Why Disrespect for Laws Continues to Cripple the Philippines

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to lay it before you now that I have never really been a big fan of the Philippine legislative sector and the laws it churns out. I am willing to admit to the fact that I am an anarchist in a sense that I have always looked down on the constitution and  the “values” it supposedly espouses. Nonetheless, I am well aware of laws and their value in any and every society. I am well aware that laws are essentially what holds civilizations together and, without them, there can be no real “nations” in the world.

While the Philippines continues to struggle against corruption, its colonial past, the threat of war and the ever-looming danger of natural disasters, one can note that it has rarely responded well to the challenges it faces. Instead, we come up with solutions that are more about “face value” (think of the hurried BBL) than something that can actually solve the crises we face or don’t even bother to come up with solutions at all (such as the issue of dead journalists). While we like to show off that the Philippines is big on laws what with so many congressmen and senators, it’s quite clear that many of us, including the many congressmen and senators mentioned, (I’m looking at you Lapid, Revilla and Pacquiao) don’t even fully understand the spirit of our laws and what they mean for our people.


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The thing is, majority of us simply see laws the same way that kids will see the rules of games they play. While certainly similar, game rules will always be different from laws as the latter should be worked into one’s lifestyle instead of being just seen as something to conform to. It’s more than a little egregious once you realize that it is all too often our lawmakers and their ilk that are the lawbreakers in our society.

Again, our disregard for laws ties in with our immaturity as a people. Most of us simply see laws as part of a game, instead of something that’s supposed to build our national character. Take for instance that committing crimes isn’t seen as bad compared to actually being caught committing a crime. Even people like the alleged Jay Bee seem offended that there are people who call them out on their bad behavior and utter disrespect towards common laws and people just trying to make a living.

Without a healthy respect for laws and the people they protect, we can never really fully realize our potentials as a nation. If we continue to behave like children, refusing to take responsibility for ourselves and the things that we do, we will never progress as a productive and prosperous people.

I am not telling you to conform to authorities in the Philippines as I too am more than a little leery of them. I am also not asking you to like the current constitution and the various laws that go with it as I think they are flawed and deserve a complete and total overhaul. All I am asking is that we all learn to respect them for we can never really call ourselves a “country” if there are no laws that bind us together as a people and shape our minds and hearts as human beings.

16 Replies to “Why Disrespect for Laws Continues to Cripple the Philippines”

  1. Grim Grim Grim……do you really need laws to ‘shape your heart and mind as a human being’ ? you need education(parents really) and excercise to do that.
    IDK, but it seems like most laws are what protect the rulers from the people.Especially those banking laws in the R.P., GEEZ & Crackers…..”I dont have to show you how many U.S.Dollars I have stolen.Nope, says it right here (Scumbag points to law in book in Philippines law codes)! So thar!”.

    1. Not written laws, my friend.

      The sense of law in our hearts. I think that’s where I made my mistake. I’m actually talking about the conscience rather. You know, laws that are inherent in us.

  2. Let me quote:
    “I am not telling you to conform to authorities in the Philippines as I too am more than a little leery of them.” – Grimwald

    Borrowing from Mayor Duterte’s speech:

    “What is the gravest problem that our country faces today? Criminality? Illegal Drugs? Corruption? Disunity?

    I say none of the above. For these are but symptoms of a deeper problem that the people would rather not talk about. But let me say it anyway.

    I believe that the most serious problem that bedevils this country of ours is the EROSION OF THE PEOPLE’S TRUST AND FAITH IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

    This erosion of trust and faith, if not checked will tear this country apart. That is what we have to grapple with. Let us then hope for the best, but prepare for the worst if we do not act to stop this erosion.”

    We educated people already has lack of trust in our government. idagdag pa natin ung mga hindi nakak-intindi kung bakit may batas.

    Why is it that the dabawenyos know the laws and why it is good and works for them? the psychologist explains it here as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkLFNfD9P3M

    1. No No No, the loss of faith in the government is well earned. The government needs to be replaced !!! they have broken the ‘social contract’ they have plundered all that has been available, for over one human life-time, and left the country a festering cesspit of despair and misery.The erosion of FAITH in the government is well-deserved, and their needs to be someone with the balls it takes to get the fuck rid of these sleaziest of scumbags and right the wrongs inflicted on the people.

      Has anyone got any BALLS ?

      FOR THIS and all else, the political Dynasties should be eradicated.

      Jun-Jun, Bing-Bong and the E-Crap’s and FUCKIN YUCK!!!! OMG,Get the fuck rid of these people already,HOLY SHIT !!!!

  3. The main reason Filipinos today has a low respect for law is because of it’s association with tyranny and oppression.

    You know how the oligarchs and other abusive power-holders have used the law for their own benefit, much to the expense of the common man.

    Before someone ask how disrespect for rule of law cripples a society, there’s a prior question: did the majority of people benefit from those laws, at least once? You can’t expect the masses to realize that following the law will do them good if it didn’t actually brought them any good in the first place.

    1. Classic case: Do you think you’d get anywhere sticking to your lane and driving defensively on Manila’s streets? Of course not. Not with everyone else driving like assholes. The rules don’t serve people well and the road layouts aren’t even designed in a manner conducive to following road rules.

      1. let me also add. people here drive aggressively and not defensively. cutting the lane, blocking cars which needs to change lanes. not respecting pedestrian lanes. sila pa mauuna sa daan imbes na padaanin ung pedestrian. benigz is right. their driving like assholes. nag-aral pa sa A1 driving school yan. lol.

        hence, laws are not followed.

  4. If our Leaders, Lawmakers, Law Enforcers, Judges, do not even Respect Themselves…how can we, as common citizens, respect the law?

    Respect is Earned; not Entitled. Because, you are a “Person of Authority”. Do you impose on people to respect you?

    With De Lima and his driver/lover at the helm of the Dept. of Justice; the former PNP Chief Purisima, being the Chief Enforcer , of the law (who is the most crooked Policemen)…Aquino using the Law, to prosecute his political enemies. While he look at the other way; when Islamic Radical Terrorists massacre Policemen…the law of the land is a laughing matter…

    1. De Lima is not an LGTB…a heterosexual…so, it’s Delima and HER Driver/Lover…I’ll be more careful on my Grammar, next time…

  5. For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked.

  6. Then what we need our True Unbiased people that will strictly enforce the common law with a sound conscious and mercy for the helpless and the repenters! that’s what we need! but who are they, it is “we” we are the lawmakers and enforcers of our own and we make laws for ourselves to live better and orderly and uphold our principles and morals that can help us live w/ each other peacefully and safely…the thing is there are people who are “lawless” to themselves and the state. Those are the people we must teach and educate so they are aware of what they are “doing”

  7. There are even a few cases where some guys who want to show off their sports cars think EDSA is a race track.

    Heck, there are a lot of road violators who got away by bribing the enforcers, while some poor jeepney drivers who follow the rules get their licenses outright taken away from them if they can’t pay.

    If this is how fucked up law enforcement is in the Philippines, no wonder a lot of people don’t give a damn about law. How unfortunate.

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