Leila de Lima’s statements in her CNN interview were unfair to the Philippine police

There are Filipinos whose actions can be considered treacherous. In their obsession to stay in power, they will do anything, including destroy the reputation of the Philippines with the international community.

Take the case of Senator Leila de Lima. In her recent interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, De Lima not only was critical about President Rodrigo Duterte’s policy on illegal drugs, she also undermined the members of the Philippine police force. When Amanpour asked her what she thought of the police’s defence that some of those who were killed during police operations resisted arrest, De Lima did not hesitate to say “I do not, for a second, believe that”. Her statement was irresponsible and outrageous.

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Even without the results of police investigations, De Lima already gave her own verdict against the police based on her own gut feel. What kind of lawyer is she? She should have been disbarred a long time ago. It’s too obvious that she is just trying to save her own ass since her reputation is already in tatters. She doesn’t deserve to be a senator. Instead of looking out for the men and women in the police force who work hard for very little pay and benefits, De Lima badmouths them before the international community.

De Lima’s beef with President Duterte is getting out of control. In De Lima’s desperation, she is seeking the help of the international community to bring Duterte down. She doesn’t care anymore if there are other casualties in the process. She knows – since she was the former Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary – that there is a real threat the Philippines could turn into a “narco state”, but she still continues to throw accusations that the government’s war on drugs is violating the human rights of drug lords and dealers. A lot of people are wondering when she is going to cry foul over the deaths of helpless victims of drug-related crimes. She seems more concerned about the fate of lowlifes who wreak havoc in Philippine society.

I am actually surprised there are women who look up to De Lima. She seems to have become a champion of the women’s activist group GABRIELA. They see her as a courageous woman who soldiered on even after Duterte’s attacks and especially after he divulged her alleged affair with her former driver at the DOJ. A GABRIELA member called me out on Twitter for being critical of De Lima. She insinuated that being a woman, it is wrong for me to put down another woman. To which I replied, I do not discriminate. I call out irrational behaviour coming from both men and women. The members of this women’s group are acting irrational themselves for expecting me to go soft on someone just because of her gender. They are the ones being discriminatory.

De Lima will definitely not get a pass from me since she had been irrational since former President BS Aquino put her in his cabinet. De Lima had acted like his attack dog for six years. Besides, I don’t think she is an authority on human rights since she herself violated other people’s human rights in the past. It’s worth mentioning again how De Lima violated former President Gloria Arroyo’s rights:

We recall that there was pandemonium at the Manila international airport in November 2011 when Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima panicked after she found out Arroyo was leaving the country and ordered officers at the airport to help bar her from leaving for Singapore. And with the assistance of the media in inciting anger against Arroyo, some members of the public also joined the fray – besieging her at the airport. Her frail and helpless appearance on a wheelchair did not stop them from acting like a lynch mob. The scene resulted in a standoff because Arroyo’s supporters insisted on her right to travel abroad as stated in the Philippine Constitution.

De Lima’s initial violation back then was in defying the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban against Arroyo. De Lima even risked disbarment for ignoring the highest court’s order. Senator Miriam Santiago likewise questioned De Lima’s action citing the DOJ had no legal basis to issue a watch-list order against Arroyo since there was no pending case against the former President and was only a respondent in a joint DOJ Comelec investigation on electoral fraud at that time.

Senator Leila de Lima: Not an authority on human rights having violated these herself as DOJ Secretary

Senator Leila de Lima: Not an authority on human rights having violated these herself as DOJ Secretary

I don’t see De Lima as a champion for women’s rights either. She comes across as someone who uses her position to get what she wants. Some say that perhaps her former driver didn’t have a choice but be intimate with her for fear of losing his job. If what they are saying is true, she is definitely someone young women shouldn’t emulate. De Lima also bullies other people. That is behaviour that both men and women shouldn’t pattern themselves after. Bullies like De Lima are actually weak deep inside. They mask their weakness by putting others down.

It’s quite disturbing that someone like De Lima is in a powerful position. Her endless yakking in front of the media is not helping the country move forward. She seems to be trying to divert the public’s attention from the fact that she was too incompetent to deal with the country’s drug epidemic as DOJ Secretary and how, while she held that office, drug manufacturing thrived inside the country’s main penitentiary, The New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was right in saying she kept using the term extra-judicial killing too loosely considering she issued a set of guidelines that makes clear what constitute as one. The killing of suspected drug dealers is not covered by the definition stipulated on those very guidelines.

