The Philippine Media and Its Broken Sense of Morals

Thank you very much Kate Natividad for another enlightening article.

I also recommend you read one of the first articles I’ve written here at GRP about homosexuality and homophobia as well as one of my more recent pieces.

Please take note that I’m not writing this article to judge or condemn anyone. If anything, I am writing this article because I think that something needs to be said and done about the current state of our media if we are to continue to have a safe and sane society. I am an avid supporter of gay rights (despite what some readers may think) and I am quite happy for my family and friends who can now live together happily in the United States. I pray that one day, the Philippines can also come to accept LGBT people as full citizens and respect their right to love who they want to love.


However, I am most certainly not supportive of Vice Ganda and his alleged “humor” as it is neither appropriate for public consumption nor has really anything beneficial to offer the common Filipino. At the end of the day, most of the comedy he claims to make is just crass and offensive humor that degrades other people’s appearance or intelligence. While I can agree that this kind of humor might be acceptable in a comedy bar with a small audience, it is not something that is meant for a nationwide audience, especially when there are children who could be easily influenced by his antics.

I have LGBT friends both online and in the real-world who are quick to prevent me from saying inappropriate things when in the presence of children such as the gruesome details of the latest Human Centipede film. Should you meet my real-world gay friends, you will probably be impressed with their professionalism and sophisticated wit. They are even fiercely against Vice Ganda’s brand of comedy which they claim only degrades other people’s dignity, leading to even more hatred towards the LGBT community.

The thing is, the central theme of comedy in the Philippines has degraded to the point that disrespect and degradation of others has become “funny”. One can also note that the theme of “love” in Pinoy media has been confused with teen lust and forbidden desire. While the MTRCB continues to claim that it endeavors to promote wholesome and informative shows, the fact that Vice Ganda and his immoral sense of humor continues to gain popularity further cements the notion that the MTRCB has no real clue on how to go about its business.

I have always believed the media all too often reflects the nature of the society it informs and entertains. If all our shows are essentially about degradation, humiliation, disrespect, sordid affairs and general immorality, I can only worry about the future generation of Filipinos who are exposed to this kind of mind-numbing entertainment. How many children have I seen talking to their elders the way Vice Ganda talks to people in a way that is both degrading and humiliating.

Remember people, I’ll say it again in case you missed it or forgot about it:

Respect begets respect.


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We are, what we see in the Media…this is the reality of our civilization. This is the reason the Jewish Holocaust happened in Nazi Germany. It is because the Media was used for Nazi political propaganda.

If idiots like , Vice Ganda, continues to contribute his/her “idiotic remarks” and idiotic entertainments.And, the Whore, Kris Aquino, is the “Role Model” of the young.

It is no wonder, our values are distorted. We cannot disatinguish, what is Right and what is wrong. And the Filipino youths are confused…

Garbage in; Garbage out…

Then we can solve the problem by using the media to educate n inform the people in all aspects…n not only stop there…once we somehow gain momentum…we shall evolve our tactics…and awaken all the Filipinos…so for those aspiring to be people w/ jobs involving media n wants to progress this nation…your ideas and initiatives are the key…so lets all do our duty my fellow youth…and awaken our potential…lets all organize ourselves and make “something” Like new Noli me tangere and El Fili…but w/ a 21st century twist…all about true situation of this philippines…or continue w/ Ibarra’s timeline…what happened after El… Read more »
Pearl V

I strongly agree!


“While the MTRCB, whom is also run by presidential candidate Grace Poe,”

Ms Grace Poe once chaired the MTRCB but at the moment she is a senator and not in any way connected with MTRCB.

Naman… mag-verify konti

Ebola Ray

HA, Vice Ganda was in Ft. Lauderdale,Fl. recently and played a sold out show to ,IDK who, but it is funny that the poster boy for confused Gender Identity gets to be the most apt picture to go along with the title of this essay, HA !!!!


The best option is for government sponsored networks that offer quality shows that are cultural, informative, reflective, relevant, educational, and significant to the Filipino people. Public Broadcasting in US is partly government & private subsidized. It is a good system to emulate. Targeting popular characters may not yield positive results. Giving choices will. What television shows can schools really refer their students to? Are there any documentary listings that are worth reviewing?? DepEd has a big role in this.


