What To Look For In A Political Candidate

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am once again writing this article because certain individuals have been asking me, rather repetitively, who am I going to vote for in the 2016 election and what they need to look for in a good candidate. Before I begin, I’d like to take the time to call out some of you on why I even need to mention what you should look for in a good leader. I mean come on, isn’t that something that you should know for yourself? Don’t you think that as a democratic country, it falls to each of us to see for ourselves who we should be voting for? Aren’t these questions we should consider carefully before we even decide to vote? Anyway, that’s enough ranting, time for me to get to the point before the lot of you get bored or something. Listen close now, because I’m only going to say this. Although I kinda bet I’ll be eating my words because some of you will probably miss the point again. 


A Vision

Benign0, Fallen Angel and Ilda repeat themselves silly with this idea but still, for some reason, there are those of you who still don’t get it at all.

Anyway “vision” is about seeing the positive aspects of the Philippines and what kind of society they’ll make in the far future. For example, if we could somehow instill a sense of discipline and harmony among our people, could we ever become anything like Singapore or South Korea? Another instance would be if we were to find a way to wisely consume our resources and put them to good use, could we be as wealthy and influential as Brazil and Morocco?

However, I also need to remind some people that “vision” is not the same as “illusion”. Vision is something we can reach towards and eventually achieve if we all do our part. Vision is not a useless fantasy meant to cover harsh but undeniable truths. President Aquino may make his “straight path” seem as flowery as possible but he can never deny that it is essentially a road to Hell.

An Sense Of Pragmatism

I remember Fallen Angel saying something about some of the greatest leaders were often possessed selfish motives. Truth be told, that is a simple reality we just have to live with. You have to remember that when it comes to business, it’s usually the people with the most aggressive strategies that make the biggest profits. While a good leader might not need to be heartless, they should be the type who won’t let their emotions get the better of them and prevent them from doing what is right.

Typical Pinoys often fall easily for the candidate playing nice. You have to remember that being nice often isn’t enough. Can “nice” enable one to go toe to toe with the more corrupt elements of society and liberate the poor? Can “nice” defend the country from ruthless foreign invaders? Considering the kind of culture we have and the wickedness inherent in it, what we need is a leader who can “think like the enemy” as Zun Tzu would say and can trade blow for blow with the influential scum of our country as well as keep up with the nefarious minds of foreign enemies.

True Wit

I know that there are those of you who may look down on Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. In fact, there have been those who even believe that the woman is more than a little unstable. However, if you compare her to President Aquino who refuses to approve solar and wind generator on the basis that the sun might be obscured or that the wind might be still, respectively, there is simply no competition to be had.

Being smart isn’t just about talking smart, ladies and gentlemen. It is about planning ahead, considering options and making sound and steady decisions. Also note that just because a candidate came from a prestigious school doesn’t mean he or she is supposed to be intelligent. Remember always that even school officials can be paid off.

Has A Sense Of Empathy

The problem with typical Pinoys is that they are easily hoodwinked by candidates who eat with their hands, shake hands with the poor or give freebies and assume that these people actually “care”. Sure they care. They care about your votes and that’s pretty much how far it goes.

If you ask me though, as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum, caring is centered on the word “empathy”. It’s about putting yourself in the shoes of the other guy. It’s about knowing their pain and understanding how it must affect them on a personal level. For instance, can you imagine yourself eating pagpag just so you won’t starve to death? Can you even bring yourself to feed your family pagpag knowing that what you’re feeding them is essentially vomit?

A candidate who truly cares about the Philippines will be one who can finally put an end to the system that essentially forces our countrymen to slave away overseas for the promise of giving their families a good future. After all, why put them at risk in other countries when we can bring the opportunities to our own country and provide just about anyone with the chance to make something of themselves?

A Sense Of Sacrifice

Like I said in my article about Mar Roxas, real sacrifices hurt. A lot. And no, what Mar Roxas is doing can’t be called a “sacrifice” unless he really does dance in a thong. Jejomar Binay giving away freebies aren’t sacrifices either as he probably bought most of them using taxpayer money.