Indeed, De Lima’s self-serving actions should be investigated. The country doesn’t need someone who would rather look good while ruining the country’s standing in the international community and destabilising the current government.

71 Replies to “Leila de Lima’s statements in her CNN interview were unfair to the Philippine police”

  1. The whore: De Lima, is just a nuisance. She is lying thru her teeth in the CNN interview. Foreign Media should know this woman is the protector of Drug Lords, and is a tool of the Chinese Triad Mafia crime syndicate, operating in the Philippines…

    The Shabu Drug proliferation become widespread in our country , under her watch. The National Bilibid Prison became a Five Star Hilton Hotel for Drug Lords. It became a Shabu Mfg. Co. It was a Concert Hall for a Drug Lord, who wanted to become a Rock Star. Underneath, the Prison floor. It became a Armory and a Bank…this was under the De Lima’s tenure as Secretary of Justice…

    De Lima is trying to pander for the support of foreign media, to divert the attention of her, for her many crimes. We should prosecute her; disbar her for her immorality, and freeze her Bank Accounts. If she is found guilty, we should seize her assets and throw her to jail.

    Perhaps, she will be at home with her buddies: those Drug Lords !

  2. senator de lima tangina niyo po.
    you disgrace us in the international media. i’ve read an article (i dont know if that’s true) that you are already asking help from international criminal court what the fuck is wrong with you? you are destroying the democracy of the country. 16 million voted for DU30 and you want it destroyed? are you being pressured by the liberal party? we know the truth about marcos and the yellows. it will not happen again. #neveragainaquinos #noyellows

    1. talagang neveragainaquinos! sobrang kasinungalingan ang ginawa ng mga yan maupo lang sa pwesto. pahirap sa mga pilipino. ngayon na mayroon tayong matinong presidente na hindi umaayon sa mga katarantaduhan nila eh sisirain nila! no way! hindi tayo papayag! Shame on you Delimaw! tama si Du30, hang yourself! now na!

  3. Could this reporter suck on dutertes nuts any harder? Take a look at any “drug war” ever and tell me it turned out good. Ignorance in its purest form

    1. Oh really? Why don’t you tell Singapore that.

      One of the reasons war on drugs in other places fail is because those in power are also in cahoots with the drug syndicates. Look at what happened to the drug war in the US:

      “…in the U.S., the role of one of its own government agencies – the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – in importing cocaine into the country was exposed in the 1990s. They were alleged to have allowed the drug syndicates to sell cocaine to ghettos in California targeting the African-American community the purpose of which was to raise money for the Nicaraguan Contras rebel army. There was outrage when the stories were made public. Imagine your own government being a party to the proliferation of drugs. No wonder some people consider the U.S. war on drugs a “failure”. One government agency was fighting the drug trade while another was fuelling it. That’s just crazy. The investigative journalist who made a series of exposés on this was demonised and met a suspicious death that was ruled as “suicide”. His story was made into a film called Killing the Messenger.

  4. there they go again the yellows, trillanes, drilon, and recto blocking duterte’s declaration of ‘state of lawlessness’ don’t they like it? it’s clear for the safeguard of the Pilipinos and a clean and respectful Motherland globally. what do they have in mind?

    1. … on the declaration of the state of lawlessness, president duterte and the military can arrest those derailing/blocking for the betterment of the Nation. what a shame they did to the Nation and its people and clearly they don’t want a change? is there an argument for that?

  5. the new administration should ignored the law of the yellow dynasty. the law now is the people’s will for a respectful Nation the Philippines. those who opposed should be put behind bars they’re against what the people want for the future generations to come…a happy, prosperous Philippines.

  6. Firstly, the international reputation of the Failippines was abysmal long before DeLima opened her gob. With regard to the current situation it was being reported and commented on widely without her help. Secondly it’s telling how you mention “drug lords and dealers” rights but fail to include addicts. And just how many “lords” have had their rights violated. How quaint that you seem so supportive of the PNP. Such upstanding officers one and all. It seems to me that your main bitch is that you would like business as usual the Filipino way. Bullshit and lie to the world about how things really are in your country.