I didn’t ask anyone to make me a poster boy, because poster boys (Jose Marie Borja Viceral aka Vice Ganda included) always end up on dart boards.

the bone of contention here is wether we allow ourselves to be used by the media magnates and business men to be used for their own sake. the pinoys have been fed with all silly and unrealistic information through the media. the people have been bribed to believe that there’s nothing better than what this moguls have been feeding them. the artist and players have allowed themselves to be used to act like fools and puppets for their own good. unless people stop their fixations on the media hypocrosies watching idiotic pinoy programs in tvs and movies, pinas will forever… Read more »

I say we fix the internet bandwidth / speed issue in the Phil so people can have a choice in watching content they really want. YouTube is more educational and intellectually satisfying to watch than many cheap tv shows that lead you nowhere.

I have been living in the philippines for about 10 months now. I have my wife translating for me most of the times. I have been amazed by this nations confused state of mind here. You apparently have a huge gay population and some parents really encourage their kids from a young age to pursuit their sexuality if they show signs of being gay in thinking that they might become famous like vice ganda. But they oppose gay rights based on their religious belief,what a bunch of confused hypocrites. You cannot serve two masters people. You people are living in… Read more »
jenny gugma

This is so true.,parents laugh pa when their own kids copy vice gandas edi wow.,even if its already a sign that the kids are disrespecting their elders.thats why i dont let my kid watch t.v.,when kids nowadays are trying to be sassy but end up being disrespectful it is quite sad.,then parents will realize it only when its to late

Gege Lang
Ganyan tayong mga pinoy eh. Binibigyan natin ng pansin yung mga ganitong bagay, pero pag mga foreign things ayus lang? Narinig ko sa lyrics nung isang kanta: “pero pag english na rapper ang nag mura ay gusto nyo, talagang ipokreto ang ibang pilipino na sarado ang isipan kaya walang asenso” – Don’t take things seriously, it’s just a joke. And one posted: “YouTube is more educational and intellectually satisfying to watch than many cheap tv shows that lead you nowhere.” Yeah, talk about this famous songs, that has words not suited for children. If mali talaga yung way ni Vice… Read more »
Angelica Hopes
I like to focus on your particular line: “The thing is, the central theme of comedy in the Philippines has degraded to the point that disrespect and degradation of others has become “funny”.” Even in the past, when I was growing up, being often bullied in school, for MANY Filipinos, they use insulting jokes, disrespectful jokes and bullying jokes as a free ticket to hurt someone they hate, someone they are jealous and someone they want to put down. Those who do this find satisfaction to see the reactions of the subject of their offensive tirades. Psychologically speaking, there is… Read more »
Galvin Guy Heyres

Hahaha… This is hypocrisy at its finest. It sounds like an anti-Vice Ganda campaign. You cannot just blame everything to the celebrities or media. Get real!

People who are judgemental are hypocrites, maraming hang ups sa buhay, bitter, envious and insecure. Who are you to judge people? Are you a Christian? Do you have God? Do you ever pray? You are a typical ‘banal na aso santong kabayo’. Be humane. Treat people with utmost respect, without discrimination. If there are some people you don’t like, just keep it to yourself, because for all you know you’re much much worse than the people you hate. You are not God, you are not perfect, you have dark secrets, that’s why you hate people who are honest and have… Read more »

Oa naman ito. Kung concerned ka sa anak mo na baka mamisinterpret ang mga ‘degrading’ jokes edi wag mo papanoorin ng palabas niya. Kayraming ibang channels diyan. These type of comedies and themes has been going on for a long time and not just here in Philippines so don’t blame them to what’s going on to this countries.

@Meme. Mind if I correct the grammar? … “These types of comedy have been going on for a long time and not just here in the Philippines; so don’t blame them on what’s going on in this country. Lesson #1. Subject – verb agreement. If you have a plural subject (more than 1 thing/person), then a plural verb must be used. e.g.: Flowers HAVE (not Flowers HAS). Lesson 2. Use of articles. “THE Philippines” needs the article THE before the country name. Actually, I usually joke around that the greatest nations in the world have an article THE in front… Read more »

Ang lungkot siguro ng buhay nitong writer nito. Wawa naman. Get some life!!! 🙂


MTRCB is headed by Atty. Toto Villareal, not Grace Poe.


Don’t worry not everybody like Vice Ganda. Lilipas din yan hindis siya forever.


The nonsense humorous expressions such as “edi wow”, “boom karakakak” and many others are way too mainstream and it may degrade our standard of choosing a right word to express in an appropriate manner. Sometimes, I can tell that Vice Ganda is a person with good spontaneity but a sort of critic with matching hostility that hurt our fellowmen’s integrity. Therefore I hate his enticing comedy performance about degrading others’ physical appearance and discriminating line of thinking.