How Filipino women can strongly contribute to building a more intelligent Philippines

The Net is awash lately with lots of lament about the sad state of intellectualism in Philippine society. Most recent is the stuff about the way Pinoys lionize new X Factor celeb and erstwhile caregiver Rose Fostanes. Like, is there nothing more to the Philippines than reality TV stars and beauty pageant winners?

Then there is the news about how our Labor Department is now mulling opening the local job market to foreigners. Jeez. As far as I understand these are just a handful of job types that require specialist skills. Certainly, a country of more than a hundred million could find even one qualified environmental planner or aircraft mechanic, right? Yeah, you’d think so. According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, throw in a billion mutant DNA strands into the primordial soup pot and at least one organism with an improved brainstem will crawl out every million years or so. To be fair, it’s been only a few odd decades that the Philippines has been a nation.


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So I propose we ladies help evolution in the Philippines chug along a bit faster. I mean, talk of “revolution” among so-called “activists” has just gotten so old. What Filipinos really need to do is to evolve in the right direction. Slowly, perhaps, but maybe a bit more surely than these half-brained “revolutions” the “intelligentsia” keep yapping about.

Yeah, the only real way to make the Philippines a smarter country is to breed out idiots. And it could begin if Pinays start demanding a bit more from the men who court them. I mean, it’s gotten worse, specially in this hook-up culture. It does not take much anymore nowadays to get a girl to lift her skirt. This means that the boys no longer try as hard. They are no longer challenged. And when minds are not challenged, they wither. That’s about as good a basis as any to explain why it is difficult to be hopeful that the Philippines will be a better country someday — it is because our definition of what it means to be the fittest in the gene pool has become so mediocre. It is no longer about the cleverest, smartest, wittiest, strongest, or most creative guy. It has become all about the guy who best fits the role model put up before us by Star Cinema.

Hope in the youth? Nah. Dumb today, dumber tomorrow.

If boys cannot be bothered to challenge themselves, perhaps the gals will be up to the challenge of challenging themselves. Date boys who are wittier, deeper, and more thoughtful. Date boys who know how to wait and were not raised to expect instant gratification. I believe the best fitness indicator exhibited by a male specimen who fits the above criteria is reading. Find a guy who reads books.

Why is a guy who reads books a great catch?

It’s really very simple.

First of all, books are a very expensive luxury in the Philippines. So, Guarantee Number One: a guy who can afford reading books on a regular basis can afford to buy you a big juicy Wagyu steak dinner on a date. Second, it takes a lot of time and focus to read a book. So Guarantee Number Two: a guy who has the time to read books (and comprehend them) is not only financially rich, he’s time rich. Which means he is less inclined to be the type to worry about how to squeeze you into his schedule between his call center shifts and sleeping time. More importantly, he will listen and think through every nuance of the thoughts you express in conversation — because he’s got focus — a rare plus in the A.D.D. generation hanging out in Henry Sy’s malls today.

The third is a no-brainer: guys who read books are not shallow. And, thus, Guarantee Number Three: they will not fall for the next bimbo who drapes herself all over him — or the next one. Or the one that follows the next.

In short: A book in a guy’s hand may as well be a “Swiss Made” label plastered on his forehead.

Satisfaction guaranteed on three counts girls!

Best of all, if we ladies re-calibrate our tastes in men along these simple guidelines we will, in the process, help improve the Philippines’ gene pool by dooming dumbasses to extinction. Everybody wins. πŸ™‚

β€œThe man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

Mark Twain got that right.

100 Replies to “How Filipino women can strongly contribute to building a more intelligent Philippines”

  1. Kate,

    You are triggering me big time. Does the same “test” also apply for Philippine women? So, I have to check out women that only read high end books?!

    In most western countries (e-)books are not expensive to buy and can be rented even very cheaply from city libraries.

    1. Yeah, this all presumes that the ladies are also able to step up to that challenge of matching themselves to their expectations. I mean, how can you aspire to bag the good guys if the literature in your shelves does not go beyond Cosmopolitan and celebrity magazines, right?

