going to and from work and I can see some who don’t even know how to fall in line while waiting for their turn to ride the train, and give way for those alighting the train. Let’s drop the ‘me first’ attitude and be considerate of the general public’s welfare. Maybe if everyone start to act accordingly and discipline themselves, then we will progress as a nation. This goes to all especially the educated people who surely can understand what’s right from wrong. We expect the squatters to act and behave properly when some of the educated act and behave even worse than them at times… I’m not taking the side of the squatters because it’s just not right, but even those who want them ejected have a lot to correct with themselves.

  99. Can we ever get rid of the “squatters” in Metro Manila?

    My answer is no. Metro Manila has become a hub for the petty bourgeois. There are all these establishments–malls, restaurants, shops, services all for their comfort and use. Let’s think about it? Who is poor enough to take on contractual/menial jobs for perhaps lower or just about the minimum wage? And since they’re earning so little and their home in the province is far away, where are they gonna live?

    This article and some comments here talk about Metro Manila being a business hub or a good investment, but who would hold this to be true? Surely it wouldn’t be the middle class, it has to be the lower class who can maintain all maintenance of whatever you envision as development is–because they work cheap! The very structures we build to look developed is born with an oppressed labor force–whom we drive to the edge. They see the jobs, they go for survival.

    I firmly believe that unless employees of such nature are not paid well and we continue this culture of a middle class walk-in-the-park, the informal settlers will never leave.

    Last note,
    Justice does not equate to equal treatment. Justice takes into account the context of the situation and justly gives and punishes.

    1. @Freya. There are a lot of poor people in the Philippines but does not mean they are squatter. We are talking about squatter and their growing numbers are inevitable. Crimes really plays a lot in the city and it swallowing the progress into doom. The decent people are those people who live a lawful life – following the rules.

      1. I agree, I made a general statement. But this poverty ultimately ends in squatting. Why do these people squat?

        I don’t believe they squat because they know the government will give them money and a house. What kind of parent would want their child to live in a box?

        The reason these people squat is so that they can be near jobs they can use to feed themselves. A parent would rather live in a box to feed their child, than see him die of hunger. Moreover squatting happens because all the jobs are centralized in the Metropolis–because those who can spend and pay for services are here. The Philippines has really poor provincial development, which I think will solve the problem of squatting in Metro Manila when the informal settlers see hope in the province.

  100. Agree. For us middle income earners hirap magpundar ng bahay, housing loan ammortizations in urban areas are so expensive and you have to pay for the debt for a very long period of time. Then sila can choose an urban area without any rent, then pag pinaalis sila they can demand for a house tapos aangal pag malayo. For middle income earners if you do not have enough money to pay for houses in the urban area, then ang choice na lang is to buy a house in a province near NCR or rent na lang.
    Pero I still believe that the conditional cash transfer program can be a TEMPORARY solution to alleviate poverty in the Philippines. Kasi may mga NCR inhabitants naman talaga na sobrang hirap. Of course I think the government has been doing its job in evaluating who are qualified for the program.
    I just hope that the local government units would be able to address the problem more effectively.

    1. CCT is nowhere near a solution…
      Can you say giving alms to the beggars be a solution?
      Discipline, strict as it may, should be, the stupidity of the people voting for incompetent officials will always be the root of it all.

      A friend of mine once told me, to address poverty and hunger,
      Feed the poor to the hungry.

      Each and everyone of those squatters have not even a bit of use in the society, they’re menaces, and they give a bad taste on mouths of those working every hour just to make a decent living.

      1. Not all squatters are useless in society. It’s safe to say that some (or perhaps a bulk) of the laundry(wo)men, drivers, carpenters, maids, etc. are squatters.

        1. Better separate the poor from the “filthy poor” like separating the old money from nouveau riche and “filthy rich”. Marami kasing mga “maykaya” at “nagtratrabahong mga mahihirap” (at nagbabayad ng tax) na umuuwi sa mga squatters area kasi di maka-afford ng housing loans. Wala naman kasing proyektong low cost high rise apartment buildings katulad ng sa Singapore ang mga LGUs ng NCR kaya di ma-separate yung mga totoong illegal squatters sa mga low income earners..

  101. One of the reasons if not the major one why the government cannot fully eradicate these squatters is because they control their situation. they make sure they stay poor so that when the next election comes they can make use of these squatters.. you all know the story.

    imagine if only the taxpayers are allowed to vote. I think this will solve many economic problems

    1. I think this is very well the case. The misinformed, uneducated, and illogical people, are mostly made up by these illegal settlers. The very same people who would want to vote for someone our country ousted almost 10 years ago as president.

      I think no matter how much we struggle, so long as the government is in control of the situation, these illegal settlers are going to stay here for longer than we expect.

  102. What people don’t seem to realize is that by taking the side of the squatters, they are basically saying that my hard-earned taxes should go to feeding these people – a lot of whom sit around on their asses waiting for handouts all day instead of taking initiative to look for honest work.

  103. Bs your bullshit they have a lease on the hacienda luisita stop jacking off on your computer and do some research before you look more stupid… I agree with you on squatters but accussing someone wrongly is the real bullshit… so do you think they gathered these lands by squatting on them too? Your comparison is delusional…

    1. You should be more respectful of our President. Right or wrong, he is still our President, and the leader of the country for the next three years. Be rational, and not personal in your statements. Are you a Filipino or just a Chinese mole living in our country. I hope you are paying your taxes right like we do.