    1. @david

      I’m quite aware of the Philippines’ reputation with the international community. However, it doesn’t mean I am ok with people like De Lima deliberately lying and undermining the efforts of the new government. Duterte government’s policy on illegal drugs may not be perfect but there is no denying it is serious about tackling the issue.

      You conveniently left out the fact that more than 500k drug addicts and 40K drug pushers surrendered voluntarily and were not harmed by police.

      Are you seriously saying that there are no “good” cops in the Philippines? I don’t know where you are from but there are a lot of bad cops everywhere especially in the US. They shoot to kill African Americans even without provocation.

      One cannot lie to the world especially with the advent of social media. That is something people like De Lima need to learn.

      1. I cannot see that she is deliberately lying and undermining the efforts of the government. What I hear is someone concerned about the methodology. Not suggesting there are no good cops in Philippines. But your words suggest there are no bad ones. And No, I’m not from the US. Your article seems to being saying that Delima’s talk on Armanpour has had a huge negative impact on how Philippines is perceived. Ok how a Presidential candidate/ President who 1. cracks jokes about rape and murder, 2. Instructs police to kill (without mentioning arresting) 3. Publicly makes statements designed to personally denigrate the Embassador of an ally resulting in the carpeting of the Philippines Embassador to that country, 4. Says a known terrorist group are not really criminals just desperate, 5. makes public statements criticizing UN, EU, foreign allies/Aid donors, 6. Has spokespeople or he himself changes tack or walks it back just about everytime, displaying if nothing else but unpredictability and eractic behaviour.

        Who declared to the world that the Philippines is riddled with drug addicts and narco politics? Who has just declared a “state of lawlessness”?

        All of the above would have been closely watched by all diplomatic missions to the Philippines (what interesting reading their dispatches would make). Moreover all of this has been reported widely around the world. If you believe that this will not impact on tourism, trade (EU has already said that Philippines gets preferred nation status on trade by following human rights…human rights that you all now think are mostly irrelavent western bullshit…at least it seems)and possibly future Aid, I believe you are mistaken.

        DeLima can scream all day and all night…it doesn’t matter. She’s not the one to who the world is really watching and listening.

        1. @david

          I cannot see that she is deliberately lying and undermining the efforts of the government.

          Just because you “cannot see” doesn’t mean you are right. Give me credit for being a political blogger for the past six years. I have been writing about De Lima since Noynoy started his term. Meaning, I know a bit of her history as DOJ Secretary and how she violated other people’s human rights just because she could.

          Not suggesting there are no good cops in Philippines. But your words suggest there are no bad ones.

          What the…?! Which part of what I said made you think that? LOL

          Your article seems to being saying that Delima’s talk on Armanpour has had a huge negative impact on how Philippines is perceived.

          Of course! If she keeps at it, investor confidence will go down and the economy will be affected. That is how short-sighted she and her supporters are. They do not think of the long-term consequence of her relentless badmouthing. She’s only concerned about saving her own reputation.

          I’m not going to address your points one by one because it is pointless. I’m not even defending Duterte’s quirks. I don’t like them myself. But the fact remains, despite his flaws, majority of the public voted for him. His critics should respect that. They can’t keep focusing on the issues they don’t like about him. They should try to see what he’s done to reverse the damage left by his predecessors especially Noynoy.

          Duterte is still enjoying a high popularity rating at the moment. Ultimately, the people will get what they deserve. If he turns out to be a dud just like his predecessors, then boohoo. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there. What I am against is deliberate undermining of the government’s efforts. De Lima was deceptive in classifying all deaths as “extra-judicial killings”. If she is still the DOJ Secretary, she wouldn’t classify drug related deaths as such. Check the DOJ guideline yourself if you don’t believe me.

          Who declared to the world that the Philippines is riddled with drug addicts and narco politics? Who has just declared a “state of lawlessness”?

          That is what you call honesty and being real. It’s better than saying the Philippines is safe and more fun to live in. That’s deceptive. Besides, foreign investors are still confident Duterte is trying to fix the mess Noynoy left behind.

