How Filipino women can strongly contribute to building a more intelligent Philippines

The Net is awash lately with lots of lament about the sad state of intellectualism in Philippine society. Most recent is the stuff about the way Pinoys lionize new X Factor celeb and erstwhile caregiver Rose Fostanes. Like, is there nothing more to the Philippines than reality TV stars and beauty pageant winners?

Then there is the news about how our Labor Department is now mulling opening the local job market to foreigners. Jeez. As far as I understand these are just a handful of job types that require specialist skills. Certainly, a country of more than a hundred million could find even one qualified environmental planner or aircraft mechanic, right? Yeah, you’d think so. According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, throw in a billion mutant DNA strands into the primordial soup pot and at least one organism with an improved brainstem will crawl out every million years or so. To be fair, it’s been only a few odd decades that the Philippines has been a nation.


So I propose we ladies help evolution in the Philippines chug along a bit faster. I mean, talk of “revolution” among so-called “activists” has just gotten so old. What Filipinos really need to do is to evolve in the right direction. Slowly, perhaps, but maybe a bit more surely than these half-brained “revolutions” the “intelligentsia” keep yapping about.

Yeah, the only real way to make the Philippines a smarter country is to breed out idiots. And it could begin if Pinays start demanding a bit more from the men who court them. I mean, it’s gotten worse, specially in this hook-up culture. It does not take much anymore nowadays to get a girl to lift her skirt. This means that the boys no longer try as hard. They are no longer challenged. And when minds are not challenged, they wither. That’s about as good a basis as any to explain why it is difficult to be hopeful that the Philippines will be a better country someday — it is because our definition of what it means to be the fittest in the gene pool has become so mediocre. It is no longer about the cleverest, smartest, wittiest, strongest, or most creative guy. It has become all about the guy who best fits the role model put up before us by Star Cinema.

Hope in the youth? Nah. Dumb today, dumber tomorrow.

If boys cannot be bothered to challenge themselves, perhaps the gals will be up to the challenge of challenging themselves. Date boys who are wittier, deeper, and more thoughtful. Date boys who know how to wait and were not raised to expect instant gratification. I believe the best fitness indicator exhibited by a male specimen who fits the above criteria is reading. Find a guy who reads books.

Why is a guy who reads books a great catch?

It’s really very simple.

First of all, books are a very expensive luxury in the Philippines. So, Guarantee Number One: a guy who can afford reading books on a regular basis can afford to buy you a big juicy Wagyu steak dinner on a date. Second, it takes a lot of time and focus to read a book. So Guarantee Number Two: a guy who has the time to read books (and comprehend them) is not only financially rich, he’s time rich. Which means he is less inclined to be the type to worry about how to squeeze you into his schedule between his call center shifts and sleeping time. More importantly, he will listen and think through every nuance of the thoughts you express in conversation — because he’s got focus — a rare plus in the A.D.D. generation hanging out in Henry Sy’s malls today.

The third is a no-brainer: guys who read books are not shallow. And, thus, Guarantee Number Three: they will not fall for the next bimbo who drapes herself all over him — or the next one. Or the one that follows the next.

In short: A book in a guy’s hand may as well be a “Swiss Made” label plastered on his forehead.

Satisfaction guaranteed on three counts girls!

Best of all, if we ladies re-calibrate our tastes in men along these simple guidelines we will, in the process, help improve the Philippines’ gene pool by dooming dumbasses to extinction. Everybody wins. 🙂

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

Mark Twain got that right.


Post Author: Kate Natividad

Frustrated artist doing geek for a living.

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Robert Haighton


You are triggering me big time. Does the same “test” also apply for Philippine women? So, I have to check out women that only read high end books?!

In most western countries (e-)books are not expensive to buy and can be rented even very cheaply from city libraries.


i live in the Philippines 5 years and i think i noticed just 2 people reading book in public places. Filipinos and books is simple not match.

And if people read something here, they read total trash. To read quality literature and trashy romantic novels is huge difference. So you should add to your statement – guys who read quality books 🙂


most women nowadays couldnt care less if he reads. What they’re looking for is someone with money, so they can get preggy and just spend the BF/husbands money. Not all of them but, there seems to be a lot of them more than ever.


Date some-one who also writes!

Reading provides knowledge
Writing demonstrates individuality


Number of new books published – annually

US – 292,000

UK – 149,000

India – 82,000

Italy – 40,000

Vietnam – 24,000

Thailand – 13,000

Myanmar – 3,500

Philippines – 1,000

A sad indictment of a cultural desert.

Robert Haighton

I really hope, I am misguided. But my partner once said that “knowing too much, can be dangerous”.

I actually believe she meant it the way she said it. In an predominantly, overwhelming RC country, reading books can enlighten the soul and the consciounce/knowledge.