      1. Cmdr Bond, ochie was actually siding with the president. he was saying that the aquinos did not squat on the land, as they had a lease on it. you both are on the same side.

        i’m chinese too, so i just found what you said not just stupid but racist as well.

        1. Not to mention that the Aquinos are half-Chinese. 😛

          @ochie ng: The Aquinos having a lease of Hacienda Luisita is a sham. They ACTUALLY owned it in the first place.

          Yellow Zombies are delusional. 😀

    2. Watching too much BS propaganda by your precious president and his media propagandist eh? Sarap maging uto-uto ano?

  104. I blogged about this last time..
    same issue same scenario..

    Educate the young ones, relocate the old and disabled. Provide them useful jobs that will help clean up and and beautify the problem areas and give them the option if they work for the government to help get rid and clean the squatters area, they can be eligible for small wage and housing to relocate.

    If a family member within one person becoming a govt helper has a small child or an elderly or disable they should be in a waiting list for a housing development so long as they keep their child to be educated and the abled person to continue govt help service for 6-10 years.

    If a squatter resident declined to help get rid of their so called home and or have criminal records and or have issues with drugs. They should be evicted with no questions. they need to learn what hard work is and to get them to reside in a legal housing program they need to work hard for this. Nothing comes free in this life without doing something. If there is an innocent family member child or elderly or disabled involved they can apply for education program and apply for housing as well.

    there is alot of programs that you can start with government help to start cleaning up the squatters area.

    I believe that if you dont belong to a proper residential area and reside in a squatter your vote should count. these people do not pay taxes and once they start doing so and helping themselves without freeloading then they can start having a say and vote. its not only good for them but also good for the environment and the country’s socio economics and get more investors interest coming in to the country.

    I want to share my ideas and change my home country for the best.. but who would really listen? :S


    1. the problem is, these squatters are too LAZY to find jobs and have very short-sightedness in life, when their children don’t want to go to school, they make them stop, and justify it as “pag ang bata ayaw mag-aral bakit pipilitin?? eh di hinto sya muna hanggang gusto nya na”, i’m not saying this from a point of view of a middle class individual who looks down on those lower than me, –NO, i’ve had first hand experience staying at a squatters area where a few distant relatives live when a relative passed away and we had to visit for a couple of days(it was in another city, though every night we stayed at a hotel), and from what i saw, they jumped from one job to another, they would drop any job whenever a new small one-time job springs up that brings a few cash quicker, and whenever a few money is made, it seems to disappear just as quickly, instead of investing it on something more useful, they go on a small shopping spree, delicious dinners and a few all-nighter of mahjong and pusoy and it’s all gone again, i just can’t comprehend how they treat money as something so DISPOSABLE(every cash i make sa suweldo(i’m a fresh college graduate so i have a starting job) on payday i set aside a few for necessities, a small amount for my hobby, and a nice family dinner on payday and the rest is saved)

      on the few nights of our relative’s wake, there was a traveling gambling den(which travels from wake to wake for legal purposes) put up outside my relatives’ house, my relatives managed to come up with more than 50k on the “tong” alone . . but after just 2 months, they called my father because they wanted to borrow money for the baptism of a child one of my uncle adopted —yes, they adopted another child, another additional expense on money they never have to begin with . . . .

      and they have the nerve to complain to the government or point out at normal taxpayers for stealing their money or something, i just don’t get how these people justify things

    1. In my early years, my family lived in a rented room in Paranaque. It wasn’t even a good enough room to shelter us from raging storms back then. It was, however, what my dad can afford to provide us with. We even lived of the usual tuyo. No “corned beef” except for really good days.

      My dad worked his ass off, and he’s still working up to now. Now, we live in a modest house, with air-conditioned rooms and a home theater with a 3DTV. He worked in private companies, btw. He’s not in any way involved in any government activities.

      My point: It’s more probable that you won’t ever understand our point. We work for our lives to get better, not just sit around all day expecting other people to provide for us.

    2. Stop playing the victim card you idiot. Those abusive squatters were already given a lot of incentives for years but they remain being parasitic freeloaders.

  105. I think both sides has as point, the problem is we don’t meet half way and find ways to have a win win solutions! On my opinion i think it is more important to understand why this thing happen in order not to suffer the same situation again, let us look deeper why they choose to be squatter what push them and why and how? If genuinely understand this problem this can be eliminated before it happen again, second find a solution a lasting solution not temporal solution the problem is already there we cant settle our selves to quarrel with each other because it happen , rather look for the answer that will not abuse the law and also those squatters, if we favor on squatters we became selfish same way if we just ask for fairness on the law we became selfish too, remember in every law there is an exemptions, …

    Just few highlight from the remarks that i read some says its their choice to be squatter and be poor i cant argue to that i affirm that to be true all human actions is a personal choices regardless of circumstances! but again we never know what pushes them to be such and we never allow our selves to be numb and let them punish on a mistake of their choice but rather i believe we need to extend the word second chance love understanding patience the movie i watched says if we stop to fight for the human then we start to stop to become human!

    “Enforcing the law equally ”

    In every action there is a consequences, when people put their selves on a situation to be a squatter they are bound to suffer the implementation of the law in order to protect others rights etc. but if the government dint act when they saw that there are violations of the law and let them stay there for a while the government is bound to suffer same consequences , in the first place they allowed them to stay for along time they cant just get wipe them out!

