Does the Aquino admin support wrong notions of Pinoy Pride?

Back when I first hobnobbed with the current Get Real Philippines bloggers at the now defunct Filipino Voices, I agreed with them against voting B.S. Aquino, since I observed that his supporters subscribed to flawed populist beliefs, including that of Pinoy Pride.


Those supporters still display the same attitude today. To again quote presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, on the win of Rose Fontañes in the Israeli version of the talent show X-Factor:

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“The Filipino has an innate advantage when it comes to the arts…. It clearly shows that the excellence of the Filipino can be expressed anywhere, everywhere, when they are given the opportunity to show their talent.”

The first part of this quote is problematic. It is true that the excellence of a Filipino can be expressed anywhere, everywhere… but to say it is an innate advantage has the sense of Nazi doctrine. To say that a nationality or specific group of people have an advantage in their genes is a mark of egocentrism, and thus could be tagged as racism or imperialism. Thus, what Lacierda’s words have implied is that the current administration supports wrong notions of Pinoy Pride.

I will take a different angle from fellow blogger Gogs and I will congratulate Fontañes for her win. But I agree with the rest of his article; riding on Fontañes’ win is a desperate attempt to draw attention to oneself. Following the principle I earlier explained, she won not because she is Filipino. More like, she won despite being Filipino. She won because of her own personal talents and discipline. From what I know, talent is a personal thing, as with good personal discipline in using it. Sadly, good discipline not a trait of all Filipinos, and thus they have no right to claim greatness because of Fontañes.

Well, perhaps the government is doing what it is expected to do – support its citizens who are achievers. Especially one who is an overseas worker. However, it is doing so the wrong way. The words used reflect the populist tendencies of this administration and how it tries to keep people placated rather than offer substantial solutions for the country’s true problems. Sollution like making sure Fontañes has a job at home than abroad (she’s a caregiver, what some will derogatorily call “tagahugas ng pwit”), and that her talent is recognized here first (remembering how Charice Pempengco started out).

When one says "X-Factor," this is what comes to my mind

When one says “X-Factor,” this is what comes to my mind

Pinoy Pride the way many Filipinos do it (like that Facebook post in Gogs’ article saying Filipinos should rule the world – what? Filipinos rule the world? That’s scary) has only shown that we are a desperate people with empty aspirations. Gogs highlights this when he asks, will the Israeli government issue a public statement if an Israeli wins a Filipino singing contest? Israelis obviously have a better source of pride than that. Not like Filipinos. He also recalled what when Phillip Phillips won over Jessica Sanchez, there were racist comments from many Filipinos. Or, if someone better wins over them, they will claim that they were cheated. These Filipinos are desperate for something to draw attention away from their being from a nation of servants. And sadly, for some Filipinos, that escape is all they desire.

So back to what Adam Carolla said… get your S*** together, Philippines.

Congratulations Rose Fontañes… but not the Philippines. It is her victory alone.

Personally, I hope she does what Yelle Castro did – stay at her job or any regular job, because Filipinos do have a positive image of being good workers (though unfortunately typecast in those “servant” fields, and not in being scientists or such). But anyway, the decision is hers.

73 Replies to “Does the Aquino admin support wrong notions of Pinoy Pride?”

  1. so what is your reaction to other countries who brand filipinos as maids and prostitues only? Do you think they have a pinoy pride syndrome too lmao

  2. Before coming to the US to work as a P.T., I was told by a fellow therapist who was ahead of us of coming in the US by few years that Filipinos are the best therapists and workers. That everyone likes us. Well, my first job was in the middle of the US and majority of the people have this “Midwestern work ethics” so I did not really see myself as the best worker or better therapist.
    I often hear from many Filipinos that we are better than Americans. Then, when I asked a question, so why our country still 3rd world country and the US is way ahead us in everything? There is no answer to my question…

    1. Maybe they could tell you how many olympic medals the philippines has ever won, or oscars, or bestsellers, or global technology companies/inventions.

      Sounds like they are only the best about being delusional/in denial, and that makes the country a laughing stock.

