Does the First World owe the rest of the world, its migrants and its refugees anything?

Europe and much of the rich world today is faced with a moral dilemma surrounding a tidal wave of desperate migrants massing at their borders fleeing war and poverty in their respective homelands. It’s a no-brainer. Migrants are seeking a “better life” in the First World and a slice of that legendary welfare state pie that keeps even the lowliest and most unproductive of the First World’s citizens living in relative comfort and security. Indeed, even Third World Philippines was subject to the same emotional blackmail when faced with a boatload of Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in Burma.


Does the First World owe these migrants and refugees anything?

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That depends on the perspective you take. Europe itself was once a source of virulent undesirable immigrants and refugees. When an entire continent of warlike, often barbaric kingsmen perfected long-haul sea navigation, they spread all over the world bringing not just explorers, adventurers, and merchants but a vast rabble of fortune-seekers, criminals, and indentured labourers to colonise the world.

Contrary to what European historic literature asserts, the world at the time was not necessarily theirs to “civilise”. Indeed, rich magnificent empires and kingdoms were already flourishing in the farthest corners of the world in China, the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, central and south America, the South Pacific and the Australian continent and surrounding islands.

The downfall of all these non-European civilisations at the dawn of European imperial conquest could serve as a lesson to 21st Century Europe and North America today.

Kingdoms in East Asia, the Indian sub-continent and South America were all not lacking in military organisation and power to repel the initial wave of European invaders. Indeed, the ships that Ming Dynasty China at the time were building utterly dwarfed in size, speed, and firepower any of the ships of the most powerful European navies at the time. But it was not military power that won the world for Europe in the 16th through 17th Centuries. It was the complacency and insularity of these established kingdoms that eventually did them in.

The non-European world succumbed to European domination under the weight their own accumulated delusion that theirs was the superior world view.

Despite the Aztec and Inca armies outnumbering the small band of Spanish conquistadores tens of thousands to one, they did not see these hulking fair-skinned bearded smelly men as a significant threat on first encounter and went as far as inviting them into the inner sanctums of their palaces to meet with their emperors. By the time the hapless American natives realised what happened, it was too late.

China and India, for their part, addicted themselves to European trinkets and manufactured goods. They also got addicted to opium. Indeed, drug trafficking was one of the most profitable British trades in the Far East, and the Taipans who lorded it over the trade enjoyed powerful lobbies in the British imperial government which obliged by passing legislation to further entrench these traders in their Far Eastern markets.

Today we see the same pattern happening all over the world. Immigrants who have gained a solid footing in the societies of their affluent hosts have become gateways for virulent ideas — and products — to entrench themselves. The newly “tolerant” societies of Western Europe and North America have changed their stance on immigrants from one of enforcing assimilation to one of advocating “multi-culturalism”. Much of the drug trade in the First World are facilitated by foreign or ethnically-defined “mafias” and even locals who engage in the trade deal mainly with a supply pipeline brokered by these mafias. More disturbing are the acts of terrorism perpetrated by First World migrant “citizens” who derive moral ascendancy for their heinous acts from thought leaders pontificating about their brand of righteousness in some desert kingdom halfway around the world.

It is therefore hardly surprising that far-right politics are back in vogue. In the United States, the popular billionaire Donald Trump has defined his bid for President around a simple but resonant catchphrase:

“Taking our country back”

Back from who or what exactly? It does not take a rocket scientist to fill in the blanks.

Unfortunately for the trendy hipster “progressives” who spend their days sipping their lattes in the cafes of their expensive coastal cities, the United States’ heartland of disgruntled unemployed voters remain an electoral force to reckon with. And, as such, many political observers are now on their recliners, one arm around a popcorn bucket and fingers on their iPads, poised to “live-tweet” the looming circus that is about to engulf the planet’s mightiest nation.

Is history repeating itself on a massive scale? It looks like it. The same old familiar motivations underlie China’s current expansionist leanings — energy and raw materials. It is gearing up to secure access to both along all possible fronts — political, economic, and military. And unlike Western democracies hobbled by modern “humanist” ideologies, China is unencumbered by the naive scruples and Western-styled ethics that keep the First World and their satellite crony states tightly-leashed to “international law”.