    Business hub? Over the people ? I think we already knew the answer for that.

    I believed we can live peacefully orderly etc., but we need the all organizations to act on duties they are appointed to do and stop pointing finger but rather we need to coordinate our effort to solve the problem, government non goverment religious group and others., being poor is not a joke situation don’t make more harder for them, being abuse is not also joke situation, for those who is pro on squatting and arrogant should be punished for they drag the name of the poor to the weakedness and pisses all those who are law abiding citizen.
    Just saying!

  106. I’ve read an article about Bianca’s comment about these informal settlers and I’m surprised on how many stupid people got upset with what she said when in fact it’s true. these squatter areas are the birth place of criminals I’m not saying everyone of them are. most of them tend to have more offspring than they can feed. since most of them wont have a chance for a good education they will soon grow up to be criminals. again these doesn’t apply to all but the probability is huge.

  107. I was wondering where these words go: “Fish for a man and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and feed him for a life time”?

    I think it’s about time that we look at the real reason why our country is unable to progress. It’s not because we lack resources. It’s because our resources goes to places where it shouldn’t be.

  108. it’s been said that most progressive countries had to go through a stage of civil turmoil or worse civil war before the nation is united into one common goal. civil wars are either ideologically or geographically motivated. i often wondered what would trigger such in the philippines and everytime i read the papers or socio-political-economic commentaries, i always arrive at the same conclusion. a civil war in this country will be between classes, the non-taxpaying, dole-out-dependent class, and the tax-paying, fed-up, thinking class. i’m almost convinced that it must happen, but i hope not anytime soon.

  109. There is a moral hazard when we give people what they want…they tend to abuse it. It is better to give EVERYONE the opportunity to get what they want instead of handing it to them directly.

    1. @abcd abcdef: Please don’t use the name of your God. This is society issue and religion should never be use in here. BE A GOOD PARENT. BE RESPONSIBLE AND PLEASE GIVE YOUR CHILDREN A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE, FOR AT THE END THEY WILL LIFT THE SOCIETY UP!

    2. God Himself is so annoyed at you right now katoliban especially when using His name for your self-righteous abuse.

    3. abcd was being sarcastic.
      if you can’t detect it, you’re not smart enough. deal with it.
      isip-isip din pag may time.

  110. We shouldn’t be giving them anything for free! Let them work for it! Bigyan sila ng trabaho – maglinis ng mga ilog, yung mga kalbong bundok -pataniman! Sus! Maraming pwedeng ipagawa sa kanila!We’re working our assess of to get paid. Let them work as well – they’ll be happier instead of giving them dole-outs! Hayyy ang mga taong gobyerno involved dito- maging malikhain naman kayo!!!

  111. squatters should only be removed if people like the ayalas and other barons return their stolen lands. not until then. you cannot prosecute the poor while ignoring the rich criminals.

  112. As long there’s a lot of crooked gov’t officials around, the problem of squatter and squatting will never be addressed. Its like a symbiotic relationship of some sort, both need each other to survive! You wanna get rid of squatters then get rid of those crooked government officials! Get rid of CORRUPTION FOR SHORT!

  113. A twist on your article.

    A lot of decent Filipinos are getting fed up with the arrogance of those in power

    “Politicians, land lords, multinational corporations, including largescale mining companies in the Philippines have wreaked havoc in the country and they are out of control. The problem is quite obvious and the solution is staring everyone in the face; there are just not enough ordinary people with enough heart and courage to address the issue.

    But someone has to put an end to the vicious cycles of impunity, poverty and inequality, particularly in Metro Manila where most poor Filipinos from the provinces seem to converge…

    One video shows the police destroying people’s homes and wreaking havoc on other people’s lands to make way for another mall, mine, or real-estate interest and demanding to know when and if they can get rid of the people who resist their plans. Some even threatened to file lawsuits against them.

    They appear on the media or business papers, where their side of the news plays right into their view of the world, and they appear to be enjoying their 24/7 fame in front of the cameras relating their tales of hard work and free enterprise and how they think the economy should work. One wonders why the news crews tend to focus only on their success and not the story behind why they were allowed to stay in power for so long in the first place.

    There is a lot to be said about structural violence, political impunity, an economy that serves the interests of a few and co-opted democratic institutions.

    The social crisis in the Philippines has been made complicated by misguided Filipinos who think that the poor are to blame for their poverty (4), and that the poor are dependent on the state to provide housing, education and healthcare for them.

    Not only is this notion untrue, it is an unfair burden on taxpayers who pay not for housing, education or healthcare for our people– but on lucrative government kickbacks for powerful multinationals, private armies for the nation’s dozens of political dynasties, and other forms of petty corruption.

    Retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno recently said that “Filipinos must be able to demand from their government their right to housing, education and health, or these socioeconomic rights would remain mere words on paper.” (5) Puno’s sentiments are noble, and there is in reality more than enough wealth in this country to lift millions of people out of poverty, should we choose to.

    Many of the poor, despite living in tiny quarters no bigger than a box, have no qualms about working ten or more hours a day on slave wages just to feed their families. Perhaps they have been led to believe that they deserve nothing more and that their lives are worth less than those at the top simply because they have less in their wallets…

    Speaking of babies for that matter, some people who have more than enough to feed themselves and buy the world five times over shouldn’t demand more wealth from the maternal state and ordinary citizens like us.