      1. Binasa ko sya.

        Maraming opinyon ibang tao pagdating sa mga batayan ng edukasyon at intelektwalisasyon. Ito ang isa sa problema pagdating sa sistema ng ating Pambansang Edukasyon.

        Sa tingin ko Babae at Lalake dapat nga may kahiligang magbasa at magsuri sa kanilang binasa. Magkaruon ng sariling kuro kuro at kritikal na pag-unawa sa kanilang pinag-aaralan.

        Higit sa lahat ang paggkilala sa ating Sarili. Pagtuklas kung sinu tayu bilang mga Nilalang.

        Sa ‘ken sa personal nabigyan ko na ito ng kalutasan pangkaisipan. “Lahat Tayu Walang Hanggang Nilalang.”

        Ang unang kapaligiran ng Bata, yung Matris ng Babae habang nasa sinapupunan pa. Mas magaling ang mga Babae pagdating sa mga usapaing ito.

        Pag-aalaga. Dapat sumabay angmga Lalaki pagdating sa pag-aaruga ng mga kabataan.

        Dapat may tulong ang Estado.

        Dito papasok ang isyu ng MakaLahi at MakaLipunang Pamumuno ng isang Bansa. Usapin ng Kalusugan at Edukasyon. Gabay Panlipunan. Para sa Lahat.

        Ang tanung, anung pinakamahalagang layunin bakit tayu kailangan lumikha ng tao? O klase ng Lipunan na gusto nating lahat. ideyal na Lipunan.

        Ang ideyal na Lipunan ang syang nagtatakda ng pinakamataas na antas pagtanaw kung anung uri ng relasyon panlipunan ang gusto natin.

        Dapat lagyan natin ng kahalagahang pangkatauhan. Mataas na pagpapahalaga ang dapat na ikabit natin sa paglikha ng Tao.
        Pangalawang kapaligiran ng mga Bata paglabas sa Matris ng Babae, ang kanyang lipunan. Anung uri ng lipunan ang kanyang sinilangan o gagalawan?

        Sa paglikha ng Tao gagawa tayu ng relasyong panlipunan. Anung uri ng relasyong panlipunan ang mayruon tayu. Papasok ang Kasaysayan: Sistemang Pulitikal, Ekoomiya at Kultura. ang buong Pambansang Kaayusan.

        Mga kabataan karamihan wala nang interes magsipag-aral gusto na lang makapagtrabaho kung may mapapasukan pa.


    2. I agree with Robert. If this is the case, we should to the same for women. I don’t think it is proper to use reading as a gauge to measure a person’s financial status nor measure a person based on finance. Oh and a financially rich guy working in a call center? I don’t know about that?! How about dating a reader for reasons such as research said readers are more compassionate, empathetic and kind. How about not worrying about men and focusing on how are we gonna make more women a reader and educate them to make better choices for themselves and able to stand for their right. I’m sorry but I don’t think I agree with your pointers but I respect your opinion as everyone is entitled.

  2. i live in the Philippines 5 years and i think i noticed just 2 people reading book in public places. Filipinos and books is simple not match.

    And if people read something here, they read total trash. To read quality literature and trashy romantic novels is huge difference. So you should add to your statement – guys who read quality books πŸ™‚

    1. @John,

      I agree with you on being an avid reader—not the trashy romantic novel-type, but good literature and objective news from internationally-acclaimed authors/writers and publications.

      The reason literacy through reading–including fundings that should be set aside for public libraries–are not a priority in this country, is because it’s not a lucrative endeavor compared to Filipino television and movies.

      The overwhelming majority of Filipino attitude is about maximizing short-term profit over long-term benefits for the entire country and its people.

      My assertion about ‘reading over watching’ as a form of entertainment supports my contention that Filipinos are shallow thinkers, and they have very little foresights about the future of their country and people.


  3. most women nowadays couldnt care less if he reads. What they’re looking for is someone with money, so they can get preggy and just spend the BF/husbands money. Not all of them but, there seems to be a lot of them more than ever.

    1. Date someone who is able and capable of looking outside the box, who is not blinded and indoctrinated by religion & culture, who is open-minded.

    2. Ha ha! The only scary thing about dating someone who writes is that he might write about you someday… πŸ˜‰ So you have to be careful about what you reveal to that person.