      Respect goes to a country who recognises its weaknesses, and quietly works hard to improve its deficiences not act like a jingoistic cult member

      1. Let’s break down what you said a bit. What in the Philippines is looked at by the rest of the world as some standard? Like you said Oscars. Our movies are so bad we have to to extort locals to watch them by taking away all other choices. Choices that are better.

        Bestsellers?? Our populace is allergic to reading. I guess that is admirable and something that feeds superiority complex.

        Olympic medals?? How about any sport where the best of the best meet? We can barely send anyone there. Don’t tell me pool or billiards is a sport. If it is not covered by Sports Illustrated it is not a sport.

        You can grow stronger via humility or or get even weaker by complacency. Complacency brought upon by a superiority complex with ABSOLUTELY no basis.

    2. We can get an idea from what you said. Filipinos are told that they are the best therapists and workers. Perhaps you can reword it as the best “servants?” Probably Filipinos are good and docile when servants. But in their home country, they feel that they are the boss – and when acting like bosses, they act like assholes (hence the idiom, acting like you own the place). How to bring home the proper work ethic Filipinos develop in other countries, that’s the challenge.

  3. The thing that many Filipinos fail to see is that anything can be achieved through effort, not just by relying on celebrities or other Filipinos who became successful abroad for inspiration – what good is inspiration if you’re not doing anything at all?

    Being egotistic to the point of being racist is a different thing and that’s why I abhor “PINOY PRIDE” because it turns us Filipinos into blabbering idiots with nothing really to brag about to the rest of the world.

    Pinoys being rulers of this world? Get real, people.

    1. Well all countries have superiority complex. This is not monopolize by pinoys. You guys are so sensitive and making fuss about nothing. Dont be losers and do something more beneficial

      1. A timely and perfect example of someone who doesn’t have the intellect or knowledge to understand, or contribute, won’t make any effort to think or learn for themselves, but like a sheep simply wants to make noise for the sake of it with a fatuous erroneous and irrelevant comment.
        Pinoy stupidity on display.
        No chance of intellectual superiority

        1. That’s the problem with pinoy praydists like you. You don’t what pride really is. You just got that from those bs propaganda media.

        2. Open minded people have aspects of both pride and shame in their countries so that they view things more objectively than something more akin to jingoism.
          And they highlight the aspects of shame as areas for improvement rather than hide the ‘bad news’
          If you had been to university it might have led you to think, question, research, analyse, and form your own balanced opinions.
          Use google. Its free. Read more. – and according to kate natividad you may then even get a girlfriend!!

      2. Cool manifestation of our superiority complex is to take a socially inept non achiever that is perpetually in the closet and elect him as president because his mom died. That is the sign of a healthy national superiority complex. Thanks for bringing that up proud pinoy.

      3. And now you’re making excuses by generalizing every single countries who also have pride as well. Why does Simon Cowell, a British, was one of the judges of American Idol then?

        Still not smart eh filipino patriotism?

        1. You did not answer the question lol ngsabi k lng ng useless words n kinuha mo sa dictionary. Anong bansa ang di mayabang? Oh tagalog n yan

      4. Your name says it all. I doubt you’ll understand the gist of this article because it’s in your nature to be butthurt about your pride getting hurt.

        Aasa ka na lang sa pride mo? Buti sana kung nakakain iyan e.

        1. So sinabi mo na, me mapapala b tyo kung me pinoy pride o wala? Yayaman, mbabawasan b ang mahirap etc. Kanya kanya lng yan tol.

        2. “So sinabi mo na, me mapapala b tyo kung me pinoy pride o wala? Yayaman, mbabawasan b ang mahirap etc. Kanya kanya lng yan tol.” – Alright, I’ll leave you to your delusions if that will make you sleep at night. It’s no use talking to someone without an open-mind.

          Poor Philippines, we’ll see how long this pride will last.

        3. @domo

          “Pinoy Pride-ists” won’t definitely get the gist of the comic. Their nature says it all.

        4. Wow…how low can you get, pinoy pride? Gumawa ka pa ng bagong account na “tarub mo” para lang may mag-agree sa iyo? You must be one dumb, fothermucker.

        5. Ian I bet he’s also one of those malakanyakanyang miscommunications group who are being paid by taxpayer’s money by lacierda only to attack this site.