    The reaction of the members of all oppressed classes is long overdue. We need to step up and challenge what the government is doing, which is simply coddling the elite. Philippine politicians need to quit being overprotective of people who abuse the system just to reap still more profits in the next election.

    This abusive behavior from both the public officials who buy off votes using tax payer’s money and the rich who take advantage of the situation must end if we are to have any hope of ensuring a decent future for all of our children.”


    1. @CJ

      Using my article to express your anti-corporation sentiments is a bit trying hard. Next time use your own words to come up with an original article because what you did is tantamount to plagiarism. Your friends might think you came up with a brilliant article if they do not bother to read my article.

      Your beef against corporations should be a separate issue from the squatter problem in the Philippines. You seem to be denying that most people from the slums are not depending on the government to provide for their housing, education and healthcare for them. You didn’t even comment on the issues raised in my article like how slum residents throw their garbage indiscriminately onto waterways resulting in water pollution and clogged drains. You didn’t even comment on the fact that a lot of these people have more babies they can’t afford to feed and pimp them to the highest bidder. Is that supposed to be the fault of taxpayers too?

    2. CJ,

      You study in one of the most expensive Unis in the country. We would like to know how your parents can pay for this? Are they working in or working for the corporations you demonize?

      Corporations and the big bad rich may have their down side but they do pay their fair legally mandated share of taxes and largely law abiding.

      They may not play by your definition of fair play but they largely do follow the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

      What we want the poor to be just law abiding like everyone else. Just dont infringe on the legally mandated rights of others rather than some romanticized idea of utopia.

      Going back to your Uni, why not stop attending and donate your tuition to squatters who need it more than you?

      Tough, aint it? 🙂

    3. What is this Reynato Puno smokin’ man? Where does he think the government would get the funding for his “demand”. Who would foot up the bill, I’d like to hear? Yeah, I’d like my own free housing too! Samahan mo na rin ng kotse. Free for all indeed!

  114. sa panahon ngayon, malayo na sa katotohanan ang maging ‘santo’, bakit ko naman ipamimigay ang pinagkakakitaan ko sa ‘abuloy’? obligado ka rin sa tax at dapat naman para sa tax payer din ang gastos – hindi sa para kanilang mga squatter.

    -si LGU na nakaupo ay nanalo dahil sa dami ng squatter na na-uto, entonses di nila gagalawin yan

    solusyon: mag sama-sama ang mga nagbabayad ng buwis sa kani-kanilang lokasyon at pwersahan magpa-alis, YAN Eh kung may lakas ng loob gumawa ng grupo at mag demand sa LGU. tax payer ka at dapat si LGU sumunod kasi ikaw ang nag papa sahod sa kanya, kung ayaw nya – MUTINY! nakapagpapa alis nga ng presidente, LGU pa kaya sos! i-broadcast lang nang maayos sa publiko para d mapatay ung mag-dadala ng grupo, ma o obyus kasi na si LGU ang may gawa.

    -iyong mga mapag samantala sa cheap labor kaya naakit sila pumunta sa syudad at tumira sa kung saan na lang, entoses dumadami ang populasyon ng squatter

    solusyon: pinaka simple ay WORK PERMIT (parang VISA lang). bawal na pumasok ng syudad kung wala ka nito, ang requirement address ng kamag-anak na HOST or bunk house na provided ng employer na silang mananagot kapag may expired na pagala-gala sa syudad. malalim pa ito partikular sa requirement at hahaba lang ang post, pero yan na ang pinaka simpleng explanation.

    -dumadami sila

    solusyon: VASECTOMY AT LIGATION, no further explanation needed, common sense – ubos lahi nila at sigurado wala nang squatter.

    sa mga nabanggit sa itaas, ewan ko lang kung hindi ka matakot mag squat sa syudad. dyan na magkakaroon ng focus sa EDUCATION or else ubos ang lahi mo.

    malaking gulo ito, at sigurado sila pa ang may gana magwala, matatakot ka ba at hahayaan na lang sila o papuputukan mo?

    kaya mo ba?

    kung minsan, karahasan ay kailangan mo gawin para sa ikabubuti – na kanilang rin naman ginagamit para sa kanilang kapakanan.

    at sigurado sasakay pa simbahan dito at ung mga ‘pro-poor’ at ‘pro-human rights’ kuno. ganito na lang kaya, doon kayo sa isang isla mag-sama sama. madamot ako at hindi ako santo, sa kapwa ko lang tax-payer i share ang gastos na galing din naman sa tax na ibinabayad namin.

  115. I guess it’s time for cleansing, time to eradicate this kind of people, the government doesn’t owe them anything, If only people would value their self and love-one, and take the responsibility to give better life for their children, if only they can learn self-pride, of independence, if only they can put in their minds that there’s no one here to help them but their-selves, that kind of mind-set would improve their lives, else. lets kill them all no other solution.

  116. This site is as fake as the rest. So much for “getting real!”

    I bet this is a propaganda arm of some interest group or politician.

    If you can’t handle the truth, rebutt it properly and don’t delete it because it only betrays how fake this site is.

    1. Really now? Resorting to another pointless whinning eh?
      Seriously, you guys are already laughing stocks here.
      Go play the victim card somewhere else okay?