  7. kung i assume ko lang ang mga nagcomment dito… seems educated… Educated in the sense of they know how to play their cards.. meron lang konte kirot sa puso ko. The author is stating hindi xa nag didiscriminate, hindi lang xa nang discriminate, nang husga pa YATA xa..

    meron lang akong equte “She doesn’t care anymore if there are other casualties in the process.” etong sinabi niya, did the war on drugs implementation ba hindi niya naisip na meron ennosente madadamay in the process?

    “We recall that there was pandemonium at the Manila international airport in November 2011 when Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima panicked after she found out Arroyo was leaving the country and ordered officers at the airport to help bar her from leaving for Singapore. And with the assistance of the media in inciting anger against Arroyo, some members of the public also joined the fray – besieging her at the airport. Her frail and helpless appearance on a wheelchair did not stop them from acting like a lynch mob. The scene resulted in a standoff because Arroyo’s supporters insisted on her right to travel abroad as stated in the Philippine Constitution.”

    her action was based on PGMA’s signed decree and sad to say she is the first person who take the blow.

    “Putang Ina”, or “The whore: ” at ibang pang salitang panglalait at pangiinsulto kanino man … tingin nyo ba eto ang passage natin para tayo ay maging mabuting TAO? will these words will give clarifications to the issues we are in. we are just mirroring who we are …. MGA HAYOK TAYO SA MASASAMANG ISYO AT MADAMI TAYONG MASASABI… PERO PAGMABUTI GINAWA NG TAO, DEADMA lang as if walang nangyare…. kung better change ang gusto natin, then start from ourselves hindi po ke Duterte magsisimula ang pagbabago… at sad to say walang nabago sa ASAL NATING PINOY.


      1. bakit po sir,,, guilty ba tayo discuss sarili nating masamang ugali. Mahilig ba tayo talaga magkalkal ng baho ng maybaho. wag nating pilitin ihakbang ang mga paa ng iba. mga paa natin ang kusang igalaw.

        1. Define ‘masamang ugali’ hijo. Dahil yun pananahimik at di pagpuna sa maling nakikita ay isag masamang uri din ng masamang kaugalian.

        2. @benjie. Just when you thought you are smarter than the other. define masamang ugali daw oh! E ano nga nga ka. Suntokan Na lang hahaha

  8. At this point, most Filipinos already know that Leila de Lima is trying to get sympathy from foreign media because her credibility in the Philippines is way below zero.

    So the question now is, how can the Duterte government counter her foreign media blitz?

    De Lima’s ties to drug lords and her mismanagement of the Bilibid national penitentiary during her stint as DOJ secretary in the previous admin are common knowledge in the Philippines. So how come she is still able to get foreign media to listen to her?

    I wish I didn’t have to keep bringing this up because I know they are working hard, but we need to keep pointing this out until something is done about it—President Duterte’s communications team is a mess. If Noynoy Aquino’s communications team was a three-headed hyrdra, Duterte’s comm team is a headless horseman.

    They could not even get their messages straight regarding the declaration of state of lawlessness this weekend. I understand that things were still chaotic in the hours after the Davao blast, but in any organization, it is basic to have a standard protocol so that only one person is authorized to speak to the media. This way, you don’t contradict each other, even if you have to “update” your answer later due to a change in direction.

    If the current communications team cannot get this simple matter right, how can they expect to counter Leila de Lima’s black propaganda in the foreign media which is being backed by powerful, well-connected entities?

    It is so frustrating to watch Duterte’s spokespersons fumbling because we can see how hard President Duterte and PNP Chief Bato are working, and how despicable Leila de Lima’s distortions are. The communications team needs to get its act together asap because propaganda/spin doctoring is the strongest skill of the yellows. This is the one area where the Duterte government cannot afford to be weak.

    I’m starting to think Martin Andanar may be more suited for running PTV 4 rather than acting as presidential spokesperson. Ernie Abella has the president’s trust but does not have the right experience. A more senior and more experienced head of communications with the right management and strategic-thinking skills is needed. More articulate and quick-thinking spokespersons are needed.

    (I think a good peg is the spokesperson of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo. Remember Len Bautista Horne? That woman was good. Always sharp, calm, clear, professional, and direct to the point, could throw poison darts at critics while still looking and sounding like a nun.)