If anything, sacrifices are difficult acts done for the greater good no matter how painful they may seem. They may hurt, but then you realize that it’s for the greater good anyway. It’s like giving something away because someone else might need it more. Like giving your seat to an old person when on a bus or giving food you intend to eat to a starving beggar.


Okay then, I’ve said all I could. Now do you know what to look for in a candidate?



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The president of our country has always been chosen by our LORD and shepherd Jesus Christ, his grace and wisdom guides the Filipino people.

Some have been good men, some have made some mistakes, but it is His chosen one, we must follow the wisdom of our lord and the laws of our people and support him!

His Grace Sir Aquinos has brought peace and prosperity to our country, I pray to the lord we will be blessed with a great man like Sir Aquinos again come 2016!

God bless the our waterproof spirits!


“If the Leaders have no Vision; the People will perish…”, from the Christian Bible, Old Testament. Graduating from Ivy League Colleges/Universities, means nothing. Look at Enrile. He graduated from Harvard University. However, Enrile is rotten to the core; a political opportunist; and is the most corrupt politician, I have ever seen on this Planet Earth. CFO Skilling of ENRON, who cooked the Accounting Books, to steal millions of U.S. dollars; is also a graduate of Harvard University. He is now in jail, serving his prison term. Leadership and Maturity ( high Emotional Qoutient-EQ), are inherent for a good leader. Aquino… Read more »
Andreas Hüttner
Hello Grimwald You’re talking to a very serious and sensitive issue, which very heated the minds of men. Allow me to provide a few sentences German to discussion in the round. The Philippines is a very beautiful and peaceful country. And most of its inhabitants are very nice people. However, the standard of living of most Filipinos at the level of the European Middle Ages. I know that at this point makes trouble for most Filipinos wide. But – ask those who know Europe from travel or work assignments. Especially Germany. Then you will see that I am not exaggerating.… Read more »

@Andreas Huttner:

Danke fur den artikel, Freund…

ice cube
Let’s see a partial list of the characteristics of the candidate I will vote for: 1. Will unequivocally promise to pass an anti-dynasty bill. 2. Will pass a freedom of information bill that will allow us to immediately request and determine how and when government funds are disbursed. 3. Will have a concrete plan to solve metro manila traffic. 4. Will have a concrete plan to improve infrastructure (farm to market roads, better public transport, better credit facilities) 5. Will move to amend the constitution to abolish the 60-40 requirement in all industries and to allow some foreign ownership of… Read more »
Instead of looking for a candidate with the right values, we need to establish an environment where it will be politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing. I believe it was the late Milton Friedman who spoke of this. A perfect, squeaky-clean candidate is never going to appear; not in this environment. Being a democracy, it would be better if we held our officials to a higher standard and reward them if they do good and punish them if they do bad. But as long as the common Filipino is happy with the bare minimum, the… Read more »
Failipinos live in a country in which politics has replaced philosophy. Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel. Politicians say they’re beefing up our economy. Most don’t know beef from pork. Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently… Read more »
Orlando Gomez

What? I would list what NOT TO FIND in a political candidate for the simple reason that I hardly know of any Pinoys who would have all “5 To Look For” traits. The few that are, are not engaged in politics.


All of us: MAYBE THE CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD (not the Christian God or any other gods of other religion)

(Capitals are from the chorus of the song KINGS AND QUEENS by 30 Seconds to Mars)

Just listening to the song while reading this article.

Marcial Bonifacio

Maganda iyan, Grimwald. Gayunman, I would add experience sa listahan mo. That was part of my criteria for voting for Dick Gordon, which I wrote about sa 2010:



What I’m looking for in a Philippine political candidate is for someone to say, “I’m corrupt and a product of a corrupt culture with dysfunctional values.” If a political candidate says that about himself (or herself), I’m voting for him, because he’s telling the truth.