    2. @Setting it Straight

      Don’t be lazy. Keep looking for your comment until you find it before you accuse us of deleting it.

    3. Setting It Straight, you inconceivable moron! You just proved our point.

      You’re butt-hurt because you think someone took away your words; words that you typed using a keyboard that you bought, attached to a computer that you paid for, connected to an ISP that you subscribe to.

      Now think about the landowners that get screwed by squatters. How would they feel if someone “deleted” their rights to live on the land they worked hard for?

      By the way, your comment is on page 6 as of this moment. And if you’re as stupid as you sound, remember that it’ll get pushed back as more comments are posted.

  117. You can’t put all the blame on Pnoy.. All these informal settlers are the result of years of lenient law implementation. All these problems were just transferred on his shoulders as soon as he stepped into office.. And you expect him to fix it just like that? Instead, we should seeking out our local government officials who’s responsibilities are much more concentrated on certain areas.

    But don’t get me wrong.. It’s about time that someone addressed this issue. Kudos

      1. Is 3 years enough to right every wrong that’s happened in the Philippines? I guess PNoy should’ve been able to address all issues by the 7th day of being in office; because that’s what gods do, and we’ve voted a god to be our Pres. right?

        1. A lazy god to be sure. In three years, he hasn’t started anything worthwhile he promised. And insecure to boot.

        2. It is not enough.pero depende sa iyo kung sinu ang iboboto mo na susunod na presidente….si binay iboto malamang dadami pa yang squatters…

    1. He already had 3 years. 3 YEARS to get things right with our country but what he only did was enrich his KKK while the rest of our countrymen grow poorer each day. Do you seriously think that no one will notice this president’s inaction on reducing corruption,poverty and prices?

      The people won’t be fooled much longer by this president’s propaganda.

  118. I don’t blame Pnoy for not being able to successfully resolve this – drastic resolutions tend to backfire in the Philippines (I’d love to believe he’s at least trying to do something – no proof that he’s not doing anything at least)

    Honest (solid) answer here is for the thinking class to shove them out – even if it means taking it by force. It sucks I know but sometimes, the only way to fight fire – is really fire.

  119. you think if the current administration wasn’t doing anything, this issue wouldn’t have gotten attention?

    to think that this problem has been evident in the past, it is actually a breath of fresh air that this issue is now being looked at…

  120. How can the middle class contribute to the solution PROACTIVELY? I’m tired of complaining. Complaint alone gets us nowhere. Also, I’ve grown tired relying on the government. Though I still believe that the government can do something, if there’s anything we can do aside from complain then I’m going to do that now.

  121. unfortunately, the government doesn’t want to solve this problem because they’re using the squatters as their pawns during the election. These people are stupid enough to take a 500 peso bribe from these corrupt politicians..sigh

  122. May gumawa na ng paraan dyan,tinawag pa nga syang berdugo e…tumakbo sa pwesto…at siyempe hindi nanalo…hulaan nyo kung bakit!

  123. I am apalled by the fact that my hard earned money, which I painfully part with in the sorry duty of paying taxes, sustains the living of these good-for-nothing urchins and vermin of society.

    They should be sent (no, shipped) back to the provinces where they came from, or if these were the kind who were born and who grew up in the slums, send them back to where they can trace their roots to originally.

    If they refuse, make it a law for them to provide their services pro bono with activities that will contribute to the betterment of the city – think North Korean labor camps – for them to at least ‘earn’ their so-called illusory claim to a square inch or several of land that they hold no title to. Even with that, it still does not merit their illegal settling activity.

    Harsh but, come on, don’t feed off my blood you low life uneducated parasite pests.

    Also, the right to vote should be revoked from people like these who have no positive economic contribution to the growth of society.

    1. What did you do to earn your place in society? Did you have to climb out of poverty? Do you believe it is your God-given right to enjoy the standard of living that you do? I’m sure you’re even happy to sit in church and proclaim yourself a Christian when these are your true feelings. Just because someone was born into poverty does not mean that they deserve such a life. You take fore granted the life that you enjoy not realizing that it is much easier to climb to the top of a ladder when you are placed half way up rather than having to start at the very bottom. Your parents clothed you, fed you, sheltered you, and paid for your education. The real question is, what did you do to earn this privileged life and if you did not have the benefit of all those important ingredients, could you climb your way out of a life of squatting by yourself?

      1. Oh puhlease! May rich people started out as very poor. They worked their way up by mere determination and perseverance. Working part time to fund their education. Don’t give me that excuse you lazy ass 🙂

      2. Hi Darryl, it’s not Amadine’s fault if she is “living a life of privilege” because this was handed down to her by her family. Yes, it’s also not the fault of a squatter if he was already born as a squatter. But what was handed down to you is not as important as what you will do with what was given to you. Should you strive to have a better life or should you be contented with what you have? Yes, I understand your point that it’s a million times harder for those who started at the bottom to move up the ladder but it will NEVER be right to do something illegal to get what you want. I wasn’t born rich. I was, in fact, born in a family, which used to be constantly struggling financially. BUT my dad thought and showed to us that there are a MILLION LEGAL WAYS to solve our financial problems, and, therefore, we graduated and are now financially independent. Having said this, I KNOW that it’s so much harder for the poor to get what they want than those living in privilege. But this doesn’t give the poor the right to break the law.