The only way for entire societies and ways of life to prevail is to re-visit that ancient innovation that underpinned Western civilisation’s rise to world domination: smarts. Unlike the hapless sods that fell underneath European conquest in the 16th to 18th Centuries, Europe and its derivative civilisations today enjoy (and will continue to enjoy over the foreseeable future) a commanding position as the primary source of the bulk of humanity’s advancement along the fields of science and technology. It should start using this knowledge wisely — the old-fashioned way.

38 Replies to “Does the First World owe the rest of the world, its migrants and its refugees anything?”

  1. Europe in the moral dilemma? Yes, one might call it. But – to be regarded not jump to conclusions without the background.
    Which countries and regions these people who come as refugees or war begging economic migrants to Europe originate?
    Exclusively from countries where the “superpower” America wars leads to oil, gas and other resources, or only countries for military bases required. America, with its mental mother Israel is responsible for this dilemma.
    On the other is added that in the European governments collaborators are the Europe sabotage. The time of reckoning which is coming because with us, unlike the Philippines, political crime is not forgotten.
    America needs no competition and Europe illustrates this Now the American looks -. Israeli policy against destabilizing Europe. Through controlled waves of refugees from muslim refugees and immigrants to Europe, whose countries were desecrated through America before, as well as unrest provoked by Jews. Last example in France were the Mohammed cartoons by Charlie Hebdo, in January 2015. It is interesting that in 2014 the Jewish Rothschild family bought the satirical magazine. Of course these are all just conspiracy, or is it not rather to “false flag operations”? A specialty of America, Israel and UK.
    And one imagines the question – “Who the benefit?” – Can be the secret by the polluters unravel very quickly.
    In the context, it is well to mention who the founding fathers of the ISIS. As in each of those games you will find well-known names such as: CIA, Mossad and MI6.
    How far do the immoral filth of these “people” when the ever be described as such, to rule the world in their quest?
    So – you should change the approach. It is an act of humanity that these refugees are received millions in Europe.
    Carefully I read the comments of your history lesson. Here you should not generalize Europe.
    The conquerors came from the arch-Catholic Spain and Portugal, as well as from England and France. But at no time Germany.
    The Americans are in the modern age the dirtiest nation in terms wars. Since the founding of the United States more than 200 wars of aggression were conducted. And we will not ever forget what the Spanish conquistadors in the course of conversion of infidels, have not murdered in the name of the Catholic Church, had killed the “Americans”.
    Oh yes. Right-wing extremism. A beautiful word. This allows you to every person who loves his homeland defame.
    If your own country is flooded by foreign, must stop going to offer. This has nothing to do with right-wing extremism.
    And when it comes to the issue of violence against foreigners, so I think rightly – the Philippines must remain silent! Since 2003, about 200 foreigners murdered in the Philippines. That speaks for itself. Or?
    The names of the murdered can be found here:

    1. Why is this included in the list?

      MAGELLAN, Ferdinand b: c 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal d: 27 Apr 1521 in Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines;

  2. One of your weakiest articles, Benigno. The historical part has been blatantly oversimplified. And the comparison is quite inapropiate. Anyway, 1st world countries do not owe anything to those refugees that will eventually created problems in the host countries. They should look for hopes in countries more alike culturally, like Saudi Arabia or Qatar. The Roginya’s case is peanuts compare to the massive daily influx of migrants in Europe.

    1. I have to agree here, pretty weak article.

      1. What 16th – 18th century smarts should Europeans revert too? That they were genetically superior to everyone else?

      2. At one point it derides the Chinese for being “insular” but the article also scores the west for “multi-culturalism”.

      3. The hapless native americans thought the white men were gods (chuckles) and the main reason they won was because they transmitted disease ravaging the native population.