      I sometimes wonder what it is like for the friends and, especially, spouses of writers like Stephen King or Jonathan Franzen. I mean, these guys write about stuff that delves really deep into the human psyche. So you can imagine for those who are close to such novelists what it might be like reading their books. You probably wouldn’t be able to help but think whether some of the material that goes into their books comes from personal experience with their friends. Scary!

  4. Number of new books published – annually

    US – 292,000

    UK – 149,000

    India – 82,000

    Italy – 40,000

    Vietnam – 24,000

    Thailand – 13,000

    Myanmar – 3,500

    Philippines – 1,000

    A sad indictment of a cultural desert.

    1. That’s a shocker! A nation that votes in bozos like Noynoy and Erap does not value literacy. They have no time to read yet noontime shows with the IQ lower than rambotan rate highly.

      1. And the uneducated ‘politicians’, who would struggle to write even a shopping list, let alone laws, set the tone with no cultural pursuits, no academic papers/articles, or debate forums – instead karaoke ( pnoy’s favourite pastime) , and ktv bars.
        what despicable role-models nationally and internationally

        1. If you recall something I wrote a year ago about CNN Heroes it totally flies in formation with what Kate talks about here and what Benign0 and I talk about Isreal X Factor. What is valued , what is not and it’s manifestation in Philippine society. PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!! Regardless of our literacy level.

    2. Wow, that’s really sad. I do notice that people do not read here. They love to watch mind numbing shows which I cannot even get myself to look at (I do not subscribe to cable). I just have the habit of bringing a book with me in case I get bored waiting in line, but I notice Filipinos don’t do that. This is not a country that emphasizes intellect. The average IQ level is just really below average. Sadness.

      I am a Filipina American who grew up in teh states and now living here in the Philippines. Adjustment is on-going and never ending process.

      1. You are spot on, Aryianna. It takes too much effort to read quality literature. The Filipino culture is just not geared towards this endeavor.
        The brains of those averse to reading such literature are washed into the technology of cellphones et al. Those who bring good-old fashioned books to read while waiting in line are a rare breed.

  5. I really hope, I am misguided. But my partner once said that “knowing too much, can be dangerous”.

    I actually believe she meant it the way she said it. In an predominantly, overwhelming RC country, reading books can enlighten the soul and the consciounce/knowledge.

    So by reading (too much), it can be the start of the crumble of the religion, like the crumble of the Berlin wall.

    Normally, reading is/should be encouraged by the parents and its also a must while being a student. How else can I write my thesis?

    1. That sort of thinking I think can be traced to that story in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament where after Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, they suddeny became aware of morality and, therefore, became accountable for the morality in their behavior. The lesson there is that knowledge entails responsibility. I guess the easy way out is not to know and therefore not be responsible. Blissful ignorance is the key to happiness as far as Pinoys are concerned! πŸ˜€

    2. Look what happened at our national hero, he got shot because he knows too much and speak his mind. Even today, half of the entire Filipino populace don’t know what his writings all about!

      1. That may be a gross underestimation, yup. I suspect that 98% of the Filipinos don’t know what Rizal’s writings are all about because even if there’s a required Rizal class in college, I doubt if it’s taken seriously or taught well….Gave a talk once on Rizal and in a roomful of nearly 100 people, not one knew a thing about Rizal’s writings, even the most highly educated ones. Too bad because if we read all his works and take them to heart, we’d be a better people and country.

    3. “Normally, reading is/should be encouraged by the parents and its also a must while being a student.”
      – i agree with this, the habit should start as early as possible.

  6. To add furthermore:
    If I dont read a book, nor read a magazine, read a newspaper, watch TV news, then how for heaven’s sake can I ever start a conversation fuelled with arguments (pro and con)?
    Where can we talk about among collegues, students, friends or family members?

    1. Very true, Robert. That’s why reading can be a curse in the Philippines because if you liked what you read (I particularly love reading non-fiction books), you’d want to share it with others by talking about what you read and swapping ideas about it with others, but whenever I try to do that with my friends, I almost always get dagger looks or looks that tell you they’re wondering what your problem is.