        Some of us are too engrossed with empathizing with criminals that we forget to empathize with the victims (and notice that I don’t just limit this to squatting but to all crimes so we can better understand that a crime is a crime no matter what). I, for one, bought a property, paid/pays its taxes and I would go nuts if I find someone else illegaly living on it. Why? Because the money that I paid is thru my hardwork and the reason that I worked hard is to have a better life. Let’s say that, unfortunately for me, some squatters just conveniently picked my property, lived there, refused to leave, and therefore, requires me to give them a property and living allowance. Will this be fair for me? If YOU are the property owner, will you just give up on the land and merrily give them to the squatters?

        1. In addition to this, some squatters merely have a problem with their priorities. Instead of paying for a good education, a decent house, good/nutritious food for their family, they buy flat TVs, dvds, computers etc. etc. And these are not the “professional squatters”. These are the same people who whine to the government that the government does not provide for them. Needless to say, this was one of the reasons we survived. My dad made sure to prioritize our basic necessities and/or education rather than being updated with the latest gadgets. Instead of buying a betamax, for example, he gave us second-hand books to read…etc. etc.

      3. My parents were born into slums but they made sure they had an education even when their parents (my Dad’s anyway) wanted them to work instead of study. My Dad finished and became a diplomat and my Mom taught in a private school. Don’t condemn us for the choices we made. WE OWE NOBODY! Most especially people who only care about making double digit babies with no means to support them!

  124. This article should be in the independent unbiased newspapers. We taxpayers should only be paying taxes for projects that would benefit all, not just the poor. Put railways, mass rail transits, monorails in every major thoroughfare in the country, put trash bins in every street corner and cleanliness campaigns. Pay taxes to create more parks in the metropolis. Not to pay taxes to simply give these money to the professional squatters who receive doleouts from the government and get back to their old ways after renting or selling the place out.

    1. Better yet, enact a law that those only who pay taxes can have their voting rights exercised, in that way politicians can not harvest votes from illegal squatters..

  125. yung relocation site dito sa may samin front lang para makapag corrupt ulit. urban poor ang tawag pero if titingnan mo ang mga bahay pwede na syang urban rich. mga 2 stories na concreto, meron pa ngang may swimming pool. hindi naman yung mga deserving families ang nakakuha, marami dun may ari is mga pulis, govt officials/employees. sila sila din ang bumili. Di na nakaabot sa mga “squatters”, sila na mismo nag bentahan sa murang presyo tapos ipapngalan sa indigenous nilang kamag anak or sa kanila mismo kasi nasuhulan yung mismong ng aaprove ng applicationf or free lot. YUng iba naman na namudmudan na kapos sa buhay, binenta pa din yung lupa sa mayaman so andun pa rin sila sa lupa namin ng ssquat, pinarerntahan namin ang lupa pero ayaw ng marami mg bayad kasi karamihan daw hindi naman ng babayad so bat sila mg babayad. Tapos pag pinapaalis namin makikipag kasuhan, minsan makikipag deal. hindi na daw lalaban sa kaso basta bigyan sila ng 15k (or mas mataas depende pa yan sa kapal ng mukha nila). MInsan pumapayag nalang tatay ko para less hassle, so kami pa nagagastusan. Na dyaryo pa dati tatay ko na kasali sa hindi nakakabayad ng tax sa lupa, eh kapos na din tatay ko kasi wala nmang nagbabayad sa renta ng lupa. May magbabayad kakarampot lang, eh yun yung main source of income ng tatay ko kasi retired na. taeng mga tao yan.

    1. isa pa pala, karamihang nag ssquat sa lupa ng tatay ko ay pinarerentahan din ang bahay nila or nag papa room rent ng ilang doors. sila nag iincome sa bahay na naka tayo sa lupa namin pero sila ayaw mg bayad ng renta sa lupa. luging lugi yung tatay ko. ngayon sabihin nyo na deserving sila? ang kakapal ng mukha.

      1. ganon din sa amin.. pinatirahan ng mga walang hiyang kandidato sa lupain ng lolo ko. ngayon kami ang me problema paalisin. Sila pa ang nagaaway sa amin. Nagpapaupa sila sa bahay nila na illegal naman nakatayo sa lupa na minana ng mga nanay ko. Dapat bigyan na ng solution ang squatting. Masyadong ginagamit ng mga kandidato etong mga squatters para manalo eh namimihasa pareho

  126. As you’ve said, ” In life, things are not always what they seem.”

    There are professional squatters and there are decent, hardworking informal settlers who have been working their butts off for so many years but are only earning minimum wages. So, dont generalize. With the high cost of living, how do you expect them to pay for rent and live in decent houses? We, tax payers should feel blessed that we have the money to pay for taxes. Whereas these people have barely enough to feed themselves.

    The danger of making sweeping statements is that you encourage people to be biased towards certain groups. Not all poor people are uneducated and not decent. The same way that not all rich people are decent and “thinking”. Some rich people got their riches by taking advantage of the people that you want to call squatters.

    1. Not all poor people are uneducated and not decent.

      The article did not say otherwise. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t act very decent most of the time. Poverty is not an excuse for breaking the law.

      1. How many movies do we need to watch to see the true nature of humans when it comes to life versus death? Squatters face an economic crisis every day. They live the laws of the jungle because it’s all about survival. Can you blame them for breaking the law when they have been provided with no alternative? What would you do if you were starving and nobody was willing to help you? You just can’t make something out of nothing. People can only move forward with the help of others. So for all of you enjoying the comfort of your own home and hiding behind computers, please reflect on who got you to where you are today. Don’t blame the poor for not having anyone to help them. How can you expect an animal to behave decently if you don’t look or treat them with the dignity of a human?

