Defining Filipinos through their reactions to the Davao incident


It was as if the mayor never really left. Following the explosion that occurred in Davao city, last Friday night, September 2, which left more than a dozen dead and many injured, President Rodrigo Duterte was on the ground only after a few hours. Duterte went along when the crime scene was surveyed, visited the injured in the hospital, and condoled with the families of the dead at the funeral homes.

On a more personal note, news of the incident had broken out almost immediately on social media after it happened. Almost as quick were the posts of certain individuals who seemed to take delight in what happened in Davao.

“Akala ko ba safest city ang Davao.” (I thought Davao was the safest city.)
“No, Davao City is not crime free.”
“You can resign now, Duterte.”

Really, what kind of human being takes delight when his/her countrymen go through suffering and loss?

Before writing this article, I was following two pieces of life advice which had served me well in the past: Don’t go to bed angry, and Don’t speak/write when you’re angry. I tried sleeping off how pissed off I was at how certain people regarded the Davao incident with schadenfreude. It didn’t work.

As I write this, I’m considerably less pissed off than I was 24 hours ago, though still rather annoyed. But I digress…

In what can be considered the first real test of his mettle as president, Duterte seems to have passed with flying colors. To be fair, however, his predecessor, Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III, set such a LOW standard for being “present” that the impact of Duterte’s contrast is magnified. Whatever his critics may say about Duterte’s management of this incident “like a mayor”, it serves as a stark contrast to what BS Aquino did. When it came to matters that didn’t affect him or his allies’ interests personally, BS Aquino ran things primarily one way – he ran away from danger instead of towards it.

Dispassionate observers have given the same benefit of the doubt to both BS Aquino and Rody Duterte; the difference lies in what each of them has persisted in.

We must credit, not only president Duterte for his immediate presence and decisiveness, but also the excellent rapid response system/infrastructure that Davao and its residents have built and maintained even after the mayor had been elected to Malacañang.

Consistent with Duterte’s forward-looking approach to the presidency, we must look at three issues that come into play, as a result of this incident.

The first one involves Duterte’s communications team. I mentioned in a previous article that this is one of the fundamental weaknesses of his administration. While I do believe that the safety and security of the affected parties takes precedence over dealing with the overreaction to, and exaggerated fears of, his declaration of a state of lawlessness, the Duterte administration will be more effective if its communications infrastructure does its job more clearly, more concisely, more controlled (i.e., fewer mouths talking), and in fewer iterations. And in the coming period, they are going to need to step up their game, particularly in the international arena, where media sympathetic to the Liberal Party (LP) controls the narrative.

Second, how will crime scene investigations be done differently from here on? Observers have noted the lack of updates in the investigations of bombing incidents from previous years. It also remains a big question mark whether the police gathered all the evidence and samples they needed before the crater in the crime scene was cemented over.

Lastly, and this is also tied to the character of Filipinos as a collective, how will we, in the future, choose to react to incidents like this, considered a terrorist attack? An editorial from Business Mirror, written in light of the bombing incident in France last July, spells out the difference between the ways Western and Eastern societies react to terrorism:

In the West, they want to understand the motivation for a terrorist attack. Asians are less inclined to worry about that and are more interested in making sure the perpetrators are unable to do bad things again.

The West may take more comfort from feeling they are standing on the moral high ground. In the East, the inevitability of deserved punishment may make more sense. However, there are clearly different reactions to the same type of event.

As someone who isn’t from Davao, I was a bit pleasantly surprised that Davaoeños refer to Duterte as “Eagle”, in reference to the monkey-eating eagle found within the region. It would only be fitting to say that we must give the Eagle room to spread his wings, in order to help him catch his prey.

davao eagle duterte

We are no longer just Manileños, or Davaoeños, or from wherever, delimited by our respective regions. We have always been Filipinos, and we have always needed to come together for a bigger purpose and a greater good. A threat like the Davao City incident is a concern for all of us; for once in a long time, under a promising leadership, we have a chance to actually realize just how much Filipinos can be stronger together.

Barug ta, Davao! Kauban ninyo ang tinuod nga desente!

[Photo courtesy: Asia Nikkei Review]


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I could not help myself from ranting on my Facebook page yesterday about the many insensitive comments regarding the terrorist attack in my hometown, Davao City. It was evening in the Philippines and afternoon here in Spain. I was online and witnessed the breaking news and development of the terrible situation with many dead and wounded. Very soon, someone in my social circle posted criticism about the inefficiency of the new city administration and blamed them for the lack of security in a very disrespectful way. After a while, my news feeds were burning with news of mockery and blame… Read more »

my sympathy to our countryment in the south. hindi tayo matatakot sa kahit anong terorismo. we will fight as one nation.
#staystrongDavao #OneNation #thearchipelago


Botched hostage taking at Luneta, Noytards be like – hwag husgahan kaagad ang Presidente dahil kakaupo PA lang.
Bombing in Zamboanga City and Pinoy visited the place, Noytards be like – iyan ang Presidente ko!
SAF44 killed in Mamasapano, Noytards be like – Hindi kasalanan ng Presidente yan!
Davao night market bombing, Noytards be like – akala ko safe sa Davao?

the first comment by Gracela seems the best I have yet read about this horrible incident. I’ve never been to Davao, just lived in CDO for last few years. But even here there have been a few incidents, but nothing on the scale of what’s happened in Davao. As a Christian, my only response is to pray for the living and the dead, and also for the killers, that they have a change of heart, repent and do penance before it’s too late. These killers are the enemies of mankind, and must be stopped.But even for such as those, redemption… Read more »

When you (ISIS/ASG) attacked the City of Davao (or any city in the country) you proved one thing, that the ISIS/ASG and all kinds of terrorists, have become an intolerable threat to the security of the Philippines, and I am going intend to eliminate that threat. – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

I guess it was more of a reaction of some people to Duterte and his challenge to Michael Sullivan than a reaction to those who became victims of the Davao bombing! It’s an obvious case of “I’ll take your word for it”! Duterte to Michael Sullivan, a foreign journalist, during the press conference in Davao: “I challenge you, you walk here in Davao and if you are mugged there or rob there I will resign, I will tell you publicly” Posts of certain individuals (“who seemed to take delight in what happened in Davao”): “Akala ko ba safest city ang… Read more »

Here are the 2 quotes that I’d found on twitter from a famous & tough talk general by the name of Gen. Antonio Luna & he’s right our own race is our worst enemy & not the non-Filipinos.


