Greta Thunberg’s Tantrum Won’t Save the Environment

Another SJW moment made the latest buzz as a young Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, made a “stunning speech” where she called world leaders “evil” for ignoring environmental concerns. Fellow SJWs and left-leaners or “let’s force the world to embrace our kind of good” types are all aflutter about it. Add to that U.S. president Donald Trump’s statements making fun of Thunberg that provide some ammunition for them to personally attack him.

greta thunberg seern cullis suzuki

Fat lot of good all that is going to do. Thunberg read a pre-written speech which does nothing more than appeal to the emotions, and tries to guilt-trip politicians (already the Australian prime minister responded by saying Thunberg’s speech is full of disinformation). Some are saying that the girl was merely used for the agenda of interest groups. Not to mention her parents were known Antifa supporters. It’s the same SJW idiocy as the St. Scholastica nuns using children in their rallies.

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So Thunberg, along with a few other activists, filed a climate lawsuit against five countries, namely Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey. But I’m pretty sure no effective sanction will be given the five nations. It could turn out to be like the UNCLOS decision about the West Philippine/South China Sea. Whatever the sanction, can it be enforced? It can only done so if the parties named in the case agree to do something. But if one doesn’t cooperate, nothing happens. Thus, these lawsuits won’t lead to anything, but more dismayed and disappointed angry young souls.

And let me mention that Thunberg’s speech isn’t ground-breaking, or a first, if anyone believes that. Back in 1992, a then-12 year old Severn Cullis-Suzuki “stunned the world” with a similar speech, blaming world leaders for environmental damage using the guilt-trip method. After that, not much happened. People still throw plastic into the ocean, still consume more than activists think they should, and it’s not just the politicians and companies who are to blame.

The truth is, human living will result in damage to the environment, whether by just getting firewood, hunting or foraging, or throwing food packaging in the sewers. Attack on Titan creator Isayama Hajime said one of his inspirations for his work was the fact that food is only composed of other living beings, whether plants or animals. Non-living things cannot be food. The best we can do is minimize our damage to the environment, and try to regenerate what we can. But don’t expect miracles.

Also, the jury is still out on whether climate change is man-made or natural, but no findings justify lawsuits as a way to deal with it. Instead, efforts for environmental awareness are best done locally, such as making people aware how their trash clogs the esteros (canals) of Metro Manila. We can inform people about less wasteful lifestyles, but it won’t “save the world” unless more people agree to the suggested steps, as with the international agreements mentioned above. And you can’t force them to agree.

In the end, let’s be realistic and know that such “shocking speeches” are just bluster and show, and a display of the flaccidity of “activists.” At least Suzuki, now 39 years old, does some ground-level activist work educating and informing people, even authoring some books. I doubt Thunberg may be able to do the same. I still believe that corruption and other problems with society start at the grassroots, so if you don’t address the grassroots level, might as well stop insulting and guilt-tripping “world leaders.” Or, as I said, stop guilt-tripping at all, as it achieves the opposite effect.

15 Replies to “Greta Thunberg’s Tantrum Won’t Save the Environment”

  1. the speech showed more of the problem of our youth today. and using those “how dare youS” aggravated everything and defocused her target topic to her quality as a person instead.

    she didn’t make a good speech with all the paper-glances, not as sincere as you will have to consider with those booming voice.

    frankly, i felt bad about her person.

  2. Doesn’t matter what she says as long as there are people who would blindly follow her call

    A lot of these people are in Facebook, blindly praising her and sharing her speech with their own guilt-tripping personal messages to people who have not sold their whole being to the climate change shenanigans.

  3. With her performance, it’s as if she was begging to be not taken seriously. The more sober voices on climate change are just not being loud enough to be heard. People pay attention to action. Not more speeches.

  4. Greta Thurnber’s speech was nothing more than a “political sideshow” of the left, who are bent on blaming people for the climate changes of the Planet Earth. These Changes are Evolutionary…from year to year, the Planet Earth changes. We don’t really know what are the real causes of these changes.

    It may be : pollution; the degradation of the natural habitats of animals; overpopulation of human beings; the destruction of forests, for food production; the throwing of plastic materials in the environment; the pollution of our rivers, esteros and oceans; overfishing; and other causes that we cannot understand…

    The changes /shifting of the axis of rotation of the Planet Earth could also be a factor. Along with the coming Reversal of the Polarities of the Planet Earth’s polarities. The Magnetic North becomes the Polar South…the Polar South becomes the Magnetic North. The use of fossil fuels, may also be one of the factors. However, we are still struggling to find other sources of energy fuel for our use…

    We may have advanced in technology; but there are still many natural phenomena, that we cannot understand…Anyway, please reduce pollution and clean/protect the environment. Birth control is needed…don’t procreate children that you cannot feed !