      4. Coastal Hipsters with remote controls, popcorn, and ipods…over-generalization much?

      5. China…well their economy has not been doing too well lately.

      6. Trump? His appeal is mainly that he is self-made and not of the establishment (therefore, he does not need campaign funding). Once the republican field narrows, Trump will lose. It’s funny though that he is attacking fox news and is a republican candidate. If this guy runs as an independent candidate, he hands the election to the progressive, latte-swilling democrats.

      All this serves to underline just how complex an issue immigration (by refugee or otherwise) is.

      So how does the West allow the Oppenheimers, Einsteins, Van Brauns in and keep out the Tony Montoyas and 9-11 jihadists?

  3. “Europe itself was once a source of virulent undesirable immigrants and refugees. When an entire continent of warlike, often barbaric kingsmen perfected long-haul sea navigation, they spread all over the world bringing not just explorers, adventurers, and merchants but a vast rabble of fortune-seekers, criminals, and indentured labourers to colonise the world.”

    MY COMMENT: Overseas European expansion started at the time of Renaissance, one of the most fruitful moments of history in terms of intellectual and artistic achievements. Barbaric is more a judgement than a description. They did in America and Asia what they were already doing at that time in Europe: invading and conquering. Here they had it easier here (not in Japan or China, though) given that they made good use of their military and strategic superiority. And, in any case, if they were barbaric, they were not more barbaric than the peoples they conquered. That was way the thing were carried out everywhere, SADLY. They were undesired intruders, of course.
    About the poor quality of colonizers, this more true in the case of the English and Dutch enterprises, known for sending overseas lots of criminals. But, in any case, they were mostly the poor and the miseducated (in a time where in Europe most of people did not know how to read), the ones who took part. Could that be otherwise?

    “Contrary to what European historic literature asserts, the world at the time was not necessarily theirs to “civilise”. Indeed, rich magnificent empires and kingdoms were already flourishing in the farthest corners of the world in China, the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, central and south America, the South Pacific and the Australian continent and surrounding islands.”
    Magnificient kingdoms? Not here (despite what Wikipedia says), not in Australia and only two in America. I agree that “civilize” is a much Eurocentric term, meaning bringing to those colonies European manners, customs, institutions, concepts and laws.

    The downfall could have never been made without the help of the natives. The invaders studied the geographical area as much as they can (check the Boxer Codex) and the proceeded looking for alliances with local chiefs.

    I recommend this book (2 volumes):
    And also:

    1. In that regard, I agree with what has been said. However, one must not generalize the concept of Europe and expansionism. That was the craft of the Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese, the Dutch and the English. When you read, you should observe the niceties.
      Moreover, I doubt that you have ever read German literature regarding the history. Maximum English representations. Get used to it, history can be distorted by the victors, and in a way that makes them look good to evildoers.
      We are not talking about German uncivilized savages, we speak with respect about the ancient cultures such as the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians (Pharaohs), the Incas, Mayas, Chinese, Japanese and Greeks. Even Africa, the cradle of humanity, we pay our respect.
      Yes it is true that these ancient cultures had their heydays and accomplished real feats. And that can be found in ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, the origin of mathematics and modern medicine.
      But – at what price and who had to pay this price.
      Other subjugated peoples. These ancient warlike peoples who demanded at all times with sword and fire their part. Raping, looting and killing was a normality.
      I can not remember that I had referred to a primitive people as uncivilized me.
      The single, which I call as uncivilized are corrupt and Marauding Bandits in a government. You are a drag on the prosperity of a nation.
      The Philippines has a large number of skids, more than one people can tolerate. This reflected a noticeable effect on the economy down and alleging on the infrastructure, and on the social general nature.
      If the “status quo” of the Philippines as of Spanish conquistador or other aliens? Are the foreigners to blame for the weak education system in the Philippines?
      Or it may Foreign invaders who smuggled into the government and people of the Philippines systematically looting?
      I do not believe it. The foreigners, especially businessmen and investors withdraw and steer clear of the Philippines, because of uncivilized acts. The same applies of course also apply to tourists. Do not be fooled let yourself from the false number games Aquino.