        6. @domo, I wonder how much all the other Noytards and “Pinoy Pride-ists” are being paid to post such idiocies? I’m just curious.

          But even if I’ll be given half a million pesos to troll here, my conscience stops me from doing the wrong thing.

        7. One thing’s for sure, those trolls are getting dumber and dumber everytime they show up here.
          Malacanang must be cutting back on the quality if they’re using that tactic of using multiple accounts to attack sites like this.

          @”pinoy pride”/whatever

          You guys are in fact, scared since this site is unmasking every lie your master spews out of his mouth.
          Don’t even deny it, your posts say otherwise.

      5. Almost every person in the world has something to be proud of about their own country. To ask for confirmation from others on this fact shows what kind of a buffoon you are.

        Yes, every country is “proud” (if you can put it that way). It’s just many of us perceive national pride in a very delusional way, and the government is supporting this delusion at that. That’s what this article is pointing at. If you missed the point, malay ko nalang saiyo tol.

        1. Every country has pride, but those with genuine pride don’t even say it, and certainly don’t look for affirmation from other countries.

        2. Unfortunately that pinoy praydist and his minions will obviously missed the point because these escapists are still living in the lala land believing that pinoys are the best human beings in the whole world even if they are always juan tamad.

  4. “Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves.”
    ― C.G. Jung

    False pride ( i.e. delusional beliefs) are a barrier to progress

    Such people/cultures/countries are not able to
    – readily admit to mistakes or apologise
    – ask for help
    – say ‘i don’t know’
    – listen and learn from others/outsiders with more knowledge/experience.

    Instead pride is used as a compensation for low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, a sense of not belonging/fitting in, and consequently the need to exaggerate everything, simply make things up, or try to feel better about their failings by basking in the success of others

    At a national level it is pure propaganda aimed at diverting thoughts from the reality of peoples day to day misery and tribulations through emotional appeals, and also politicians trying to associate with others successes to cover up their own failures.

    A government pushing ‘pride’ is afraid of criticism and one of image not substance
    A populace believing in ‘pride’ is a malleable group driven by emotions not facts

    Empty vessels make the most noise – and lazy copycats are the quickest to jump on some-one else’s bandwagon.

    “ Jingoism, racism, fear, religious
    fundamentalism: these are the ways
    of appealing to people if you’re trying
    to organize a mass base of support for
    policies that are really intended to
    crush them.”
    Noam Chomsky

    In the right place, in proportion and in perspective, pride can be positive.

    Genuine pride should arise primarily from personal accomplishment/contribution. ‘Take pride in your work’ is a positive use of pride, where pride is the composite feeling of concrete specifics and outcomes of direct achievements, not manufactured or nebulous, and not something to dwell on. As with a good chef, you are only as good as your next meal.

    Core corporate and personal values should include

    Leadership via mentorship
    Endeavour, and quality standards/output
    Continuous improvement
    Lifelong learning

    “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is
    man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-
    given. Be careful.”
    John Wooden

  5. Ano po ba pinglalban ntin? Parang nonsense kc. Di nman tyo yayaman dito o aayos pamumuhay kung meron o walang pinoy pride lol

    1. And no wonder why the soviet Russia had a taste of their own downfall thanks to their selfish pride. Yayaman gamit ang pinoy prayd kamo? Sino nagsabi sa iyo nyan? Yung propaganda media ng presidente mong inutil?

      1. Lol u should consult mental inatitution. U guys are having delusions bka ma stroke ka nian. Jesus christ cguro tingin mo sa sarili mo lmao

        1. Look whose being delusional now ultranationalist. No wonder why pride is one of the most deadliest sins.

        2. “U guys are having delusions bka ma stroke ka nian. Jesus christ cguro tingin mo sa sarili mo lmao” – Poor bastard, I bet you’re just one of those people making multiple alternicks just to promote your delusional pride.

          No thanks, I prefer being real than to live in a fantasy land like you.

        3. Lol at the stupid troll. Really pathetic how you resort to pathetic ad hominems whenever you are cornered like a dirty rat.