      1. So Chrissie, what do your friends want to talk about instead? The weather, chit-chat, Sinulog, god, the mall? If you ask me, those are very shallow subjects.

        (this is not about you but about your friends. So maybe I should ask them, right? LOL)

      2. I feel you Crissie.. I love to read books (business books, motivational books, psychological thrillers and classic books)but can’t talk about them with friends because they don’t know what I’m talking about. Instead of acting like a smart*ss, I adjust and join in on their showbiz and office chikas and aldub craziness which I enjoy also. So I’m like a closet bookworm. But, I’m lucky to have a life partner who I can talk to about anything under the sun because, he to, loves to read, is intelligent, insightful and inspiring.

    2. Unfortunately, many Filipinos love talking about other people’s lives, a.k.a. “chismis,” and therefore don’t feel the urge to read books, except if they’re about Kris Aquino and her latest exploits or misadventures. But why read books or magazines on that when Boy Abunda always talks about it on TV, and all you have to do is stare at that idiot box?

      1. Watching TV doesnt need to hurt one’s soul. I like watching BBC’s Panorama, or the US “60 minutes”. I like investigative journalism. But thats something I didnt see in the Philippines yet.

        1. I prefer to watch CNN and documentaries than watch local TV shows that only pumps endless predictable and horrible telenovelas, not to mention having idiotic journalism funded by oligarchs.

      2. Tell me about it. “Chismis” is one of those past times that Filipinos love to do…

        If that time for nonsense chit-chat would be converted to intelligent conversations then maybe we’d be all a little wiser.

  7. Datawind, a uk company has developed a low cost tablet for schools/3rd world (equivalent in power to 1st ipad) and is being given to all 220 million indian schoolchildren
    Cost 20 us$ each ( 1,000 pesos)

    Pilots ongoing in thailand, vietnam, myanmar, mexico etc…. but not philippines!

    And whilst philippines likes to talk of high smartphone penetration, they are not being used to read free books magazines, but simply vote on x factor shows or send endless ‘ hi, how are you’ messages.

    1. In this context, the pinoy is a pinoy. Try to help all you want but you will see in their behavior what they value. Hence the presence of yellow zobies. Loud yellow zombies.

    2. In other words, all that that technology available in the Philippines has mostly done is to amplify just how shallow Filipinos are.

      1. Exactly.

        Loan offers, and binay text blasts.

        A nation of luddites. Being behind a filipino using an atm machine is a slow painful wait.

        Technology just used for financial scams and child cybersex.

  8. For a country whose official hero is Jose Rizal; very few seem to share his skepticism towards the clergy. Instead, what is seen instead is that hysterical stampede of people trying to touch the statue of the Black Nazarene. Most colleges are diploma mills that do little to prepare students to be informed citizens who will hold their politicians accountable. Instead, the more corrupt a politician is; the more he is popular.

    1. Yes, what happened to the Jose Rizals? I guess even during his time he and his “Illustrado” colleagues were rare breeds. The same seems to true today.

  9. booksale used to have cheap second hand books and novels. they still do but they have risen in price compared to the 30-50 pesos per book I paid back in the 1990’s. Still it is cheaper than brand new.

    and these days, ebooks are the rage. some older ones are even free to download. so the guy fiddling with his cellphone or tablet may just be reading a novel

  10. Are you saying liberated women are less intelligent than the conservative ones? I think it’s the opposite. And there are certainly lots of second hand book in the Phils. Our country’s literacy problem is caused by poverty, people would rather watch wowowillie than read. So your solution will not really work.

  11. “Certainly, a country of more than a hundred million could find even one qualified environmental planner or aircraft mechanic, right?”

    Of course you can. It seems the real problem isn’t so much the supply. We have local expertise. (Although there is a lot to be said for the quality of the professionals here, but that’s another matter altogether.) We just don’t seem to trust our own. Put it down to “KSP” standard thinking and Erap’s “mental colony.”

  12. “The third is a no-brainer: guys who read books are not shallow. And, thus, Guarantee Number Three: they will not fall for the next bimbo who drapes herself all over him β€” or the next one. Or the one that follows the next.”