      Why do you think belongs to Germany for the first world countries? Just because it is in Europe? Certainly not why.
      Why Germany has the most innovations and patents, as well as the best universities?
      Why Germany has one of the highest industrial state of the world?
      Corruption is hardly possible, because the consequences for the perpetrator are very hard.
      The general knowledge is very good and the level of expertise is very high and specialized.
      Must attend a vocational school over 2 years to reach the conclusion of a skilled worker in a profession of trainees. He wants to become a master craftsman comes complete a 4-year Master School.
      Hard work and good education is the basis for the growth of a nation. This enables our people to take the victims of American invasions in the Arab world in the situation and to provide humanitarian assistance. But everything has its limits.
      And if one considers the Philippines, one must realize that there is a very high degree of xenophobia.

      2012 planned my company with the help of foreign investors to realize a large energy project.
      It was US $ 110 million for a wind turbine park and a biological waste processing plant with methane gas production.
      But by the “uncultured” and “uncivilized” behavior of BI and DOJ, the project was terminated. Thus went 2000 – 2500 permanent jobs for Filipinos (and not for foreigners) lost.

      1. @Andreas Huettner
        Hard work and good education is the basis for the growth of a nation. This enables our people to take the victims of American invasions in the Arab world in the situation and to provide humanitarian assistance. But everything has its limits.
        And if one considers the Philippines, one must realize that there is a very high degree of xenophobia.

        2012 planned my company with the help of foreign investors to realize a large energy project.
        It was US $ 110 million for a wind turbine park and a biological waste processing plant with methane gas production.
        But by the “uncultured” and “uncivilized” behavior of BI and DOJ, the project was terminated. Thus went 2000 – 2500 permanent jobs for Filipinos (and not for foreigners) lost.

        VERY GOOD INFO. Thank you.

  4. Its a tough call.

    My initial thoughts are these:
    By accepting ALL those people, Europe is importing poverty. 99% of the migrants from those countries are low educated. So what we – Europeans – have fought for for so long can now be ruined.

    Secondly, from a moral point of view, can we send them back without even listening to them why they re and what they want?

    Thirdly, Many European countries are dealing with their own guilt. Guilt in their own history. Lets take my country: our guilt still goes back to WW2 where many Dutch Jews were put in trains and sent on their way to Auswitch. And what did we do to prevent it from happening? Not much.

  5. Fourthly:
    they bring with them a complete different culture (backward, retarded) and religion that actually doesnt suit Europe.

    Fifthly: they all seem coming unprepared. From interviews with those migrants its clear they dont know anything about the country they want to go to.

  6. Sixthly:
    What scares the hell out of me, is not knowing if among all those refugees, there might be a few or many IS (ISIS) members who want to get an easy and a free ticket to Europe and start their campaign anew in Europe. It can be the first of many ISIS-cells waiting for instructions to bomb certain locations inside Europe. Or is that conspracy thinking theory?

    1. What kind of an idiot saying?
      It makes a difference whether you sit on an island, surrounded by water, or 2000 kilometers of border in the country has with unzählihen neighbors.
      I guess if your country with a European country a border would come the next flood of refugees to Europe. Namely economic refugees.

  7. @Robert: Europeans need to get over their “guilt”. Everyone — both conqueror and conquered — behaved and thought using the imperfect (as if it ever will be perfect) prevailing morality and best available information at the time.

    The important thing is that the thinking evolved and continues to evolve driven by a willingness to subject even our most sacred beliefs to critical evaluation.

    1. Benign0,
      personally, I agree. No problem with that. And if I would be very honest, I would build a Chinse Wall around the EU or around the Schengen-countries or around the Netherlands.

      On TV, I saw (refugee-) women wearing a veil. Thats not what I imagined when thinking about the future of my own country.

      Just FYI (and all others):
      They enter Europe through either Greece or Italy then continue through Serbia, Macedonia, all wanting one thing: North-Western Europe.

      Now why is that? Wealth? A free ticket to wealth (read: money)? THe “funny” thing is that some have the latest iPhone with them.

      And pls also take a look at the city of Calais (France). They all want to slip through the EuroTunnel to England. They even climb on lorries/truck. While doing that they ruin the goods (mostly meat or fruit or flowers) those trucks are carrying. That is a big loss of money. But those refugess dont care about that. Other persons goods.