So by reading (too much), it can be the start of the crumble of the religion, like the crumble of the Berlin wall.

Normally, reading is/should be encouraged by the parents and its also a must while being a student. How else can I write my thesis?

Robert Haighton

To add furthermore:
If I dont read a book, nor read a magazine, read a newspaper, watch TV news, then how for heaven’s sake can I ever start a conversation fuelled with arguments (pro and con)?
Where can we talk about among collegues, students, friends or family members?


Datawind, a uk company has developed a low cost tablet for schools/3rd world (equivalent in power to 1st ipad) and is being given to all 220 million indian schoolchildren
Cost 20 us$ each ( 1,000 pesos)

Pilots ongoing in thailand, vietnam, myanmar, mexico etc…. but not philippines!

And whilst philippines likes to talk of high smartphone penetration, they are not being used to read free books magazines, but simply vote on x factor shows or send endless ‘ hi, how are you’ messages.

Sea Bee

For a country whose official hero is Jose Rizal; very few seem to share his skepticism towards the clergy. Instead, what is seen instead is that hysterical stampede of people trying to touch the statue of the Black Nazarene. Most colleges are diploma mills that do little to prepare students to be informed citizens who will hold their politicians accountable. Instead, the more corrupt a politician is; the more he is popular.


booksale used to have cheap second hand books and novels. they still do but they have risen in price compared to the 30-50 pesos per book I paid back in the 1990’s. Still it is cheaper than brand new.

and these days, ebooks are the rage. some older ones are even free to download. so the guy fiddling with his cellphone or tablet may just be reading a novel


Are you saying liberated women are less intelligent than the conservative ones? I think it’s the opposite. And there are certainly lots of second hand book in the Phils. Our country’s literacy problem is caused by poverty, people would rather watch wowowillie than read. So your solution will not really work.

Johnny Saint

“Certainly, a country of more than a hundred million could find even one qualified environmental planner or aircraft mechanic, right?”

Of course you can. It seems the real problem isn’t so much the supply. We have local expertise. (Although there is a lot to be said for the quality of the professionals here, but that’s another matter altogether.) We just don’t seem to trust our own. Put it down to “KSP” standard thinking and Erap’s “mental colony.”

Johnny Saint

“The third is a no-brainer: guys who read books are not shallow. And, thus, Guarantee Number Three: they will not fall for the next bimbo who drapes herself all over him — or the next one. Or the one that follows the next.”

Speaking as a guy — yes he will. Whether or not he knows which fork to use for the salad. It’s the ugly truth.

Johnny Saint
I have a friend who is a very successful businessman. He got his start trading in high-end luxury vehicles and diversified into restaurant chains. His business deals usually involve millions of Pesos. By his own admission he’s never read one single book in his life. Not even in college. He claims he handled that by paying others to tutor him. And, in some cases, to take tests for him. He recently dumped his “starter” wife and is currently dating a much younger professional woman 20 years his junior. From what I can tell the new girlfriend is very well read,… Read more »

Libraries. Bookstores with cheap prices for books. And MORE libraries. Educational shows too, if TV can’t really be avoided. Libraries should sell large amounts of “mapapakinabangang genre ng libro” like sci-fi, textbooks, references. etc

But then, Pinoys hate books because it is “so bigat”, enjoys more noontime shows and telenovelas than reading books, or just busy hunting for patapon Flips that instead went abroad because singing opportunities here suck.

Damaged na ang literacy nila sa books, teh.

Johnny Saint

You’re not married, are you?


Dear Kate,

Are you telling Filipino Girls to date Upper Middle Class boys? I mean, Time Rich Boys? Wagyu Steak? Swiss Made, labels? What if they’re poor girls? Poor boys can’t afford those. They can’t afford a good book– not even the Harry Potter Series. Unless they go for the SALES and you know how boys aren’t attracted to the SALES label. But if only it’s those Sandman Series or DCs and Marvel Collectibles for half the prize.


Look for a woman who reads – “50 shades of grey” – in the bedroom

“50 sheds of grey” – in the lounge

“50 Plates of Scrumptiousness: How to seduce your love via their tummy” (available in paperback) – in the kitchen

A recipe for a balanced diet and relationship


You remind me of this booksale that’s happening at National Bookstore Quezon Avenue until his Sunday, January 19. And I haven’t even been there yet. Argh.

Hyden Toro
It was Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, who had a program of producing a Superman. The White Aryan type. Blond hair and Blue eyed. The rest of mankind, Jews, non aryan, etc…will be considered “Sub-human” So, he experimented with Nazi girls, to be impregnated by smart German man. Oh…how wonderful to be smart , then… The truth is: geniuses and morons will appear in any family, race or color. We still don’t know much about Genetic Engineering. It is in its infancy stage… Attitudes and cultures are hard to remove. Especially, us Filipnos. You don’t know the Genetic History of… Read more »