    While Duterte’s comm group is still in flux, is there something we netizens can do to help improve his image among foreign audiences? Can the private orgs from Davao who did those superb crowdsourced online campaigns for President Duterte during the elections please organize something?

    We need to show the world who the 91% are.

        1. wow! slow talaga ako lalo pa sa attitude na pinapakita ninyo…. bakit po ikaw ba walang dungis kaluluwa mo? Lahat tayo part of the shit we are in… kaya wag nating linisin ang kaluluwa ni Delima or ni Duterte. Kaluluwa po natin ang ating linisin.

        2. @benjie:

          I believe that you are either missing the point or you’re just TROLLING. Perhaps both.

          Why don’t you try to use your BRAINS for once and not rely on your emotions. Kung hindi mo pa rin ma-gets, please take your stupidity to somewhere else. You’re no different to Aquino apologists, son.

      1. why didn’t you run for Government Post?

        Not everyone can fit to run and be working in a government post. That statement of yours is so yesterday and typical of old Filipino reasoning.

        Or I guess you wouldn’t understand that one, anyway, it won’t do good for you son that advice. Carry on with your “old reasoning”, somebody will just shut you down here or, even better, we’ll ignore you altogether.

        Are you sure you are in the right “religious” debate because you keep harping manners and good conduct and righteousness?

    1. Good advise, I’m 100% with you on your statement.

      But, no matter how organized, the foreign media will not report anything that will not fit their agenda. Duterte is a rogue who came out of nowhere. He does not fit into any international norm that they understand or want to understand, so in their eyes, he must be stopped. In these times it’s bad to be different. If you are not one of the mindless sheep, you better fly below the radar.

      The local press is no different in a sense that they are politically influenced by the yellow numbskulls. Duterte must continue to drive home a clear message to the people and make them understand that the media is totally corrupted and not to be trusted.

      So far a lot of people are waking up to reality. I do not use facebook and alike, but my dear wife keeps on enlightening me about peoples opinions. They are by far more pro-Duterte.

      1. Yes, I agree that foreign media will not report anything that doesn’t suit their agenda. But there are other ways to get the truth out to foreign audiences without relying on traditional foreign media. What Duterte’s team needs to do is replicate what they successfully did in the Philippines to counter traditional media during the elections. There needs to be a communications campaign on non-traditional channels, such as social media, for foreign audiences.

        Why is it important to manage Duterte’s image among foreigners? Because of “Plan ICC”, the back-up to Plan B (read more here http://grpshorts.blogspot.com.au/2016/09/duterte-must-not-ignore-international.html ).

      2. Please elaborate. What is the agenda of the foreign media? Do they have regular meetings to discuss it? Are they all of the same editorial ideology? And why would they want to stop Duterte? Please explain.

  9. GABRIELA should call out De Lima on being a bad role model for women and not harass you for pointing that out. These GABRIELA members need to fucking lighten up and switch on their brains. Maybe these pussyannas should take off their army boots, shave their armpits and cave of wonders and get laid once in a while. It can lead to amazing enlightenment! Dumb broads!


    1. Hoist tanga! Sira na siya! She’s discouraging the ‘war against drugs’ from succeeding—She wants it to fail. Sinisiraan rin niya mga pulis—demonizing our men in uniform, & demoralizing them. Why are you people taking the side of the drug lords anyway?

      You are just interested in taking political sides—the yellow side, instead of presenting more effective ways to battle this rising culture of crime. Naysayers like you are a destructive influence to society.

    2. Lies. Laila de Lima wants to discredit and discourage Duterte’s war on drugs just to destroy the President?

      Or maybe you’re just living under a rock…?

  11. The ego is what drives a self-serving individual named Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima (Leila de Lima) who hates to admit she/they are wrong.

  12. The foreign media and institutions were watching all this long before Delima opened her mouth. Be happy guys, the Philippines is really noticed so much more in the world now….but not because of Delima.

  13. this woman is lying to the whole world dont listen to this is a liar. if you listen you are been fooled if you watch all the videos in the hearing there are a lot of lying to her part miss leading .. hope this person should be in prison for her link to the drug lords in the philippines. she is the one of the protector of it.