    2. Benign0,
      All I did was stating the overall national sentiment together with the overall opinion of the Dutch leaders (politicians) except for one, Mr. Geert Wilders (PVV). Also Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel (CDU) stated the same sentiment yesterday.

      1. Do not underestimate Geert Wilders. He has a big support with the Republican Party in the US. He is also loved by private groups in the US as those of Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, etc. He is famous because of the YouTube video called fitna, which he produced..

        1. Add,
          if I am not mistaken, Fitna was co-produced (or as consultant) with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

          Wilders likes to provoke, he is frank, outspoken and straight forward. Basically what he says in public is also the opinion of the “man in the street”.
          Furthermore he is wanted on many hit lists of Al Queeda and probably IS(ISIS).

          Basically Wilders is the successor of Mr. Pim Fortuyn who got killed (political murder).

    3. What some leaders suggest is that we (Europe) create a safe-haven in countries/areas of origin.

      So we secure a piece of land/soil in Syria or Libia and then put a gate around it and even guard it, Then put all those refugees in that area, feed them end give them water and a place to sleep in tents.

      How much will that cost and for how long and why should we be/feel responsible for them????

  8. The illegal immigrants who climb over the Border Fence ; between U.S. and Mexico border, are mostly from Mexico and South America. They come to work in the U.S. on low paying menial jobs like: agricultural jobs, construction job (unskilled jobs), home health care jobs, service industries jobs, etc…these jobs , the American do not want to have; the pay is low, hard ,and manual.

    It is the same , as our Filipino OFWs. Although some are professional jobs. Most of our OFWs are : servants, laborers, low skilled manual laborers, etc…pay is low, work hours are long, and their masters often verbally, physically and sexually abuse them…

  9. Hi, benignO. You’ve done great work in compiling historic “Cause and Effect”. As always, well done!!

    In response to “Does the First World owe the rest of the world, its migrants and refugees anything”? my opinion is YES, of course, but more relevant would be the policy position of the Robert Gates, former US Secretary of Defense and former Director of CIA

    The US DOD forms Policy Directives every four years (Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and requests position papers from Public and Private Sector scholars, experts and executives.

    For the 2010 QDR, Sec Gates issued the “Five Challenges, Five Treats and Six Guiding Principals”

    I have summarized these points; please note ALL “5 Threats” speak to issues of poverty, inequality, failing states, climate change, demographics and lack of universal access to life support issues. The five threats:
    ● globalization, combined with increasing poverty and increasing inequality; ● global climate change and its effects on failing states; ● demographic changes and the ominous “youth bulges” in the Mideast and other regions where the average age is 20 or younger; ● increasing competition for oil, gas and water; and finally, ●the continued spread of destabilizing technologies.

    Individually, each threat is bad. In any combination, they create a Threat Multiplier that ensures catastrophe and social dislocation (Refugees) as we are witnessing now from South and Central America to the US and from North Africa to Europe.

    As a Profit, Sec. Gates gets “High Marks”. Major drought conditions is Syria 1) wiped out farms, 2) farmers fled to the cities 3) which was a catalyst for civil unrest which led to 4) open revolt that 5) presented and opportunity for a New Terrorist Group (ISIS)

    Please note: Philippines scores 100%, (5 for 5)

    Yes, the First World recognizes their need to proactively address socioeconomic issues that result in economic flight (refugees).

    Whether it is “owed” or not, we need to get busy, or we’ll get caught in the vortex of a “Global Shit Storm”.

    “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”

    1. Rico,
      Who would I help first (on a micro level):
      The ones that first tried to do things themselves to overcome obstacles. What I see on TV and what I read regarding those refugess is that they too have large big families. That makes it not easier to overcome poverty. So who will I help first, the person who says: “I am smart, bright, highly educated and I am willing to do everything to contribute towards the economy of the new country and I will certainly NOT procreate like rabbits. I will comply to the culture of the new country in every aspect”.

      And if that person breaks one vow, he/she will be send back to country of origin immediately.