This is aquinos fault, fck thar guy. He’ll burn in hell

yellowed out GRP reader
yellowed out GRP reader
Leni Robredo flew to Davao today to visit the victims of the Friday night bomb blast. People are now arguing about whether or not her visit was yet another PR stunt. Let us analyze. 1) This morning, the picture below of Robredo at a party was circulating on Facebook. According to the post, the photo was taken on September 3, Saturday (one day after the blast), at a hotel in Naga City. The caption says, “Early on, partygoers were requested not to take photos of the VP but in the age of selfies and social networking, who could stop… Read more »
The Davao IED bombing has ISIS signature. We sympathize with those who lost their love ones. Our prayers are for the families of the victims. That God will comfort them in their times of sorrow. We pray for those, who were injured. That they will recover easily. We stand together , shoulder to shoulder, with the people of Davao, to fight this evil, we are facing in our times called:terrorism. We are outraged on those YellowTards or insane people, who have their political agendas; and rejoiced on the death and sufferings of our countrymen. We believe in our Police and… Read more »
a yellow tard

the yellow dynasty turned the Philippines identical to Colombia’s a narco state. till when will the people learn to stop all these? wait for president duterte to call out the power of the people who voted him to fight? he already started the people’s will for a change, now he needs the pilipinos support but where is it? no one can change the Philippines except its people themselves. they’re the ones wrongfully oust Marcos they can do it again, not duterte alone.

“The yellow dynasty turned the Philippines identical to Colombia’s a narco state.” Tru Dat! This is exactly the kind of picture the Duterte administration needs to start painting to the world. That we’re not pussy-footing around anymore and running bullshit propaganda that the economy is improving and crime is under control, like what the Aquino administration had done to attract more Chinese and Korean investors and tourists into this country. The Philippines needs to start telling the truth: the Chinese triad (legal and illegal) has literally taken over the legitimate and illegitimate way of life in the Philippines, and it… Read more »
Tell It Like It Is......
Tell It Like It Is......

Think a few drug dealers/family of dead drug dealers decided to hit Duterte right in the balls with this one? MAYBE?

He asked for this one, oh yes he did ,and if Duterte had a brain he would have expected it, and maybe prevented it.OR is it a false flag to get even more heavy handed?IDK and IDC..

A Filipino,minutes after the bombing, walking through the carnage knew what type of bomb was used, HOW IS THAT AND WHY IS HE NOT UNDER ARREST?

Still for me the #1 Enemy of the Country who could’ve done this bombings are the “Yellows(Aquino/Cojuanco/Oligarchs/Chinese)” who are against the government ever since the Japanese Occupation, they prolifelated ‘rebel/terrorists/criminals on the country to bloom specially when the stupid cory aquino in 1986 sat where these groups went full bloom… Now the new generation especially those brainwashed by the “Yellow Media” will understand the reason why “Martial Law” was declared if these kind after haneous acts wont stop… The hard thing is the traitor aquino was leaking info to these terrorist groups hence were not easy to capture and maybe… Read more »
The pragmatic Eagle has landed to mourn for the victims of the tragedy while in the distant the partying Monkeys celebrated much to his chagrin. Suddenly, the preening Parrot had arrived but find it hard to shed a crocodile’s tear because she couldn’t escape the flattering lens of the Bee-presses. The gullible Goats joined in the cheering after hearing the news while the silence of the Lambs can only be heard like a staccato. The animal rights activist? Oh, you mean the chit chat Frogs! They simply turned dumb right now just like the holy Barracudas and the saintly Penguins.… Read more »

I shed a tear for the victims of the violence in Davao but I shed more for the people who rejoiced rather than condemned the event…more tears for people who are eagerly being awaited by Satan in hell


Du30’s face looks like he’s living out some kind of deja vu. Does the name “Pamana” ring a bell?

Extremely rare Philippine eagle shot dead just two months after being released back into wild

yellowed out GRP reader
yellowed out GRP reader
The other day, we analyzed whether or not Leni Robredo’s “private visit” to the bomb attack victims in Davao was a publicity stunt. (Read here If you’re still wondering about this, check out this link to an ABS-CBN report about a post Robredo made on her Facebook account regarding one of the victims she visited: Here is another Facebook post that she made about another victim: As we said yesterday, while Robredo’s sympathy for the victims might have been genuine, it is quite clear that publicity was also one of her goals. Why else would a “private… Read more »
Tell It Like It Is.....
Tell It Like It Is.....

Defining anyone by how they react to tragedy can be a fools errand. Different people react differently, and many people laugh out of anxiety and it doesn’t make them bad people, its just a different reaction to extreme stress.
The bigger picture is,Could this be a false flag incident? A move to take even more civil rights away from the people?
While the culprits remain at large, no one knows the why, who’s or anything else.Are any terrorists orgs. staking claim to this?
A more telling event:
Watch what Duterte does next.


Die-hard yellow supporters will shamelessly gloat at anything, even over the deaths of some of our countrymen, just to nitpick our duly-elected President.

Ampalaya talaga etong mga yellow supporters!