    Speaking as a guy — yes he will. Whether or not he knows which fork to use for the salad. It’s the ugly truth.

    1. Yeah, that was an optimistic assumption… πŸ˜›

      I guess the part of the brain at work that makes a guy go after the bimbo is different from the part at work when entertaining existential musings. Brainstem versus the cerebral cortex… seems to me the brainstem often wins… Sorry guys!

  13. I have a friend who is a very successful businessman. He got his start trading in high-end luxury vehicles and diversified into restaurant chains. His business deals usually involve millions of Pesos.

    By his own admission he’s never read one single book in his life. Not even in college. He claims he handled that by paying others to tutor him. And, in some cases, to take tests for him.

    He recently dumped his “starter” wife and is currently dating a much younger professional woman 20 years his junior. From what I can tell the new girlfriend is very well read, while my friend, witty though he is, spends the day watching noontime variety shows and soap operas. We often ask him in jest what they talk about.

    1. It’s always a numbers game naman. A lot of guys put their best foot forward when they are first chasing you. But in all likelihood, they will not be the same Romeo several years down the track. The probability of a tall guy siring tall kids is high. But that same guy fathering a short kid is not at all impossible. Just unlikely. Same thing with a guy holding a book. He is LIKELY (but NOT 100% so) to be smart, witty, and insightful . But that does not say with much certainty whether he will be Mr Right.

      For all you know, the guy racing around in a Mercedes does not have a single cent in the bank — just a huge credit card balance, while the other guy tooling around in an old Toyota may have a million bucks in cash in the bank. Unfortunately for a lot of girls, they make a decision based on the initial perception!

      The initial appearances are all just indicators. I think the real fools are the ones who stop evaluating after the first impression so they latch on to the initial perception and are left disappointed as the relationship progresses because they fail to evolve and rebaseline their expectations as they go. In short, the real smart ones continuously evaluate and reevaluate their position all throughout.

      1. I’m hoping my friend’s new partner isn’t just constantly evaluating how much money she can leach off him. We all like to think it’s about the relationship.

    2. I think that’s highly commendable, even though probably not a dude I will have in my close, inner circle of friends. No doubt, he could be a ‘buddy’ should we share a hobby, or, if he be a neighbour, a relative, or a friend of a friend, then he’ll be the go-to guy for questions regarding “diskarte” or other things involving street smarts and or business acumen.

      While I agree with the article’s sentiment of meaningful literacy, critical thinking, and curiosity, not all of us are Right Brained types. Some people excel in math, engineering, the sciences… NUMBERS! Just because one has not read the latest hot selling novel in the stands, does not mean one does not have substance.

      Maybe instead of getting lost in a reading material (which I often do, but here’s just an example), my hobby is auto racing/time attack? But instead of paying someone to work on the car, I do all the work and perhaps even actually machine, weld, and fabricate whatever I can in my home garage? Why? Because I can! Because it challenges me intellectually and creatively. Because it works out my brain.

      And there it is: Substance. At least that’s my takeaway from this article. Pick mates with substance!

      1. PS.
        Because substance and appreciation is what separates the consumer from the enthusiast. Going further with my analogy, there is a significant difference between the dude who dresses up his car and does nothing with it except make “porma”, and the guy who races it and measures his abilities against others – be it drag, slalom, wheel to wheel circuit racing, or time attack.

        Even though one can be an avid reader, one can also be simply a reader of basura, eg. the Toilight novels and the like

  14. Libraries. Bookstores with cheap prices for books. And MORE libraries. Educational shows too, if TV can’t really be avoided. Libraries should sell large amounts of “mapapakinabangang genre ng libro” like sci-fi, textbooks, references. etc

    But then, Pinoys hate books because it is “so bigat”, enjoys more noontime shows and telenovelas than reading books, or just busy hunting for patapon Flips that instead went abroad because singing opportunities here suck.

    Damaged na ang literacy nila sa books, teh.

    1. “…cheap prices for books.”

      Shouldn’t books be priced according to what the market determines their price should be?