    1. But if there’s a human specie that could REALLY ruin our planet brought about by their stupidity, ignorance, arrogance & stubbornness. And that human specie is none other than Homo Filipinniesis… or also known as FILIPINOS. ?

      Man, I could imagine if the Filipinos would eat by the Titans since I like Attack on Titan both on anime & manga series. Would they get panicked? Or because of their hardheadedness or ignorance, they just want to be eaten anyway. ?

  5. She’s autistic, a high school dropout, has communist-antifa activist parents who wrote a book using her mental illness as a prop, but amazingly the Do-nothing politicians and celebrities celebrating her are all guilty in this “Climate Children’s Crusade” , but most importantly with these impotent idiots, they want even the Third World developing nations like the Philippines to stop using fossil fuels, I’m sure after they take full-control of the West, confiscate businesses, overtax their people with carbon tax, and destroying their economy, I’m sure these nutjobs will pay for the Philippines’ development. If it isn’t obvious enough, this is not about the Earth, but more on control and power, and this “brave” kid is being propped up by hypocrites.

    1. Forgot add, before a climate change cultist arrives here, maybe we should focus on “Pollution”, like the Philippines almost being third behind China and India in the creation of garbage and the ratio of recycling is almost not reaching double digits. There’s also the pathetic sewer system here, the amount of litter being thrown in canals and water ways. I believe in taking care of the environment for clean air, clean water, and clean earth than some power-grab in solving “Climate Change”.

      It’s even sadder that some good political commentators are hook, line, and sinker in regards to some autistic girl being so brave, it’s even sadder that they refuse to acknowledge that the “Climate Change” talk has been used by political partisan insincere morons.

      1. Ya it is, I swear the “squad” aka anti-Semites socialists headed by AoC, would probably give this girl a pat on the back. What I hate the most are dirty far left politicians using children in their agenda to get people to join their side and George Soros. I thought being in the Philippines I’m far away from the Far Left extremists from my country. I guess not, since, I’m already starting to see a crazy trend rise from here. I just hope by the grace of God, they don’t over take Philippines. God Lord no, we’ve already got a lot of problems here, we don’t need that one.

        1. Here’s the sad part, a decade ago, schools all over the Philippines made elementary and high school students watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” then when I was going through college there was insane push for western liberal-progressive propagandists that push for “global warming” and now “climate change” insanity, then lastly I discovered where most of these “educators” get their post-grad education and who they associate with while schooling in the US. This is a story that I’ve learned to talk with other people in different countries, always the same places and the same people who create these types and spread them around.

  6. I never gave that girl a time of day until I came to my uni in LA SALLE Dasma and saw what the highschool professors made their students do… Our tuition is the MOST expensive, especially the highschoolers.. What are they doing instead of studying and learning? Protesting on school grounds with “How dare you!” (<– this should be a meme already) Climate Change… On the already deemed most environmentally friendly university in the whole world.
    I love the Earth and all and I want to keep the environment as pretty and clean as possible. But I DO NOT LIKE being chastised by a bunch of children who don't know how the world works. Especially if they're following a rather deranged child with families that support ANTIFA.
    Before this child starts preaching to the world at how it's "the world's" fault for her childhood being destroyed, she should start fixing up her shit hole of a country first. Then I'll probably listen to her.

  7. The child is being USED and its despicable. Climate change is REAL, the planet is heating up and we will all be screwed , especially Filipino’s if sea’s rise as predicted by 2100. The average Filipino is a LITTER-PIG and seeing one just throw garbage in the street is revolting to most Western people, like myself. No $#!T, seeing Filipino’s throw garbage on the street or leave garbage at a picnic table as if someone like their Mother is going to clean up after them (and ,of course, no one does!) requires a special brand of either ignorance or arrogance, probably the former, to do such things. It is reprehensible/

  8. Yellowtard, redtard, greentard,…
    I wonder what color we should pick on next.

    Probably sincerely misguided but the young lady at least walks her talk by not taking a gas-guzzling jet plane to get from Europe to New York. Unlike those red anti-imperialista activists who often get caught drinking Coke or using Apple devices. Thumbs down on the latter.

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