      1. Hi, Robert. Glad you’re still here.

        You pose a great question and I’ll share thoughts.

        Let’s first make a distinction between Migrants (some resources and travelled to Netherlands) and Refugees (no belongings or resources and fled).

        I suggest organize a select few with some mental capacity or language skills into interviewers who can build a brief profile of the others, Recording “Who you are, where you came from (Family, City, Province, etc) why they left (Political, Health,

        The Dutch have a rich history of Developing Third World, so your Government can marshall the human resources without spending too much money.

        In example, ADD, (a commenter here) had developed a Wind Power and Biofuel Project with $ 110 Million in funding. The Philippines (naturally) stopped the project. If his group would be interested in using the same Business Plan in the Country of Origin of your refugees, you can help repatriate them as “Returning Heroes”.

        If Add’s group cannot, our group is already working with Guinea, Ghana and Kenya, and would be happy to cooperate with the Dutch in North Africa.

        Alternatively,I suggest you contact MONDRAGON, the Worlds Largest Industrial Cooperative (employee owned) to develop an Economic Development Plan for the Country of Origin. They’re HIGHLY Skilled, and may be able to help the Host Country reorganize.

        Collectively, the Dutch, UNDP and Mondragon create a Tripartite Platform, and your guests can go home with dignity and the Netherlands maintains the Moral High Ground. CHEERS!!

        1. Rico,
          I will answer your questions/remarks with another question.

          What must/can we (the Dutch authorities) do with people (refugees) who claim they fled their country because they are gay? (In many or even most African and Arabian/Asian countries being gay/lesbian is legally forbidden)
          Are we allowed to ask that person sensitive, personal, private questions to establish he is really gay and not using that as a rotten excuse?
          Or is that un-ethical, amoral/immoral?

          Most refugees that flee their country enter Europe without papers/ID. Smart, right?
          Most people probably never had an official document, like a passport or even a birth certificate.

          You know what?
          If you (as a woman and being a Filipina) and I would start a romantic relationship, its ten times more difficult to get your ass over here (legally) then it is for those refugees.
          And you could be “using” me as your ticket out of poverty from your country.
          I actually dont see much difference. The only thing is that you dont live in a war zone. Unless maybe when you live in MILF-territory (Mindanao).

        2. The LBGT claim is a clever approach, because they know deportation into “Certain Death” would be morally unacceptable.

          Suggest UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights Council (Refugees) to step in. If Homosexuality is a Crime in their Country of Origin, Netherlands is harboring Fugitives from Justice (or Injustice) which is, in and of itself a crime. Let UN take responsibility for them.

          As a precedent, the UN gave Jews a country, and THEY ARE A SPECTACULAR SUCCESS. The UN should find a neutral safe haven for International LBGT Refugees.

          For the rest of your reply, Robert, I’m lost and confused. I’m not a woman, I’m not a Filipina, I’m not looking for a romantic relationship, a ticket out of poverty or out of Mindanao.

          ???? Ciao

        3. Rico,
          I know you are not a woman. I was not solliciting. It was a mere example. And comparing 2 different “events”.

        4. Hahaha, OK, I just wanted to clarify. Thanks.

          If most of the refugees you’re speaking of are from Syria, most likely they’re not fleeing from LBGT Sanctions, but they’re still a bi problem.

          Many Iraqis fled to Syria during Bush’s War, then the fighting in Syria sent refugees into Jordan which can no longer sustain them.

          My mistake about Africa. In my mind I linked Netherlands with Shell Oil which is International, including Africa.

          I understand your concerns of Ebola and HIV/AIDS. The truth is, bullets or bombs will kill you long before disease can take you. CHEERS

        5. Rico,
          thank god we cleared that up. Maybe for one second you would have thought I am gay (heaven forbid).

          I agree with your bombs and Ebola/Hiv/Aids.

          All in all, I still think the best solution is to create a safe-haven in their own area of origin.

          I may not say this (it is not PC to say it. PC = Politically Correct) but its a blessing in disguise that so many refugees drown while crossing the Mediterranen Sea.