      At any rate, all those books, or any other reading material for that matter, will remain unread on the shelves if Filipinos don’t have the cultural aptitude to read in the first place. And not just trashy “romance” novels or drivel like the “Twilight” saga or inane graphic novels where the only expression on the characters’ faces is a grimace.

      1. Hyden,

        I was responding to a comment that has since been deleted. It wasn’t directed at you. Sorry for the mix up.

  15. Dear Kate,

    Are you telling Filipino Girls to date Upper Middle Class boys? I mean, Time Rich Boys? Wagyu Steak? Swiss Made, labels? What if they’re poor girls? Poor boys can’t afford those. They can’t afford a good book– not even the Harry Potter Series. Unless they go for the SALES and you know how boys aren’t attracted to the SALES label. But if only it’s those Sandman Series or DCs and Marvel Collectibles for half the prize.

      1. There would be no red light district if boys of all kinds could not be attracted by SALES…maybe Pmel was actually being witty with: “half the prize”.

  16. Look for a woman who reads – “50 shades of grey” – in the bedroom

    “50 sheds of grey” – in the lounge

    “50 Plates of Scrumptiousness: How to seduce your love via their tummy” (available in paperback) – in the kitchen

    A recipe for a balanced diet and relationship

    1. I’d love to have a woman with the brains, beauty and a big heart at the same time.

      I guess that’s not too much to ask these days.

  17. You remind me of this booksale that’s happening at National Bookstore Quezon Avenue until his Sunday, January 19. And I haven’t even been there yet. Argh.

  18. It was Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, who had a program of producing a Superman. The White Aryan type. Blond hair and Blue eyed. The rest of mankind, Jews, non aryan, etc…will be considered “Sub-human” So, he experimented with Nazi girls, to be impregnated by smart German man. Oh…how wonderful to be smart , then…
    The truth is: geniuses and morons will appear in any family, race or color. We still don’t know much about Genetic Engineering. It is in its infancy stage…

    Attitudes and cultures are hard to remove. Especially, us Filipnos. You don’t know the Genetic History of the girl, you fall in love love with. If I propose to a girl; and ask her to provide me, with her family’s genetic history. Surely, I will get slap on my face…instead of the sweet:”Yes, I love you too…”

  19. @Johnny Saint:

    It’s okay…I’ll answer any question,if I know it…and not too personal…If I don’t know….I’ll tell you, I don’t know…

    1. You may discuss with me. I have a B.S. in Physics. But my interests are more in astrophysics which also encompasses high energy physics.

  20. In order for Filipina ladies to attract intelligent men with values, it’s important that they, too, step up their intelligence and character. There’s a saying that “like attracts like”. It’s good to have such goals, but one must be ready when the candidate arrives. Should Mr. Intelligent Gentleman appear, would Miss Wow Wow Wee fan even recognize him? Would she be a fit partner for him?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is not to focus so much on attaining “the” ideal man, but to improve oneself so that your aura naturally weeds out the rejects (or what I call in Tagalog “latak”).

    1. You definitely got that right. πŸ™‚ You can expect a good man if your “bitching” right? So women, in order to find a man with good qualities, must be a good woman as well.

  21. If in case Jose Rizal’s perfect image of Maria Clara still exists and if daughters are still raised that way then Philippine women will never be able to progress, improve, evolve themselves. Then they wont be able to raise the bar and rise to the occassion.

    So hopefully parents with daughters will think twice when they raise their daughters today.

    MarΓ­a Clara (aka MarΓ­a Clara de los Santos)