  14. So embarrassing! It shows how disconnect we are in the government. That bloody wild boar needs to be incarcerated, she’s out of control !!! Sa CNN pa nagkalat ang matandang bruha! Does DeLima have a political coach? This boomerang on the senate, how tackles and how ignorant that woman is when it comes to international interviews! She’s just making herself absolutely hated woman in the Philippines. Nakakagigil! Bastos!

  15. People simply don’t realize the astronomical costs of letting this loose cannon out in the open damaging the image of PH before the entire international community at every turn.

    Consider all the potential tourists and investors who cancelled their tickets and plans after hearing De5’s big mouth spew poison to put in a negative light all the positive developments Du30’s team had been working hard on (i.e., fixing the faucet Noynoy and his bunch of incompetents had left to leak all this time).

    Leaving De5’s big hole open is depriving us billions in tourism cash that could have been coming in to feed the family of a restaurant waiter or a beach resort janitor. How long will the Filipino people allow this yellow cancerous scum to eat this nation alive?

    1. Oh yeah…it was her…
      Fyi. She is not mentioned hardly ever on international media.
      Duterte is reducing tourists and investors all by himself

  16. De Lima, who herself is a human rights violator for political gain, is trying to mislead the international community on the real nature of this ‘war on drugs’. Careful with that tramp. She’ll use any means to gain political ground.

  17. hahaha. Totally amazing how you all want to blame Delima for any negative impact in international media. Candidate Duterte and now President Duterte has done an overwhelmingly good job all on his lonesome. Just goes to show even here on GRP the usual mindset and biases apply. A waste of time.

    1. Hey idiot, what do you think she’s doing by pulling strings to get exposure on news media?

      Only bias GRP espouses is toward progress & against backward yellow mindset. The people are tired of yellow media-hungry manipulation, Even Korina says, “the voice of the people is the voice of God” (Vox Populi, Vox Dei). Now the people have spoken—-Why does the ampalaya yellow supporters still continue to derail the wishes of the majority?

      1. It’s very typical for the Yellow Party to use God as a prop to brainwash the religiously fanatic Filipinos. Why? Because it works. Just put one of these power-hungry, child-molesting priests on the platform to endorse one of the Yellow candidates, and the rest of the mindless flock will follow.

      2. Delima could be trussed up and rolled in a ditch and never say another word…She’s not the story. But you clearly refuse to see that.

        1. You sound like you care less about the victims the drug trade. It’s all about politics to you type of people?

          The yellow party has engaged too much on personal politics that it allowed these criminals to flourish. But until now, they don’t care.

        2. @David. What you need to see is the Chinese (legitimate and illegitimate) are the ones bribing the likes of De Lima and other Filipino politicians. These Chinese have been bribing the Filipino politicians since 1986 to gain economic favor in the country at the expense of the Filipino people.

  18. If the yellow ampalaya bandwagon is truly on-board this fight against drugs, they would have provided a viable solution already, instead of being hell-bent on giving more opportunities to these criminals to get away.

    1. That’s because these Yellow fuckers are either benefiting materially from the country or completely brainwashed by the media that the country is well on its way towards political and economic recovery. What a bunch of motherfuckers walking around with yellow markers in their hands and painting everything with their favorite color.

  19. It’s sad that some people just result to name-calling, cussing, and quick to use judgemental statements instead of giving good commentaries. To be honest, I regard De5’s words in public more pleasing to my ears rather than the words that come from the mayor.

    1. You’re right I watched her and she’s good the way she speaks, It’s like she knows what to say to convince others to believe her.
      I don’t like her, you know she’s lying. But if they don’t have concrete evidence to link her to drugs she won’t be convicted.

  20. Cesar Mancao, was under NBI custody. He escaped under the custody of the NBI. There was even a video of him escaping !

    Now, why does De Lima, know the telephone number of Mancao?
    She called Mancao, to surrender.

    That means: De Lima was responsible for Mancao’s escape !

  21. de lima and her LP buddies, like so many others, is so full of herself and her own interests. she will do anything at any and all costs to save her skin and look the victim. simply disgusting.

  22. When was DE5 ever fair ? She is just another pit bull of the BS Aquino who tells her what to say and do. She can be likened to a dog full of mange which will eventually kill not only her but the whole nation as well. She should be eradicated as soon as possible.

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