    2. francesca,

      Squatters are squatters. Let us go with the legal definition rather than some half ass politically correct term created to deodorize the crime.

      Equating these hard working informal settlers to pedophile priests. They’re still pedophiles even if they officiate the Holy Sacraments.

      The title is about squatters, not the poor. There are poor people who pay their fair share of taxes and do not squat.

    3. We don’t generalize. We zero in on those squatters who think the land they are stealing are theirs for the taking!

  127. Squatters are concrete example of Pinoy parasitic mindset and arrogant laziness which embolden their being more wily in almost everything they do most especially in dealing with others.

    Politicians and most government leaders are the work-of-art products of this squatters’ mindset.

    1. Squatting is a failure of society and the people within it to provide opportunity for its people. If even the educated citizens who have managed to earn jobs as security guards, police offers and nurses still remain as squatters, what does that say about the challenges of life in the Philippines? Less for self, More for Others, Enough for All. Give a squatter a chance to do better in life, and then tell me how lazy they are. But what have you done to help?

      1. “Give a squatter a chance to do better in life,”. And how exactly do you propose to do that? I have an idea. Invite some of them to live with you. Brilliant! LOL

  128. These “Informal Settlers” must realise and understand they are breaking the law and are not above the law either!! Akala nila ang buhay ay parang “movie” or “telenovela” na napapnood nila sa sinehan at telebisyon. They do not have any right to take the rights of others and then use their own rights to avoid facing the consequences of their WRONG DOINGS. Wala silang KARAPATAN na tumira sa lupa na hindi nila pag-aari at isa pa wala silang KARAPATAN na ilagay sa panganib ang kaligtasan at kalusugan ng nakararaming mga tao sa kanilang kapaligiran like for example the risk of heavy flooding because they clog the waterways with their wastes and “basura”, they are putting people at risk of developing outbreak of infectious diseases because of the way they conduct filthy living – the breeding ground for bacterial and viral infections which can cause an epidemic of airborne and waterborne diseases in the environment, they are also fire risk to everyone, they are also the breeding ground for criminals and prostitution..please stop protecting these parasites..our country needs a proper balance between RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES and it is time to put the RULE of LAW. Kamay na bakal dapat ang iharap sa mga taong ito.

  129. In an almost perfect country, all of these people are sent back to their provinces and provided with land to farm and nets to fish. Some may even become teachers and doctors for the benefit of their province.

    Well, everything is easier said than done.

  130. “The reaction of the members of the thinking class is long overdue.”

    I sincerely hope you’re not representative of this ‘thinking class’ if your thoughts can only go as far as demonising the poor. Picking out a few bad examples and using them to judge every squatter in Philippines is really poor form. I’d also ask where this so-called thinking class have been hiding for the last 30-40 years?

    Do you really believe millions of Filipinos have left their province to enjoy squatting in Manila?, of course they haven’t. They left their province hoping to gain employment as there was nothing in the province. Solve this problem and you’ll go some way to solving the squatter problem!

    A good place to start would be to stop making it so damn difficult for foreigners to invest in Philippines, give us more rights to land ownership etc. Allow us to build affordable homes and set up factories, manufacturing plants etc.

    If you have better ideas then great, let’s read about them rather than demonising the easy target without solutions.

    1. @The real free-thinking class

      Which part of the article made you think I was demonising the poor? Did I say “all poor” are arrogant? Please be specific.

      I’d also ask where this so-called thinking class have been hiding for the last 30-40 years?

      Where do you think? Just because the older generation didn’t do anything to stop the proliferation of squatters doesn’t mean the new generation has to stand back and shut their mouths too. It’s never too late to unite the Filipino people against tyranny and arrogance.

      Do you really believe millions of Filipinos have left their province to enjoy squatting in Manila?

      It doesn’t really matter where they came from. What matters is that they are squatting on other people’s property and they should leave peacefully when asked to do so.

      They left their province hoping to gain employment as there was nothing in the province. Solve this problem and you’ll go some way to solving the squatter problem!

      Since you are new to this site, I suggest you read up on the previous articles addressing this issue. You can start with this: Manufacturing can be a key to Filipinos enjoying a free and healthy life

      A good place to start would be to stop making it so damn difficult for foreigners to invest in Philippines, give us more rights to land ownership etc. Allow us to build affordable homes and set up factories, manufacturing plants etc.

      That’s another issue that has been addressed on this site many times. You should really do your homework before commenting here.

      1. [quote]Which part of the article made you think I was demonising the poor? Did I say “all poor” are arrogant? Please be specific.[/quote]

        Where do I start? Not one positive word for the many many hard working squatters who simply have nowhere else to go. You seem to think they have “long enjoyed” squatting which we all know isn’t true. “the activities of the people squatting are foul. They have no concern or respect for the rights or property of others and have total disregard for the environment and welfare of other people”, that sounds pretty condemning of whole group of people, doesn’t it? I’m sure they’d prefer not to live in their own mess if it could be prevented.

        [quote]I’d also ask where this so-called thinking class have been hiding for the last 30-40 years?