          FYI, pinoy pride is nothing more than an un necessary excuse to boast about really small things.
          You really don’t need to shout how proud you are everytime a filipino does something outside of this country.
          Having too much of this pinoy pride can be hazardous to your mental health and it looks like you trolls have already been affected really negatively because you guys are not even using your brains.

  6. High schoolers cguro mga tao dito. Useless arguments. Parang ngtatalo dhil tropa mo mhilig sa metal ikaw hip hop. Grow up girls. Watch n lng kau ng pogays lmao

    1. Oh look. Now you’re resorting to ad hominem attacks because you’re being a “genius” and can’t make a better argument. Admin this buffoon is becoming a train wreck now. Delete his comments please.

      1. Isa ka pa e. The admin is just deleting jejetard losers like who can’t make better arguments because you’re always attacking the messenger and not the article with your ad hominem hostilities. Now go back on eating your pagpag you utak squatter kasi doon ka talaga nababagay.

        1. Jejetard lol eh hilig nio mgbangit ng terms di nio nman kaya paliwanag. Pare pareho lng kau ng pinoy pride kau nman mataas pride kc nkabasa ng libro. Wala png cybercrime bill ha ha potsu

        2. Nah kayo mismo ni pinoy pride at smegma realje ang magsama. Halata namang binabago mo lang iyang pangalan mo para lang magpanggap ka na marami kayo eh trolltard?

    2. “High schoolers cguro mga tao dito. Useless arguments. Parang ngtatalo dhil tropa mo mhilig sa metal ikaw hip hop. Grow up girls. Watch n lng kau ng pogays lmao” – Hahaha, pinoy pride is speaking for himself. Your post is an obvious indication of defeat and immaturity. No longer resorting to “intelligible” comments, this idiot uses ad hominems instead. What a loser.

      Typical talaga kayong mga may “Pinoy Pride” na ang level ng kayabangan ninyo e daig pa ng tsunami pero wala naman talaga kayong maipapagmayabang.

    3. What a hypocrite. The way you are posting, you’re actually a high schooler and your arguments are very immature.

      “If you have nothing to say, SAY NOTHING.” -Mark Twain

      Grow up, immature kid. Watch ka na lang ng “Game of Thrones.”

    4. “High schoolers cguro mga tao dito. ” yet here you are. post after post, day after day, week after week. You need us and we don’t need you. We don’t need your precious president. Proud to have a retard sitting on the throne.

    5. “High schoolers cguro mga tao dito. Useless arguments.”

      So says the obvious twat that is obviously getting paid here to troll yet everytime we pose a question to you, you can’t even answer them. -_-

      Ganyan ka ba kadesperadong mapahiya dito hmm?

  7. Pride comes in 2 flavours
    One is good/normal ( in proportion) – the other the basis of ‘pinoy pride’ and is associated with narcissism and shame by mental health professionals.

    Authentic Pride
    1. accomplishment
    2. achievement
    3. confident
    4. fulfilled
    5. productive/contributory
    6. self-worth
    7. successful
    8. rational

    Hubristic Pride
    1. arrogant
    2. conceited
    3. egotistical
    4. pompous
    5. narcissistic
    6. compensatory for low self-esteem
    7. delusional/irrational
    8. non-achiever

    so what is ‘pinoy prides’ shame. ( apart from being uneducated and incapable of writing coherent comments)

    ironic that he doesn’t understand what ‘pride’ even means and unable to answer anything. so sensitive and so stupid. a clease case of hubristic pride in action

  8. Anong comnect? Usa nga binoto si ronald reagan bilang presidente. Isang artista. Mas gusto ko pa comunista me pakinabang kau useless.

      1. Oh I see. Well then inutil. Why is it that every successful American being famous in other countries don’t go “proud to be American” all of sudden then? The same with the Japanese. I’m expecting your rebuttal with “iba kasi ang pinoy” kaya uunahan na kita: oo nga sikat ang pinoy…para magyabang na magaling kamo sila na wala naman talaga sila mismongn pinakita na sariling gawa nila.

        1. Tumira k n b sa japan? Sa korea? Kung di pa di mo alam sinasabi mo. Di mo p sinasagot tanong ko. Research k p

        2. You missed the point once again inutil. They maybe superior of their skills and success but unlike pinoy praydists like you, hindi nila pinagyayabang ang kanilang nationalismo o naging mga palamunin na katulad mo na sumasabay sa tagumpay ng iba.