          Furthermore, the more refugees that successfully cross that sea and enter the country of their dreams, it will have a “suction effect” (is that correct English?) or magnetic effect or attraction effect on others who still are in Africa/Asia.

          As we speak, Hungary is building a fence/wall with their borders with Serbia to prevent more refugees to enter Hungary. Those eastern European countries are not ready for such numbers of people entering their country illegally.

        6. Yes, Robert. The effect is following several parallel tracks.

          As Jenny pointed out, this is part of the NWO Scenario.

          Goldman Sachs orchestrated the destabilization of Greece (and Greece was too self indulged to care)

          The American Neo Liberals stirred the LGBT pot in Africa, sparking refugee flight, to coincide with the Syrian refugees (also using LBGT cover) into Turkey and EU.

          Chaos is everywhere.

          The Big Banks 40
          Civilization 0

        7. There is one Dutch PP (=Politic Party) that wants the Netherlands to leave EU and Schengen and leave the Euro (the currency). Maybe there is a solution. That PP states it doesnt want to bend and bow for EU “dictatorship”.

          That political party gets more symphatizers and support than ever before among the Dutch people.

        8. Rico,
          what I dont understand is why those refugees dont stay on/in their continent.

          All refugees have to cross a sea to get to Europe. They cant swim (hence many drown). And they have to pay their human traffickers a serious amount of money. If they just migrate over/by land its safer and cheaper.
          Lets go down south. But no, they all want to go to the promised land (North West Europe). So for me, they are not fleeing from the bombs, they are fleeing for greener pastures.

          I am sure that countries on the same continent share more common ground (culturally, religious, maybe even language)than Europe does.

          Personally, I just dont want those people in my back yard (NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard).

        9. Hey, Robert,

          In answer to “why they just don’t stay on their own continent”, here are some links to Genocide and War in Middle East and Africa.

          The numbers are stunning. Risking their life on the open seas in overcrowded boats is nothing compared to the risk of staying home, waiting to be chopped into pieces or worse, being forced to kill another human being in self defense.

        10. Rico,
          My sincerest apologies but personally I dont know much about North Africa.
          I dont think that Africa is our main “soil” of interest.
          We will invest money in projects that have a certified/guaranteed ROI.
          I think Africa is the big unknown for us. Maybe bec of corrupt governments, maybe bec of different work ethics, maybe bec of the climate. I really dont know.

          If I wanted to go there as tourist, I would go for safari-journeys (Kruger park etc). For the rest, I wouldnt put my ass in those countries. Too dangerous (Ebola, HIV/AIDS to name just a few).

    2. Indeed, humanitarian initiatives are all ultimately driven by national interest. Disasters that cause humanitarian crises in poor countries ultimately impact the First World because of the increase in influx of migrants and refugees, disruption of trade, and shrinkage of markets, among others.

      Even the US’s involvement in the 2013 Haiyan disaster included a sizeable element of display of military power perhaps anticipating that China would be a key audience in the display.

      No such thing as good intentions. Only national interests.

      1. Thanks for the reply, benignO. You’re right of course, and I was under no illusion that the “Great War Machine” was going to go “Kum Ba Yah”.

        I did find it remarkable that the shift from Theater to Irregular Warfare (Snipers, Drones and Suicide Bombers) would make the DOD look at addressing poverty and inequality as a force multiplier in US National Security.

        Re: China, Yes, they watched things unfold for Yolanda, but China’s main focus is on US / PH intent on the West Coast/Palawan/Oyster Bay. We’ll see.

  10. The refugee’s certainly think they are owed something and the citizens of the immigrated to countries mostly think not.

    BUT there is a bigger agenda involved here, one that is not spoken about here, and it also happens to be the only agenda that matters. That of the NWO and its leaders. This is all going to plan, has been going on for over a century and is at its end stages.

    1. You’re EXACTLY RIGHT, Jenny, and the Philippines is critical to NWO overall goal.

      These are interesting times. We can either get to work or just sit and wait for the inevitable.

      If the 2016 Elections go according to NWO plan, (the crook or the dummy) Philippines is beyond saving.

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