        Where do you think? Just because the older generation didn’t do anything to stop the proliferation of squatters doesn’t mean the new generation has to stand back and shut their mouths too. [b]It’s never too late to unite the Filipino people against tyranny and arrogance.[/b][/quote]

        But in this story you want to unite against the weak. I call that bullying and isn’t going to solve a problem that needs to be addressed with the long-term in mind.

        [quote]Do you really believe millions of Filipinos have left their province to enjoy squatting in Manila?

        It doesn’t really matter where they came from. What matters is that they are squatting on other people’s property and they should leave peacefully when asked to do so.[/quote]

        In the ideal world, yes they should. We live in the real world though, where do you expect these millions of squatters to go? Without real alternative solutions you’ll just displace them where they become somebody else’s problem.

        [quote]They left their province hoping to gain employment as there was nothing in the province. Solve this problem and you’ll go some way to solving the squatter problem!

        Since you are new to this site, I suggest you read up on the previous articles addressing this issue. You can start with this: Manufacturing can be a key to Filipinos enjoying a free and healthy life[/quote]

        Thanks for the link

        [quote]A good place to start would be to stop making it so damn difficult for foreigners to invest in Philippines, give us more rights to land ownership etc. Allow us to build affordable homes and set up factories, manufacturing plants etc.

        That’s another issue that has been addressed on this site many times. You should really do your homework before commenting here.[/quote]

        You do realise newcomers will only become newcomers & 1st time posters when they see a particular article that appeals to them and reading every blog, post & comment to avoid repeating something previous is highly unlikely. If you have to run stories like this one then it’s for you to add workable solutions, you failed. Just saying they should move without saying how or where just leaves you looking ignorant & arrogant (oh the irony).

        PS I’m hoping [ quote ] & [ / quote ] work here as they do in forums. Apologies in advance if this post comes out a complete mess.

        1. Here you use HTML. Just Google it.

          And, yeah, that’s the problem with the poor — they have this bad habit of becoming somebody’s problem.

        2. @The real free-thinking class

          I suggest you stop putting words into my mouth. Just because I didn’t mention the hard-working squatters doesn’t mean that I believe there aren’t any. The title of the article already says it all. It is referring to those who are “arrogant” and abusive of the system.

          But in this story you want to unite against the weak. I call that bullying and isn’t going to solve a problem that needs to be addressed with the long-term in mind.

          Who are the “weak”? Once again, the taxpayers are totally helpless in the way the government gives the funds away and a lot of the squatters are abusing the system. The taxpayers also work hard to have a decent life but they have to live with the cost of the way the politicians are coddling the squatters. This includes living with the polluted waterways that result in floods during the rainy season.

          Unfortunately, the government’s program does not even solve the problem. The government has to look at giving assistance without making it look like it is a privilege. They have to make people work before giving them cash like asking them to clean up their surroundings or something. There is nothing like being rewarded for a job well done and this can give their existence meaning and boost their self-esteem. Not to mention, if they are involved in cleaning up the environment, it can make them appreciate it more. That’s just an example. I suggest making the “tambays” pick up a broom once in a while.

          The result of the failure of the government and the old generation’s apathy is already evident. It’s undeniable. It’s high time the taxpayer’s speak out against tyranny.

        3. I see articles like this all the time in the UK and what isn’t said can be equally as important to what is said when there is a set agenda. This article is clearly biased towards all squatters, you want them removed. You’ve painted them in a bad light, I don’t need to put words in your mouth, I’ve already quoted you in my previous reply. Your article as writen only serves to fuel hatred as can be seen from many of the replies here. No doubt you’ll deny this but the omission of any balance is proof enough.

          The helpless taxpayer?, that’s just laughable when you then go on to blame the Govt, the same Govt you taxpayers voted in. At least the “arrogant” squatter is trying to make changes but unfortunately you only hear what is being said and not what isn’t being said. They might appear arrogant but the reality is they’re angry, disenchanted and have lost all hope. You’re all to blame for this and you would be better all working together on how to resolve these issues rather than casting them further adrift.

          At least this time you do attempt a solution. I’m assuming they receive money from the Govt?, if you’re suggesting they clean up the area in return of a livable wage I agree, if you’re suggesting they clean up the area to receive a pittance which keeps them where they are then I disagree. They’ll remain as disenchanted as ever, all this ‘boosting their self-esteem’ is just corporate BS spoken by people who have never done a day’s hard work in their lives. Real jobs with a real livable wage with real hope of an improved life is the way to boosting their self-esteem.

        4. @The real free-thinking class

          You are overreacting, Mr. UK. You keep insisting on something that wasn’t even in the article to begin with. I don’t even have to paint them in a bad light because the result of their actions, well at least the actions of those who are arrogant and abusive is blatantly obvious. Just look around you. The polluted waterways and squalid conditions in the Philippines are not due to the hardworking Filipinos. What is really baffling are the people who keep defending these lawbreakers. Why are they always painting them as “victims”? Nobody forced them to have more babies they can’t afford to feed. They were already allowed to stay in somebody else’s property and yet they cry foul when they are asked to move on.

          At least the “arrogant” squatter is trying to make changes but unfortunately you only hear what is being said and not what isn’t being said.

          Huh?!? What changes? Please cite specific examples of the “changes” you are referring to. The masses are notorious for selling their votes to the highest bidder. Millions of them are responsible for putting incompetent celebrities and popular figures in power.

          …all this ‘boost