  22. a filipino woman should know her worth and capabilities. she should be independent and not depend on husband/boyfriend for a living. many woman are like that.. really! some filipinas get flattered a lot and give in to stupid guys. they should stop sticking to a guy who did them wrong. stop givng 3rd or 4th or so on chances. they should be that intelligent enough not to be taken by emotion. filipinas should read self-help books to know their worth. i wish more filipinas have the guts to leave stupid man behind. if i go to public market place, i can see many old woman selling vegetables etc.. i think to myself, these are the women who depended on their husbands so much! i even see filipinas getting slap by their husband/boyfriend in public. omg! woman, know your worth! you know how you should be treated! filipinas should be more independent! filipinas should learn more to provide for themselves. should be more on career after graduating not getting pregnant. should be more competitive. filipinas should be more strong against stupid guys flattery. they should put in their minds that guys have sweetest tongues but dont really mean those words. all want is sex. i wanna see filipinas to have the guts to leave their abusive useless unproductive husbands/boyfriend. filipinas should be more daring on relationship and career. they should not let guys empower them. they should know man and woman are equal. they should learn to fight and be brave against abuse. well i’m sayign this way ’cause all i see is stupid filipinas sticking around with their abusive boyfriend/husband. i dont think that is intelliegent filipinas. if filipinas dont wanna resist on these kind of stupid guys, i cant see intelligent filipinas, all stupid filipinas. be an intelligent filipina by having a career , knowing your worth, respect on yourself.. work for your food. dont depend too much on man.

  23. I wish the girl that I really liked in U.P. Diliman had read this and paid attention to me. I devoured books in the Philippines. True, it was difficult to find books prior to U.P. (my town’s public library was a joke; it was tough to convince parents to buy books not needed for school; there were no book-exchange clubs or anything). But when I got to U.P., the library was well stocked and I met friends and profs who were readers themselves. I read the classics and the best of English and Russian writers. This habit continues today. My work in the U.S. is essentially to think and write and I can’t believe I’m being paid to do just that. (I would have done it gratis with food and lodging.)

    I remember that time the best way to get a date in U.P. was to have a car. Nope, Pinays ain’t into brainiacs. They’re into dudes who smoked and always into inuman.

    Fast forward 25 years and on my visit back, I was horrified to see my peers who were hotsies in AS101 in their 20s become pot belied and fat and really looking old. The women who looked hot then have doubled in size and looked like they’ve accepted their fates that they are in mid-life and are therefore physically weak (they’re only in their late 40s!)

    I did find a pinay date, got married, and now that I have a daughter, I am teaching her by example that character and intellect are foremost.

    Funny, there are many many pinoys in pinas that are anti-intellectual, yet we are the brainiac family in my U.S. town. Both parents have PhDs Our pinoy friends, kids ninangs, titos and titas are PhDs as well.

    Smart pinoys are out there. Just check the company you keep.

      1. Not quite true.
        I work 40+ hours a week but still have time to fit in anywhere from 400-1000+ pages of reading in that same week. I read when I can and when I feel like it: on the train, during my breaks, while waiting in line, etc.
        Ebooks are relatively easy to find and download. And yes, smartphones can do more than check Facebook.

      2. to me, everything should be balanced. we read and learn, at the same time we keep ourselves healthy by engaging in sports.

  24. Agreed,Kate.
    Unfortunately Filipino women loves teleseryes and not books lol.A sad reality.And also,our culture seems not very much into reading,I’ve never visited a library back home whereas here in Singapore,I have a membership card and discount cards of two bookstores,:D but it hurts my wallet too.

  25. “How about coming in for a while, I’ll show you my library”

    How’s that for a pick-up line?

  26. Btw, the gene for intelligence comes from the x chromosome- the mother. So yes, please choose your mates properly. That goes for the guys too.

  27. Regarding opening up jobs to foreigners, what this country needs is foreign investment but it has one of the strongest anti foreign investment set of laws in the world.
    The anti foreign workers code is the same. The Philippines expects foreigners to invest money in an investment they cant even monitor because they cant work here legally.
    Is there any wonder that attracting honest foreign investors is difficult?

    1. And thats not even considering breaking up cartels like Globe and Smart. You wonder why the internet is so slow and costs so much? Look at the foreign investment laws.

  28. a Filipino’s life revolves around what’s trending, fashion, showtime, media, and celebrity news. I like to have an intelligent conversation with a woman. I’ll know if she’s well read. i love that. however, for us to survive, we need to be a book smart + street smart.

  29. I have been critized for keeping so many books, and magazines that I have already read.My reply was if you don’t appreciate my books now, you never will. Its something you dont learn. You either got it or you aint. Another person commented on my way of thinking as due to my reading habit, that I was kind of, well, weird and too analytical. If its true, so be it. All I can say is, there are too few who really appreciate reading, and too many consider bookworms like me as strange.

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