          Still not smart eh snedongslut?

        3. In other words, from libertas’ comment, their pride is authentic while you and your fellow pinoy praydists are hubristic. Halatang wala kang alam tungkol sa tunay na kahulugan ng pride dahil isip squatter ka pa rin. Sayang naman ng pinag-aralan mo inutil.

        4. btw are you just gone pinoy prayd on Osang’s success dahil sisingilan sya ng BIR ng kinita nya as X-Factor Israel nang malaki para pambonus ninyong mga bayaran na malakanyakanyang miscommunications group?

        5. Well, all it takes thorough research to know more about them. And although it is an advantage to be there at the place itself, it isn’t the only way to know more about the country. Heck, even watching a lot of anime is reliable. Don’t be a one-sided prick for goodness sake. Be like the people here for once and do your research right.

          And domo…I know your a good person, and I hope you don’t flame me for this, but I think it’s best that you ignore this “pinoy pride” idiot now. He’s nothing more than a troll, and if you feed it more you might end up ruining your day.

          Just saying, man. No offense meant. Keep thinking the way you do and don’t ever stop. It’s what our nation needs.

        6. Iyan ka na naman sa pagpalit ng pangalan mo e. Nagpapa-cute ka ba inutil? Admin please delete this troll with multiple accounts.

    1. Matalino si Reagan kaya binoto siya ng tao. Dito, artistas were voted because they’re sikat.

      Walang pakinabang ang komunista. TBH, Mainland China is slowly becoming a free country with restrictions due to their free economic policy. North Korea is the ONLY true Communist country.

      IKAW useless kasi useless mga arguments mo. You’re just showing us that you’re just another ignorant Pinoy pleb just to TROLL on this site.

  9. Mga komunista me ngawa n para sa bayan. Kayo puro pasikat pero itlog sa accomplishmnts. Pg ngbasa ba ko ng libro mbabago ko b pinas ha ha ha

    1. So you’re implying that you’re a commietard after all who wants to sabotage concrete solutions for this country’s progress.

    2. Lies. Mga komunista ang sumisira sa bayan. Rally dito, rally doon. All of them are staunch anti-foreign psychopaths. In any case, IKAW lang ang nagpapasikat dito due to the nature of your comments.

      Am I right, HYPOCRITE? -_-

  10. Jeez, mukhang pa bobo ng pa bobo ang mga tangang malacanang trolls ah. Hindi man lamang makasagot sa mga argumento dito.
    Really pathetic how they keep using multiple alternicks just to make it look like they’re many when we already know it’s just one shmuck posting idiotic posts.

    Sucks to be you trolls.

      1. Really pathetic when you think about it that they’re using clueless idiots to “attack” this site. It only makes their master in malacanang look like he’s panicking over the lack of effect his propaganda is having over this site.

    1. It’s already clear that they are too stupid to realize how hypocritical they look. -_-

      Looks like I was right, malacanang really is skimping on the quality of the trolls that they hire.

  11. Pinoy pride, meron kaibahan. Ang ibang bansa nga meron superiority complex hindi lang mga Pilipino. The Japanese used to think of themselves as better than everyone else. The British used to think they are better than the rest of the world. The Americans used to have the notion of ‘manifest destiny’.

    Ang kaibahan, ang mga bansa na ito when they used to have that feeling of superiority complex, they were carving empires, creating new inventions and advancing science, developing massive industries and so on.

    Ang pinoy naman binabase ang superiority complex nila in singing contests, boxing matches, and OFWs. I’m not denigrating OFWs, in fact I admire and respect their sacrifice and contributions, but it’s not something I will base my national pride on because OFWs are products of the failures of their home country.

    1. What achievements? You mean the ones to the likes of winning a singing contest or a beauty pageant, or a boxing match? If you think that is going to put the Philippines at par with 1st world country then you have something loose in your brain.

    2. Definitely a waste of taxpayer’s money if the malacanang moronic mooks they employ can’t even troll hard enough to save their own skins.

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